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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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now at 6:00, sorry to say, but we have more bad air. a live look from the east bay hills where you can hardly see anything. hazy, smoky conditions still lingering over our skies. and the conditions slightly improved over the weekend. you can see the bay area still up healthy. you can you check out this map at it updates every five minutes. the offshore breeze is back.
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cleanest air is in santa cruz and celinas. we have orange and red dominating our neighborhoods. sensitive to all of us breathing unhealthy air. that story will change a little bit. a little bit down in socal. orange developing around los angeles. so trying to find clean air may be a little difficult today. here's my accuweather 12-hour planner. high clouds along with that smoke. it will weaken the sunshine. expect temperatures a little bit cooler this afternoon. upper 30s to mid-40s at 7:00. low to mid-60s at noon. let's get alexis and find out about the morning commute. good morning, mike. we're doing okay so far today. we had earlier trouble on the bay bridge. rollover on the fifth street off-ramp. that is long gone. they clear at 5:00 af residual . really back into the maze.
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metering lights at 5:19. pretty early. things looking okay the rest of the way into san francisco. the central valley commute, westbound 205 to 580, it is busy. a hit and run crash with injuries off on the shoulder. that is not helping things. drive times coming up at 6:10. breaking news in the north bay. the u.s. coast guard is responding to a boat off the coast of point reyes. the fishing boat is in distress. they don't have any other information. we'll keep monitoring this and bring you any information as soon as we get them into our newsroom. and you can find that also on our abc 7 news app as soon as we get info. as we have been saying, the air quality is still bad in the bay area. school districts plan to owe open as things are slowly starting to improve. uc berkeley, san francisco state and contra costa community
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district say they will remain closed. we are updating a full is san jose university. there are a lot of students not happy about that. >> thousands of students have signed a petition that argues classes should be canceled because the air quality is still unhealthy. matt keller is live with the school's decision to reopen. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. this has become a controversial decision. a lot of kids want to get out of the smoke and head home for the thanksgiving holiday. san jose officials say not so fast. the football team played in the bad air on saturday. that came after the campus was closed thursday and friday because of the poor air quality. san jose state officials put out a blog to the spartan community letting everyone know the campus would be back open tomorrow and tuesday for classes and
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wednesday for a faculty duty day. >> lots of students have signed a petition saying is the air quality is still you unhealthy. >> what makes monday and tuesday safer? >> i know a lot of students are against it because of the air quality. and i can totally sympathize with that. but at the same time i think it's actually important that we kind of get the last few days in before break. >> reporter: san jose state officials say they will continue to monitor the conditions. matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. this morning we are learning a little bit more about the origin of the camp fire in butte county. our media partner the bay area news group reports the first flames were reported near podam. pg&e admits it suffered a second problem in comical the morning of the fire. 77 people dead. this is astounding. 993 still unaccounted for.
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the fire destroyed 10,364 homes. it has burned 150,000 acres. firefighters are making some progress with containment will at 65%. there is help under way helping evacuees to find shelters, food, clothes, and other essentials. there are fears it will get shut down ahead of this week's rain. >> this has always flooded. always has been as long as i can remember. it just floods. and we can't have the people and we can't have the people here. >> we are going to a shelter now. she was nice enough to find one that will take two dogs. because myhusband and my dogs are any normal now. >> they have been working with
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the red cross to best preserve the health and safety of those impacted by the camp fire. new this morning, finland is responding to something president trump said while he visited the fire zone in butte county. >> i was with the president of finland and we said that we are a forest nation. he called it a forest nation. and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things. they don't have any problem. from what it is, it's a very small problem. >> the finnish president said he spoke about the california wildfires but nothing but the raking of the forest. he only remembers telling president trump about a surveillance system they use to monitor forest fires. >> if you have our app, you have been getting push alerts about the camp fire and school closures because of the bad air. if you want updates like this, the app is free in the app store. make sure to enable push alerts. >> new at 6:00, an agreement
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could be coming soon on a plan to fix the mille58-story high b a foot and a half since it opened. they could put in pylons. >> the bay area's real estate market appears to be slowing down. this morning there is new evidence that will make potential buyers very happy. a terrifying crash caught on video. the incredible ending that is hard to believe. here's a look at the next four days. your air quality unhealthy today. poor tomorrow. poor tomorrow.
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♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ 39 degrees in san teresa. 37 morgan hill and alum rock. 39 in cupertino and campbell. fairfield, lafayette, livermore,
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37. frosty around novato, 43. 48 in alameda. here's a look. yeah, you didn't want to see that. ing to be dangerous. is mid-six at 4:00. 47 at 8:00. for the east bay, 47 this morning. 63, mid to upper 60s from noon to 4:00. 55 at 8:00. take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast for the rain coming in. it gets rid of this smoke. first, getting deeper into the morning commute. see if there's any other areas alexis is watching. >> yeah. a couple of slowdowns on the nimitz, southbound side. definitely the busy side for these areas. we had a crash clear 880 before decoto road. heavy to state route 238. that's worse than it typically
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we have an east bay girl is marking 30 years since her disappearance. 9-year-old makayla garrett was last seen november 19th, 1988. she was with a friend at a market on mission boulevard when a man kidnapped her. and her friend said she saw makayla being abducted by a man after she went to get her scooter. she would like to know what happened to her daughter. >> everything that could have happened to her is in my head. if i could find out what did happen to her at least it would limit everything else. >> this case has never gone cold. they are still following up on leads. price reductions on homes
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are happening at a rate we haven't seen in years. look at october of last year compared to this year. california association of realtors says nearly 600 more homes had price cuts this year compared with last year in santa clara county. do the math. do the math. 53 % increase in cuts. the price cuts are the highest level since 2012. somebody in arizona is missing their pet pigeon found wearing a bedazzled vest. >> okay. . look at this. the bird was taken to a beard shelter in a phoenix suburb. fallen feathers rescue had an unusual call from someone who
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found a pigeon wearing a bedazzled vest in her yard. it was likely someone's vest. >> just played with it a lot what we call imprinting. he thinks he should hang out and sit on your human. he thinks he's a human. >> the volunteers say they joked the bird reminds them of liberace. >> jessica was telling me earlier you only have a few rules in life. one of them is -- just be normal. don't seat belt weird. >> which includes -- >> don't be dazzle your pets's outfits, at least not a pigeon. >> amazing to get a pigeon to wear a vest and a bedazzled vest. >> does the pigeon have a choice? the pigeon doesn't have arms. >> so going into the whole is this cruel? >> it is tough to take off? >> how do you train a pigeon?
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answers, mike nicco. >> i'll research it and let you know in 7 minutes. hi, everybody. all joking aside, let's start off with the poor air quality. then i will get to the goodness at the end of the forecast. all right. sutro tower, you can see the smoke and the high clouds. the reason why it will be a little bit cooler today. today will be day 12 of smoky sky. day 11 unhealthy air. i need to fix that traffic. it came in on a thursday. unhealthy air developed on that friday. today is day 11. frosty spots, un' healthy air lingers. tonight the high clouds leaves us. first rain wednesday. lows tonight, mid to upper 30s. low to mid-40s around the bay. upper 40s around san francisco. look what's back. yeah. after 220 something days, we have a category 2 or moderate storm on our storm impact scale. showers could be heavy at times. that's the most important part. winds gust to 40 miles per hour. not much damage from those. other than there could be weak limbs because we haven't had
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gusty winds in a while. it's been a couple weeks. here we are 10:00 wednesday night. the bulk wednesday morning during the commute and taper as we head towards wednesday evening. scattered showers thursday. a lighter system friday and bring us a lot of 1 on the impact scale. this is 7:00 tuesday evening. wednesday a lot 3:30, nothing. but then look by the end of the commute. yeah. it really starts to get wet. it is going to be tough traveling wednesday by car in the morning. and then you can see 1, 1, for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it's almost here,'t w. we are looking at the smoke and the haze once again at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been on 5:19 this morning. we have a crash just before you get to this point. let's flip over to our traffic maps. three vehicles are involved. westbound 580 just before you
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get to the 80 merge. the far right lane is blocked. lane number 4. that is heavy as you leave the oakland area past the 24 split. pretty heavy from berkeley to emeryville. metering lights on early. it is long gone at this point on the san francisco side of the bridge. capital corridor, 520 delays 26 minutes between oakland and emeryville due to a mechanical issue. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. ginger zee is back with us after her whirlwind tour going to every single disney park. it's nice to see you again. >> it is so nice to be here in times square. thank you, reggie and jessica. great to be with you on amon morning. i'm feeling good. a hope you are too. record cold is on the way for so many folks as the holiday travel rush gets under way.
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if you are coming east, get ready for single digit windchills. to travel. when will be the best time to hit the road and sky. we will that have answer. >> also ahead aches new twist in the alleged go fund me scam. the exclusive new audio. the woman at the center of it claims she recorded. why she says she was the one who was duped. her lawyer is here. >> garth brooks, one of my favorites, always. mariah carey as well. it is mariah monday. i have to tell you, the energy around mariah carey is special here this morning. >> we have a very important question for you, ginger. >> what is your favorite mariah song? >> i've been going through all of them. always be my baby is the one i go to. i have butterflies on today for a reason. >> yes. >> and i love her cover of open
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arms. that he wants the one i probably listen to the most. that's it. >> from the daydream album. i remember it well. these are all good choices. we approve. >> thanks, ginger. >> thank you. >> she must have sung right then but we cut her off. >> putting the brakes on electric scooters.
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we started to see more tense active groups affected by this. the orange is changing. winds are blowing offshore. the red spreading. it will be around through tomorrow. i promise you wednesday we will all be breathing much easier. two more days, guys. thanks, mike. this is shocking video. it shows theear-ol fmula 3rirar
6:26 am
into a wall at 170 miles per hour. even more incredibsurvived. now, the driver was shefp she has a fractured spine. she tweeted she was okay but would go to surgery. five other people were also hurt. new at 6:00, a warning for parents about a specific type of pacifier. the food and drug administration says several children in texas have been diagnosed with botulism after using pass fires with honey. they are not sold in u.s. stores but found in mexico as well as online. the botulism toxin is commonly found in honey but babies don't have a strong enough immune system to fight it off. they recommend not feeding honey to children under 12 months.
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>> bad air quality here in the bay area. how people are dealing with nasty conditions still out there. and mik you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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now at 6:30, the smoke is still hanging over the area. >> relief is going to be on the way. at least a little bit later this week. thanks for joining us on monday, november 19th. we have to hang in there a little bit longer. >> two more days. >> okay. >> in fact, we are seeing the offshore breeze return right now. already the effects being felt as they go from moderate to sensitive, unhealthy for the sensitive and around our
6:31 am
neighborhoods we will see places like san francisco and oakland, san rafael that were orange. unhealthy for sensitive. now back to red, which is unhealthy for all of us. you can see the smoke and the high clouds will today. i want to follow up on a couple problems on the nimitz. southbound 880 is recovering. we are all clear off to the shoulder. 880 before brokaw, that has cleared. also heard about a crash west bound 92 at the toll plaza.
6:32 am
slow traffic getting to the bay bridge. >> if you stuck around the bay area, you probably felt the effects of unhealthy air. amy hollyfield is live in pleasant hill. >> reporter: hi. good morning, reggie. we are at diablo community college where classes have been canceled today. this is one of many campuses shutting down this week because of the poor air quality, because of all the smoke. here is a look at the smoky conditions in the bay area over the weekend. people wore masks to try to protect themselves. many found there weren't that many outdoor activities. people had big plans to sight see but quickly learned they were going to have to change their plans.
6:33 am
>> we went to go eat. we were planning on going ice skating but it is closed due to the smoke. >> we were going to go to alcatraz. unfortunately that couldn't happen because it was closed. so disappointment. >> reporter: the bike rental was open but not many riding bikes. wednesday much needed rain will be moving into the area. until then, quality time indoors with the family. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. some schools announced they will be closed because of the bad area. many are universities including contra costa district, san francisco state, and uc berkeley. we have a complete list of closures on abc you can find it on the running ticker on the bottom of our screen.
6:34 am
1,000 people are still unaccounted for as the camp fire continues to burn in butte county. 77 people have died in the fire and the search continues for the 993 people unaccounted for. that number has been fluctuating as officials continue to track down the people who are missing. cal fire reports the fire has burned 150,000 acres. it is 65% contained. a somber ceremony was held remembering the lives lost and those still unaccounted for in the camp fire. people from the town of paradise organized this vigil last night at first christian church in chico. it's a big loss. it's very difficult to put into words. >> the community and the area will carry on and it will be very hard. but there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> more than 10,000 homes were destroyed in a fire displacing thousands of people. a bare area search and rescue team is in butte county helping with the grim task of searching for fire victims.
6:35 am
abc 7 news was in east palo alto as members of task force 3 loaded up their gear. it is made up of 45 team members. they are specially trained to respond to disasters like the camp fire. their mission is straightforward. >> so our primary purpose in going up there, we will assist with the effort to locate any individuals that are still missing. so essentially looking at 1,200 structures. >> one compared it to hurricane katrina. the team will stay in butte county as long as it's needed. this search dog could be back to work as soon as today after getting hurt in butte county. george the dog was helping search teams look through burned homes in magalia. some kind of sharp metal ended up cutting his leg yesterday. his partner with the mountain view fire department brought him back to the street. a doctor was able to stitch and ban badge him up.
6:36 am
look at this resource to reunite camp fire victims and their pets. the page is broken up into different categories, from dogs to exotic animals. the group says it will update the site daily. we have a link at >> we have a full list of resources also on our website. you can make a $10 donation to the red cross. text "red cross" to 90999. in the south bay, santa clara county investigators are working to identify a man's body found near alviso marina. boaters made the discovery sunday afternoon. a high-profile missing persons case is that of ian powers. he was last seen leaving levi's stadium last monday. santa clara police tracked his cell phone to a nearby parking lot and also found his car abandoned. they say his disappearance is circumstances. -- suspicious. president trump is preparing to submit his answers on the russia investigation to special
6:37 am
counsel robert muller. telling fox news, he wrote them himself. he said a sitdown is not likely. he defends his attorney general. acting attorney general matthew whisker, he has the authority to limit the investigation. adam schiff called it un' constitutional. >> it has to be subject to confirmation. ethically he should have absolutely nothing to do with the investigation. >> in response he blasted him on twitter. he said just like whittaker, muller was not approved by the senate. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. fre fremont, 38. 47 in san leandro. oakland, chilly 40, along with union city. let's see across the bay. low to mid-40s, peninsula, to the south bay. low to mid-30s. we have frost around santa rosa
6:38 am
and other neighborhoods. 48 in pacifica. look at the visibility. we will have delays sat sfo. two miles visibility. high clouds and the smoke. yeah, colorful sun rise developing. low visibility on the roads. hopefully you have a new mask on mass transit. n-95. and comfort now on the waters. come wednesday it will get choppy as the storm comes in. we will talk about today. then we will get to the rain. 46 in the south bay at 8:00. 64 at noon. mid to upper 60s through 5:00. down to 54 at 8:00. take a look at the peninsula. 7 this morning. 61 at noon. low to mid-60s through 4:00. the drop down to 51 at 8:00. here's our last look at the east bay valleys. 40 this morning. 63 at noon. mid-60s through 4:00. we drop quickly down to 51 degrees by 8:00. will so need a coat on both ends of the spectrum right there.
6:39 am
when we come back, apbl hour by hour look at the rain and clear then. any issues this monday morning? >> we sure do. smoke is one of those. the visibility has really gone down. as mike i said, the air quality is going the wrong way, unfortunately. it's getting worse here. heavy traffic on westbound 80 heading toward the maze. we did have a crash near powell. it sounds like that cleared a few minutes ago. heavy to golden gate fields if you are coming from the richmond stretch. not too far from there, a crash reported westbound 580 before you get to the 80 merge. a little confusion with those locations. i'm not sure if that was the same one at 80 and powell. backup has cleared in that area. hopefully that was just one crash and that is gone. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 1 hour 14 minutes. red out of the red. antioch to concord, in the yellow at 23. san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 16 minutes. other bay areaity ready
6:40 am
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san jose state university thinks air quality has improved
6:44 am
enough for classes to start. >> students say the air quality is matt keller is at the school. >> reporter: it is 156. that is unhealthy. san jose state officials say they are still opening up the campus today for classes. san jose state's football team played saturday despite poor air quality. it came after the campus was closed thursday and friday. they put out a blog to the spartan community letting everyone know campus would be back open today and tomorrow for classes. wednesday for a faculty duty day. 11,000 people signed on asking them to cancel classes leading to the thanksgiving break. >> how do you feel about going back to class today? >> i was actually kind of bummed out. but my professors just canceled class. some of the students do have problems with the air.
6:45 am
and san jose state are encouraging students having health issues to talk to a doctor. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. on the peninsula, it will be the topic of discussion in san mateo as. as part of the city counsel meeting, banning scooters for three months. it is because of safety concerns. the city wants to do more studies. the meeting starts 7:00 at san mateo city hall >> amazon kicks off its newest service today. you can now get a giant christmas tree right to your door. a first look at its san francisco smart home. the currier delivers it in a box wrapped in 2009. prices range from $20 to $110 depending on the size. >> oh, it looks good. >> it looks really good. i thought it was fake at first
6:46 am
because it came out so fresh. amazon gets the trees from growers in north carolina and michigan. the owner of santa's tree farm in half moon bay say their trees all cost 65 bucks. now your morning money report. black friday is a few days away. the sales will start early. at least at major retailers, jc penney offering 40% off on jc penney offering 40% off on appliances. >> retailers will do anything to sweeten the deal. if there isn't free shipping offered, just ask for it. >> protect yourself if you're shopping online. they recommend using a secure wi-fi connection and pay with a credit card instead of a debit card for the best protection. david's bridal filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy as it
6:47 am
tries to deal with millions in debt. the nation's largest wedding retailer plans to stay in business and it will not affect orders or appointments. it currently sells one in every three wedding dresses in the u.s. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. we're down 65 points in the red. of course this is a shortened trading week. they are closed thursday for they are closed thursday for thanksgiving. mariah carey is promoting her new album "caution" on good morning america. morning america. ♪ >> i like the song with you.
6:48 am
i just don't know why the microphone is so big. >> i have my suspicions. >> caution isn't the only thing making the charts. 17 years after it was re-released, glitter. >> those are my fans. justice -- it was called #justice at glitter. i never really performed those songs. it almost ruined my life. but it is nostalgia. i can say it now that they got it to number one. >> i'm sorry. this whole interview is everything. >> the singer and mom will talk about the song she's most proud of and what it is like to take her kids she calls them babies. >> this is like christmas
6:49 am
morning for reggie. >> it really is. >> he's looking forward to this. as soon as he found out mariah was going to be gma. >> the fact that she had to be carried off at the end or chose to, i don't know. >> would you expect anything else? >> that's what i was thinking. >> she looks really great. so happy for her. >> can't see much of her face with the microphone, but she is looking great, yes. >> all right. >> so good. >> let's take a look at what's going on. unhealthy air. walnut creek, south on 680. sutro tour, the smoke hanging in the air. our 11th consecutive day of unhealthy air, 12 days of smoky skies. our first rain arrives wednesday. let's take a look at our lows tonight. mid to upper 30s in most of our inland valleys. a few 40s out there.
6:50 am
low to mid-40s dominate the bay. upper 40s in san francisco. storm impact scale 2. showers will be heavy at times. let's take a look at what's going on. on the positive side, cleaning the air out. 10:00 tuesday night. if you're traveling, great. nothing across the state. but light to moderate rate over the top of us. through the evening commute. showers for thursday just about the entire day. here we are at night. friday morning when another round of steadier, lighter rain moves in. in fact, check it out. as we head towards 3:30, nothing. but then look, by the end of the commute at 9:00, six hours. and already a 10th of an inch of rain to nearly half around san francisco and oakland to getting up to three-quarters. and then with that secondary push in the evening hours, look at that. a third in san jose.
6:51 am
two-thirds around the bay. even isspushing an inch. wednesday will be a wet mess. we will love it because we will be able to breathe. how about driving wednesday? >> it's worth the tradeoff. seriously. we will take it. yes, everyone will hopefully drive with caution. looking at a lot of reduced visibility due to the smoke. it looks like the speeds are starting to pick up. boy, it sure is hard to see here. a crash just cleared. if you are coming from richmond, it is heavy from el krcerrit the berkeley area. we had a hit and run crash with injuries. that is gone. however, an hour and 15 minutes from tracy to dublin. quite heavy on 205 and 580. quick update on mass transit. capitol corridor train delayed 48 minutes between berkeley and richmond due to a mechanical
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> all right. coming up on 6:55.
6:55 am
whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, 7 things you need to know. the 11th consecutive day of unhealthy air. and you can see the red spreading once again as the offshore breeze. santa cruz mountains and that will change this afternoon also. >> the unhealthy air quality is number two. it's forcing bay area attractions to close including alcatraz and muir woods. many are disappointmented. number three, while bay area schools remain closed due to poor air, san jose will be open today. students have signed a petition asking the school to close classes. >> number four, nearly 1,000 people are unaccounted for as the camp fire continues to burn in butte county. the sheriff's office confirms 77 people have died. 993 remain missing. number 5, santa clara county authorities are looking to
6:56 am
identify a body found in the alviso area over the weekend. there is a high profile missing persons case in that area right now. we have been telling you about 32-year-old ian powers who disappeared from a 49ers game last week. >> number six, our trouble spot has definitely been the bay bridge commute. a crash earlier on the san francisco side. we just had a crash clear in emeryville. weare in recovery mode. heavy. add 10, 15 minutes to your commute. >> and we will live you on a mimi note. mariah carey performing on gma at 7:00. i think it's really the interview you should stick around for. >> lots of little gold nuggets in that, right? >> mariah carey in the morning can go either way. either way, it's entertaining. >> you will not be disappointed, let's say that. let's say that. >> unless you love live singing,
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good morning, america. an arctic blast on the way for millions. snow, rain and record cold heading for the northeast. the new alert this thanksgiving week, as the record holiday rush gets under way. more than 54 million people hitting the roads and taking to the skies. urgent search. the number of those missing in the devastating california wildfires now nearly 1,000. rescuers race against the clock to find them amid new concerns about heavy rain and possible mudslides. sending a message to mueller. president trump revealing he's finished answering written questions from the special counsel, but he now says he'll likely refuse an in-person interview. and the backlash this morning after the president lashes out at the navy s.e.a.l. who oversaw the raid on osama bin laden.


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