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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 19, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. you can still see the smokey haze. relief is in site. it comes in the form of wind and rain. thanks for joining us. we have been wait ago lot of time for improvement. we have a time line for this that's coming in the weather pattern. >> 11:00 today consecutive air quality. it will start changing tomorrow. we have another day or day and a half of dealing with this. you can see it's moderate. the rest of us orange and red. it is unsensitive for all of us.
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here is a look around. go up to the mountains. head down to the south. that's where the cleanest air is right if wind shifts tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> all right. thanks. poor air quality continuing many are rushing to masks and schools remain closed. we have more now with amy. >> we are getting a little breeze out here. look behind me. you can still see smoke sitting over the east bay. you're going to have to take my
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word for it. you cannot see it because of the thick smoke here in the east bay. people are trying to figure out how to cope with this smoechlkt maxes are still a hot commodity. even though the air looked like this more than a week people are still out looking for protective devices. >> we got out of town for the weekend and we are back. >> andrew said it was so nice breathing in fresh clean air. >> it was lovely. we went up to tahoe. we are monitoring air quality index and watched it drop. it was great. >> now he needs masks. he found them at his third store. they don't even have the heavy duty double strap masks anymore. these are considered better than nothing. >> we are out of these and actually ace distribution network. we have sold about 21,000 masks. >> if you can find a mask you
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might have trouble finding much to do today. wa visitor center is closed. classes are closed at several campuses today and tomorrow. this sign in pleasant hill confused some that held out hope it would be open today. >> that's why i'm >>. san jose state university facing criticism for opening after last week's closure. they asked the administration to cancel classes leading to thanksgiving break. we are live. >> hi. classes are happening today and tomorrow. the air quality has improved
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since last week. some want to get out of the smoke and go home for the holiday. higher learning with high numbers on the air quality index. >> i wasn't feeling very well. >> they announced classes would resume today. it was the first time they closed the campus since the 1989 earthquake. >> we don't make our basis on other schools or other businesses. we do it based on what we feel is the right thing for our community. >> the air quality index average is at 155. friday last week it was 190. thursday it was 191. it is improving but still in the unhealthy range. >> i think it's a big inconsistency which they have decided to close campus. >> a petition asking the
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administration to cancel classes leading to the thanksgiving break. more than 11,000 people have signed it. they say students have an opportunity to make up work when they not feeling well. some decided they might as well do it now. >> i would rather get them down and get the school work taken care of but also i stayed indoors when i could. if i didn't have to be here i would be indoors. >> reporter: the wellness center here ran out of masks on friday. morning. they are now handing them back out to students here on campus. abc 7 news. >> thank you. the reason behind this poor air quality cal fire updated the latest numbers. the campfire burned 151,000 acres. that's nearly 235 square miles. right now the fire is 66% contained. 77 people have been killed by the fire and nearly a thousand
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remain unaccounted for. we are in paradise with more on the efforts to find tse it hed thisouseere flyo leine fo s days. at one point it was so thick in smoking 11 cigarettes per day. we have also been hearing about the death toll that climbed over the weekend to at least 77. the search for the missing is centered at shelters where white boards are filled with the names of the missing and also phone numbers of relatives that were trying to find president vaatn over the weeken.
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she saw the charred rubble of entire communities with his very own eyes and pledged the federal government as people here begin the process of trying to clean up. ra is e to arrive here any time late tuesday into wednesday and that could help firefighters in their battle against the campfire. it introduces an entirely new danger. that's to worry about mud slides. abc news, paradise, california. this map shows you the new numbers for wild fires burning in southern california. the woolsey fire burned nearly 97,000 acres. it is 94% contained. this fire burned 4,500 acres. new this morning finland is responding to something president trump said. >> i was with the president of finland he said we are a forest
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nation. he called it a forest nation. he spent a lot of time on doing things. they don't have >> he said he and local trump spoke briefly about the california wild fires but nothing about raking the forest there. he remembers telling him about a s surveillance system. we have a full list of resources on our web site. you can make a $10 donation by texting the words red cross to 90999. the u.s. border crossing is back open as more central american migrants arrive at the border. u.s. border patrol temporarily shut down northbound traffic and half the pedestrian crossings to install new movable wire topped barriers. it comes one di after they
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protested hoping to apply for asylum into the u.s. they accused them of being messy, ungrateful and a danger. investigators working to identify a man's body. boaters made the discovery saturday afternoon. a high profile missing persons case is that of 32-year-old powers. he was last seen leaving stadium. they found his car abandoned. they say his disappearance is s suspicious. the 58 story high-rise has sunk 1.5 since it in 2009. this is expected to be cheaper andte tn ano plant
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that essentially involved stabilizing one side and letting the other side until the tower was even again. the count down to black friday is officially underway. two big retailers already slashing the prices, the savings and safety measures you need to know about. 40 pounds of fireworks and hot air balloons sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? he's got some news on his phone. >> what did you
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a colorado man was sentenced to life today. 33-year-old christopher watts to avoid the death penalty. watts initially appeared on tv. he later admitted to their murders. the bodies were found in an oil field. shocking video shows the moments a farm ormula 3 driver reened into a wall. she survived. the driver has a fractured spine. shortly after the crash the driver tweeted she was okay but would undergo surgery. five others were also
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a hot air balloon exploded on wednesday. you can see the mass panic on the ground. it was carrying fiof fireworks. they don't know what set off the fireworks. easier may not always be better. the new amazon service that some say takes the reason out of the season. and let me show you a graphic that may depress you and make you realize no wonder my eyes are watering. we are on the 11th consecutive day after unhealthy air. i'm about to break this cycle with a couple of chances of rain
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many offering big savings leading up to the big day. offering 40% off of home appliances. on thanksgiving more than 15 televisions will be under $300. web sites are offering plenty of perks. >> online shopping is a cut throat lan >> experts say protect yourself if you're shopping on this year you can buy a live christmas tree from amazon. is it worth it? jessica has more on the tech giant.
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>> yes. >> amazon wants to help you. >> picking the perfect tree is an easy and some times getting that tree home is just as hard. >> it's heavier than athoughi >> it's a real tree. >> tech site get a first look. >> it makes a lot of sense for people already doing a lot of shopping on they get their trees from growers. they say customers can order everything from a small tree to a tree between 6 to 10 feet tall. they will range in size from 20 to now the owner points out all of their trees cost just $65
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says there's another thing amazon can't deliver. parents say these are the memories their kids are going to remember. i personally even if it takes a little work. >> i'm in agreement with you there as well. giving people choices is a good thing. >> yes. >> thanks. the air will be better in a few days for you to go out and get your
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this is what it looks like. i overlayed the visibility layer. we are down to 2 miles in sfo. this is what it looks trying to in because of the reduction and the visibility. temperatures are nearing the upper 50s to mid-60s already. we have a couple of hours of warming left. even with this hazy sunshine and unhealthy air. chances of rain begin wednesday and that's the coolest and cleanest air arrives. you can't even see the treasure island it is so smokey outside. we are going to hang around the upper 50s to mid-60s at noon. mid-to upper 60s at 4:00 back down into the upper 50s. upper 40s to mid-50s at 8:00. high clouds will give way to chilled smoke. mid-to upper 40s by midnight. i think it will be a little bit cooler and thin frost in our inland valleys with a little bit of smoke trapped.
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you may have have have have have a storm impact scale moderate and heavy at times. the improvement in the air quality. it starts out ahead of this system. the rain rolls in during the morning commute wednesday with another push during the evening commute. by the end of a t commute a quarter of an inch of rain. already nearing an inch in the north bay. it keeps going
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hours. so here is a look at my seven day forecast. tomorrow is going to be pretty mild those are light storms and wednesday is a day we get rid of the smoke. >> normally people say thanksgiving rain and people could not be happier. >> i think they will be happier for the positivity that's coming from it. >> thanks. sharing inspiring stories called more in common. this week meet the grandma gamer and her biggest fan. these two proved friendship has no age limit. >> i'm shirley curry. i'm 82 years old and i'm the gaming grandma.
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>> go. go. go. >> i'm 26-year-old and i'm shirley's number one gra g >> how did you become the grandma gamer? >> my son gave me a kpluter acod game. >> talk about your friendship. >> he would comment and talk to me on my channel. >> so, you a friend who is 82 years old and playing video games? >> yeah. >> can you believe it? >> boo. >>
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today the president and first lady received the white house christmas tree. the tree is 19.5 foot tall from north carolina. it will be displayed in the blue room. also new this morning, these are the two turkeys up for presidential pardon. they are from south dakota. one will be named the national
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thanksgiving turkey. read their bios and then decide. go to the white house twitter page. both turkeys will be spared. peas and carrots will live at virginia tech where students and veterinarians will care for them. i don't want to take sides but peas is the smaller one. i usually root for the smaller one. >> i like peas and carrots. >> right. >> they are both going to be safe. we are happy knowing that. kind of fun. thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming u
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>> welcome to the continuation of our $100 million season special. our returning contestant today is one of our all-time favorites, 14-year-old shiva oswal. he won $250,000 the first time he was here. and he's about to look at another question worth $1/4 million and he still has one lifeline left. let's see if this whiz kid can make game show history right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] lucky for you guys, we are in the middle of a great game. it's good to have him back. ladies and gentlemen, shiva oswal! [dramatic music] shiva!


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