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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 19, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the shooting inside a hospital in chicago, the urgent search for the gunman that followed. evacuations tonight. you can see the doctors, nurses and patients leaving with their hands in the air. an officer critically wounded and we'll take you to the scene. also tonight, the horror revealed today inside a courtroom. the father who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters, and what we learned just today we never knew. and what his own parents said in court. the thanksgiving rush already under way tonight. record-setting travel expected. and so is another storm. the clipper bringing snow, ice and rain and the freezing temperatures. we have the new track. president trump, will he sit down with robert mueller? what he's now saying. the wildfires in california. the number of missing now nearly 1,000.
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the elevator dropping more than 80 stories, six people inside, including a pregnant woman. the stunning crash. the 17-year-old race car driver, and there is word from the hospital tonight on her condition. and the thanksgiving sales. the countdown is on tonight. and the one step you can take online right now that will track the prices for you all week long to lock in the lowest price. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin tonight with the scene unfolding right now. the shooting at a hospital in chicago. a gunman opening fire in a parking lot and then inside the hospital. multiple people shot. doctors, nurses and patients could be seen evacuating parts of the hospital, hurrying out with their hands in the air. police rushing to mercy hospital, barricading streets in the area. and this was the scene from above just a short time ago. a police escort following an ambulance carrying an officer who was shot and who is now critically injured.
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it is believed the gunman is dead tonight. and abc's alex perez leading us off. he's on the scene in chicago. >> reporter: doctors and nurses with their hands up evacuated from chicago's mercy hospital. a man with a gun inside. the first shots fired around 3:00 p.m. james gray, a patient, says he saw a man and the woman walking together in the parking lot when the man opened fire. >> the gentleman turned around and shot three times in her chest, then when she fell to the ground, he stood over her and shot her three more times. >> and you witnessed all of this? >> yes. >> reporter: police rushing to the scene. >> all units, we're getting a 10-1, 10-1 outside of mercy hospital. no further information, shots fired in front of mercy hospital. >> james gray was watching from inside, and that's exactly where the gunman headed. >> reporter: security was trying to direct us into rooms and toll us to lock the doors behind us. it was chaos. it was just mass chaos. once he entered, he just started shooting random. >> reporter: gary thompson works
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at the hospital. >> you heard eight shots, you saw blood -- >> yes. >> elevator lobby area? >> yeah, on the floor. >> reporter: police say there were multiple victims. officers going floor by floor, a methodical search for the gunman. one officer in critical condition, loaded into an ambulance, driven away with a police escort. >> and alex perez joins us from outside mercy hospital tonight in chicago. and alex, we understand that police are now saying the hospital is secure? >> reporter: david, that is correct. officials say they have searched the hospital and it has been secured. you can see still a very active crime scene behind me here. the gunman is dead. three other victims, including a chicago police officer, are in critical condition, fighting for their lives. the motive here remains unclear. david? >> alex perez leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to the horror revealed in a colorado courtroom today. the father who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters was sentenced today.
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chris watt had already pleaded guilty to killing his wife and daughters. you'll remember when they disappeared he made that emotional appeal for them to return home, and authorities say he had already killed them. in court today, prosecutors revealing grim new details of the crime, and both families spoke. the family of the pregnant woman and his own parents spoke, too. what they said about their own son. abc's kayna whitworth was in the courtroom in greeley, colorado. >> reporter: for the colorado man who pled guilty to murdering his entire family, judgment day. chris watts first facing his agonized in-laws. >> this is the heartless one, the evil monster. i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them. and then, you take them out like trash. you disgust me. >> he was the one for me. and he is amazing. >> reporter: their daughter, shann anne, who once gushed about her husband, brutally killed, along with their two granddaughters an unborn
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grandson. >> my daddy is a hero. >> reporter: watts' mother-in-law blasting him for the ultimate betrayal. >> your children adored you and they also trusted you. your daughter bella marie sang a song proudly, daddy, you're my hero. >> reporter: as police searched for watts' missing family, he went on tv, begging for their return. >> shanann, bella, celest, if you're out there, just come back. >> reporter: today, watts' parents saying their son needs to atone for what he's done. >> i'd like to begin by recognizing the absolute horror of this crime. >> reporter: struggling to recognize this heinous crime with the love they have for their son. >> we have loved you from the beginning and we still love you now. >> reporter: watts wiping away tears. prosecutors today revealing gut-wrenching details about how the colorado father strangled his wife and smothered 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bella, who they say
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fought back. >> imagine the horror in bella's mind as he father took her last breaths away. violently stuffed into oil storage tanks. shanann buried in a shallow grave. watts wanted a fresh start with a new woman. >> if he was this happy and wanted a new start, get a divorce. you don't annihilate your family and throw them away like garbage. >> reporter: prosecutors say while shanann was trying to save their marriage, wapts was testing his girlfriend, and the morning after the murder, he looked into selling his home and even unenrolled his daughters from school. today, when asked if he wanted to speak -- >> no, sir. >> reporter: his attorney saying only this -- >> he is devastated. he is sincerely sorry. >> reporter: and with that, the judge handed down five life sentences without parol. >> this is perhaps the most inhumane and vicious crime that
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i have handled out of the thousands of cases that i have seen. >> and kayna whitworth is live with us in colorado. and kayna, the parents of the pregnant wife that was killed, they did not want the death penalty? >> reporter: david, that's true. they don't believe in it. but it was a horrific day in court as they learned about their granddaughters' final moments. they now know that bella was found in an oil-soaked pajama top, pink with hearts and butterflies on it. and celeste wearing a pink and black top. it was so hard to hear, david. >> this is an impossible story all the way around. kayna, thank you. we're going to turn next here tonight to the concerns over the roads, as a clipper system now moves in, just as millions begin to travel this thanksgiving kweek. there is record travel expected. millions of americans are bracing for an arctic blast for thanksgiving day. wind chills in the teens for washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york, single digits in
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boston. chief meteorologist ginger zee is live at the george washington bridge tonight tracking it all on a holiday week. hi, ginger. >> reporter: hi, david. let's go ahead and start with that clipper system. that's going to get you slipping and sliding on the roads on tuesday. so, we take it here, it moves very quickly, albany and i-90, look out. mostly rain at the coast. but vermont, new hampshire and maine picking up a couple of inches with that, too. it goes out, most of us are try wednesday through thursday, but we have downright cold. most of us in the northeast should see one of the coldest thanksgivings since 1996. boston with a high of only 22 would make it the coldest thanksgiving on record. >> ginger zee with us. thank you. we're watching the weather in california tonight. there is some rain coming where they desperately need it, and tonight, as they wait for that rain, an unbelievable number to report. nearly 1,000 people are still unaccounted for after the fires. abc's marcus moore is in paradis, california. >> reporter: tonight, the staggering number 11 days after
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the fire broke out. nearly 1,000 still missing. loved ones posting pictures and names outside this shelter. people like julian and his dog jack. officials are optimistic they will track down many of the unaccounted for, but the wait is agonizing. >> when you don't know, the grief is suspended, and people have said to me, it's like treading water. >> reporter: president trump seeing that devastation first-hand over the weekend, after criticizing forest management in california. he cited the conversation he says he had with the president of finland. >> they spend a lot of time raking and cleaning, they don't have any problem. >> reporter: the finnish president tonight responding, saying the two did talk about forest fires, but he doesn't recall discussing raking. >> and marcus moore with us tonight from california. i mentioned the rain a moment ago, marcus, it will help, but it could bring a new set of problems? >> reporter: yeah, david, that's right. it will certainly help crews stop the fire that caused all of this damage here in paradise, california, but it also presents a real danger, because of all
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the scorched earth, mudslides could be a real concern. and in southern california, officials were filling sandbags s t c it will be a concern for residents here in the northern part of the state, as well. david? >> marcus, thank you. we're going to turn now to the new interview with president trump making headlines. will he sit down with robert mueller? what the president now says, after telling our jon karl that he would be willing to speak with mueller under oat 100%. the president was also asked, did he know his pick for acting attorney general said before that pick that there was no collusion? abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: president trump is now making it clear he is almost certainly not going to do an in-person interview with special counsel robert mueller. >> i think we've wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is probably, we're finished. >> reporter: that's not what the president told me last year. would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of those events? >> 100%. >> reporter: the mueller
3:41 pm
investigation is overseen by new acting attorney general matt whitaker who, before he joined the justice department, was openly critical of the special counsel. >> the truth is, there was no collusion with the russians s the trump campaign. >> did you know before you appointed him that he was so critical of robert mueller? >> i did not know that. >> reporter: the president now says whitaker has the authority to do whatever he wants. >> if whitaker decides in any way to limit or curtail the mueller investigation, are you okay with that? >> look, he -- it's going to be up to him. i think he's very well aware politically. >> but you won't overrule him if he decides to curtail? >> i would not get involved. >> jon karl with us live tonight from the white house. and jon, some democratic senators tonight are going to court to try to block the acting a. gp, matt whitaker's appointment? >> reporter: in fact, david, three democrats have gone to court to ask a judge to remove whitaker as the acting attorney
3:42 pm
general. they argue that his appointment is not constitutional, because he was not confirmed by the senate. david? >> jon karl live at the white house on a monday night. jon, thank you. president trump making headlines tonight after what he said about retired navy admiral bill mcraven, who has been critical of the president. president trump suggesting they could have gotten bin laden sooner, and that mcraven is a hillary clinton fan. mcraven did not endorse anyone for president. the bin laden raid was applaud boy both parties and the country. admiral mcraven said he admires all president, regardless of their political party, who use that office to bring the nation together in challenging times. we move on to other news, and to the high rise scare in chicago. an elevator falling more than 80 floors, trapping six people inside, including a pregnant woman. tonight, how firefighters had to break through a cinder block wall to get to them. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, terrifying
3:43 pm
stories being shared by passengers who plunged 84 floors in this elevator. >> i believed that we were going to die. we were falling down. >> reporter: this man told chicago tv station wbbm that sia pregnant woman, boarded on the 95th floor of the former hancock building and quickly realized something was wrong. >> we were going down, i felt that we were falling down, and then we heard a loud noise, clack, clack, clack. >> reporter: officials say two cables on top of the elevator broke, leaving only backup safety lines toe finally stop the fall on the 11th floor. complicating the crisis, it wassen express elevator, to, the shaft had limited entry and exit points. rescue teams eventually finding the elevator, breaking through cinder blocks to get the passengers out after three tense hours. now, david, incredibly, everyone is okay. experts aren't sure exactly what happened, but that el say torp did pass an inspection back in july. david? >> gio, thank you. tonight, to the growing
3:44 pm
outrage over the couple and the homeless vet who used a go fund me page to raise $400,000. all three were charged. but tonight here, the audio of the woman, her attorneys claim it backs up her verve should si story, that she was not the mastermind, and her claim that she was simply dragged into this. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, the woman caught up in the go fund me scam, claiming her then-boyfriend and a homeless man are really to blame for the lie that took donors for almost $400,000. >> i had no part in any of this and i'm the one [ bleep ] taking the fall. >> reporter: kate mcclure's attorney sharing this audio exclusively with abc news, purportedly of a conversation that mcclure had with mark d'amico. her lawyer calling her a victim. >> mr. d'amico was the one behind this, and he was calling all the shots. >> reporter: but prosecutors charged all three with deception and conspiracy, and say the group made up a story about the
3:45 pm
homeless man giving her gas money. then, created that go fund me page for him, instead, using the money for themselves. >> you act like you didn't spend a dollar. stop it. >> i'm not acting like. that. >> reporter: david, we have reached out to johnny bobbitt and mark d'amico for comment. neither has responded. go fund me says it will return the money to the 14,000 donors. david? >> eva, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the mystery death of a grandmother and teacher on a cruise. new details tonight coming in about the grandmother in those final moments. what passengers reportedly saw before she went overboard. also tonight, the stunning crash. the 17-year-old race car driver, and there is word from the hospital tonight on her condition. and your money tonight, the thanksgiving sales. the countdown is on this evening. the one step you can take online right now that will track prices for you all week long while you're busy doing other things to help you lock in the lowest price. price. we're back in a moment.
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next tonight here, to your money. thanksgiving approaching, and you won't have time to watch prices online, so, the one tool tonight that will track them for you. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis out to save your money. >> save on hundreds of deals. >> doors open thursday, 2:00 p.m. >> reporter: tonight, with the tickoff to the busiest week of shopping -- >> happy holidays. >> reporter: how to get the most bang for that hard-earned buck. >> this year, the price of entrillion for anything you buy should be at least 30% off and i would really be looking for a sweet 40. >> reporter: checking off that wish list, try they'll show you the best price, where to find it, and tell you when the deal goes live. it also pays to install a browser extension on your computer like honey. >> click the honey button and it will find any coupon that's available on the internet and try it for you. >> free two-day delivery. >> reporter: plus, try this
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otezla. show more of you. to the index of other news. new details about the grandmother who died after going overboard on a cruise. authorities say the teacher's aide died while on the royal princess cruise ship from florida to aruba. witnesses say they saw her struggling with a man before going overboard. he husband but questiwas questi police, but not a suspect. the teenage race car lucky to be alive. sophia fractured when she crashed into the fence there. she is in stable condition tonight after seven hours of surgery. she released a statement today thanking her doctors and racing team, promising, quote, we'll be back. a presidential pardon in the works. in keeping with thanksgiving tradition, president trump will pardon one of two turkeys tomorrow, their names peas and
3:53 pm
carrots. the image letting the public decide who gets the pardon. you can vote on twitter. the vote is, we're told, neck and neck tonight. i didn't write that, but they will both survive this, we're told. and paying tribute to california. the chiefs and the rams planning to play at the l.a. coliseum for "monday night football." the teams will honor first responders and victims of the wildfires and the mass shooting at the borderline bar and grill. you you can go to or by texting california wildfires to make a donation. you can do that during the game tonight, as well. when we come back, the young hockey player, and what we went through to get back on the ice. the incredible moment coming up.
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finally tonight here, america strong. the young hockey player defying the odds to get back onto the ice. gauge center has loved hockey since he was a boy. three years ago as a high school freshman, he made the varsity starting lineup, with dreams of playing hockey professionally. but that summer, he was struck by a car at a crosswalk. gates spent a month in a coma. he was on life support with traumatic brain injury. and then, he woke up. for 22 months, gage got to work. >> awesome job, gage. >> reporter: determined to recover. >> i had to relearn how to walk, relearn how to talk, relearn how to live life again. >> reporter: and gage even began helping others with brain injury, too. >> come on, alex. >> reporter: he's become a role model for others at the may center school for brain injury in prock on the, massachusetts. >> i help them, just like i was helped. >> i want my fellow students to
3:58 pm
get back to how they were before they got the brain injury. >> reporter: and just last spring, this was gage taking his first steps back on the ice. it might look shaky to most, but to gage and his family, it was a victory. and tonight, just look at gage on the ice now. >> i feel like the old me, and i feel great. i feel greater than ever, to be back in this world. i had so many doubt within my whole life, and i just feel like i made it. that's what i have to say for everyone with, like, an injury. you can't give up, just keep trying. >> nice! >> gage never gave up. we're cheering for you, gage. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. live where you live, this is
3:59 pm
"abc7 news." >> we have people in tents sleeping on the ground, and it's cold. and they're trying to g rh to g shelters and an urgency in lank the bay area. but maybe for not much longer. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. take a look at conditions over the bay area. the air quality still in the unhealthy zone, and you can see why. but there is some good news, as rain closes in. >> yes, let's begin here with spencer christian with a look at the forecast. you're almost giddy about this. >> change is coming, good, helpful change. right now we're dealing with the poor air quality across much of the bay area. the red circles indicating unhelpful air, and the yellow indicating moderate. we've got unhelpful air just
4:00 pm
about everywhere except livermore showing up in orange. the north bay, the same picture. the changes coming our way on wednesday. tomorrow, we'll have the same conditions we have today. but moderate air quality prevails, and here's why. a storm is