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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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than 11,000 homes destroyed, it is the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in record in california history. nearly 1,000 people are unaccounted for in butte county. the fire has scorched 151,000 acres and is 66% contained tonight. >> now, to put things into perspective on how big the camp fire is, take a look at this size comparison map. the fire would cover a huge chunk of the south bay including san jose, los gatos, saratoga, cupertino, sunnyvale, mountain view and milpitas. >> we have team coverage for you tonight on the fire and the impact on air quality. >> first let's hear from spencer christian about how close we are to clean air finally, spencer. >> just a couple of days away, but right now we still have the unhealthful air. here is a look at our color coded air quality map. you can see the red circles indicating poor quality. you have to go outside of the bay area to find
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region. it will remain this way tomorrow for much of the bay area as we look at the air quality forecast, but you see the big change on wednesday. all regions of the bay area will have moderate air quality, a vast improvement over what we have right now, and the reason for the change is the approaching storm which ranks two on the impact scale, bringing showers that will be heavy at times with strong, gusty winds. it will arrive on wednesday, the first wave of rain with periods of rain to follow that. the problem we may have with the approaching rain is flash flooding. flash flood watch is in effect for the burn scars up north in the areas of the camp fire and mendocino complex fire. there could be flooding because of the rain on top of the burn scars. we are right now waiting for improvement the in the air quality which is sure to happen. kristen. >> if you don't believe you need to wear a mask, look at this. butte county public health
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showed a home air filter five days after the camp fire started compared to a new air filter. we will let you guess which is which. the filters are from a home near marysville about 60 miles away from the fire zone. >> here is a live look at walnut creek and even in the dark you can see the haze from the smoke. the air in the east bay is still in unhealthy range. >> laura anthony is live at oakland international airport with a look at the lengths some people are going to do get fresh air. laura. >> reporter: hi, kristen. we have seen people coming and going from the airport here wearing masks. earlier today we caught up with a grassroots organization that is committed to making sure that everyone who needs one of these has one. >> if you are going to give them out to people -- >> reporter: with at least one more day of dirty air forecast efforts and money to bring in a new shipment of thousands of high-quality n-95 masks.
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>> for me if i get sick i can go inside, maybe even buy an air filter. folks stuck outside are experiencing disproportionate pollution constantly. >> reporter: the masks are going to people like little mac who lives on the street. >> it works better. my nose is not running that bad, i'm not coughing. but it is -- it is raspy. >> reporter: in downtown oakland and throughout the east bay, the skies still appear more brown than blue. while some were wearing masks, more than a few opted to go without. at the oakland international airport we found travelers as they waited in line to check their bags, looking forward to going somewhere else, somewhere with fresh air. >> where are you going? >> going to portland, going to the oregon coast. yeah. >> reporter: the coast, like fresh air. >> yes, and rain. >> reporter: to smoke-free pennsylvania. >> we're going to be there for ten days. we will be breathing much
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easier. >> reporter: might be a it colder. >> that's fine. i'll take cold over burned air any time. >> reporter: and for those arriving in the bay area, it seems many have gotten a heads up from friends and family about what to wear. >> we got a text from her grandmother this morning saying that we should get these particular kinds of masks. >> reporter: now, not only are the travelers wearing the masks, we've also seen taxi drivers, the baggage handlers and the police officers, everybody who works outside here is wearing a mask. hopefully, like spencer said, it may only be for another day or so. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc 7 news." >> fingers crossed there. laura, thanks very much. many bay area schools are closed because of the bad air quality. "abc 7 news" was in pleasant hill in the east bay where a sign at diablo valley community college confused some students who hoped the campus would be open today. it wasn't. san jose state officials announced over the weekend classes would resume today after
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they were cancelled last thursday and friday. the air quality is improving there, but it is still in the unhealthy range. a petition on asking the administration to cancel classes has more than 11,000 signatures. we'll continue to update the list of school closings and changes. you will find that on our website, in san francisco, many tourist attractions are still closed. cable cars are not running but will resume tomorrow. alcatraz recently announced it will stay closed through tomorrow and all national parks like muir woods were closed because of persistent smoke. >> "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez is live with some stories of disappointment. lyanne. >> reporter: that's right. well, the san francisco travel association says that the smoke hasn't really affected tourism because it is a temporary situation, but it is affecting sales. come on, you have alcatraz closed, you have coit tower closed, you have the cable cars closed today. all of them are losing business.
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carlos and his family flew in from guatemala. their first day in san francisco began with disappointing news. >> due to poor air quality, the national park service has cancelled all tours for today. >> we are disappointed, but we are good with that because it is not the fault of the city. it is not our fault. >> reporter: alcatraz has been closed to the public since last friday. >> it has got to be one of the premiere attractions for san francisco, and we've -- this is the second time they've cancelled the tour on us. we booked two days ago, they cancelled, refund. we bought again for today, and now they're cancelling again and we leave on friday. >> reporter: this weekend about 7,200 people were not able to get on the island. instead, they were offered a tour of the bay. while impressive, this miniature model was the only way to see what the island looks like. >> the concern for their staff and for visitors alike, you know, their concern is their safety and their health.
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until they begin to see signs of it improving, i think it will continue to be the case that we're closed unfortunately. >> reporter: the cable cars were not running either due to the bad air quality. tony mayfield was visiting from the east bay. >> you've just got to have that noise and the brakes and you have to have the turnaround and the people bumping into it. it is just a lively thing that is a part of san francisco. >> reporter: that's a great description of what it is like to ride in one of those. now, good news. the cable cars, we are told, will be running tomorrow. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> that is good to hear, lyanne. thanks very much. in butte county the list of people missing after the camp fire still has almost 1,000 names on it. >> "abc 7 news" reporter kate larsen is live in paradise with the story of one man's search for his brother. kte. >> reporter: well, the clark family lives in paradise, or at least they used to. they tell me that their house is leveled, much like this one here
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on starlight court. but one family member told me that the prospect of losing his brother was much more painful than losing all of their belongings. >> just curious if you guys have seen a guy out here, about 6'7", african-american? somebody by the name of maurice clark out here? >> reporter: jonathan clark has ever since his family evacuated from their home in paradise. >> we got separated somewhere along the way, and we just haven't heard from him since. >> reporter: jonathan has been driving and walking from shelter to shelter following up on leads as to where mo might be camping. >> whether or not i find him alive or not, you know, it hurts, but i want to find him. >> reporter: today jonathan heard his brother might be at the yuba center fair ground shelter. he wasn't inside so jonathan started checking every tent and camper in the area. >> get your butt over here! yeah, you better hide that face. you know what i've been through to try to find you?
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>> reporter: at the edge of a lawn, jonathan found mo safe and sound with his young son. jonathan immediately called their mom and put her on face time. >> hi. what's up? >> so just giving you some good news here. >> what? >> i found that lunatic. >> i'm so glad you're okay. thanks, johnnie. >> oh, god. love you too, mom. >> bye. >> bye, mama. >> reporter: but mo's smiles with the reunion with his family appeared completing. while the camp fire is nearly contained, it is clear the destruction will last longer. >> all i ever wanted to be was in paradise, and you never -- you never think about like the fact that, hey, you can't go back because there's nothing there. >> reporter: so butte county is keeping track of a list of the missing people, at more than 900 right now. when i asked a volunteer at the shelter in yuba city, she didn't have the list physically or know
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how to access it online. jonathan didn't know if mo was on the list. i did check and he's not on it, which raises questions as to whether he ever was and if there are more missing people who aren't listed. we will be looking into it this week. live in paradise, i'm kate larsen, "abc 7 news." >> kate, thanks. the sheriff's office asks people to call one of these numbers if someone has been found so detectives can remove their name from the list. you can also find these numbers on our website, again, that's much of california is expecting rain this week. that could cause problems in the burn areas of the camp fire in butte county and the woolsey fire in ventura and los angeles counties. mudslides are often possible with the rain that is set to arrive sometime wednesday. today in agoura hills volunteers took the time to fill sandbags for others at a local fire station. >> we had some time, we would come out and fill sandbag goes. >> i think it is amazing. this community has come together in such a way that it is unbelievable. it is what america is all about. >> the national weather service
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says the threat of significant slides are low, but people should be vigilant. most evacuations have been lifted except for areas just outside of malibu. the woolsey fire is 94% contained tonight. it has burned nearly 97,000 acres and destroyed 1,500 structures. the nearby hill fire is fully contained now. it burned 4,500 acres. those will fires are long way from here, but so many people in the bay area are trying to help out. >> i just really am hoping for the best and these people can get through it. >> next, see the letters of encouragement that are not only heartfelt but handwritten. also ahead -- >> i'm wayne freedman in santa rosa. this is a drain plug for an oil pan. what does it have to do with fire relief? we'll tell you coming up.
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when people see image goes from butte county it is natural they want to help. but how? in santa rosa today, "abc 7 news" reporter wayne freedman found a small company using social media for that purpose and reaching around the world to do so. >> reporter: the smoke has cleared a bit from the last few days in santa rosa. whether outdoors or indoors, people who work here say it was bad. not as bad as in butte county though. >> they suffered a great loss. >> reporter: we're in a warehouse on the fringe of coffey park, but -- >> i think it is important we show the communities in butte county that we are with them. >> reporter: which explains why gina lopez and her co-workers at fumoto engineering spent extra time speaking at computer screens. after evacuating last year,
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went on instagram and facebook with a proposition, for every like they will give $1 for butte county fire relief. >> because we went through it last year, we basically feel the same how they're probably going to feel. >> reporter: the product they distribute has absolutely nothing to do with fires, but from this building they send out thousands every week. it is an oil plug replacement. you put it in your crank case, leave it there, and then when you change your oil you flip the switch. ingenuous. fits the build a better mouse trap men at, and with more than 1200 liked by noon today, this may cost them and the company some money. no worries. >> we didn't suffer a lot through it but we saw a lot of friend and family and we can relate to whatapn butte county recently. >> reporter: a small crew more than 100 miles from the camp fire, but right next door, as if it were yesterday. >> it is a community. it is a community. i'm proud to work here. >> reporter: in santa rosa, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news". in the south bay middle
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school students in san jose decided to reach out to those living in shelters with personal letters. "abc 7 news" reporter david louie takes a look at what they're writing to the survivors of the fire. >> reporter: students at silver dale middle school may look like they're taking a test but they're engages in a humanitarian jess te humanitarian gesture. salvador shared what he wrote. >> we are sending letters to paradise, but not only sending letters but in those letters we are also going to be sending our prayers, our hope, faith and just everything we can spoke support them. >> reporter: students in an eighth grade leadership class considered several ways to show support and compassion. letters seemed like a good idea among a generation more familiar with texting. >> they lost so much stuff due to the fire, so we hope our letters of love and support can cheer them up. >> reporter: 40 letters have been produced in a single day. the goal is to have all 578 students participate. leadership teacher ashley frost said it may not stop there.
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>> i'm noticing there's a desire and need they want to do more. >> reporter: at another school in the franklin-mckinley district students at windmill spring are planning a coin drive to help victims of the camp fire. >> everyone struggles at some point in life and especially these kids without a school to go to at the moment are struggling the most and there's not enough money for them, especially with their houses burnt and everything. >> reporter: fourth grade teacher lauren boyd believes their fundraising represents the best kind of learning. >> i'm hoping that the drive will inspire other students and really build that idea of compassion and sympathy among our kids. >> reporter: the coin drive will run for a month. you could call this an exercise in student activism. even at their young age they believe they can make a difference. in san jose, david louie, "abc 7 news." now, if you would like to help the fire victims, we have a full list of resources on our website. you can also make a $10 donation very quickly and easily to the red cross by texting the words "red cross" to 90999.
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>> of course, all of that smoke that's been coming our way has been making the air quality poor, but that is changing. >> yeah, which is great news. we've been waiting more than a week for this and spencer christian is here with a big change, spencer. >> big change indeed. finally it is right around the corner. here is a look at live doppler seven. we have the smoke with us. it was a spare the air day, and tonight will be a spare the air night. here is a look from the roof top camera at abc 7 looking down the embarcadero towards the embarcadero center. 53 across the bay in oakland. upper 50s in mountain view and san jose, 54 at morgan hill and 48 at half moon bay. this is a view at emeryville. temperature readings are in the low to mid 50s at santa rosa, napa, novato, vacaville. 57 at concord and 55 at livermore. from the south bay camera, smoky and hazy again tomorrow.
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as i mentioned, another spare the air day, but the rainy pattern begins on wednesday. it will be windy and cooler as well as rainy, bringing us some better air quality in the middle of the week and continuing to the weekend. let's take a look at our air quality forecast for the next four days. tomorrow, again, a spare the air day. look for poor or very poor air quality in every region of the bay area tomorrow. but wednesday, thursday and friday we can expect moderate air quality, and that's pretty good compared to what we've had the last 12 days. overnight, we will see temperatures under hazy conditions dropping into the mid to upper 30s in the inland and upper valleys. along the coast we will see lows in the low to mid 40s. tomorrow highs will range from 61 at half moon bay to 64 across the bay in oakland. 66 in fremont. inland, east bay, we'll have a range of about four or five degrees from low to mid 60s in the north bay, mainly low 60s in the south bay, generally mid to upper 60. on we go to the storm impact scale. the approaching system coming in on wednesday ranks two on the
6:20 pm
impact scale, a storm of moderate intensity, bringing showers that will be heavy and times and wind gusting at 20 to 40 miles per hour, and of course that will improve the air quality. here is a forecast animation beginning 9:30 tomorrow night. we will see patchy showers developing in the north bay at that time. overnight the showers become more widespread. by wednesday morning as the commute gets under way, we will see areas of moderate to heavy rainfall continuing through the commuting hours and not winding down until late afternoon. a little bit of a break wednesday afternoon before the next surge of showers move in wednesday night and then on thursday, thanksgiving day, and friday. we are projecting rainfall totals by 11:00 wednesday night will range from about an inch to nearly an inch and a quarter in many north bay locations, just under an inch through the central part of the bay area and a third of an inch ton ch in so. wind gusts, well, the animation shows starting tomorrow evening the wind picks up significantly. by wednesday morning, we'll see gusts ranging from 20 to about 30 miles per hour and, again,
6:21 pm
that will help move out some of the stagnant air. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. the system coming in wednesday ranks two on the impact scale. it will be followed by more showers on thursday and friday, both of those days the storm activity will rank one on the storm impact scale. some of the showers may linger into early on saturday, but generally the weekend is looking partly to mostly cloudy and a little dryer. but right now we are awaiting the weather for which we are thankful. >> yes. >> the rain and the wind and the cleaner air. >> thanks, spencer, very much. the investigation continues in millbrae where a man died shortly after being tased by sheriff's deputies. >> the new questions the man's
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new questions and outrage tonight from the family of a father who died after san mateo county sheriff's deputies tased him in millbrae. >> as "abc 7 news" anchor dion lim tells us, the family believes a new video they have seen contradicts what happened. >> the over arching feeling is sadness because i'm watching my brother being killed. >> reporter: when we spoke to her after her brother was tased by san mateo sheriff's deputies
6:25 pm
in millbrae aed sderam wanted w figure out how it could have happened. >> we are begging for the opportunity for closure. >> reporter: instead of the district attorney providing closure by showing the family dash cam and video of what happened. >> of course, it is the portion where there's interaction between him and law enforcement. >> reporter: the family believes what they saw in the video contradicts the statement from the sheriff's office and the da that he was acting erratically with aggression and attacked a deputy. >> that was an original press release issued by the sheriff's office, not by me. >> in this case he was walking down the street minding his own business. >> reporter: the video will not be released until after thanksgiving, but already a facebook post about the footage has been shared nearly 32,000 times. the one thing the two parties can agree on, this case has been a catalyst. hopefully for change. >> you're right, maybe people will look at cases like this and say, we need a different standard for law enforcement. >> it is important for us to
6:26 pm
recognize that it is in many ways america's specific epidemic. if people who don't feel like this is something that can happen to them, don't get involved, then it won't change. >> reporter: he is the third person in san mateo county to be tased and killed in the last year. the da says there are similarities in every case. they involved larger men with background of mental health issues. his family has started a website so it doesn't happen again. in the newsroom, i'm "abc 7 news." >> an arsonist caught on camera but not by police. >> see the evidence that could lead san francisco police to him. a former cake decorator at bay area safeway wants to tell what she
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news". ♪ it looks like a customer just walking through a store, but what you are watching is a suspected arsonist caught on camera trying to burn down a san francisco market. the store's owner is hoping somebody will recognize the
6:30 pm
suspect and turn him in. >> quickly, yeah. the fire happened over the weekend at mid city market, which is on gary street in the city's tenderloin area. >> "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow gives us a closer look at the suspect. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured this man setting a fire inside mid city market on gary street in san francisco early sunday morning. the owner of the market says he has 32 cameras inside the store because of shoplifters. employees called the owner to tell him about the fire. >> i opened the cameras to see the store, and i saw the flame inside the store. my heart dropped. >> reporter: in the video you can see the man unwrap a roll of toilet paper and light the end of it, setting it out so it would burn and light the rest of the toilet paper rolls. >> he uses his lighter and the fire started going and it caught the whole thing. >> reporter: by the time anyone realized, the man was gone. employees ran with water and
6:31 pm
fire extinguishers. the store's owner said luckily they put out the fire before it reached fire logs and lighter fluid on the bottom shelf. he estimates the fire which destroyed merchandise in a section of the star. >> all of this is damaged, this one here. this is damaged. >> reporter: cost, $20,000 in damages. >> god help him. i mean he needs help. he is probably sick, mentally sick or had a problem. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department has the surveillance video and is investigating. they say it appears to be an isolated incident. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." we have new details from chicago where a gunman killed a police officer, a doctor and a pharmaceutical assistant at a hospital today. police say the suspect first shot and killed a woman in the parking lot. a source tells our abc sister station in chicago the suspect was the woman's former fiance. police say the suspect fired shots at arriving officers before running into the hospital
6:32 pm
where he continued openin fire, killing another woman and an officer. >> the officers that responded were heroes and saved a lot of lives because we don't know how much damage he was prepared to do. >> this tears at the soul of our city. it is the face and the consequence of evil. >> the suspect was also killed. police say it is unclear if it was self-inflicted or by police gunfire. a former cake decorator at a local safeway store filed a lawsuit claiming that managers failed to address health and safety problems she reported about a co-worker at the bakery and then retaliated against her. >> yes, she has provided pictures to the i-team's dan noyes. dan is here. the company is providing their own pictures, right? >> that's right, dan and kristin. one key issue, was a sick co-worker leaving blood on bakery work surfaces or was it just icing? i will show you the two sets of pictures from the former employee and a warning that some
6:33 pm
people miami find images disturbing. this 23-year-old woman worked in the willal alamo safeway bakery has since moved out of state. >> why is it important not to show your face or use your name? >> i don't want people blaming me because i'm trying to do right now by letting everyone know what was happening and making sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: her lawsuit says during her ten months at the bakery a sick co-worker had severe health issues that required dialysis four times a week and he was frequently unsanitary in his work habits, disbursing his saliva, mucus, hair and bodily fluids into work environment in the bakery. the cake decorator gave me photos showing what she says is blood on the work surfaces, the rack that holds the baked goods, a box of cupcakes, the floor, even the table where the doughnuts are made. >> this is the mixer, this is the machine. that's his blood, fingerprints right next to our start and stop buttons we used to operate the machine. you could also see a little bit
6:34 pm
on the start button. >> reporter: a spokesperson for safeway's parent company albertson's questioned the photos saying they appear to be stains left by decorating ingredients. the company provided these pictures of what they say are smear of food coloring and icing at other bakeries. the company's pictures on the left, the former employee's pictures on the right. she tells me she saw firsthand the worker bleeding, including on june 20thth when he became ill and emitted a large volume of bodily fluids including vom i itd, blood in the bakery that day. >> that's a video of him dry heaving on the prep table. >> her lou suit says over the months of november 2017 through june 2018 she repeated her reports to managers but the sick co-worker was ill while working and disbursing bodily fluids in
6:35 pm
the bakery of the store. these managers did nothing to change the status quo. >> from the beginning i wore multiple layers of gloves because i didn't want his germs. i have a baby. i didn't want any of that. >> reporter: greg brock is her attorney. >> humans make mistakes, managers do the wrong thing. it looks to me like that's what happened sneer. >> reporter: the company spokesperson declined to be interviewed but sent statements saying the health and safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. while we take public safety concerns very seriously, we dispute the claims. she alleges in her complaint two managers told her if the sick co-worker had been working the night before they wouldn't eat the doughnuts produced in the bakery. >> so they wouldn't eat the food because he was baking it? >> yes. >> reporter: because of his bleeding and his nausea? >> yes. >> reporter: the company counters safeway management never expressed concern about the safety of products prepared in the store's bakery and stands by their high quality. after that interview and more
6:36 pm
than a month after the sick co-worker went out on medical leave, i contacted contra costa county health. they then sent inspectors who grave the bakery passing marks. marilyn underwood told me she found no reports of anyone getting sick from baked goods purchased from alamo safeway during the time the employee worked at the store, but she said in general the health of food preparers is important. >> it is to make sure that people who are sick or having issues like this would not be interacting with food. >> reporter: the cake decorator describes her time at the alamo safeway as a nightmare and tells me she remained there only for >> i knew i needed this job. it worked with my schedule and i didn't know what else to do. i couldn't find another job that had the hours for me to be with my son. >> reporter: in her lawsuit, the cake decorator claims the managers retaliated against her because of her complaints. the company says they won't comment on that allegation. i'm posting the full statements from safeway at
6:37 pm
>> that is unbelievable. >> disturbing. >> absolutely. >> thanks, dan. let's move on now to your voice, your vote. we have a winner in one of the closest state races of the election. state assembly member tony thurmond defeated marshall tuck this weekend in race for superintendent of public instruction which was decided by just over 150,000 votes. >> public education saved my life, and that's all i have ever wanted to do, is help young people to create the same types of opportunities that have been provided for me. so we would be happy to take any questions if there are any. >> what has been a decent -- >> it is estimated more than $43 million was spent on political advertising in that race. you saw the ads on television. that's more than in any other race for a state seat. supporters of marshall tuck outspent thurmond's campaign two to one. thurmond said he won because voters agree tax dollars should not support charter schools.
6:38 pm
tuck is a charter school advocate. thanksgiving week and we could see a record number of holiday travelers this year. >> that's right. next, abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma explains when to leave to beat both the traffic and the rain. >> an auto dealership shuts its >> an auto dealership shuts its doors in a matter of day on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you find a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less ross has everyone covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less.
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it is going to be a busy week of travel and there are flight delays because of the smoke that we're getting here in the bayer a. here is a live look at sfo where some arrivals are delayed for nearly an hour because of low visibility. it is mostly short haul west coast flights that are affected. now to san jose airport where no smoke-related delays have been reported. there are also no delays in oakland either. well, thanksgiving travel this year could set a record. now, if you have some flexibility in your holiday schedule, you could avoid the rush and the rain that we're expecting this week. >> that could make a big difference. abc news meteorologist drew tuma explains when is best time to travel. >> guys, flexibility will be key with your travel plans. if you can and are taking to the roadways, tomorrow will be the best bet with the weather
6:42 pm
because we're tracking rainfall through the morning and the day on wednesday afternoon. you can see rain from monterey, sacramento, eureka, wet roads and slick conditions. we are expecting snow in the sierra. if you are going to lake tahoe for the holiday, you will have a tough time as flakes are flying. san diego looks like a missout on the wet weather, but from seattle, portland to redding, you will see rain so likely flight delays at a lost of major airports on the west coast. the good news, if you are traveling anywhere else the weather looks really nice on wednesday. outside of the rain on west code, tons of sunshine in the plains. bitter cold around the great lakes in the northeast, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. the big takeaway, if you can move your plans to tomorrow with the dry skies, you will avoid a lot of headaches with the rain coming our way on wednesday. >> thanks, drew. given the smoky air recently, we couldn't be happier to have rain on thanksgiving, oh! oh!
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you know, there's a lot of confusion surrounding the closure of morze aut dealership fairfield and vallejo. >> it just happened. "7 on your side's" michael
6:46 pm
finney is investigating and is here with what customers should do to try to get answers. >> people have been looking for answers. momentum auto group consists of nine dealerships. tonight it appears eight closed without warning in fairfield and vallejo. a closed sign is about the only information that greets customers to momentum toyota of fairfield. it is one of eight momentum auto group dealerships that are either closed until further notice or out of business. momentum chevrolet in san jose still answers its phone, says it is open, but offers no comment on the other closures. security guards are greeting customers at the shuttered dealerships. >> it was kind of like upset, not understanding why we're shut down. i said, we're shut down until further notice. i couldn't really tell them no more. >> the lack of information is upsetting customers. >> it is really bad for them to do -- do this real quick like they did, and not tell anybody as to why they did it and what's going to go on from here.
6:47 pm
>> a former employee of momentum chrysler, dodge, jeep, ram says the closures hit employees hard. >> we were selling a great product and so when we no longer have a job, it is -- it is saddening. >> the dealership's president was profiled by auto news in its under 40 article back in 2013. in 2017, the california consumer motor vehicle recovery corporation listed hassannally as a board member. the legislature created the cmvrc which pays consumers who suffer losses when a dealership closes. the auto website reports there is a massive fec fraud probe involving momentum. denise claiborne was one of the lucky ones. she got tipped off about the closure and a concerned employee helped her get her vehicle towed out of the momentum repair shop. >> i'm very angry.
6:48 pm
i'm very angry with them, how i was treated. >> now, we have a statement from the various automakers involved plus their 800 customer service lines on our website. you can check them out at just look for "7 on your side". now, i want to hear from you, the "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. the telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through certainly get hold of me if you don't have your car back from one of these dealerships. >> you will stay on this obviously. >> yes. >> thanks, michael. let's return to the forecast. a forecast so nice and desperately needed, we can hear it many, many times because we're in for a break. >> we're saying nice and rain in the same sentence, spencer. >> exactly. i'm happy to report one more day to endure the poor air quality. we have smoke and haze lingering tonight and it will continue overnight. here is the air quality forecast for the next two days, poor to very poor tomorrow.
6:49 pm
it will be our 13th consecutive spare the adair as a matter of fact. on wednesday we will have moderate air quality in all regions of the bay area because of the storm moving in to the area, ranking two on the storm impact scale. we will have gusts from 20 to 40 miles per hour improving the air quality significantly. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. on tuesday, storm ranking two on the impact scale followed on thanksgiving with another one ranking one and friday also ranking one. so three consecutive days with rainfall and cleaner air quality. happy thanksgiving, by the way. >> you too. thanks, spencer. >> with this episode of ""family feud." >> i know, seriously, why is everybody yelling? >> it is the holidays. >> we're supposed to get along, right? what is all of the yelling. the lawyers are still working through the aftermath of the k.d. and draymond green shouting match. today
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. >> the warriors are home for the next four games. tension as and their three-game losing streak are behind them but it doesn't mean golden state's issues are behind them as well. the offense starred in the lone star state, especially from distance. kevin durant and klay thompson shot a combined 15% from three with steph curry and draymond
6:53 pm
green out with injuries, various line-ups were tried to get the team in sync. >> we have to get back to the team identity, which is great ball movement, really good defense and playing off of misses, you know, getting out in transition, running and moving the ball, getting rate shots. that's easier said than done, but it is something we have done for, you know, many years. >> we just got to do a better job of trusting each other. that's on me, you know, move the ball, be patient. >> everybody is confident. we've been through stuff like this before and, you know, we just try to push through it. i mean it is still early in the season for us, and -- >> cal is in action tonight taking on warriors legend chris mullens in st. johns in the legends classic in brooklyn. darius mcneil scored 14 of cal's first 22 points but he was not the game's high scorer. no, that was st. johns ponce. he pumped in 32.
6:54 pm
that deep three iced it. cal falls 82-79. the bears play in the consolation game tomorrow. the raiders win over arizona means they no longer have the worst record in the nfl. it also means they no longer have the first pick in next year's draft. the raiders, cardinals and 49ers each have a 2-8 record, but the 49ers currently have the top pick because they have the weakest strength of schedule. well, sunday's win did not come easily for oakland. jon gruden and quarterback derek carr had at least two heated exchanges on the sideline. this one came in the fourth quarter after a five-yard completion on third and six. next drive. all calmed down once rookie daniel carlson hit the game-winner in final seconds. >> yeah, i mean i don't have a "no yelling" sign on the sideline. things happen. we get excited down there. i get excited when we get a first down, but that's just part of football. you ou know, the cameras can catch some things sometimes that, you know, maybe -- made things look a
6:55 pm
little bit peculiar. >> washingtondark sanchez asne sig a backup quart after losing starter alex smith for the season due to this brutal leg injury. the former 49ers suffered two broken bones in his right leg in the loss to the texans. sanchez is most famous for this play, yeah, the fumble. he hasn't played in an nfl game in nearly two years and he will now backup colt mccoy when washington plays dallas on thanksgiving. ♪ if you stop me up ♪ if you stop me up i'll never stop ♪ ♪ never, never, never stop ♪ you make a grown man scares me sometimes. in the 49ers latest version of care pool care yoko the offensive line men belt out the rolling stones classic "start me up" and a few other tunes. it is good timing. the stones announced today they will play in levi stadium next may. dan, i would think you would be
6:56 pm
there. >> i have already looked. it is a saturday night, so i will be checking the dates. i'm a big fan. >> thanks, mindi. >> sure. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 713, and right here on abc 7. another day of smoky skies across the bay area, but how much rain is on the way and why it might be a relief for you but a burden for first responders. we will explain. >> on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, facing extreme exhaustion on the front lines. how some firefighter could face health it problems for years to come. now, here is the line-up for you this evening. coming up tonight on abc 7 at "dancing with the stars" followed at 10:00 by "the good doctor." stay with us for "abc 7 news" at 1 1:00. >> at 11:35, it is ""jimmy kimmel live"." tonight it is the annual red benefit show featuring celebrity guests promoting products that support hiv and aids program. bono, chris rock, kristen bell
6:57 pm
and snoop dog will be guests. >> it is a great show with great cause. >> the time lynn with the wind and rain? >> the wind is coming in with the rain on wednesday, an increase in rain and refreshing rainfall driving the smoke out of here and giving us fresher air. >> thanks, spencer. that's this edition of "abc 7 news". look for breaking news whenever you wish on the "abc 7 news" app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze, for spencer christian, mindi bach and the
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. now let's meet today's three finalists-- a senior from peachtree city, georgia... a senior from bonita springs, florida... and a junior from owings mills, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. [ cheers and applause ] you're here. good. there is a song in a very old musical that says, "we're in the money." well, these three young ladies are "in the money." $100,000 for the winner.
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