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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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hanging over us, but our break could
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. campfire smoke filled bay area skies today, but welcome relief is in sight. >> a pair of storms is headed for california, but they could bring their own set of problems too. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> let's get to our meteorologist tracking the rain and current air quality conditions. >> that is right, let's look at the air quality right now across the bay area. you will inside, there's mostly oranges and reds. orange is for poor for sensitive groups on the peninsula in the east bay, and red is unhealthy from san jose to san francisco, concord up in to santa rosa and fairfield. we have a spare the air alert through tomorrow. you can see why, great news, the air quality is going to improve on wednesday as we are tracking
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not just one, but two thanksgiving week storms with live doppler seven. first for wednesday is a two on the impact scale, rain and cleaner air, wind gusts 20-40 miles an hour, with a slight chance of thunder. by 8:00 a.m., the rain will come on shore and it could be heavy at times. also, expecting the possibilitity of heavy rain in the campfire and men do men doe friday afternoon. and that is because the debris flows and mudslides are possible. i will be back with a closer look coming up. >> firefighters and ecavuees are watching the approach of the storm. >> they are, and kate larson is live in ch-ico, kate? >> reporter: right, the tent city next to walmart is still very busy. in fact, we showed up and we
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were surprised to see so many tents here. the weather is colder and the rain is right around the corner. >> the discomfort is hard to miss next to chico's walmart parking lot. >> joe and his family are camping in the tent after evacuating. they don't have a car to get to a shelter and are waiting for money to buy bus tickets out of town. >> we will beat the rain. >> it's really cold out here. >> he said that most of his family has been homeless. but he is escaping before the rain starts to fall. >> it's a terror for those in tents t ground is har, so the -- hard so the rain will go over it. >> some are using wood palettes to raise their tents off the ground. >> they may be making us move
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wednesday. and they may not let us stay here no more. >> it's like a sign, go back home. >> she plans to drive to tennessee to live with they are family. she said she is doing her best to keep it positive for her kids. >> we are trying keep them occupied and make it more of an adventure for them. >> and back out here live, more donations of blankets, tents, anything to keep the folks warm out here are coming in as we speak. i did speak toly cal fire, who say, mud and erosion is a concern because of the rain. also, simple tasks like fence repairs are more challenging with all of the rain coming down. so i'm told tomorrow will be a busy day, with crews trying to get as much as done possible. kate larson, abc 7>>at tu, rai could complicate the recovery
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effort. crews are going lou the -- crew going through debris to look for remains. >> we have over 500 search and rescue volunteers from all of california and that is unprecedented. >> here are the latest numbers for you, we want to share you the death toll, it went up to 79, up by two. >> it's the state's deadliest wild fire on record and most destructive. the fire has acres. >> the list of people missing has nearly 700 names. it's changing because some don't know they are reported missing and some were not able to reach their friends or family. and the same person's name could be spelled multiple ways.
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a church is helping to track own those unaccounted for. k >> we are cross referencing every naern we have in the facility -- every person on the list are those in the faelt. and we identified 12 people last night on the list. >> call one of the three numbers if somebody has been found. you can find the numbers on our website. >> now, hundreds of firefighters and first responders are still working to fight the flames. and find the -- and recover the missing. it a tough job, taken on by tougher people as you can imagine. and tonight, abc 7 news reporter said that how some health effects may not surface for years. >> dan, a local fire chief tells me it could take up to five years before firefighters or first responders begin to address their behavioral health or even ask for help. we with see the smoke.
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we know the source, but we could not know the devastation of the campfire the way the victims, first responders or firefighters see it. >> we are seeing things horrific, and things that you never want to see, and we are dealing with it. >> talking about the disasters can be difficult, but the silence can be the worst for those on the front lines. jeff dill, founder of behavioral health firefighter alliance, he said, it's time to remember that those that we reguard as heroes are in fact human. >> we believe that you act, give help, don't ask for help. >> it's found that more firefighter suicides are happening every year. >> now that we are finding out about the suicides, we are having depression, addictions,
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and anxiety and stress. and of course, post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: real life consequences that have only recently become part of the conversation. >> you lose a piece of yourself to every incident when it occurs, how can you not? >> reporter: fortunately the chief said that there are far more resources for both firefighters and first responders today, however, seeking help is a challenge for many. i'm live tonight, abc 7 news. >> amanda, thank you. we put together a list of resources to help you deal with mental health issues and more. go to our website to find your ally. >> now, if you would like to help fire victims, we have a list of resources on our website, and you can make a $10 donation quickly and easily to the red cross, by texting the words reds could, to 90999. >> a big effort for those in the
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east bay to breathe safer in the smoke choked air. activists brought in masks. many were given to people living on the streets while in oakland's airport, people said they were looking forward to getting away, in part for a breath of fresh air. this is a live look now at san francisco international airport, where smoke has caused delays throughout the day. delays were down to 15 minutes or less, so they are catching up. we found a man who was just returning to minneapolis, he feels lucky that he was able to make the trip. >> you know, you lest last friday, and it was worse, but i was able to get home, they were cancelling flights last friday too. >> but he is back now, as always, you cshould check with your airline for the holiday travel week. >> the poor air quality means bay area land marks and tourist
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spots will be disclosed tomorrow, they are are oakland zoo, alcatraz, and muir woods. we will keep an eye out for when they will reopen. you can find a list online at abc >> the smoke from the california wild fire in butte county has had a dramatic impact. we have seen it with the levels of smoke pollution. but can the run off contaminate the soil and our water supply? we have more now. >> reporter: jeff's line is cast and it's the first time fishing since the campfire broke out. he is worried about contamination. >> i'm worried about the fire and ashes running in the lake, the fish will eat itst. >> reporter: ash from wildfires can contaminate the soil and get in local water sources like lakes and extrestreams, especia after the rain, but they say,
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contamination won't be a problem here in the bay area. >> probable not enough to really affect the fish that people might catch or to make a dangerous place to swim in. >> reporter: the rain forecastity wednesday will clear the air, and bring the matter to the ground, and he adds most of it is wood smoke, which can be toxic when breathing but not toxic for the soil. >> it gets on the skin, it will not hurt the skin, it gets in the water, it will be dliluted. >> and the water is coming from the sierra, which is not impacted by the wildfires. >> and we have a new tool that lets you check the current air quality conditions in your area, you can find the map on the front page, it updates every five minutes. >> stay with us, a gunman opens fire in aospital in chicago, what we are learning about the victims tonight. >> tiz the season for food
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drives a holiday tradition is going high tech. >> he has been front and center in the maifs campfire. see how butte county sheriff is being celebrated online. >> here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, dan and kristin, tonight our fourth annual shopathon, featuring so many celebrities i cannot name them. but this one has one name.
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. new details, a huge pro session tonight in chicago, honored a police officer who died in a shooting in a hospital. 28-year-old officer samuel jimenez was four people that died, victims include an be
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emergency room doctor, she was previously in a relationship with a gunman. and the gunman is also dead. it's unclear whether the police shot him or he took his own life. a holiday tradition. a -- has entered the digital age. st. anthony launched a curbside drive. the curbside drop off drive won't be held, you can pick from a list of items online, and it will be spent on the food needed most. >> you do not have to go outside in the unhealthy air quality and it reduces waste for the dining room. the dining room can use the dollars topurchase that they need. >> if you want to donate, we have a link on the website. >> in the middle of one of the states most deadly disaster, the sheriff of butte county has
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become a sensation. a meme was posted to thank him for leadership, and little did he know what was going to happen next. >> pathe pastor posted posted pe as a tribute to sheriff honea. >> his poise and compassion. >> it received so many likes, there was another one of him wearing a cape. it's honea is my homie instagram account. >> there's people jumping on board, it's been great. >> the pastor has been creating his own memes, like santa claus is worried about being on his bad list. >> it's a way to bring in light and levity to the situation. >> the sheriff's office caught on. inside the 9-1-1 dispatcher's office, the board is covered
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with memes. the pastor doubts he would say anything. >> he is the type of guy that would deflect the praise he is getting. we hope it brings a small smile to his face as well. >> so -- >> isn't that great, he is doing a great job and he is being rewarded with the meme treatment. >> and our air quality may bring a smile to your face soon. it's going to be improving. >> really, it's great news, we have been waiting over a week. sandy has been here with the forecast. it's been a long haul, sandy. >> and it has, but we will see a great improvement in the air quality come wednesday. i want show you live doppler 7 right now, clear skies across the bay area, visibility is not that great, temperatures from the 30s to the 50s. so quite a variety, a live look looking across the bay. smokey, hazy skies will continue tomorrow, we have a spare the air alert. rainy pattern begins on wednesday.
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and it will be windy and cooler with better air quality. that is encouraging news. on the storm impact scale, we have a level 2, moderate strength storm, it will bring rain, cleaner air, wind gusts 20-30 miles an hour, and a slight possibility of thunder. you have to watch out for the wednesday morning commute. drive carefully, you will have travel impacts. we have not seen measurable rain since october 3 rd, the wind wil be a problem, and hour by hour, we go, and the wind starts to pick up out of the south around 30 miles an hour, possibly stronger. and the wind will push out of the bay area and it may cause issues as you are traveling for the commute, or getting out of town, it's a big travel day obviously. hour by hour we go, midnight, wednesday, a few sprinkles up to the north at 2:30, while you are sleeping, there could be a few damp spots beginning to develop. as we head in to wednesday,
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showers in the north bay, 7:00 a.m., you will see the rain moving on shore and a.m., you are noticing the rain. in the afternoon, it will turn in to scattered showers. your evening get away as we go in to wednesday, we will show you the rainfall totals. most of you will fall in the category of half an inch to an inch. there are spots in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains getting less, getting a third of an inch from rain. we will show you the rainfall projection for the campfire area. 7:00 a.m. wednesday. it will intensify going in to saturday afternoon. the biggest dmern the area is heavy rainfall, the rainfall accumulating from wednesday all the way through friday night for the area, will be 5 inches by friday night. that is why they have a flash flood watch in affect as they see debris flows in the burn scar areas. in the mountains, 65 feet, up
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for the highest peaks. it's in affect, noon wednesday to 4:00 a.m. wednesday, travel could be tough, carry your chains going up for the holidays. hazy, smokey tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the 60s. you can track live doppler 7 any time you want. get ready for cleaner air. thanksgiving, early morning showers with a level one system and friday, thursday night in had to friday, we have one more storm coming your way. two storms, first is wednesday, and second on friday. the weekend looking dry. dan and kristin. >> that is perfect. >> we will take it . >> well, tomorrow on good morning america, it's the dancing with the stars after party. >> the winners and runners up are
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former golden state warrior, barron davis is dishing out holiday year, that is santa shop winter wonder land popped up and celebrates diversity by story telling and charitable events. it will run friday through christmas eve. >> okay, on to sports. a lot going on? >> big night tonight. >> can you think of throwing a record six touchdown passes. and still lose? this game is one that could go down as one of the best
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773 games were played on monday night, a errro r r r r r points scored. jared goff had himself a night. he had his first touchdown run of the season, it came in a great time. the rams led by 13 at one point, and patrick mahomes had six pa passes. the -- six passes, and the chiefs take the lead. in the fourth quarter, goff's third touchdown pass of the night went to jarod
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a number six went to chris conley and kc and back in front. and there was still plenty of time for goff. and he is going to go back to the well. finding everett a second time. this is his fourth touchdown pass of the game. everett stays in bounds. the next drive, mahomes, he has a chance, they are threatening and he is hit as he throws and that is a former chief and the oakland kid marcus peters coming up with interceptions. very fitting. rams win, 54--51. >> four quarters of just craziness, and -- happy we came out on top. patrick is a great quarterback, and we knew we were going to work hard to keep up with him. i told him, it felt like texas tech and cal, move the ball down the field, it was a lot of fun. >> the 49ers return from the bye week and will face jameis
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winston, and he was suspended for the first four games and benched after ryan fitzpatrick got off to a great start. fitzpatrick has cooled. dunk of the night comes from duke freshman, zion williamson, this is against san diego state. yes, he is a man among boys. unbelievable. duke, also rolled with the aztecs, 90-64. unbelievable. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river
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>> that is our report, we appreciate your time, right now, jimmy kimmel, we have >> dicky: from hollywood, it's the "jimmy kimmel live" red special! tonight. bono. kristen bell, will ferrell, chris rock, channing tatum, mila kunis, snoop dogg, brad paisley, zoe saldana, and pharrell williams. and now red, i'm seeing red, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. i appreciate it. i'm jimmy. [ cheers and applause ] a very special special. thank you. thank you for watch, thank you for coming and welcome to what is our fourth-annual red benefit show.


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