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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> the rain is much needed and also causes a threat. so, what are you going to do? good morning on this tuesday, november 20th. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for that storm forecast. >> we'll run through all of it. instead of promise, how about guaranteed? today is the last day of poor air quality. you don't have to leave the bay area to see clean air around union city and redwood city. we're moderate but surrounding that we have red, which is unhealthy air. and if you want to go somewhere else or you are today kicking off, trying to beat the rush tomorrow, we have is it up in the mountains and down around most of l.a. and so cal pretty clean air. let's talk about if you're staying here today. we're in the upper 30s to upper 40s about 7:00. about as chilly as yesterday. we're have unhealthy air at noon. the air quality will improve by 4:00 and 7:00 temperatures drop into the mid to upper 50s with clouds on the increase as the rain is on the way. we'll talk more about that. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike.
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we really haven't had too much going on so far today. still a lot of green on the traffic maps. i want to take you up to one slow spot. westbound 80, this continues to grow. the backup approaching an issue with a crash, a vehicle facing the wrong way. westbound 80 past willow avenue, before you get to highway 4. that is getting closer to the tail end of the bridge. they're calling for a tow truck. very quiet on the richmond bridge. just a couple vehicles heading towards us westbound. next update in less than ten minutes. let's update you on the camp fire in butte county. 79 people are now >> the sheriff's office says 64 of those victims have been tentatively identified. search crews continue combing through the debris while fire crews get closer to containing the flames. the fire has burned 150,000 acres. it's now 70% contained and expected to be fully contained
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by the end of the month. the number of people missing is also improving. less than 700 names are on the list this morning. that's still a massive amount of people but down from nearly 1,000 yesterday. one of the biggest questions about the list of people missing is why it's fluctuating so much. >> there are several factors, including the fact that some people don't even know they're being reported missing and others are not able to reach their friends or family. and the list may also contain the same person's name spelled multiple ways. the butte county sheriff's office asks people to call one of these people on your screen if someone has been found. we've also posted these numbers for you on our website, with that rain on the way, there's relief for us choked by smoke here in the bay area, but as we mentioned earlier, it is making firefighters and evacuees very anxious in butte county. >> kate larson is at the city in chico.
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>> reporter: the discomfort is hard to miss. joe and his family are camping in a tent after evacuating. they don't have a car to get to a shelter but are waiting for money to buy bus tickets out of town. >> we'll beat the rain. we'll be out before the rain is here. >> it's really cold out here. >> reporter: russ says the camp fire made most of his family homeless so he's also sleeping in a tent. he says he's escaping to redding before the rain starts to fall. >> it's a terror for the people in the tents because there is, you know, the ground is hard and so the rain will run under it. >> i have to lift it up. >> reporter: billy is also an evacuee. they are using wooden palettes to raise their tents off the ground in anticipation of this week's rain. he's more worried about the prospect of leaving the field than the actual storm. >> theyight move we don't know yet. >> reporter: it's a sign, go back home. >> reporter: because of the fire, she plans to drive home to tennessee with her family.
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they've been living in a van in the walmart parking lot. she says she's doing her best to keep a grim situation positive for her two kids. >> it's more just trying to keep them occupied and make it more of an adventure for them. >> reporter: i also spoke to cal fire who say mud and erosion are a concern because of the rain. they say a simple task like fence repair become more challenging when it's raining outsides. so, tomorrow will be a very busy day with crews trying to get as much done as possible. in chico, i'm kate larson, abc7 news. take a look at your screens. we're getting new photos of victims reuniting with their pets. so far they've helped 100 families find their lost pets. police arrested two men accused of breaking into a cal fire station during the camp fire. >> robert de palmer and william
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erlbacher face multiple charges. they are currently being held in the butte county jail. now to the smoke causing that unhealthy air quality in the bay area. here's an update on what's opening and closing today. >> cable cars will be up and running again. service will resume this morning. there's still a lot closed including alcatraz, ft. point and muir woods. they'll think about reopening coit tower, embarcadero center ice rink. we'll keep our app updated on what's open and closed, including your local schools. we're taking a live look at sfo, our unfriendly skies are making it hard to live in our cities and making it harder to leave our increased traffic could really
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be a challenge. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live at the airport. >> reporter: delays here at sfo are relatively common but the are relatively common but the smoke is causing extra problems. ings officials estimate 6.7 million travelers will go through this airport from the past friday to january 1st. they recommend you arrive two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. the delays have been a problem for a week and a half. >> i left last friday and it was worse. i was able to get home. they were canceling flights last friday, too. >> reporter: it will be busy everywhere you go. aaa says this holiday weekend will see the highest thanksgiving travel with 4.27 million traveling by plane. make sure you double check with
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your carrier before you head to the airport. matt keller, abc7 news. >> thanks, matt. i said earlier there is the promise of some wet weather tomorrow that will clear our air. mike is saying it's not just a promise, it's a guarantee. >> yes. >> i guarantee it. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> what i can't guarantee is there won't be delays at sfo but the visibility is better than it has been at six miles. it's been two to three the last 11 days or so, the reason we've been having delays. 36 in menlo park. low to mid-40s. belmont, 49. look at the low 50s along the coast. freezing cold in santa rosa, 31. 37 in palo alto. 42 in san jose. here's a look and notice the flags. they're not pointing out towards the ocean as much as they were yesterday. it's that reversal of wind that
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will start to increase our air quality as we head i afternoon and evening hours. this will be our 12th consecutive and f exercising or at the beaches. let's go around our neighborhoods. east bay, 41. 62 with sunshine at noon. clouds increase as storms near and temperatures drop to 56 by 8:00. peninsula, same thing, starting off with hazy sunshine. 48 this morning. we'll be in the mid-60s for the afternoon hours. down to 61 at 4:00. in the east bay valley, hazy, smokey sunshine. 42 this morning. increasing clouds and dropping down to about 52 degrees by 8:00. we'll take a look at the storm impact sxcale. overall we're looking good this morning. we're light. very few incidents on the board. check out the bay bridge toll
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plaza. a little line. looks like the left side thinned out. no metering lights on yet. yesterday they were on pretty early at 5:19 but right now they're not on and carpool lanes open. westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the yellow but not terrible, 43 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord, in the green, 14 minutes. 101 southbound san rafael to san francisco, year in the green, 15 minutes. a doctor and police officer are dead after a shooting in chicago. this was the procession for one of the victims, 28-year-old officer samuel jimenez. this started with a domestic dispute in the parking lot of mercy hospital yesterday afternoon. that's where the gunman shot and killed his former fiancee, an emergency doctor. the shooter continued firing in the hospital, killing officer jimenez and a first year shoote.
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it's not clear yet if an officer shot him or if it was self-inflicted. >> an awful day in downtown chicago. prop contra passed but it'sl in legal trouble. google's expansion in the south bay continues as we get new details on the proposed controversial mega campus. a sheriff helped through the camp fire and they're doing it through memes. we have unhealthy air so
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what does annie always say? tomorrow. i love you, tomorrow, but you're a day away from the cleaner air and rain showers. it's a two mot rat on the storm impact scale. the last time we had a day, november 9th. >> i love a good, unexpected "annie" reference. this is one of the only light moments out of the fire in butte county. the sheriff has become an internet sensation. pastor james lackey of oroville started this on facebook posting this meme that says in honea we trust.
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trust. >> i made him a quick meme to me and it took off and posted another one with a superman cape. we touched a nerve and it's been awesome. >> it's very cute. someone else started a honea is my homey instagram account which now has more than 1,000 followers. even the butte county sheriff's office caught on. a board inside the dispatch office is covered with his memes. >> honea is my homie, that's my favorite one. in today's "gma" first look, there's a new controversy in quash wa washington surrounding the use of a personal e-mail account for government business. it does not involve hillary clinton. it involves the president's daughter, ivanka. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look, exactly what her own father
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campaigned against, using a private e-mail account to conduct government business. >> cok blch del 33,000 e-mails after a congressional subpoena. >> according to "the washington pos post", the first daughter used a personal account last year to send hundreds of e-mails to white house aides, cabinet officials and her assistants. much of the correspondents potentially in violation of federal record rules. overnight trump's legal team releasing a statement saying, while transitioning into government, ms. trump sometimes used her private account, almost always for logistics and scheduling family. with your "gma" first look, kendis gibson, abc news new york. google is expanding its office space in sunnyvale. the mercury news reports the company bought the chesapeake complex near moffett park and
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caribbean drive. close to 270,000 square feet of space. google has been buying space in the moffett park area since 2016. google's mega-campus in san jose, and the city council is voting to sell $110 million in property to google. there will be two more years of planning, design and review before the city gives its final approval. google plans to build near the diorodon station. the city of san francisco may be dealing with a legal battle over prop c. nearly 60% of voters approved the measure to tax wealthy businesses as a way to fund homelessness but one corporation claims it needs two-thirds of the vote to pass. the city is waiting to see if opponents will take any action or possibly file a lawsuit. the mayor's office says if no one does, the court will
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validate the measure with the tax beginning as early as january new happening today, a popular san francisco bar celebrates its grand reopening. lefty's is back under a new name. lefty's ballpark buffet and cafe. its new location on jefferson street is at fisherman's wharf, two miles away from its old location at union square, which closed after a dispute between the managing owner and landlord. the restaurant's last toy drive collected more than 12,000 toys for kids in need. in the east bay there will be no ice skating in downtown martinez this winter. because of an issue with parking. the holiday ice rink has been a tradition in parking lot 4 for the past three years. but the city has apparently been getting a lot of complaints recently about a shortage of
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parking downtown. the rink would have taken up half of the spots in that lot. in the east bay, people fishing for the first time since the camp fire broke out say they are concerned about contamination. >> not only the fired ashes and they run into the lake and fish is going to eat that. >> experts say particulate matter and ash from wildfires can contaminate the soil. it can also get into local water sources, lakes and streams, especially after the rain. dr. john balms, a pulmonary physician says contamination won't be a problem here in the bay area. >> probably not enough to affect the fish people might catch or to make it dangerous to swim in. >> he says the rain headed our way will clear the air and bring particulate matter to the ground. he adds, most of it is wood smoke, which be toxic when breathing but not toxic for our
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soil. that's a bit reassuring. >> yeah. that's a question a lot of people have been asking on social need yeah, are we going to have acid rain out of this. i think with the wind shifting this afternoon, it will push most of the unhealthy air away from us before the rain starts to come down and clean the air out even more. that's the timing of that. hopefully that comes to fruition. no acid rain and a guarantee of cleaner air and healthy rain. i like that in the forecast. san jose, 280 at 17. you're looking at smoke this morning. we'll wake up to sunshine and smoke. then we'll have increasing air quality and increasing high clouds. this will be day 12 and our last day of consecutive unhealthy air days. showers and even some thunderstorms arrive tonight. in the extended we're looking for a dry and milder weekend. today's temperatures, 61 at half moon bay. valle vallejo, cool spots, 66.
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63 in san jose. tonight our coolest days are behind us with a cloud cover, extra humidity coming in. upper 40s to mid-50s. no worries about frost -- or smoke and particulate matter getting caught in the frost and sitting on your car. at midnight, you can see scattered showers. then some yellows start to show up as we head towards 4:00. look at that, steady rain becomes much heavier in the north bay towards the end of the morning commute. some does extend down into the bay. the east bay and south bay are the last to say rain tomorrow. that will come during the lunch hour or right before it into the early afternoon hours. we get a little break with scattered showers. an uptick in scattered showers as we head towards say 9:00 to 11:00. things start to quiet down a little bit for thanksgiving. rain in the morning. there will be a few slick spots. alexis and i will be watching.
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we'll see how quickly about 2:00 the rain starts to roll in and takes over the entire day. temperatures will be in the upper 50s and 60s and dry saturday and sunday. checking out the roads, just got good news in for our only incident we've been tracking so far. westbound 80 past willow avenue, we had a crash blocking the right lane. that did clear in the last couple of minutes. that backup is over three miles to the base of the bridge. checking out that speed, you're down to about 9 miles an hour. we have lighter than average volumes. it's fairly early for this stretch of roadway. i think we'll be able to bounce back from that. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. no delays from marin county this morning. southbound lanes looking great. 42 b.a.r.t. trains in service with no delays. normal service for muni and no delays systemwide. take a look at what could be the future of the bay bridge. the metropolitan transportation
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commission held a public meeting last night to talk about extending the bike path on the bridge. these are renderings of a possible design on the western span. no funding source has been identified yet. former golden state davis baron davis dishing out holiday cheer in we got a sneak peek last night. the pop-up winter wonderland celebrates diversity through story telling, music and charity events. it officially opens on friday and runs through christmas eve. next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. we've all heard of ride sharing. what about home sharing? the new, easy way to find affordable living thanks to an east bay startup. are you ready for black are you ready for black
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start with this. unhealthy air. we're waking up to it this morning. it will improve this afternoon but not completely until the rain sets in tomorrow and lingers through friday. hang in there. today's the last day. number two, san francisco's iconic cable cars are set to reopen today for the first time since they were pulled off the streets because of that bad air. alta track ai alcatraz and muir remain closed. here's a live look at sfo. smoke from the camp fire expected to delay flights headed in and out of the airport. number four, 79 people are now confirmed dead in the camp fire burning in butte county. the number of those considered missing is going down. last check, just under 700 people are unaccounted for. the fire is expected to be contained by the end of this month. number five, the man who disappeared a week ago from levi stadium has been found. an uncle for 32-year-old ian powers says his nephew was found
5:26 am
at the marina pp over the weekend. number six, so far so good for the tuesday morning commute. of course, it is a holiday week and we're looking at lighter volumes. a little lineup in the cash lanes on the right side of the bay bridge toll plaza but no metering lights yet. number seven, president trump will welcome peas and carrots to the white house today. they are the two turkeys up for the honor of being declared the national honor turkey and getting a presidential pardon. the names every year, you know. they always get me. >> also turkeys sure are ugly. >> not when they're on your plate. >> hot takes this mornin news including the east bay startup that thinks it has a solution pelosi's bid to be speaker of pelosi's bid to be speaker of the ho
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rain is on the way. this means it should be the final day of smokey skies in the bay area. an arson suspect caught on camera. now the search is on for this person who lit toilet paper on fire in a san francisco store. >> i cannot explain that. you know what, i can kind of explain this. if you really want to go outside the box on thanks giving, a cheesy ingredient could make your ingredient a flaming hot topic. >> i like how there's hot peppers around the turkey. >> how hot can you make it? i won't ruin every detail. >> usually i'm the only flaming on thanksgiving. >> even the garnish is on this turkey. >> if you go to reggie's and he's serving that tueyou bring the wine and a lot of it.
5:30 am
>> more on that later. >> or a fire extinguisher. >> what a great thanksgiving this is going to be. before we get there, can i just -- one last day of smokey air. it's going to improve as we head throughout the day and then the rain comes in. right now we have cleaner air. redwood city and union city are monitoring stations right there, m moderate. look what's surrounding them. look what's surrounding them. red and orange. let's talk about here at home. will stay that way through noon. we're in the mid-30s through upper 40s again. mid to low 60s. increasing clouds and increasing hair quality from 4:00 to 7:00. more on that coming up. here's alexis. >> our quiet morning continues here.
5:31 am
i do want to follow up with that crash we had on westbound 80 just before you get to highway 4 past willow avenue. a collision did clear up about stop and go traffic off the bridge but that's thinning out. then our typical volumes filling in past highway 4. overall we're not complaining about too much. southbound 680 to walnut creek is filling in but no blocking along that stretch. parts of the bay area remain unhealth yt alalthy air quality. >> there are some businesses slowly starting to reopen. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in san francisco with the update. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. the cable cars are rolling again. the first one just took off. you can see this one behind me. it will also be rolling out soon. this is the first time they hit the streets since thursday
5:32 am
afternoon when they were pulled because of bad air quality. >> the concern for the staff and the visitors alike. the concern is for their safety and health. until they see signs of it improving, i think it will be the case that we're closed, unfortunately. >> reporter: muir woods is also closed, outdoor skating rings. and the cable cars weren't running. it was a tough weekend for sight-seeing but the cable cars are back. officials decided the air quality improved enough to go ahead and put them back out on the streets. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. those smokey levels starting to get a little better as we see the cable cars roll out and things start to open back up. air quality officials warn we
5:33 am
still need to protect ourselves wearing those masks. >> abc7 news was in oakland where a group of east bay activists brought in a new shipment of thousands of n-95 masks yesterday. many were handed out to people living on the streets. at oakland's airport travelers said they're looking forward to getting away. not just because of the holiday but to breathe easier. >> we have a new tool that lets you check the current air quality conditions in your yeah ir. you can find the map on the front page of and on the abc7 news app. it updates every five minutes. wildfire survivors are bracing for the rain on the way. >> a flash flood watch goes into effect tomorrow in areas charred by recent fires. that includes the camp fire and the carr and mendocino complex fires. while the rain is expected to help put out the camp fire in butte county. the heat from wildfires can make soil almost waterproof. that means it could wash away debris, ash and cause mudslides.
5:34 am
>> but the incoming storm could complicate the search for the remains of people who lost their lives in the flames. the search now involves hundreds of people. >> this is the largest -- the largest search and rescue operation in california ever. we have over 500 search and rescue volunteers from all over california. and that's just unprecedented. >> this morning the number of people listed as missing in the camp fire is going down. at last check there are under 700 names on the list. still a high number but down from close to 1,000 yesterday. the number is fluctuating for a lot of different reasons. some people don't know they were reported missing. others haven't checked in with family or friends. some people may be listed twice with different spellings. 79 people are now confirmed dead. 64 have been tentatively identified. the fire has scorched more than 151,000 acres. containment is now at 70%. full containment expected by the end of the month.
5:35 am
>> with a tough task facing first responders, there's a concern about health effects that may not surface for years. >> including things like depression, addiction, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. the chief of the menlo park fire protection district says talking about these traumatic disasters can be sometimes very difficult, but silence can be detrimental. >> we're seeing things that horrific and they're dealing with that. >> we always had this belief in the fire service that, you know, you put this uniform on, you act brave, strong, courageous, don't ask for help, you handle it on your own. >> a variety of issues have led to more firefighter suicides every year than light of duty deaths. you can get the latest updates about the camp fire right to your phone using the abc7 news app. a san francisco business owner wants to find the arsonist who lit toilet paper on fire in his store.
5:36 am
surveillance cameras captured the whole thing at mid-city market sunday morning. you can see the man unwrap a roll of toilet paper, lights the end of it and sets a bunch of other toilet paper rolls on fire. by the time employees realized what was happening, the man was gone. the store owner says that caused $20,000 in damage. >> i opened the cameras to see the store and i saw the flame inside the store. my heart dropped. people are crazy, i guess, out there. i don't know what's wrong with these people. >> like we don't have enough problems, now people are setting toilet paper on fire. employees were able to put it out before it reached bottles of lighter fluid and fire logs on the bottom shelf. >> completely unnecessary. a federal judge in san bar administration to silence immigrants crossing legally. u.s. law allows someone to seeke
5:37 am
border maranheener overseei t deployment. he tells the politico the troops have completed their mission, including strengthening barriers along the border. let's jump into some numbers. mid to upper 30s throughout the east bay values. head towards pittsburg, it's milder. blackhawk at 40. let's take a look elsewhere. low to mid-40s around the bay shore and san jose. san francisco and up in the hills in los gatos, santa rosa, 31 degrees. ths is showing you it's already different. yesterday the visibility was 2 to 3 miles. now we're 3 to 7 miles as cleaner air moves in. it will take most of the day to clean this out. let's talk about your commute planner. smokey this morning. not as smokey this afternoon.
5:38 am
need the mask this morning. you may not need it this afternoon. and a little breezy on the bay this afternoon. worth ba north bay at 44. mid-60s from noon to 3:00 down to 48. it will cool quickly with increasing clouds through the evening hours. notice the recurring theme. we start off with sunshine and increasing clouds as that next rainmaker rolls in. increasing clouds means that storm is closer and i'll have an hour-by-hour look at when the rain gets to our neighborhoods and how much to expect. especially if you're traveling tomorrow. you'll be here tomorrow watching the roads that will be wet. we'll talk about that. how about today? >> well, today we're pretty quiet at we have one new issue on 101 around candlestick on the
5:39 am
off-ramp to candlestick. sounds like a vehicle somehow mishandled that and left the roadway and possibly in the water. that's initial calls into chp. that's all the information i have right now. i'm not seeing any delays. northbound 101 looking nice and light into san francisco. as soon as we have more information, i'll follow up. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. we still don't have the petering lights on. it looks like folks are slowing down. it's lighter than a typical tuesday. we're starting to see some folks off work and off school for the thanksgiving holiday. southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma, 14 minutes. 580 westbound castro valley to the maze, 13 minutes. more than a dozen democrats say they want someone other than nancy pelosi to be speaker of the house. house members will pick new leaders in january. 16 democrats have released a letter saying they'll vote for new leadership. the battle for the speaker'sobp
5:40 am
party's liberal members and a group of moderate lawmakers. a spokesperson for pelosi says she remains confident in her support among other house members. let us handle black friday stress for you. we'll have the easy ways you can track the best deals. b.a.r.t. just released something to help you track all of its trains. that's not all. a north bay company making it easy for you to help camp fire relief efforts. the donation that just takes one click. very easy this morning. >> we're trying our best. at 5:40 this morning, the smoke still lingers. can you keep track of the skies throughout the commercial break on the screen. mike is
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if you're taking the day off early, not going to be on the roads, even through san joaquin valley, we have poor air quality. you can see increasing clouds and clean air coming from the south. upper 60s to low 70s from san diego, los angeles, fresno, mid-60s. we have heavy, wet snow coming to the sierra. so heavy it could break tree branches and bring some power lines down. we have to watch out for that. showers thursday and a lighter snow for friday. then the weekend looks like it's
5:44 am
going to be great for skiing. dispatch tapes are giving us a better sense of the urgency and response as the damp fire first ignited and exploded in side. >> go up the road. the fire is starting to crown the trees. do we have-a any assets to drop water? >> requesting to drop water. stand by. >> we talked to reporter suki lewis who pored through hours of dispatch tape. she shared her reaction to what she heard. >> heartbreak is really my takeaway from it. it's really painful to listen to this kind of unfold, this disaster and to see the kind of challenges as they began mounting from the very beginning. >> some challenges included the remote area where the fire started. responders couldn't get water to the flames. they also struggled with limited
5:45 am
access to get to the zone. through it all, emergency crews remained calm and professional. santa rosa company is usual social media to give back to survivors of the camp fire. >> fumoto engineering posted this picture on face gram and instagram and for every "like" on the post and their social media pages, the company will donate $1 to the foir relief fund. employees say helping butte county is very personal because last year they themselves had to evacuate during the north bay wildfir wildfires. >> because we went through that last year, we basically feel probably the same how they can feel. >> i think it's important we show the communities in butte county we are with them. >> so, if you want to help, it's just as easy as "liking" the post. we have a link to the company's post on our website, >> i'm going to do it as soon as we get to commercial break. some
5:46 am
strike. they want the company to boost staffing and reduce wait times for patients. the strike authorization means workers could hit the picket lines as soon as next month. so far, no comment from kaiser. an east bay startup wants to help those looking for roommates in the bay area. roomily connects homeowners with renters and it launched a pilot program in the east bay last month, breaking into the home-sharing market. people who want to participate in the pilot program sign up online. the company's goal is to create 25 affordable rental units by the -- by next year, spring 2019 and eventually expand across the bay area. b.a.r.t. has an official app to help you navigate around trains and stations. it gives you real-time departure times and escalator and elevator addri advisories.
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it also links to the b.a.r.t. watch. the app is available for android and apple devices. let's talk thanksgiving and specifically traveling. >> i didn't realize people literally traveled with their dinner on the plane. in case you do, here are the rules. turkey, dry stuffing, bread, baked potatoes, baked goods like pies, they are all clear for takeoff. however, any sauces and mashed potatoes are considered spreadable foods and they have to follow the 3-1-1 liquid rules which means you can only bring 3.4 ounces on board in a one-quart zip-top bag. >> think anything liquid rule, otherwise it's good. >> they don't have a store where you're going where you can buy this and make it like a normal person in a kitchen? >> you know that i was contemplating bringing a pie on a plane.
5:48 am
>> that's true. we talked about that yesterday. >> but you convinced me out of it. >> thank you. if you're looking for a new thanksgiving turkey recipe, let us know if you want to try this. reynolds' hot turkey in a bag. >> it uses flaming hot cheetos. it suggests you toss cheetos in a food processor and baste the turkey. >> a lot of people have to say on social media. chad says, america is great. a radio station in san diego says, your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. #thanksgiving. >> we only have one taker, and that's mr. reggie. >> that's me. i forgot to say something, i've never had hot cheetos. >> that's the problem. >> but i like cheetos and i like hot things. >> do you cook it in that bag
5:49 am
they showed? >> yeah. >> you commented you wanted it to be like shake and bake. wouldn't it get all soggy? >> i think so. >> you don't want soggy -- >> maybe you take it out of the bag for the last hour. >> and crisp it up? >> i don't know why i'm even asking. >> that's got to be it. >> if you make it, reggie, do that and i'll come over and try it. >> all right. i'm not making anything. i'm just -- spoiler alert. >> fair enough. it's all a pipe dream. okay. well, let's move on and talk about what's going on. maybe it's a new tradition. someone should send us a picture of them doing that thursday because reggie and i will be here working. if you're up early in the morning, show us. we would love to see it. you can see it's still smokey out there. our 12th consecutive and final, can't stress that enough, final day of poor air quality for this go round. we'll have more later on in the winter. two rain producers, wednesday through friday. temperatures today, 61 to about
5:50 am
66 degrees is our average. increasing clouds this afternoon. the clouds will keep us warmer tonight. mid-40s, 46 to about 54 degrees around san francisco. and down towards san mateo. rain showers, cleaner air. thunderstorms are possible on this moderate storm on our exclusive storm impact scale. timing, at midnight tonight, you can see some light rain developing along the coast into the north bay while the rest of us are dealing with showers. we get to 4:00 and then look at how the flood gates open as we head towards 9:00. we have moderate rain, even heavy downpours in the north bay. stretching down to the peninsula. east bay and south bay not much but after 9:00 that's when you get yours up to lunch. then we get a little break during the evening commute. another push of showers will come through with the threat of thunder during the evening hours. thursday morning it should be light with just a slight chance of rain showers for thursday.
5:51 am
friday it's just a one on the storm impact scale. and warmer for the weekend and dryer. the rain is coming. >> we're so excited. cannot wait. taking a look at our traffic maps, we have one new issue to get to in the east bay. southbound 880. still working on the location. it sounds like it possibly might be near 92. definitely seeing red in the area. we have a three-car collision. not many details in from chp but one lane is blocked. as of a few moments ago we still didn't have official word the bay bridge metering lights were on yet. main thing is it's pretty late for that to happen. we have some lighter than average volumes with the holiday just ahead. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 50 minutes. 680 southbound dublin to mission boulevard, 16 minutes. 85 northbound, so 1 to
5:52 am
cupertino, 16 minutes. how one san francisco supervisor is trying to pressure marriott to make a deal with its workers. workers. two on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
5:53 am
your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?e it's time yes! that's yes for less.
5:54 am
stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. waking up at 4:00, a little more rain in the peninsula, definitely along the coast. ening, quarter inch in the south bay to half an inch in the north bay. not much thursday but thursday night into friday, look at those totals jump to three-quarters of an inch in the south bay. a good soaking coming. >> thanks, mike.
5:55 am
caught on camera. a man in portland tried to steal gas from a u-haul but his plans and his pants went up in flames. security guards called 911 when they saw two vehicles engulfed in the flames. moments later, you can see a man running away with his pants on fire. investigators say he was trying to siphon gas from the u-haul into his own can. kids, crime does not pay. overall poor air quality is shaving months off people's lives. >> the energy policy at the university of chicago found that everyday exposure to smog shortens the average person's life span by nearly two years and that could change if authorities reduce particulate pollution to reflz recommended by the world health organization. if smog levels improve here in california, listen to this. people in fresno could live up to a year longer. people in los angeles could add eight months to their life span. three months in sacramento. one month in alameda and santa
5:56 am
cla clara. >> taking a look at the roads, we have the bay bridge metering lights on. 5:40 the official time. definitely lighter than an average tuesday. emergency crews northbound 101 ramp to candlestick. waiting for details there. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about flash flood watch, debris flows, mudslides in the area. the area in green from noon tomorrow to noon friday because o the fires up there. as far as the rest of us, we have a chance of some really heavy snow along the sierra starting tomorrow and going through thursday. we're talking up to a foot of snow. if you're thinking of traveling into the sierra tomorrow, do it early in the morning. we've also got rain up and down the west coast for tomorrow. everywhere else if you're traveling pretty should be pretty good other than snow around philly, d.c., new york and boston.
5:57 am
spoiler alert if recorded "dancing with the stars" last night. >> this morning one couple is celebrating their title as mirror ball champions. >> the big moment, radio host bobby bones and his partner charna win it all. they hovered near the bottom of the judges' leaderboard all season long but they managed to win. the top three will be on "good morning america" and the "dancing with the stars" tour kicks off next month with a stop here in the bay area in march. >> i didn't know who that person was until alexis told me who it was. >> bobby bones. >> yes. >> she has some real opinions but we'll talk later. the air problems can cause problems at the airport.
5:58 am
the rain is coming in butte county. a police officer to the rescue after a
5:59 am
6:00 am
one more day. our sutro tower cam showing the haze but by this time tomorrow things will be clearing out. >> can't come soon enough. on abc7 news, you're never a minute away from the accuweather forecast and meteorologist mike nicco has more. >> union city reporting station, redwood city reporting station, moderate. that's good air. notice all around it, unhealthy for sensitive for san jose. red everywhere else which is unhealthy for all of us. this will slowly improve during the day as the southerly winds bring some cleaner air. you can see the greens and


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