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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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lettuce no matter where it was bought from. >> 13 people have been hospitalized, including one with kidney failure. at this point, federal officials have not ordered recalls. but the centers for disease control say consumers, stores and restaurants should throw away romaine lettuce as well as salad mixes if you're unsure whether it contains romaine. they're advising to clean refrigerato refrigerators. there's a step you can take if you're worried about other types of greens. >> you can microwave lettuce if you're really concerned or if you have other greens or other types of lettuce that you are going to use in your salad. >> that advice does not apply to romaine. you should just throw it away. officials have not identified the source of the contaminated lettuce. according to the cdc, this strain of e. coli has the same dna fingerprint as an outbreak
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tied to leafy greens in the u.s. and canada. that killed one person and infected 25 in 15 states. doctors say the symptoms acute infection vug abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea. it hits three, four days after exposure. call your doctor if you have concerns. by the way, any restaurants, many restaurants are voluntarily not serving romaine now. i went to a california pizza kitchen. tried to order a salad. the server said to make another choice. that contained romaine and not being served right now. >> it's a good thing they were on it, too. turning aught other big story, the bad air and the coming rain. >> yes. we're almost through the worst of the bad air. today is expected to be the last day of 12 consecutive days of unhealthy air. just take a look at our sutro tower camera through today. you can see it's still pretty bad out there. >> but improving.
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it should get better tomorrow. spencer christian with a blue sky in the forecast. >> partly blue already. bad air is on the way out. the rain is on the way in. here's a look at live doppler 7. i'm going to pull back and show you a peek at what larry showed you earlier off the coast of the pacific northwest and northernmost california. see spotty sprinkles there. the main event is farther out to sea. it will bring us substantial rainfall tomorrow and stronger win. we're seeing improvement in the air quality already. part of the east bay, seeing yellow circles showing up indicating moderate air quality. however, we have areas dee president-elected with the red circles in the east bay and south bay. not for long. looking northward from sutro, blue sky is above. blue haze lingers below. tomorrow's air quality calls for mainly moderate air quality.
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thursday, moderate air quality everywhere and more improvement is expected after that. i'll give you a closer look in a few minutes. back to you. thank you, spencer. let's look live outside from exploratorium cam rachlt there's a lot of haze in the air. it's been nearly two weeks of unhealthy air. >> there's lessons to be learned from all of this. lyanne melendez on the embarcadero. >> reporter: you're right, there is so much to learn from this. i want to stay positive and deliver some good news. al ka trcatraz will reopen tomo. they're telling everybody that they are fully booked already through next tuesday. but they also want people to know that if you were impacted, affected by this closure, they want you to know that they will try very hard to accommodate you. >> when a cable car operator is seen without a mask, you know, like the song says, the times, they are a-changing. >> we're in a stable red or
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unhealthy condition and we feel that's going to keep getting better, especially with the rain coming tomorrow. that's why we started them today. >> tourists lost out on this san francisco attraction since last week when the air quality got even worse. this couple from england lined up to ride the cable car today. >> san francisco. it's everything you see, every movie you see in san francisco, the cable cars are always there. >> alcatraz, which remained closed today will finally reopen tomorrow tickets are sold out through next tuesday. >> we tried to go to alcatraz. i've been told it's the first time it's closed since 9/11. looks like we've have to come back. >> at least one san francisco supervisor says we have to learn from this experience. hillary ronan is proposing purchasing n 95 masks for every library and classroom in the city. she also wants the school district to have filtration
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systems in classrooms. it's not clear how many classrooms are equipped with the system. >> it's pretty simple to get a $100 air filter that you can put in a classroom, close the windows, close the doors and the air is really clean. >> ronan says we must be prepared and ready when the next air quality emergency strikes. >> reporter: in the meantime, the san francisco municipal transportation agency are working hard to put together an estimate of how much revenue they lost. but in the end, they say, it was all about safety. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. thank you. the smoke is still impacting travelers at sfo. .poor air quality caused hundreds of delays for the past week and a half or so. the airport started its delay program at 8:00 a.m. because of the low visibility. dozens of flights were impacted early. officials say the air quality improved making it much better than yesterday when close to 300
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flights were delayed according to flight firefighters are gaining the upper hand against the fire that decimated paradise. according to cal fire, containment in the camp fire has risen to 70%. that's up 66%, or was 66% on monday. the blaze has burned more than 151,000 acres, 236 square miles. look at it this way. five times the size of san francisco. 79 people are dead. 699 more still missing. mandatory evacuations have been lifted for the burn area's perimeter in butte county. close to 13,000 homes have been destroyed. some of the tens of thousands of camp fire evacuees getting back into their neighborhoods, it's bittersweet. >> kate larsen live in paradise right now. some going home to better news than others, kate. >> reporter: absolutely. actually right now, we're near
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downtown paradise. nobody has been allowed back up here, except for us. news crews. we've seen a lot of firefighters and pg&e workers. we're down the hill on the outskirts of chico getting a look at what's left of their homes. gary fitz spent the day searching. >> my parents gave me these for birthdays and christmas and weddings. >> she found her wedding ring. the diamond blackened by fire. she came back home to look for her two dogs. >> we came up and found them in the house. they didn't make it. we're ready to not be looking at them. every time somebody sends a message, is this your dog? >> all nine of her chickens were waiting for her and their treats. >> they can't survive predators, but they can survive a fire. >> she's also a survivor.
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she's battling breast cancer for the second time. despite losing her home that she moved into a year ago, she sees only the possibilities ahead. >> this was a dream property for us, dream location, dream community. we're very tight in the community up here. it's been amazing. so there was no question in our mind that we would rebuild here. >> there are many homes that did survive, like this one right behind me. that doesn't necessarily mean that they're livable right now. we'll have story at 5:00, including what firefighters looked for when they're deciding what house they might try and save. live in paradise, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> that will be fascinating to hear. thank you so much, kate. a man using facebook to help victims of the camp fire. eric lock home created a facebook group called paradise fire adopt a family. it's to connect camp fire's survivors to individuals who can help meet their needs. >> it might be a donation, it
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might mean me getting my company behind you, making phone calls on your behalf. >> so far the group has grown to more than 8,000 members. some sponsors have opened their homes to camp fire survivors, while others are providing services like helping people fill out insurance paperwork. you can find the group on facebook under paradise family adopt a family. >> if you'd like to help victims, we have full resources on you can make a donation to the red cross by texting the words red cross to 90999. the holiday travel rush is on. another rocky day on wall street. lost almost all the gains we've made all year. i'm maggie rulli. more on wall street just ahead. days away from black friday. the big deals ahead and the must-have gadgets. traffic as we approach 4:10.
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a live look at the skyway in san francisco. a hazy day and basically gridlock almostment. bumper to bumper in both
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the dow is down again. as some investors worried the dow dropped more than 550 points in trading today. that's 2.2%. some of the biggest losers from technology stocks like apple which sank 4.8% today. what's causing the market volatili volatility. maggie rulli on wall street with
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some answers. >> reporter: today's slide has investors worried and many financial advisers are saying they've had people calling to ask them to pull them out of market. but they remind them, when it comes to retirement, the market is a long-term plan. another day of turmoil on wall street. stocks continue to plummet across the board. >> technology companies are down again today. oil prices falling again. today, we have weak results from a couple of different retailers. >> wiping out all the gains the markets made in 2018. president trump's national economic council director larry kudlow is downplaying the wild swing. >> got roughly a month left. we'll see how the year ends. again, i will say as it did earlier, economy is very sound. >> many experts are concerned global fears of a u.s. trade war with china are fueling the market's nosedive, anticipates of the two governments clashed at a conference this weekend. >> now with the possibility of a lot of tariffs rising at the beginning of next year, people
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are concerned that this is actually going to drag on a lot longer. >> the two countries have been playing tit for tat in a fight over china's technology policy. >> we're in a period where things are bumpier and hard to tell when things start or end. >> the trump administration is confident. >> keep the faith. it's a very strong economy. recession is so far in the distance, i can't see it. >> now, all eyes are on tomorrow. it's the last full trading day of the week. investors want to know what the market looks like heading into the busy holiday season. in new york, maggie rulli, abc 7 news. we are just days away from black friday. expectations are high because of the low unemployment and stronger consumer confidence. what are the hot items this year? we have ideas for you. thank you for coming in today. >> of course. thank you for having me. >> what are the best gifts for the techie.
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>> there's lots of things to choose from. number one on the list for many people is a smart watch or a fitness tracker. a hybrid is something like the samsung galaxy watch. it has a round screen, kind of unique amongst the smart watches. it does pretty much everything you would expect. it can track your heart rate and steps. you can keep an eye on your workouts. i like this rotating bevel as well to navigate through the watch. sometimes they're confusing and hard to get your head around. this is available on discount for around $250 on black friday and cyber monday. that's a savings of around $70 to $75 depending on the size in which you want to buy. what else you got? >> smart home systems huge this year and things like the google home hub is one of the latest ones. as you can see, it has a screen. it can do pretty much anything that the normal google assistant can do.
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it can tell you the weather. one of my favorite things to do. a device that has a screen is to walk through recipes. you can use it in the kitchen and say hey google, show me turkey recipes. it brings up a range of recipes to choose from and walk you through as you desire. you can use the screen or use your voice commands to walk through. it's dictating everything that i'm saying right now. you can also use it as like a photo frame, put it in the bedroom, things like that. >> like a digital picture frame. >> you can use it as a gift for lots of different people in your life depending who you want to put it in. >> phones are always good. >> phones are really hot. >> there are a couple of hot ticket items. brand new phones. this one has the best camera on the market. it's excellent in low light. it has all of the features and performance power that you want. google is offering a lot of discounts on this one, from the
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official google play store. there's going to be a lot of carrier discounts, verizon is offering around $400 off the retail price of this. >> okay. >> that's the data trade-in. that also applies to other new phones like the samsung galaxy s9 that came out earlier in the year. it has a lot of features, great camera as well as its own voice assistant, like call -- a beautiful screen too. it's capable of doing a lot of different things. obviously, two of the hottest smartphones right now. and the apple system. they have discounts on the older apple iphone x. a lot of the carriers are trying to get that out the door. keep your eye out on the 10s and 10r. they may have discounts too. >> hopefully. a lot of people like the latest thing. >> exactly. >> i have to know about this guy. i love him. tell me about this one. >> he's adorable. this is vector. he is from ank i.
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think of it like an amazon alexa or google assistant on wheels. he roams around your home, tell the weather, set timers, recognize your voice and come towards you. if i say something like, hey, vector, come here. wait a little while. it should use its microphone to determine where i'm talking and roll towards me. obviously, it takes a little while for him to get everything in check. >> he gave me a fist bump earlier. >> we can do that too. >> he has little eyes. >> they're adorable. >> is black friday the best day to buy some of these or wait until cyber monday? >> you have a couple of options. you can keep an eye on the black friday prices. use a tool like a price these are things that can into your browser and work out if it's a good deal or not. a lot of the times black friday prices look really good. but the retailers are not
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necessarily offering a big discount. >> all right. >> keep an eye on both of the -- >> if you miss out on something black friday, don't despair. thee's going to be good deals as well across a lot of different products. there's lots of different gifts to choose from if these don't float your boat. >> there certainly is on c net gift cards. >> i'm going to try not to keep this little guy as you take off. >> larry? >> i'm mesmerized by vector. i wait for him to respond. i haven't heard him say hi, i will walk towards you or roll towards you. >> normally, we wouldn't say hopefully it will be raining on a black friday. but spencer christian, we've got a few days of rain. we're grateful for it. >> chances are kid. i said hey vector, is it going to rain and he picked up an umbrella. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have haze and smoke and we
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have clouds moving in right now in advance of the rain coming overnight. this is a view from sutro tower looking northward. despite the haze at the surface, you can see blur sky and cleaner air above. it's above. it's 63 in san francisco, 59 oakland. 62 at mountain view. 65 in san jose. this is a view of the western sky. still haze from the east bay hills camera. other temperature readings right now, 65 at santa rosa. 62 at napa. 61 at novato. one more live view, lots of blue sky over the bay and along the embarcadero. forecast features, rainy pattern begins tomorrow morning. it will remain windy and cooler conditions, better air quality the. wet thanksgiving morning and dry period and cloudy skies the remainder of the day. this is a wet pattern that will last for a while. looks like cleaner air is going to last for a while also as we look the air quality forecast for the next four days. tomorrow is another spare the
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air day. it's going to be moderate, the air quality in most locations. moderate everywhere the next few days. we expect good quality on friday. good air quality in the south central bay. on we go to overnight conditions. the clouds thicken, showers develop overnight. first in the north bay. overnight lows mainly in the low 40s or mid-40s in the inland areas. low 50s in the bay and near the coastline. we bring in the storm impact scale which indicates the approaching storm ranks 2, a moderate storm. producing rainfall that will be moderate to heavy at times. wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour with the possibility of some isolated thunder. bring on the thunder as long as you bring on the rain. forecast animation. a few scattered showers developing first up in the north bay. then down along the coastline later in the day. during the morning commute, we'll see heavier steadier rain with strong gusty wind. that will last throughout the day into the late afternoon hours as the front pushes
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through late afternoon and early evening. b of a break behind that front before the next wave of rain arrives tomorrow night into thursday morning. her we go. rainfall potential. as of 8:00 thursday morning, most locations in the 1-inch measure or above. in the south bay, lower pressurements. anywhere from .3 inches to .5 inches. low 60s everywhere else. inland areas will be pretty cool with highs in the upper 50s. on we go to the sierra where winter storm warning is in effect from noon tomorrow to 10:00 a.m. friday. above 6500 feet we expect 10 to 18 inches of snow generally. some locations could see up to 2 feet of snow. travel is not recommended under those conditions. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow's storm ranks 2 on the impact scale. on thursday morning, showers will linger. rank that system 1. we'll rank the next storm coming in on friday, ranking only 1 on
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the impact scale. light intensity. clouds linger into saturday. drying out on sunday. milder on monday and tuesday as well. the big news is, improved air quality. >> nice. aren't we happy for that. thanks, spencer. bad air leading to cute video. how this dog is making a difference for kids cooped up inside. a south bay teen using
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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mars about to get the first u.s. visitor in years. the three-legged one-armed geologist will make a grand entrance next monday. it will be the first american spacecraft to land since the curiosity rover six years ago and the first dedicated to exploring underground. a south bay tieenager using
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his love of mazes to inspire children. they're the centerpiece of an exhibit at the children's discovery museum. he feels they're a perfect combination of the three things you love. math, art and technology. >> hope to share the love of mazes with everyone and our goal is to give the kids the passion and the understanding that they know that they can also create mazes as well. >> also created a maze app. so kids of all ages can solve mazes on the go. the exhibit calls the uber maze experience runs through the weekend at the children's discovery museum. >> that looks really cool. might take a little while. b.a.r.t. has an official app to help you navigate its trains at stations. the b.a.r.t. app gives you real-time departures, where parking is available, which is key. and escalator and elevator closures. it links to the b.a.r.t. watch app which riders can use to report any suspicious or illegal
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activity. the app also includes information from 31 other transit agencies to help you plan extended trips. that app is available for android and apple devices. just ahead, we return to the camp fire and butte county. the growing frustration over the list of missing people and the effort to cross some of the names off. plus -- >> my heart goes out to the people. it just goes out to them. >> a truckload of supplies is heading to the camp fire to help those in need. what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on.
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on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less. and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross.
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yes for less. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. health officials are telling people to avoid eating romaine lettuce because of a new e. coli outbreak. 32 people have gotten sick in 11 states. no deaths have been reported. this strain appears similar to one in leafy greens last year. there was an outbreak alert on twitter. if you don't know if it's romaine or can't confirm the source, don't eat it. good news in butte county. cal fire tweeting an evacuation update that allowed thousands of people back into their homes. many have been out for almost two weeks when that camp fire began. many with loved ones missing in paradise expressed frustration over the long mpersons.
4:31 pm
a shelter in chico trying to cross names off. joe bin a fort senn is there live. >> reporter: larry, there are more than 100 evacuees inside. i talked with one of them who tells me about every two hours or so, a person shouts off names from the missing person's list. this is it here. you can see all of the names. there are more than 600 in this booklet. they're hoping that they might be able to find someone and cross a name off the list: it seems unreal. all of the names on this board have been here since the first day of the camp fire. >> people are frantic. we take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. so they're not allowed to go in and look around. >> names, photos and phone numbers clinching to hope. mike wood is a red cross service
4:32 pm
associate in the neighborhood church in chico. he said the sheriffs office is struggling with name misspellings splgd duplicate reports. >> we've cross-referenced all of the people in our shelter about the sheriff's office. >> reporter: noknowledge of tha list seems to give him survival skills. he came to help at this church. he knows four people who have lost their lives. >> by the time the dust settles on this camp fire, we will all know somebody who has perished in this. >> reporter: the name stood in the middle of what the shelter hopes will take people's name off of it. massages. it was enough for her to get excited. it's a fleeting feeling. as soon as we got to talking, she's reminded of why she's here. >> at least the last time we were evacuated, we had a house to go home to. now we don't. now we're trying to think where
4:33 pm
are we going to go? >> reporter: if you go to the butte county sheriff's office, there are three different phone numbers listed on the home page where you can call and report a missing person. that phone call will be transferred through their call center and then filed. >> joe bin a, what happens if you report somebody is missing and then you found them? >> reporter: that's been a big question. there's a different phone number for that. 530-538-77 530-538-77671. that name will be taken off the list. reporting live. live in chico. >> joe bin a. thank you. a truckload of supplies is about to be distributed to those who needblankets. leslie brinkley was at the san la leandro where they're trying to beat the rain. >> my heart goes out to the
4:34 pm
people there. it just goes out to imagine wh going through. >> early this morning, med share volunteer lynn allen went on a shopping spree to t.j. maxx, macy's and safeway. >> i got socks, i got underwear for mothers, dads, kids. >> rain is coming to the fire zone. med share always boxes and ships medical supplies and personal care products to people in need in disaster zones around the globe. this time the need is a three-hour drive away. they scored boxes of hard to come by masks and one volunteer pulled off a small miracle. >> what was clear my dad offered the truck and my friend krist christina offered the trailer. i med share as the supplies. a trailer an generator donated. the supplies desperately needed. boxed and loaded by 1:00 p.m. they'll be handed out in chico
4:35 pm
by 5:00 p.m. those are all the most needed items you think? >> correct. that's what we're hearing from partners on the ground distributing the items. those are the most helpful, impactful at this time. >> med share still needs more donations. if you want to help out, come to their warehouse on wednesday. bring coats, ponchos, socks and underwear. med share will box them up tomorrow. the message to the people of paradise is clear. we've got more coming. in san leandro, i'm leslie brinkley. abc 7 news. you can go online to our website for morcific information. the truckload you saw, it's expected chico any minute now. stay with us for the latest on the camp fire including the latest numbers on containment. you can get the latest numbers on the news app by enabling push alerts. five people under arrest for possession of child pornography, including a san francisco pastor. officers arrested 59-year-old
4:36 pm
lutheran pastor steve sabin last thursday. san francisco police say he had more than 600 clips of child pornography on his phone and in cloud storage. four other men were arrested for varying charges relating to possession and distribution of child pornography. this was part of a special operation. we have new developments involving a missing 49ers fan. the coroner confirmed the body found in the marina saturday was that of a 32-year-old ian powers. his death was ruled an accidental drowning. the washington man was last seen a week ago a tenning the niners game with his girlfriend and her children. he was seen leaving alone after the game. you see him there. still not clear yet how powers ended up at the marina. investigators say a man who went on a deadly shooting rampage at a chicago hospital yesterday had a violent past.
4:37 pm
juan lopez was kicked out of the fire academy after threatening a female cadet. he shot and killed three people yesterday. the victims were his ex-fiance, dr. tamara o'neal, a chicago police officer and a pharmacy resident. lopez also died. it's unclear whether he killed himself or shot by officers. a federal judge ruled against president trump barring his administration from refusing to process asylum questions who cross the border illegally. the judge says they can seek as asylum. the troops that the president deployed to the border will not be allowed to detain illegal crossers. >> the order today is not we can gt around that very easily. what i do say, ninth circuit is very unfair when everybody files their case there. they file it there for a reason. we're not letting people in.
4:38 pm
it's called catch and detain. >> if the government appeals, it would be filed with the ninth circuit court, which includes california. the holiday travel rush and why it is not too late to get some deals. plus, can you take that turkey dinner with oun the plane? an unusual look at the side dish carry-on. i'm spencer christian looking at the setting sun. rain is on the way. it will bring us
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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president trump used the
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power of his office to keep peas off the holiday thanksgiving table. even this 39-pound turkey got the -- his 41-pound friend carrots was saved. >> why is it named something you wuld eat? >> odd. both will live their lives on a farm in virginia. mr. trump and the first lady left for palm beach. they will celebrate at mayor lag owe with t -- mar-a-lago. the family is receiving the meals have been clients of the -- serving adults and child victims of sexual assault, human trafficking and domestic violence. it's important that the families don't go without on thanksgiving. >> these families have gone through a lot and they've accomplished a tremendous amount. so we can help them be part of that celebration in their own homes with their families in the way they want it. >> the meal giveaway is just the first of a series of events to
4:42 pm
help the center's clients celebrate the holidays. a baseball themed buffet in time for thanksgiving. a ribbon-cutting for the cafe on fisherman's wharf. they had to vacate after a dispute. they held the 18th firefighters toy drive. if you want to travel with the thanksgiving food, you want to know, you can't take it with you on the plane. here's a rundown on what foods you can take. turkey, dry stuffing, bread, baked goods like pies. they're cleared for takeoff. sauces, mashed potato, they're considered spreadable foods and have to follow the 311 liquid rule. you can bring 3.4 ounces on board in a quart size zip top bag. >> in case you wanted to know. there's rules about frozen
4:43 pm
items. i don't know how you do -- >> frozen, like ice packs if you're taking food. they have to be completely solid when they go through. >> spencer is here with our weather. we're not too frozen. decent temperatures today. >> that's true. relatively mild. the clouds are coming in. the air quality is improving. that's good news. rain is on the wachlt let's take a look at the air quality. napa in the yellow now. that means moderate air quality. san francisco and oakland, it's considered unhealthful for sensitive. people with respiratory ailments. this storm comes in, our next storm ranking 2 on the storm impact scale, a storm of moderate intensity arriving overnight into tomorrow bringing rain moderate to heavy at times, wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour. there's a chance of isolated thunderstorms. so overnight, as we see the rain moving into the north bay, clouds increase.
4:44 pm
lows range to the 40s. on the coast, then tomorrow, rain spreads and in fact, at times it will be intense and it will be accompanied by strong gusty winds. we'll see highs only in the upper 50s in many inland locatio locations. it will be cool. but most areas will see highs tomorrow around 60, 61 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have morning showers on thursday, thanksgiving day. another wave of rain comes in on friday. after that, we start to dry out over the weekend. skies get brighter and the temperatures start to rise early next week. happy thanksgiving. thank you, spencer. >> if you happen to be hitting the roads this holiday week, you will not be alone. why it could be the worst holiday traffic in years. there's a good reason for that. i'm michael finney. if you haven't made your holiday travel plans, it may not be i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride.
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the holiday travel crash is under way. 54 million americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home this thanksgiving. that's the highest number since 2005. if you're one of the 48 million americans traveling by car, this could be a really long journey.
4:48 pm
global mobility analytics company predicts travel times in the most congested cities could be up to four times longer than normal. ouch. let's take a look outside. golden gate bridge looking good in both directions. bay bridge toll plaza. wow. >> that's fantastic. that's as good as it's going to get there. walnut creek. we don't have that. you're on your own for that. it might be too late to get great deals on thanksgiving airfare. when is the best time to get deals on other holiday travel? >> like tuesday afternoon. right around now. here's michael finney. 7 on your side with some help. >> where are the deals and what are the next few days going to be like here in the bay area? here to help us figure it out is michael blacks by. it used to be wednesday afternoon. now it seemed to start on monday, didn't it? >> if you were driving in the bay area monday, you probably experienced increased travel
4:49 pm
times. tonight is supposed to be one of the busiest times for people driving. tomorrow night it starts to merge with theomr traffic is when we expect to see the biggest delays. probably the worst spot is the 680 corridor leaving san jose headed up north towards pleasanton. you mentioned four times they're projecting that -- >> in that area there. that's bad in the best of times. we just showed the wrong video. we showed the bridge coming into the city. it's going out that's bad right now, right? >> right, right. especially folks going to sfo tonight. we expect a lot of traffic there as well. people hitting the airport tonight, trying to get out before the holiday. >> that's what i was going to say. tuesday night and wednesday night are tough times for travelers. most people want to leave two to three days before their vacation. definitely tonight and tomorrow night will be busy at the airport. >> thursday, easy day? >> thursday is one of the best days to travel.
4:50 pm
it's more affordable to book your flight that day and more -- less traffic and less people at the airports. like we said, they waept want to get there early. >> let's talk about travel during the december holidays. when should you book? do days matter? how do you get a deal? >> there's a couple ways to get a deal. you're not out of options at this point the best prices is by booking 60 to 90 days in advance of your trip. for procrastinators waiting until the last minute like i sometimes do, about a week to two weeks before your trip, you can find really, really good deals. the only catch is the flights that you find available probably won't be as good or you might end up on the red eye, stuff between two people. that's just -- >> you get there cheap but uncomfortably. >> exactly. >> well, you know. driving traffic is that still bad during the december holidays? >> we see a lot of travelers. typically, it's more spaced out
4:51 pm
than thanksgiving where everyone is rushing to beat the traffic. typically, people will plan their trips a little bit different. if you're flying, saturday and sunday, pretty much the two days before christmas are really the busy days to travel. if you're trying to get there easier, flying in on christmas eve can be a really good deal. >> one more question to ask you. i've got to go back to this holiday. when is the best time to come back into the bay area? >> definitely not sunday. that's the worst day to travel. if you can get out saturday, if you can kind of sneak out then, you'll probably beat the traffic. sunday morning, everyone is trying to rush back home and that's when you see the biggest buildups. >> michael from aaa. thanks for the great information. >> thanks. >> sneak out and miss another day with relatives? who would want to do that? ford motor corporation is making a bizarre move, seeking a patent to eliminate the new car smell that most people love.
4:52 pm
the automaker filed a patent application for a new method to eliminate that new car aroma. it calls for baking vehicles until that odor is gone. it works by parking vehicles in the sun and opening the windows until the smell vanishes. why? they're looking to accommodate china. drivers there reportedly don't like the new car smell as much as americans do. let's look at sergeant opening the lid to the dumpster to let a trapped little one out. that's not ordinary. >> a bear cub. >> yes. here's another look from his body cam. now, police say the cub, he was rummaging through the dumpster when the lid slammed shut. mama bear tried to open the lid but couldn't. so they had to call police. >> sergeant said he was a friend as he lifted the lid so it would
4:53 pm
not be scared. >> maybe say i'm not dinner. >> i don't know if that -- it's not yogi coming out there. just ahead, dogs to the rescue. >> he makes me feel calm because we have to do a lot of work at class. >> i sew happy because we finally have a dog in here. >> this isn't your usual rescue dog. he's helping south bay kids stuck in their classrooms. dan has what's ahead. new at 5:00, moving on after losing everything. >> it was an amazing loss of ofo self. >> this rv has become home for a couple. being grateful for life after paradise. the new crime fighter keeping us safe during the holidays. you'll get the story on this fella. how to carve thanksgiving turkey l
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight catch the conners, followed by the kids are al right, followed by blackish. it hasn't been easy to stay indoors and avoid the unhealthy air. it's been tougher for kids who haven't been able to go out and play. >> however, therapy for kids in the form of a special dog. david louie shows us how a dog
4:57 pm
named nash is making a difference. >> the playground here at meadows elementary and many other schools has been empty for recess over a week forcing the kids to be cooped up. >> have you been able to go outside lately? >> no. >> why not? >> the air quality. >> steve morrow and his chocolate lab nash are here to relieve the stress the kids can't relieve outside. >> we want to go outside but we can't. >> the smoke is pretty bad out there. >> yeah, it's pretty bad. >> nash coming to class, has that relieved some of that stress? >> yeah. >> nash is a licensed therapy dog and a mellow one who doesn't mind being petted by these third graders. >> it's been hard. >> stressful? >> yeah. then we can let our stress out by petting him. >> visiting schools is something new for him. he's used to nursing and convalescent homes. they see value in this. >> they light up and hug him and feel excited.
4:58 pm
i can see their emotions kind of regulating so that they can focus on academics. >> it might avert emotional outbursts. >> makes them forget about school for a little bit so they can get back to studying and relieve that little bit of stress in their lives. >> hopefully the weather conditions will be different by the time they come back from thanksgiving break. nash will still be coming here once a week to handle other kinds of stress and anxiety they face. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. the visits by nash are coupled with a student wellness curriculum including a discussion about managing emotions and dealing with stress at home. >> nash is adorable. >> love that. >> you may rub my tummy for a while. get the latest news with the abc 7 news app. you can get more news of what you want delivered to your phone and all in real-time. that does it for this
4:59 pm
edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. i'm a.m. i dates. >> -- ama daetz. i'm larry beil. i would remove it. it's not worth the risk. breaking news about an extraordinary warning two days before thanksgiving. don't eat any romaine lettuce. the shocking admission on a shocking story that was broke in 2017. seniors abandoned and left to fend for themselves as wildfire races towards them. >> get ready for the rain. one neighborhood is bracing for the worst. seeing what's left in butte county. for some, there's just enough. for others, a different story. but they're thankful for what they do have. >> now from abc 7. live breaking news. >> all right. if you have it, please get rid of it. that's the breaking news from the federal government tonight about romaine lettuce. we first told you about the story at 4:00. now we're getting new information on the outbreak that sickened about 30 people in 11 states, including here in
5:00 pm
california. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. federal officials have not ordered any recalls of romaine products. the centers for disease control says consumers should throw away any romaine lettuce and salad mixes if you're unsure whether it includes romaine. this includes fridges -- >> it impacts diet. iwas going to subway. that's what i get every day on my sandwich. this strain of e. coli has the same dna fingerprint as tied last year. it killed one person and infected 25 people in 15 states. >> an acute infection will give you stomach cramps, dangerous diarrhea, vomiting, symptoms usually occur three to four days after exposure. >> we sent out


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