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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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christian on what to expect from tomorrow's storm. >> let's look at live doppler seven. you can see the storm approaching right now. it is offshore, ranks two on the storm impact scale, a storm of moderate intensity. light rain is hitting the coast right now but moving into the bay area in the early hours of the morning. it will bring with it rain with moderate to heavy at times. there's a chance of thunder with the stornl. here is animation taking us to 3:30 in the morning. we will have scattered in showers in parts of mendocino. by the time we get to the middle of the morning commute, rain will be more widespread and intense. going into the midday hours it will be wet and windy. you will notice an improvement in air quality. i will give you a closer look at the forecast in a few minutes. dan and ama. >> thanks a lot. san francisco public works crews are getting ready for tomorrow's storm. they're cleaning gutters, giving away sandbags and asking folks to rake up leaves.
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>> one small neighborhood is low ground and residents are getting ready for the worst. that's where "abc 7 news" reporter vic lee is live. >> reporter: ama and dan, this is and 280. the city's public works crews were dispatched today to clear storm drains. at the operation yard, free sandbags for residents to pick up, and this plea to the public. >> any fallen leaves, if you can sweep those up, put them in a compost bin. >> i'm so helpless. every time i get flooded. >> reporter: victoria sanchez lives in a small mission terrace neighborhood that dead ends at highway 280. sandbags and an integral part of life here. so much so the city truck brings palettes of sandbags every time it is about to rain. 2014 was the last big flood in the neighborhood. a torrential force of raw sewage
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and stormwater rushed through cayuga avenue over cars, flooding homes and garages, shooting out from clogged catch basins. the flooding has gone on for decades and so have the cleanups. >> the walls get all flooded. we have to get the cheap, take it off because the mold is in there. >> reporter: sanchez knows we all need rain, but her photo album remind her how destructive it can be. >> it floods everything. you can see it here, in my book, you know, how bad it gets. >> reporter: many of sanchez's neighbors couldn't take it any more. >> he sold his house, she sold her house. >> reporter: sanchez and many of her new neighbors are taking no chances. sandbags are needily arranged around homes. sanchez says the city has tried to help with little success. all she can do as the storm approaches -- >> you know, i just have to pray and hope i don't get flooded
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again. >> reporter: and fyi, if you happen to see downed trees, flooding, that kind of thing, do not call 911. kaul call instead the city hotline, 311. vic lee, "abc 7 news." >> thanks very much. despite the rain tomorrow is another spare the air day. it is our 14th in a row, but take a look. our camera at the golden gate bridge captured blue sky today, certainly a welcome sight. it is proof our air quality is improving. "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez shows you what lessons we can learn from what we've been through. >> reporter: when it was clear that the quality of the air was improving, the san francisco municipal transportation agency allowed people back on its cable cars. >> today we're in a stable red or unhealthy condition, and we feel it is going to keep getting better, especially with the rain coming tomorrow. that's why we started them today. >> reporter: tourists had lost out on the san francisco
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attraction since last thursday afternoon when the air quality got even worse. this family from colombia lined up to ride the cable car today. >> this is our first visit to san francisco and, you know, when you go through the tour guides, they told you that you must try this. so for us it is a very nice experience. >> reporter: at least one san francisco supervisor says we have to learn from this experience. hilary ronan is proposing the city purchase n-95 mask for every library and classroom in the city. she also wants the school system to have air filtration systems in every classroom. it is not clear how many classrooms today are equipped with the system. ronan face timed up from los angeles. >> it is pretty simple to get a, you know, $100 air filter that you can put in a classroom, close the windows, close the doors, and the air is really clean. >> reporter: ronan says we must be prepared and ready when the
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next air quality emergency strikes. alcatraz, which remained closed today, will finally reopen tomorrow. >> we try to get on to -- to go to alcatraz today. unfortunately, it is closed, which i've been told first time since 9/11 it has been closed. looks like we'll have to come back. >> yes, we will have to come back. >> reporter: while alcatraz will reopen tomorrow, they want everyone to know they are fully booked through tuesday. but if you were impacted by this closure, they will try very hard to accommodate you. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." and now to developing news on the camp wildfire. this newly-released helicopter video shows the widespread devastation in paradise. today some evacuation orders were lifted. firefighter are focusing on containment lines and preparing for the approaching rain. the fire is blamed for 79 deaths. containment remains at 70%, that's the same as last night. the fire's growth is holding pretty steady at 151,000 acres.
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that's nearly 237 square miles. >> now, we have a team of reporters live in butte county for you tonight. >> let's begin with "abc 7 news" reporter kate larsen. she is live in paradise. kate. >> reporter: that's right. you know, when a home burns like this it leaves behind truck fulls of toxic ash and debris. right now there are crews working very hard to make sure that all of this ash doesn't spread into the environment when the rain falls. while homeowners sift the remains of their houses, crews are working hard to make sure the newly-burnt properties don't create another problem once the rain starts to fall. this group from the department of water resources is rolling out long nets filled with hey to shriners hospitals for children openfully stabilize the compromised banks of butte creek and prevent erosion from properties on the hillside above. >> there's a lot of stuff that will be washing downhill and we're trying to keep most of it
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out of the creek. >> reporter: kevin moncrief is an environmental scientist with dwr. nd hes o hey are l protecting the newly-layed chinook salmon nets in the gravel of the creek bed. >> if all of this stuff is washing into the creek and just burying the egg begs, there's potential for the eggs not to be able to emerge. >> reporter: amidst the loss of life and property in butte county, moncrief says it is still critically important to save the salmon. >> it is a keystone species in the overall ecosystem. it brings a lot of nutrients from the ocean back to the ecosystem and just feeds the rest of the animals and plants. >> reporter: crews have also been working hard to vacuum out storm drains filled with fire debris. they're also laying out sandbag goes and hundreds of those waddles at homes all over the area to try and make sure the contaminated ash does not spread when it rains in just a few
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hours. live in paradise, i'm kate larsen, "abc 7 news." >> thank you very much. >> it has been a challenging process to work through the missing persons list. >> it is a huge job. live now from cheek ow with a look at what it takes to manage that lengthy list, >> reporter: this binder is completely full of people reported missing. the red cross has been working with the sheriff's office to cross-check the names. they've been able to mark a few off, but there's a long way to go. we caught donald willard checking out a list he has been looking at since he got to the red cross shelter at a church in chico, maybe hoping to see a name crossed off. >> i haven't heard anything yet. >> reporter: willard i looking for his friend mark kramer. he reported him missing. >> he didn't want to leave, so i knew the fire was coming and i decided i wanted to leave. >> reporter: these pictures, phone numbers and names have been here since day one of the camp fire.
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mike wood says the red cross has been working with the sheriff's office in hopes of crossing off names. the office's last report said 699 people were missing. >> they've used other information and services from the red cross to try and cross reference everybody. >> reporter: but for privacy reasons loved ones can't coming side the shelter to look for people. >> i've been keeping my eye on the missing list. i have lost personally four friends that i know of at this point. >> reporter: today clement bride didn't stop by to look for anyone but offer help. his home is still standing and he says he is feeling survivor's guilt. he is one of several people that donated resources to make the place feel more like an escape. >> $10 for -- >> reporter: there's a tv, wi-fi, knitting and free massages. bobby lichman thinks it is great but it can only keep her mind off reality for so long. >> last time we were evacuated
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we had a home to go home to, but now we don't. now we are trying to think where to go. >> reporter: the sheriff's office has been dealing with issues of duplicate reports and misspellings. on their home page there are three phone numbers to call if you need to report a missing person. reporting in chico tonight, jobin fortson, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. >> to a major health it warning days before thanksgiving. coming up, what to watch out for to avoid getting sick from salad. a settlement finally reached after a year after the north bay fires with an assisted living facility. >> tonight, the story of a family that had a wonderful home in paradise that burned. in paradise that burned. now they're on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday.
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fo. happening now. check out the major traffic through san francisco for the holiday get away. this is the skyway leading to the bay bridge, the headlights coming towards you are trying to get on to the bay bridge, the taillights headed the other way. it is backed up in both directions and moving slowly. breaking news to tell you about, a major e.coli outbreak traced to romaine lettuce. at least 32 people have been sickened, ten cases in california, 13 people nationwide hospitalized one with kidney failure. federal officials have not yet ordered recall, but cdc says consumers, stores and restaurants should throw away romaine lettuce as well as salad mixes if you're unsure whether they include romaine.
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same with prepared sandwiches or wraps with lettuce. the agency is advising to clean the refrigerator where romaine was stored. >> you can microwave lettuce if you are really concerned or if you have other greens or other types of lettuce that you were going to use in your salad. >> not very practical for most salad lovers. that advice does not apply to romaine lettuce, you just have to throw it the away. take no chances. at this point federal officials have not identified the source of this contaminated romaine lettuce. one couple with a home in paradise bought an rv a month and a half ago. after the camp fire, that rv is all they have left. as "abc 7 news" reporter wayne freedman explains, they're grateful to have it. >> reporter: they don't know whether to feel grateful or sad. at best for john mitchell and his wife jeannie it is a mix. >> it would be fine if i was camping. >> reporter: but they're not and
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it is home now. this is what happens when a perfect storm of bad circumstance rains down on the best of wle we were working it was going to be an adventure. we would go to an rv park one night, my aunt's house another night. >> john and jeannie's mother bought homes in paradise to beat the high prices of bay area real estate, places big enough for friends, family, entertainment. >> it was such a nice house. i was able to get so much morehouse there. >> reporter: when the mitchells bought this rv a month and a half ago, they planned to vacation in it, live in it temporarily while transitioning full time to their properties in paradise. then the fire hit. >> who has ever heard of 10,000 houses being lost? >> reporter: the mitchells haven't been up yet to survey the damage. if you approach the subject of that house, tears well in stuff. >> it is just stuff,ut it was my stuff. >> reporter: they still have their wedding pictures and a few others, but -- >> it is an amazing loss of self
6:16 pm
and who you are and who you were. >> reporter: so until they decide whether to rebuild, jeannie and john mitchell will make those memories in a home on the road, in a parking lot, in limbo, and lucky, they say, to have that. >> it does beat a tent absolutely. absolutely. i'm grateful for that. >> reporter: in burlingame, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." and if you would like to help fire victims, we have a full list of resources on our website. you can make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting the words "red cross" to 90999. a truck load of badly-needed supplies just rolled into chico to be distributed tonight to those who need coats and blankets. "bc 7 news" reporter leslie brinkley was at the san leandro warehouse as part of the urgent mission to beat the rain got under way. >> we anticipate it will be quite cold, especially rain. we are collecting and sending ponchos as well as blankets, socks, in addition to those n95
6:17 pm
masks. >> reporter: med share volunteers launched into action. >> my heart goes out to the people up there. it just goes out to them. i cannot imagine what they're going through. >> reporter: early this morning, med share volunteer lynn allen went on a shopping spree to tj max, macys and safeway. >> i got socks, underwear for mothers, dads, kids. >> reporter: rain is coming to the fire zone. med share always boxes and ships medical supplies and personal care products to people in need in disaster zones around the globe. this time the need is a three-hour drive away. >> what is great is that my dad, you know, offered the truck and my friend, christina, offered the trailer. med share has the supplies. >> reporter: you're the driver. >> i've got the time. let's just make it happen. >> reporter: bingo, it all came together. a doe suppli, s p.m. they will be handed out in chico
6:18 pm
by 5:00 p.m. >> such a big loss. i couldn't imagine it happening to myself. >> reporter: local residents brought in bags full of supplies like toothbrushes and diapers. med share still needs more donations. if you want to help out, come to their warehouse on wednesday. you can bring coats, ponchos, sock goes and underwear. >> reporter: med share will box up those goods between 8:30 and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. the message to the people of paradise is clear -- >> stay safe, stay dry, we're with you and we have more coming. >> reporter: in san leandro, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." >> so nice for so many people to work. >> great work. time to turn our attention to the weather. >> spencer christian is here. finally, spencer. >> i am a happy forecaster. let's look at live doppler 7. we have clouds moving in ahead of the rain that will follow during the late night and overnight hours. tomorrow will be a wet and windy one. we are looking at dry conditions from the roof top camera looking towards the embarcadero center.
6:19 pm
current temperature readings are 61 in san francisco. upper 50s in oakland and mountain view. 60 at san jose. 4 54, morgan hill. here is a view of people trying to get out of town, or into town depending oy which direction they may be headed. current temperatures mid 50s at santa rosa, napa, novato. 51 at vacaville. mid 50s at concord. here is the moon at the pier 15 camera. tomorrow morning, wind pooe and cooler tomorrow with better air quality, certainly by the end of the day, with more rain coming in on thanksgiving day and friday. let's look at the air quality forecast. tomorrow is another spare the air day, but the only area that will have poor air quality, or the only one expected to have poor air quality is the inland east bay. the remainder of the region will have moderate air quality and all areas will have moderate air quality on thursday, friday and saturday. in fact, air quality is expected
6:20 pm
to be good on friday in the south central bay. on we go to our lows tonight. again, a spare-the-air night. it will get cloudy as the night goes on. some light rain will develop in the north bay during early morning hours. overnight lows mid to upper 40s in the inland valleys. and then we bring in the storm impact scale. the approaching system ranks two on the impact scale, a storm of moderate intensity producing rain that is expected to be moderate to heavy at times. wind gusts will range from 20 to 40 miles per hour, and there's a possibility of isolated thunder. now, our forecast animation starts at 10:00 tonight. by 3:00, 3:30 tomorrow morning, we will see spotty showers moving into parts of mendocino county and northern sonoma county. during the morning rush, the morning commute, we will see the showers becoming heavier and widespread. the speed of the system is a little slower than we earlier anticipated, so much of the bay area will not get this more intense rainfall during the morning commute. certainly the north bay is
6:21 pm
expected to get that, but by midday looks like it will have spread to all parts of the bay area. again, there will be period of moderate to heavy rain and strong, gusty wind with the system. it will continue dumping rain on it into the late afternoon hours before it tapers off in the early evening, but it will be followed by more waves of rain on thanksgiving morning and thanksgiving evening into friday. by 8:00 thursday morning, we expect rainfall totals to rain from a quarter inch to half an inch in parts of the south bay to well above an inch in other locations through the central part of the bay area and into the north bay. highs tomorrow about 60s on the coasts and upper 50s to low 60s just about everywhere else. a winter storm warning in effect from noon tomorrow until 10:00 a.m. friday in the sierras to 6. look for ten to 18 inches of show, up to 24 inches possible. travel is not recommended. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. wet and windy tomorrow.
6:22 pm
early afternoon and evening drops with the system rafrpging one on thursday. friday, rainy, breezy, another storm system ranking one on the impact scale. another chance of rain on next tuesday. we will finally get a rainy season. >> that would be good. >> wouldn't it be nice? >> thanks, spencer. don't look at your 401(k)
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with today's losses, the stock market has lost all of the gains it made throughout this year. today alone the dow dropped more than 550 points, ending at 24,465. the nasdaq lost almost 120 points. the s&p went down by 48. tech stocks took a hit. apple closed down nearly 5% at 176.98. goldman sachs cut its stock target on apple on concerns about low iphone demand. twitter and netflix suffered losses. many experts fear global fears
6:26 pm
of a u.s. trade war with china are fuelling the nose dive. >> mark zuckerberg answered questions about how facebook could combat fake posts. >> with the right support from governments and partnerships and a ton of investment on an ongoing basis, i think we can stay ahead of these sophisticated threats. >> he said he is not stepping down as chairman. he spoke about cheryl sand burg's role as coo, saying he hopes they work together for decades more to come. the south bay has a new crime-fighting tool that comes with paws. >> what these canines will focus on finding when they start to patrol next week. . i'm michael finney. eight car dealerships closed
6:27 pm
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news". ll todhe best d to get away for the thanksgiving holiday to avoid incoming storms, but you won't avoid traffic. here's a live look at drivers along i-80 in emeryville.
6:30 pm
the ribbons of taillights and headlights in both directions, slow going there. now to the south bay, here is 101 in san jose. at this time of day it is always backed up, but as they head south very crowded, all lanes. along the skyway in san francisco, we showed you this in a few minutes ago, a mess there as well. busy in both directions. looking live at san francisco international airport today, no local airports have reported delays. sfo had experienced some delays because of the smoky air. >> yeah, certainly. for the first time, valley transportation authority in partnership tw the santa clara sheriff's office will have two canines dedicated to sniffing for explosives on public transit. >> we got a rare behind-the-scenes look at the dogs as they underwent training. "abc 7 news" reporter chris wynn was there for that story. >> reporter: these labs have a knack and nose for people safe. meet two of the newest members
6:31 pm
of the santa claire's county sherif's office. they will both work full time as participate of the transit patrol with a focus on detecting explosive devices. >> being around crowds or in crowds or through crowds is not a problem for these dogs because they've been tested for it. >> reporter: these canines on a mission to make a difference. >> we don't have to worry about the dogs biting anybody because they're friendly. what they're sole purpose is to do is to sniff out explosive odors. >> reporter: make that 18 different odors that could signify potential explosives. >> they're definitely strengthening our transit patrol system and really patrolling the 346 square miles we have with bus and light rail. >> reporter: they will proactively sweep buses, trains and stations throughout their shifts. their arrival comes as the south bay prepares to host major holiday events such as christmas in the park in san jose and the college football playoff national championship in santa clara. >> all transit systems are a risk for terrorism and bombing,
6:32 pm
and these dog goes were purchased using federal homeland security money. >> reporter: the deputies are both new to being canine handlers, an a lot of responsibility. >> i would equate to having a new child in the house. she's brand-new to me. you know, we're learning what she likes, what she doesn't like. >> reporter: fiercely loyal without a doubt. in santa clara, chris wynn, "abc 7 news." new developments now. oakmont senior living in santa rosa has reached a settlement with state officials after staff pmembers admit to leaving residents behind during last year's tubbs fire. one year after the villa capri and verena burned to the ground, the department of public services will allow both to continue operating on a two-year probation. two months ago they filed to revoke both licenses. is settlement includes making sure they're properly staffed
6:33 pm
overnight and perform annual evcuation drills. new developments in the lawsuit against the makers of the weed killer roundup. the company is appealing the verdict. a man in the bay area sued monsanto and won, as you know, claiming roundup caused his terminal cancer. last month a judge reduced the award in the case to $78 million. today monsanto filed an appeal and requested review of the court's refusal to order a new trial. in the trial they argued there's overwhelming evidence roundup does not cause cancer. we first told you last friday about a chain of auto dealers that closed its dealerships. we are learning more about why it happened. >> "7 on your side's" michael finney is here with what he has learned. >> with momentum auto dealers suddenly closed eight of its locations, customers and employees were left scratching their heads. recently unsealed court records reveal momentum was having some serious financial trouble, and is the subject of a department
6:34 pm
of motor vehicles investigation. the momentum auto group consists of nine dealerships. as of monday night it appears eight of them closed without warning, in fairfield and vallejo. today the department of motor vehicles sent "7 on your side" a statement saying in part, the dmv investigations division currently has an open and ongoing investigation on the momentum auto group. as of today, momentum chevrolet in san jose says it is still open, but customers at the other dealerships are now left wondering what happened. >> i'm very angry. i'm very angry with them, how i was treated. >> a recently unsealed federal case may shed some light on the financial trouble the dealership group was in. according to this security and exchange commission complaint, momentum has roughly $40 million worth of loans from a south florida company called first globl capital. first global capital promised investors a high return,
6:35 pm
low-risk investment in which first global would use investor money to make short-term cash advances to businesses that could not obtain more traditional financing such as bank loans. in the complaint, the sec accuses first global of fraud in a scheme that victimized thousands of investors nationwide, many of whom used their retirement savings to invest. according to the deposition of a first global employee, momentum started taking loans from first global in october 2017, taking a series of advances. the employee said that raised red flags with investors lending money. first global did not answer our calls. momentum isn't accused of any wrong doing and declined our repeated requests for comment. the dealership's presidet is raheem who was profiled by auto news in its 40 under 40 article
6:36 pm
in 2013. hassanally is listed as a board member. the legislature created the cmvrc which pays consumers which suffer losses when a dealership. the website debanked is reporting first global and momentum auto group entered into an exclusive agreement to sell the dealerships in july, but cited court records showing one of momentum's creditors was granted a temporary restraining order, prohibiting the sale of the dealerships on november 14th, two days before the dealership suddenly shut down. the dmv told "7 on your side" consumers can file a report of complaint with the dmv's investigations vallejo district office if they have purchased a vehicle recently and not received their registration or if they have any other concerns regarding a recent purchase of a vehicle. now, i have a link to that complaint form. it is attached to this story on our website at >> all right. thank you, mikea. coming up here, calming and
6:37 pm
comforting. see what else this therapy dog is providing for students in the south bay. . and we'll have wet weather for thanksgiving. spencer is tracking the level two storm. for thanksgiving. spencer is tracking the level two storm.
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it's been a challenging time for many of us to stay indoors for over a week because of the unhealthy air. imagine how stressful it has been for school-aged children deprived of recess outdoors. not easy for them. >> definitely not. yeah, a school district in san jose is addressing the concern with classroom therapy sessions with a specially-trained dog. >> "abc 7 news" reporter david louie shows you how a dog named nash is helping kids cope. >> reporter: this playground has been empty for over a week as smoke forced students at meadows elementary to stay indoors. have you guys been able to go outside lately? >> no. >> why not? >> the air quality. >> reporter: steve morrow and his certified therapy dog, a chocolate lab named nash, are here to help relieve the stress of being cooped up.
6:41 pm
nash is very mellow, handling all of the attention and petting frm these doting third graders. >> it's been hard. >> reporter: stressful? >> yeah. and then we could let all of our stress out by just petting him. >> reporter: nash only recently started these 30-minute classroom sessions. normally he is focused on providing therapy at nursing and convalescent homes. he seems to be helping the youngsters cope. >> we want to go on the playground but we have to stay inside. >> reporter: that smoke is pretty bad out there. >> yeah, it is pretty bad. >> reporter: so does nash coming to class, does that relieve some of that stress? >> yeah. >> reporter: it may look like play time, but nash's owner has a knack for setting the tone and keeping the therapy focused. >> when you start to see it becoming more of a play time, you kind of have to bring it back with them and bring the focus back on the calming thing. you know, the kids are really opening to listening to me. when you have a dog, they listen to you very, very well. >> reporter: the dog therapy sessions are part of a student wellness program. >> we also have a social/emotion curriculum where we are talking
6:42 pm
about developing empathy and regulating our emotions. so they kind of play off of that with nash so that they can have those conversations in class. >> reporter: hopefully the weather conditions will be different by the time these youngsters come back from their thanksgiving break, but nash will still be coming once a week to handle other kinds of stress and anxiety they face. in san jose, david louie, "abc 7 news". >> great. >> yeah. well, on thanksgiving the turkey is the center piece, and it begs a critical question. >> yeah, do you know how to carve it properly? you don't have to do it all with a nice,
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
president trump has used the power of his office to keep peas off the thanksgiving holiday table. the 39-pound turkey may have taken ceremonial honors in the rose garden, but his 41-year-old friend carrots will be spared -- 41-pound i should say. both will live the rest of their lives on a farm in virginia. no harm, no foul. mr. trump and the first lady are in palm beach, florida for thanksgiving. >> in the east bay thanksgiving came early for thousands of family in oakland. crowds poured into the marriott city center for the 27th annual thanksgiving dinner for the
6:46 pm
community. it has become an oakland tradition and are greatly appreciated for the families that need it. >> i had turkey and dressing, mixed vegetables, a dinner roll, cranberry sauce, a beverage, and the music to dance by, shake your head by, or whatever you want to shake. >> whatever you want to shake. i like her. volunteers say the crowds were larger than usual this year. several major organizations chipped in to help including the warriors, the oakland a's, kaiser permanente and the chancellor's office. let's turn to thanksgiving around your home. you have taken the beautiful turkey out of the oven. hoart properly? it xt >> that's a great question. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow consulted an expert. >> reporter: how do you carve a turkey? who better to ask than a chef who will be carving hundreds of turkeys this year. >> first, you want to separate out your legs and the thighs,
6:47 pm
and really take the drum sticks. don't be afraid to get in there and break that down to the side. what that gives you is a stable bird to work with. next, you want to take your breast off. so usually what i do, i follow this bone right here, is the wish bone. i'm going to make that cut and follow the breast bone down. what you can do is get that whole breast off. i'm carving around the wish bone and taking the whole breast off. i will keep the whole breast together and i will make nice, big slices for my platter. the rest of the turkey i will do with my hands. for the dark meat you can almost just pull those bonesout, and either this -- you can either slice with a knife or you can sort of shred with your hands. >> you made it look very easy. >> thanks. we have had a lot of practice. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> wait for the microphone, i have something new to try on
6:48 pm
thanksgiving. good stuff. >> definitely. how is the forecast for that day? >> spencer is back. something to be thankful for is the weather changing, spencer. >> that is so true. much-needed rainfall and better air quality, both coming our way. the storm is just off store, ranking two on the storm impact scale, a storm of moderate intensity. we will feel its impact overnight and early tomorrow morning with moderate to heavy rainfall at times, wind gusting 20 to 40 miles per hour, maybe even isolated thunder. by 3:30 a.m. we will see showers moving into parts of mendocino county and sonoma county, and then near the end of the morning commute, while it is still going on let's put it that way, we will see steadier, heavier rain pushing into the north bay on the coastline, finally spreading to all parts of the bay area by late morning to midday. it will be a wet day and windy at times as well. we won't see the intensity of the storm tapering off until late afternoon, early evening, and it will be followed by more waves of rain tomorrow night,
6:49 pm
into thursday morning, thanksgiving day. we have a string of wet days coming our way. tomorrows highs about 60 as the coast to maybe 62 in the mildest inland locations. here is the seven day forecast. thursday's storm ranks one on the impact scale, friday's rank one on the impact scale. milder conditions before monday with the arrival of more rain on tuesday. there's a rainy season after all. >> not kaktly texactly the holi spirit at the warriors. what is going on? >> you noticed that? kevin durant had choice words for a fan in the front row, and he will be paying the price for that. the n
6:50 pm
welcome to emirates mr. jones.
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now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the past week obviously has not been fun for kevin durant. there was the argument with draymond following by never-ending stories about the argument with draymond and now a $25,000 fine. the fine was for a few choice words directed at one fan saturday night in dallas. the fan had been heckling kd. you can imagine what he was saying. kd responded with a harsher version of, hey, could you please be quiet and watch the game. i'm sure he delivered it just like that. warriors are home for four straight games starting with okc tomorrow night. yes, russell westbrook, kd's old buddy, will be in town. steve kerr says the team has to eliminate all of the noise.
6:53 pm
>> all of the other stuff that happens throughout the year, some is made public, some of it is not. our job is to deal with that stuff internally as a family, and that's what we do and, you know, that's -- that's -- there's not going to be any detail coming out. >> college hoops, jones and cal taking on temple. mcneil led the way with 12 points. he hit three threes, knocking this one down from the right corner. you blink and you might miss temple's bask. who is guarding him? nobody. rose again. another quick strike lob. watch, somebody. rose had a game high 23. temple wins 76-59. that game in new york. caps off 1-3. i hope you watched the rams and chiefs. they played an instant classic last night, 54-51 rams. if only we could get a superbowl like that. man! former cal star jared goff threw for 413 yards, four touchdowns. had a rushing touchdown.
6:54 pm
this was an amazing shootout with patrick mahomes of the chief. goff's dad is a california firefighter, so this week really has been kind of surreal. >> it's been a long two weeks, a long two weeks. i slept in my bed once i think. i know all of us are in the same boat. feel for everyone who's, you know, lost their homes and everyone who's mourning the deaths from the shooting, and it just puts a lot of things in perspective, like i talked about. you know, right now we're playing a football game and won a game that hopefully brings joy to a community that needs it. >> excellent message. the oakland a's took home named the edward martinez designated hitter of the year award winner. he becomes first a's player since dave parker in 1989 to win the award. he crushed 46 homers, drove in 118 runs. davis led the american league dhs in runs, hits, doublers, homers, rbis, finished third in slugging percentage. not a bad year.
6:55 pm
sharks were set to play edmond son and mcclelland tonight except mcclelland was fired earlier today. he was with the oilers since the 2015-16 season. he missed the playoffs last year despite having a young, talented roster. he got off to a slow start again this season, so mcclelland and they're replacing him with veteran hitchcock. this is the second head coach firing within 12 hours and the fourth this season already. >> it is the nature of the business i think. i think we all knew, you know, when you went a whole year last year without one going that -- that this was a possibility and, you know, i think -- but, you know, i'm sure all four of those guys will be working again soon. steph curry does a two-ball dribble that's the highlight of every warrior as pregame warm-up. kyrie irving has reupped it by doing the drill while standing
6:56 pm
on two basketballs. come on. that is crazy balance right there. but can kyree do this? video posted last night of steph curry. he's tattooing his tattoo artist. he tattooed his signature on this guy's arm. i wonder if he wrote, two-time nba champion or two-time mvp and three-time champion. >> i don't think there was room for that. >> father of three. >> i think i would trust steph curry to tattoo his signature. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable 713. popular venue mess au neen is set to close, the move by the owners to increase rent by 600%. on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, some of the butte college athletes lost everything on the camp fire. why they say hitting the court is not about winning tonight. >> at 8:00 catch "the conners"
6:57 pm
followed by "the kids are all right" and "black-ish" and "splitting up together, and "the rookie" at 10:00. >> at 11:35 it is "jimmy kimmel live". tonight's guests are michael b. jord and an tv host katie nolan. >> that is this edition of "abc 7 news". look for breaking news on the "abc 7 news" app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry beil, spencer christian, all of us here. thank you for being here tonight.
6:58 pm
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