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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 20, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, michael b. jordan. from espn, katie nolan. and music from h.e.r. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. if you're watching at home, thank you for coming here. how you doing? very nice. i'm thankful that you're here. this is the time that we -- of year that we are thankful. thanksgiving is almost upon us.
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i hope you're ready to fight with your family. i hope those lulu lemons are ready to stretch out to their capacity. this year, they say -- i heard the average thanksgiving meal this year for ten people is expected to cost $48.90 and i don't know where they get these estimates but the average thanksgiving dinner for ten people doesn't cost $48.90 unless you're buying your ingredients in the dumpster behind the supermarket, right? i like thanksgiving. it's one of the better holidays. there are no gifts. there's just food. but there's a newish tradition i want to address and that is friendsgiving. you know what this is? started with kids coming home from college, you get together with the people you want to get together with, the people you don't have to get together with, your friends, and that part is great. the part of it that isn't great is for whatever reason, the food, most people serve on friendsgiving is what? turkey, right?
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the same food we're already having thursday night. i went to friendsgiving on saturday night, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. i'm going to another one tomorrow night, menu, turkey, stuffing, and then thursday, i'm going to spend the whole day making turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. there's a reason we only have turkey once a year. it's not that great. it's like having a tailgate party the day before the super bowl. it's ridiculous. i say, if you must have a friendsgiving, serve something else. maybe a lasagna, meatballs are nice, lobster if you want to get fancy, tacos, whatever, anything but turkey. if i want three turkeys in a row, i'll go to a matt damon film festival, okay? that's right. [ applause ] and you know what? i'll tell you something else. if you can't think of a second kind of meat to serve at a dinner party, maybe entertaining isn't for you.
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if you really want to be a friend on friendsgiving, order chinese food, right? i mean, right, guillermo? >> guillermo: that's right, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you. do you ever go to those things? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: you've been to a friendsgiving >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: whose friendsgiving did you go to? >> guillermo: my friend juan. but he had tamales. >> jimmy: there you go. that juan knows what's going on. you don't have a friend, juan, do you? >> guillermo: no, i do, yeah. >> jimmy: you do? donald trump is having his fox and friendsgiving in florida. president got an early jump on the holiday. he will be there spending time with his friends and sycophants at his private club, mar-a-lago, but before he left for vacation, he did stop to chat with his favorite people in the world, reporters. >> it's called person of the year, right? it's no longer man of the year, right? okay. i don't know. that's up to "time" magazine. i've been there before. i can't imagine anybody else
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other than trump. can you imagine anybody other than trump? have a good time, everybody. >> jimmy: yeah. let me tell you something. every day, i imagine someone other than trump. [ cheers and applause ] it never happens. we might be getting closer. this afternoon, the president finished his homework assignment, which was answering the questions submitted by robert mueller at 5:00 p.m. eastern time and arby's place mat menu with the words no collusion written in horsey sauce. he got these questions a month ago but took him a while to finish because, well, first trump wrote his answers and then his lawyers took those answers and cut them into small pieces and ate them and then they wrote the answers and submitted those so now we wait for a thanksgiving miracle and while the president himself is being investigated, "the new york times" is reporting that he wanted to order the justice department to prosecute hillary clinton and jim comey. for what, no one seems to know.
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i guess they'd figure that out once they were in prison. but the president's lawyer apparently talked him out of it and explained that doing something like that could lead to his own impeachment, which, why do i feel like this ends with trump and hillary in a cell together watching "judge judy." but hillary, meanwhile, is having a good laugh today because the president's daughter, ivanka trump, turns out, ivanka, who's a member of the trump administration, used her personal e-mail account for official white house business. sometimes the jokes write themselves. the president, though, to his credit, does not play favorites when it comes to the law. he's very serious about e-mail related offenses and he had some harsh words today for his own flesh and blood. >> what she did with her e-mails is so criminal, is so dishonest, is so shocking. she was willing to risk our foreign enemies reading her e-mails. she lied like a dog on her
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e-mails. she lied like a dog. >> lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. >> jimmy: tough words for his own daughter. i assume he'll do an interview sometime this month claiming he never met ivanka but heard she's nice. and of all the president's critics, and there are many, none in my opinion is more fascinating than george conway, who is the husband of kelleyanne conway and who now has a podcast where he offered what might be the sbes best simile. >> tonight, the contrarian husband of one of the president's top aides isn't just raising eyebrows, he's dropping jaws, speaking publicly for the first time about his disdain for the trump administration. >> it's like the administration is a [ bleep ] show in a dumpster fire. >> jimmy: let me tell you something, thanksgiving dinner at the conways should be a pay per view event. we should all be able to --
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right? in other reality show news, nbc has unveiled the trailer for a new season of the bla"the the bachel"the bachelor" is a v while his amazing journey doesn't begin until january 27th, this promises to be the most shocking season of "the bachelor" yet. >> oh my god! >> fantasy suites. >> i'm here to fall in love, so hopefully by the end of this, i'm down on one knee. >> you could lose your virginity this week. >> it's okay, it's okay. >> i have no doubt in my mind that you talked mad [ bleep ] about me. >> how about mind your own business. you call this off. >> girls, girls, girls.
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♪ >> hide your kids, hide your wife. >> i'm scared. >> i'm [ bleep ] done. >> colton! >> oh my god! >> what just happened? >> colton's dramatic journey to love begins january 7th. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so there's something that we can all be grateful for. you know, the president today took part in what they do every year, the turkey pardoning ceremony at the white house. this is a tradition that goes back to the 1860s when abraham lincoln's son begged him to pardon a pet turkey. this year, the pet turkey will be begging the president to pardon his son. the president approached the turkey cautiously, you see, because you never know when they might attack and then he summoned all his magic powers as president.
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>> i hereby grant you a full pardon. >> jimmy: there you go. meanwhile, poor paul manafort is watching fox news in his prison cell going, oh the hell with me, i guess. you know, over the last, i don't know, 400 years or so, the story of thanksgiving hasn't changed much. we learn it in school, and it's fine, but this year, we wanted to spice it up so we got in touch with the fifth grade class at mar-a-lago country day school in palm beach and we flew them all west to present for the first time ever the story of friendship and gratitude that is now known as the first trumpsgiving. kids? [ cheers and applause ] >> in the year 1620, the first pilgrims boarded their private yacht christened "the may flower" and while on a five star cruise to plymouth, massachusetts. ♪
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>> i'm going to put the golf course right here and the hotel right here. it's going to be huge. [ laughter ] >> whatever you say, donald. >> oh no! it's the caravan of immigrants from south america! watch out. they're bad hombres. >> immigrants? we're not immigrants. we are native americans. >> well, we're american americans and we were here first. >> but we just saw you land on plymouth rock. >> you mean trump rock and casino? [ laughter ] >> hello, trump. my name is pocahontas.
11:46 pm
>> i'll call you elizabeth warren. >> please join us for a feast tonight. >> okay. but i hope you have taco bowls. >> the native americans spent all their harvesting their crops and cooking while the pilgrims went back to their yacht and watched "fox & friends," which at that time was just a fox playing with his friends. that evening, they all gathered for traditional feast. ♪ >> the pilgrims are late. our baked beans are getting cold. >> here they come. [ laughter ] >> we decided to make our signature dish. you'll thank me later. >> it's a wall of cornbread. >> and you're going to pay for it.
11:47 pm
>> don't bother. it's just something he says. >> where is the turkey? >> i asked eric and donald junior to hunt for one. >> i think i hear them coming now. >> hi, mom and dad. hi, mexicans. [ laughter ] >> dinner is served. >> an elephant? >> i told you two dopes to shoot a turkey. >> we couldn't find a turkey. >> but you found an elephant? [ laughter ] >> that's disgusting! >> we'll just eat the wall. >> the greatest thanksgiving in everyo, bec of thankivgs idiots! >> but just when things were at their darkest, a thanksgiving miracle happened. ♪ [ laughter ]
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[ applause ] >> hi, everyone, i'm a bucket of kfc extra crispy chicken. i'm finger licking good. especially if you have teeny tiny fingers. [ laughter ] >> this is the greatest day of my entire life. ♪ we wish you a great trumpsgiving, we wish you a trumpsgiving ♪ ♪ we wish you a winning trumpsgiving ♪ >> jimmy: well done. thank you, kids. great job.
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great job. great job. great job. how about that? wasn't that fantastic? great job, kids. little donald. all right. tonight in the show, michael b. jordan is here, katie nolan is here, and we'll be right back. i'm always going to be a maker. and i think a company is the coolest thing you can build. i'm adam, and i make robots. you never know when inspiration is going to strike. so i take my surface pro everywhere. part of an entrepreneur's job is to get stuff done. i like to do, like, four things at once. the new surface pro can handle all of my programs. i can paint, i can mold, i can code. i have it on all the time, it's fantastic. we get to build toys for kids and change the world. it's a big deal.
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♪♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. tonight, from "always late with katie nolan," which you can see on espn plus, katie nolan is here and then, she is apple music's up next artist. this is her new ep called "i
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used to know her part 2." h.e.r. from the mercedes-benz stage. a lot has happened to our first guest since she was here last. rocky taught him to box and he went to wakanda to fight the black panther. next, he steps back into the ring with stallone at his side in "creed 2." it opens in theaters tomorrow, please welcome michael b jordan. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you. >> thanks for having me here. >> jimmy: it's got to be great. >> yeah. >> jimmy: how's everything? you look fantastic. >> thank you, thank you,thank you. >> jimmy: the suit is very snazzy. >> appreciate it. >> jimmy: i was here with you sitting right next to you. >> we were in the same, actually, seats sfw. >> jimmy: over the summer. we were pretending to be on the show.
11:55 pm
>> that's right. >> jimmy: you were in character for "creed 2." >> i was. >> jimmy: for a scene, a big exciting scene. some said was the highlight of the film. >> it was a high point, it really was. >> jimmy: and then -- but somewhere along the way, something happened to that scene. >> listen, everybody in that scene was great. you know, we had one weak link. >> jimmy: it was just me and you and tessa thompson in the scene, though. >> and me and tessa is in the rest of the movie. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i got cut out of the movie. >> whenever you need me, if you wanted some pointers, some acting tips. >> jimmy: what happened exactly? was it -- what was the reason? >> no, no, honestly, you did a great job. you really did. give it up. let's give it up for jimmy. >> jimmy: they don't know. it was so good. >> sometimes movies, we have so much material, some things just end up on the editing room floor. don't take it personal. >> jimmy: will it be in the blu-ray extras? >> let's push for the dvd
11:56 pm
extras. >> jimmy: i would like to be a dvd extra. [ applause ] see if you can put in a good word on that one, all right? >> i got you. >> jimmy: how's everything going for you? hey, by the way, this magazine just was revealed. gq man of the year. that's a real wolf too. is it really? >> it is and he was in that. he was not photoshopped. >> jimmy: it looks like a happy wolf, a smiling wolf. >> he's 97% wolf. >> jimmy: he's almost all wolf. those are dangerous, though. i've had some appearanexperienc this before with a wolf and they say you should not be around a wolf even if they say it's trained. >> they said it was safe and trained and totally calm but don't look at him in the eyes. i'm like, great, no eye contact. >> jimmy: it's funny when people tell you things like you make a right here, sometimes i'll gloss over but when i hear something like, don't look a wolf in the eyes, i follow directions. >> you should. you would be a smart man. >> jimmy: did you want to look
11:57 pm
in the eyes of the wolf? >> i definitely looked him in the eyes once or twice by a glance but he just punked me. i was like, i'm good. i can't make eye contact. but it was a cool dog. >> jimmy: you have a camera crew with you following you around. are you making a documentary? >> i just love how it -- it started off as a videographer and now it's a full camera crew. >> jimmy: is it? i wasn't back there. >> i had my videographer, leo, he's just capturing moments, like honestly, things have been happening so fast, you know, from one thing to the next and sometimes you don't take a second to breathe and really appreciate what's going on, so i just wanted to have these moments. >> jimmy: so this is for your personal use. >> yeah, personal use. years from now, i can look back and be like, oh, i remember when that happened. >> jimmy: will i be cut out of this video as well? [ applause ] >> i promise you're not going to get cut out. >> jimmy: what are you doing for thanksgiving? what's the plan? >> thanksgiving this year is a little intense. i'm flying to johannesberg,
11:58 pm
south africa, to promote "creed 2." and we're going to do a thanksgiving day brunch. so a brunch. my family had a home catering business growing up so we love cooking. we love food. >> jimmy: is that right? what kind of stuff would they cater, like weddings? >> more like political events or barbecues and functions, sunday church dinners. >> jimmy: so they know how to cook for a lot of people. >> exactly. >> jimmy: and who does the bulk of the cooking? >> this is tough. i'm going to say 70/30 mom/dad. >> jimmy: all right. >> don't kill me. mom/dad. >> jimmy: they can cover this no problem. won't be a problem at all. >> exactly. >> jimmy: and then will they continue their thanksgiving without you or once you leave for johannesberg, is it over? >> i think once i leave, they're going to bring out the real menu and throw down in the kitchen. >> jimmy: when we come back, we're going to look at a clip from "creed 2." michael b. jordan is here. i will not be seen in this clip
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you need to ask yourself,
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are you here to prove something to other people, or prove something to yourself? >> to myself. >> all right. >> let me ask you something. >> what? >> what's with the hair? >> i combed it. it's a special night. >> jimmy: that is michael b. jordan and sylvester stallone in "creed 2," which opens tomorrow. boy, that's got to be great to be there with "rocky," with sylvester stallone and have the boxing gloves on and the robe and everything. i mean, really. >> that was an improved line. he was just like, man, we got to do something fun and mix it up a little bit. it's a serious moment and you know, just talk some crap about my hair and i was like, okay, cool, let's do it. and it worked out. it was cool. >> jimmy: that's pretty great. i don't think i'm ruining anything when i say that your character fights ivan drago's character. >> son. >> jimmy: son, rather.
12:05 am
fights his son. drago killed apollo creed and now adonis creed is fighting his son. >> facts. it's kind of like, you know, it's almost a book end to "rocky iv" a little bit, we have that grudge match, that animosity. >> jimmy: more than a simple grudge match. >> and that's kind of part of the character arc for adonis and victor in this movie is to kind of overcome that battle, that challenge, that it's not about us, right? it's not about them. it's not about our fathers. it's about us and what we're going through so not to kind of carry over the drama from the past. >> jimmy: you learned to box, of course, for the first movie. is it then easier to come in and box in this one? >> yeah, because i kind of know what to expect and over the years, i've kind of continued and kept up with boxing so i've always been in the gym. >> jimmy: there's more boxing here. do you feel like boxing -- you'll be part of the boxing world now for the rest of your life in the way stallone is. >> whether i like it or not, for
12:06 am
sure, but i have a love for boxing and appreciation for boxers and what they go through. i think i'm an honorary fighter, kind of, sort of. >> jimmy: you did a lot of training, obviously, for the movie. you know -- is it true that -- i heard that you spoke to some camera guy from tmz and said you wanted to fight roy jones jr. >> that wasn't a smart decision. i got caught up. i was in character for a minute and i just blacked out and i said it. but i want no smoke, roy. no smoke. read yourself a charity book. >> jimmy: i'm going to say, not even for the kids, not even for charity. stay away from roy jones jr. >> no, for sure. but i said it in a joking way. but it's got some good buzz and attention around it but it was all fun. >> jimmy: what's the key to hitting somebody and not really hurting them? i mean -- really? >> do i want to? am i trying to hurt them or not? like in a --. >> jimmy: do you guys cut loose when you're fighting in the movie. >> make eye contact and then you just got to sell it. it's really on the sell. it's really on you to sell
12:07 am
whether or not the hit looks believable. >> jimmy: it's on the hittee. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and when do you shoot the fight sequences? are they at the end of the film? >> we front load them so sly's process and blueprint to shooting all the "rocky" films was front loaded the movie with boxing so that's what we did with this one. we shot all the fights in the first two and a half weeks of production and got it out of the way. >> jimmy: because you're physically fit and ready for it at the beginning. >> because we've been training up so hard leading up to principal photography and we're in the best shape so we want to get that out the way so we can focus on the character and story. >> jimmy: do you think in the back of his mind, also, he thinks, in case somebody gets injured, we can then shoot the regular scenes and come back to the fighting at the end. >> i think that has a lot to do with it also. >> jimmy: smart. there's a way to do it now. >> it's a whole system and that's the way ryan did it and steven did it on this one so we're going to keep it up. >> jimmy: i'd like to try something and i don't know how this is going to look but what i would like you to do if you
12:08 am
don't mind is punch me, okay? >> these are all witnesses, though, right, that you asked me to do this. >> jimmy: they are witnesses. but i don't want to be -- i don't want to be hurt. >> okay, okay. >> jimmy: what i want you to do is punch me in slow motion and what we'll do is i'll react in slow motion and then we'll speed it up so it looks like you punched me really hard. >> you have some water or something, put it in your mouth. >> jimmy: like a spit take? >> the spit kind of spray. >> jimmy: this tea is hot. this is iced tea. i'll go with this. >> i haven't touched this one. >> jimmy: i'll take this. okay. all right. so, you want me to take a drink? >> just a little bit and then we're going to make eye contact and then when i'm coming this way, you got to turn with me. >> jimmy: hit me with this one if you can so i'm going to go back that way. >> how's this work? you want to come this way and come that way? >> jimmy: exactly. tell me when you want me to take the drink. >> have it in there already so it's already, like, ready to go. >> jimmy: all right. like i'm just filled with water?
12:09 am
all right. here we go. >> just a little bit. all right. all right. so i'm going -- on the count of three, all right? one, two, three. [ applause ] >> oh. >> jimmy: all right. >> oh, okay. . >> jimmy: all right. i think we put the crack in the wrong spot but let's play it back and see how it looks. we'll get it right here. oh yeah, that's the one that's why you're creed. michael b. jordan, "creed 2" opens tomorrow. we'll be right back. a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner.
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>> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. the holidays are coming so fast, and to celebrate, barefoot wines has assembled their own music group called the sleigh team. the team already features such talented members as cecily strong, chrissie fit and tituss burgess, but they're looking to add someone new.
12:16 am
>> that person was good. >> yeah. >> who's next? ♪ >> and you are? >> guillermo: i'm guillermo rodriguez. i'm auditioning for the part of champagne. >> this seems like it's going to be a huge waste of our time. >> guillermo: you're very close-minded cecily strong. give me a chance. >> do you know how to sing? >> guillermo: not really, but i never give up. >> champagne is so good. i would marry it if i could. when i say cham, you say pagne! cham! cham! you were supposed to say pain. >> pain.
12:17 am
>> look guillermo, the sleigh team is about bringing together barefoot wines and the holidays, not whatever this is. i'm sorry but you just don't have what it takes. >> sir, stop where you are. cecily, chrissie, this man is the absolute embodiment of barefoot wines. he's jolly. he's effervescent. he's warm -- >> warm? >> i like my champagne warm. you, sir, slay all day. >> wow. so i'm in? >> no! dicky: "sleighin' the holidays" can be found on all streaming music platforms. and see the entire video on the barefoot wine youtube channel.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from h.e.r. our next guest has her own show called "always late with katie nolan." it's available on espn plus, which i think is like pert plus but for sports. please say hello to katie nolan. [ cheers and applause ] katie, you kick me in the head and i'll go flying. how you doing? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: congratulations on your show. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: it is a once a week "late night" sports comedy show. >> that was the pitch i practiced, so you said it now, so -- yep. >> jimmy: and you are working hard at it, i assume. >> yeah. usually. thing is, so this week, we taped the show early so that i could come here, do this. >> jimmy: got you. >> and so i flew last night during the biggest and best
12:24 am
football game that has ever been. >> jimmy: of the last 19 years. >> so i missed the whole thing. >> jimmy: you didn't have tv on the plane. >> no, they didn't. >> jimmy: i'm sorry about that. >> that's okay. >> jimmy: i hope it's worth it. >> it's absolutely my -- >> you've got me into some kind of a mess on your show. >> yeah, so, we did this thing on our show recently, the oakland raiders are moving to las vegas, probably in 2020. >> jimmy: probably. >> one person very excited. there's a lease issue with the stadium right now. so they might have to be somewhere else next year but vegas 2020. so, we wanted to give them some tips on how to, you know, get out ahead of the move. one of them was work on a rebrand. one of them was embrace las vegas and the third one was, have a passionate fan base. and so we decided one of the best ways to do that would be to have a celebrity fan, and so, you know, you're from vegas and we figured the other better option or good option would be wayne newton so we're between picking you and wayne newton, as one always is, jimmy kimmel,
12:25 am
wayne newton, and we reached out to wayne and we were like, you know, we're doing this thing, thinking we'd never hear back and he sent back a video about why he should be the fan and why you shouldn't. >> i should be the celebrity ambassador for the las vegas raiders. jimmy [ bleep ] kimmel, are you kidding me? i mean, that clown had to leave vegas to become famous. the only time he comes back is when i let him. i am mr. las vegas, baby, and when you think of vegas, you think of wayne mother [ bleep ] newton, not jimmy no-talent kimmel. go raiders! [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean -- isn't that the best thing you've ever seen? >> jimmy: well, no, it's not the best thing i've ever seen, to be attacked by a las vegas icon for nothing. i did nothing to this man.
12:26 am
the raiders would be better off with a fig newton as their celebrity spokesperson. how you like that, wayne? [ cheers and applause ] >> got a new feud now. >> jimmy: and since when is wayne newton living in liberace's mausoleum. >> we didn't get that until late and when it came through, it was so perfect, the way it looks. he's got a cat runs into the frame at one point. >> jimmy: i never heard him curse before. >> i didn't think he was going to do it but he did. >> jimmy: you come from a rabid boston sports family. >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: i would imagine you're excited about the world series. >> yes, very excited. my mom's number one takeaway, obviously we hate the yankees but there is a pitcher on the yankees, dylan, who looks like my ex-boyfriend and so my mom very much hates him but for reasons that have nothing to do with the yankees or him. like she'll be, like, i hope they hit a bunch of hits off him
12:27 am
and score a ton of runs. he's a liar. he was never nice to her. he seems like a lovely person but our family will never like him. >> jimmy: well, he needs to change his face. do you think if he came to the red sox you would have a different feeling about it? >> he would need to get some work, significant work done. >> jimmy: you know, recreational marijuana has just become legal in massachusetts. will you be going home for thanksgiving? >> yes. >> jimmy: yeah? >> and it doesn't even matter. my mom actually -- i can legally say this. grows her own. sure does. there's some limit. yeah. i don't know, it's -- i may have tried it once just for, like, product testing and it's not the best stuff. she has it, like, hanging in the garage. she'll send me videos panning of all of it drying. it's very breaking bad. it's very weird. >> jimmy: how much does she grow and where the the plant? >> whatever the legal amount is, it's that. i believe it's 7 -- i think it's 7 plants and they're in our -- we have like a very small side
12:28 am
yard. she may have moved it because last time i was home she said those dang rabbits keep eating it. apparently, rabbits love weed. >> jimmy: they do? >> i guess. and so they eat her plants, which she doesn't like. it's so weird. . >> jimmy: i did not know rabbits were stoners. that's an interesting thing. that could be a nice segment for your show, check in with the high rabbits at your mother's house. that's crazy. and has your mother always been -- >> an insane person? no, she picked it up recently. she was a bartender my whole life so when she would get home from life and need to go to sleep, she would try to drink and then wake up with a headache so she was like, i think i need something else to turn it off because you're on when you're bar tending and one of her customers started tipping her with weed. allegedly. that's actually probably not -- it wasn't legal at the time. >> jimmy: this is not exactly the norman rockwell painting that most of us imagine at the holidays. >> it makes for a fun thanksgiving. >> jimmy: yeah, i would think so and probably no leftovers at
12:29 am
all. >> none. none. she's like, let me make you a plate. and then she just eats it. >> jimmy: it's good to see you. congratulations on your show. watch "always late with katie nolan" wednesday nights on espn plus. we'll be right back with music from h.e.r. om h.e.r. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank michael b. jordan and katie nolan. apologies to matt damon. nightline is next, but first, this is her ep, "i used to know her: part two." here with the song "fate," h.e.r.! ♪ ♪ i'm lost is it really even my fault
12:32 am
i don't think that's its supposed to be hard ♪ ♪ if its really meant to be yeah so give me a sign is he always gonna be mine ♪ ♪ have i given it enough of my time who can i blame if it don't mean nothin ♪ ♪ sweet sweet fate had about all i can take am i living in ♪ ♪ the bed that i made is it yours i wonder ♪ ♪ sweet sweet fate if it's really out of my hands ♪ can you forgive all of my sins ♪ have mercy on me me ♪
12:33 am
♪ why me if you walked a mile using my feet ♪ you would go a little easy on me you'd know where i'm coming from yeah ♪ ♪ how come when i'm looking at everyone♪ ♪ they get away with having their fun i'm paying these dues when they don't mean nothin ♪ ♪ sweet sweet fate had about all i can take am i living in ♪ ♪ the bed that i made is it yours i wonder ♪ ♪ sweet sweet fate if it's really out of my hands ♪ can you forgive all of my sins ♪ have mercy on me
12:34 am
me ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, what about yesterday what about us what about the seas what about us ♪ ♪ the heavens are falling down what about us ♪ ♪ i can't even breathe what about us ♪ ♪ what about everything what about us i didn't do what about us ♪ ♪ what about nature's worth it's our planet's womb what about us ♪ ♪ what about animals what about us turned kingdoms to dust what about us ♪ ♪ what about elephants what about us
12:35 am
have we lost their trust what about us ♪ ♪ what about crying whales what about us ravaging the seas what about us ♪ ♪ what about forest trails burnt, despite our pleas ♪ ♪ ahh ahh ooh ooh ahh ahh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ sweet sweet fate had about all i can take ♪ ♪ am i living in the bed that i made is it yours i wonder ♪ ♪ sweet sweet fate
12:36 am
if it's really out of my hands ♪ can you forgive all of my sins ♪ have mercy on me ♪
12:37 am
>> announcer: this is "nightline." >> tonight, the double life of the man who destroyed his young family. >> i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them, and they also trusted you. the heartless monster. >> killing his pregnant wife and two little girls, seemingly to start a new life without them. now one woman is speaking out about their secret affair. plus -- >> is your marriage monogamous? >> i do not need to answer that question. >> the scandal that sidelined the front runner, the rumors and the stakeout that unravelled gary hart's 1988 presidential bid. >> this is like a thriller. this is happening in a week. he's in an alleyway at 2:00 i


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