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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 21, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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morning. happy thanksgiving. net making news in america this morning, holiday arctic blast. bitter cold sweeping the northeast as a record number of travelers hit the road for the holiday. traffic snarled. trains sold out and airlines creating new routes. how the frigid weather could impact your plans. targeting his enemies. the new report claiming president trump wanted to force the justice department to go after hillary clinton and take down james comey. the stunning memo from his legal team and who warned him about the risk for impeachment. tainted lettuce. a massive e. coli outbreak spurring the cdc to ask everyone to throw out their romaine. dozens already sick. the search for the source of the outbreak this morning. plus, nightmare mix-up.
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>> i just gave them my money. >> how one woman lost thousands of dollars at the bank. golfing gamble. why some top notch trash talk could cost tiger woods $200,000. and forklift fail. the stunning moment this driver bumps into a shelf and takes down the entire warehouse. just when you thought you were having a bad day. or a bad week. >> i feel bad for that driver. >> exactly as we say good morning, everybody. the holiday rush is under way. thanksgiving travel this year expected to be the busiest since 2005. >> with gas prices dropping 24 cents in the last month, more drivers are packing onto the roads. this was the traffic nightmare in southern california last night. >> and the weather radar is mostly quiet, but look at the windchills expected tomorrow as a blast of arctic air sweeps across the midwest and into the northeast.
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a zero in bostonjustin time for the holiday. from the roads to the rails and everywhere in between. >> all the train tickets were sold out already. >> reporter: the thanksgiving travel season is in full swing. >> i left at like 2:00 a.m. to go to the airport. >> i wanted to get there as soon as possible. >> reporter: travelers getting out early ahead of arctic air that will make this thanksgiving among the coldest on record. overnight freeways were already backed up for miles like here in los angeles. more than 48 million drivers expected to hit the road this week, the busiest thanksgiving in more than a decade. even trains will be packed. crowds swarming union station in the nation's capital and amtrak expects more than 750,000 passengers the next few days. and if you're flying, you'll be joined by nearly 3 million people flying today alone. luckily airlines anticipating the rush adding more available seats on flights, increasing tsa staffing. authorities even opening up
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restricted airspace to commercial flights to handle the surge. but for some in california, the crowds are the least of their worries. smoke from those massive wildfires making visibility so low, it's grounding flights in san francisco. back on the east coast preparations are under way for the frigid and windy conditions expected at tomorrow's macy's parade. those famous balloons won't fly if winds top 23 miles an hour. each balloon has its own supervisor working with police to determine if it's safe to fly. and this year a new security measure. along the parade route, specially trained dogs to sniff out explosives, joining the thousands of officers on the streets and rooftops protecting the expected 3.5 million spectators. >> this is going to be a very safe place to be so we encourage everybody despite the anticipated cold weather to come down, see the balloons and have a great time. >> other than the cold in the east and some rain along the
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west coast, the weather looks mostly quiet. we'll have a closer look at the forecast in a few moments. we turn to the other big story this morning, the explosive new report about president trump's intention to punish his political enemies. sources tell "the new york times" the president wanted to order the justice department to prosecute hillary clinton and james comey. but he reportedly was warned about the possible consequences. abc's elizabeth hur is here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. "the times" is reporting that this is a conversation the president had with his lawyers back in the spring and that's when he was warned such a request could prompt accusations of abuse of power. according to "the new york times" president trump wanted to order the justice department to prosecute former fbi director james comey and hillary clinton. it's an idea as candidate trump during the 2016 campaign he vowed to deliver. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.
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>> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> reporter: but "the times" reports now former white house counsel don mcgahn rebuffed the president saying that he had no authority to order a prosecution. mcgahn then had the white house lawyers write a memo for the president warning that if he asked law enforcement to investigate his rivals, he could face a range of consequences including possible impeachment. so far no comment from the white house on this report. but president trump is defending saudi arabia. >> because it's america first to me. saudi arabia, if we broke with them, i think your oil prices would go through the roof. >> reporter: standing by our middle east ally despite reports the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince himself ordered the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. that has now prompted congress to demand that the trump administration investigate the
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prince's role in the killing. and, remember, the president is also dealing with the russia investigation. we are told he has turned in his written answers to special counsel robert mueller. sources say the president spent days with his lawyers on those answers that deal with obstruction, not collusion. janai. >> elizabeth, thank you. a new controversy in the mississippi senate race as democrat mike espy and republican cindy hyde-smith face a runoff election next week. a picture of hyde-smith has emerged showing her in a confederate hat holding a rifle during a visit to the jefferson davis museum back in 2014. she called it mississippi history at its best. she also came under fire this month after saying she would gladly attend a public hanging if one of her supporters invited her. during a debate last night hyde-smith apologized for that remark and accused her critics of twisting her words. 81 deaths are now confirmed in the northern california wildfire disaster.
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nearly 900 people are listed as missing. a new aerial view of the town of paradise shows the widespread devastation. one official calls it california's 9/11. crews continue to search burned out cars and rubble for human remains. the rain in the forecast today could hamper that search and could trigger mudslides. there's still no timetable for when residents will be allowed back to their homes. many of them will spend the holiday in that makeshift camp. time now for a closer look at your weather this wednesday. good morning. it is the busiest travel day of the year, and there will be some slow spots through parts of new england here. we are getting some snow squalls, a little rain around the houston area and some heavy rain along the california coast so expect a slowdown there. as we head into thanksgiving day, the rain continues here for the northwest and northern air works into the east so those numbers, they're going to be
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taking a plunge for thanksgiving day itself. i'm meteorologist melissa constanzer. well, coming up, an iconic manager calls it quits announcing no more print editions. but first mark zuckerberg one-on-one, how he's defending the pr firm facebook
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
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we're back with a highway tragedy in nashville. a chunk of concrete came crashing through the windshield of a car killing the driver there. police believe the concrete was thrown off a bridge over interstate 24. the victim was driving to work. prosecutors in new york city
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plan to retry the man accused of killing a woman while she was jogging in a park. jurors were split over whether to convict chanel lewis for the death of karina vetrano two years ago. lewis confessed in videos and dna linked him to the crime scene, but jurors failed to reach a verdict. in the meantime, mark zuckerberg says that he will not step down as facebook's ceo despite recent scandals at the company. zuckerberg spoke to cnn about russian interference in the election saying he wishes facebook understood the problem sooner. he also addressed a "new york times" report about a public relations firm the company hired to dig up dirt on its critics. >> yeah, i wasn't particularly happy about that piece of it, and that is certainly a big part of what -- when i read about this, what made me want to look into this more deeply. the intention was never to attack an individual. >> it's not common for tech companies to hire these types of
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firms and many would argue it's a way of spreading the same type of conspiracy theories that facebook has worked so hard to get on top of. >> yeah, look, from the review that i've done so far, it doesn't appear that anything that the group said was untrue as far as we can tell. >> zuckerberg also defended facebook's decision not to remove a controversial post by candidate donald trump about muslim immigration. he says it's important for people to hear what political leaders are saying. wall street opens this morning after erasing all of its gains for the year so far and the dow slumped more than 550 points tuesday amid fears of a slowdown in economic growth. tech stocks have been suffering the most because of concern over possible regulation. big news in the publishing industry. "glamour" magazine will no longer be available in print. beginning in february it will be available only online. the women's magazine was launched in 1939. stray dogs have found a home at ikea. a store in italy has opened its
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doors rescuing them from the cold. look at that guy. a facebook user recorded the dogs relaxing near a living room display. the ikea doesn't just give them a place to stay warm, it also gives them food and water. >> i'll take that shelf, that rug. >> yeah. coming up, the gamble that tiger woods just made. but first the urgent safety message this morning about romaine lettuce. new details about the health concern. and later the costly mistake one woman made in the drive-through at her local bank. mistake one woman made at the drive through of her local bank.
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has the very latest on it. >> reporter: a multistate e. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. at least 32 people infected with the bacteria across 11 states, plus an additional 18 people sick in canada. more than a dozen of those sick have been hospitalized including one person who developed kidney failure. >> it was pretty wasteful around thanksgiving especially. i mean, we're ordering up and heavy on all this product to kind of meet the needs for everybody and especially around something where we should be giving thanks, we're just throwing it away. so wasteful. >> reporter: the cdc now advising consumers not to eat any form of romaine lettuce and urging restaurants to stop serving and selling the product until more is learned about the outbreak. >> there's not a chain of trace to tell, okay, it came from this particular field or this particular grower or whatever, so that's why it's so difficult to really identify where it came from. >> reporter: "consumer reports"
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warning that for now everyone throw away those heads and hearts of romaine, lettuce mixes and classic caesar salads. >> washing does not remove this bacteria because what it can do is get inside the cells and inside the layers and so washing doesn't do anything at all. >> reporter: this is a different strain of e. coli than the one responsible for another romaine lettuce scare earlier this year. that outbreak caused more than 200 people in 30 states to fall sick and 5 people ended up dying. so far, no deaths have been reported linked to this outbreak. natalie brunell, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to natalie. investigators in new jersey are trying to figure out if two possible arson fires are connected. two children and two adults were found dead at the scene of a mansion fire. one of the adults was found outside the home which is owned by a tech ceo. earlier in the day another home ten miles away was also damaged by fire. that home belongs to the mansion owner's brother. authorities aren't commenting on the possible links.
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a georgia woman is missing thousands of dollars after a mix-up at the bank. get this, roslyn baitney said she put nearly $9,000 in cash into the tube at a drive-through wells fargo near atlanta, so the teller then told her a big deposit like that had to be made inside, so she parked and went inside at the same time the teller sent the money back through the tube, and it seems the person behind her in the drive-through line took off with the cash. >> and then the teller said, oh, i wondered why that car behind you didn't do a transaction. they just pulled off. yes, because you gave them my money. >> so her debit card and license were also in the tube and were stolen. wells fargo is promising to refund the money. that person -- >> wow. >> -- took off. is that stealing? it's not stealing. >> yikes. >> they gave it to them.
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well, in sports the stakes just got higher for phil mickelson and tiger woods' upcoming match. the winner gets $9 million but while promoting the match the longtime rivals talked a little smack and made a side bet. >> i'm willing to risk 100,000 that says i birdie the first hole. so that's how good i feel heading into this match. you don't have to take it. you don't have to take it at all but i'm going to throw that out there. >> hold on, hold on. so you think you can make birdie on the first hole. >> i know i'm going to make birdie on the first hole. >> double it. >> did you see how i baited him like that? yes! >> we'll see who has to pony up the cash. the mah will cost $20 paper-view "the pulse," america's favorite side dishes for thanksgiving. also ahead, the story of a
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swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. ask your diabetes care specialist about tresiba®. ♪ time to check "the pulse" on this wednesday starting with a creative cry for help that actually paid off for a hockey fan in pittsburgh. >> kelly sowatsky was in desperate need of a kidney and she was running out of time, so she decided to make a handmade sign, take it to the pittsburgh penguins game that read calling all hockey fans, i need a kidney. that photo went viral, and another hockey fan stepped up to help. >> i saw desperation and saw courage and i just saw she needed help. >> he said, hey, my name is jeff. i want to be a donor and i said,
4:23 am
oh, that's awesome. >> i saw the blood type and i saw a positive and i knew that my blood type matched and i had this feeling it was just something that i had to do. >> it was meant to be. >> yes, serendipity. >> jeff was indeed a match. >> the life-saving surgery took place about two weeks ago and doctors expect her to make a full recovery. >> amazing. >> pretty good. okay, next cue the music to a worker who had a very, very bad day. gloat had a bad day ♪ >> there you go. it was an epic forklift fail that you have to see to believe. >> so it all starts with that forklift driver going down that center aisle, nothing major. >> seems already. seems to nudge that a little bit but, oh, oh, oh. >> but it'll top there, right? >> just those? >> wait. >> not the -- the whole -- >> it keeps going. >> no, you're kidding me. >> oh, there goes -- >> not done yet. >> there goes cleanup7, 8, 9 an.
4:24 am
this took place in china. we hope everyone is okay. >> we hope so. >> but, man, what a bad, bad day. >> bad day for that forklift driver. well, authorities in florida have pulled the curtain off an elaborate scheme one driver used to avoid paying tolls. >> so, he rigged a system to lower a curtain over his license plate as he drove through the toll booths. an off-duty trooper saw it happen in realtime. genius. >> genius, completely. that driver, though, now charged with petty theft and organized fraud. >> with creativity. >> but so smart, right? "a" for effort. >> so finally forget the turkey, we all know side dishes are the best part of thanksgiving. >> so we found this map showing the most disproportionately consumed side dish in each region. i don't know how, but it's squash in the northeast. green bean casserole in the plains, shoutout to the south for mac and cheese. >> salad for the entire west.
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what a relief. we have not seen this in a while. you are looking live at interstate 80, richmond, and golden gate and they are all wet. you can now say good-bye to smoke. it's not like i didn't believe you, mike. i have never been happier to see rain. >> nice commute even though it was wet most of the way. two areas still have unhealthy air. air. fairfield and livermore. we are moderate, which is clean
4:28 am
air. cloud shield over us. a lot of drizzle. constant around the show, the north bay, san francisco, east bay hills. and you can see within that we have pockets of light rain starting to move from the southwest to the northeast. that's going to get a little heavy the next several hours. we will take a look at that coming up planner with us we have weather storms coming too. >> as we just mentioned, the roads are obviously wet. you have to drive for those conditions. we are a bit out of practice. make sure you avoid the wet spots. drive times all in the green. so far at 4:28 in the morning, drivers are handling the wet conditions okay. we will see howo giving >> we have a bit of good news if you are flying out this morning. it won't be the busiest day of the airport.
4:29 am
>> yeah. it's only the second busiest day. when you come back, probably on sunday, if we are guessing right, one of the 10 busiest days ever. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at sfo this morning. amy. >> reporter: hi. good morning, reggie. the rush is on. this is the security line at sfo. all headed to gates 40 through 59. a good healthy crowd. there's still room for more people. come on down. everyone seems to be in a good mood. they know what to expect on this busy day. it is one of the busiest in more than a decade. we are told nationally the airlines that prepared. they have added flights, increased staffing. officials opened up restricted airspace to handle the extra flights. sfo has had some delays in the past few days because of smoke issues. i checked the boards. i see a couple of cancellations,
4:30 am
one to san diego and one to seattle. and i see a couple of delays. i don't know why yet. i checked in with the manager and i'm waiting to find out if it could possibly be because of smoke or because of weather or maybe mechanical and airlines issues. we don't know. i will check on that to see what they are thinking the rest of the day will look like. there is a little bit of rain falling here so that should be better. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. we will check in with you shortly. good morning. >> number 2 on the storm impact scale. heavy at times into the morning, afternoon hours. a chance of


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