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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 21, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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one to san diego and one to seattle. and i see a couple of delays. i don't know why yet. i checked in with the manager and i'm waiting to find out if it could possibly be because of smoke or because of weather or maybe mechanical and airlines issues. we don't know. i will check on that to see what they are thinking the rest of the day will look like. there is a little bit of rain falling here so that should be better. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. we will check in with you shortly. good morning. >> number 2 on the storm impact scale. heavy at times into the morning, afternoon hours. a chance of isolated light
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and thunder. watch out on exposed bridges and higher elevations. south on 101. 1/100 so far. a far cry from the inch you will get. you can see temperatures starting off mild, in the 50s. around 60 the rest of the day. back to you. mike, thank you. temperatures are mild. so is the drive this morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are still off this morning. very light traffic crossing the bridge into san francisco. let's take a look at those drive times. everything in the green this morning. that's nice to see. even westbound tracy to dublin. traffic maps match our outfits today. >> they do. >> unfortunately, they also match this alert. the cdc is any romaine lettuce. >> 11 different states were
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linked to the lettuce. >> reporter: skip the salad and toss out any remaining romaine lettuce. of the 30 people infected of the e. coli bacteria, 10 are right here in california. >> i just feel like, you know, whatever we buy from our consumer it should be safe already. >> the cdc warns that is not the case. lettuce is the third biggest crop in the county, covering a little more than 2,100 acres in 2017. romaine lettuce accounted for half the harvest at 1,367 >> we have producers that grow romaine. i'm sure that will impact their sales for a little while now. >> reporter: there is about $20 million coming out of southern santa clara county this year. but it is romaine lettuce that should be coming out of your
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fridge. we should simply stay away. this means not eating or buying any heads or hearts of romaine, salad kits, or classic caesar salads. if you think a quick wash will do the trick, this is why that won't work. >> wash asking not removeteria bacteria. it can get inside the cells and layers. so washing doesn't do anything at all. >> if you are not sure whether the lettuce you are eating is of the romaine variety, the cdc says just don't eat it. >> better to be safe than sorry. you don't want to mess around with e. coli. it has severe impacts. >> reporter: it doesn't mean that bacteria has not already contaminated the rest of your fridge. make sure you thoroughly clean your refrigerator. i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. the camp fire in butte county. that's right. abc news was given the first aerial tour with the california
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national guard. and a landscape destruction as far as the eye can see. suddenly you see scattered buildings untouched by the flames. two more lives were lost in the wildfire o. that death toll now stands at 81 people dead. 870 people remain unaccounted for. the fire has charred more than 152,000 acres, more than 237 square miles. containment is up this morning to 75%. fire survivors campin outside walmart in chico started calling the shanty town wallywood. last night employees asked respectfully for camp stories leave. they are concerned about the health, safety and well being of the individuals remaining on the property. they have been working with city, county, and state officials, as well as local non-profits to increase capacity in local shelters. however, the evacuees say they have no plans to leave because
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they want to stay close to paradise in the hopes that evacuation orders will soon be lifted. for folks visiting our area, several tractions that closed because of the poor air quality are opening today. you can now visit muir woods, fort point and alcatraz. some attractions will be busy tomorrow for thanksgiving. just bring your rain jacket. today is another spare the air day, our 14th in a row. yes, obviously the rain is helping but air quality will remain unhealthy in parts of the east bay even though the shifting winds will improve other areas. muni resumed cable cars yesterday as air quality conditions began to improve. >> this is our first visit to san francisco. you know when you go through the tour guides, they tell you that you must try this. you must try this. so for us it's a very nice
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experience. >> torisurists have been unable ride the cable cars since last thursday when air quality got worse. a new map for adopt a drain program. it shows which drains are clogged. people who have adopted a drain or public works will clear the drains. crews cleared gutters in preparation for today's storms. they warn numbers to rake leaves to keep drains from flooding. one woman lives in a small excelsior neighborhood that floods every year. >> the walls get all flooded. we have to get the sheet rock, take it out because that mold is in there. it happens every time i get flooded. >> a reminder that the city of san francisco is offering free sandbags to people who need them. in the east bay, the walnut creek police depa
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and sandbags available for homes and businesses that can be picked up at five elections, including larky park. you need to bring your own shovels. stay with abc 7 news and you can track the weather where you live with our free abc 7 news app. that will give you live webcams across the bay area. it's all on your home. be sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news updates. 4:37. mike, this rain is helping clear things out. you mentioned a couple places dealing with the bad air. >> the far eastern neighborhoods in fairfield and livermore. just a couple hours away from that becoming clean else. a look at the bay bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge. a light shower on both of those. as we put it into motion, it is moving southwest to northeast. it will keep pumping into the north bay.
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steadiest the rest of the morning with the rest of us filling in as we head to the end of the commute. upper 40s to have low 50s in the east bay. no need to worry about frost. we're in the low 50s. the rest of us mid to upper 50s. it is definitely mild this morning. 680, it is dry. as you head down and arrive onto 24, you will run into some of that drizzle up in the east bay hills. slippery in the morning commute. grab the umbrella. stay inside the ferry if you want to stay dry. rain from 8:00 to 4:00. then it becomes more scattered in the evening hours when we can get thunderstorms. san francisco, yeah, a chance of drizzle to light rain. then just rain all the way through until the evening hours when we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. for the south bay, we have pretty much quiet weather with just scattered showers through 10:00. and then by noon, before noon, that's when the rain starts to
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hit your neighborhoods and hang around for the afternoon and evening hours. an hour by hour look coming up. holiday traffic won't peak until this afternoon. if you want to leave now, it will be a great time. we have clear roads. you have to make sure you are being careful as you take a live look at san rafael, 101. no incidents. and drive times, hey, we are doing pretty well so far. we are totally in the green. so wherever you're going right now, it should be smooth sailing >> a popular music spot is closing. hear why the owner is blaming greed. a new crime-fighting tool in the south bay. what two canines will be looking for when they go on transit patrol next week. another live look at your rainy wednesday. a live look at the city of san francisco. financial district looking nice. keeping a tab of weather and traffic up for y
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unhealthy air locked into the san joaquin valley at least until tomorrow because the rain will take forever to get there. flood watch today and goes through noon friday. 48 hours of the posbility o mudslides and debris floes from the fires we had earlier this year. a winter storm warning for the sierra. a foot of heavy, wet snow starting today, lasting through tomorrow morning. you can see it will be wet from
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santa barbara, fresno, yosemite and northward if you're traveling today. here's jessica. another popular live music venue is closing. mezzanine will shut down in 2019. the building's owners are not renewing the club's lease and didn't give her an opportunity to negotiate a new one. they want to replace it with commercial office space in hopes of increasing the rent by 600%. the building owner has not responded. two canines dedicated to sniffing for explosives on public transit. >> we got a rare behind-the-secnes look who underwent some of their training. these labs have a knack and nose for keeping people safe.
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nala and yoshi. both canines will work on transit patrol, looking to detect explosive devices. they are being trained on this vta light rail train. >> being around crowds, through crowds isn't a problem for these dogs because they have been tested for it. >> on a mission to make a difference. >> you don't have to worry about the dogs biting anybody because they're friendly. their sole purpose is to sniff out explosive odors. >> 18 different odors. >> they are strengthening our transit patrol and patrolling vta and light rail. >> they will sweep buses, trains and stations throughout their it comes as major holiday effects, christmas and the holiday parade.
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>> all transit is a risk for explosives and bombings. >> it is an exciting opportunity that comes with a lot of responsibility. >> i would equate it to having a new child in the house. she's brand-new to me. we are learning what she likes, doesn't like. >> fiercely loyal, without a doubt. happening today, an important annual holiday tradition. >> san francisco fire chief joanne hayes-white and chief scott will lead in a turkey carve-off. they will help the salvation army carve up 1,600 pounds of turkey. thanksgiving dinners will be delivered to 4,000 seniors and homebound people in san francisco. it begins at 9:00 a.m. at the salvation army harbor light center. good luck. may the best carve erwin. >> may they all win after that. >> we are so thankful for this rain.
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>> right. yeah. it's here. it's not quite everywhere, but it will get there eventually today. we talked about that yesterday. it will take a little bit for it to get out of the north bay and move to the south bay. you have the driest commute, south bay and inland east bay, pleasanton, sunol grade. that's where we will have the easiest commute. golden gate bridge northward, it is wet already. a steady rain with waves of showers for the rest of us. scattered rain tomorrow until the evening hours when it becomes steadier and hangs around through friday. then it looks like the weekend is looking brighter and milder. so here's the cold front that will bring us the initial burst of heavier rain or at least higher amounts. look at this low pressure. that's the cold air that will bring us a chance of thunderstorms during the evening hours and overnight. here you go. the entire area under a thunderstorm risk if you will. see how it place out.
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there you go. 7:00 in the morning until 9:00, rain starting to move across most of the bay except for the south bay. just starting to move into the east bay. that's where it stays, along with everywhere else at noon. then you see the cold front push the steadier rain off a at 4:00. heading out of town, slick spots everywhere. during the overnight hours, into thursday morning. by 5:00 thursday evening, rain is moving into the north bay. it will be moderate. that will extend through friday. the storm today a 2, moderate. thanksgiving and friday, it will be a 1, light. it will be a nuisance if you're out there trying to shop. guys? okay. mike, thank you. unform things are not staying green this morning. we have some accidents to tell you about. westbound 92 on the in klein, two-car crash there. started out as a car out of gas. then a second car hit that
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vehicle. one lane blocked there. it should be blocked until a tow truck is able to get that scene. heads-up if you are headed in that direction. a live look at emeryville on 80, a two-car crash on eastbound 80 at powell in emeryville. and the first and second lanes are blocked there. so a heads-up as well. but overall things are light around the bay area as far as traffic goes. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, the i team investigates a small collar colliding with a bus e. brace yourself as you watch this. >> now the driver of the car wants to know why he is being blamed for causing the accident when he had a green light. another video from on board the bus that helps tell the story. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. samsung is reportedly working on a smartphone that will include six cameras. and the fcc getting tougher
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with robocallers. and here's this morning's "techbytes". in today's "techbytes", samsung's big san versery celebration. >> the 10 galaxy phone will have six cameras. three other models will be launch indeed february. federal regulators want to take new measures to stop unwanted callings and texts. >> they want to create a group of phone numbers designed to cut down on robocalls. it will allow wireless companies to filter text messages they recognize as spam. fcc will vote next month. after 79 years, conde is removing the print edition. . the final regular print edition. >> i was always more of a cosmo girl. >> those are your "techbytes". >> have a good day.
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i wanted to go over some of my quick concerns. hydroplaning as the showers roll through. flooding possible but mainly because the gutters are clogged with debris and leaves. if we can get those cleared up,
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we can remove that. but hydroplaning and accidents on the way with the rain. holiday cheer will come to san francisco's waterfront. this is pier 39's new nightly tree lighting. last night was supposed to be the first official night but it got moved to tonight because of all the smoke in the air. the 60-foot living tree will light every every hour. a chp officer is back on the job 10 months after being hit by a seasoned drunk driver. this is officer martin lindh way back on his motorcycle. he was investigating a crash alongside highway 4 in of his . the woman who hit him was driving under the influence. she was sentenced to six years in prison. a man is using facebook to
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help victims of the camp fire. >> he created a facebook page called paradise fire adopt a family. >> it might mean a donation. it might mean me getting my company behind you to support you. it might mean making phone calls on your behalf. >> it has grown to 8,000 members. some sponsors opened their homes to survivors, while others provide services such as helping people fill out insurance paperwork. you can find the groupon facebook under paradise fire adopt a family. and if you would like to help fire victims, we have a full list of resources on you can also make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting "red cross" to 90999. all right. never more than 7 minutes away from a wet forecast. hi, everybody. you can see a little bit of rain that will hit mountain view, san
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jose, fremont. maybe a third of an inch. the rest of us a third to half an inch tomorrow morning, three-quarters in the north bay. this model is trending to show friday's storm a little bit stronger. look at these totals. some areas receiving an inch. we get were rain fade on the peninsula once again. we will keep an eye on it. we may have to bump the friday impact scale from 1 to 2. waking up to poor to unhealthy air. that is going to be wiped off by the rain. still looking at the west coast. the hardest area to get around today because of the wet weather. and some snow in upstate new york heading over towards boston. it is going to be pretty easy. maybe a little issue trying to get through houston this morning. guys. if you are trying to get through san jose on 101, you are in the clear. no incidents. we have very light traffic at 4:55 this morning. i want to look at mass transit for you. bart running okay thofrpblgt ace -- this morning. ace is running only 3 and 5
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today. cable cars are back in service. they started yesterday morning. in the south bay, a teenager is using his love of mazes to help inspire children. >> mazes created by 16-year-old jonathan poppas at the children's discovery museum. he began drawing them at age 9 and feels they are a perfect combination of three things he loves. math, art, and technology. >> i hope to share the love of mazes with everyone. and our goal is to give the kids the passion and understanding that they know they can also create a maze as well. he also created a maze app lv mazes on the go. so you can uber maze experience runs through the weekend at the children's discovery museum in san jose. coming up next at 5:00 a.m., we are hitting the road. wellua matt keller is. he is around the bay area updating us on the conditions.
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>> why he is saying thank you stkphraofp you. a new report that a bill is being drafted to protect pg&e from the phaeufs liabilities from the fire. it is raining in many parts of the bay area this morning. it is making for a slow commute as you head out on the thanksgiving holid
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you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. and we're taking a live look outside to look at conditions as the first storm in a long time has arrived. ve out bay area -
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and we are seeing that air quality improve this morning. that is nice for drivers, pedestrians, anyone who will be outside. >> it's not going to be too bad. we haven't seen rain in a long time. it is wednesday, november 21st. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco is here. so many people happy to see the rainfall. >> i usually dread driving in the rain, not today. today a 2. a quick overview from the rain impact scale. isolated lightning and thunder. good enoughs 40 miles per hour up the coast and along the hills. the coast and the hills with scattered pockets of rain from the altamont pass all the way through thy. th imo northeast. so we will continue to pump the


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