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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 21, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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now at 6:00, a level 2 storm moves into the bay area. >> rain is already coming down. pin droplets on and off this d morning. commuters are dealing with some wet roads this morning. this is going to be the story for anyone trying to get out of town for thanksgiving. good morning on this wednesday, november 21st. >> you can bet there will be a lot more cars on the road as the day progresses. >> definitely. >> holiday season is upon us. you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> guys, hope you are having a good morning. live doppler 7. the rain still scattered with steadier drizzle in the east bay hills, along the peninsula, up into the north bay. this will increase the next couple of hours as this shield of clouds moves on shore. you can see down to the south some yellow heading towards the
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santa cruz mountains. this is the way it breaks out in my accuweather 12-hour planner. a messy commute because of the wetness. light to moderate rain at noon. it will pull back at 4:00. then thunderstorms roll in during the evening hours and into the overnight hours. a check of the wet commute. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. as you can see, drivers are doing all right this morning. very light volume so far. that is good news heading out for the holiday. mass transit, bart running 48 trains. if you take ace, moved schedule today. only number 3 and number 5 running this morning. and your cable cars are back in service. this may be the time to head out for the holiday. roads are only going to get more packed as the day goes on. >> the day before thanksgiving always one of the busiest travel days of the year. matt keller is live for us in sunol with a look at traffic there.
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>> reporter: hi, jessica. hi reggie. i know what everyone is asking right now? when is the best time to leave to go to grandma's house today? the answer from google is three hours ago. let's take a look at where we're at right now. traffic is not too bad on the sunol grade as we are driving here on 680 north. if you don't have a delorean that goes 88 miles per hour and goes back in time to 3:00 a.m., you might want to wait. millions and millions will be driving here in california. aaa says the largest delays will be four times normal drive times. they predict the worst commute will be this afternoon on the drive i'm on right now. 680 north between exits 8 to 21, milpitas, sunol, dublin/pleasanton and 580. the worst time to leave today's, uestion for reggie and jessica. the delorean reference, does that make me old? do people at home understand
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what i'm talking about when i talk about the delorean going 88 miles per hour. >> you're a spring chicken. you can't be older than 30. >> reporter: true. >> if you don't know back to the future, it's not worth getting the commute. >> reporter: by the way, we will see you at 6:45. right now we need to fill up on lithium crystals. >> thank you. love the references. thank you, matt. >> not a day over 30. >> not a day. be glad you aren't in southern california. you would need a time-travel device or a helicopter. this is what the traffic jam looked like. a combination of their horrible commute they have every day and in the evening but also thanksgiving traffic. and this is what you and your folks are going to have to face. >> yeah, great. >> good luck. >> thanks. california lawmakers drafting a bill to protect pg&e from going
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bankrupt. >> the bill would protect utility companies from liabilities specifically connected to wildfires in 2018. pg&e admits it will face serious financial consequences if it is found responsible for the camp fire in butte county. governor brown signed a bill into law to pass costs onto customers. the law covers wildfire costs in 2017 and future costs in 2019 and beyond but it doesn't cover wildfire costs from this year. and this comes as the death toll continues to increase in the camp fire. we have now learned 81 people from died from the fire. the list of people missing is at 870. nearly 13,000 homes are destroyed. full containment is expected by november 30th. it is hard enough talking about the devastation in butte county, but when you see it, it's tough. >> it's a whole other thing. the chico fire chief has seen some things over the past two weeks.
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>> sorry. >> sorry. i thought i had it all good. i just want to thank everyone, not just the firefighters but all the civilians who helped out throughout the entire process. saw amazing things from people helping out. all the firefighters, just thank you for all your hard work. the chief said in his career he has seen a lot of sadness but this is beyond anything that he's ever experienced. yeah. tough to see that. sierra nevada won't be the only brewery making a beer to benefit the fire victims. the chico-based brewery will make a resill is questions ipa.
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all profits will go to a fire relief fund. they encouraged other businesses to join in. they gate reports that hundreds of other breweries will get the recipe and follow sierra nevada's lead, including russian river in santa river, oakland united beerworks and sonoma springs brewing. there are a lot of ways that you can help too. we have resources listed for you at mark zuckerberg is opening up about facebook's recent issues, including the future of chief operating officer sherald sandberg amid calls for major changes at the company. new at 6:00, how apple is working to improve health care for veterans. we want to take a look at our air quality. livermore and fairfield are running unhealthy right now. the rest of us moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups. this will continue to improve as we head through the day. a 2 on the storm impact scale is almost here. i'll show it to you coming up. coming up on 6:07.
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. people are sailing through this morning. it's going to be a light day as it's going to be a light day as far as people going to work, but on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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live doppler 7 pretty quiet. maybe an hour, hour and a half away. right now you can see on the roof camera down at the embarcadero, around 100 to 500ths of an inch. it will spread. wet and breezy out and about today. dodging the drops if you're exercising. if you like to do the lawn before your in-laws come over, too late for that. steady rain coming from 10:00 to 4:00. 6 we'll transition over to showers, some of them containing lightning and thunder, during the evening hours. more on that coming up. let's get a check of traffic. >> mike, thank you. an intent on northbound 17 right past the summit.
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solo car crash. it hit the center divide and is facing the wrong way. emergency crews are on scene. you can see red there. metering lights on are. the shock overseas. an american killed by a tribe armed with bows and arrows. a live look from sky 7. so far traffic pretty light. a great time to hit the roads if a great time to hit the roads if you're traveling for the which is the only egg good enough for my family? only eggland's best. with more farm-fresh taste, more vitamins, and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. is your floor's best friend.
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new at 6:00, tracking a bizarre story. an american is believed to have been killed by an indian tribe that lives on an isolated island off the coast of thailand. vijay singh was taken to the island over the weekend. they are known to kill visitors with bows and arrows. he was found dead on saturday. the seven fishermen who took him there are arrested because access to that island is highly restricted. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has no plans to step down as
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chairman as he deals with criticism over a number of issues, including the fake news and russia intrusion. and he addressed calls for long-time chief operating officer for sheryl sandberg to step down. >> sherrill is an important part of this company and leading a lot of the efforts to address the biggest issues that we have. she's been an important partner for me for 10 years. you know, i'm really proud of the work that we have done together. and i hope that we work together for decades more to come. >> zuckerberg appeared on cnn for a one-on-one interview answering questions about several problems the social site is now tackling. some are facebook's big stockholders proposed to push him out as chair following a string of management missteps. he admits the company has made a lot of mistakes and is now invested in eliminating fake news and russian intrusion. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 on abc 7.
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over to ginger he zee with a look at what's ahead this morning. hi, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. good morning, jessica. nice to be with both of you this moinn e day before thanksgiving. we are talking about the getaway. the race to beatrning. we have already seen bumper to bumper traffic in some cities. the very latest on what you can expect as so many of you start your holiday weekend. i say you because i will see you right here tomorrow. actually in philadelphia at a parade. and on friday. also ahead, first on gma, we have tiger woods and phil mickelson, two golfing greats that will be working on thanksgiving. sitting down ahead of their high-stakes match. it's a huge deal, though. $9 million on the line. what the old rivals are saying about all that money and tiger on his incredible comeback win. plus, helping you countdown to the huge holiday savings. what should you buy when? our deals detective is on the case. some of the best times to find the biggest savings from clothes to tech and a whole lot more. and we have a great story as
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we head into the long holiday weekend, we're geting into the spirit. the community ravaged by hurricane michael. we have a surprise for them and it's a big one. it's all coming up on gma. excited to see that. ginger, we're so happy you are joining us in celebrating st. patrick's day early wearing green. >> we are all for some reason wearing green. >> actually, i didn't even wear this today. i changed again. i change clothes all day. this is like my fourth outfit today. >> that's fun. >> we basically do whatever ginger zee does. so we will start doing that. we will call you about what to wear tomorrow. >> okay. see you then. happy thanksgiving. so we found out what steph curry has been doing while healing from a groin injury. >> here it is. he's giving someone a tattoo. he inked his signature on his own tattoo artist, nino.
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he said aside from his daughter being born, this is one of those times when reality supsedes promised everyone he is not going to be selling his leg on ebay. so don't even think about trying to find it. you're not getting that signature. >> right? that face. my reaction too. >> dreams do come true. >> whatever floats your boat. >> not something i would do. impressive, nonetheless. >> i was looking closely at the screen. he did a really good job. >> very impressive. >> steph does everything well. >> i know. it's so irritating. >> what doesn't he do well? i hate to ask. mother nature is trying to do well by my forecast, which was rain. getting a little more intense as we head towards the end of the commute. sure enough, she's holding on now. the flags on the ferry, they are
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blowing in. that is bringing the cleaner air, higher humidity, warmer temperatures this morning. most of us in the 50s. scattered pockets of moderate rain. a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. the showers and thunderstorms will taper by tomorrow morning. but more chances of rain come in tomorrow afternoon, into the north bay and last through friday and next tuesday. i want to take you up to paradise where there is light rain falling. models cranking up anywhere from 4 to 8 inches over the burn scar. that he wants why the flooding potential is there for debris flows and mudslides. the diablo, east bay hills, santa cruz mountains, higher elevations seeing a steadier, light rain. the rest of us drizzle with pockets of rain. again, it will pick up as we head into the morning and afternoon hours. sit a 2, moderate, on our scale. >> you can see here at 9:00, the yellows and the oranges taking over. still here at noon. by 4:00, they start sliding to the east. a little bit of a breakthrough
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in the evening commute as far as the intensity and coverage. and then you can see the next push of showers and thunderstorms moving through during the overnight hours. we're going to get up to half an inch. three quarters in the north bay. by friday, i bump that up to 2 because the rain is looking healthier than what we are going to get today. unfortunately, you will be shopping in that. >> all that rain we can get. i, for one, will take it. this is sky 7, a cool view over the metering lights this morning. folks are making their way into the city. they actually went on at 5:37. so there's a little bit of a slowdown because of that. we are also getting reports there is a backup right before treasure island because of a disabled car. be careful crossing the bridge this morning. take a look at your drive times. it looks like we are still in the green even 27 minutes from tracy to dublin. so that is looking good. this morning, that urgent warning about romaine lettuce.
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health officials warning everyone to throw it out before thanksgiving dinner. and new at 6:00, a new abc news documentary taking an upclose look at meghan markle's life. a live look at the embarcadero in san francisco. we have your weather and traffic up throughout the entire commercial break. we were hoping to make it a better day for you ahead of the holidays.
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ends cyber monday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. you're never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. tomorrow morning, rain fading on the peninsula, into the south bay. quarter inch there. rest of us half an inch. this is why i bumped friday's storm to a 2. friday, a lot of us over or more than an inch except for the rain fade on the peninsula once again. a soaker the next couple of days. mike, thank you. new at 6:00, apple is talking with the department of veterans affairs about giving vets access to electronic medical records. "the wall street journal" reports it would simplify
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hospital visits and give access to millions of new customers. apple would create special software tools allowing the million veterans currently enrolled in the system to transfer their health records to their iphones. apple would provide engineering support also. new at 6:00, a preview of a new abc documentary about duchess meghan markle. he's been creating a modern role for herself within the royal family. this morning meghan prepared meals for homeless and women's shelter at a community kitchen in london. royal followers say she stands up for what she believes in and writes her own speeches. meghan is the feminist princess of our dreams. and for americans, we sort of take pride in that. because we say, look, there's our american girl over there shaking up the monarchy. >> watch the full documentary. ♪ meghan's new life the real
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princess diaries" on abc tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. of course she writes her own speeches. she is a proudusc is fine too. >> hey, fight on. >> america's most popular mini advance is under recall. the problem that could put your kids at risk >> the rain is moving in. the prep is under way to prevent flood anything san francisco. back live to sky 7. thanksgiving travel rush is happening now. happening now. we have everything you need mrs. walker. happening now. we have everything you need michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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live at 6:30, sky 7. bay area roads are already damp. speaking of that, live doppler 7 showing heavier rain still
6:30 am
moving into the area. what you will face on the roads and the airport if you're heading out for the holidays. and the major selloff on wall street. you see the opening bell ringing right now. 2018 gains have been rerais ra e one of america's most popular mini vans being recalled today. they are being recalled because the power sliding doors can open while you're driving. this year butterball went high-tech. >> ginger is getting ready for the parade tomorrow. then it is the start of the shopping season. welcome to november 21st. alexis lost her voice, sadly. so she is off today. so the two of us are handling traffic. and we're doing fine.
6:31 am
mke is doing much better with his weather. >> good news, light rain and light traffic. >> right. the accidents haven't multiplied because of the rain. that's going to happen in a half hour, 45 minutes on the peninsula. it will hang around through 3:00, 4:00. light to moderate rain. thunderstorms tonight. we have a 2, moderate, on the storm impact scale. a look at live doppler 7. the green is sporadic. there you go. down to the south you can see the yellows and oranges heading for santa cruz mountains and eventually the rest of us during the rest of the morning commute. so if you're heading out temperatures mild. decreasing coverage during the evening until 7:00 or 8:00 when the thunderstorm chance unfolds. how about the traffic, guys? >> let's take a look right now. this is our live camera, walnut creek, 680.
6:32 am
no incidents there. you can seealong morning. pretty light still. mass sit, parking lot is currently running 54 trains this morning. no delays. ace is on a modified service schedule. ace 3 and ace 5 are running today. there are no delays with the cable cars. they are back in service this morning. if you're headed to the airport today, i don't think i would be surprised that you're not alone. it's going to be a crowded one. >> it's not exactly the busiest day, but it is quite close. in fact, i think it's the second busiest day of the year. 2.3 million are expected to fly today. airlines are responding by adding 158,000 seats to fit everyone. tsa adding 1,200 officers to help you get through the long lines. >> amy hollyfield live at sfo. so, amy, do you see any traffic pickup at all? >> reporter: big time, reggie. we have been watching the crowd grow all morning. it feels like we have reached full capacity.
6:33 am
you see this security line behind me? this is the overflow line. they still have to go through that line once they cross this corridor. this seems to be the peak time. the number of people flying is up 5% compared to last year. passengers tell us they knew today would be busy. they didn't have other options of when they could fly. so they are mentally prepared for a crowded day. many got here very early. it could be why we are seeing this large were crowd right now. some we met today arrived a couple of hours before their flight. they weren't sure what to expect. >> actually, it is the first time we traveled for thanksgiving. i think so far it's okay. we haven't seen the crowd yet. but i think we have enough time to get to the plane. >> the duty manager is not
6:34 am
reporting huge problems. there are about 11 delays, 20 cancellations, most smaller regional flights. a little bit of rain here. not much. not a huge downpour. that has not been an issue. even helped to chase some of the smoke out. it helped improve the visibility. weather is not an issue at this point. the big issue is the number of people. the staff is doing what it can to keep everyone moving. so the issues are inside the airport. it's just large crowds. bring your patience with you. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. a live look from outside the airport. now getting to and from the airport this morning. it should be easier as far as sfo is concerned about the holiday travel because of new rules for uber and lyft things are a bit easier.
6:35 am
op-offs were moved to a center island in zones 14 and 17. in july, the airport set aside a meet-up spot for uber, pool, and lyft rides at a garage for domestic terminals. >> do not eat romaine lettuce. throw it away. definitely do not serve it on thanksgiving. >> the cdc is issuing a blanket warning as it searches for the source of an e. coli outbreak. it started last month. federal officials have not ordered any recalls of romaine products. so this will largely be on you. the cdc said consumers should throw away any romaine lettuce as well as salad mixes if you aren't sure if it contains romaine. and clean your refrigerators where romaine had been stored. we will send another push alert when we get more information. get the latest on your phone using abc 7 news app. today's storm should help firefighters battling the camp fire in butte county. >> abc 7 was given the first aerial tour with the air
6:36 am
national guard. a landscape of destruction as far as the eye can see. then suddenly scattered buildings untouched by flames. two more lives were lost in the wildfire. the death toll stands at 81 people. 870 still unaccounted for. the fire charred 152,000 acres, more than 237 square miles. containment is up to 75%. fire survivors camping outside walmart in chico started calling the shanty town wallywood. walmart wants them to move. last night employees started posting signs asking them respectfully to ask them to leave. they are concerned about the health, safety and well being of the individuals remaining on the property. they have been working with city, county, and state officials, as well as local non-profits to increase capacity in local shelters. however, the evacuees say they have no plans to leave because they want to stay close to paradise in the hopes that evacuation orders will soon be lifted.
6:37 am
here's a happy story from the camp fire. a cat that was lost during the wildfire has now been reunited with its owners. >> yes. . and we are seeing this touching moment because it was captured on video. >> he's a little sedated. >> he's a little sedated. >> yeah, that's our cat. >> the cat must be so frightened. >> i know. >> that is lacey ping breaking down in tears after find her cat mason. his paws wrapped up because they were burned in the fire. he is one of 22 cats that firefighters rescued. ping saw his picture on facebook and found him at uc davis. >> poor little mason. super cute though. as the bay area air quality dramatically improves, several tourist spots will reopen. good news for tourists. >> yeah. you will have to just dodge some rain. after all we have been through, that's not a lot, right? you can now visit muir woods, fort point and alcatraz.
6:38 am
the national park service wants to remind people some attractions will be closed tomorrow. the city has launched a new map for its adopt a drain program. it shows people which drains are clogged. people who have adopted a drain or public works employees will clear the drains. we are posting a link to the map on and abc 7 news was in san francisco yesterday as crews cleared gutters in preparation for today's storm. they warn neighbors to rake leaves to keep drains from flooding. one woman lives in a small excelsior neighborhood that floods every year. >> the walls get all flooded. we have to get the sheet rock, take it out because that mold is in there. it happens every time i get flooded. >> a reminder that the city of san francisco is offering free sandbags to people who need them. in the east bay, the walnut
6:39 am
creek police department has sand and sandbags available for homes and businesses that can be picked up at five locations including larky park and red gear park. you need to bring your own shovels. stay with abc 7 news and for the latest on this storm. you can track the weather where you live with our free abc 7 news app. that will give you live webcams and live doppler 7 across the bay area, all on your phone. be sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news updates. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i want to show you the lone holdout with smoke. fairfield is the only place left with unhealthy air. livermore just transferred from unhealthy to sensitive. bye-bye. let's talk about temperatures. look at this. we're at 5560, oanbe and everywhere else, mid-50s to
6:40 am
near 60. 40s hanging on in the east bay valleys. temperatures anywhere from 6 degrees warmer in san francisco to 20 degrees warmer in places like palo alto, napa, and all throughout the north bay. so very mild. but there is some rain out there as you can see on the richard side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. exercise caution on the roads. it could be wet all day today. mass transit, umbrella, or grab it, you'll need it. or try to stay inside if you want to stay dry. my biggest concerns, hydroplaning. because we just had a touch of the wet weather. we still have light to moderate rain coming in, cause ponding on the roadways. where it will flood some roads, a lot of drains are clogged from the autumn leaves. if you have a drain near you, clear it out. that will take care of the flooding. coming up, let's get some traffic. >> good reminder, mike. right now we are not seeing a lot of volume, but the
6:41 am
peak travel time is later this afternoon. be careful as the rain comes down. san mateo bridge, no incidents there. traffic is going along just fine. and let's take a look at drive times this morning. we have light volumes because it appears that no one is going to work. the bay bridge is 11 minutes westbound. >> just us. we're at work. a popular san francisco music spot is closing. the owner is blaming greed. >> green bean casserole, cranberry sauce all staples. but what is the most popular side dish on the west coast? we think the answer is really going to surprise you. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. so gear up before you goout and drive safely. drive safely. track today's storm any time on
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6:44 am
make sure you keep the car, heating or air on recirculate. very unhealthy through tomorrow. 48 hours of stress for the folks ro the burn scarred areas across the northern part of our state. and not recommended travel afternoon today in the sierra because of the snow. you need to leave now. heavy, wet snow topple
6:45 am
tree branches or at least break them off. and maybe even power outages. it will reach to fresno throughout the afternoon hours. rain and snow in yosemite and northward. if you want dryer air, you have to go down to los angeles and san diego and palm springs. low to mid-70s. but mostly cloudy. back to you guys. what's going on? >> mike, thank you. talking about thanksgiving eve. the holiday travel rush on with millions expected to hit the road. sky 7 using sky map 7 over 580 toward castro valley. >> we do want to check in with matt keller live in milpitas with a look at traffic. and how are the roads now, matt? >> reporter: yeah. hi, jessica and reggie. we're just getting onto southbound 880 at the milpitas border. things looking okay for the commute. normally it's not a good time to get on the roads because of the coeranth pe tryg utou fndo
6:46 am
miitmilpitas. looking pretsee t c upthere? looking very, very nice. but i have bad news for you. google maps has this cool thing where it gives you the best time to leave. of the bad thing is the best time for everyone here in the bay area to leave has passed us by at 3:00 a.m. this morning. i can warn you the worst time to leave is 4:00 in the afternoon. you probably notice increased commute times during the evening hours this week. aaa says the largest delays will be nearly four times normal drive times. the worst predict will be this afternoon on 680 between milpitas and dublin/pleasanton. maximum enforcement for chp. looking for traffic violations and drunk drivers. you are wondering when is the best time to drive. it's simple. not today.
6:47 am
leave tomorrow on thanksgiving day. this beautiful sunrise in milpitas. back to you guys. >> certainly a beautiful sunrise. we like to see that, matt. thank you. another popular san francisco live music venue is closing. mezzanine will shut down in 2019. the building's owners are not renewing the club's lease and didn't give her an opportunity to negotiate a new one. they want to replace it with commercial office space in hopes of increasing the rent by 600%. the building owner has not responded. now your morning monday report. right to the stock market. we have been nervous to look at this this morning. as you can see, a little after opening we are actually up 119 points. as you know, there's been a major selloff of stocks that are very important to our region. silicon valley companies like facebook, like alphabet,
6:48 am
plunging the last couple of days. it actually closed down 552 points. so we will continue to watch this and see what happens just before the thanksgiving holiday. yeah. a rough week for all the markets. the nasdaq and s&p suffered losses. tech stocks have been leading that decline. facebook, apple, knelt flicks, alphabet and amazon lost nearly 1 trillion dollars since reaching a high in october. >> heads-up if you own a honda minute have van. we know a lot of you do. they're very popular. they are being recalled because the power sliding doors can open while you're driving. but it could take until late next month because they have a limited supply of parts. in the meantime, dealers can
6:49 am
disable the sliding door. pwaurtball -- butter has teamed up with amazon. the skill features real experts who normally work the butterball talk line. so you can ask where should i put the meet thermometer? or other things. but you can ask someone. hopefully marge is the one who is answering. >> she's sweet. >> here's something that i say demands a recount. of course there's a lot of delicious food talking about thanksgiving. >> right. let's talk about the side dishes, not just the turkey. 358 asked what people like to eat with your turkey. here's what they found. the most popular side dish here in the west is salad. >> not romaine. >> not romaine. >> throw out the romaine. >> please do so. i can't beev midwest lheir gen beans
6:50 am
casserole. people in the great lakes like their rolls and biscuits. in the south, cornbread. cheese. and squash. a variety of different tastes. here we like salad, which i disagree with. what about mashed potatoes and hearty things? >> sweet potato cast role. that's the best thing my wife makes. >> i'm getting hungry. >> i know. i'm ready to go to the gym to get ready for tomorrow. all right. if i was going to the gym, i would take my wet weather gear. before that happens, look at this. my goodness. it looks like the sky is on fire from sky 7. absolutely gorgeous. thank you for being out there picking this up while they're watching the traffic this morning. unfortunately, i have to move on and talk about what's going to ppyon see. maybe even 8:00. they have the flood watch starting at noon.
6:51 am
we have light rain around the heart of the bay. moderate rain in the santa cruz mountains. that is going to slide northw d northward. delays at sfo because of the low visibility and the rain will pick up the next couple of hours, turn over to thunderstorms tonight. next storm is tomorrow through friday. tomorrow afternoon, in the north bay. most of us dry tomorrow during the day. tracking another storm next week. the storm door is open. 9:00, yellows and oranges moving through. still here at noon in places like the east bay and south bay, which will be dry until then. by 4:00, steady rain is over. we transition into showers and the possibility of thunderstorms. all right. tomorrow's storms mainly in the north bay during the day. it will start at 3:00 or 4:00. it will be a 1. then turns into 2, moderate, for friday. rainfall amounts healthy. if you left your ear gas station system on, turn it off. you don't need it any more especially with rain coming tuesday again. a quick look at the santa
6:52 am
cruz mountains. an earlier collision right past the summit has cleared. unfortunately, another crash northbound 17 right past redwood estates. there is one car that hit a wall there. there is one lane and debris in the other lane that is blocked off. so traffic at a crawl. about a four-mile backup. let's also take a look at the
6:53 am
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coming up on 6:55. here are 7 things to know before you go. i want to tell you about the bay area smoke. it is gone. other than fairfield, all of us breathing cleaner air. the rain on the increase. expect it to continue through 4:00 this afternoon. could be heavy at times. >> happy to see it, mike. >> number two, the rain will be a welcomed site to crews battling the camp fire. it has burned 152,000 acres, now 75% contained. full containment not expected until the end of the month >> number three, tourist attractions are reopening as the air quality improves. alcatraz, muir woods and fort
6:56 am
point all welcoming visitors today. >> number four, this is so important. do not ein in th th an urgt nationwidentues to searcfor the source of an e. coli outbreak. check out the pwreu bridge toll plaza. easy drive into san francisco right now. >> 580 in livermore. chp goes all out to keep you safe on the roads for the holiday. today is the start of their maximum enforcement through sunday night. number seven, a live look at sfo. expect long lanes at bay area airpor airports. thanksgiving travel will be one of the busiest since the year 2005. so it's been quite a while. we have seen soepl people. >> see, i told you precheck. did you get precheck? i have been telling this woman how many months. >> i will have to wait a long time today.
6:57 am
may i borrow yours? it doesn't work that way, does it? >> it
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maki good morning, america. brutal arctic blast.rtasreda downurut wt. as tens of millions hit the roads and what the military is doing in the sky to help millions of flyers get home for the holiday. the stunning new report saying president trump wanted to order the justice department to investigate hillary clinton and former fbi director james comey, as the president announces he is standing with saudi arabia despite the brutal murder of that journalist. mansion fire mystery. four members of one family found dead after this home goes up in flames in an exclusi


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