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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> we'll look from the sky 7. right now over 880 in the east bay. north and south. this is in hayward. taking a look at the traffic there. it doesn't look like the roadways are all that wet. which is a good thing gien what the afternoon commute has been like for many. north bay now from the camera. you can see a few drops on the lens there. it was probably worse earlier in the day. >> i think so. we have team coverage and how it's affecting the thanksgiving commute. >> this is what we have been waiting for. >> we're happy it hit here. it was heavier earlier in the day. what's happening now. you can see the in this region from the peninsula across the pay to parts of the east bay. we have pockets of light rain. heavier in parts of the mountains. look at this widespread and steadier rain.
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reaching from the hamilton area. discovery bay and east of livermore. and further north to walnut grove. we have pockets of downpours there. the storm goes on it ranks 1 on the scale. it will be with us tonight and tomorrow morning. scattered showers for the most part. areas of slick roads and of course slower travel. isolated thunderstorms are possible. not likely. 6:00 this evening we'll see the activity to the east and we'll get breaks in the clouds and dry spots from time to time. before more scattered showers move in during the late night hours. a look at the thanksgiving weekend forecast coming up later. >> thank you. see you in a few. from the airport to the roads the rain is making for a tough thanksgiving get away. especially difficult for one family in particular. wayne is live with that story. >> thanksgiving and the commute
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has begun with the complication of the rain here. highway 1 right out here. slick in roads sometimes dangerous consequences and one in particular. we have video from less than two hours ago. this one of two main approaches to the richmond bridge from the west. scene of a head on collision. with two adults and three children on board. on the way to, one second they were fine. the next this happened. >> he didn't go with the curb. he went straight across the middle and hit us. right in the driver side. >> nothing you could do? >> he didn't brake or anything. >> air bags deployed. surprisingly and lucky everyone in the white car including the three children survived. the children without a scratch. the driver hurt her hand. that's good news.
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and that will certainly add a new dimension to this thanksgiving for them. as for the driver of the green pickup. he got out and walked away. he did go to the hospital later on. we don't know his condition. that's the latest. >> thank you. the kids are okay. we had widespread power outages with this storm. we were in pleasant hill today. 18,000 people lost power. major intersection became four way stops as traffic signals went dark. this afternoon nearly 10,000 customers are seeing outages. >> take a look at some serious street flading in san francisco. crews tried to fix the issue wading through knee high water. southbound 101 near the off ramp. the standing water brought traffic to a complete standstill. it was so bad this afternoon the chp shut down the right lane.
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>> the commute all around the bay area has been extremely rough today. >> we experienced that. what a joy coming into the city. lee ann is on the road. all day long. and in one of the vehicles right now with the up to the minute detail. >> where are you? >> i thought you were going to sing on the road again ♪ . anyway let me tell you 680 was kind of light. we were surprised. in both directions north and southbound. we decided to get on 580 east. and that's where we are now. quickly using a different camera. it's not bumper to bumper. it's moving. it's okay. it's doable. the first rain of the season of course, and this long thanksgiving holiday weekend. you'll see several traffic accidents. and we have seen many.
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so be careful out there. traffic has been heavy and some parts like i said. light in others. i have been surprised. it's not raining here that much. it's drizzling. google maps has been a great help to us. this afternoon. predicting that now is the worst time to travel. not sure about that. the worst commute they predicted would be 680 north. we didn't get that far. but we didn't see traffic that heavy. so despite higher gas prices people in california are traveling more this according to triple a. now how many people 6.8 million nearly 7 million people in california will be traveling in their vehicles over this time period. and you bet that chp officers will be out here stopping and we have been seen it. stopping people who are texting and drinking. and speeding.
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>> you can slow down. put the gps down and the cell phone. give it to the passenger. and make sure you're braking sooner. because the wet roads are going to make it harder to s s s s s s >> right now you're looking at 580 east. passed dublin. and it's okay. i think a lot of people decided to leave earlier. but again it's raining in some spots, and others not so much. be careful the important thing is to arrive safely. live on 580 east. >> thank you. good advice. that is the key. live look outside this is pretty. the heavenly ta hoe camera. bring your chains to the sierra a winter storm warning is in effect. for the latest conditions down load the news app.
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enable the push alerts. and check live doppler 7 in your neighborhood. >> investigators have linked a hayward man to a decades cold case. >> 74 year-old john arthur arrested for the murder of lezly. more on this story. >> the arrest was made possible by dna evidence collected at the crime scene in 1973. the sheriff office telling us that old fashion detective work combined with new technology is what led them to the suspect. >> reporter: more han 45 years after the death of lez lee. the sheriff office believes they have the man responsible. >> cold cases are never closed. we pursue them until we find justice. >> 74 year-old was arrested in
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hayward yesterday. at home. pearloff a 21 year-old stanford graduate and soon to be a princeton law student. working at the law library. the victims car was initially found empty near a quarry west of stanford. days later her body was discovered under an oak tree strangled with panty hose in her mouth. >> we believe she'll be convicted. she lost her life. she didn't live like he did. we'll committed to making the arrest. >> investigators reviewed the case recently and worked with the crime lab to submit origin evidence collected at the crime scene to a virginia base company for analysis. that resulted in a report which included family members who dna was already in a public data base. from there detectives were able to connect the dots linking him to the murder. >> it's still our job as investigators to confirm whomever is identified as a
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potential lead. and fortunately we're about the cunning edge of utilizing technology available. >> he was previously convicted of raping an under age girl in 1975. prior to that as an 18 year-old he was convicted of raping and killing a 16 year-old in germany. where his father was stationed in the army. but tried as a juvenile and served a short sentence. >> the suspect is currently being held without bail. at the county jail. thank you. this arrest is shining a spotlight on importance of dna based family tree tracking in solving cold cases. >> spoke with the genetic genealogist who worked led to the suspect. >> larry is the southern california based dna detective. who has been featured on 2020 and other programs. she went to work this summer
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after sheriffs investigators sent dna evidence from the crime scene to her partner company. combined cunning edge analysis with traditional family tree mapping. to try to identify connections. usually it's defined relatives. increasingly used to solve cold cases. especially after the work led to the capture of the golden state killer. this case they up loaded a data file created from the evidence to the public data base. where it was compared to 1 million people. >> what they said is based on how much dna the suspect is sharing with nip else in the data base. you can get a list of people who are second cousins, fourth cousins etc. from there they build the family tree. and uses newspaper archives. social media and public family trees. she made 20 successful
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identification in six months and expects genology to keep growing. and more law enforcements come calling. >> thank you so much. tonight at 11:00 the i team investigates the story behind the video of a small car colliding with a bus. >> the to know why he's being blamed for causing the accident. when he had a green light. another video from on board the bus that helps tell the story. that's tonight at 11:00. >> it hurts watching that. >> all the rain both good and bad news for the crews working in beaut county. how the weather is helping the fire. but hurting search efforts. >> getting a hand from big names. lending a hand. >> later. the effort to clean up crime in one troubled neighborhood in san
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on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less. today's long awaited rain is a blessing and a hin rans for the crews bats lg the campfire. the rain will help containment efforts and present hazards. the wet conditions make the ground slippery for crews working in regd terrain. rugged terrain. and risks of mud slides. hampering efforts to find human remains. as of marylaidday the fire is 8 contains. death toll is 81.
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800 people unaccounted for. >> thanksgiving will be much different for people who lost their homes in the fire. 15,000 meals are being prepped as we speak to feed the people in need. >> some are getting fed early. live in orr ville. >> we are inside the auditorium. there are dozens of resources available for evacuees including as you mention an early thanksgiving meal. they have it to go set up going on here. the little plate for us so we could show you what's going on inside the kitchen. there's going to be massive set ups all over the area. tomorrow. we got a sneak peek today. >> reporter: daniel is tough critic. he needs the gravy to taste just as good as grandma. his crew is working on making 80 gallons of it. plus this is the third week on
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the job. so he's got to deliver. >> this is the biggest crew i have had to make this big of a meal. and the biggest reason. >> reporter: you're looking at the beginning of thanksgiving dinner for thousands of campfire evacuees. they're working in conjunction with world central kitchen who plan to serve 15,000 thanksgiving dinners to paradise victims tomorrow. ken is the onner here. and getting his hands dirty too. >> we have 14% of the employees lose their homes. and about everybody else knows here friends or family who lost homes as well. >> reporter: about ten minutes up the road this group at the church is preparing for the same thing. he started his foundation to help feed after his napa valley community was devastated by the north bay fire. being here is bringing up
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testitough memories. >> the room smells of potatoes. and if hope had a smell. maybe that too. >> they originally reached out to first responders to see if they can feed nem a meal. they told them know. tomorrow 50 firefighters will be joining their efforts in serving. >> glad they're getting that holiday meal. thank you. >> green bay packers star and beaut county native aaron rogers is donating $1 million to help fire victims. >> in california where i was born and raised. the city of paradise burned to the ground and many of the residents that got out are displaced in my hometown. i personally reached out to friends and the mayor to find
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out how to be most help. raising money for recovery is what's needed most. >> his donation will go to the community foundation. the 34 year-old grew up and went to beaut community college before heading to cal. >> former governor arnold schwarzeneggar surprised firefighters this morning. he helped serve them breakfast and delivered encouraging words. schwarzeneggar says the visit was his small way of thanking firefighters for service. >> the rainmaking a big difference in air quality. >> huge. take a look at the tower camera from last week through today. you can see today is clouds. not smoke. >> thankfully. meteorologist with a look at the air quality. >> we can finally breathe easier. after two weeks of unhealthy air quality. today we have wiped away the unhealthy air. it is improving across the board.
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look at the green dots as we zoom in. livermore, san francisco. oakland. redwood city. san jose. good air quality at this hour. concord to the north still in the sensitive category. fair field improving. napa all with good air quality. and this air quality will last the next several days. we look at thanksgiving. no spare the air day in effect. moderate to good air quality across the region. a similar story into friday as well. the upcoming weekend saturday and sunday. that air continues to be rather fresh. we can breathe easy. the unhealthy air quality is out. moderate to good. thanks to the rain. we're not done with the rain yet. >> good news. running outside again. you can see that in the main part of the bay area, the rain is tapeering off to light showers. a line of moderate to heavy rainfall. moving to the sacramento valley.
4:20 pm
from stock ton and sacramento. heavy downpours there. much in the bay area is getting a break from the rain that was much heavier and steadier earlier today. the view looking west. a few bright breaks in the clouds there. 59 degrees in san francisco. oakland 58. the view from the south beach camera. in san francisco along the bay bridge. traffic is flowing well. it's heavy. 59 degrees in santa rose. con torna concord upper 50s. we see a few bright spots in the sky. these are the forecast futures. scattered showers over night. a bright start for thanksgiving day. it might not last long. the storm moves in late tomorrow and into friday. for tonight and tomorrow morning we can look for scattered showers, slick roads.
4:21 pm
slower travel. maybe isolated thunderstorm or two. over night low temperatures range from upper 40s. low 50s generally near the bay and coast. the day planner thanksgiving day calls for isolated sprinkles in the morning. and midday some clouds with sunny breaks as well. later in the afternoon north bay showers develop. and become widespread. and become heavier into the evening hours. so, that next storm will rank 2 on the storm impact scale. moderate for thursday. highest impact will be the north bay. heavy at times wind gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour. on the coast and hills. noon tomorrow. shows the development of the storm first in the north bay. early evening spreading south ward and east ward. generally moderate rainfall and periods of heavy rainfall. it will start to break up friday. another wave of rain comes in mid-morning to midday friday.
4:22 pm
we have wet weather coming our way. noon friday we expect rainfall totals in the east bay and peninsula to be generally between a quarter inch to half inch. in the north bay more is expected. maybe over two inches. up to two and a half. sierra winter storm warning in effect until friday morning 10:00. above 6,500 feet. generally ten to 18 inches of snow. up to 30 inches could fall in the highest peaks and travel not recommended. >> 7-day forecast. after two more days of rain. tomorrow and friday. we have a break over the weekend. maybe a trailing shower early saturday morning. sun your skies on sunday. dry day monday. a storm ranking 2 on tuesday. >> bring it on. >> rain and clear skies. >> we are just days away from one of the biggest shopping days
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sglnc sglmplg days away from the shopping frenzy of black friday. >> this friday isn't just any friday. it's a day after thanksgiving which makes it black friday. the shopping day that sends tens of millions to the mall and internet looking for the deals. are any of the deals worth getting up in the middle of the night? consumer report senior tech reporter has scoured the ads and has the best black friday bargains. thank you for joining us. i have to start with smart phones. they cost so much now. are there any deals? >> there are. you may not think smart phones are not necessarily known for black friday.
4:26 pm
we have seen a ton of deals. there was one deal that caught our eye. walmart is offering $400 in store gift card for last years iphone. that's the iphone 10 or 8. and plus. that's interesting for a couple reasons. it's a good deal. and last years model. it's a good deal on top of a good value. there's one thing. it does pay to read the fine print. sometimes these deals are tied to service contracts or retailer wants to make you pay the full price of the phone up front. double check before you hand over your credit card. >> big screen tv. i was out shopping the other day. there's a will the of choices that seem to have made a huge come back. any deals there. >> there's a will the of black friday is the best time to buy a big screen tv. and there are a ton of 4 k tvs we have seen on sale. one model we like. a 50 inch from shark. the q 7030.
4:27 pm
walmart has it for $249. so $249 for a 50 inch 4 k is almost too good to be true. it's true. >> that's amazing. laptop computers. folks put off buying them until now. >> great idea. you'll find them of all shapes and sizes sp prices. if you're eyeing a really expensive model the high end models tend not to go on sale too much. we found one the microsoft surface lap toll two. that came out a couple weeks ago. buy it directly from microsoft they knock off $300 off the price. on the lower end of the scale we like a 13 inch chrome book. from costco. $289. so it's maybe not the most powerful laptop. but if you're buying if for your kids or family room. and browse the web or e-mail. light productivity. it's perfect.
4:28 pm
$289 is a compelling price. >> to get the best deals do you have to actually shop friday? or saturday and sunday. o two weeks from now. >> the thing with black friday the whole holiday season is a time for deals. you'll find them until the last minute. black friday you find the absolute best deals. if you want to sleep in and don't want to battle the crowds. retailers this year don't make you go to the store. you can buy online and ship it. or pick it up. you don't have to battle the crowd. there are deals throughout the season. and you can shop online. >> consumer report senior tech reporter. thank you for your time and information. you were great. >> thank you. >> all right. it is a busy day on the roadway. and at the airport. people head out for the thanksgiving holiday. what you need to know before you leave tonight. >> cleaning up the streets of san francisco.
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4:31 pm
the stories making head lips. a welcome sight returned to the bay area. rain. it helped clear out the smoke that made conditions so unhealthy. kate larson tweeted video from
4:32 pm
beaut county you're looking at here. wet weather there is helping firefighters with containment efforts. but hurting the task of finding more victims. >> this video from along 80. which will be one of the most congested roads this evening. and the airport is also crowded. news reporter tweeted expect big delays. 40% of flights are delayed. live picture from sfo. we have a look at the holiday rush. >> reporter: with the first rain of the season arriving outside, and large crowds expected inside, travelers brace for a rough airport experience. some told us they got here three hours before their flight. >> we got here early. we were anxious to get here. >> the crowds inside looked
4:33 pm
intimidating. the security line in terminal two had a spill over section. >> i never travel on this day. i usually travel thanksgiving day. it's a breeze. i'm trepidation about traveling today. >> looks can be deceiving. we timed one passenger at height of the rush. who started in the back of the add on section of the line. she texted us when she got through. 21 minutes later. >> it seems bad. but it's moving quickly. >> the crowds didn't really create problems but the weather did. >> i'm going to costa rica. the connecting flight in between i would have missed. there's a delay here. going tomorrow. >> reporter: he knew today would be busy. he didn't think this weather would derail the trip. >> i'm from the midwest. when it rains it really rains. this is nothing. but i guess it's different here. >> the rain is causing visibility issues. but also a wind issue.
4:34 pm
it's blowing in the opposite direction. so they had to reconfigure the direction of the run way and that's less efficient. >> airports and airlines are bracing for what could be record breaking crowds today and sunday. when people travel home. >> this is our super bowl in american airlines. we have 130,000 team members. over the 30 million, 7 million will be flying on american airline. during the 12 day travel period. >> and most of that is within the u.s. to accommodate the need for planes and crews. american airline reduced the number of international flights. >> people are hitting the road. live look outside at conditions now. this is on the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving quite nicely. on the bay bridge toll plaza. a little slow down there.
4:35 pm
but barely. it could look worse. >> when i drove in. >> walnut creek. this would be 680. it's not too bad. it really could be worse. and maybe it'll pick up later in the evening. on the san mateo bridge. on the left hand side. on the way to the peninsula. westbound on the right hand side is looking god. you can down load the app to get updates on the weather and traffic. >> committed to building a better bay area. we're spending extra time looking close le at issues that affect your quality of life. one issue people in san francisco are concerned about is crime. take a look at the map highlights calls about crime in the city. you can see market street the area around there. that's a hot spot. now police are adding officers to patrol the midmarket area on foot. to make it safer. the story from news reporter.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: he started his market street restaurant one year ago. he supports the mayors decision to expand foot patrol in the midmarket area. >> it's good decision for the business and the people here. >> reporter: the mayor will add ten officers. a second lieutenant. and two sergeants to walk the street. the area on market between fourth and eighth. a dense hub of residents, workers and tourists which include civic center and the plaza. also among those who hang here, drug users and pushers. and those who are homeless and mentally unstable. >> they can bother the customers. they are calling and telling us we're not coming here. because of the people are bad outside. >> it got so bad he almost quit. until things got better last september when the city added more beat cops on market. police chief says the new initiative is to continue the progress they're making. >> we're going to stay there and do what we have to do.
4:37 pm
until that area is sustained and we keep it clean and safe. >> reporter: it's hard to find a merchant here on central market street who doesn't want more cops. they're tired of it being an eyesore and >> he says his customers and staff are constant targets of street people. >> they have been assaulted. they have been threatened. this is the daily occurrence. we have some event. >> reporter: the new staffing will be complete in two weeks. get it cleaned up. once the addition is done there there will be a total of 43 foot beat officers in the midmarket area. that is increase of nearly 50%. >> there were some heart stopping moments in dallas when several people were forced to jump from the third floor of a burning apartment building. one person tossed a babe be out the window to safety.
4:38 pm
>> that is frightening. scary. good samaritans caught that baby boy. residents brought out a mattress to cushion those who jumped. three people including a firefighter were hurt. the complex is a loss. >> lucky to get out alive. mark zuker burg stands his ground on russian meddling. >> great day. it's a wet one as well. and going to remain wet for what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems,
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mark zuckerberg responding to calls for him to step down following a "new york times" investigation released last week. >> he talked about the claims his company tried to ignore and hide election interference on facebook. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg on responding for the first time to last weeks sering "new york times" investigation. the article in part accusing facebook of going to great lengths to diminish or distort the responsibility for data misuse and russia election meddling. >> in 2016 there's no doubt we missed something really important. i think sometimes people say how did you not know this? in some of the cases, it's really a big deal to say that a nation state is behind
4:42 pm
something. and before our company puts a stamp on somebody saying that i want to be sure that's the case. >> the stock plummeting 40% from the all time high in july. zuckerberg standing his ground addressing the accusations against the company. denying having any knowledge that facebook hired a republican opposition firm. to discredit critics is spread negative stories about competitors. including apple and google. >> i run the company. i'm responsible for everything here. i don't think point was about a specific p.r. firm. it was about how we act. >> facebook cut ties with that firm. he has no plans to step down adding chief operating officer isn't going anywhere either. despite criticism of her handling of the facebooks biggest issues. >> live doppler 7. this wet day is still wet.
4:43 pm
the heavy rain is east of the bay area. snow in the sierra. we scattered showers coming our way. what's left of the storm, whoops. almost dropped the clicker. ranks one. and slick roadways and of course slower travel. isolated thunderstorms are possible. low temperatures in the upper 40s. low 50s around the bay shoreline and coast. and then tomorrow we'll see highs on thanksgiving day. ranging from upper 50s on the coast to 60 in the mildest loi contaminations and late tomorrow another storm develops in the north bay. that will rank two on the scale. moderate intensity. tomorrow night and friday we can expect the high impact from the storm to be in the north bay. heavy at times. gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. 7-day forecast. we have a break on saturday and sunday. and the it gets quite sunny on
4:44 pm
sunday and monday. tuesday wednesday of next week. look for more storms coming in. rain tuesday and rainy again wednesday. the season has arrived and i like it. >> thanks. >> all right. last minute rush it is not just on the road. it's also at the grocery store. >> you have your thanksgiving meal covered. what can you do if you make a last minut [ready forngs ] christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello!
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you are not alone. you're all pushing and shoving. shoppers in san francisco. in markets all around the bay area. people told us they already sl the turkey. but people were grabbing everything from extra stuffing to vegetables and bottles of wine. and of course being san francisco, crab goes very fast. >> yeah. all right. what can you do if you have a last minute problem like forgot to defrost the turkey? >> that would be a good start. >> chef finny.
4:48 pm
look. i was at my desk the phone rang. chef mark without introduction he says i bet there are people struggling with thanksgiving dinner. we can help. i said, yes we can. chef hustled over here. joining me now. so, you haven't defrosted your turkey. >> if it's frozen. what are you going to do now? get that thing in the if you have a bathtub. put cold water in it. put the turkey in it. that's the quickest way. if you don't have a tub, put it on some metal. it takes out the coldness. pulls it out. leave it and get the plastic off of it. that will hold in everything. take it off and if you want to foil it while you have it with the plastic off. and also ladies that are just married. after you thaw it out take the jib lets out of the front side.
4:49 pm
>> people you have the pan here. people just figured out they have the turkey and not the correct pan. >> the most important thing is to make sure that you put the turkey on a rack. because if you put it othe bottom of the pan it will boil the bottom. and steam it out and you get dry turkey. don't do that. some of you m have the turkey pan and don't do it. i'll show you a quick trick. take the foil and turn it like this. and you can make your own ram by turning it. and turn it and keep it off the pan. and make sure the turkey doesn't hit the sides of the pan. because any time that side hits it it will boil. >> i know that you're famous because yoi say cook a tur keer at a hotter temperature than most people. >> i have 15 million people cooking it my way in the u.s.
4:50 pm
with the high heat recipe. i cook 15 pound turkey at 475 in two hours. if you want to find out you can go to the just type in chef mark high heat turkey. on the internet. it will come in. there's a link to the chicago tribune for two pages. >> we'll put the link up. we were on the phone and you said we'll talk about hot butter and cold butter. >> if you're doing mashed potatoes, when you boil the potatoes take them out. don't let them boil for a listening time. it takes the starch out. take them out at 190. cut them up. i use a ricer. because that takes the least amount of -- if you keep smashing those down it breaks them. real important. use cold butter when you do it. hot butter flows it away. hot melt flows it away.
4:51 pm
my recipe i use a pound of potatoes and half bound of butter. >> wow. >> cube it up. and put it inside and stir it. >> i'm about out of time. let's say you over cook a pie. people forget about it. >> i start drinking wine and yelling at people. if you over cook it. pull the top off. take it away from what you have. and open it up. cut off the crust. and also cook everything in stock. >> we'll continue this conversation online. in about two minutes. you can check out even more information from chef mark. digital show. go to the web site check it out. >> a lot of good information. >> butter ball is teaming up with amazon voice assistant just in time for thanksgiving. >> hi, i'm marge. >> if you down load the skill. you can just shout out questions
4:52 pm
while you prepare the tur tee. it features real experts. ask questions like where should i put the they are mm ter and thermometer and how often do i baste. >> i didn't know there was a butter ball hot line. >> san francisco thanksgiving holiday tradition took on special significance today. local leaders took part in the salvation army annual turkey carving event. a carve off. between the chiefs from the san francisco fire and police department. today salvation army honored out going fire chief. for her years of service and participation. >> what we have done today is our small way of giving back and making people holidays brighter tomorrow. hopefully next year and following i'll come back out of uniform as a volunteer. i'll be retired. >> volunteers carved 1,600 pounds of turkey today.
4:53 pm
that will feed nearly 4,000 people. >> nice. just to be clear. if i had a turkey i would have defrosted it. just ahead. a mural with a message. >> women stand tall. and in the face of adversity. >> why it's so important to so many. >> right now what's ahead at 5:00. >> we are in paradise. crews are dealing with the rain as the search continues for victims in the fire. and sea how the weather and unhealthy air hampered a holiday tradition in the south bay. and another live look at doppler 7. lit up throughout the day. you'll see what the forecast has in store for the rest of the holiday weekend.
4:54 pm
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tonight on the at 8:00. it's a charlie brown thanksgiving. modern family followed by single parents. and don't miss the news at 11:00. >> new brand localish is sharing stories of places and things you may not know about. >> a mural that celebrates the contribution of women through time. and around the world. ♪ ♪ >> several aspects make it stand
4:57 pm
out. it's mentality. it's a celebration of the history of women's contributions throughout time. the message would be that women stand tall and face of adversity. that women show courage. they resist. they're creative. >> one woman's identifiable style. so that it became a unified piece. >> so much fabric is identifiable as women's work. we included fabric from so many parts of the globe. >> there's a flow of the fabric that goes throughout the wall. inside the building and ties the imagery together. >> leader that you can
4:58 pm
recognize. others are more symbolic and others are spiritual. we want them to be awe struck by the alternative vision of women. the non-billboard, non-exploitive women. the heroic. the genius. the beauty of women. and their contributions to history. >> i like that last shot. you can see the scope of it. >> i marvel at people can paint such beautiful picture on such big scale. check out and facebook and instagram. >> you can get the latest news any time with the news app. it has enhanced live video
4:59 pm
features and kus mization. and push alerts. delivered to your phone in realtime. >> thanks for joining us. >> the news at 5:00 starts now. i'm so in shock. they have been very quiet neighbors. >> a bay area cold case killing is tracked what we have learned about the suspect. rain at last. parts of the bay area get a soaking and much needed relief. is more rain on the horizon? >> it's crunch time. if you're going to hit the road for the holiday. see what drivers are facing now. >> how rain could hurt the search going on right now in beaut county. >> for some of the bay area, it is the rainiest day in months. providing some much needed relief as we head into thanksgiving. good evening. >> thank you for joining us. >> it almost didn't matter where
5:00 pm
you were today. you saw rain. it is a much welcome site after dealing with days of unhealthy air that wouldn't loosen its grip. >> standing water brought traffic to a stand till on highway 101 in san francisco. near the paul avenue off ramp. look at that flooding. it closed the right lanes this afternoon. >> it flooded city streets. we were the a the intersection of bryant. you can see the pool of water covering the pavement. >> we have team coverage tonight. on the roads seeing what drivers are facing. >> let's start with news meteorologist. who is tracking the rain on live doppler. >> it is indeed a welcome sight. i want to show you live right now. rain switched over to scattered showers. we'll get you into street level radar. south bay first. we are seeing downpours indicated by the yellownd


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