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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 22, 2018 1:07am-1:40am PST

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oh, what a welcome sight today, steady rain fell across most of the bay area, clearing away some of the camp fire smoke. >> but did have problems. traffic to a standstill near the paul avenue offramp. >> and not down. live doppler 7, scat ared showers. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. get to sandhya patel, tracking the storm. >> yeah. let's look at live doppler 7, and you will notice that parts of the bay area still dealing with the wet weather. get you closer to street level, coming d coming down at good clip. street level, san leandro, grass valley road, fairmont drive, an inch an our. moving quickly. san ramon by 11:37777777777
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and moderate rain, spotty and lighter. storm impact is level one. scattered showers, briefly heavy. slow travel and keeping in isolated thunderstorm. but upside, getting greens across the entire area, air quality is good. next storm is queueing up here on live doppler 7. it's going to work its way towards the bay area as we head into thanksgiving. this is bringing us beneficial air quality locally. be back with closer look at thanksgiving forecast coming up. ama. from the airport to the roads. rain madeor tough getaway across the area. >> nearly half of all flights have been delayed. unser. >> reporter: what a difference a few hours can make.
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departure board showing all flights on time but earlier today was delay after delay, leaving thousands of unhappy holiday travelers. >> trying to get away for thanksgiving. but still in san francisco. r>>teor out of sfo after delays forced them to cancel yesterday. >> goto the airport and two hours late again. >> reporter: not a big deal but won't have car when they get to final destination. >> uber 70 miles to ventura. >> reporter: among thousands of passengers waiting in long lines for tickets,cknnd security because of flight delays. >> chaos inside of there. >> reporter: 500 flights delayed, mostly due to bad weather. rain made visibility a problem, and winds causes diversions.
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francisco played it smart. six hours early. >> prefer to be waiting for the flight than get stuck on the freeway and check in. >> reporter: now this is one of the busiest holiday travel periods of the year but sfo officials say if passengers thought today was bad, sunday is expected to be worse. abc7 news. >> thanks. they won't let us go, leave. >> because the rain caused multiple power outages including here in san leandro. a sparking power pole outside her home on daley drive. >> more than 3,000 without power. majority in peninsula and east bay. stormy weather could make
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getting to tahoe tricky. cal trans cameras winter storm warning. chains required on higher stretch of 80. could get up to 18 inches of snow. >> track the rain and impact on traffic with abc7 news app. live doppler 7, so hour by hour conditions in your neighborhood. breaking news out of thesta. federal officials arrested man they believe set one of the nine suspicious fires at housing construction sites. dustin bellinger is in custody, a construction worker accused of setting fire to apartments in late october. two other fires broke out that
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claimed more lives. death toll now at 83. number of missing continues to fluctuate at 563, down some today. fire is now 85% contained. that's up. jobina is live. >> reporter: at fairgrounds in chico where dozens of first responders are getting dry after spending time in wet conditions. caused issues but moving forward. not the night before thanksgiving that jessica williams had planned. >> cold. soaked. >> drenched tents caving in, food floating in gravy colored water. rain has had challenges for camp fire voik
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looking up but not for first responders. >> rain is concern, potential for mud flows. >> reporter: day one of the search for victims in the rain-soaked burn zone. >> out with searchers and anthropologists and they have a high degree of certainty, if it's out there, going to find it. >> reporter: 563 people unaccounted for. >> looking for very small bone fragments. >> reporter: hard to find a saty otheir responders. >> e mak ty' a ofit. >> reporter: alt nkivinghe field working on the recovery
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efrt. io, a tnk you. >> outouy reunited with family tonight. >> escaped burning home using wits and her own four paws. owner came to san francisco to get her. >> eric thomas, touching reunion. >> reporter: fire survivor, owner and roommate. haven't seen each other since november 8th. michael left for work, taking taxi but leaving maggie at home. >> by the time i realized it was bad as it was, nothing i could do. >> reporter: neighbor tried to rescue the dog, couldn't corral her. michaethgh s safe, then found out missing.
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maggie went to a onlyaf pce nea. found by police turned over to this young lady. >> she was super skittish at first, in decent shape though, wasn't burned. we'veee sn waywors e. >> reporter: who told michael she was okay. >> dropped to the ground and started crying. >> reporter: michael and dogs will temporarily live out of travel trailer and have thanksgiving dinner with family. like thousands of others lost everything to the flames except the things that meant the most. >> not letting them out of my sight anymore. >> reporter: eric reunion. >> nice to see. video from the i-team is getting reaction on social media. silicon valley engineer on the way to work gets green light
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but collides with bus, who was at fault? >> police blamed
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brace a smallar collide with aan jose. the driver of the car is asking tonight how could this be his fault when he had a green light. interesting question. >> and i-team reporter dan noyes is here with a story and important reminder when you take the wheel. >> car driver sent me message on twitter, with that video. am i in fault? commuting to silicon valley for electric car start-up but decided to drive in. >> friday, traffic can't be too bad. >> approached a light near headquarters in san jose. >> hit the intersection, looked up, oh, hey a bus -- a >> eric was shaken, burns on
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hands and elbow from the air bag, not seriously hurt. car totaled. told first responders he recorded the incident. confirmed had green light for four seconds before impact. pete was driving just to the right of eric. >> out of the corner of my eye, the bus turning into the intersection. which i thought that shouldn't be. >> took a right-hand turn just as the cash happened. >> i was wondering what caused the crash and quickly came to the clinclusion that the bus turned into the intersection against the light. >> police cleared him origlyal n y>>o reason to cite you. should be okay. >> but changed his mind concluding from he was at fault. vta bus was legally
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intersection when the collision occurred no't>>ern entering on has duty to make sure the traffic cleared the intersection and safe to proceed. >> what about the bus driver? obtained recordings from the eight cameras. stopped at intersection, two cars pull away. before he hits limit line, turns yellow. had more than 40 feet to hit the brake and stop but it continues through. california driver handbook says when you see the yellow traffic signal light stop if you can do so safely. if you can't, cross cautiously. >> didn't the bus have the duty to yield or stop? >> he's past the limit line, in the crest of the turn. >> look again at can't see precisely when it goes
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red but it's yellow 3 1/2 seconds, hit the red at this point and continued past through the intersection. retired san francisco motorcycle officer blames the bus driver. >> ran to red. so the bus should have stopped. >> cites 21.451, any driver, er including one turning shall yield right-of-way to other traffic lawfully. canoy was lawfully in the intersection. >> you have to yield to the cross traffic that has the green. >> bus driver didn't return my calls, texts and e-mail for comment. after the crash he called the vta office and blamed eric canoy. >> i was making a left-hand turn. other guy just went through the light. >> officials at vta declined
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interview, sent me e-mail. there is the potential for litigation so reserve comment for safety of those traling on s is eesn mean you can always go through it. you have to take moment to make sure it's safe to do so. >> this is the first time eric canoy has seen the onboard bus video that raises questions. insurance company as settled and his premiums are up about 10%. >> fascinating, interesting story to discuss and debate. good lesson to learn. >> absolutely. rain w neede ca,ot the holiday weekend? >> more rain, welcome start.
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cleaner air helping parched state and area. part one, rainfall was steady. part two of the same storm. fairfield, vacaville, travis air force base, moderate to heavy rain. 0.93 inches per hour. pretty heavily. inland east bay, track system that's going to continue to move that direction. one other stop, look for yourself. lightning southwest of hollister, going to continue seeing unstable atmosphere pushing across the region. santa cruz seeing lighter getting your share.
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not much around upper lake and lakeport but3 1/3 concord, 0.6, san jose and livermore over 0.2 inches of rain. not getting as much. temperatures in the 50s. south wind helped to blow the smoke out of here. still out of the southwest, 21 miles an hour at atlas peak. tahoe has seen snow, this is heavenly. chain controls on all roads up to the mountains. have them if you're heading up for the weekend. winter storm warning until 10:00 friday above 10,000 feet. i would hold off if you rndrops the peninsula, scattered
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showers, brief break in thanksgiving and then continues. time out system. scattered, light tomorrow morning, 3:00 to 5:00 a.m., then winds down, still some slick roads out of town. heavier rain at times. flash flood watch for the burn zone areas. threat of flash floods and debris flows. thanksgiving planner, north bay sees rain by 4:00 p.m. and by 7:00 p.m., everyone is getting wet. rain gear in the afternoon. most in the north bay. 50s and 60s. level two for tomorrow afternoon through friday, highest impact in north bay. wind gusts 30 to 50, heavy rain 00 p.m., across entire bay area continuing through black
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tomorrow and friday. rainfall totals will be highest up to the north. inch to two inches in spots. south bay, not as much. wind advisory for north bay, gusts 30 to 50, could take down power lines and trees. a short break for thanksgiving in the accuweather seven-day forecast, get a break then more wet weather. good to see. tomorrow on "good morning america" the thanksgiving
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abc7 news was at oracle arena in oakland where the fo and team in the th camp
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world. >> got to be surreal. in another offer of receive $1,000 each from a man in san diego area, never been to paradise but felt desire to help. >> sweetest thing. only one thing make it sweeter. >> if steph was playing? >> if they won too. trouble
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good evening. see how important steph curry is in his absence, lost four in a row for first time in steve kerr. hosting okc, no steph or draymond green, boogie in the wings. okc had it their way. 11 points but 13 assists in this game. klay thompson, no, jonas jerebko, no. durant is snuffed. diallo on the back assist. went out with what appeared to be
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asadsirstht wh 27 but collapsed late. warriors lose fourth in row first time since 2013. lebron, back with old teammates, still love him. round of applause from the fans. throwing down. 42. fourth quarter, tied javale mcgee for the lead. raiders in the running for number one pick in the draft, goes to worst team in the league. 2-8 heading to baltimore. at this point lot of people say you got to tank, might nk but derek carr said his goal is wreck the draft for
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everybody and win
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>> when the smoke clears, you'll see. >> crazy things are happening. >> why they are about to get a whole lot crazier. >> riders converge and the super series where endurage counts. the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad and once and for all, can you guess what happens when the holders family puts this to the test. >> all kinds of crazy things head to russia, so we head to russia where all kinds of crazy things are happening. behind that smoke, i promise there is a van delivering
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cylanders. >> it is like we know what is going to happen. >> i am surprise they are exploding. we say that every time. every time, this happens in the video. >> i'm listening for sirens. nobody even calls. they are like, i got places to be. >> don't worry, eventually a firefighter does up and put out that fire. >> over to australia. this is one of those cases where you just see it coming a mile off. in the distance coming forwards us in the headlines. they notice t


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