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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 22, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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chico. a father and daughter's eff
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>> sunny skies give way to rain this thanksgiving. our second storm in as many days is bringing a much needed soaking to the bay area. good thanksgiving evening to you. >> you can expect the rain to continue throughout much of the day tomorrow. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge. we have more on the forecast. >> it's great to see more rain in the bay area. let me show you live doppler 7. bay is giving you a break. from san leandro to alameda, light rainfall. light to moderate around conc d
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concord, oakley, discovery bay around deer valley road. it is also wet from redwood city middlefield road to east palo alto into mountain view and from santa clara to willow glen getting steadylight rain. santa cruz is raining and most of it is light. the storm impact scale through tomorrow, rain will be briefly heavy and gusty in the hills and coast and a slight chance of thunder. winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour and up to 50 or 55. it is breezy along the coastline. there are concerns about this system and another one coming back to back storms. i will be back with a look at the weekendfocayo on this thanksgiving. rarbletory of000 miles away. >> now the story that is creating a movement to help
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those affected by the camp fire. >> this is a thanksgiving story like no other. the turkey is traded for gas station food and 20 hours of driving to deliver a special gift that is inspiring others to do the same. >> for james and his 6-year-old daughter, a traditional thanksgiving would not do. >> the option was to stay and stuff ourselves with food and take naps and watch football. that's just -- we couldn't do that. >> not when 1,000 miles away, a place where this denver man used to call home, the community was suffering. >> we were moved by what was going on. >> 84 dead, 500 still missing and 14,000 homes butt coubu tr b butte county. >> i saw this outpouring of need from people and just decided we
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had to do something. >> something is raising money to buy an rv to house a family in need. james surpassed his fund-raising goal purchasing a class a motor home and was on his way 19 hours to chico. >> we are just outside of the area. >> a remarkable chance encounter with this woman from san francisco who has an rv she wanted to donate for sometime. >> i went on to the chico craigslist site. i feel in awe of him. >> they partnered up, fielding hundreds of requests. trying to find the family who is need the rvs. maybe as this father-daughter road trip continues, they will start a movement for more people to donate. they have so much to be grateful for this thanksgiving. >> the best one we have ever had.
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i had 50 of them. it has been amazing. >> that movement has already begun. a woman in reno, nevada heard about this story and plans to donate an rv, making it three. james said he will choose a recipient and if you have a motor home you would like to donate with who needs help, you can visit our website. back to you. >> incredible story. thank you. thanksgiving wasn't as planned for the camp fire, but the community and famous volunteers work to make it feel as much like home as they coul he the c. >> on holidays like thanksgiving we see volunteers feeding people in need. >> we have cal fire that was coming to enjoy the thanksgiving. no, they are in there serving. i said you guys haven't done
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enough? >> first responders stepped away from a gruelling recovery process to serve e vacuees thanksgiving dinner. >> we made a connection with the community. >> it was organized by world central chefs. 15,000 meals were made for evacu evacuees. virginia lost everything in the fire and is also a teacher at paradise high along with these women. obviously this wasn't the thanksgiving dinner they had planned, but they are here now and they're thankful. >> i'm alive. my students all got out. i believe in hope.t' bayeenourr like. today a few thousand people were added to the guest list. a lot started out as strangers and now they consider each other family. the many people tell us the strength and giving attitude
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that made all of this possible is going to be the same thing that carries paradise as they work to rebuild. abc 7 news. >> toyota has given i nurse a new truck after his was burped while he w and looks like his old one. he evacuated patients from where he works and tried to get out of paradise himself, but wasn't easy. >> i was sitting in my car and thought we are getting close to the end here. i recorded the video for my friends and family and put my phone away. >> a bulldozer cleared a path for him. toyota offered to take his old truck and display it as proof of its durability. >> some spent part of thanksgiving waiting in line, but not as long as in years past. some waited for best buy to open
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at 5:00. some had to shop with umbrellas. kate larson is live in novato. >> we are here at the target and there are shoppers. lots of tvs, per usual. we have been doing black friday for 10 years and i have never seen this tame of a shopping experience. it's not raining now and it was earlier. that may have had something to do with it. >> we are open. >> just in time to get out of the rain. >> make sure you are not pushin. single file line. >> lines of people for black friday deals on thanksgiving day. >> i'm in line on thanksgiving because my mom wants a tv. >> many in the giving spirit. >> is it worth it to stand in the rain? >> anything to make her happy. >> my daughter is so into barbie. >> giving thanks to give a leg up. >> you have to get them early.
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>> they are hot toys for her age. half of the time i can't find what she likes. they are all gone. >> the rain came down and shoppers stayed dry thanks to flat screens and more. flat screen tvs. >> yes! >> as for dinner, most dined before. >> my sugar level is on high. >> pumpkin pie? >> only one, but with ice cream. >> giving park an hunters a run for her money on happy thanksgiving day. >> just get a sar crash and then sugar drunk. it's good and also bad. >> if you are watching, i hope your girl have settled down. target is open until 1:00 a.m. you have time to get out and shop some more.
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a brks krrks sechbc 7 news. >> there won't be any shopping at this joanne store. the fire department posted pictures after the roof collapsed early this morning. thankfully no one was hurt. smoke and flames inna an east b home. >> a man spents the night trapped in his car. rescuers were able to find him alive. pack your chains if you are heading to the
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a suspect is dead and two people hurt in a mall in hoover, alabama. it happened around 10:00 local
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time. people were inside black friday shopping. >> they're put us in supply closets and locked the door. >> man was shot in a fight and he is in serious condition. a 12-year-old girl was also hit by gunfire, but it's not clear by whom. she is expected to be okay. >> in the east bay, the red cross is helping a family after a fire burned through their home. when firefighters got to the home, it was engulfed in flame. no one was hurtau uer investigation. >> a deadly house fire devastated a family. nine people escaped the burning home, but one man did not make it. kim has more on the fire investigation. >> reporter: a san lorenzo family holds vigil as firefighters investigate a
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deadly house fire. neighbors noticed smoke around noon and called 911. >> when i went out, i smelled smoke and i knew it was a fire. >> crews were on scene in about four minutes and found heavy flames and smoke out of the front of the house. >> nine people escaped including five children. one man tried to go back to save a person still inside. >> he had a shirt wrapped around and he was yelling at him to get out. not safe to do that. >> because there was so much fire and smoke, crews had to fight their way in. >> a man was discovered dead in a back bedroom. the cause is under inveigation, buto started home on is people are using the deep fryers to deep fry the turkeys. >> the damage is extensive and
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will have to be boarded up. the red cross is assisting the displaced family and neighbors opened their home for a meal. they were too distraught to talk. they are working to positively identify the man who died. abc 7 news. >> a man is recovering after crashing his car and spending all night in it without any help. they shared these picture and the man's family reported him missing. they searched for hours without any luck. the sun came out and they spotted a tree without a trunk. they found the car with a man still inside. people celebrating thanksgiving in the sierra retreated to the first snowfall of the season. the snow began falling on wednesday and by tuesday, there was more than a foot on the ground. chop hrkhop is warning p p p pp
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careful. >> tracking not only rain, but snow in the mountains. we have a lot to get to. we will talk about street level radar and south bay we go and you are finally getting your share of rain. mountain view heading across the peninsula across i-35. we are seeing pockets of moderate rain. in the east bay and the north bay from crocket to martinez, we are seeing light showers. how much rain? over two inches with just this storm. more than an inch in santa rows. half inch in san francisco. 67/100s in oakland. a few hundredths in places like palo alto and livermore, but more is coming.piinup 72/100s o. the storm that is moving through is part one of the system. here comes the next one. that's what i meant by back to back. the concern is with rain not being able to absorb too much
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moisture. watch out. the storm concerns, hydro planing on the roadways. trees could topple and it's a moderate risk and pretty low. chain controls on all roads up to tahoe. i would hold off on travel. winder storm warning until 10:00 a.m. windy and heavy snow above 6,000 feet and 12 to 18 inches and up to 30. they have gotten about a half foot to just over a foot. travel is treacherous and i would recommend you go off and enjoy the fresh fodder. tempatures are 40s0s. this is spectacular from my cam. across the bay, a beautiful view of sfo. you will likely encounter delays because of the weather. from the santa cruz camera, they have rain. level two storm on the scale exclusive to abc 7 news.
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tonight and tomorrow briefly heavy. gusty in the hills and coast and a slight risk of thunder. midnight tonight, most of the focus is the south bay. black friday shoppers, scattered showers and it's not a washout, but definitely make sure you have your rain gear. the next batch begins to move in. oranges and yellows have moderate to heavy rainfall through the early afternoon hours. by night time, we are talking 6:00 to 9:00 and scatter and lighter in coverage across the region. saturday morning at 5:30, the last few batches go through and you are dry for the west of the potential for about tenth of an inches. 12/100s to just over an inch. everyone else flooding. until 12:00 p.m., we have a flood watch. carry the umbrellas. 50s and wet and windy at noon time and the afternoon and evening is still wet. you can download the app and
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track. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and windy along the coast. you still need your rain gear in the 50s and 60s. the seven-day forecast level two for tomorrow. a wet black friday. isolated storm. another storm for tuesday and wednesday and stronger storm on thursday. the rainfall totals are going up. 18% of 43% of average. considering we were so low. we will take anything at this point. >> thanks. tomorrow on "good morning america," the black friday frenzy
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one of san jose's oldest traditions went off without a hitch. the big football game has been
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played for 43 years between the city's two oldest public high schools. >> the lions dominated the bulldogs 51-6. it was almost delayed because of the air quality, but it opened up just in time. >> in sports, anthony is with us here again. >> golf trying to start a new thanksgiving day tradition or weekend tradition. passesnd phil prepare for a
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the raiders and the 49ers were able to spend turkey day in
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the bay, but they will be traveling this weekend. the 49ers will be in tampa to face the buccaneers on sunday. falcons and saints in a division rivalry. drew brees threw for 171 yards and four of the 15 passes go for touchdowns, that's a good day. 28 yards to tommy lee lewis. he would compete with a touchdown pass and the saints improve to 10-1 and win it 31-17. cowboys hosting washington without alex smith. colt mccoy hooks up with the touchdown. washington led-10 and amare cooper takes over and he is gone. two scores and 180 yards
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receiving. cowboys win it, 31-23. why stop at second. bears and lions completing the three servings of big skin. two scores. that one is 14 yards to cohen and he takes a nap. in the four, tied at 16. he takes it back to the house and check out the celebration putting his defense through conditioning drills. the lions have a chance to tie withnd zon by kyle fuller. the bears win and improve to 8-3. men's hoops. stanford takinonlodan thmas.thrn putting the ballot basket. straight to the hoop. gators up. stanford stars get it combined for two hoops in the first half.
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that is bad. 20 turn overs and look at the ball movement. florida wins it and stanford falls to 2-3. if i won the lottery, i would take a victim like this. that's mine million bucks. money for the winner take all match in the event between phil mickelson and tiger woods. betting is allow and mickelson has already pagered $200,000. this report is sponsored by river rock casino. the players are allowed to talk back and forth which normally they don't do. he said i have been in his head for 20 years. should be fine. >> can't wait to see that. thank you so much. abc 7 news continues on twitter and facebook with our abc 7 news
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thanks for watching. >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving night and on jimmy kimmel live next.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight anthony anderson. from "destroyer", sebastian stan. this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from jeff goldblum and the mildred snitzer orchestra featuring haley reinhart. and now, hold fast, jimmy kimmel! kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] thank you for watching. thank you for coming. always glad to see a positive vibe.


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