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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 23, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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livermore, according to mall security, a little slow right now. i can hardly believe that. a little bit of a lull. the big crash was 3:00 p.m. yesterday. another round at 6:00 a.m. to come in. spots are opening as people leave. you can park at the college and they have a shuttle running from the college to the store. >> the little kids behind you are, like, mama, why am i up to early? >> reporter: i have the same question. >> the city of oakland is encouraging people to do their shopping at local businesses instead of big box stores or retailers, makers, restaurants and artists in taking part, offering special deals and discounts.
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organizers claim they started black frida in oakland 10 years ago. >> it is 4:30. if you're just waking up, good morning. a quick update on weather and traffic. it is raining for a lot of us. . f lot francisco, daly city, paci, marin county ficoach. heavy towards petaluma and santa rosa. let me show you what to expect today. the exploratorium, the low clouds touching the top of the tower. you can't see the top of the salesforce tower. it gives you an idea how low heging and moisture tenad it will ramp up from light to moderate mid-morning to latter parts of the afternoon hours. we will wrap up the 12-hour planner where light rain change to go showers. during the heart of the shopping today, it looks like that's what is going to be raining heaviest.
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now heading out to the stores, sue. >> i noticed a few more people on the roads than usual at 3:00 a.m. northbound 880, near hegenbergen, that has been cleared. sensors are green through the area, which is good news. we have a chain requirement. both 80 and 50 requires chains this morning. it is snowing in the sierra, over the summit on 80 and all the way over towards the south shore on 50 as well. you will need to carry kphaeupbs. ?suysgu in butte county, rain is helping to stamp out the camp fire. >> it is now 95% contained. after charring 153,000 acres. no homes are threatened. 14,000 already burned down. has fatality bringing the death toll to 84 people.
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many of the people may be safe and unaware they have been reported missing. thanksgiving wasn't as planned for camp fire evacuees. but volunteers worked to make it feel as much like home as they a >> reporter: we see volunteers feeding those in need. that is still the case here. >> i thought they were coming to enjoy thanksgiving. no, they're in there serving. i said you guys haven't had enough? >> reporter: they stepped raawa to serve thanksgiving dinner. >> we made such a connection the last few weeks. >> reporter: it was oerganized y celebrity chefs. >> i got to see people and give hugs. >> reporter: virginia lost everything in the fire and is also a teacher at paradise high, along with these women.
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oviously this wasn't the thanksgiving dinner they had planned, but they're here now and they're thankful. >> i'm alive. my students all got out. they're all alive. i believe in hope. >> it's always been, you know, four, five different families just getting together. >> reporter: that's what chuck's thanksgiving is usually like. at chico state, a few thousand people added to the guest list. a few started out as strangers. after what they have been through, they were more like family. reporting in chico, jobina fortson, abc 7 netphunews. >> if you're looking foray way to give to fire victims, butte it with mope. they posted this showing all the donations they have received. look at that. supplies and personal goods that
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have come in. they are grateful for that. they say at this point monetary dounations can help them provid more specific help the victims need. hel people from this mobile home. nc tgot tthe at 8:30, incident was already engulfed in flames. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. say collapsed roof at a joanne fabric and cavity store in dublin. this happened yesterday morning. alameda fire department tweeted the photos. the store was supposed to open at 6:00 this morning. it's unclear what they are going to do now. they haven't said if the opping. was weather >e dg fri >> a suspect is dead and two injureed after a shooting at a mall. a fight between two people led
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to a shooting in hoover. officers confronted him and shot and killed him. a 12-year-old girl was also injured. she was taken to the hospital. her condition unknown. four people are dead, including two police officers in an attack on the chinese consulate in pakistan. a father and son were killed when they went to pick up their visas to china. the three attackers have been killed. a separatist military group is claiming responsibility. a bomb in an open air market. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. james comey could testify before congress in a few weeks. but he wants the hearing to be public. some consider bias against the
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fbi against president trump during the 2016 election. comey says he is willing to testify if it's open door. in a tweet yesterday, he said he is resisting a closed door meeting because, quote, i have seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. >> let's take a look at temperatures. mild if you're heading out to work, shop, or going out to get breakfast. 52 in fremont. 57 in oakland, hayward, el cebrante. pretty mild out there. low to mid-50s everywhere. let's jump into the forecast. rain. light rain. moderate yellow and orange with temperatures hovering where they were yesterday, about 60 degrees. don't will be a little bit cooler than this morning. 40s will creep into the north bay valleys where fog will be developing because of all the moisture in the ground. low to mid-50s with fog developing along the coast.
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take a look at the north bay. we have, look at that, just rain. pretty steady through 4:00. it starts to taper to lighter rain. then it becomes showers by 6:00 and 8:00. it won't be steady anymore. breezes will taper at 4:00 this afternoon. south bay, a light rain this morning. >> moderate from 10:00 through 6:00. then it starts to taper at 8:00. our last stop will be the east bay where light rain this morning. moderate from 10:00 through 6:00. it starts to taper also at 8:00. temperature, look at that, holding 60 just about all day. take a look at the weekend coming up next. here's sue. >> wet roads seems to be the issue with a lot of flooded areas and solo spinouts out there this morning. please use min nely to foster city. southbound 101, very light past the tphourbgt gate mall. i checked out best buy because you can see it right by the
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freeway. theou parki lgh. not too bad elsewhere. green is good even out of the central valley. black friday light. we'll look at your mass transit optionings and schedule changes in a few moments. >> a man spends the night trapped in his overturned car 30 feet down an embankment. how rescuers were able to find him alive. >> do sales really offer the discounts they suggest? 7 on your side michael finney looks into it. ready, set, shine. the annual holiday tradition
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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>> we have flooding concerns across our burn scar areas. it has been extended through 4:00 this afternoon. if you are heading more towards the east. let me show you what it looks like in tahoe. the snow is falling. another couple inches will fall above 6,000 feet. take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next. >> a man is in the hospital after crashing his car and being
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forced to spend a night in it. the 70-year-old man's family reported him missing wednesday night. they searched for hours without any luck. inside. >> what a lucky man. we have black friday and cyber monday. >> but are these the days with the best details. >> reporter: raeufp skpel mom amy love the thrill of a black friday bargain. >> i would buy more than i usually would. >> reporter: that feeling is exactly what retailers are banking on. according to the foreman chain "consumer reports". >> just the idea that you are getting a bargain can cloud your reasoning and make you open your wallet. of course retailers know this
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and play on it by offering deals that may not be such goodbar begans. >> reporter: how do shoppers know when they are getting a real steal. >> go in with a healthy sense of skepticism. take advantage of apps that will help you track prices so you know when a deal is really a bargain >> reporter: invisible hand or price blink. scour the web fort best deals. price alert such as camel camel camel, shop it to me and slick deals tell you when prices for the items have dropped. and price comparison apps like buy via, now discount, shop savi can tell you if there is a better deal out there online or even at a local store. while you're shopping, coupon ads such as coupon sherpa and snip snap you can use at checkout.
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i'm michael finney, 7 on our side. >> you are invited to the ligh ceremony in san francisco today. macy's is kicking off the big event tonight. there will be music including one by darly love. a favorite of alexis. >> she sure is. >> santa is expected to be there for the tree lighting countdown. all the fun starts at 6:00 tonight at union square park. >> already. here we go. >> i know. 6 i am hearing the ooh for mike. is it going to be soggy? >> the steady rain will taper 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. when you are that close the coast there is a chance of drizzle hanging in the air. it will definitely be damp. i will broaden out live doppler 7 to give you an idea how wide-ranging this storm is, heading from south of monterey,
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over to fresno, snow and bishop to the oregon border. the next six hours or so, we will have drizzle to steady light rain. you can see the yellows and oranges. heavier showers during the latter parts of the morning, mid-afternoon as the bulk of the storm finally rolls through. it is still a 2. plenty of punch left on this storm impact scale. showers in the evening hours. a few drops possible. just leftovers from saturday morning. who doesn't like leftovers two days after thanksgiving. dryer and milder temperatures. same thing monday. look at that. we mentioned the storm door was open. here comes the next one. it comes in quietly. a light storm for tuesday and wednesday. then it ramps up to a 2 also on
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thursday. temperatures will drop into the 50s for highs. all right. over to sue. how is it going with the wetness. >> a few solo spinouts. mostly green sensors. that is lovely for your friday. santa cruz mountains accident has been cleared. right now it is looking pretty good. mass transit, 17 bart trains. running on a sunday schedule. fewer commuter trains. ferry, same thing, reduced service. no ace trains out of the central valley today. >> thank you, sue. black friday is here. some apple products are lower than they have ever been. >> there are apps for navigating. >> in today the's "techbytes", apple's four-day shopping event goes live in australia. gift cards for some apple products. >> products like the iphone xr
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and mini mac aren't included. >> the best deals we found on tvs. 65 inch, 1500 bucks at best buy and target. and 65 inch samsung selling for 1800. that, by the way, more than $2,000 off. >> nice. >> and with black friday, there's an app for that. >> flip let's you look flyer deals by item. ebay is offering double cash back at some retailers. santa's bag allows you to budget for everyone on your list. >> good luck. those are your "techbytes". back your chains if you're headed to the sierra. the storm has brought more than a foot of snow. >> the crab haul is off to a good start. there's just one problem. >> tiger and phil prepare for their all or nothing deal. >> rich people getting richer.
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[suspenseful music] [male narrator] child abduction by a parent or family member is a crime. get involved. or abducted child,
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please call 1-800-222-find or contact your local law enforcement. you might be the one who saves a child's life and their future.
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. the clean air will stay through saturday, sunday, monday. another chance tuesday, wednesday, thursday. i don't think we have to worry
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about smoke any more. breathe easy. have an umbrella. i will show you live doppler 7 coming up next >> if you're planning to visit the golden gate bridge over the long holiday weekend, a word of advice here, don't drive there. the south end of the span and vista point on the north endre you can still get there, but you have to be on a tour bus, taxi, or ride hail vehicle. the aim is to prevent traffic from backing up on the bridge because of visitors wanting to get a parking space. the lots won't reopen until sunday night. happening today in the east bay, unique new pop-up store is opening at jack lemon square i oakland. >> celebrating diversity through music and charitable events. baron davis will offer gifts, and photo-ops for san attachment the store will be open 11:00 to
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7:00 at night through christmas eve. >> in the south bay, an historic trolley returns to downtown san jose for the holidays. >> visitors can ride for free through december 30th. you can write letters to santa and enjoy holiday music. the holly trolley will stop at civic straoer centre and san jose deardon. >> it is also green friday in the east bay regional park district is encouraging people to spend the day together in nature instead of a shopping mall. you can go to any of the district parks for free including historic farm in fremont. special events include a burn the turkey hike at 10:00 a.m. i'm sure a lot of us can use >> people celebrating in the sierra were treated to the first snowfall of the season.
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the clouds parted just long enough for this view for sunset yesterday. it was shared on yosemite's twitter page. more is expected to fall over the dome over the weekend. in the south bay, rain shadow. sure enough, look at this. it may be drizzle. radar not showing much. it is raining 12 hours in. a push from north to south. it will hang around for a while.
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we will see flooding on the roads. more leaves are falling. more drains are clogged. it is starting to fall as the winds are backing off already. walnut creek. your drive takes yo from concord past and through walnut creek, 24 interchange. eight-minute drive. very light conditions this morning. as mike has been mentioning, look at the sheen on the golden gate bridge. roads are wet, there's ponding, chances for flooding in the low-lying areas. 101 and marin county tends to flood. the potential is for sure there. take a look at sensors out there. all is green. green is good. we have chain requirements over the donner summit and for highway 50 into the south shore. 89 as well. make sure you have the chains.
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give yourself plenty of time. >> all right. thank you, sue. a san francisco theufpg tradition may have been affected by our recent smoky skies. take a look. usually crowds line up at fisherman's wharf to get crab but it was nearly empty yesterday. they suspect our long spell of bad air changed. bad air changed. holiday plans. definitely the crowds are way down. picture 15, 20 minutes to get your order and get through. this year we walked right up to the counter. >> crab season started a week ago. $9 million on the line today with phil mickelson and tiger woods squaring off for the match. that's what they are calling the winner take all on pay-per-view. this is what 9 million bucks
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looks like. all right. we assume the winner will get a check and not the cash. who knows? mickelson made a $200,000 side bet that he will birdie the first hole. you can watch the match but you are going to have to pay 20 bucks. the 20 bucks is going right into their pockets. >> 9 million has to come from somewhere, right? a butte county man narrowly escapes the fire. a worker accused of setting many fires on construction sites. uc berkeley has a warning for students and staff. the two scams being used to extort money from unwitting victims. you see the drops on the exploratorium camera.
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good morning. it is friday, november 23rd. the day after thanksgiving. black friday. we are talking about our
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