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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> katie utehs joins us. what have you learned? >> well, it's really surprising no one was injured considering how fast this boat crashed into the dock. behind me it struck the far dock in the distance first and ricocheted so to speak into the dock here by the ferry building near gate b. you can see the damage where it has knocked over the metal fencing. it has knocked over a garbage can. and then as our photographer pans over, that is the boat that is damaged. and about halfway up the hole you see the dent, and there is actually a trash back hanging out that it pulled from the trash can. the ferry building was packed with people this afternoon, and witnesses shot video of the crash. >> oh my god! oh! now judging by how fast it was coming, in again, it's surprising that there wasn't more damage and more people weren't hurt. it hit the ramp, as we said, on
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the far dock, and the boat is named san francisco. and it was coming from larkspur around 2:30, hitting the san francisco ferry building around 2:30. witnesses on the dock and people on the boat knew something was wrong based on how fast it was coming in. and the passengers told us that the captain gave no warning that they were about to crash. >> it crashed into the dock, and then it bounced. i didn't know it happened. then it kept going. the next thing you know, it crashed into another part of the dock. >> and then i thought it was going go straight into the restaurant, so i started running the opposite direction. >> that woman was dining at the slanted door restaurant at the north end of the ferry building, and sh shake upon impact. the spokesperson for golden gate ferry tells me the captain and crew are being interviewed and drug tested following the crash. this is standard procedure there are no known injuries to passengers. that's fortunately the case, and a witness did tell us that a
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crewmember had a bloody hand, but it appears to be minor injuries. back out here live. the spokesperson for golden gate transit is on her way so, we hope to learn some more details from her at that point. now the ferry is still in operation. not the one that was damaged, but they are still loading people from this dock, from gate b. we should have some updates for you within the next half hour. katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you, katie. >> wow. our other big story tonight, warriors star steph curry got into a car accident this morning. don't worry, dub nation, he was not injured in the wreck. >> yes, abc 7 news reporter understa anser hassan joins us. >> he wouldn't comment on camera, but he did tweet about the accident a short while ago, thanking his fans for her well wishes. all three drivers seem to be in good spirits. thankfully they're able to walk away without any injury. warriors star steph curry waited a i long the side of highway 24
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after his porsche was hit by two cars during this morning's commute. >> it was like a major accident, like a movie or something. >> denisha allen and her friend were first on seen. they rushed to help. >> the guy in the gray car had spined off and hit steph curry. >> the driver of what was actually a silver lexus lost control coming out of the caldecott tunnel, his car spinning several times before crashing into curry. the wet roads the likely cause. >> going through the tunnel, and next thing you know, we seen the two cars like spun out. it was crazy. >> after being hit, curry's porsche was then rear-ended by another car. steph curry's father del arrived shortly thereafter to pick up his son. after giving statements to chp, the drivers were allowed to go. tonight warriors fans happy their star player was able to walk away. >> i was sad and disappointed. >> but you're happy he is okay? >> yeah.
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>> now the warriors host the trail blazers tonight. curry wasn't going to play because of a previous groin injury. his father wouldn't talk on camera but said his son is doing okay. abc 7 news. >> all right. thanks, and we've been sending out alerts throughout the day on the story through the abc 7 mobile app. just be sure to enable the push alert so you can get updates. >> as you just saw, the rain certainly made for another wet day all over the bay area. it's been coming down, at times pretty heavily for most of the day. you can see that from our cameras. and the light rain was now knock down a huge oak tree near napa. the 100-foot tree felt down in front of the cal fire station on wooden crossroad. boy, it took down power lines and left the area without electricity for most of the morning. crews worked for hours in the rain to chop up the tree. it wasn't easy because the oak had a trunk that measured nearly five feet. and here is a live look now at san francisco international airport. travelers are running into
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delays. nothing as severe as we saw earlier in the week. most of the delays are about 15 minutes or less. things are running smoothly at oakland and mineta san jose airport. it is a much different story up in the sierra right now. look at this. snow just keeps on coming down that is making for slick conditions, particularly on interstate 80 there have been numerous accidents and chains are required. take a look at this video from truckee. cars are at a stand still, heading east. that traffic is heading toward tahoe, though it's not really going anywhere. placer county sheriff has been providing updates throughout the day, and said there is a chain checkpoint at castle peak. for a look at conditions, let's get to spencer christian. the rain throughout the day. all the showers are getting a little lighter. you look at live doppler 7, you can see a batch moving on to the marin county coastline. the heaviest activity is over the santa cruz mountains and parts of the east bay from the south bay from san jose to milpit milpitas, up into the east bay. here is our storm impact scale.
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this storm ranks one through tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll see light to moderate showers. maybe some isolated downpours. it will be breezy. winds up to about 25 miles per hour. and here is our forecast animation, taking us through the evening hours. notice the showers will begin to ease up and taper off as we approach midnight. then to the overnight and early morning, a few lingering showers. well will see sunshine tomorrow. i'll have the complete forecast in ah foo minutes. >> spe thank you. in the south bay, police say they exchanged gunshots after responding to reports of a man with a gun. it happened this morning around 10:00 on barrow court. david louie joins us from san jose where police are in a standoff with the suspect. david? >> well, cheryl, this standoff has been going on for seven hours now. a man is inside a house on barrow lane, the third cul-de-sac from where we're standing. you see there is a large police presence here. the san jose s.w.a.t. team known as merge is here along with negotiators, hoping they can talk him into giving himself up.
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the gunfire was exchanged when police arrived around ten thank morning by a relative. the police say that the man shot at officers and at least one officer did return fire. officers were not hurt. it's not known if the suspect is wounded or not. now police believe that he is alone in the house. now if he is wounded, there are ambulances and paramedics standing by. police are not telling us whether their negotiator has actually made contact with the man. this all started after a woman believed to be the man's girlfriend tried to enter the house this morning. this is how the radio traffic went. >> he refused to let her in, reached into his waistband. she saw the hand of a pistol. >> shots fired again inside the house. >> the volatile situation prompted police to evacuate neighborhoods, seen here being escorted by an officer. among them were children as well as adults. they appeared remarkably calm, given that shots had been fired. police say the situation is now
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in a holding pattern as they try to get the suspect to give himself up. they're not providing too many detail s in case the man is watching tv or monitoring social media. >> we don't know if the suspect is injured. none of our officers are injured, and what we've done right now is contained the suspect in the residence. >> san jose police say time is on their side. they're waiting patiently for the man to communicate with them and to get neighbors back into their homes. now sergeant garcia said that negotiators don't want to see an already tense situation escalate so, they are patiently waiting. and if it has to go on longer into the evening, it will. david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the diocese of oakland is delaying releasing the names of priests accused of sexual abuse. last month they said they would
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publish in 45 days but now not until next year. the die says says it needs to contact survivors and verifying information on priests. nearly 100 priests from the diocese of oakland are accused of sexual abuse. steady rain today has brought containment of the deadly camp fire in butte county to nearly 100%. firefighters say rain has helped douse remaining hot spots on the front lines of a 153,000 acre wildfire. much of the effort is now in the hands of search and rescue crews who are going through devastated areas, looking for victims of the fire. the death toll is at 84, with 605 people reported missing. nearly 14,000 homes were destroyed. the fire is now 95% contained. and it is a grueling process trying to identify those on the camp fire missing persons list. in some persons, dna from remains has been collected and processed but officials can't connect that dna to a victim.
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jobina is live to explain. >> at one point, it appeared they may have found something. the problem is whether they found dna or not, officials tell us that they don't have enough samples from families to run it against and provide id. here is where it starts, in a taxing process recently complicated more by the rain. this crew from the sbb area is looking for remains. placing flags in questionable areas. if they find something, it ends up processed on a swab and inside a tube like this. >> the only way that we can identify those people is to have family members submit reference samples. >> that's why jim davis met us at the family assistance center. he should be busy taking mouth swabs. but when we talked to him, no one had shown up yet. yesterday they had 68 family donors and they need more for comparison. maria shaheed wishes she could do it for her friend from
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church. >> nobody has heard of him, but we have no names of relatives. >> davis is with the company rapid dna to identify camp fire victims. they gave thus video to show how it works. once the dna chip is in the machine, results are provided within two hours. officials tell us this is the first time this process has been used in a mash casualty situation. >> there are people out there who have loved ones who are among the dead at the mortgage that we have not been able to identify. >> you're related to someone missing in the california camp fire -- >> this psa was just released calling for family donors. mouth swabs can be taken at any station in the unto can. still, some are hesitant. >> we've collected samples from people. we see this kind of emotion that comes with finally, you know, accepting the possibility that loved ones are gone. >> davis also told us that the
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beauty county sheriff has vowed to provide all dna from families once he closes his investigation. reporting live in paradise, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. a new federal report issued today warns extreme weather disasters are getting worse in the united states. the national climate assessment was written long before this year's devastating wildfires in california and hurricanes that decimated the south and southeast. the report, mandated by law warns of more, stronger and longer disasters triggered in part by global warming. it also details how people's health and different parts of the economy are being hurt. santa cruz county reports a big spike in the number of whooping cough cases there have been 66 suspected or confirmed cases of it just since september 1. that compares with 45 confirmed cases for all of last year. most of the cases have been associated with outbreaks at schools. now california had a whooping cost epidemic in 2014. now based on past trends,
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doctors are concerned 2019 could be another bad year. infants are most at risk for serious complications, and health official says the best protection is vaccination for everyone. >> it's no fun to have that. oh, boy. black friday sweeps the nation. we'll take you right into the middle of the frenzy in the bay area. and wait until you hear how much americans are expected to spend today. you go the a hotel, and then you get stuck with some unexpected fees on your bill. cinco de mayo's michael finney will tell you what you should do. do. >> thisdon't miss outss, on incredible savings on thousands of gifts. oh yeah! most stores open friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. get your yes for less.
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and you find a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less ross has everyone covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. today's much needed rain didn't hamper shoppers' determination to find the best deals across the bay area this black friday. abc 7 news was in san jose at the mchenry convention center where hundreds of bargain shoppers chose to stay away from the big box stores for something
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more unique at the annual harvest festival. more than 200 inhibitors are selling their creations from one-of-a-kind lamps and jewelry to food and holiday decor. the san jose harvest festival original art and craft show continues through the weekend. something fun to do. all right. well sky 7 was over the great mall in milpitas earlier today, and take a look at that parking lot. by goodness, it was a busy black friday. the lot surrounding the mall is covered by cars. early forecasts are projecting a bonanza for retailers. mastercard is predicting sales from today alone to total a whopping $23 billion. that would be an increase of 9% from last year. one trend is a growing number of people turning to their computer instead of rushing to the story. adobe is reporting online purchases were up nearly 28s were.
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and do you need a little help with your shopping? check we have a list of stores and deals as well as black friday cyber monday. it's hard to believe thanksgiving is behind us, and we are looking ahead to christmas. dion lim is live in santa clara at great america for a very special tree lighting. hi, dion. >> hey there, am map. listen, despite the rain, despite the gray, gloomy skies, it's okay because it did not deter these folks. say hi, everybody! from coming out to great america here in santa clara. because we are kicking off winterfest 2018. this is when the park is lit up with 8 million lights, and this year something very special for me is see that tree behind me? it's 65 feet tall. i get to plug in the plug and light it up in about 15 minutes. joining me john hammond, from best buddies, an organization
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that is very near and dear to my heart that helps those with intellectual and mental disabilities. you're going to be helpin me with the lighting. why is it so important for best buddies? >> it's so important to have fun at great america with all the fans that are behind us tonight. >> so awesome. john was helping pass out maps earlier today. and really, john, what is your message for everybody out there for folks who have intellectual capabilities. >> have fun at great america. >> and he can accomplish anything he can put his mind to. so john, thank you so much for joining me. some of my best buddies' friends are going to be up on stage with me joining me in about 15 minutes. i'm going to be shooting that live. i'll visit on facebook. and then at 6:08, we're going to be back with some of our friends. and i hear we have a special guest named snoopy. stick around for that. i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> great stuff, dion. thank you so much. well, listen to this. nothing kills aat faster than a hotel bill
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peppered with unexpected fees. what should you do if you get a surprise when you check out? cinco de mayo's michael finney has tips. >> it's looks relaxed now, but you should have seen her the day she checked out of the hotel after visiting her daughter at college. the hotel bill included an unexpected daily charge for the in-room safe. >> it's totally sneaky. if it costs extra for them to put a safe in their room, bill that in. let me know up-front. i won't feel so taken advantage of. >> consumers revealed hundreds of stories complaining about the practice of hidden fees while traveling. not only the hidden safe, towel chairs, resort fees, some even charge recycling fees. >> hotels know consumers are shopping by price 10. they try to keep their advertise prices low but still make up the revenue on the back end with fees. >> what's the best way to avoid sticker shock from unexpected hotel charges?
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consumer reports advises reaches out to the hotel directly, particularly if you plan to book through a third party. ask the hotel about specific additional charges for anything other than the roonl and taxes. and if you are planning on checking in early or checking out late, it may cost you. parking fees can be another budget buster, even in outdoor or unsecured lots. >> if you join a hotel loyalty program, something a lot of hotels have, you may find that some toffees are waved. >> and don't be afraid to speak up. like many consumer reports leaders, when liz complained she never even opened the safe, they took the charge off the bill. immediately. >> well, one tiny silver lining to the fees is that occupancy taxes on hotel bills are based on the price of the room, not the total bill that could mean a 13458 savings for you. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we'll start with a look at current conditions on live doppler 7. you can see some of the heavier
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showers passed earlier. now moving into the sierra foothil foothills. still have wet weather moving through marin county, across the bay to hercules. a little line of mainly light showers. perhaps some stephier downpours locally. and down in the south bay in the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains, we've got some steadier showers, but this is mainly light to moderate activity. the heavier showers have moved out of the bay area for a while. looking along the embarcadero, where the pavement is still wet, and current temperature readings are in a fairly narrow range. 60 degrees in san francisco and oakland. 61 atniew and san jose. upper 50s at morgan hill and half moon bay. this is the view from the south beach cam where along the bay bridge where traffic seems to be moving smoothly. the pavement is wet. also in a narrower range, 59 at napa and san rafael. 62 at concord and 58 at livermore.
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one more live view at the golden gate bridge, and these are our forecast features. we'll see scattered showers continuing overnight with breezy conditions. we'll see sunnier and dryer conditions tomorrow and sunday through the weekend. but by the middle of next week, we'll see another series of rainy days coming our way. right now our current storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. for the remainder of tonight through tomorrow morning, light to moderate showers. maybe a couple of isolated downpours. and it will be breezy with wind out of the southwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. here is our forecast animation starting at 6:00 this evening, at which point it will still be pretty wet. we'll have waves of showers moving onshore. by about 1:00 a.m. or so, as we get into the wee hours of the morning, to see those showers becoming more widespread and a lot lighter. and by the start of the day, around 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning, we'll see some sunshine breaking through, especially in the north bay, and maybe few pockets of light showers left in parts of the south bay. overnight lows will range from upper 40s in the north bay valleys to low 50s just about
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everywhere else. and then tomorrow's highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to about 60 around the bay shoreline. we'll see some low 60s in the inland areas. but up in the north bay, some of the inland areas will be cooler. about 58 at lakeport. only 59 at ukiah. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. so the sun starts to break through tomorrow. remember, early morning hours, we may see some scattered light showers. it will be dryer and milder on sunday and monday. highs getting into the mid-60s around the bay and inland on monday. low 60s on the coast. the rain returns on monday and tuesday. both of those days the storm will rank only 1 on the impact scale. then it gets cooler, stormier, windier on thursday with a storm ranking 2 on the impact scale. and next friday, mainly dry skies, but pretty cool that autumn chill will be settlin ing. >> thank you, spencer. so shopping online for the holidays, why you may be in for a surprise when you check out at certain stores. that story is next. then at 5:30 on world news with
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wit johnson. >> you could hear this gunfire. >> the children. >> what's your name? >> almost every home here has sustained damage. >> i'm glad you're okay. >> oh, thank you. >> back on the job. >> abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is america's most watched newscast. >> and new at 6:00, find out
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine.
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♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ stocks ended up in the red on black friday. [ closing bell ] hey, oil prices dragged down the market with concerns over production. this capped the worst thanksgiving week for stocks since 2011. the dow jones dropped 178 points. the nasdaq fell by 33, s&p was off by 17, closing 10% below the record set in september. when you shop online this holiday season you may notice more websites than ever charging sales tax, thanks to a recent u.s. supreme court ruling, almost half of all states now
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require sales tax from large out-of-state sellers. that means if you buy online from a seller in those states you pay sales tax. so be sure to look carefully when you check out to make sure you know exactly what your paying for before you click that final sales button. >> good advice. next, nasa has a historic
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, it's black friday today, but don't forget about small business saturday tomorrow. stores are counting on your business. plus, san jose's iconic christmas in the park opens tonight, and promises to be bigger and better than ever. find out who stepped up to find out. and changing tradition when it comes to getting a photo with santa. this is a very interesting one. you'll want to stay tuned for that. plus much more coming up in just a half hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. and finally tonight, nasa's insight is in its final countdown to land on mars. >> yes.
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the lander is expected to arrive on the red planet on monday. this is following a six-month journey. this will be the agency's ninth attempt at landing a spacecraft on mars. >>s going to be the first spacecraft launched from the west coast to land on another planet. it took off from vandenburgh. overall, only about 45% of all missions from the u.s., russia and others have succeeded. so they have to keep trying. >> keep at it. >> they're not going to give up. it's too important to get to mars. >> absolutely. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. "world news tonight" with whit johnson is next. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. for spencer christian and all of us here, and larry beil, thanks for inviting us into your homes. >> the next newscast is at 6:00. connect 24/7 at
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tonight, black friday frenzy. an estimated 116 million americans shopping for deals today, but the chaos at times, spinning out of control. customers tearing clothes off shelves, fighting over items in the isles. and in one mall, tragedy. shoppers ducking. deadly gunfire. treacherous travel. the bus flipping on icy roads. the marching band scrambling to escape. nearly 50 students taken to the hospital. and the new storm we're watching, as millions of americans get ready to venture home on the busiest travel day of the year. climate change alarm. the stunning new government report from 13 federal agencies warning that climate change will soon take a catastrophic toll on the united states, crippling the economy and endangering lives,


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