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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 23, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, black friday frenzy. an estimated 116 million americans shopping for deals today, but the chaos at times, spinning out of control. customers tearing clothes off shelves, fighting over items in the isles. and in one mall, tragedy. shoppers ducking. deadly gunfire. treacherous travel. the bus flipping on icy roads. the marching band scrambling to escape. nearly 50 students taken to the hospital. and the new storm we're watching, as millions of americans get ready to venture home on the busiest travel day of the year. climate change alarm. the stunning new government report from 13 federal agencies warning that climate change will soon take a catastrophic toll on the united states, crippling the economy and endangering lives, after calling climate change a
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hoax, will this convince president trump to take action? the neighborhood rocked. a home completely destroyed by a massive blast. the search for the missing, and what triggered the explosion. recovery mission. the desperate efforts to retrieve the body of the u.s. missionary killed on a remote island. the angry tribe living in ancient isolation, and the final notes from the victim's diary. and steph curry in a crash. the golden state warriors superstar sidelined on a california highway. good evening and thank you for joining us on this day after thanksgiving. i'm whit johnson, in for david muir. we begin tonight with the black friday frenzy,en e. an estimated 116 million shoppers hitting the stores. bedlam in the i'aisles. shoppers fighting over garments in chattanooga, tennessee.
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bargain hunters at this georgia walmart wrestling over pots and pans. the commotion veering out of control at an alabama mall. shoppers scrambling for safety as gunfire rings out. abc's gio benitez starting as you have. >> reporter: tonight, those doorbuster deals, at times, creating chaos. >> hey. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: look at this crush of shoppers in a victoria's secret pink store. people seen shoving each other. one sales rep climbing on a table to escape the crowd. >> in a georgia walmart, two women fighting over pots and pans. one refusing to let go. but the euphoria over black friday shopping turning deadly in alabama after a fight turned into a shooting at this mall. >> we've got officers on the scene. there have been shots fired.
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>> reporter: the shooter killed. amr-d girl. but the tragedy in alabama aside, for the rest of the country, shopping today was mostly peaceful. long lines of customers at stores from maryland to florida to texas. en estimated 116 million spending their holiday dollars today alone. this year's black friday could be the biggest since 2011. in myrtle beach, this frenzy over tvs, again, one of the deeply discounted big ticket items attracting bye e ining bu. average shopper expected to spend more than $1,000 this holiday season, up 4% from last year. a strong economy helping boost sales here in new york. the macy's in herald square rush starting before thanksgiving dinner was on the table. and today, the steady stream of shoppers heading into stores not letting up. why didn't you just shop online? why go through the hassle of this? >> i like seeing it in person and trying it on. >> and gio benitez live in new york. gio, we saw the images in stores across the country, but many
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shopping online today, and in some cases, major retail sites were not able to handle the heavy traffic? >> reporter: yeah, whit. take a look right now, because there were some trouble online. you have the j.crew website earlier today. they're apologizing for that. and the lowe's website was also down for some time. now, this is important, because experts believe that more than half of all holiday shoppers will be spending some money online, and whit, remember, you've got cyber monday coming up. >> that's right, just days away. gio benitez, thank you. next, to the dangerous weather system making for treacherous conditions as we approach the busiest travel day of the year on sunday. two feet of snow dumping on northern california's soda springs. stalling i-80 mountain traffic nearby. and a bus full of students overturning on icy roads in washington state. nearly 50 taken to the hospital. here's weather anchor sam champion. >> reporter: tonight, terrifying
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moments for the university of washington marching band. >> rollover traffic accident. multiple injuries from a turnover. >> reporter: the college musicians traveling to a football game when their bus went off the road and overturned. >> had to climb out of it, which is kind of dangerous, as well. >> reporter: icy roads, temperatures hovering near freezing. 47 people taken to nearby hospitals. luckily, none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening. in the northeast, millions of black friday shoppers battling frigid conditions. temperatures again dropping more than 25 degrees below normal in some spots. >> sam joining us now, and some, the temps set to go up, but you're monitoring that new system that may impact millions heading home from the holiday? >> reporter: that's right, whit. now, it's been a frjd 48 hours in the northeast, last 48 hours, but here's the good news about that. if you were standing here 24 hours from now, it will be 20 degrees warmer. let's track that storm you're talking about that's moving across the country, the next one. it's the same one that put the icy roads in washington state. when you look at it, it doesn't look very focused or put toug,
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but it will get stronger as it moves into the center of the country. it's a narrow and intense band of snow, ice and possibly whiteout conditions. you can take that from kansas and into illinois, as well. we know that folks are going to be traveling from the west coast back home after the holiday weekend. so, the airports most likely involved in this next round of snow are going to be denver, kansas city and also chicago. whit? >> sam, we know you'll be tracking it. thank you. now, to the shocking blast shattering the quiet of a minnesota neighborhood. that home exploding into splitters. the moment captured on surveillance video. rescuers searching through the wreckage for the injured. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, investigators in st. paul, minnesota, working to pinpoint what triggered this massive home explosion captured on surveillance video. >> house explosion, payne and preble. start fire and medics. >> reporter: the powerful blast leveling the house. debris everywhere.
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>> checking -- and payne, looking for victims. >> reporter: first responders looking for possible victims. >> reports of somebody trapped in debris at 600 payne. >> reporter: teams rescuing one man who was inside the home. his feet sticking out of the rubble. he was rushed to the hospital. windows of nearby houses shattered. >> we're going to start taping off this block, keeping people out of here. >> reporter: the explosion rocking the entire neighborhood, damaging several other homes, two of them condemned. at least 11 people displaced. whit, about 40 first responders were called to this scene. the atf now on site, as investigators work to figure out what exactly caused this explosion. whit? >> alex perez, thank you. now, the new climate change report just released. 13 federal agencies ramping up urgent warnings of a severe threat. the staggering findings released in the middle of a holiday weekend. some questioning that timing
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tonight. here's abc k whitworth. >> reporter: this year's deadly wildfires and monster storms terrifying signs of things to come. according to tonight's dire new assessment from 13 federal agencies. government scientists warning the impacts of climate change are intensifying, climate-related threats to americans' physical, social and economic well-being are rising. from coast to coast. president trump, who once called climate change a hoax, has made a priority of rolling back environmental regulations. >> i'm not denying climate change. but it could very well go back. >> reporter: but the administration's own scientists now say significant, immediate action is required to avoid substantial damages to the u.s. economy, environment and human health. among their alarming predictions, for the southeast, stronger hurricanes and more frequent flooding. for the midwest, an agricultural catastrophe.
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extreme heat destroying crops. 10% of the country's gross domestic product gron by the end of the century. hundreds of billions of dollars lost. and in the west, fire dangers exploding. >> we're in extreme climate change right now. we're doing all that we can to prevent incidents and mitigate incidents and save lives. >> reporter: the president witnessing the affects first-hand. >> seeing this devastation change your opinion at all on climate change, mr. president? >> no, no. >> reporter: but this week, he was still in denial, with the east coast in a cold snap, the president tweeting, "whatever happened to global warming?" and whit, the white house pushing back, saying the conclusions are largely based on the most extreme scenario. also lots of skepticism about why the administration decided to release the report on a holiday weekend. whit? >> kayna whitworth, thank you. next, to what's being called a humanitarian crisis in tijuana, mexico. the mayor of that city aski ini
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the u.n. for help, dealing with 5,000 migrants there. all this, as the president threatened to shut down the border, if necessary. abc white house correspondent tara palmeri with the president, reporting from west palm beach tonight. >> reporter: in tijuana tonight, mothers and their children huddle under blankets, just feet from the border. the mayor declaring a humanitarian crisis, as nearly 5,000 central american migrants wait to apply for asylum in the u.s. president trump threatening to shut down the border completely. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time, until we can get it under control. >> the entire border? >> the whole border. i mean the whole border. >> reporter: the president says the military stands ready to stop the migrants. >> i've given the okay to use lethal force. i hope they don't have to. >> reporter: but james mattis insists u.s. troops are there to simply back up border patrol and will likely be armed with plastic shields and batons, not
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guns. >> tara palmeri joins us now from west balm beapalm beach. and word of another plea deal in the mueller investigation in the works? >> reporter: that's right, whit. a conservative writer, a close associate of president trump's long-time confidente, roger stone. confirmed to abc news he is negotiating a plea deal with the special counsel's office. the special counsel is looking into whether stone coordinated with wikileaks to public hacked dnc e-mails. whit? >> all right, tara, thank you. next, to the bizarre and tragic story involving a young american missionary dying at the hands of an ancient tribe living in isolation. abc foreign correspondent james longman with the new details. >> reporter: tonight, authorities are struggling to figure out how to retrieve the body of a young american missionary from this remote eye land in the indian ocean. 26-year-old john chau is thought
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to have been killed also he arrived on north sentinel island by a tribe that's lived in isolation there for 60,000 years and is hostile to all outsiders. officials believe he bribed local fishermen to take him there illegally, dropping him off at the shore. in excerpts from chau's journals published by "the washington post," he writes that a tribesman shot at him with an arrow. "you guys might think i'm crazy in all this," he wrote, badding "god, i don't want to die." when fishermen returned, they saw chau's body on the beach. >> his desire was to befriend them. he brought gifts to them, but unfortunately, as we now know, that didn't happen. >> reporter: very little is known about north sentinel. not even what the tribe calls itself, how many there are, or what language they speak.
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contact with the tribe is forbidden, for fear of spreading disease among them, to which they're not immunized. so, getting chau's body off the island without putting them and the rescue party at risk is proving complicated. whit? >> a difficult wait for the family. james longman, thank you. a new development back here at home on the future of tra transgender military personnel. the trump administration renewing a request to the supreme court to bypass the traditional process and take on the issue immediately. federal judges have so far prohibited the president's ban on transgender servicemen and women from going forward. and moving now to the winner take all showdown on a vegas golf course between two of the biggest rivals in the game. tiger versus mickelson. abc's adrienne bankert on the match. >> reporter: tiger versus phil did not disappoint. it also didn't end on 18 holes. the sudden death match continued in the dark, with mickelson finally winning the $9 million prize. at the exclusive shadow creek
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golf course in las vegas -- >> i don't really think too much about the stroke, i just look at the target. >> first of all, he admitted he doesn't really think much. >> yes. >> reporter: i met with them before the highly anticipated showdown. >> done. you see? >> he made that look easy. >> reporter: and for the first time, tiger and phil are wearing microphones. everything's uncensored. is that going to get in your head, tiger? >> well, i have more mikes around me at every single round i play in. >> reporter: this match, back and forth, reminiscent of their rounds at the masters. mickelson's triumph in 2004 and rebound in 2006. >> yeah, he put the jacket on me and i put the jacket on him. >> reporter: so, you guys were meant to be. this was meant to be. what was ill-fated, the purchasing site for the event had a technical glitch and organizers decided to stream the event online for free, causing some frustration for viewers who paid, but what a show. in the end, mickelson dominates after an intensely close and exciting match.
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>> reporter: and adrienne is with me now. incredible to watch them go head to head. big money side bets in play, as well. >> reporter: that's right. phil and tiger making the big bets, six-figure amounts at individual holes. this was in addition to the $9 million purse. the good news, the side bets, all that money is going to charity. >> fun to watch and a great cause. adrienne, thank you. there's still much more ahead here on "world news tonight" this friday. steph curry's crash on a california highway. the nba superstar caught in a collision with two different vehicles spinning out of control. what may have caused the crash. plus, thieves on wheels. slammed by police, the dramatic takedowns caught on dash cam. why officers say this helps prevent violence. and if you didn't get enough doorbusting deals this black friday, just wait. record sales may be just a click away. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint
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next tonight, black friday and the chance to shop til you drop. but with record sales set for cyber monday, the biggest deals and the deepest discounts may be yet to come. here's abc's linsey davis. >> it's the ultimate black friday sale. >> reporter: if today's black friday deals aren't enough, cyber monday is just around the corner, with 75 million americans expected to shell out a record 7$7.7 billion. amazon is hoping to score a big piece of that pie, launching their full week of deals tomorrow. save up to 50% on apparel from land's end, puma and new balance.
5:49 pm
>> cyber monday has amazing deals on toys and apparel. expect to see discounts of up to 50% to 60% off, and in some cases, 70% off. >> reporter: starting monday, walmart will deliver this samsung 58-inch smart hd tv for $220 off. this kitchenaid mixer, nearly half off on e bay with a 110% price match guarantee. considering a holiday getaway? websites like skyscanner will round up the best cyber monday flight deals from across the internet. one thing to remember this holiday season, price checking apps are your friends. apps like price waiter will look at prices and check them to make sure you are getting the best deal out there. whit? >> linsey davis, thank you. when we come back tonight, steph curry slammed in his car on the highway. what may have caused the crash? and a million reasons to be thankful. one couple just found a million more.
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curry, sidelined in a car crash. the golden state warriors star slammed twice in a multicar pile yum on highway 24 in oakland. one car spinning out and striking curry's porsche. a second vehicle rear ending him. highway patrol saying rainy roads played a role. thankfully, everyone walked away uninjured. turning oversees now to chiefs on wheels and new tactics to take them down. take a look at this. police in london releasing dash cam showing the moments they ram suspected moped robbers and dangerous drivers. police say tough moves like these help stop criminals in their tracks and could make them think twice before their next offense. and back here at home, and to louisiana, one couple has a few extra reasons to be thankful this year. more than a million, in fact. finding that they hold a winning lottery ticket they had forgotten. a $1.8 million prize, incredible luck, in case anyone needs incentive for that holiday
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gives skin the moisture it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology skin is petal smooth after all, a cleanser's just a cleanser unless it's olay. finally tonight, america strong. the secret good samaritan spreading joy to so many this holiday season.
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their giving spirit making wish lists come true. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: the gift is a surprise. always. >> kind of like surreal, like, when you said, no balance due or whatever and it was really a reality. >> reporter: people go to make an installment on a store layaway plan. people like julie gates in vermont, only to find out some person has covered the whole bill for them. >> i get goose bumps thinking that that is the true magic of christmas. >> reporter: it's not clear when or where this practice got started, these secret santas of layaway. but it's never been more of a thing than it is right now and has evolved int a cwd sourced practice. >> all of your layaways have already been paid. >> wow. >> reporter: takes donations large and small from the public and then pays off layaway plans for things like clothes and books and toys. anonymity is usually key. one guy that spent more than $10,000 last year would only give his first name. charlie. >> trying to bring some
5:58 pm
happiness to people. >> reporter: and the man who paid julie gates' bill the other day, she actually met him in the store and snapped this photo of him from behind. she saw him paying lots of people's bills. and she said to him -- >> who can afford to just pay for everyone's layaway? and he said, santa claus can. >> reporter: his gift, a surprise, and the surprise, that's the gift. john donvan, abc news. >> and that true holiday spirit. thank you for watching, i'm whit johnson in new york. for david and all of us here, we hope you had a great thanksgiving. have a wonderful weekend and good night.
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brace for impact. find out how bad the damage is after a boat crashes into the dock at san francisco's ferry building. i'm spencer christian, heavy showers moved out of the bay area but still wet weather coming our way. i'll have the accuweather in a moment. only "abc 7 news" was there when steph curry's porsche was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on a wet oakland highway. live where you live, this is "abc 7 news". take a look. live doppler 7 shows how today's storm is lingering over the bay area. soon it will give way to sunny days before the nrm goevins. thanyou for bei here. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm cheryl jennings. we are starting to dry out after rain all day long and the weekend weather looks beautiful. >> "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian joins us with a look at the forecast. spencer. >> ama and cheryl, the beautiful weather can't come soon enough. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have pockets of showers around the bay area, you see moving through the central part
6:00 pm
of the area, through the golden gate, across san francisco, across the bay, over to oakland and berkley. some rain in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains as well. it ranks one on the storm impact scale, or what is left of it. more light to moderate showers tonight into early tomorrow morning, maybe a couple of isolated downpours. breezy with wind out of the southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. here is our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice as we get into the overnight hours we will see the showers easing up and tapering off and becoming widely scattered and lighter as well. we will start with the i with a lingering shower but sunny breaks during the day as well. i will have the weekend forecast coming up shortly. cheryl and ama. >> thank you, spencer. only "abc 7 news" was on scene just after steph curry was involved in a multi-car crash, likeet roadways. the warriors' star is okay. everyone involved was wearing a seatbelt. no one was hurt. the crash happened


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