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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 24, 2018 1:42am-2:13am PST

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she rejected the help and continued playing with commitment. >> she is so good, she can play it backwards. >> people are trying to figure out what happened. everyone else is going at it this right way. >> people callinger their crush for a date. >> oh, my gosh. i'm nervous for them. >> hey, how are you? >> i was just wondering if you want to go out on a date with me sometime. >> that man is fine. she's talking about um. ain't no um. >> and a couple play the odds with a cool experiment. >> so it's best of five. >> sew why their best of fives is one of our best of fall. medicine kept wearing off. (coughs) ah! i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hours, and i'm good. mucinex releases fast and lasts 12 hours, not 4. let's end this. fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth.
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time for gold bondfeeling healing lotion., closed captioning provided by -- layers deep, with seven moisturizers, three vitamins. gold bond. she's known for her interactive projects among strangers. this time she's approaching these students on campus asking them to call her crush. they're strangers. they participate and things get interesting. >> we get along. we joke a lot. we hang out. so i'm going to call him. >> why do you think you have a crush on him?
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>> why? it's rather more so he has a crush on me. >> i hope so because i would never not in a million years do this. >> that's awkward. >> this could be the love of your life. >> there is criteria. they have to use the word date. >> would you go on a date with me? >> would i what? >> go on a date with me? >> go on a date? >> uh-huh. >> are you asking me out? >> yes, i am. >> yeah, that's exactly what she's doing. >> do you want to maybe go on a date or something some night? okay. i'll text you later. >> now, the guy on the line, in this case, immediately says yes. >> okay. bye. >> oh, my god. he said yes. >> meanwhile -- >> he's laughing. he thinks it's funny. >> where are we going to go. >> are you asking me. >> yeah, girl. you have to plan it now. >> i'm nervous for them right now. i'm really uncomfortable right now. >> what's up, jordan?
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what are you doing? i was just wondersing if you would to go out on a date with me sometime. >> um. >> um is scary. and now, the moment of truth -- >> okay. sounds good. okay. >> all right. appreciate it. bye. >> how do you feel? >> that was weird, but it feels good, i guess. she said yes, so -- >> that man is fine. she's lying, talking about um. there ain't no um. >>ed to know if you want to go on a date with me. >> why? >> why? because i have a crush on you. >> all this small talk. yes or no. >> so will you, yes or no? >> she finally gets her answer. >> dude said no. >> what.? >> no. >> because he can't believe it. >> he gives his reason. >> what did you say? >> that you're like my sister. >> it appears that they're
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friends and he doesn't -- you heard that. but she shot her shot. >> you're a guy. what was the thing that made women say yes to you? >> he has an absolutely beautiful wife. what did you do.? >> what did you do? >> there are so well beautiful places in the united states. tonight, a creek in yosemite valley, california, one of them. look at this natural water slide. once you discover it, why not decide to -- >> slide on it? >> oh, cool. >> yep. in this case, kayak it. this is from the be alive youtube channel. >> we've got myself, adrian, alex vorheys and johnny. despite that, these guys -- >> oh, that looks so cool. >> they drop in and this is not a slow ride.
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>> oh! >> because the water is not deep. you're basically skipping stone. this guy gets lost, landser hard. dude, you roll of. you're grinding on the rock. >> where is the chill part where you can get in an inner tube? >> there's no chill. at the bottom, what is it like? >> wow. >> so sick. >> that's amazing. and you can get in with a floatty down there. >> down there, you can. it doesn't come without some injury and some repositioning. >> time to straighten up the north. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, he broke his nose and cracked it back.? >> yeah, it looks like that. you're kidding. >> good as news. >> we have here anna campos and her husband, angel, and they are expecting baby number two. that's cabbage juice. anna looked it up and she said if you pour cabbage juice into
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white wine vinegar, it will turn pink. so it's best of five and they start working there way through. so the first two, one is blue, one is blue -- >> they're trying to decide it. okay. >> then the final wow. >> are they going to name it cabbage? >> they should. >> folks, pop that balloon and it's going to reveal whether it's a boy or girl. wait, wait, wait -- >> so now they have to wait until the baby is born? >> nope. the balloon flew away, but we've since learned they're having a girl. >> once it blows, you can't exactly -- >> back that thing you. >> the sheer force of nature that leads to a very close call. >> who is that? >> plus, ohana is pretty pumped to fall into the arms of a special someone. >> specifically, grandma. >> thetory behind the reunion
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what you're about to see is something i desperately want to see. a boom! that is an island in between java and sumatra in indonesia. as you can see, it has blown its top. as you can tell here, this is the ultimate volcano expeditions. they're out there on a boat getting up and close and personal to the volcano. so you can go, ooh, it's erupting. >> it's beautiful in a scary sort of way. >> yeah. because what happens when a volcano erupts? >> yeah. because debris that goes up -- >> yeah, it must come down. >> oh! >> look at that. it's crazy. what would you call it? just huge rocks thrown up by the force of this eruption.
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and it's called a pyroplastic eruption. >> yes! >> professor of geology minor here. >> in this case, though, look at the force with which they are landing in the water. they don't make impact with the boat, but they certainly go, let's go, guys. >> they had the big one in 1883, it was 13,000 times bigger the heesh sheem hiroshima bomb. apparently it grows 15 feet a year. >> pretty intense videos. >> i volunteer you to throw in the pepsi. here you go. >> it is that time of year where
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families are starting to get together and maybe there might be that relative you haven't seen in a while. in ohana, she's happy to see somebody, specifically grandma. >> who is that? >> whoa! whoa! >> i think we just shorted that monkey. >> is that grandma? where have you been? >> that's grandma diane. and look at ohana. ohana has the other monkey on her back. that's squander. this is squander's youtube channel, but ohana is the star of the day. >> how are you? >> ohana, as you can see, is a capushian monkey. stephanie owns ohana and stephanie says he's been with her family since july. this is his third home. he basically loves everybody, but especially, as you can see right here, grandma diane.
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>> clearly, there's some bribery going on here. >> or the best hugs. because that's what this monkey is getting along with zander. >> i love little zander. he just shows up like, hey, it's all right. >> that's so cool. >> he's like, i am not you. >> stephanie says it is full time work, but she posts their videos because they make her smile and she wants to make people smile by posting their videos on youtube. >> i want a capucian monkey. mumbles starts talking with the >> yabi can't understand. >> what is not tough to understand is why this prank is a fall
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so you go to the website to get
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all the different options you have for making this. >> mumbles has lots of things to say. >> it's not really -- particular. it's more about me, okay? >> the problem is, man, i can't really understand what he's saying. >> nobody can. >> mumbles here has called a plumber who is inside in the bathroom. well, mumbles wants to make him part of his v logs. he pretends like he understands, says, uh-huh, uh-huh. >> types that you guys use. >> until he finally breaks. you can see it in his face. he's like, dude, i don't know. >> no, i've got your part. me, too. i've from texas. that's why. you speak like cowboy. >> at some point, you start to wonder, is it me? am i just not listening to this guy?
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let me give him a chang. >> the little ping needle stick. anytime recommend that? >> no, definitely not me. ite not my ears, either. >> it's all just for the vlog. it's all about informing people. >> vlogs all the tile. most ever and talk to the audience. >> allow you to? >> i have 2 million followers. >> he's like, oh, yes, they understand you. he's like, how the heck did this dude get 2 million followers.? >> they're not really following mumbles. they're following ed bass master who is the mastermind behind ed and several other chablracters that we love. >> mumbles, it's a character, right? see.? >> no, i don't mumble any more. >> dude is like, it wasn't me. >> i was playing with you. >> oh, man. >> the guy could not be happier
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to have been fooled. >> that's all for our best of fall show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next >> announcer: kick back and eyes front, because "the view" starts now. media blitz. president trump says he has good reasons to attack the press as the enemy of the people. but are they really his greatest ally? plus, medy superstar jason segel on whether he'd be up for a "how i met your mother" reunion. d fox news' geraldo rivera takes on "hot topics" from the mid-terms to the caravan to rage in america. let's fire up "hot topics" th whoopi, abby huntsman, y behar, sunny hostin, and meghan mccain. now, let's get things started.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, hey, hey, well, hello, hello, hello and welcome to "the view," y'all! welcome to "the view." welcome to "the ew." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." so -- [ cheers and applause ] the guy in the white house sat down for an interviethxios to talk out his relentless attacks on the media. he says he has no other choice. take a look. >> if you say that word, enemy, enemy, literally tens of thousands of people go into a stadium to listen to you and then people go on social media and they get themselves so jazzed up, there's got to be part of you that's like, damn, i'm scared someone is going to take it too far.
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>> it's my only form of fighting back. i couldn't be here if i didn't do that. >> you won. you have the presidency. >> no, no, i did thibefore i won. >> he also says his pporters demand that he uses tough rhetoric. so is he giving the people what they want? does he have tgive -- i find it an interesting argument. i wonder if you do too. >> i actually think this anger and distrust with the media was alive and well before president trump. i'll never forget on election day i was in ft. myers, florida at a diner talking to voters there and they were telling me that finally someone they felt was speaking for them and their frustration. i left there thinkinthis election is going to go differently than what many people think. this is why i don't think it's going to change any time soon because it is something that motivates his base and gets them out to vote for him. i think it's dangerous for the country. every ti i hear enemy of the people, i hate it. i think it gets us to a bad place. he's to blame but the media takes the bait too.
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>> why is he out of the 45 presidents the only one to say the press is the enemy of people? because he is capable of 500 lies in less than 300 days. that's why. because he lies so much, and he has to back up his lies by saying that they'relying. you see what he's doing? and he's the only one. [ applause ] george washington didn't do it. obama didn't do it. ronald reagan didn't do it. ne of them. >> bush didn't do it. >> bush didn't do it. he's the only one that calls the press the enemy of the people because 's a liar. >> how about you, sun? >> i think we should -- >> you're looking very gorgeous today. let me just te you. >> oh, tha you. [ applause ] >> you two better get a room. >> i mean, it's like an airbrush. i looked over and it's like, oh, you look beautiful today. i'm sorry, go ahead, baby. >> thank you. >> that's lovely. >> that's so nice. you know think that we should president attacks the media his because we now know that this is a president who thinks that he can get rid of amendments by the stroke of a pen. and , he's attacked the 14th
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amendment. he's attacking birthright citizenship. his attacks on the media reay is an attack on our it's an attack on freedom of the press. our forefathers wereery clear in making freedom of the press the first amendment, the first amendment, because it's so very important. [ applause ] and i completely disagree, don't think that we had this massive distrust of the media before this president took office. >> did you spend time in the primaries though? all i would say is i remember when my dad was running back in 2012 -- i'm sure megha experienced this when she was in there before. it has been building within the republican party and now what has become the trump base. there's been a frustration, an misrepresented, they're not spoken to by the media and what he did is seized on that at the perfect moment i thinkn politics. >> the examples i would use -- and i agree with abby that there's a lot of distrust and anger towards the media that started festering a very, very long time ago. what i will say is that when we talk about trusting the media and when we talk about the first
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amendment, that also means trusting journalists reporting things that you don't like. that means people like molly ball when she's reporting on chael avenatti and he says something you don't like a she's a pulitzer -- i have lipstick on my teeth. i'm sorry. >> no, have lipstick on teeth. >> we're talking about salena zito, someone who is -- >> we all have lipstick on our teeth. this is live telision. >> salena zito is out there literally reporting from middle america, she's been criticized before. maggie haberman -- >> she'see discredited, salina zito. >> no, she has not. she actually -- and this is the problem. she's an old school journalist who tape records every single interview she does. when you question her because she's not doing your narrative anyou question molly ball, because she's reporting something out michael avenatti you don't like, that's also festering a problem with the media. >> okay, but there's a bit of a difference here. there's a bit of a difference. you can have, i think, differences of opinion. we've had it with book writers and say, well, i don't think that's really accurate
2:06 am
but when the guy who's supposed to be running the country looks at the media and doesn't say, listen, there are some great folks out there -- >> there are. >> and there are great journalists out there. when he doesn't say there are grt journalists out here, here are the people that i'm upset with, when it becomes a blanket statement that all pressall media, everybody's wrong, i think that's -- now i feel like there's lipstick on my teeth. >> whoopi, it's noaless because he doesn't say it about fox because fox likes him. >> i don't disagree with that either. i don't disagree with what you two are sayingut i also think that my problem is that we have -- and i vociferously dend the press and my father had a relationship with the press to the point that people thought it was strange that he would give such open interviews all the time on his bus, as your father did, too, abby, even though this isn't about hour fathers. but i am saying that when you ca into question pulitzer prize winning journalists who work for "time" magazine, it eates the impression that you only care about journalists that
2:07 am
are reporting the narrative that you want and that is also dangerous. >> from both sides. >> take a -- you know, listen, when he says that the media is wrong and we can point to 55 things that he has said where he has whipped up his bas-- because he says, you know, i'm doing what the people want me to do. then don't say, i have nothing to do with what's happening with these guys shooting or these guys throwing bombs. >> the only enemies in this country are terrorists and people that are trying to hurt us. that is america's enemies. >> those are the true enems and we'll be right back with more. >> announcer: lar, kanye quits. he says he's done with politics because he was used, but does he have much bigger reasons to walk away?
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