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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings irjt it's saturday, november 24th. thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us irchlt hey, chris. good morning, everyone. the rain left ened with mist, drizzle and fog and muggy temperatures. as we take you down to the south bay and central coast, a few lingering light showers around ben loemened. monterey and salinas. but starting out with moist conditions with the fog. the the visibility is kbrchg. livermore at 5 miles. san jose 2 miles. a live look outside from san francisco.
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upper 50s for most of you 56 morgan hill. half moon bay 57. upper elevation winds blow to about 25-mile-per-hour. that's why we have the shaky emeryville camera. 5 a, the cool spot in santa rosa. 60 in concord. here is the rest of the morning. notice the green lingering showers. otherwise increasing sunshine. the north bay clears out first in the morning hours. south bay later on this afternoon. and we're looking at temperatures on the cooler side of average. upper 50s to low 60s. chris. >> thanks, lisa. it should be easier to get to lake tahoe today. look at this snowy mess on the roads. you can see plenty of volks backed up on truckee. at one point all traffic was stopped because of pinouts. right now no chain controls though irnlts all the snow has been mostly good news for the skoe resorts but the sugar bowl announced it's delaying the opening because of yesterday's rain that followed two feet of
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snow. officials say the resort will open as soon as conditions permit. they hope for mep from mother nature in the next round of storms next woke. stay on top of the weather with the news app. you'll find live doppler 7 and webcams from the bay area. new overnight a two alarm fire breck out in vallejo started after mid-noit on fleming avenue. vallejo fire managed to keep it from spreading to nearby homes. no word on what spark the fire. thankfully, no one hurt. a golden gait are gate ferry that crashed twice into the san francisco ferry building could be removed this morning. passengers onboard and at a restaurant along the water say they had no warning and now the coast guard is investigating. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs has more. >> the captain there was nothing over the intercom and you would think they would have honked a
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horn to give people a heads up. >> reporter: passengers on the golden gate ferry ms san francisco say they had no warning of the crash. >> we are talking about how we were going way too fast. after we talked talking about it we smashed into the first pilen and deflect into the port it seven. >> people at the san francisco ferry building eating saw the boat coming their way at 2:30. >> i yelled to my table my gosh here comes a bet. he is coming in hot. >> it was hectic. there was quite a bit of yelling onboard. >> some took out cameras others bolted. >> then i thought it was going straight into the restaurant. i started running the opposite direction. >> the impact cracked the concrete, knocked over the railing and shook the slanted door restaurant. >> the handrail looks like a simple piece of metal. it's actually a deceptively strong safe guard to make sure that if anything like this were to happen there would be no further damage to people on land. >> the captain said it was
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technical failure. >> the coast guard is looking into the computer systems to determine how fast the boat was traveling and if the captain was fl cell. all five crew members will be drug tested and interviewed. >> the vessels are inspected by the u.s. coast guard. there is a lot of oversight. >>s in a larger vessel in the fleet that can carry some 750 passengers about had a light load of 53 people at the time of the crash. two people reported injuries but were treated on the boat. they're going to be okay. the ferry service went on as normal and will continue as scheduled just without in boat. in san francisco, katie utehs, abc 7 news. only abc 7 was on scene just after steph curry was involved in a multi-car crash yesterday morning caused by wet roads. the warrior's star is okay. everyone involved was wearing a seat belt and no injuries to report. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan
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has the details. >> reporter: warriors star stephen curry waited long the side of the highway 24 after his porsche was hit by two cars. >> it was like a movie orring. >> donisha and her friend were on scene rushing to help making sure no one was injured. >> we ran out to see if everybody was okay. the guy in the gray car spined off and hit curry. >> chp says the driver of the lexus spun several times before crashing into curry. the wet roads, the likely cause. >> we come threw the tunnel, come through the tunnel and next thing you any we seen the two cars spun out. it was crazy. >> after being hit, curry's porsche was reareneded by another car. curry's father arrived shortly after to pick up his son. after giving statements, the drivers were allowed to go. some fans concern for the family but happy the player was able to
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walk away. >> we are always routing for curry. we watch all the games all the time. we want to make sure he is okay. >> the warriors hosted the trail blazers. curry didn't play not because of the accident but due to a previous groin injury. at oracle arena, anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> steph curry respond to the accident tweeting don't need reminders but all the time god is great and god is great all the time. appreciate all the texts. >> we've been sending out alerts on the mobile app. it's free to download. enable push alerts to receive the updates. steady rain in the last 24 hours has given firefighters the upper hand in containing the deadly camp fire burning in butte. the fire is now 95% contained. the wet weather helped subdue the remaining hot spots the of the 153,000 acre wildfire. the death toll at 84 with six
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hundred missing. nearly 14,000 homes destroyed. meanwhile search and rescue crews are spending the weekend working through the devastation looking for victims. our reporter is in paradise with one major rod block officials face. >> it's bustling inside the family resource center. camp fire victims getting help they need. but at the big time that should be the busiest there is no one. >> there are people out there who have loved ones who are among the dead at the morgue that we have not been able to identify. >> jim davis with the company using rapid dna to identify people killed in the camp fire. he shall be taking mouth swabs. >> we need family references to submit reference samples to match the two. >> the identification process starts back in the place that's now unrecognizable. at this moment it's with a crew out of santa barbara, picking
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apart debris in paradise looking for remains. the elements complicate things but when they find something dna is processed placed on a swab and run through the machine. davis's company gafs are gave us the video and says the results arrive in two hours. >> we collected samples from people. we see this kind of emotion that comes with finally, you know, accepting the possibility that their loved ones are gone. >> if you are related to someone missing in the california camp fire -- >> a psa wassious released hoping to prompt better turnouts. yesterday they had 68 donor are doaners and need run hundreds more. maria wishes she could do it for her friend. >> we have no names of relatives or nothing. >> if anyone is out there family dna swabs can be taken at any police station in the u.s. >> if you or someone you know would like more information on the dna collection process, we have the resource site available
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on our website, for now reporting in paradise, abc 7 news. the u.s. coast guard is still searching for a 28-year-old man who disappeared while welcome with his brother off the coast of dal city. the firefighters and dal city police responded to a call of a man stuck in the surf at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. he was not visible in the water by the time they arrived. his brother is okay. new details about the romaine let the record us e. coli outprak. it's likely it came from this area. at least 32 people have gotten sick in 11 states including california. process the fda says lettuce from florida and arizona should be entering the supply chain very soon. time now is 6:09. lisa argen tracking the ac wrkt forecast.
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how does the fog look out there. >> it's foggy. but are you ready for the end to the rain. >> yes. >> we have have had several days. are. too much of a good thing. we need a break. a live look outside from the south beach camera. temperatures mild. upper 50s to 60 degrees. we have a dry weekend ahead, sun for you. and then much more rain, and talking sierra snow in the seven-day outlook. >> also ahead brightening the holidays after so much loss. how a annual tradition is helping camp fire victims. >> plus carollers and snow and mr. clause. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas in san francisco.
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in the south bay, a holiday tradition is helping victims of the camp fire. krms? the park's annual tree lighting hosted special guests. a family from paradise who needed a little bit of hope during a very dark time. abc 7 news reporter is with their story. >> for the smith family happy holidays is hope. mike and kitty spent the past 20 years in paradise, raising children and grandchildren and celebrating the special times together. >> thanksgiving, christmas, three days before the fire we were having a halloween party and celebrating the new home. three days later we are running for our lives. >> lives that were already changed months before.
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mrs. smith explained tragedy first struck in tragedy when their daughter and her fiance were killed by an alleged drunk driver. then the camp fire wiped out four family homes. >> we've been real devastated but we're holding it together. >> the a family friend posted about the smiths and:coordinators knew something ned the to be done. >> we were doing what we supposed to do, helping the community. >> all money raised through victims will go through care and choices the vormt center to camp fire victims. >> these guys have been through so much. >> the smiths were invited to flip the switch during the friday tree lighting. at least one happy memory in holiday season. >> from one minute to the next we are crying from the loss and the grieve. and then this gives us something to look forward to. >> the smith family also has a gofundme page. . we have shared that link on our website, website wbts.
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separately, though, christmas in the parng will be collecting donations through sunday for all victims of the camp fire. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo. update on the story we beirut you here on thursday night. a man donating an review to the survivor of the camp fire has arrived in chico to give it way. he lives in denver now but lived in the bay area a decade ago. he went to the chico craigslist site and saw how much people needed. he decided to raise money to buy an review to house a family that lost their home. he brought are bought a pree toned motor home and brought to chico withes his daughter. the two men met yesterday and woods said he didn't know how to say thank you. >> the only way to do is give him a hug and try to tell him how much it means. >>reporter: other people have donated at least four reviews after seeing what names is doing.
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if you have a motor home you'd like to donate you can visit our website, for more ffgs. >> and to help other victims we have a full list of resources on our website. you can make a $10 donation to the red cross texts the words red cross to 90999. the day after thanksgiving shoppers at antioch's food max supermarket on lone tree way braved the rain to get one of the first skrm trees off the delivery truck. workers couldn't unload them fast enough. rafael moreno was there with his daughter. >> the day after thanksgiving for a christmas tree. i thought that i'd beat the crowd. and here i am, you know. >> the stores open today if you want to get a head start on the christmas tree collection. it's officially the season of giving. in traditional style giant christmas trees let us last night. the abc 7 news was here for the 54th annual tree lighting
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ceremony. festive carollers entertained the crowd playing in the falling snow flakes there, told santa about the wish list and zipped hot chocolate. abc news was in san francisco's union square for the macy's great tree lighting ceremony. the tree stands more than 83 feet tall and adorned with 33,000 led lights. it feels like the holidays in great america. despite the rain guests came out to watch dion lim light up the at the to kick-off winterfest. alongside her were best buddies. that helps disabled. your forecast with lisa argen imprisonment good saturday morning. checking out live doppler 7. you can see the radar sweep and the national weather service sweep. that's where we have showers. don't along the santa clara
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valley. and that's where the moisture lingers through the morning into the late morning hours. the central coast, watsonville, otherwise a lot of this is what we call not reaching the ground or up in the higher echlgss in ben loemened which picked up five inches between the first ran and as we ended yesterday there. so talking about pretty good returns in the north bay and south bay. here is a wider perspective. and a ridge of high pressure will deflect the storm to the north for the next several days. weekend in monday. sand rafael looking the a clear conditions. drying out in the north by and partly cloudy skies throughout the day. 57 in san francisco. 59 in oakland. in mountain view, you picked up about 0.2. san jose, two to three tenths the last let system. morgan hill 56. 57 in half moon bay. a sneet shot from santa kruds looking at cloud cover, fog mist and drizzle.
6:19 am
5 5? . a. temperatures at temperatures 8 degrees warmer a lot of that to do with the moisture in the atmosphere. and we measure that with the dew points. s in a low back at the dew points in the upper 50s. that translates into muggy conditions for the morning. we will dry out though and look at sunnier conditions. i'll step out of the way you can check out the wet snow in the sierra nevada. scottered rain showers this morning. the system has definitely warmed up as we exit this. but looking at a colder system in the middle of next woke. that will add to the snow pack. fog mist and drizzle this morning. clearing today. rain returning throughout throughout the middle of the week. here is what's left of the system. maybe leftover showers throughout the late morning hours in the south bay. and then skies clear. then back into more fog tonight. this is sunday tomorrow looking
6:20 am
at more sunshine. so a dry weekend. you should enjoy that. highs on the cool side. low 60s in oakland. 60 in san mateo. 62 in santa rosa. santa cruz, partly cloudy and 64. let's skip to tuesday. tuesday morning 7:00, the commute getting wet. this system is first weak. then ends tuesday night into wednesday and thursday, the next stronger system, a cold are system should last through thursday and rainfall amounts look impressive as we get through the end of the we can. the first half of the week is dry. adding up rain totals for tuesday fit. 0.2. and then wednesday a bit of a break midday wednesday and tlds. can you see upward attention 0.75 of an inches. >> overnight lows 30s and 40s. moisture around not as cold as we could be the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at areas of mist and drizzle,
6:21 am
certainly fog. highs cool, lower 60s for most upper 50s at the coast. tomorrow droi, mid-60s inland. and the temperatures inch up a bit before we bring back the storm impact scale for tuesday and wednesday, even thursday. download the accuweather app and you can keep track of the rain. hopefully you are doing that in your neighborhood. i've seen a lot of tweets with people excited to have the rain and now maybe put it aside for a few days. >> that app always handy. >> yes. >> just ahead, expected to be a railroaded breaking week at the box office. the movies expected to lead th
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whitt johnson joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. >> black friday frenzy. chaos in stores as shopper sprint for special. the deals can you cash in on this morning. plus new developments in the russia investigation. a close associate of roger stone reportedly negotiating a possible plea deal. and finally tiger and phil competing for $9 million. the two golf legends went head to head for a showdown. coming up on gma. if you are getting in the christmas spirit you may want to hold off on buying a tree for a few weeks. the national christmas tree association looked at christmas tree squauls on square credit card readers. the report found you'll bay $77
6:25 am
for a tree today or, $81 on cybermonday. the cost down the week before christmas and drops again on christmas eve at $50. this is expected to be a record shattering weekend we box office. people may have flocked to the mofd yesterday because of the rain and the monthly day weekend. >> we are going to the internet. >> superexcited. one minor thing. what is the internet? >> ralph breaks the internet is leading the way. at preview showings earlier it raked in almost $4 million disney, the parent company of abc 7 expects the movie to earn 90 million by the time the weekend is over. creed ii, a rocky franchise spinoff is not far behind. there are smaller independent films in theaters this we can. it could be a good time to catch up on oscar buzzworthy movies. still to come a new federal report on climate change says the worst is yet to come pointing to the california fires
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at the ac wrkt forecast. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. good morning to you. beautiful shot here from the sutro tower camera. you can see the fog. the bottom of your screen and it looks like a beautiful sunrise in another 30 minutes. we are done with the rain and looking at mist and drizzle and fog for you. if you are an early ricer getting out and about. 57 in san francisco 56 in morgan hip. 57 in half moon bay. here is the exploratorium camera. anotherer is even shot. 58 in vacaville. 50 in concord. warmer due to the cloud cover, the fog, residual moisture from the rain. 10:00 at 60 degrees holding cloud cover. and partly cloudy today. it this is 2:00 in 63 in mountain view. and look for the clouds to be back in the form of fog tonight. another dry day on top for the second half of the week. it's not lasting though. we see the return to wet for much of the woke ahead.
6:30 am
we'll detail that coming up, chris. >> thanks, lisa. we'll have to wait until monday for details about an officer-involved shooting in san jose. it started yesterday morning at around 10:00 when officers were called to the home on barreiro o court by a woman saying a man had a gun inside. the man fired at officers but the orsz fired back. he barricaded himself in. and the officers were able to take him into custody before 8:30 last night with one gunshot wound. he is expected to be okay. it's unclear if the wound is from an officer's shot. the police chief will provide that update on monday. a new federal government report came out about global warming. it goes against many of president trump's policies saying cloimt change is here and not getting better. abc news reporter caina whitt worth has more on why the fires in butte county exemplify the prompt. >> this year as wildfires and
6:31 am
monster storms, terrifying signs of things to come. according to a dire new assessment from 13 federal agencies. government scientists warning the impacts of climate change are intensifying. climate remoted threats to americans's physical and economic and social well being are ricing from coast to coast. president trump who once called climate change a hoax has made a priority of rolling back environmental regulations. but the administration's own scientists say significant immediate action is required to avoid substantial damages to the u.s. economy, environment and human health. among their alrmg predictions for the southeast stronger hurricanes and more frequent flooding. for the midwest an agricultural catastrophe, extreme heat, destroying crops. 0% of the country's gross domestic product gone by the end of the century. hundreds of billions of dollars lost. and in the west, fire dangers
6:32 am
exploding. >> we're in extreme climate change, doing all that we can to prevent and mitigate incidents and save lives. >> the president witnessing the effects first hand. >> does seeing the devastation change your opinion on climate change, mr. president. >> no, no. >> but this we can he was in defile with the east coast in a cold snap the president tweeting whatever happened to global warming? >> the white house pushing back on the government's scientists saying the conclusions are largely based on the extreme scenarios. also lots of skepticism about why the administration died to release the report on a holiday weekend. abc news, los angeles. an estimated 116 million shoppers hit the stores for black friday. and there was chaos in the aisles of some of the nation's biggest retailers. our reporter has the story. >> those door buster deals at times creating chaos.
6:33 am
look at this crush of shoppers in a chanting victoria secret store. the stamped over sherpa jackets, people shoving each other. one sales rep climbing on a table to escape the crowd. >> oh, my god. >> in a georgia wal-mart two women fighting over pots and pans. one refusing to let go. >> but the euphoria over black friday shopping turning deadly in alabama after a fight turned into a shooting at this mall. >> we have officers on the scene. there has been shots fired. >> the shooter killed. among the injured a 12-year-old girl. but the tragedy there aside for the rest of the country the shopping was mostly peaceful. long lines from florida, maryland to texas, an estimated 116 million spending holiday the dollars. this black friday could be the biggest since 2011. this frenzy in myrtle beach one
6:34 am
of the deeply discounted big ticket items attracting buyers opinion the average shopper expected to spend more than $1,000 this holiday season. up 4% from last year. a strong economy helping boost sales in new york. the macy's herald square started before thanksgiving dinner was on the table and the steady extreme not letting up. >> why didn't you shop online? why the hassle. >> i like seeing it in person and trying it on. >> look at the j. crew website. j. crew apologizing. look at the lowe's website. also down for some time. now this is important because experts believe that more than half of all holiday sopers will spend money online. abc news, new york. here snt bay area, the weather put a damper on black friday as lisa said. but it's expected to be nicer today. that's good news for shoppers and business owners taking part in small business saturday.
6:35 am
lyanne melendez went around san francisco yesterday to see the preparations under way. >> mike fitch sells fine oils and balsamic vinegar. he focuses on unique items not at big box stores. that's what makes his store so successful during the holidays. >> up through the holidays from here on it's pretty much insane. >> reporter: small businesses in sand carlos on the peninsula are grateful to american express for starting this saturday after thangiving trend in 2010. since then it has become the day to really support brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. linda owns ambassador toys in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. >> places like amazon are really stealing the business away. so you're not seeing little shops along the way. you're not seeing that local business unless you know the neighborhood and the city begin
6:36 am
to support it. >> sarah kels o now lives in sacramento. but pass a child west portal was where her family shopped. >> this is our sixth generation from the area. >> oh, and supporting local businesses. >> absolutely as you can see with a nice board game, huh. >> her son, a 3-year-old left with the game hungry hippo. >> maggy decided to get toys for her grandchildren. >> i love to support local businesses especilly when people are driven to other places or online. >> small business owners hope the sales go up. but more important and see customers keep their stores in mind all year long. and last year americans spent $13 billion on small business saturday. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> in you're hitting the store this is holiday season, you might want to pick up an extra toy for toys for tots.
6:37 am
the u.s. marine corps drive is under way. you can go online to find out about local events and where to donate. >> people can go to the local website and donate -- donate monetary donation or select dates where they want to bring in toys. >> starting next thursday through december 15th you can drop off new unwrapped toys at din stores or shop online at the disney store. disney donates $5 for each toy for toys for tots up to $1 million. they are abc 7 parent company. still ahead, changing tradition when it comes to a photo with santa at a bay area mall. first heading to break, a live look outside from the abc 7 roof camera showing windy conditions out there along this part of san francisco. meteorologist lisa argen will have the full forecast in just a few minutes.
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breathe better. sleep better. breathe right. time right now is 6:40. we are looking live outside from the mount tam camera. thanks for starting your day with abc 7 mornings. if you are heading out early this morning be ware of the wet weather. lisa argen has the full forecast come up. but in the east bay the piedmont boy scouts of america will welcome visitors with at festive holiday dance. dance. d >> this is video from last year with the tap dancing christmas trees kicked off the season.
6:41 am
the scouts have been selling christmas tree on this avenue for decade. the lot opens at 9:00 a.m. the dancing begins at 10:00. 'tis the season. >> that's right. the rain system is moving out of the bay area, the last storm and we are left with mist drizzle and fog. a buchli view here. upper 50s in san francisco. 60 and partly cloudy here if you are headed into town. and if you want dry days we can deliver that as well. but don't put away the umbrella. you may need to buy one. i need to. we will talk about the seven-day outlook and rain and snow headed back to the area next in the seven-day forecast. >> also next the warriors get back on track. kevin durant helps andy to the losing streak. larry beil mass the highlights in
6:42 am
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6:44 am
enchts welcome back everyone ablive look outside from mount tam on this saturday morning. you can see a lig foggy our meteorologist let's us know how long the break in the rain lasts coming up in the full weather report. in sports stanford faces ucla at rose bowl at no one. colorado takes on cal appear 4:00 p.m. and san jose looks to close out with a win over rival fresno state. you can watch the dwam on espn u. the warriors battle the skroom
6:45 am
kings tonight at oracle arena. tip off at 5:30 p.m. high pressure last night they hoped to snap the losing streak. sports director larry beil has the highlights. >> good morning, everybody. unclaritied territory for the warriors under steve kerr. never lost four in a row until now. but taking the court against portland the goal was to avoid dropping five straight. steph in cheer leader mode. injury evaluation later today. klay tomds struggling during the skid. four-point play. fired up pride of oakland dam yan lillard to the rack strong but held to 23 points. jordan bell looking for more minutes on this team and kevin durant says this is what turned it around. makes the save, draymond pumped up, encouraging leads to kevin durant three. part of a 20-5 warriors burst. dubs playing defense and running. andre iguodala to kevin durant, we call in, with authority!
6:46 am
>> steph excited he dunked on the dude's head. see that? >> 32 for k.d. dubs by 15 petition at the half. four threes for klatt. warriors enthe slide, 125-97. to the ice. sharks and account canuck pch entire sharks power play lasts five seconds off the faceoff logan cotour. 10 seconds left in the first. joe thornton denied twice but timo taps in for the 13th of the year. arundel, in net, 19 shots, 19 saves. can't do any better. more sharks on the power play. jumbo joe behind the back to erik karlsson. nice. thornton with 750 assists. and the sharks win it 4-0. college football, the apple cup in pullman washington and
6:47 am
washington state that's garratter minsh you u who needs a shirt? the huskies dressed for success. wide receiver pass, aaron fuller to hunter brian. 22 yards. 20-7 uw. who knows where the line is they gave him a touchdown before the ball came out. 20 to 15 miles gascon the. three touchdowns. oh the weather outside is frightful. but the 80-yard touchdown is delightful. husks win clinching the pac 12 north. . washington plays utah next friday in the pac 12 championship. better weather for phil and tiger. their big pay-per-view match. tiger needed that on 17, squares the match. go to a playoff op. on whole 22 mickelson for the win. what a win it is, worth $9 million and a bunch of money
6:48 am
raised for charity. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning to you. we are looking at several dry days, a few lingering light showers on the central coast but overall it's mist and drizzle. at the san jose airport also last check in livermore a few light showers. but as we widen the perspective we are underneath a ridge of high pressure here and that's keeping us dry right on through monday. a live look outside from mount tam and this is the fog that some of you are running into with reduced visibility as times. but with the moisture from the over the past few days we are milder, muggy out there with 57 in san francisco. 59 in oakland and mountain view and 56 morgan had hill. half moon bay at 57. check out the fog at golden gate bridge. it comes and goes. do be careful out there. for a while we high pressure
6:49 am
reduced visibility then into four-mile visibility in and around here. but it's staying gray the next few hours until this begins to lift and evaporate and get into gradual clearing. storgt in the north bay. 55 in the appeara. upper 50s in vacaville. concord good the visibility. but in livermore you have the mist and drizzle. dew points up into the upper 50s around sand carlos and mountain view and san jose. that means a muggy feel to the air. the roof camera, you can see the wind. we have the fog and the overcast and mist this morning. gradual clearing from north to south. we who will the showers over the south by over ben loehmann where they picked up 8.5 inches since the rain began. and mount tam doing well. and between two and three inches over parts of the east by. looking at rain returning by the middle of next week. notice the green on the skroen,
6:50 am
next woke. this is noontim, maybe isolated showers. otherwise into the sun in parts of the north bay. the rest of the day is partly cloudy as we get to evening it's low clouds, some fog. this is sunday with more sun out there. a nice day, highs just a few degrees warmer for the second half of the week. highs today in the narrow range, upper 50s, half moon bay. 61 in aelkd sand rafael and napa. 62 in san jose. kipping ahead until tuesday and that's when we look at next rain coming in tuesday morning. this first system, the weaker of the series. and it ends by wednesday morning. that's a dry drydy but more rain arrives midday wednesday. it's a stronger storm wednesday. looks like it lingers into thursday. we are looking at sierra snow. that's a good thing because we had rain on snow and it's piled up there in the mountains.
6:51 am
first look at accumulated precip the wednesday night up to 0.2. and the second system wants to push over an inch by wednesday evening in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast lag at temperatures on the cool side. gradual clearing mist and drizzle to start. and then tomorrow milder and dry. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. sunny day monday. we bring in the storm impact scale. tuesday and wednesday. and we may have to update the wednesday, thursday time frame that's looking like the stronger system. we are deliberating we it arrives. download the app to stay up to date with the temperatures and rain. looking for ipg typical what we would like to see with the storm door open. >> well lisa santa is making a big change this holiday season. wayne friedman has more on how the big man is trying to appeal to millennials at one local mall. >> this is one of the stories about something that hasn't
6:52 am
happened yet but will. and we warn you in advance you need to get used to it. >> you want your picture taken with santa. >> sure. >> after that ringing endorsement, welcome to westfield mall. >> there is a change coming. >> like what? >> have you seen santa here today. >> santa? >> yeah. >> no. >> no, not here. >> used you'd go to the mall and see santa on a christmas set, stand in line, sit on his lap, take a picture. you'd pay a few bucks. well now there is a twist. they're calling it the selfie santa. >> how much that going to cost. >> unlike years past you get the warneding santa in the hauls as a photo-op. why not if you won't get off the phone and come to santa he will come to you. >> i believe in selfies. >> we try to stay off social media. >> okay. where is he. >> he is not here yet. >> in not until the seventh of december. >> not yet. >> nope. as for explaining the many pictures of santa destined for
6:53 am
social media. >> that he can be -- be in many places at once? >> in selfies and you know there is an app for that. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> next it's no ordinary christmas display. where you can see a life size ginger bread house.
6:54 am
♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ [ready forngs ] christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile.
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with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. irchlt here are the winning numbers from last night's
6:56 am
$$55 million megamels 7, 0, 30, 33, 59, the meganumber 23. nobody matched all six to the jackpot goes up to $172 million. happening in san francisco, the life size ginger were bread in san francisco opens up. this year's creation will welcome visitors beginning at 10:30 this morning. it's 25 feet high. and 35 feet wide and features a private dining space. a 23-foot tree and hot cocoa shop and champagne bar is a few feet away. it's open until jan 1st. i wonder how hard it is to get the private rest stragss. i didn't know it was in there. i visited over the years. news to me. maybe i have to do digging after the show. >> that's fun to check out. we're also looking at fog and a
6:57 am
nice site in santa cruz with clearing. still a few showers likely in the south bay. but overall it's a mild to muggy start with upper 50s in san jose. 57 in half moon bay. and look at tahoe. upper mountain alpine and squaw picked up 7 inches with the system and then unfortunately got rain. it looks like wet snow doesn't it. an in santa rosa. in the who in seara nevada 59 in conned cord they could see showers. next several systems headed that way. and the successive one will bring in more snow there. low 60s here today with partly cloudy skies in concord. 61 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the dry day today tomorrow and monday. some mist. the clouds chlorand we bring in rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 morning. i'm chris nguyen with lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and instagram.
6:58 am
good morning america is next. abc news continues at 8:00 a.m. we'll see you then. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face if we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> announcer: and find real solutions let's have hard conversations. >> i feel the community failed people of color. >> announcer: and hear one another. >> we can use words we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different but we're in this together
6:59 am
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good morning, america. happening now, holiday weekend travel alert. the dangerous conditions on the roads and potential air delays. major cities in the storm's path with an icy threat on the east coast. how the storms could affect the journey home for millions of americans. shopping frenzy. the mad dash to snap up deals. rushing the counters of this victoria's secret store. customers here fighting in the aisles. how to have a more sane small business saturday. climate change concerns. the urgent report warning of a severe threat to america's health and economy. what scientists say needs to be


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