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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  November 24, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ maybe you're with the family you got. (all) ooh! or maybe the one you've chosen. it's culture salad. our holidays don't all look the same. am i saying it well, l'chaim? l'chaim? and maybe that's what makes us great. make the dream yours. ikea. . it was like all the sudden slow motion. i just try and bring the car back. >> on abc 7 news, the rain may have stopped for now, but the slick streets proving to be dangerous, even deadly. what the chp wants all drivers to know. tijuana makes a plea for help in dealing with the migrant caravan that's destined for the u.s., while president trump is
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talking about a deal with mexico r overhaul. and supporting the neighborhood. a look at local shop local saturday focuses on mail -- black female entrepreneurs. abc 7 news starts now. a quick thinking chp officer in the north bay made a move that may have saved his life as he jumped out of the way of an oncoming car. hi, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. eric has the night off. we begin with a word of caution for all of us before the next time we get on the road. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard joins us live >> reporter: slippery pavement played a part in the crash which took a woman's life. a chp officer was injured when
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he literally dove for cover to avoid being hit by the car she was driving. the unit sits undrivable and heavily damaged, its back window smashed after officers responded to a spinout on southbound highway 101 involving in suv. >> it was foggy, drizzly, the roads were wet. >> officers were laying donees and flares when the driver of a toyota lost control of her car. >> that officer was able to see the car coming and react quick enough, he jumped into the back of the patrol vehicle, less than a second before the errant vehicle collided with them. >> the officer suffered minor injuries. sadly the drive of the corolla did not survive the crash. she later at a hospital. in the south bay a 24-year-old san jose man died and three others injured in a suspected drunk driver cash.
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the driver who survived missed a curb at the highway 17 connector, struck a tree and rolled over. >> losing control, spinning out. >> we rode along with a chp officer who says speed will be the biggest hazard this rainy season. >> people slow down, drivers slow down and drove appropriately for the conditions, we would not see nearly the amount of crashes that we see. >> it was like a major accident. it looked like a movie or something. only abc 7 news was on scene when steph curry was involved in a multicar crash sunday morning. he was hit by two other cars on highway 24. luckry curry and the other drivers weren't hurt, and everybody involved was wearing a seat belt. the name of the driver who was killed this morning here on highway 101, her name has not been released. we're told the chp officer who was injured has now been released from the hospital. in -- cornell barnard.
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now cornell mentioned more rain is on the way. let's get a check now with abc weather anchor spencer christian for a look at when we'll need the umbrellas again. at the moment things are dry, wet spots left over from yesterday's rain. there's no rain falling at the moment. check out this beautiful view at the western rescue from emeryville, lots of blue sky over the bay. but tuesday morning, very early tuesday morning, start our forecast animation, see rain moving into the north bay during the morning commute. and by midday that light rain will have pushed down past the peninsula, onto the south bay, over into the east bay and all parts of the bay area will be wet by tuesday evening. that's the first wave of midweek rain next week i'll give you a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. dion. >> spencer, thanks. the coast guard is investigating what caused a ferry boat to crash. abc 7 news was there today as
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crews made repairs to the dock and towed away the damaged ferry. service isn't greatly impacted while all this goes on. some ferries are operating out of different gates at the building. people that road ferries today say it wasn't a big deal. >> let us know right away, we're going, you know -- we're letting you guys know where we're going, where we're headed. it seemed to be more hands on deck kind of deal so i feel like -- it feels pretty safe. >> no one was seriously hurt in the crash yesterday. the coast guard is looking into computer systems to see how fast the ferry was going and if the captain was in control. all crew members will also be drug tested and interviewed. new details now. the coast guard tells abc 7 news they suspended the search for a man who dappear afrnoo whi smming w his brother. crews searched until 9:00 this morning and they covered 36 square nautical miles. the search may resume if they
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get new information. the missing man was swimming with his brother okay. an armed man surrendered to officers. police responded there yesterday morning to a call about a man with a gun. officers say he fired at them when they arrived, and police fired back. the suspect barricaded himself inside that house prompting a nearly 10 1/2 hour standoff. officers were finally able to take that man into custody. he had at least one gunshot wound and is expected to be okay. it is unclear if the wound is from an officer's shot. the police chief will provide an update on monday. downed power lines added an element of danger for fire crews battling a house fire. the fire ignited about 8:00 last night. crews on the scene they they also dealt with live downed power lines but were able to stop the fire from spreading to neighboring homes. no one was injured. no word on what caused the fire. developing in butte county
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now, more residents are being allowed back into their neighborhoods to see what's left after the campe. evacuation orders were lifted from additional neighborhoods today. sadly, though, many people won't be returning to much. the fire burned nearly 14,000 homes and 84 people were killed. 475 people are still unaccounted for. that fire is now 95% contained. firefighters are strategizing the best way to get to the remaining fire. its location is in steep and rugged terrain, made even more dangerous by recent rains. the mayor of tijuana is asking the united nations for help today. it comes as nearly 5,000 central american migrants are waiting in the city to apply for asylum in the u.s. they're fleeing vines and poverty in their home countries. here's abc's marcie gonzalez. a humanitarian crisis is mounting on the u.s./mexico border according to the mayor of tijuana as nearly 5,000 central american migrants continue
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arriving in his city. officials and volunteers are helping the migrants, but the mayor of tijuana refuses to deplete his city's public resources and is asking the united nations for aid. a group calling themselves border angels has teamed up with other organizations across southern california to help the migrants. >> we've been there before. it's the first time we do the caravan of love. >> it will bring supplies such as nonperishable food, blankets and toys. many migrants may be spending months in tijuana. a report from the "washington post" says president trump now has the support of mexico's incoming government on a plan to remake u.s. border policy requiring asylum seekers to wait in mexico as their claims move through u.s. courts. the president has already threatened to shut down the u.s. border. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. the whole border.
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i mean the whole border. >> reporter: he also says he's granted the military increased authority. >> even to. they're going to use le that will force. i've given the okay. if they have to. i hope they don't have to. >> reporter: james mattis insists u.s. troops are just there to back up border patrol agents and will likely be armed with plastic shields and batons, not guns. in the east bay a special event for small business saturday today. abc 7 news was in oakland at do it for the culture, a black women's holiday market. the market features almost 30 businesses and food trucks owned by black women. the event's been going on seven years, but this was the biggest yet. >> folks are not necessarily getting into some of the larger markets that are happening in aliforni women and ming sure these produc >> what a success.
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an american express survey found 83% of consumers plan to do at least some portion of their holiday shopping at small, independently owned retailers or restaurants. a former bay area radio personality is missing. that story's coming up. and the latest on mike ditka's health. his long time agent gives an update on the former nfl player and coach after he suffered a heart attack. >> the hull was already full of water. the boat just went -- >> a man who lives for adventure got more than oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven
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in developing news now, profootball hall of famer mike ditka is recovering after suffering from a heart attack earlier this week according to his agent. doctors inserted a pacemaker and ditka is doing much better. the 79-year-old has been recuperating in a florida hospital. ditka is a super bowl champion, as both a player and a coach. he spent 11 seasons as coach of the chicago bears. his 1985 super bowl winning team is considered to have one of the best defenses ever. other developing news now, a long time san francisco, former san francisco radio host is missing in kentucky. 79-year-old ray taliaferro went missing november 10th. police say he may be experiencing disorientation and signs of dementia. he was born in san francisco and
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on news talk 810. he was on the black journalist's haul of fame. and an intrep nearial spirit award is named after him. capsized in shark infested waters in australia. >> looks fine, a lot better than sitting here being cold and wet. >> at least he can laugh about it. he says those were his first thoughts when he saw rescuers in a helicopter. he'd been in trouble for hours. wednesday night levi's boat began taking on water. he was able to huddle in the dingy overnight. as soon as it was light he activated his emergency beacon. he has been sailing there for the past three years. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. bright sunny day, the rain from yesterday is behind us. but rainb still around.
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here's how we have rainbows today. our executive producer was there as firefighters were using their hoses to make rainbows. no word on whether brandon got away with the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. take a look at live doppler 7 again. this is what's going on. let me step out of this picture. there's live doppler 7. we have a few thin high clouds around. as you can see it's a mainly sunny day. this is a view from sutro tower over part of the bay, beautiful saturday afternoon around the bay area. 59 degrees in san francisco, 60 in oakland, mountain view, morgan hill, 61 at san jose, 57 at half moon bay. check out this view of the soon to be setting sun, looking west bard from emeryville, 62 degrees right now at santa rosa, napa, san rafael, 63 at vacaville, 65 at concord, livermore 62. a dramatic view from the east bay hills camera and these are
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forecast features, mostly sunny and mild tomorrow and monday. our next round of rain begins on tuesday. and we're going to have a series of wet days because it's going to be a wet and windy pattern midweek, perhaps even to the end of next week. let's deal with what's happening tonight first. mainly clear skies with a few clouds around. overnight lows will drop into the upper 30s, lakeport low 40s at cloverdale, santa rosa and napa. mid to upper 40s in most other locations during the overnight hours. tomorrow looking for mainly sunny skies with highs ranging from about 60 at half moon bay to low and mid-60s, inland areas. stipahead to tuesday, storm impact scale, on tuesday expect light to moderate rain to develop, starting first in the north bay in the early morning hours and then spreading during the day to other regions of the bay area. here's our forecast animation, starting at 5:00 tuesday morning, notice it's going to sweep down through the north bay during the early part of the
4:17 pm
day. by midday we expect rain to reach visitor yulely all parts of the bay area. tuesday night we'll see the first wave of rain winding down. that will be followed very closely by another storm coming in early wednesday. that one's going to be more intense, bring strong gusty wind with it. we're going to have a couple windy days middle of next week. let's get back to the start of the seven-day forecast period. tomorrow sunny and mild, a few high clouds on monday. on tuesday we get the weaker storm, ranking only 1 on the storm impact scale and then we get a more intense storm on wednesday, and continues into thursday. those two days the storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale and there's a slight chance of lingering showers on friday and saturday of next week. so looks like we're in a pretty wet pattern, enjoy the break >> we'll take it, spencer, thanks. so do you think people have
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recovered from the steph curry accident news. >> not yet. really, though, when is the last time you remember the warriors put back-to-back wins together? everyone's waiting for that. back-to-back games. welcome kings oracle. and we're awaiting news on when the mv
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never has a groin strain received so much attention. stephen curry has missed the last eight games with the warriors being diagnosed with a mild groin strain. anthony flores is live at oracle arena, awaiting the update when
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curry may return. anthony, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, mindi, you're absolutely right. basketball has taken a backseat to the health of steph curry for the past 24 hours. yesterday there was that three-car fender bender, steve kerr gave us an update and said he was okay. today he was reevaluated for the groin strain. he's missed eight games since being injured on november 8th. the warriors say they like his evaluation and progress he's been making. he won't be playing tonight or on monday. but you could see him back in the lineup as soon as they hit the rose on thursday. >> he's doing much better and we're just going to, you know, keep taking it day by day. rick feels very strongly he'll play on the road trip. we don't have anything else to add. he's anxious to get back.
4:22 pm
but he's handled it very well, supporting his teammates, getting his rehab in every day, working really hard. so he's handling it pretty much exactly as you would expect steph to handle it. >> reporter: now you can't see him, but steph curry is off to my left warming up, and mindi right now he looks good. he's not playing tonight. there you see him warming up, hitting baskets before pre-game. he won't be playing tonight or on monday. a is mentioned the warriors say they expect him to play on their next road trip. their first game is thursday at toronto. reporting live from oracle arena, anthony flores, abc 7 sports. >> thanks so much, anthony. stanford is down at the rose the cardinals top receiver g to
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a shot at the pac-12 title game is not an option for the cardinals. at 6-4, stanford is already bowl eligible. whenever ucla would better bowl game options, why not go out on a high note. two more games remaining. whiteside returned to thepa one of the tallest players on the field. throw it high and the big man comes down with it. 19 yard score. bryce love had 22 carries for 85 yards.
4:26 pm
the cardinals up 7 at the half. third quarter, stanford gets two more touchdown catches from whiteside. three total. beautiful save. costello, sacked. holmes took it 93 yards for the bruins. wilton speight fooled everyone and ran it in. ucla took the lead. so stanford, one more time, costello who threw for 344 yards and five touchdowns, 52 yards. so st. browns lone catch of the game, stanford wins big, 49-42 the final. those crazy buckeyes hosted their arch rival michigan, each team 10-1. winner advances to the big ten championship. duane has kins had five touchdown passes, one of 31 yards to wide open johnny dixon.
4:27 pm
buck eyes led. michigan closed the gap before halftime. shane patterson found chris evans for the nine yard score, wolverines trailed. second half, blocked path, caught it, p 3 yards for the score. ohio state up 15. then haskins, r here he set the big ten record, that's his 40th touchdown pass of the season. passed -- ohio state put up 62 points on michigan's number one ranked defense for seventh straight win over michigan. they lost the game and a shot at the national title as well. go back to you dion and -- that's it. >> appreciate it, mindi, thanks. angry protests today in alabama after an officer shot and killed the wrong man when responding to a mall shooting. >> he murdered this black man. >> the real gunman is still on
4:28 pm
the loose today. a community's reaction ahead. also, retail therapy. a special black friday shopping day for survivors of the deadly camp fire. plus, move
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. protesters are calling for justice after a 21-year-old black man was shot and killed by police during a shooting
4:31 pm
incident at an alabama mall. here's abc's -- >> reporter: a tragedy two times over. 21-year-old amanda fitzgerald bradford was shot and killed by police on thursday as cha broke out in an alabama mall. >> everybody out. >> reporter: two people got into a fight at the mall south of birmingham, the fight led to gunfire. >> officers on the scene. there has been shots fired. >> reporter: but authorities now say bradford was not the one who fired the shots that struck an 18-year-old male and a 12-year-old girl who was a bystander. at least one gunman is still on the loose, investigators believe. bradford's family now in mourning, a fifth generation military man joining up because his family says he wanted to help fix what's going on with black men in our country. >> our country needs to come to the forefront and say we're going to stop looking at a man as a color. a man is a man. >> that's right. >> reporter: protesters are calling for transparency as the
4:32 pm
investigation moves forward. >> to be healing in this we have to have the truth come forward and the truth be made known to everyone. >> reporter: some asking for a boycott of the mall. >> no justice, no shopping. >> reporter: that shooting is not the only vines that plagued the biggest shopping day of the year. macy's was evacuated when two men got into an argument, the fight turning violent, one man stabbed in the abdomen another in the back. and the mills in jersey gardens, panicked shoppers running for their lives. the suspect in that shooting still unaccounted for. abc news, washington. and developing news, violent clashes between police and protesters caused chaos in the streets of paris today. demonstrators are angry about rising fuel taxesde emmanuel macron's government. protesters set fires on several streets in central paris. police say people in the crowd also hurled rocks and othed by firing tear gas and bursts
4:33 pm
from water cannons. police tried to push back the protesters, at times beating back demonstrators with batons and dragging them away. some of the people that lost their homes to the woolsey fire that just tore through southern california are filing lawsuits against a utility company. they say the company is to blame for starting the fire. the cause of the fire is still officially under investigation. attorneys representing victims in the fire in the suit against edison held a town hall last night. they have experts to help them prove the utility caused the fire. they point to 911 calls, one man suing lost his home and animal rescue. >> the power company did that, then they owe a lot of people a lot of money. you can't bring the dead people back, but they owe a lot of people a lot of money. >> a representative from socal edison has said they can't comment on lawsuits related to the fire at this time. while millions of americans hit the stores for black friday deals, some wildfire victims in
4:34 pm
butte county took part in a special shopping trip to help them replace what they lost in the camp fire. >> reporter: as shoppers descended up galleria, we spotted lily hig by looking for discounts in her pajamas. it wasn't because she was waiting in a black friday line all night. >> i'm from the camp fire in paradise. i'm trying to get deals. >> >> reporter: she wasn't the only evacuee here. >> we have seen a lot of customers affected by the fire. >> reporter: they're giving away disaster assistance vouchers. >> ranging from 10% to 30% back for those affected by the fire. >> sure, yeah, we'll do that for sure, definitely. >> reporter: rebecca collins decided to spend the day shopping for a family that lost everything in paradise. they're staying with her through the holidays so she thought she'd help them restock their
4:35 pm
closets. >> they just came with the clothes on their back and that's it. >> black friday may not be for everyone on thanksgiving. but for some it's a chance to give back and for others to get life back to normal. >> did you see anything good? >> i saw a lot of stuff at apple. if you'd like to help fire victims, we have a full list of resources at our website or make a $10 donation to the red cross. text the words "red across the street" to 90999. if you are hitting the store this is holiday season, pick up an extra osteoftoy for toys for. the drive is already under way. the program collects toys for kids of all ages. go online to find out about local events and where to donate. >> people can actually go to the local website and donate monetary donation or select dates where they want to bring in toys. >> starting next thursday
4:36 pm
through december 15th you can drop off new unwrapped toys at disney stores or you can shop online. disney will donate $5 for each toy to toys for tots up to a million dollars. disney is abc 7's parent company. this is the perfect time of year to say thank you to a program that's helping thousands of children and families living with cancer in northern california. it's a place where magic happens. it's called camp okizu and it provides free summer camp in sierra foothills. cheryl jennings takes a look. >> reporter: this is sibs camp, a nonprofit based in marin county. these young people are the siblings of children who have cancer. but these kids also need healing and sometimes parents don't understand there's even a problem. at first. >> i have five children and my youngest was six months old, she was diagnosed with cancer. at the time it was just kind of this whirlwind, trying to deal with all of that and trying to
4:37 pm
make things as normal as possible for my four older children. i was with my daughter in the hospital, but my husband would bring the children during the day and we would hang out and we were always telling them it's going to be okay and we had a friend who said, you know, i'm really sorry your daughter has dance but you guys now qualify to come to this camp. >> jamie did not want to send her kids away. but mom finally consented after learning that camp okisu creates a safe space where the kids can just have fun. anna is 14 now, but she was just 8 when her tiny sister was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer tumor. >> it was super frightening for me. i felt worried because i didn't want to bother my parents with like, oh, yeah, my sister is in the hospital but i was scared myself. so it was really hard. >> emmy is now 16, she was only 10 at the time of her sister's diagnosis. >> i just remember that she couldn't stop coughing at first. and so we took her to the
4:38 pm
hospital. >> niv is now.tnly 6 when efa w critically er sad about it because she was in the hospital and i was at home and i felt really sad. >> the music and activities help ease the sadness. kids love dancing at lunchtime, and this song, uptown girl by billy joel is a happy tradition to get them up and moving. >> so, i don't know, this is a brand new pavilion, right? >> yes, it is and just finished it the week before camp started. so we're really happy to have it this year. it enables them to sit and talk to each other in a place where they can all be together and share stories. >> it's so cool to have people your own age who understand what you're going through so you can talk to them about it and share your story. >> reporter: what are things you've shared? >> some of the feelings you
4:39 pm
don't want to tell people, jealousy and sadness. it's hard especially when your younger sister gets toys and presents and you're an 8-year-old who doesn't get anything. >> we're not alone, there's other people in the world who have the same problems and it makes me realize how lucky we are that our sister is doing so well now. >> 6-year-old efa is in remission and full of energy. >> cancer's all gone. but she still has to scan every three months. >> it was such a big learning lesson for us that our children really need to be a part of the goods and the bads and the ups and the downs. they needed to know we were worried. >> each year we probably touch something close to 3,000 people. >> reporter: dr. mike, as the kids call him, is a pediatric bone marrow transplant specialist. he's also a co-founder of the camp. he says there's a need for even more services. >> it's a long time for a kid from one summer to the next summer, a lot happens in their lives during that time period. so if they had the opportunity to reconnect with that support
4:40 pm
community in between, i think that would really be very beneficial to them to help tlem to process all the issues their dealing with on a daily basis. >> reporter: abc 7 has been a proud partner for more than 25 years. it's thanks to you, our viewers, that this camp was built, maintained, and even expanded, all because of your generous donations. those donations help camp okizu create life changing moments. >> the thing about okizu was probably, i think maybe swimming and making new friends. and i got to ride all by myself. it was real exciting. >> that's part okizu magic. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. what a happy place. for more information about camp okizu, head to our website, to find out how to send a child to camp, how to
4:41 pm
volunteer and how to make a donation. in the east bay boy scouts and their families relaunched a tradition that spans generations. a local favorite called the tap dancing christmas trees helped kick off year 50 for the boy scouts christmas tree lot in piedmont. it raises money for the boy scouts and connects neighbors during the holidays. >> you're supporting the community and the scouting community in particular but the community in general as well. so -- and then there's a lot of folks. we've got a lot of return customers that come back year after year. >> the scouts even help load trees into customers' cars. they hope to sell 1,700 trees. the scouts lot will stay open until december 20th or until they're sold out of trees. we'll take a look at conditions during opening day today at als
4:42 pm
>> i think we did hear her correctly. the story of a peacock on the run. it's ruffling some feathers by hanging out with wild turkeys. >> i'm spencer christian, speaking of wild turkeys, enjoy the sunny skies we're experiencing this weekend. next week oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events
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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. a camel just north of philadelphia has become a social media sensation after getting stranded along a highway during a snowstorm. i have so many questions about this. the camel named einstein is now known as the pennsylvania snow camel. he survived last week's snowstorm unscathed. and john meyer tells us the pennsylvania snow camel is enjoying his celebrity >> reporter: there's sun now, not snow, off route 309t o , but eineihe cam is just asig star as he was last thursday. now the animal dubbed the
4:45 pm
pennsylvania snow camel is making his first public appearance and drawing a cloud in lehigh county. >> we were out black friday shopping. this is a surprise for them. >> we had to. a friend of mine was on the road when the snow camel was out. she has a firsthand picture of him. >> a lot of people got photos and videos and they exploded on social media, a camel in the snow on busy route 309, yes, a camel near bethlehem. >> it was pert, perfect. >> now we have the real story. peaceable kingdom petting zoo was taking einstein to philadelphia and got stuck. they let him out to make the trailer lighter. >> we got up the hill okay but then everyone on 309 apparently, you know, freaked out that there was a rogue camel, you know, walking the highways, abandoned on the streets. >> the last thing they thought about then was stardom.
4:46 pm
>> that day was hard and upset and it turned into this wonderful happy christmas story locally. we're enjoying it. einstein's enjoying it. >> pennsylvania has other furry celebrities, phil, gus the groundhog. but einstein the pennsylvania snow camel is much taller and right now you're a much bigger deal. aren't you, buddy? there's our answer. >> he's getting more attention now by pulled out more for more groomings and more appearances and stuff. so i do think he kind of knows something's up. his brother knows something's up, because einstein keeps going. >> yes, he has a brother named ding-a-ling. and he's even interrupting our interviews. his new fans love all of it. >> the kids were very excited when they heard he was going to be here. they were very worried about him the night of the snowstorm.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: nothing to worry about now. this is just the start of his public appearances, spreading the pennsylvania snow camel legend. >> you should have seen us in the studio, we're all zoned on the tv during that story. now, the pennsylvania snow camel made a toelgt of three public appearances yesterday alone. the cult figure has also been featured in articles by "people" and "time" magazine. other animal news now, a couple is trying to lure home their pet peacock after it ran off with a flock of turkeys. they live in vermont. six weeks ago the peacock befriended the local turkeys. he is hiding out in a tree. the couple thinks the bird ran off because it was lonely and their chickens weren't enough to keep him around. >> we lost his little brother, i think the turkeys were more like him than the chickens. and he decided to take off with them. >> fish and wildlife say they are not concerned so it's up to the johnsons to bring the peacock home.
4:48 pm
the johnsons are glad he is safe in the tree but worry about him in the cold. so they still want to find a way to get him to come down. one of california's biggest ski resorts opened today thanks to lots of snow falling during the past few days. slopes in this video provided by kirkwood m more than 30 inches has fallen there since wednesday. kirkwood plans to keep scloeps open until early april. precipitation of another kind, hey, spencer. >> we had quite a bit of rain at the end of the week. right now things are dry as you can see on live doppler 7. we have a few high clouds around. dry weekend. i want to show you how beautiful it is outside right now. here's a live view from sutro tower. another live view of the setting sun from emeryville. that is stunning. i'd like to stay on that for a
4:49 pm
while. but we have to move along. one more view of the setting sun from the east bay hills camera. forecast features, mostly sunny and mild tomorrow and monday. next round of rain comes tuesday. that's a wet day followed but a couple of wet and windy days end of the week. calmer weather, we'll enjoy it while we have it. overnight, a few passing clouds, chilly up in the north bay. low 40s at cloverdale, santa rosa and napa. most other locations, mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, sunny day, high temperatures about 60 on the coast, low to mid-60s around the shoreline. 63 in oakland. high of 62 in the north bay. 65 in santa rosa. 64 in the east bay at livermore. now, let's talk about that next storm coming our way. it will arrive on tuesday, ranking only 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity. it will bring plainly light to
4:50 pm
moderate rain, beginning early in the morning in the north bay and it will start sweeping southward and eastward during the remainder of the day. all parts of the bay area will get some rainfall out of the system. it will bring more rain in the north bay than anywhere else. here's our forecast animation starting 5:00 a.m. tuesday. morning commute, we'll see the north bay getting quite wet. by midday, the rain will have swept southward and eastward. it will start to wind down late tuesday night but followed by another wave of storeny weather tuesday night into wednesday and then wednesday into thursday we'll get some pretty stormy weather. here's a accuweather seven-day forecast, dry conditions the next two days, as i said the next rain arrives tuesday, storm ranking 1 on the impact scale, stronger storm wednesday and a strong storm on thursday as well. those two will rank 2 on the storm impact scale, wet and windy those two days and lingering showers into friday and saturday. so quite a wet span of days coming up next week. let's enjoy what we have right
4:51 pm
now. nice and sunny, mild and dry. >> we'll take it. and we were talking in the commercial break, it's good for the rain. >> not only that, we need more ski resorts to open up. whenever i see rain, i'm ready for the snow. >> next week's rain means more snow, for sure. no ski news. >> we have football news. stainford, cal also 6-4 redding into today's games. improving postseason options.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
abc 7 sports with mindi bach. 6-4, stanford is bowl eligible. but a win over ucla today would better the bowl options.
4:54 pm
final two games of the season, the top receiver for the cardinals, one of the tallest players on the field, do this, throw it high in the air and he'll come down with it, 19 yard touchdown catch from ellis. brice love at 22 carries for 85 yards and this two yard score. the cardinal led by 7 at the half. stanford gets two more touchdown catches from whiteside. three on the total for him on the day. costello was sacked for a safety and then on the ensuing kickoff, that is holmes of the bruins taking it 93 yards for the score. and ucla trailed by just 5. and in the fourth quarter wilton speight fooled everyone, ran it in himself. ucla led by 1 point after a missed 2 point conversion. stanford got the ball back and costello who threw for 344 yards and five touchdowns, 52 yards right there to cyrus st. brown, his lone catch of the game. stanford wins 49-42.
4:55 pm
they're now 7-4, justin wilcox and the bears taking on colorado before the big game next week. cal's defense doing work. this is the first minute of the game. steven montez intercepted by elijah hicks. ashton davis with the pick and he goes 35 yards for the score. the bears have just scored more conventionally. right now they took an early lead. first quarter they led by 21-0.. number one alabama taking on auburn. go to the second quarter. the tigers, if you're going too with some imagination. ryan davis with a catch and then he threw it across the field to malik miller, 23 yards on that score. auburn trail by just 3 at the half. we know what happens in the third quarter, three touchdwns and 33 yards or more. that 46 yarder to jerry judy. then he's going to float this one to josh jacobs and jacobs will do the rest.
4:56 pm
he ran it the rest of the way for a 33 yard score. miloa threw for 324 yards and five touchdowns. what is it with the five touchdowns today? final touchdown in the fourth, 22 yards to rigs in the third, catch in the back of the end zone. alabama wins 52-21. they are now 12-0. number five, georgia, hosting georgia tech, the yellow jackets, they won their last two on the bull dogs home turf. not today, already up 7, this is fraum to holliman, great catch. faum going deep to hardman. 44 yards, and 28-7. look at elijah hollyfield on thi, look at the effort. georgia success up. but he dpooiives for the end zo fourth touchdown of the quarter. bulldogs up 38-7 at the half. cruise to the win. they'll take on alabama and the sec title game next week. the warriors have an early start
4:57 pm
tonight, 5:30, no steph, no draymond in the starting lineup. as we heard earlier, steph will return to harder practices this week, back for the first game of the road trip on thursday. that's it for abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. for all of us here at abc 7 news, thank you for being here. college football is coming up next.
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