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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 25, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. happening right now, rough ride home. snow and rain threatening major disruptions. 30 million americans across 15 states under weather alerts this morning. the blizzard warnings up. whiteout conditions on the busiest travel day of this thanksgiving holiday. mall shooting outrage. >> it feels like someone has ripped my heart out. >> police first calling this man who was shot and killed by police a gunman. now, admitting he likely wasn't the shooter. his family speaking out this morning. missionary's words, what the young man who was apparently killed while trying to convert a remote tribe wrote in his journal ahead of his final journey. and the struggles authorities
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face now to recover his body. danger on the doorstep. two men behind a scary prank. ringing a doorbell, setting off fireworks, and then taking off. the hunt for the suspects this morning. and rs mission. nasa prepping for its insight lander to make it to the red planet. the challenges ahead. and why it's being called seven minutes of terror. good morning. well, this is deeply inconvenient. here we are on one of the busiest travel days of the year and we have more than 30 million americans in 15 states under weather alerts this morning. >> heavy snow and wind gusts in several cities overnight. leading to whiteout conditions. taking a live look at chicago, where they are bracing for several inches of snow this afternoon. >> this, as heavy rains move across the northeast. you can see the rain coming down
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right now in boston. we have team coverage of the storms and how they could impact the mad dash home. let's start with sam champion in for rob this morning. the timing of these storms couldn't be more inconvenient. >> yeah. and one of them is worse than the other. so we'll break them up for you. good morning, whit. good morning, everyone. storm number one is the coastal low. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. it's a little trouble for the boston area and everything north. storm number two is the storm in the plains. this is a real snowmaker. even blizzard conditions. this will bring things to a slow down. if you're going through chicagoland today midday, this could be a problem. any plane that goes through there could be slow because of this. look at kansas city about 5:00 p.m. kansas city, you're right on the border of the 6 to 12 inches of snow. chicagoland in that zone, as well. anything south of kansas city is going to be a lot less. you get into jefferson city, you're probably going to get around 1 to 4. same thing around chicago, detroit, the city lines are anything north of that is where the heavier snow will fall. this is monday at 7:00 a.m. this continues to move. it also moves into the northeast, because we have milder air, it's mostly rain.
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back to you guys. >> all right, thank, sam. and that snow causing an absolute mess on the roads. as well as delays and cancellations at the airport. all as millions are trying to make their way home after the holiday weekend. >> alex perez is at o'hare international airport where the snow is expected to really pile up this afternoon. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. good morning, eva. take a look. it's already busy here at o'hare. these passengers are bracing for those words no one wants to hear on one of the busiest travel days of the year, delays, cancellations, and travel headaches. overnight, wild winter weather severely impacting parts of the country ahead of one of the busiest travel days. in colorado, areas of blustery mountain snow creating dangerous driving conditions. these cars involved in some of the accidents that led to the hours-long shutdown of a major highway. >> there was a hazmat truck that was jackknifed in the middle of the road. people were trying to brake. they were flying kind of
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everywhere. >> reporter: in south dakota, slippery roads leading to several slide-offs. cars in nebraska inching forward. snowy blasts limit driving visibility. flooding near d.c. from continuing northeast rains leads to this water rescue of 20 some people trapped in a building surrounded by several feet of water. >> it's all dry from here. >> reporter: the ripple effects of the wicked weather will be felt as more travelers begin packing the roads and skies this morning. according to airlines for america, just over 3 million passengers are expected to take flight today. blizzard and storm warnings in effect from the central plains into the western great lakes could cause delays. and the national weather service warning of reduced visibility on snow-covered roadways for the millions who will get behind the wheel today. the good news is this is a fast-moving storm. all of the major airlines issuing waivers for passengers
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in affected areas who want to change their flights. >> alex, thank you. we move on to protests in alabama over a shooting at a mall on thanksgiving night. police now admit the 21-year-old who they shot and killed was likely not the gunman. >> abc's linsey davis joins us now with what his grieving parents are saying about their son being shot and then apparently wrongly identified as the suspect. linsey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the family of 21-year-old emantic bradford jr. is calling his death on thanksgiving an assassination. their attorney says the hoover police jumped to conclusions by assuming that bradford was a criminal simply because he was a black man with a gun. and police say the real gunman is still at large. an impassioned plea from a mother just days after her son was gunned down in an alabama mall on thanksgiving. >> it feels like someone has ripped my heart out. my heart hurts for my child. >> reporter: a tragic end to a chaotic night where two others were shot, including a 12-year-old girl.
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speaking for the first time with abc news, april pipkins and emantic bradford sr. are demanding answers. after police announced an unlikely suspect in the shootings, their son. 21-year-old emantic fitzgerald bradford jr., nicknamed e.j. >> they rushed to judgment on national tv. they slandered my son's name. got my son looking like he a killer. >> reporter: after video surfaced of people running and jumping from gunfire police issued a statement saying bradford jr. was the shooter. less than 24 hours later, police retracted that statement. in a press release, hoover police saying that new evidence now suggests while mr. bradford may have been involved in some aspect of the altercation he likely did not fire the rounds that injured the 18-year-old victim. bradford, who briefly trained with the army, died hours after his mother saw him that thanksgiving morning. she said she found out about his death on social media.
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>> that is no way to learn of your child's death. that's not fair. that's not humane. >> reporter: police say bradford was carrying a gun when the shooting broke out. but protesters who came out in support of bradford say it's about more than the gun. >> a black life taken away. a black man literally gave his life for his country for them to take it away from him. >> we definitely will get justice for our child. so no other parent should have to go through this. >> reporter: an attorney for the family says that bradford was licensed to carry a concealed firearm. his parents will hold a press conference later this morning with their attorney to demand police release videos of this incident. they say that witnesses have come forward saying bradford was trying to wave people away from the shooter. they believe the video will confirm this. so many things are disconcerting about this. but finding out that your son was killed on social media -- >> it's too much. awful. >> thank you, linsey. appreciate it. >> appreciate it. we're turning to the showdown at the border with
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thousands of asylum seekers waiting to enter the u.s. president trump is saying they'll have to stay there until their cases work their way through the courts. >> is the incoming mexican government on board with this plan? abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is in west palm beach where the president is spending this holiday weekend. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the mayor of tijuana is calling it a humanitarian crisis. he's asking the u.n. for food and shelter for these central american migrants who have been on a month-long journey. now we're learning that border town may turn into a waiting room for asylum seekers. overnight, president trump doubling down on his threat to shut down the u.s. border from a caravan of 5,000 migrants fleeing poverty and violence in honduras. tweeting -- migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the u.s. until their claims are individually approved in court. all will stay in mexico. if for any reason it becomes
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necessary, we will close our southern border. this, just hours after "the washington post" reported that the administration is close to sealing a deal with mexico requiring asylum-seekers to wait in mexico while their application is processed. typically, seeking asylum in the u.s. can be a lengthy process. in some cases, a person may file their application and receive a hearing years in the future. there's no indication whether this plan by the trump administration will speed up the timeline. the white house not denying the existence of a plan dubbed "remain in mexico" that could also include a fortified barrier between the countries. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. >> reporter: instead, telling abc news that president trump has developed a strong relationship with the incoming mexican administration.
7:10 am
but now, mexican officials say there's no agreement of any sort between the incoming mexican government and the u.s. government. while the president has been threatening to close down the border, behind the scenes there have been diplomatic talks between the two countries about how to share the burden of securing the border. dan? >> tara, thank you. a lot to talk about. let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. george, good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> happy holiday weekend. the threat that the president is making to shut down the southern border, is there any precedent for this? what would the consequences be? >> it's hard to say what it means exactly. completely shutting down the border -- the president has wide latitude on immigration. he has an awful lot of power legally on immigration. whether he can shut down the interior border isn't practical. you have $1.7 billion in commerce going across the border every single day, hundreds of thousands of people. if you shut down the border, you shut down the economy of the entire southwest. it just isn't practical. now, the president could put some pauses in. he could try to get this plan implemented to hold people on the other side as they apply for asylum. completely shutting down the border i don't think it's going to happen. >> let me ask you about something interesting he's doing tomorrow. he's going to fly to mississippi. a deep red state.
7:11 am
he's campaigning for a republican who's in a tight race for a special election for the u.s. senate there. why is this race so tight? >> well, it's tighter than it should be right now because the republican candidate has been accused of making racist comments in the last couple of weeks. she's in a runoff with mike espy, an african-american candidate. former congressman. my guess is the president is going down there to try to put her over the top. i think this is a difficult race for republicans to lose in the deep red state of mississippi. as you point out, it's a little closer than people expected and the president wants that insurance policy. >> finally, on the show this morning, you'll be talking about the various legal challenges facing the president. the latest news out of the mueller probe is that jerome corsi, who is a far-right journalist with ties to the president, there are reports that he may be cooperating with the special counsel. does this pose a real threat to the president? >> it looks like robert mueller is moving towards his end game. he's gotten the written answers from the president to some of the questions he's posed to the
7:12 am
president. he's working to strike the plea deal with jerome corsi. other plea deals in the work. tomorrow we'll see paul manafort status report in court for him, as well. it could detail the amount of cooperation. that could be telling as well. even though mueller has been quiet over the course of the midterms. abided by that pause from any kind of activity as you face an election, i think we're about to see intense activity from mueller over the next several weeks. including possibly that final report. though that could hold until the new democratic congress comes in january 3rd. >> is this maybe a tough time for mueller? we saw the exit polls during the midterms, mueller's popularity has sagged. >> i don't think that matters. i think what matters for robert mueller are the facts. the facts he's developed over the course of this investigation. what kind of indictments he'll be able to develop. and the evidence he has on the president.
7:13 am
>> the theory is when he's silent, his ratings go down. they may go up when he weighs in. george, thanks. >> thanks, guys. >> i want to remind everybody george, as always, has a big show this sunday morning. he's going to speak with senator amy klobuchar and governor john kasich of ohio and senator sherrod brown. also of ohio, discussing their potential 2020 presidential bid. all coming up on "this week" on abc. >> thanks, guys. >> really appreciate it. we'll move on to the latest on a mystery in new jersey. a family found dead after a fire in their mansion. >> the brother of the man who owned that home has come under suspicion. he's now getting vocal support. abc's david wright joins us with those details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's a grisly murder mystery in an exclusive new jersey neighborhood, one that's home to stars like bruce springsteen. a businessman accused of dousing his own home in gasoline and setting it on fire the same day his brother's family was found dead in a second fire nearby. this morning, the man accused of torching his own home with his wife and daughters inside is getting ready to appear in court. authorities in new jersey are
7:14 am
charging paul caneiro with arson. abc news has learned his wife and kids are willing to testify in his defense. meanwhile, investigators continue to look into a possible link between that fire last tuesday and the one at this mansion in nearby colts neck the same day. the million-dollar home engulfed in flames. authorities say they found paul caneiro's brother and business partner keith caneiro shot outside. keith's wife and children killed inside. >> this is one of most heinous cases that they have ever investigated, that we have ever seen. >> reporter: that quadruple homicide still under investigation. >> unfortunately, sadly, each of these individuals were the victims of homicidal violence at some point prior to when the fire was set. >> reporter: authorities not calling paul caneiro a suspect in the murders. this morning his attorney tells abc news his wife and daughters fully support him as he faces the arson charges.
7:15 am
this gofundme page set up for his two daughters maintains the family lost everything in the fire at their home. for now caneiro is charged with the aggravated arson at the fire at his home. authorities will neither confirm nor deny he may be a suspect in the other fire and the murders at his brother's home. his lawyers insist he's innocent. he's due in court on wednesday. >> no winners here. it's a horrible story all the way around. david, thank you. we appreciate it. we want to transition. i want to show you some video. this is in bernard township, new jersey. police are trying to find two men caught on camera ringing a doorbell and lighting fireworks and taking off afterwards. it's not the first time the prank has been pulled in the area. now that the video is out there, they're hoping the suspects turn themselves in before serious damage is done or worse -- someone getting hurt. you see how explosive that reaction is. it can be dangerous. >> especially if somebody would
7:16 am
open the door. >> yeah. let's go back to sam champion. this is not a great weekend for people traveling home from the holiday. >> we have good news and bad news on that. there's a good part of the country that travel will be effortless. let's talk about the one system that we headlined. let's get into detail here. this is the one in the northeast. that low stays pretty much in place for the rest of the day. look how this rain is running out ahead of it. boston to portland is a problem this morning. by afternoon things calm down. quite a bit there. still some icy mess. you get into new york state and new hampshire on into maine as well, you have the icy mix with the rain. this is the big storm on the board. when you see kansas city in a blizzard warning, k.c. is a busy airport. it's not been in a blizzard warning since about
7:17 am
>> i know everybody is gritting their teeth because of this chicago thing. but it's really -- if you're flying through chicago earlier in the day, this storm might not slow you down at all. by about 5:00 p.m. the storm is really going to ramp up. it stays until about 5:00 a.m. in the morning. one of the busiest airports in the country is going to be involved in the evening hours. that could impact travel tomorrow morning when the planes couldn't get out. >> i'm really just concerned for you. because i know you -- you're in new york city. >> sam's like, my flight's good. >> you've got to catch a flight to sunny miami. i'm expecting instagram posts of you on the beach by this afternoon. >> absolutely. >> 84 in miami. >> cocktail shaker and swimsuit. the whole thing is happening. no, we're good on the east coast. we're good. >> he has set his watch. >> i was worried. i was so worried. >> i love how precise you are.
7:18 am
you almost sounded like a nasa researcher. that brings us to our next story. five, four, three, two, one. the countdown is on this morning for a nail-biting mission. the mars insight about to touch down on the red planet. clayton sandell takes a look. >> reporter: a mission to mars that blasted off four days ago traveling more than 269 million miles through space. this morning is just a day away from the first touchdown on the red planet in six years. and the first spacecraft to look inside mars for clues about how our solar system formed. >> mars is pretty cold today. earth is a nice place to take a vacation. we really would like to know why one planet goes one way and the another planet goes another way. >> reporter: first insight has to stick the landing. about half of all mars landings fail. so everything from insight's heat shield to parachute to retro rockets have to work just right to slow insight from
7:19 am
nearly 13 mile -- 13,000 miles per hour to a safe touchdown. a period nasa calls seven minutes of terror. >> we'll take an image after we land. it may look like this, a very flat place. >> reporter: a few weeks after landing, a robotic arm will deploy instruments to measure mars quakes. and heat sensors that scientists hope will not only unlock mysteries about the martian interior but also whether our celestial neighbor once harbored life. >> it could have potentially been a place where life could have formed very early in mars' history. >> reporter: the $830 million two-year mission is also taking humans to mars. or at least their names. 2.4 million earthlings signed up to have their names etched into two micro chips that if all goes according to plan, insight will carry right into martian history. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> my 13-year-old self is geeking out. my seventh grade science project was us traveling to mars and how we could colonize the planet. he talked about those seven minutes of terror.
7:20 am
get this. it's coming into an atmosphere at a speed of 12,000 to 13,000 miles per hour. in seven minutes it has to slow down to 5 miles per hour as it walks on to this planet's surface. it's amazing what the scientists can do. the team they assembled here they're the only one who have successfully stuck that landing before. >> they've had rovers up there before. i'm highly confident they'll do it. >> fingers crossed. >> i won't be terrified in those seven minutes. seven minutes of confidence for me. >> it's going to be fancy. >> thank you. college football. dan's a big fan. he was glued to the tv yesterday. check this out. one of the most amazing games on the books. texas a&m facing louisiana state. it looked like lsu had the game won on a fourth quarter interception. they even dumped gatorade on lsu's coach. they gave him the victory bath. it was all called back. it took seven overtimes to settle it. finally. it was a two-point conversion
7:21 am
kelan monn to rodgers that gave the aggies the win. how embarrassing for the coach. he gets the gatorade bath. they go to seven overtimes and then he has to shake the other coach's hand after the loss. >> and he's sticky and cold while doing it. >> it does prove that the s.e.c. is still the best football conference in america. >> that's an exciting game. >> seven overtimes has to be historic. >> they said that this was a once-in-a-lifetime game. >> it was worth it. >> i love tennis. coming up on "gma" new details about the death of an american missionary who was trying to contact an isolated island tribe in the indian ocean. what officials are saying about the possibility of recovering his remains. plus, finding the best deals for cybermonday. our expert becky worley is here to point you in the right direction. and two movies are heating up the holiday box office. will they break records? we'll be right back.
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good morning, i'm chris wynn. the san francisco 49ers say they will release linebacker reuben foster after his arrest last night at a team hotel in tampa, florida. the 24-year-old was taken into custody at the grand hyatt hotel and was booked into the
7:28 am
hillsborough county jail last night on a depressiomestic viol charge. the accuser is melissa ennis, the same woman who earlier this year accused him of domestic violence but later cancelled the allegation. turning to your forecast with lisa argen. >> this is the view from your east bay camera. we have a lot of dense fog in our north bay valleys. it's 45 in half moon bay, 54 downtown. 68 later on. low to mid 60s here.
7:29 am
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welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. blame it on sam champion. 30 million americans in 15 states under weather alerts this morning from colorado to maine. >> thanks, dan. >> delays and flight cancellations likely across the midwest due to heavy snow and blizzard conditions. kidding about sam, but this is serious stuff. turner sports offering refunds to viewers who had technical problems watching the phil mickelson-tiger woods pay-per-view match in las vegas. some viewers were unable to see the event due to problems processing their $20 payments. turner sent out links for people to watch free. several other distributors are offering refunds. experts warning of a christmas tree shortage this
7:31 am
year. they say ten years ago during the financial crisis, farmers cut back on planting trees. now the supply is tight and you can expect higher prices. smaller retailers are more likely to be affected than the big stores. another reason for the fake tree. i went fake tree. it went up yesterday in the johnson household. >> you do fake tree? >> we do fake tree. i like the real tree and the smell. and everything. but -- >> you do the fake tree and the ugly christmas sweater, too. >> i did the sweater. >> and there was a hat, too. >> yes. >> let's let everyone know christmas is here. >> it's on the gram. >> the hat was a gift to me. and the sweaters i bought for all of the men in my family. >> we need to get him the furry cheetah sweater. that jack had. >> let's do it. >> we'll get that, too. >> let's ruin christmas for whit's daughters in perpetuity. embarrassing dad. coming up on the show the best deals for cybermonday. where to look to snap up a bargain. first on a more serious note, new details in the death
7:32 am
of an american missionary killed on a remote island. >> indian officials believe they located the area where an isolated tribe buried him. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest from los angeles. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police in india say they have sent planes and ships to get a better view of the area and narrow down where his body is. and they're now getting guidance from anthropologists and academics on what is the best move forward to deal with what they describe as an ultra sensitive situation. abc news obtaining images of the handwritten pages of john chau's journal detailing his final days. the photos coming as police in india say they're closer to pinpointing where the body of the 26-year-old american missionary is buried. chau travelled to the remote island of northern sentinel to convert members of an endangered tribe to christianity. in the diary he writes -- you might think i'm crazy. but i think it's worth it to
7:33 am
declare jesus to these people. authorities are trying to figure out how to retrieve his remains without putting rescuers or the tribe, which has no immunity to modern diseases, at risk. >> as far as i know the u.s. state department and everyone else is still gathering facts. it is difficult, but we're still gathering information about the possibility. >> reporter: authorities believe members of this tribe which has lived in isolation for 60,000 years, shot him with arrows. fishermen later reported seeing his body being dragged and buried on the beach. chau reportedly knew traveling to the island was illegal, bribing local fishermen to drop him off onshore. after describing in his journal his first hostile contact with the islanders, he wrote about the risk he faced returning. writing to his family please do not be ak angry at them or at god if i get killed. >> this was his life mission. this was what god has called him
7:34 am
to do which is to go and share the love of god with these people. it's the holidays. and i can't imagine how hard it is for his parents, his relatives and friends, that this has happened. >> reporter: and seven people were arrested accused of helping chau get close to the island. police say they're working with two of them to narrow down more details about his death. they still don't know how long it could take to recover his remains. guys? >> marci, thank you. back here at home, we're looking at some messy weather moving through the nation's midsection on a very busy travel day. so let's get it over to sam with more. >> we'll show you from colorado. this is the storm that developed in the plains today. this is what it delivered as it moved through colorado. this is what you can expect today. kansas, northern missouri, northern illinois will look like this with white out conditions. there were a number of accidents even in colorado. colorado knows how to drive on snow. folks, we've got to get you off the roads. we have blizzard conditions in
7:35 am
some locations, as well. here's where our low spins up. you can see in kansas city, it's a little north of you. watch it drop to kansas city later on today and then make its move, in the evening hours, call it about 5:00 p.m. into chicagoland. this is how much snow will be on the ground, 6 to 12 inches. we're talking blizzard warnings along some of those areas. no roads, stay inside. let this get past. it's an intense snow. we have ha hi there. i'm lisa argen. in santa cruz, later told mild with plenty of sunshine. closer home, it's dense >> all that weather was brought to you by cosequin. there is some travel trouble in the middle of the country. both coasts looking pretty good. >> that's comforting for some people. >> yes. >> everyone is mad at you because dan blamed you already.
7:36 am
>> i know. >> i love how you two match today, dan and sam. >> they did get the memo. nice pin-stripes. >> except for a little known fact we learned today. sam actually leaves this one suit here. he wears this same suit. >> eva! >> you just put him on blast. i had no idea. you're so fashionable. i wouldn't have known. >> now i'm crying. >> it's the gentle pin. it's the gentle pin. >> i think you look fashionable no matter what you wear. >> that's because you're matching today. >> that's right. >> you're twinning. twinning. >> coming up on "good morning america" -- getting psyched for cybermonday. beckley worley reveals her list of sites where you can save. and how a-rod pranked j. lo at the dinner table. the moment caught on camera ahead in "pop news." a-rod pranked j. lo at the dinner table. the moment caught on camera ahead in "pop news."
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and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. black friday. >> yes, big shopping. go. >> do you shop? >> um -- sometimes. i have one person i have to get gifts for, my wife. >> that's an important one. don't want to mess that up. >> well, black friday is gone. super saturday come and gone. it's not too late to catch a
7:41 am
good deal for the holidays. >> it's cybermonday eve. "gma's" ace consumer correspondent becky worley is here with new deal alerts. what items are we focusing on? where are the deals today? >> today, cyber monday eve, i haven't heard that one. but yes. today, the deals are all about clothing, shoes, and makeup. so let's get right to it. we have lipstick. i've seen on sale at macy's, select groupings they're doing today. 30% off. sales at ulta. sales at sephora. then we have clothing. the gap is 50% off everything. shoes, 50% aldo shoes. those blanket discounts, that's what we're seeing. >> you were talking about percentages there. we're already seeing the signs in the windows, too. black friday weekend still going. the stores want us out of our house and in the doors. >> and these blanket discounts, the whole store off deals are the ones we love the most. let's get to it. bed, bath and beyond, 20%.
7:42 am
athleta, athleisure wear, 20% off. rarely goes on sale. the body shop, 50% off. and this one, victoria's secret, all their bras, 40% off. that one is going to get people off the couch and definitely shopping. >> yeah, those are expensive. we saw the victoria's secret sherpas. the thing i have noticed. a lot of online retailers are now charging tax. we used to get away with not having to pay tax. >> there's a change happening. it used to be you only paid sales tax if the online retailer was in the same state where you lived. the supreme court challenged that. now we're in a transitional period where some stores are charging sales tax across the board. some online retailers are doing it and some aren't. >> i know i said it's cybermonday eve. is there a way to prepare for cybermonday on this eve? >> there is a way to prepare. it's worth it. according to they compared thanksgiving and cybermonday, while thanksgiving
7:43 am
is the best, it's only 3% fewer deals that come out on cybermonday. still really good deals. we're looking for the best prices of the entire shopping week on high end and mid range tvs. we're looking at -- i saw a laptop that's $999. it's a gaming laptop, high end from walmart. on monday that's $200 off. you should start thinking about travel right now. if you can get your dates ready to rumble and go, you'll be able to pull the trigger tomorrow. 10% to 50% off on airfare, cruises, hotels. special insider tip. those deals go live at midnight. so if you can stay up on the east coast, or west coast people, 9:00 p.m. start shopping before you go to work. >> make sure you have good wifi. >> yes, yes. >> exactly. >> you have so much information. you do a great job. thank you very much, becky. >> queen of black friday and cybermonday. >> queen of everything. let's make her queen of everything. coming up how to stay fit during the holidays. how to keep your diet on track. that's coming up in our weekend download. keep it here. weekend download. keep it here. idays.
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welcome back to "gma." let's be honest. many of us overindulged this thanksgiving. throwing our diets to the wayside. but before you slip into what dan likes to call a shame spiral, dr. jen ashton joins us from newton, massachusetts, this morning, with advice on how to regroup. and just pull yourself together. dr. ashton, thank you for joining us as always. >> good morning, whit. i like that term, the shame spiral. >> we steal everything from dan. we follow his lead and go from there. there's so much stress. we talk about gaining weight over the holidays. you're also a nutritionist. what do you recommend? >> it's pretty simple. what i recommend is you focus on
7:48 am
the other 364 days of the year and don't put all your pressure on anything that happens for one day. if you've been paying attention to how you're eating, how you're living, how you're moving, how you're resting for the rest of the year, really, it's not metabolically possible to derail yourself with one given day. so, ease up a little. drop the pressure. and the stress. there's enough of that during the holiday season. >> this next question. a lot of people talk about this. what about the practice of doing something extreme after thanksgiving like a crash diet or a cleanse? >> don't do it. here's why i'm against anything extreme like that, whit. the key is incorporating good mental, good physical behaviors. when you do anything extreme, it violates what i call the three ss for any good living plan. which is it needs to be safe. it needs to be simple. and it needs to be sustainable. most of these extreme things are not sustainable.
7:49 am
they can be unsafe. just go for the moderation. >> got it. all right. this one is definitely my problem and for many others. not just thanksgiving, but that it launches a six-week season of feasting, snacking, drinking, you name it. how do we manage all the temptation over that time? >> well, look. i think that's appropriate, right? because it is a long period of time. some basics, watch the consption of sweets. you want to watch the alcohol consumption. those are empty calories. and when you're eating more, you want to be more active. keep those things in mind. drop the guilt. drop the pressure and remember what these holidays are about, you know, i think you'll be fine. that's my medical and nutritional advice. >> fantastic. dr. ashton, don't know what we would do without you. we appreciate it as always. we'll be right back with "pop news". news". we appreciate it as always. we'll be right back with "pop new news".
7:50 am
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♪ it's "pop." it's adrienne. what's going on? >> all right.
7:54 am
let's do this. we're starting off with the box office. i know a lot of people have seen the movies. "ralph breaks the internet" is on course to make $84 million for the wednesday through sunday holiday weekend. isn't that amazing? >> that's crazy. >> second best thanksgiving opening of all time. >> what was the first? >> "frozen." >> yeah. "creed ii." a lot of my friends are loving this movie. projected to rack up $56 million plus. that would make it the top opening for a live action movie. >> all my philly people are loving it. >> "creed i" was amazing. >> yes, and still michael b. jordan, hello. >> he's amazing. "the lion king" has its lion's share of interest. watch. ♪ >> i'm so excited. >> the animation. >> i cannot contain my excitement. i was screaming earlier this week when i saw this preview. look at the baby! all right, the trailer is setting records. it was viewed almost 225 million times online in its first 24
7:55 am
hours, becoming disney's most watched trailer in a day behind "avengers infinity war." james early jones being back, can we say gold? >> mufasa. beyonce is in it, too, right? >> beyonce, donald glover. i mean there's a lot of people. just thank you james earl jones. we love you. jennifer lopez may be looking for paybacks on boyfriend a-rod. he posted this video on instagram of this master mentalist leading j. lo around the table after he supposedly hypnotized the guests to respond to his snap. she's freaking out a little bit. they were playing a prank. it wasn't for real. she freaked out just a bit. j. lo laughing there, but maybe paying back a-rod later for that joke. finally, how many times have you let your kids play with slime and warned them they can play with it, but not eat it.
7:56 am
>> every day. >> j. lo -- not j. lo. jell-o. they're making slime, nationally branded edible slime. check it out. >> whit, can you do it? >> yeah. you're going to eat it. >> eat it! >> whit eats everything. eats everything. >> eat it! good morning, everyone. i'm chris wynn. the san francisco 49ers will release linebacker reuben foster after he was arrested last night in tampa, florida for domestic violence. the 24-year-old former first round draft pick for the 9ers was taken into custody at the grand hyatt hotel after a verbal
7:57 am
altercation that police say turned physical. the 9ers are staying at the grand hyatt and will play the buccaneers at 10:00 a.m. according to the affidavit, the victim is 28-year-old alyssa ennis, the same woman who earlier this year accused foster of domestic violence but then recanted her statement. a tampa police spokesperson said foster is accused of slapping ennis' phone off her hand, pushing her in the chest and slapping her in the face with an open hand. officers who arrested foster saw a one-inch scratch on the accuser's left collar bone. police say foster and ennis had an on again/off again relationship over the past three years. this morning a judge set bail for foster at $2,000 and ordered him to avoid contact with ennis. let's get a quick check of the bay area forecast now with meteorologist lisa argen. >> chris, good morning to you. san jose, not bad, upper 40s to low 50s, a lot of fog.
7:58 am
it's a busy day here today. there's fog in our east bay valleys with a quarter mile visibility. look at livermore, can't see a thing, as well as petaluma. later on we'll have sunshine with low to mid 60s for the warmest locations, 60 at the coast. the 7-day forecast brings light rain into the bay area on tuesday, picks up wednesday and lasts through thursday. chris? thanks for joining us. "this week" with george
7:59 am
so, let's talk about conference calls. there's always a certain amount of fumbling. a lot of times it doesn't work. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast. by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line. and conference calls you can join without any dial-ins or pins. (phone) there are currently 3 members in this conference. i like that. i like that too.
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i would use that in a heartbeat. get started with innovative voice solutions for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> you really are our heros. you're the ones who keep america safe and strong and free. >> on thanksgiving president trump thanks the troops and himself. >> what are you most thankful for? >> for having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. >> threatening to close down the border. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. >> shutting down the government. >> there certainly could. >> that high stakes showdown with the old congress days away as a new democratic house waits in the wings. ready to take trump on. plus mueller's


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