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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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near the border. the situation changing by the hour today with some reports of violence. abc news reporter cornell bernard joins us with me details. >> reporter: the tensions are raising at the border. u.s. customs and border patrol brought in extra personnel and presiden trump threatening to shut down the entire u.s. border with mexico. a small but vocal rally in san francisco's mission district. this group call r fing for the to grant asylum. >> the u.s. is acting like we're being invaded. it a complete lie. >> reporter: in the meantime, chaos on the u.s. border with mexico as some migrants tried to breach the fence and clash with border patrol agents. some migrants were sprayed with tear gas after rushing the fence separating thecounies. agents shot the gas according to what associated pr press reporter on scene. many camped in tijuana.
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many hope to apply for asylum in the u.s. president trump remains critical of mexico and central america countries tweeting would be very smart if mexico would stop the caravan before they get to the southern border or originating countries would not let them form. it's a way to get certain people out of their country and dump them in the u.s., no longer. the white house did not deny a report administration is close to a deal with mexicoylum seekeo while their application is processed but mexican officials say there is no sort between the mexican government and u.s. president. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we get it under control. >> reporter: migrants are demanding to have asylum requests processed. they are struggling to accommodate the migrants there.
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>> cornell, thank you. in other news now, the san francisco 49ers are releasing ruben foster from the team. this after authorities in florida arrested the 24-year-old linebacker on suspicion of domestic violence. foster's on and off again girlfriend, 28-year-old alicia ennis accused the man of pushing and slapping her. she previously accused him of domestic violence earlier this year that led to the february 11th arrest. she admitted to making up the accusations. local fans watching say they are not surprised by the team's decision. >> constantly putting himself in situations that are bad and becomes a sooner or later kind of thing and i understand why they cut him. >> there is no room for that in any business or any lifestyle, so i just hope he can figure it out. >> foster posted bail and was released from jail today. a judge has ordered him to avoid contact with ennis. the san mateo county coroner is working to identify a man's
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body found off the coast of pacificia. abc 7 news was at the beach as fire and police responded after fishermen spotted the body this morning. officials have not said if this is connected to the man that disappeared while swimming near daily city on friday or a missing pacificia man whose car was found last night. happening right now, the holiday travel rush is on as people return from the long thanksgiving weekend. and this year records may be broken for airline travel. a brks krrbc 7 news reporter ka look what is happening and katy, do you see any delays out there? >> reporter: deon, at this point, there are some minor arrival delays. departures, however, that's a different story. the website is showing significant departure delays for all three bay area airports and that's likely due to blizzard conditions in chicago.
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>> it wasn't bad. >> got to the airport in san diego, it was beautiful. no lines, no security, nothing. got here and walked right out. >> it's definitely a busy day today. we anticipate about 80,000 travelers, departing sfo today. definitely a busy travel day. >> reporter: now at sfo this afternoon and evening, it's been pretty smooth sailing. there is small delays for arrivals and departures and they expect it to get busy around 9:00 tonight. arrive an hour and a half for a domestic flight and during the holidays, give yourself two hours. this holiday season is expected to be the busiest on record. the agency estimates some 25 million people will fly from november 16th through the 26th. the busiest of those days is today. the sunday following thanksgiving, tsa estimates more than 2.7 million passengers will fly, a chunk of those people will be traveling to and from
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the bay area and fortunately, we have clear skies tonight. again, there is a blizzard warning for chicago tonight and we know that is a major hub for travel out of the midwest, so check with your carrier about flight delays and if you're already planning your travel for the next holiday season, here is an insider tip. thanksgiving day is actually the slowest of all of the days during the -- excuse me, the easiest day to fly during the holiday weekend. ka katy, abc 7 news. >> thanks. the end of the holiday weekend travel rush is on, and we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see smooth sailing. our emeryville camera is looking at i-80, also looking to be wide open and here is the golden gate bridge traffic where traffic is lots of lights in both directions, something to just keep in mind. traveling by car here in the bay area should be no problem the next couple days, at least
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as far as weather conditions are concerned. things may be problematic by next week. dry conditions now but the storm coming in on tuesday that ranks one on the storm impact scale, storm of light intensity beginning friday, tuesday morning 5:00 a.m. rain spreading eastward and southward during the day. a second wave of rain wednesday and a much stronger storm overnight wednesday into thursday so we've got quite a stormy week coming our way, especially around the middle of the week. i'll give you a closer look at the forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good, spencer, thanks. >> the massive camp fire has been contained. cal fire officials say thanks to the recent rain, the fire is fully surrounded after burning for more than two weeks. 85 people were killed. 249 are on the list of those unaccounted for and the list of those missing dropped as people accounted to be alive. it destroyed nearly 19,000 buildings, most of them homes.
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tomorrow will be the first full morning commute on the ferry since that scary crash on friday. now, always hard to watch that video. the ferry hit an outer dock around 2:30. two passengers suffered minor injuries. you can see a new fence has been put up where the ferry hit. it is still blocked off to bystanders. no delays are expected for computers tomorrow. the golden gate ferry is expected to operate as normal and the coast guard is investigating. get ready for cyber monday. there are lots of deals but how can you avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminals? plus, now that thanksgiving is over for some that means it's time for christmas trees. the group trying to make a difference with their trees. and oh, a bear on
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boy, check this out. this bear couldn't wait to get back to school. a bear raiding a food closet at an elementary school closet in tahoe. the kids will be safe at school
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tomorrow. >> speaking of thanksgiving, if you still have thanksgiving day leftovers in your fridge, just how safe are they? if it's turkey, the u.s. health and human services department says you should eat it within three to four days but what about the sides? you can head to for a look at tips on what to eat and what to toss. there is sure to be a lot of holiday traffic online tomorrow for cyber monday. tomorrow is expected to be the largest online shopping day in history. cyber monday is expected to generate nearly $8 billion in sales, about 17% more than last year. if you are buying online, here are tips to keep your information safe. use only trusted retailers with https sites, use online payment services like paypal and use credit cards with fraud protection. if you can, also set up credit card alerts with a banking app. not that we're counting but it is exactly one month until christmas. plenty of time to pick out and
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put up trees. we were in san francisco where hundreds of volunteers at the guardsman christmas tree lot are helping bay area residents prepare their homes for the holidays while helping at risk youth prepare for their future. >> you come down and buy a tree from us, not only will you have a great time but you'll know your money is going to one two great causes. one is sending at risk youth to summer camp and the second one is scholarship funds. >> you can feel extra good about your purchase. the guardsmen have been selling trees to enrich young people's lives since 1947. up next, this looks like your typical teenage wrestler but he's not. what makes this teen one of a kind in the wrestling ring. more rain is on the way this week. spencer christian is up next with your forecast. a rough day for the 49ers, first they release the startling
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li linebacker. things didn't go any
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. turning at the weather now, the fog lingers over much of the
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bay area today. look at the godden gate bridge, you can hardly see anything except the towers so with that, let's get spencer christian in for drew tuma tonight, spencer? >> happy to say most of the fog burned away. we have mainly clear skies with a chance of light patchy fog. here is live doppler 7. we have a few high clouds tomorrow, too. this is the view from the abc 7 camera at pier 15 looking back at the skyline. 57 degrees in san plfrancisco right now. 56 in mountain view and 60 in san jose and morganville 57 and 52 half moon bay. looking at san francisco, it is 56 degrees up north in santa rosa and napa 53 and san raff fell n raphael and river livermore and looking out, this is the forecast dry and mild tomorrow with the high clouds i mentioned and next round of rain begins on tuesday, we'll have three, maybe
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four consecutive days of wet weather during the middle of the week. overnight, mainly clear skies with patchy valley fog and overnight lows will drop into the mid to upper 40s generally and tomorrow under hazy sunshine, we'll see highs ranging from low 60s to the costa maassta mucher 6 0ist inl. the first wave of the midweek storm will rank one on the storm impact scale and bring light to moderate rain and spread to other bay area. here is a forecast animation taking us through the day on tuesday. it will get wetter and wetter as the day goes on and break up late tuesday night follow heed by a light to moderate storm and stronger storm overnight wednesday into early thursday. this will bring strong gusty wind and heavy rainfall and here is the accuweather forecast.
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another mild day tomorrow but cooling down significantly on tuesday as the rain moves in. that first storm will rank one on the storm impact scale as will wednesday's storm but it will intensify overnight and grow into a two, level two on our storm impact scale and once again, it will be wet and windy on thursday. friday, partial clearing is expected but lingering early morning showers are possible. this whole week will be a week of unsettled weather. that's the way we identify a week of unsettled weather. [ laughter ] >> so precise. thanks. well, abc's new brand localish is inspiring stories called more in common. this week meet the first transgender male wrestler in america. >> i just like the physicality of it, i like fighting somebody, messing them up. >> you like that. you like that, the pain, the intensity of it. >> yeah.
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>> you were undefeated your junior year. >> and my senior year. >> two seasons not getten beat once. >> yeah, i was pretty happy about that. i would wake up at 5:00 and go to the gym and go in the sauna and run a mile and workout during lunch and work out of my work out during school. you put every ounce of passion and dedication you can into a sport, it changes you as a complete person. >> you wanted to compete against males and be in the meal league. >> yes. they wouldn't let me. >> how come? >> my birth certificate said female. everyone knew how i was. all the girls were supportive. >> there was a lot of controversy, as well, about you taking the mat, why? >> i was taking testosterone. i put my testosterone shots on
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my instagram, so that was like oh, you're beating all these girls because you're taking testosterone. >> things exploded after that? >> yeah, it got huge. >> 17-year-old transgender boy in texas has won the state's girl's wrestling championship. >> mack has been taking testosterone and it shows. >> many people are upset he's taking steroids, even if prescribed by a doctor they think it gives him an unfair advantage. >> everybody disregarded my work and dedication. i felt betrayed. it was messed up. well, the 49ers found out hours before their game today against the buccaneers ruben foster was no longer on the team after last night's arrest on suspicion of domestic violence and defensive back jimmy ward broke the score. not a day to text home about unless you're this guy.
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49ers trailed by seven in the second quarter. nick connected down the middle of donte pettis, 13 yards on the score but the 39ers missed the extra point. in the third quarter, he came this close to scoring his first career touchdown in the first career game, but it did set up second and goal at the one matt had 106 yards on the ground and could not get one more. nick mullin stopped on the keeper and set up a 49ers field goal and the bucs then went the other way and scored on paton barb barber's two-yard run. 20-9. tampa bay having all sorts of quarterback issues and no trouble for gajameis winston today. two touchdown passes to adam humphries for a 28-yard score. winston was sacked once. lawrence had the touchdown and two picks. san francisco drops to 2-9 with a 27-9 loss. >> nobody played well, especially in the bass gampass . but all around, we didn't do
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good enough. >> you got to watch the tape and go back to work. it's frustrating. we had chances and didn't take advantage of them and a lot of that starts with me. >> 49ers in seattle, next, spencer, you're going to like this. chris carson gets flipped in the air but manages to land on his feet and continue running. >> unbelievable. >> absolutely unbelievable. christian mccaffrey had 237 yards of offense and two touchdowns. this one midway through the fourth quarter. and it was a former raider sebastian who is good from 31 yards out but seattle picks up the win 30-27. seahawks firmly in wild card contention at rs baltimore to visit the ravins and trailed three in the half and jackson extended the ravins' lead. the five-yard touchdown run. he had 71 rushing yards and derek carr responded. the only touchdown pass of the
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game. it's a little bit behind cook, but cook makes a great adjustment. look at the one-handed grab. oakland down 20-17 at this point. they are still in it. jackson threw for 178 yards. fourth quarter, who will he hit but the former raider michael crabtree and baltimore's defense finished it. matthew sacked carr on back to back plays and stripped it here and significauggs grabbed it. he went 43 yards the other way. carr sacked. he's been sacked a career high 35 times, yeah, he's allowed to limp and there are five games left to play. oakland drops to 2-9. 34-17 the final. >> we have to pass protect better. we have to pass protect. everybody knows we have to pass protect. the problem all year is the problem today and, you know, you get in a predictable passing situation, we have to rise up and do better.
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credit to him, he'll be a heck of a player. >> what an incredible start for the chargers, philip rivers, the best start to a game in nfl history. he completed the first 25 passes against the cardinals. 25 was actually a touchdown. one more completion would also set the record for most consecutive completed passes at any point in a game. it's incomplete but he'll tie the record. rivers ended 28 of 29 and 259 yards and three touchdowns, chargers win 45-10 and they are now 8-3 so some great football going on in the 49ers and raiders' divisions and unfortunately, not by the 49ers. >> yeah, all right. mindy, thanks. >> sure. the story of sequels out box
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tonight, a bay area search and rescue team is giving us an outlook on the deadliest wildfire on record and serious allegations being made against the head of california's democratic party. how the chairman is responding. well, it was a feast for movie sequels at the box office this weekend. >> three, two, one, go.
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>> the "ralph breaks the internet" earned more than $840 million that topped the american chart. the third biggest thanksgiving opening of all time. the rocky spin off "creed i," was second and "dr. seuss the grinch" and "crimes of the gindelwald." with that, that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. for all of us, thanks so much for joining us, have a quality
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyles, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're learning all about the step up program. >> we offer from $299 up to $999. it's affordable for everyone. there's so many options. it'll fit in anybody's budget. >> then, open enrollment 101. >> there are about 10,000 baby boomers becoming medicare-eligible each and every day. >> and take a step back in time while visiting san juan bautista. >> this truly is a california hidden gem. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda ♪ >> you have company coming over for the holidays, you want to show your best, and you can come


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