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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:59pm PST

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tear gas and chaos at the u.s.-mexico border as hundreds of migrants rush a police blockade in an attempt to make it into the united states. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. the crossing at san ysidro is one of the busiest in the world with more than 90,000 people crossing between every day. the threat coming from the white house. >> reporter: a chaotic scene at hundreds of migrants attempted to cross into the u.s. mexican authorities dressed in riot gear tried to move migrants away from the border at one of the world's
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busiest international crossing. but some managed to push past police, one group climbing on top of a train, and some retreating after tear gas canisters were fired. >> and it is a tense situation right now, pushing this group of migrants back. they are yelling at the officers angry because they say that tear gas injured two children earlier today. >> reporter: border agents brought in extra personnel to help with the situation and closed the crossing to cars and pedestrians eventually reopening for pedestrians. all this comes before threats by president trump to close the border. >> we will close the port of entry for a time until we can get it under control. the whole border. >> reporter: sunday morning the president taking to twitter, criticizing mexico. it would be very spart if mexico would stop the caravans long before they get to our southern
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border. it is a way they get certain people out of our country and dump in u.s. no longer. mexico says it will deport the nearly 500 migrants who attempted to cross the u.s. border. >> we have been updating this story throughout the day with the abc 7 news mobile app. it is free to download. just be sure to enable push alerts for instant updates. happening right now, this is one of the busiest travel days of the year as millions of people head home after thanksgiving. taking a live look now at the traffic coming off the bay bridge into san francisco. pretty average. nothing to write home about. and we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as well, looking pretty wide open fothr e stmo pt. the golden gate bridge looking a bit hazy but one or two lone cars out on the roadways. for those traveling by air a blizzard is likely to throw a wrench into your travel plans. the midwest is getting blasted
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and that will leave to all kinds of delays and cancellations especially since chicago is in the cross hairs of the storm. katie, what are you hearing from travelers tonight? >> reporter: well, dion, as you can see behind me the holiday lights are up, things are feeling festive here at sfo and for the most part traveling is going smoothie, that is if your travel doesn't involve chicago. hundreds of cancellations for today and some for tomorrow all related to that blizzard. with a honk and a hug millions wrap their thanksgiving holiday with a flight. >> it wasn't bad. got to the airport in san diego, it was beautiful. no lines, no security, nothing. got here and walked right out. >> reporter: the sunday following thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. the transportation security
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administration estimates 2.7 million people would have flown sunday, breaking records. that's a crunch felt by clifford haywood. >> i tried to come back this morning but there were an awful lot of people which made me late for my flight going thru tsa. >> reporter: stuck in san diego with three flight delays he's not likely to brave travel next year. >> probably not just because it's way too busy and i just got things to do. >> reporter: why is sunday worst than the rest? >> just my personal perspective i think people just want to get the most out of, you know, traveling and being with their loved ones. >> reporter: the sfo duty manager maria would go. she's worked in the travel industry for decades. >> we anticipate about 80,000 travelers departing sfo today. >> reporter: the bay area is not the problem. if you look at the misery map on delays and canc calculations are due to blizzard conditions in the midwest.
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kyle defoe barely beat it in chicago. >> the flight came in maybe an hour and a half late and we had to hop to a different terminal for a different plane. >> it was crazy but we got to get home. >> reporter: if you're already planning your holiday travel for next year, thanksgiving day itself is actually one of the easiest days to fly during the long holiday weekend. live at sfo, abc 7 news. >> all right, some good info there. as kate mentioned weather in the midwest is causing problems and our own weather is changing again this week. let's get to spencer in for drew tonight. >> you'll have some travel delays here in the bay area this weekend because of rain and wind. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have calm weather right now, but by midweek a couple of storms coming in. it'll bring light to moderate
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rainfall starting mainly in the north bay early tuesday morning. that light rain will spread to other parts of the bay area by tuesday evening, followed by another round on wednesday. stronger storms lingering and periods of heavy rainfall, strong, gusty wind and it's going to have a lot of energy when it comes through on thursday but it'll start to clear out thursday night. and could be followed by a few more trailing showe dwisoirs. to be a week of active weather here in the bay area and we'll not only have air travel delays but probably round travel delays as well. san francisco police are searching tonight for a group of skateboarders who attacked a security guard leaving him with life threatening injuries. it happened here at bank ohef america building at 5 california street about 320 in the afternoon. a private property sign is posted stating clearly no skateboarding. e witss 7 news the
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man has worked security at the building for a long time. police say skateboarders beat the man removal of the california democratic party chairman over allegations of sexual vice-cha he's learned of multiple people accungwmanf sexually o assaulting or harassing them at parties. bowman said he takes anyioly an an independent investigation is taking place. he also said he looks forward to, quote, putting these allegations behind us. the 49ers released linebacker ruben foster this morning following his second domestic violence arrest this year. and tonight we're also learning santa clara police investigated another disturbance involving foster just last month. in that case a neighbor called to report a loud argument at foster's apartment. there were no signs of injury and no arrests were made. a 49ers spokesperson told the teamas w not aware of the
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incident. foster was arrested in tampa last night at the team's foster sf-again girlfriend told them hed her phone out of her hand and slapped her. after that case general manager john lynch and coach kyle shanahan said the team had zero-tolerance policy. >> we have told ruben and he didn't do what w sk a do, so as soon as he did that i knew the decision was going to be it wasustma .>> an nfl spokesperson says th league is reviewing the matter. berkeley police are searching for a man they say broke into a home and sexually assaulted a hapus s is described as african-american, between 20 and 30 years old, 5'6" clean shaven with balding or very short hair. police say he was wearing a polo
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shirt that was orange on top with horizontal stripes on the bottom. anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. a hayward woman police call a habitual dui offender was arrested after a crash at a gas station. chp released photos you see here off the aftermath of last night's crash. 911 callers reported a woman driving recklessly and rear ending a car before swerving and crashing into a parked car. no one was hurt. authorities say the woman's blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a lot of us are used to seeing, you know, burned bodies and burned structures, but this was really expensive. >> bay area crews return from the camp fire. hear their tales of taking on the grim task of searching through debris. and will the ferry crash in san francisco affect the monday
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morning commute? an update on the boat schedule. and are you ready to click your way
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new at 11:00, a 10-year-old boy called 911 to report this fire at a senior care facility in hillsbering. fire officials say the boy's mother worked at the facility and saw flames shooting from the oven. they helped rescue to six residents inside. no one was seriously hurt. the building is now uninhabitable so the red cross is helping and some of the residents family members came to pick them up.
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85 people have died in the camp fire, 296 people in butte county remain unaccounted for. the am fires scorched over 153,000 acres and destroyed more than 13,000 single family mohom. there are still some evacuation orders in place. dozen of bay area search and rescue teams came home today after spending more than a week helping with camp fire recovery efforts. carlos was in palo alto as the crews started >> reporter: 45 search and rescue crews now home from helping with the camp fire recovery. >> we found some victims and were able to give those families that closure. >> reporter: the homecoming was special, her two sons welcomed her back after spending thanksgiving day apart. >> we've spent thanksgiving in
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the firehouse, so these guys know what it's like to be away. there's sometimes i haven't been with them but fortunately we've had our task force family and now i gets these guys back. >> reporter: but the amount of devastation unforgettable. one of the team members was 5-year-old george. the k-9 sustained a deep cut on his paw while searching for human remains. >> he kept going like a trooper and we worked a total of seven days searching and he never quit, so i'm really proud of him. so between george's work and the rescue team's work we were able to sift through the rubble and we had several finds. >> reporter: once crews check in there's nine steps they have to go through before being fully discharged which includes dropping off their bags here as well as undergoing a medical screen. a 20 minute process once completed gets these brave men and women that much closer to their loved ones. >> it's good to have her back, but i know she was doing good stuff helping people get closure
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and that's the best think we could ask for. >> nice homecoming. now, if you'd like to help fire victims, we do have a full list of resources at our website. you can also make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting the words red cross to the number 90999. no delays are expected for ferry commuters tomorrow after that scary crash at the ferry building friday afternoon. this golden gate ferry boat drifted away from its terminal and hit an outer berth and dock, you can see there the damaged fence on the promenade has since been replaced but today it was blocked off to pedestrians. the u.s. coast guard is investigating that incident. getting to our weather now, spencer christian in for drew. with a bit more of a change in our weather pattern we're having
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to prepare for rain. >> you're not going to get one big whopper of a storm. three days of rain and the end of it being a little intense, though, we should be ready for slick rain and possible intense flooding. you can see conditions are very calm right now and skies are mainly clear. this is the view from our abc 7 exploratorium camera, looking back at the skyline under sclerskies, 55 degrees here in san francisco. chilly 45 degrees and other locations about 50, 55 degrees. looking westward actually along the bay bridge towards san francisco along the east bay hills camry we see clear skies as well. and chilly conditions in santa rosa as 46, napa, 47. 47. 47. 4. 50 at concord and 47 at veore. th is th rooftop camera. dry and mild tomorrow, much like today. we'll see a few high clouds
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along with sunny skies. next round of rain begins on tuesday but we're going to have three, maybe even four days of wet weather. it's going to be a windy and wet pattern for the middle of the week. you may see some patchy fog mainly along the coast and inland valleys. otherwise clear skies and clear conditions. we'll drop into the low 40s in many locs in the north bay valleys and mid to upper 40s generally along the bay shoreline and the coast. tomorrow under hazy sunny skies we'll see highs ranges from low 60s at the coast, to about 65, 66 degrees in most locations from san francisco down to oakland down to fremont. down to south bay a bit milder. 69 at morgan hill, and way up north clover dale, high of about 67 degrees as well. now let's take a look at the first wave of stormy weather coming our way. this storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. storm with light intensity, light to moderate showers.
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highest rainfall totals will be in the north bay. generally we can expect a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rain. by 5:00 p.m. virtually all of the bay area will have received some rainfall. again, the highest totals will be up in the north bay but it'll be wet in other places as well. the next system winds down a bit, so it redevelops on wednesday morning and brings us another wave of rain. that breaks up late wednesday but wednesday night into thursday morning we have that stronger storm with periods of heavy downpours, strong gusty winds. that'll continue through the day thursday and start to fall apart on friday. by the way, that storm is also going to produce a significant snowfall in the eng, by 6:00 or so most locations in the south bay and east bay will receive anywhere from half an inch to three quarters of an move further northward. here's the accuweather seven day
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forecast. tuesday's strm ranks one on the storm impact scale as does wednesday's storm. thursday's storm will rank two on the storm impact scale. indications are there may be a couple of trailing isolated showers on friday and saturday. but mainly dry weather will take us into the weekend. it is going to be a wet and active middle of the week i'm sure. >> so basically have your umbrella at all times. still ahead,
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it was back in may that nasa's insight mission launched from the air force base. tomorrow the probe is expected to arrive on mars, but it does have to go from more than 12,000 miles an hour to zero in get this, just six minutes.
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they study the deep interior of the red planet and learn how celestial bodies including rocky surfaces was formed. oakland's space and science center is hosting a live viewing screen party of tomorrow's landing. >> looking forward to that. very excited. >> yeah, very cool. i don't know, way above my pay grade, though. >> it's so inspirational it's pretty cool. i think the 49ers would like to be on that rocket, the same with the raiders. very difficult road trips for each of the nfl teams. horrible road trips as a matter of fact. the silver and black a
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the 49ers start with the team releasing ruben foster after the line backers arrest on suspicion of domestic violence, and their day didn't get any better. the offense struggled against the defense that was giving up 33 points a game. unless you happen to be pirates, which is rather odd, 49ers trailing in the second quarter. 13 yards for the score, but the 49ers miss therowin h fstee 06arut could not get one stopped on th keeper, that setup a field gold for san francisco. but the buccaneers go the other way and score on his two yard run.
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that made it 20 to 9 other guys. 29, 312 yards and two touch down passes. winston sacked just one. meanwhile mullein, 220 yards passing touch downs and two picks. san francisco drops to 2 and 9 with a 27-9 loss. >> no one played well especially in the pass game. we did do some things in the run game as i said earlier, but overall we didn't do good enough. >> it's frustrating. we definitely had our chances and we didn't take advantage of them, and a lot of that starts with me. >> no silver lining for the raiders. just a straight up black day in baltimore. oakland trailed by 3 at the half. lamar jackson extended the lead. derek carr responded. this is his only touch down pass of the game.
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he actually threw behind jared cook. oakland down three again. but jackson also threw for 178 yards. in the fourth quarter who else is he going to heat but the former radar michael crab tree. defense finished it. he stripped it here and grabbed it and ran 43 yards the other way. car sacks three times in this game. he's now been sacked a career high 35 times this season and there's five games left to play. oakland drops to 2 and 9. 37-17 the final. >> we have to pass protect and everyone knows we have to pass protect. the problem all year is the problem today. you get in a predictable passing situation, and we've got to rise up and do better. credit to judan. he's going to be a heck of a player. >> abc 7 sports report is
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sponsored by river rock casino. here's a positivforrs fans, derx straight games without an interception. that's the longest stretch in his career. and he's completed 70% of his passes this year, also a career high. pretty amazing when you have only two wins. >> yeah, i like the optimism. >> you have to find something these days. >> much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. ready to hunt online for a cyber monday deal? we'll show you some of the bargains being offered. and how about a new car for a
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once again good evening. i'm dion lim. in headlines now mexico is pledging to increase security at the border after 39 migrants were arrested after a peaceful march that turned into chaos. u.s. agents used tear gas to stop those who tried to breach the border. more than 5,000 central american migrants are camped out in tijuana waiting for an opportunity to seek asylum in the u.s. firefighters tonight have full containment of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record in california's history. in the ca fire. the number of people unaccounted for in butte county is at 296. the wildfires scorched more than 153,000 acres and destroyed more than 13,000 single family homes. some evacuation orders are still in place. well, flying in and out of sfo has gone smoothly today for
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most people even though it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. transportation security administration estimates a record breaking 2.7 million people flew this sunday after thanksgiving. but tomorrow be sure to check with your airline before leaving. blizzard conditions in the midwest are causing delays and cancellations across the country. americans have been in a spending mood so far when it comes to the holidays. tomorrow they are hoping, exp t expectant to hop online and spend even more money clicking on cyber monday deals. some of the bargains being offered. >> reporter: cyber monday is just a few hours away and is on track to be the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. an estimated 75 million americans are expected to shell out $7.5 billion. >> the best deal for shoppers on cyber monday will be toys and apparel. you're going to see discounts 60 and 70%.
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>> reporter: wal-mart will deliver discounted tech products with even bigger surprise deals on the way. target is putting the entire site on sale with 15% off everything. for those in the shopping spirit right now we jaw this gel memory foam mattress now 89% off on sale for $266. and the six pix knife set for more than $300 off. also save 50% off apparel at j-crew and banana republic. but before you click purchase experts recommend doing your homework. >> if you're okay with getting electronics that may be of a older generation check out cyber monday and know that that's probably going to be the first items that are discounted. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> need a little help with your shopping, you can check for a list of stores and deals for cyber monday. we will be updating the list as
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information becomes available. if you're in the market for a new car san francisco international auto show was the place to be this weekend. abc 7 news was at the moscone center. major manufacturers showed op2019 model cars, trucks and suvs along with cross overs. people could also check out new technology, classic cars and exotic sports cars. >> we have one of two here, only two in the world. one of them is here. we have the lamborghini, and the portia -- these are all fantastic cars.spts claic cars cars, whatever you think you are looking for, it is here. >> this was the 61st yeaofhe auto show. a woman who died after crashing into a chp vehicle yesterday has been identified as 72-year-old laura. she was driving southbound
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highway 101 near the spencer avenue exit when here 2003 toyota corolla hidroplaned and hit a patrol car. two officers had stopped to help an suv driver who had spun out and blocked the slow lane. one officer suffered minor injuries in that crash. a toxicology test is scheduled for tomorrow. the san mateo county coroner is working to identify a man's body found off the coast of pacifica. fire and police responded after a fisherman spotted the body this morning. officials have not said if this is connected to the man who disappeared while swimming near daily center friday nor a missing pacifica man whose car was found on friday near rockaway beach. the former trump campaign foreign policy advisor must surrender tomorrow as scheduled. papadopoulos saw the delay until an appeals court rules in a separate case challenging the
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constitutionality of special counsel mueller's appointment. he pleaded guilty last year to lying to federal agents about his interaction with russian intermediaries during the 2016 presidential campaign. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, you need a christmas tree? the group looking to make a
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the only transgender wrestler in america. >> i just like the physicality of it. fighting somebody, like messi them up. >> you like that. you like the pain, the intensity of it? >> yeah. >> you're undefeated your junior
11:45 pm
year. >> yeah, and then i was undefeated my senior year. >> two seasons and not getting beat once. >> yeah, i was pretty happy about that. >> 5:00 i would go to the gym, to the sauna, run a mile and then i'd work out during lunch and work out after my work outs and during school. you like put every once of passion, dedication into a sport, it changes you like a complete person. it's like insane. >> you wanted to compete against males. you want to be in the male league. >> yeah, they wouldn't let me. >> how come. >> my birth safety said female. everyone knew who i was. i was never like not open about talking to people. and all the girls were supportive and everyone around me was supportive. >> there's a lot of controversy as well about you taking the mat. why? >> i was taking testosterone. i put my testosterone shots up
11:46 pm
on my instagram. and it was like you're beating all these girls because you're taking testosterone. >> and things exploded after that. >> it got huge. >> a 17-year-old transgender boy in texas has won the state's wrestling championship. >> he's been taking and it shows. >> they feel it gives him an unfair advantage. >> i felt completely betrayed. it was just like messed ns the festival pavilion where hundreds of volunteers at the christmas helping at risk youth prepare for their futures. a majority of the proceeds go to sending those kids to camps and scholarship funds.
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okay, with a last look at our weather situation spencer christian is in, and we have a wet weather pattern for this upcoming week. >> we do indeed. you couldn't tell that from today's with ether and not from tomorrow's either but by midweek you'll know it because it'll be pretty wet. w've got clear skies right now and during the overnight hours you'll see patchy fog form. generally clear. low to mid40s inland to upper 40s around the bay and coast. tomorrow sunshine with clouds around. mid to upper 60s elsewhere. and our rain begins on tuesday. wednesday it gets stronger but on tuesday light rain moves into the north bay first and then other parts of the bay area. light to moderate rainfall totals about 0.10 to 0.25. thursday's storm ranks two with
11:48 pm
moderate intensity. that'll produce some snow in the sierra as well. on friday we have partial clearing, maybe a stray shower or two will linger saturday morning. same picture sunday morning. >> this is warm is seasonable also, right? >> this is the weather we used to have in the old days when we had a rainy season. this time we're going to have a taste of it. >> got it. okay, feeling like the holidays. thanks. all right, mindy bach, once again in sports. >> we miss those days with the 49ers and raiders as well. we're going to take a trip to th
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the 49ers are in need of
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bodies. they're down to their third string quarterback and today didn't have veteran wide receivers pierre garcon or marquise goodman. they allowed 33 points a game. yeah, 49ers trailing by seven in the second quarter. mullein connected down the middle and 13 yards on the score. the 49ers missed the extra point. third quarter the bucks score on the two yard run. that made it 20-9 other 29, and this one to adam humphrey for 28 yards. meanwhile mullein threw for 221 yards, a touch down and also had two picks. san francisco drops to two and nine and they scored only nine points. bucks win. raiders took on the ravens in baltimore. it was a black day for them. derek carr, this was his lone
11:53 pm
touch down pass of the game. he actually threw behind jared cook, but cook makes a nice adjustment. wat a nice one-handed grab. oakland trailing just three at this point but oakland's defense finished it. back-to-back plays and grab it and go 43 yards the other way. carr sacked three times in this game by judon. he's now been sacked a career high of 45 times and there's five games left to play. oakland also drops a play. they lose 49-17. look at chris carson. he not only gets flipped in the air i meanthis, he manages to land on his feet. this day star christian. 247 yards of offense and two scores, this one midway t the fourth quarter. and then raiders, he's good for
11:54 pm
31 yards out. seattle gets the win, and the seahawks they're in wild card contention at six and five. trailed by 10 in the first but that's all they got. philip rivers officially the best start in nfl-lace. he completed 25 passes. he needed one more completion to set the nfl record for most completed consecutive passes in a game. this ball was incomplete. still a great day. 28 of 29, 259 yards and three touch downs, oh, and the chargers win. hue jackson was fired by the brownsi hosted today? yep, the browns. the browns led 21-0 in the second and randall then gives the ball to his former coach. i'm not really sure that was a good intention. baker mayfield for four touch down passes. this one late in the second
11:55 pm
behind knick chub. look at the concentration by chub to grab it off the defender's helmet. browns win it. steelers and broncos, three seconds left in the half. pittsburgh said the kicker throws it to the lineman villanueva. second half, touch down pass to former steeler emmanuel sanders. 107 left, steelers down ro rothilo celebrate the 27-17 win. blake bortles throw it up tocre. originally ruled a touch down but review showed he was down at the one. a brawl, and their fight
11:56 pm
continued all the way to the locker room. end of the drive jacksonville missed a crucial field goal to keep the score at 14. and then the jaguars defensive end, and allen got a touch down run and the bills win 24-21. and finally canada's version of the super bowl. this is the 106 cup played, and calgary lost the last two gray cups but the third time is the charm. threw two touchthf and he was n game's mvp. and look at terry williams, a s. that is a grey cup winner. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. >> i don't know what's more
11:57 pm
amazing a guy doing a midair flip or clevelands winning on the road. >> how do the fans stay motivated to go, right? >> you've got to be die hard, but i do have to say the first time hue jackson gaves the pr ts a win. >> all right, that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. make sure to join us for abc 7 news at 4:30
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