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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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go, robots, go. we are live at amazon's fulfillment center in tracy as the robots get ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, cyber monday. sunny skies will return to the bay area as everyone returns to work. the sun, we're being told, will not last for long. >> enjoy it while you have it. good morning on this monday, november 26th. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. mike nicco, why is the rain not staying? >> if you are energized by the sun, get as much as as you can for today.
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you will have to wait until friday and the weekend to get a full onslaught of it. we are starting out with fog. all the major roads that move through the north bay have some amount of fog on them. the visibility will change rapidly. be careful there. we start off partly cloudy. increasing clouds. low 60s from noon to 4:00. back into the mid and upper 50s. 53 to 58 by 7:00. the last dry day this week. here's alexis. >> yeah. mentioning the fog there. we have a dense fog advisory issued by chp for state route 37. definitely use some caution. as mike just mentioned, a lot of varying layers of visibility throughout the north bay. in the south bay, milpitamilpit crash past state route 237. solo vehicle collision in the slow lane. it did clear a few moments ago.
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the a little bit of rain should clear out shortly. just before great american parkway, another solo vehicle crash has cleared. we have a problem in emeryville. we will check that outcoming up next. the the deadly fire in california history is now 100% contained. >> u.s. forest officials say there are many concerns with the camp fire. >> power lines are down. branches will come down. it's going to be a tremendous amount of hazards. and more rain coming in later this week, it sounds like. >> it could mean flash floods and debris flow as they look for more victims. firefighters reached full containment yesterday morning, 17 days after the fire started with 153,000 acres burned. dozens of bay area search and rescue teams are returning home after spending a week recovering from camp fire
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efforts. carlos saucedo heard stories from crews as they started to arrive. >> reporter: one by one, truckloads truckloads in task force three. now home after helping with the camp fire. >> we were able to find some victims. >> reporter: incident was special for katie roberts. her two sons welcomed her back after spending thanksgiving day apart. >> we spend thanksgiving in the firehouse. these guys know what it's like to be away. fortunately we had our task force family. now i get these guys back. >> reporter: the amount of devastation witnessed unforgettable. one of the team members injured was 5-year-old george. the canine sustained a deep cut on his paw while searching for human remains. >> he worked like a trooper. seven days searching.
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he never quit. i'm really proud of him. between george's work and really the rescue team's work, we were able to remove roofs from houses and sift through the rubble. we had several finds. >> reporter: once crews have check indeed, nine steps they have to go through before being fully discharged, including dropping off their bags here as well as undergoing a medical screening. a 20-minute process, once completed, gets these brave women and men that much closer to their loved ones. >> it's good to have her back. i know she was doing good stuff, helping people get closure. that's the best thing we could ask for. >> reporter: in east palo alto, carlos saucedo, abc 7 news. you can find a list of vehicles at in the east bay, the coroner's office is working to learn details about a body pulled from the san leandro marina.
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a passerby spotted the body floating yesterday afternoon. it is not clear if it is the body of a man or woman. there is no suggestion of any foul play or any clues as to how or when the person may have dried. -- died. a full list of clergy who sexually abusing minors will not be published until after the new year. diocese officials say they need more time to contact survivors and verify information on accused priests. a former fbi official will audit the list. a foreign policy adviser is expected to surrender to serve a two-week prison sentence. a judge rejected a bid by george papadopolous yesterday. he wanted a delay until an appeals court rules in a separate case. challenging the constitution ality of robert muller's appointment.
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he pleaded guilty last year to lying to federal agents about his interactions with the russian intermediaries during the 2016 presidential campaign. all right. get your computers fired up and your wallets out. today is cyber monday. americans expected to spend a record amount online. >> and several retailers have major discounts. amy hollyfield is live in tracy at the amazon fulfillment center. >> reporter: hi. good morning, jess kafplt this is -- jessica. this is where the elves do all this is where the elves do all their work. we expect this year to be even bigger. customers are really active
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already. >> what are some deals? what are smart shoppers going to be snatching up? >> the insta pot. echo dot is $24. that's almost stocking stuffer level. 30% off all legos. also good book deals. amazon prime book box will send you two books a month for $19 a month. $3 off today as well. >> and the apple watch. >> apple is selling on amazon. apple itself. there's lots of options. and ipads as well. >> the deals i mentioned today are today only. >> drew, thank you so much. the deals today only. >> free shipping? >> free shipping through christmas. yeah. wow. okay. you make it so easy. thank you so much.
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well, analysts are predicting sales online will be up 17% today compared to last year. lots of deep discounts. free shipping. it really is a good day to hit the computer and do some shopping. >> amy, thank you. if you need help with your cyber monday shopping, check out for a list of storms and deals. we will update the list as we get details about any new offers. maybe you're looking for a coat. temperatures are running in the mid-40s to low 50s along the east bay shore. berkeley warmer at 53. alameda, 51. 41 in pleasanton and napa and santa rosa the cool spots. 52 in san francisco and pacifica. 46 in san jose. golden gate bridge pretty quiet this morning. it will be quiet for all your
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activities today. you'll need the sunglasses from time to time today. peninsula, starting off at 50. 62 at noon. hanging out in the mid-60s through 4:00. mid-50s by 8:00. east bay valley, 45. a little bit of sunshine at 8:00. quickly the clouds roll in at 10:00 and become thicker. bak into the mid-50s by 8:00. our last stop will be san francisco. 51 this morning. near 60 at noon through 5:00. 57 at 8:00. our next storm is a 1 on the storm impact scale. we will talk more about that coming up. here's alexis with the traffic back to work and school. oh, i know. a lot of lucky folks had all of last week off, or at least part of it. back to reality today. we have a few issues on the board. westbound 80 past university, reports of a three-car
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collision. i believe that is contained to the far left lane. working on getting a few more details. that is probably our biggest issue right now. everyone else looking fairly good. bay bridge toll plaza. stack up in the cash lanes thinned out a bit. no metering lights. thank, alexis. linkedin is apologizing for violating data protection for millions of users. what it is accused of doing. an american killed by a tribe on a remote island on the indian ocean. 68 red flags when it comes to earthquake concerns in the bay area. a live look at 5:10 as you a live look at 5:10 as you
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here's a sneak peek of what to expect tomorrow. a 1. light on our storm impact scale. light to moderate rain. possibly up to half an inch in the north bay. it is going to affect the commute. an hour by hour look at that coming up next. in today's gma first look, a more detailed description about the american missionary killed in the indian ocean remote island. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, new details from the journal of that american
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missionary feared killed by an isolated tribe in the middle of the indian ocean after he illegally made contact with them and stride to convert them to christianity. in the diary obtained by abc news, 26-year-old john chau said a member shot me with an arrow directly into my bible, when i was hold anything front of my chest. i stumbled back and recall yelling at the tribe member for shooting me. chau then fled, swimming back to his boat but then returned back to the island. >> this was his life's mission, to go share the love of god with these people. >> reporter: with your gma first look, i'm paulo farris, abc news, new york. calls for the removal of the california democratic party chairman after allegations of sexual misconduct. the party's vice chairman learned of multiple people eric
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baughman of sexually assaulting or harassing them at p an independent investigation is taking place. he said he looks forward to putting these allegations behind us. following the midterm elections, kamala harris's seat saob in jeopardiment the "washington post" reports the number of seats on the committee may change after democrats lost seats in the senate. harris is the newest member on the committee. so based on seniority she would be the first one out. steph curry is expected to return at some point during the team's upcoming five-game road trip. this is video you will see only on abc 7 after he was involved in a car accident friday on highway 24. he appears to be okay. even went through a workout the next day. curry has been out with a strained groin. coach steve kerr said the
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all-star is progressing well. the warriors are at home tonight before heading out for their road trip that starts thursday. >> we are all relieved to see he was not hurt on friday. so that was good. dozens of high-rises are at risk for damage in the next earthquake. >> they looked at buildings and 68 have steel skeletons that may fracture during an earthquake. they were built between 1964 and 1989. city official won't know whether the buildings are safe until inspections are complete. linkedin officials are apologizing for violating data protections. te networking company admitted to advertising to non-members on facebook using illegally obtained e-mails. the head of privacy released a statement saying unfortunately the strong processes and procedures we have in place were
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not followed, and for that we are sorry. we have taken appropriate action and improved the way we work to especially sure this will not happen again. >> did you have a nice thanksgiving? >> i did have a nice thanksgiving. but i had no leftovers. >> oh, you ate them all? >> pano. i was given none. for turkey, you are supposed to eat that within three to four days. apple pie is good for a week. you are still did there as long as it's in the refrigerator. if you didn't, what kind of monster are you? freeze anything you haven't eaten today. that should keep for two to six months. for more tips on what to eat and what to toss, go to you can also find the story on our news app. one animal doesn't care about leftovers. >> sheriffs tweeted out this picture of a bear raiding a food closet at an elementary school
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cafeteria in tahoe. no one was on campus. incident was over the weekend and was the holidays. it's okay, i guess. although quite the picture. >> why do i find this very cute? am i balance bad? am i encouraging it? oh, boy, look at this. >> chp in donner pass got a visit from a bear last week. this was video released of the weekend. it shows the animal opening the door, letting itself in, and walking past the vending machines. the bear turned around and ran out the door with a couple of curious chp officers trailing behind. >> that bear has some nerve. doesn't he know that's where the 5-0 are? he's going to walk in and try to steal stuff from them. >> opened the door and walked right in. like a robot. >> no big deal. yikes. >> how many are displaced because of the fires. maybe they are roaming to plates they haven't roamed before. a lot of acreage that went up to flames is now settling down.
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he will have more rain on the way. a look from san rafael. it's not foggy here. but it is not too far away as we look south on 101. seasonal temperatures. partly sunny. increase in clouds. a little bit milder tonight. we have a chance of rain tuesday, wednesday. for temperatures today, 65 to 68 degrees until you get to half moon bay. cool spot, 62. tonight clouds coming in. mid-40s to mid-50s outside with a little bit of drizzle along the coast and in the north bay tomorrow morning at 4:00. you can see the green and the yellow. light to moderate moves into the north bay. steady rain by 9:00. towards the lunch hour, into the heart of the bay down to san mateo bridge. as we head up towards the evening commute, it is moving through the south bay and east bay. as the evening commute unfolds, it turns over to showers and eventually tapers to random
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showers and drizzle as we head towards the overnight hours. first system, light amounts. let's show you the amounts as we head through. by noon, just about all of us wet down to the san mateo bridge. in the evening hours, everybody else gets their rain. a tenth to a third of an inch. nearly half an inch into the north bay. all right. we're going to get more rain wednesday. it's also a 1, light on the storm impact scale. the storm tuesday will be a moderate storm with heavier rain, windy conditions, and even thunderstorms. right now it looks like the weekend will be a little bit dryer, though. alexis. >> thank you, mike. two earlier problems on southbound 880, milpitas. and great american parkway, those are gone. 880, slowly filling in. overall, all green on our traffic maps. no complaining for the commute today. a quick check of westbound 80, between university and ashby, a
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three-car crash. chp updated us that the two left lanes are blocked. good news, no injuries. i know emergency crews are there. hopefully they will get at least one more lane open shortly. a quick check of drive times. santa rosa, to petaluma, minute minutes. highway 85 looking great in the green at 11 minutes. thanks, alexis. a toxicology test today, 72-year-old laura pinnow was driving southbound 101 near spencer avenue exit when her toyota hydroplaned and hit a patrol car. two officers stopped to help a vehicle whose vehicle spun out and blocked the slow lane. now a crash in the east bay. hayward police arrested a woman for drinking and driving. it is a habitual dui
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offender. this is the aftermath. 911 callers reported the woman driving recklessly on 580 and rear ending a car before swerving to the lake shore avenue off-ramp. no one was hurt. authorities say the woman's blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit. no arrests after a shooting at a short-term realm in the south bay. deputies responded to reports of gunfire on patton avenue in unincorporated san jose 9:40 saturday night. several people were seen running from the house. bullet fragments and casings were found inside the home. someone opened fire from outside. nobody got hurt. >> in the east bay, concord residents will have a chance to give feedback on two housing programs at tomorrow's city council meeting. it offers face-to-face mediation between tenants and landlords
5:23 am
and is used to resolve disputes when someone's rent goes up by more than 10%. the council will hear feedback on the multifamily rental inspection program, which deals with code enforcement. tomorrow's meeting 6:00 p.m., concord city hall. next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. >> the world's first genetically edited babies. the ethical dilemma behind that controversy. and this crash at the san francisco ferry
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is time you make for yourself. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion improves skin hydration in just 1 day. and for twice the moisture, try the body wash, too. aveeno® naturally beautiful results® . here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. a sheriff's deputy is dead after crashing into a riverbank last night. you can see the deputy's car ended up wrapped around a power pole. more on the deputy and what led to this crash coming up at 5:30.
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in a new tweet, president trump once again threatening to permanently close the border with mexico. thousands of central american immigrants are waiting in tijuana to a apply for asylum in the u.s. golden gate ferry will run its regular schedule after a ferry slammed into a dock friday. the coast guard is investigating the cause of that crash. and number four, the storm door remains open. the series of storms starts tomorrow and lasts through thursday. rainfall amounts in blues less than an inch. green is more than an inch. >> number five, cyber monday deals under way. a live look at the fulfillment center in tracy. uness it is snowing inside. there it is. there's my robots. thousands of packages being shipped today. americans are predicted to spend a record amount online. >> number six, a crash in the east bay. west bound 80 just before you get to ashby, we have a crash
5:27 am
blocking two left lanes. that is adding 10, 12 minutes from the richmond area. >> number 7, u.s. capitol christmas tree will arrive at the capitol in a few hours. it is 80 feet tall and from a national forest in oregon. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the improvement that mean a quieter commute for bart mean a quieter commute for bart riders.
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an update at the u.s./mexico border where tear gas is being used on immigrants. the highly controversial claim that could change life as we know it. the first genetically edited babies. >> cyber monday is here.
5:30 am
before you break out your credit card, make sure you stay with us until 5:55 this morning. we are covering the best deals of the day. good morning to you. it is monday, november 26th. >> we are obsessed this morning with these dumb toys that are out now. we can't believe parents are buying them for their kids. a game called don't step in it. it is a game about not stepping into dog poo. >> not even a metaphor. literally don't step in it. >> we will be buying that one. rest assured you are not getting that one. >> it has good reviews, though. >> by who, 5-year-olds? >> i don't know. >> let's show you what's going on outside. you'll need your boots. not necessarily for that, but the rain tuesday, wednesday, thursday. oh, my goodness. visibility is a little bit better around santa rosa, napa. the fog is on the move across the north bay. be careful driving there.
5:31 am
that's our biggest issue this morning. suit troe tower, increasing high clouds today. start off at 7:00 in the low to upper 40s. 61 to 62. not much more homogenized than that. our next system coming tomorrow. more on the commute with alexis. overall looking okay. just this one trouble spot. 80 past university. a little bit closer to ashby. we have two left lanes blocked. no injuries. it sounds like emergency crews are there. they are close to getting this cleared. it may have cleared in the last minute. yes, that's what chp is saying right now. it will thin out in the next few minutes. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights officially on as of 5:24 this morning. alexis, thank you. new overnight, sa
5:32 am
deputy is dead after crashing into a power pole. investigators say he was responding to a dui chase near riverbank last night. he crashed into a power pole before arriving. you can see the car completely wrapped around it. the deputy had been with the sheriff's department for nearly two decades. the suspect officers were chasing was eventually taken into custody. u.s. officials have reopened a port oven try at the u.s./mexico border. it was temporarily closed after migrants tried to bypass police. >> they are waiting to apply for asylum in the united states. asylum seekers tried to rush into the u.s. near the san diego border were sprayed with tear gas. some say it goes too far. overnight the president said they will close the border
5:33 am
permanently, quote, if need >> lana zak joins us from washington, d.c. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. u.s. border and customs confirm they, not the u.s. military, used tear gas on the migrants. they said it was required to disburse the crowd. a tense situation on the u.s./mexico border. migrants breaking through police lines in tijuana to climb over barricades and surge into the no man's lands between the and you say mexico. -- u.s. and mexico. u.s. customs and border responding with tear gas. closes the san ysidro to those on both sides of the border. the situation has been threatening to boil over for some time now.
5:34 am
tijuana's mayor called the hundreds of migrants a humanitarian crisis. some tried to appeal to president trump. this sign reading mr. trump, help us please. another saying, mr. trump, we hate you not. their future uncertain as president trump has tried to change the process for these migrants hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. the whole border. i mean, the whole border. >> overnight, he commented about the criticism of his administration separating children from their parents tweeting, i tried to keep them together but when you do that, vast numbers of additional people storm the border. now, 39 migrants were arrested. and the mexican government now says they will move to immediately deport anyone who tried to violently cross the border. reporting live from washington, lana zak, abc 7 news. reggie, jessica, back to you. lana, thank you. stay with abc 7 news for the latest updates.
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we have been sending out push alerts like this one from the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get these types of alerts. a vessel struck a dock at the ferry building friday. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us in san francisco. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica. yeah, they're getting ready here at the golden gate ferry terminal. in 25 minutes, the first ferry from tiburon will arrive. and then the first from larkspur. hopefully they won't face any disruptions after the holiday weekend. >> oh, my god! >> oh! you can hear and see witness video of golden gate ferry slamming into the dock near a restaurant friday afternoon. the damaged ferry was towed back to larkspur. u.s. coast guard is investigating the cause of the crash. 53 passengers were on board. two sustained minor injuries.
5:36 am
the damaged fence on the promenade has been replaced. the golden gate bridge district said they hope they won't experience any disruptions today. they have a seven-vessel fleet and will use another one to keep the regular schedule for today. the coast guard is investigating the cause of the crash. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. the deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record in california history now fully contained this morning. 85 people have died in the camp fire. nearly 300 remain unaccounted for. the fire burned more than 150,000 acres. it destroyed more than 13,000 homes. this morning san francisco police want to find a group of skate borders who attacked a security guard. the attack left the guard with life-threatening injuries. it happened at the former bank of america building on california street around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. it is not clear what sparked the attack. there is a private property sign stating no skateboarding.
5:37 am
one witness said the man had worked security at the building for a long time. the skateboarders beat the man unconscious. awful. check your flight status if you check your flight status if you plan to travel today. a bad storm in the midwest is having a ripple effect across the country. the storm with blizzard-like conditions stretches several states including illinois. at chicago o'hare, nearly 800 flight cancellations and hundreds of delays. the worst of the blizzard is over in the great lakes area. the storm is now moving towards the northeast. hundreds of flights in and out of sfo face cancellation today. >> the flight came in an hour >> the flight came in an hour and a half late. maintenance had for an hour, and then we had to hop onto another terminal for a different flight.
5:38 am
>> reporter: check in with your carrier for the latest information. rain today towards seattle and portland. you can see the snow pulling away. it is still going to be around detroit, cincinnati, cleveland, moving over towards pittsburg, philly, in the afternoon hours. delays possible there. delays in chicago right now. menlo park, 41 degrees. mid to upper 40s through most of the peninsula, pacifica, daly city. low to mid-50s. same thing in san francisco and los gatos. 40 in santa rosa. same thing in fremont and san jose. here's a look at your commute this morning. dry. a look to the west. fog in the north bay all through the morning commute. mass transit and ferry will be dry. cool this morning. pretty mild into the afternoon hours. 47. fog through 10:00. and then high clouds and sunshine, mid-60s this afternoon. 52 at 8:00.
5:39 am
how about the south bay? a little sunshine early. high clouds stream in quickly. mid-60s noon to 4:00. 57 at 8:00. increasing high clouds. 50 at 8:00. low to mid-60s along the east bay shore until 6:00, back in the 50s. we have a series of storms three days in a row of rain. if you're like me, changing the windshield wipers, getting new tires the next two days. that was a wakeup call for a lot of people. how about the commute this morning? yeah. we are enjoying the dry pavement right now. looking pretty good all things considered. >> really? >> yeah. folks heading back to work after a week off for the thanksgiving holiday. overall, we've been quiet. 680 before berryessa road and mckee, a vehicle went off the roadway. it could possibly be blocking the slow is lane. i'm not seeing any delays yet.
5:40 am
chp on the way to the scene. we could have an issue for you. waiting for some more information from chp on that one. we are star to go recover from an earlier problem in the east bay. westbound 80, highway 4, 36 minutes. a crash before you get to ashby blocking the two left lanes. it is all clear. in the yellow at 36 minutes. metering lights are on. the rest of the way into san francisco, in the green at 11 minutes. and san francisco to sfo, looking great. in the green at 9 minutes. police mistakenly killed this man during a shooting at a mall. protests are growing. and now we are hearing from the victim's father. nasa about to reach a major milestone. not before seven minutes of not before seven minutes of terror.
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5:43 am
all right. let's watch the next system come in today. increase in high clouds, down to monterey, yosemite. expect decreasing sunshine. the rain stays north of us until tonight. socal, mid to upper 70s. tahoe, light to moderate snow wednesday. moderate to heavy snow wednesday. snow showers sunday. man, it's looking great up there. for us, the storms start
5:44 am
tomorrow with a one on our impact scale. a light storm. an hour by hour look at that and which commute will mess up coming up. ruben foster is out of jail and out of a job. the team released him following his second domestic violence his second domestic violence arrest this year. santa clara police arrested another disturbance involving foster. we have learned a neighbor called to report a loud argument in his apartment. there were no signs of injury and no arrest there. a 49ers spokesman said the team was not aware of that incident. the second and most recent arrest happened saturday at the team hotel in tampa. police say his on again, off again girlfriend told them that he slapped her phone out of her hand, pushed her, and slapped her in the face. she is the same woman who accused foster of assault in february. she later recanted saying she lied to extort money from him. after that general manager john lynch and kyle shanahan said the team had a zero tolerance policy. >> we told ruben. he didn't ask what we asked him to do.
5:45 am
as soon as he did that, i knew the decision was going to be made, it was just when. >> an nfl spokesperson said the league is reviewing the matter. parents of a man shot and killed in alabama is demanding answers. >> his father is demanding police release body camera footage of the incident. >> my son, you know, unfortunately my baby ain't here no more. he didn't get no chance to survive. no medical attention. you just let him lay there and bled out. >> police were responding to a fight that led to the shooting of an 18-year-old man and 12-year-old girl. they initily said bradford was brandishing a gun. police said new evidence indicates bradford was not the shooter in the incident, although he was carrying a gun. his family says he has a permit to carry. >> a researchers claims he
5:46 am
helped to make the first genetically it was intended to protect the babies from future hiv infection. they are twin girls. the researchers altered embryos of seven couples during fertility treatments. all the dads are hiv positives. the moms are not. one couple got pregnant. the scientist says the team used a controversial gene editing technology to manipulate the data, giving the girls the ability to resist hiv infection. mainstream scientists are condemnig the research saying it is the result of experimentati experimentation. nasa expected to arrive in mars today. first it has to make it through seven minutes of terror. >> yikes! the launch's landing sequence will take seven minutes.
5:47 am
a radio sequence from mars to earth takes eight minutes. so the entire landing process will take place before we even find out if it is successful. once it lands, the goal is to study the deep interior of the red planet. oakland is hosting a live stream viewing party from 11:00 to 2:00. tickets are 8 bucks. >> nice. >> it sounds so dramatic. >> i know, it does. >> what i heard is 50% of the landings go sideways. >> okay. >> so you are saying there is a 50% chance it could work. >> a lot of money for a 50/50 shot. i will have to double-check. i heard that in passing on an abc show before us. >> world news now. >> yeah. >> all right. 100% chance we're getting wet once again. it starts tuesday. we have fog. it is starting to bleed in the north bay. san francisco, the exploratorium camera is showing the embarcadero center. lights on and the fog beautiful there.
5:48 am
increasing high clouds close to average. series of storms begin tomorrow. the chance will linger this weekend. it is just lingering right now. it is just a chance. away from half moon bay, 62. the rest of us 63 to 68 degrees. tonight, mild because of the cloud cover. 45 to 53 degrees. if we have sprinkles, it will be along the coast. steady rain into mendocino and points northward. starting the commute tomorrow morning at 4:00. you can see the increase in clouds. here's a look at the yellow and the green. it's moderate to light rain. steady by 9:00. moving into the north bay. by noon, down to the san mateo, east bay. not quite to the south bay. after the lunch hour, it moves into your neighborhoods and lingers through the evening commute. we transition to showers tuesday night. more showers for wednesday. as far as the rain totals at 6:00, everybody is on dry pavement. all the way down to the bridge,
5:49 am
it is not going to be dry any more. during the evening commute, we are all driving on wet streets. this storm is 1, light. so is the storm i should say for wednesday. and then thursday's storm will be a moderate one. heavy rain, chance of thunderstorms and breezy conditions. alexis >> all right. thank you, mike. overall, looking pretty good here this morning. volumes definitely returning to normal after the holiday week last week. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights at 5:24 this morning. if you're using fast track, carpool lanes looking great. state route 9, redwood gulch. an overturned vehicle blocking both lanes. not sure about injuries yet. emergency crewings are heading to the scene. i am seeing a little yellow approaching that at least on the eastbound side of the roadway. 580, richmond-san rafael bridge,
5:50 am
6 minutes. 92 across the san mateo bridge in the green at 9 minutes. >> new at 6:00, the flood warning that might come with your next home in san francisco. a major change for bart. it's about what you will not hear anymore. plus, this animal has spent decades at the oakland zoo but he is moving out. 5:50. a live look outside from sutro cam. the layer of fog at the top of the layer of fog at the top of the layer of fog at the top of but when i started seeing i knew aboutthings,emors. i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word.
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remember these numbers and how sad they made you feel? the rain came and look where we ended up. two-thirds across the board until you get to the south bay and east bay valleys. we are a third to a little less than half an inch. as we head into thursday, yeah, we have even more rain on the way. we will talk more about this coming up. your morning commute may be getting a little quieter. according to the san francisco chronicle, bart is almost done fixing its screeching tracks. 90% of the fleet have had metal shaved off turning the high-pitched screech into a steady hum. not only have noise complaints gone down, but it will save the agency $2 million a year. an animal that's been at the oakland zoo is headed to the santa barbara zoo. it has been at oakland zoo 32 years.
5:54 am
>> he is a gibbon. he is increasingly quiet since his mate passed away in january. at his new home, he will live with two other gibbons. zookeepers are hoping this will enrich his life and he will have a little more company. >> good luck to him. >> yes. you now have a chance to buy some unique gifts in berkeley. >> it just opened this weekend. 100 artists will open their doors to the public. you can see them work. >> it attracts a lot of visitors here to artists in berkeley who come from all around the bay area to visit. it's usually the biggest event of the year. >> berkeley artisan studios is open every weekend throughs christmas. >> all right. taking a look at the roads here this morning.
5:55 am
no significant issues right now. we have slow spots for sure. residual delays past university. the crash has been cleared. it is still backed up into the el cerrito area. it does look like we have one lane blocked. quickly checking to see what that is doing to our drive times. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. rain moderate at times. thunderstorms possible once again. it's going to be a soaker. here's a look. let's roll through the entire three-day sequence and see where we end up. the reason is more than an inch. it will be very heavy into the north bay. the highest concerns, especially
5:56 am
thursday, hydroplaning. flooding on roads. it will be high. more leaves will fall. trees toppling. a small chance. it wil be gusty with winds 35 to 40 miles per hour at times. that's thursday. enjoy today's sunshine, dry weather, high clouds. black friday is over but you may have some shopping left because cyber monday is just getting is started. >> this year's cyber monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. more than 75 million americans are on track to shell out $7.7 billion. target is putting its entire site on sale. experts say certain electric tropgs are made specifically for the holiday, so they may not have the same warranties and features. that is the tradeoff for getting that is the tradeoff for getting a good deal.
5:57 am
>> apparently there is a new toy called don't step in it. you put your child in a blindfold and they walk along a path of fake doing poo out of play dough. >> it is quite disturbing really. >> there it is. why not just go to the dog park? >> alexis has a kid and she sees ads for this constantly. i guess this is one of the new hot toys of the year. >> all along i thought i was going to get the insta pot. >> who said 2018 was garbage? the supreme court hearing the supreme court hearing that could have a long
5:58 am
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it is cyber monday. record-breaking sales expected for the biggest online shopping day of the year. we are live at amazon fulfillment center. >> let the shopping begin. good morning. it is monday, november 26th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco is selling your forecast. >> get it right here. you don't have to wait on it. stretching from the san pablo bay to ukiah, fort bragg, and for the entire morning commute. our winds are calm or 3 miles per hour. they will dissipate. we all head back to work and school. 42 to 47 at 7:00. then 61 to 62 at noon. pretty mild at lunch. 4:00 with the increase in clouds. we will hang around 60 to 62. by 7:00, mostly cloudy sky, 53


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