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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 26, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it is cyber monday. record-breaking sales expected for the biggest online shopping day of the year. we are live at amazon fulfillment center. >> let the shopping begin. good morning. it is monday, november 26th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco is selling your forecast. >> get it right here. you don't have to wait on it. stretching from the san pablo bay to ukiah, fort bragg, and for the entire morning commute. our winds are calm or 3 miles per hour. they will dissipate. we all head back to work and school. 42 to 47 at 7:00. then 61 to 62 at noon. pretty mild at lunch. 4:00 with the increase in clouds. we will hang around 60 to 62. by 7:00, mostly cloudy sky, 53
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to 58. pretty comfortable there. everybody is heading back, alexis. what are they running into? >> overall, not too terrible. a busy bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on early. 5:24. it is a typical time. i think it will be back to normal. unless you're using the carpool lanes, you will have a wait for fast track or cash users. drive times, we have a crash westbound 580 reported grand line road. no details yet. getting into dublin, 1 hour, 6 minutes. antioch to concord in the yellow at 26. san rafael to san francisco, looking great. in the green at 16 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. a major relief as the deadliest fire in california history is now 100% contained. u.s. forest officials say there are many concerns with the camp fire. >> trees and branches will come down. culverts that are washed up.
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there will be a tremendous amount of hazards. and more rain is coming in later this week, it sounds like. >> the rain could mean flash floods and debris flow as crews seven for more victims. 296 people are still missing. firefighters reached full containment yesterday morning, 17 days after the fire started. 153,000 acres have burned dozens of bay area search and rescue teams are back open after more than a week at the camp fire. truckloads of heavy equipment and its operators arrived at a special warehouse last night. 45 crews came back from helping with the recovery efforts in paradise searching for bodies among the, a. many of the crews haven't seen their families since before thanksgiving. the separation paled in comparison to the deadliest wildfire in california history. it had to be awful.
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one team member was hurt. canine george cut his paw while searching for remains. he is doing better now. survivors of the camp fire still need our help. you can find a list of ways that you can contribute by going to in the east bay, the coroner's office is working to learn details about a body pulled from the san lee were andro marina. a passerby walking near the marina spotted the body floating in the water yesterday afternoon. it is not clear if that is of a man or a woman. police tell us there is no suggestion of foul play or any clues yet as to how or when the person may have died. a former trump campaign foreign policy adviser is expected to serve a two-week expected to serve a two-week prison sentence yesterday.
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a judge rejected a bid by george papadopolous yesterday. he wanted a delay until an appeals court rules in a appeals court rules in a separate case. he pleaded guilty last year to lying to federal agents about his interactions with the russian intermediaries during the 2016 presidential campaign. this is a crucial time for retailers. many purchases will happen through amazon. >> that's where we find amy hollyfield in tracy. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi. good morning. they will have 800 employees working per shift in tracy, just in tracy alone, to get through cyber monday and to process all of those orders, including worker dabi. usually a trainer but is jumping in to help as a picker. >> yes, a picker.
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>> reporter: tell me what it is like to be a picker. >> it's crazy. it's awesome. we are going to get the team going is and we're going to have fun. >> reporter: do you get any good gift ideas as you watch the orders come in? >> i'm going to come here. i've been getting a lot of these right now. i'm going to say yeah. >> reporter: you're thinking about buying that. it is fun that you get to see what people are buying. >> it gives us a lot of good ideas so it is pretty awesome. >> reporter: does adrenalin get you through? >> the adrenalin and the excitement get you going. we have to go. a customer wants it? all right, guys. let's do this. let's get going. >> do you crash at the end of the day? >> yes, we do. >> reporter: i love your energy. good luck today. you get to be santa's elf. that's pretty cool. thanks for talking to us. i appreciate her so much for all of her hard work. we want to give you ideas of deals.
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echo dot has been marked down to $26. it is basically a stocking stufr now. they have it marked down so l s they have it marked down so l s legos, discounted. >> last year they sold 961 items per second. >> when you're done with this, ask dabi, if dabi ever wants to leave, come over here. we could use the energy. >> reporter: i really need an injection of dabi's energy. dabi, do you drink a lot of coffee? everyone is wondering where you get your energy from? >> no coffee for me. i just get my sleep and i'm ready to help my team. >> oh, my gosh. i feel like i need an attitude adjustment after watching dabi.
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thank you so much, amy. >> if you need help with your cyber monday shopping, call dabi. just kidding. go to for a list of deals. new at 6:00, the reason thousands of homes in san francisco could soon come with a flood warning. plus, new details in the bizarre murder case overseas. the missionary killed with bows and arrows and the diary entries are revealing his last hours. >> a look at what to expect tomorrow. our first in the series of storms. it comes in light on our storm impact scale. impact scale. only a 1 with light to moderate
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we'll start with neighborhood temperatures. we've got low to mid-40s through most of the south bay. we have some exceptions. los gatos, lowe's al toes, milpitas, 50 degrees. 40s along the bay shore. the
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bay and taking over san francisco and parts of the bay bridge right now. for the rest of us outside, you'll need. sunglasses early today. a little bit of sunshine. increasing clouds will keep us cool to mild. yard work, dry today but rain on the way. 61 at noon. low 60s through 4:00. mid-50s by 8:00. how about the commute, alexis? >> we have had a couple trouble spots this morning, including one area that is having a tough time bouncing back. we are recovering from westbound 80, past university. the backup finally starting to thin out. within the backup, still have not gotten many details from chp. we have a crash. it sounds like one lane is blocked. all of that is adding 10 minutes from westbound 4 to the maze traveling on 80. southbound 680, a lot of brake
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lights. nothing reported in this area. we are hearing about trouble in the tri valley. we'll check that out next. >> new at 6:00, one of the areas you see shaded in dark blue on this map, your home could soon come with a flood warning. the public utilities commission a praouftd a resolution that would require flood risk be disclosed to buyers or renters. it comes after several flooding lawsuits costing the city millions of dollars. the board of supervisors still has to approve the proposal but applies to 2100 properties located in areas prone to flooding. happening today, apple heads to washington. it could cost the company millions of dollars. millions of dollars. >>plus, what the warriors are
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>> happening today, apple is at the supreme court to defend the way it sells apps for iphones. the anti-trust dispute argueses the company has up fairly monopolized the market. they charge 30% commission to software developers whose apps are sold exclusively through the app store. apple says if it loses the lawsuit, it would allow consumers to sue companies for damages and threaten a billion
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dollar e-commerce industry. senator kamala harris's seat could be in jeopardy. "washington post" reports the number of seats may change after democrats lost seats in the senate. harris is the the newest member. so based on seniority, she would be the first one out. talking about steph curry now. he is expected to return at some point during the team's upcoming five-game road trip. this is video you will see only on nbc 7 showing curry after he was involved in a car crash friday on highway 24. he appears to be okay. he even went through a workout the next day. the all-star is progressing well. the warriors are at home before heading out for their road trip that starts to thursday. we were scared that he was in a
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crash. >> the car is pretty bad. everything is good to go. back on the court soon. okay. one animal doesn't care about the quality of thanksgiving leftovers. >> no. >> no. check this >> chp in donner pass got a visit from a bear last week. it shows the animal opening the door and walking past the vending machines. the bear turned around, ran out the door. there were a few curious chp officers trailing behind it. >> the bear was fully standing up like a human. did you see that? it is more proof they are about to take over the world. of. >> yeah. them and the robots. which one? we see them coming. >> yeah. >> really enjoy this christmas.
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>> maybe a robot bear. >> got the best of them there. all right. let's talk about needing an umbrella. a timetable on the storms. right now it looks like wednesday's will be the weakest. tomorrow we start it off. thursday we drop up with the strongest. a gorgeous start from mt. tam. fog over san francisco. we have some in the north bay. high clouds will increase. becoming partly sunny. less fog but more clouds. tuesday through wednesday. temperatures around 65 to 68 degrees until you get to half moon bay. half moon bay, 62. tonight mid-40s to mid-50s. a few sprinkles along the coast and the north bay during the overnight hours. as we go to 4:00, you can see the yellows and the greens well to our north. all of us take taken over by white. that's the cloud cover. by 9:00, you can see steady rain
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around santa rosa, point reyes. by noon, san it transitions during the evening commute over to scattered showers. that will be the case for wednesday also. heavier rain will come in thursday. see what the first storm brings us. all of us will be wet during the evening commute. tenth of an inch to a third of an inch. that's why it is a 1. less rain wednesday, a 1. 2, a chance of thunderstorms, heavier rain and gusty breezes thursday, and then the weekend is looking quieter. alexis. one new issue in the tri-valley. two-car crash on southbound 680, before you get to sunol boulevard. that is blocking the carpool lane. definitely heavy almost to 580. that is an area that is heavy anyway. definitely adding to the
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commute. bay bridge toll plaza back at full volume. metering lights on pretty early. 5:24 the official time. everyone is waiting there with the exception of the carpoolers. highway 4 to the maze, a crash in richmond. 32 minutes for you. 13 minutes across the bay bridge. san francisco to sfo in the green. good morning america at 7:00 here on abc 7. rob marciano has a look at what's ahead. hi. good morning, rob. hi, jessica. reginald, hope you are getting over your turkey hangover. sit cyber monday. here's what's happening on gma. the holiday travel nightmare. a huge storm causing chaos for people trying to get back home this thanksgiving holiday. over 1,000 flights canceled. we are tracking that. 6 plus, the parade of storms coming from the pacific. also ahead, the two trump
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insiders behind a bombshell new book. join us live. those who claim president trump has enemies in the white house working against him. plus, harry and meghan are moving out. the real story behind the royals's decision to leave kensington palace. why would you do that? they prepare for their special delivery. also, it's cyber monday, as i mentioned. we are helping you navigate through the deal and find the biggest savings. plus, a special edition of deals and steals. even one of oprah's favorite things. you're not going to want to miss that. royal update. >> yeah. >> and oprah's favorite things on a cyber monday, reginald. right up your alley. >> you have two kids, right? >> right. >> what is it your daughter really wants for christmas? >> that's a good question.
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she wants peace on earth and a real set of fairy wings i think. both are going to be hard to deliver. >> that's going to be tough. good luck on the wings. i'm sure we will get the peace on earth. we usually get that every year. rob, thanks so much. and good luck. you might find wings on phaoz. >> unless they are sold out. you know how that goes. new concerns for dozens of high-rises in san francisco. >> and a different sound on pwartd. why you may have noticed a quieter mmute. >> abc 7 news now. >> abc 7 news now. we have a
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last week we had two moderate storms and one light. this week we will have one moderate and two light storms. we could have ponding on the roadways. where you see blue, that is less than an inch. where you see the greenup in the north bay along the coast, in te diablo raining, that is more than an inch of rain by thursday evening. new details about the american missionary killed off american missionary killed off the coast of thailand.
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>> he wrote to you, god, i give all the glory. forgive anybody on this island who try to kill me, especially if they succeed. >> the full list of clergy accused of sexually abusing minors won't be accomplished minors won't be accomplished until after the new year. diocese officials say they need more time to contact survivors and verify information on accused priests. a former fbi official will audit a former fbi official will audit the list. dozens of high-rises are at risk for damage in the next earthquake. they looked at buildings and 68 have steel skeletons that may fracture during an earthquake. they were built between 1964 and 1989. city official won't know whether the buildings are safe until the buildings are safe until inspections are complete.
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>> next rat 6:30, the caravan headed to the u.s. reaches our southern border. president trump's new threat this morning. the investigation into what caused a ferry to smash into san francisco's ferry building. if you made it home okay on your flight, you are lucky. your flight, you are lucky. a holiday
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right now at 6:30, caravan chaos. thousands of migrants at the u.s./mexico border. some calling it a humanitarian crisis. baby breakthrough. researchers say they have created the first genetically edited baby. dr. jen ashton will talk about what it means for the future of children. terrifying moments at the san francisco ferry building. a ferry crashes into the dock on friday. good morning on this monday. it is 6:30 a.m. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco says change is on the way. >> it is gorgeous. a little bit of fog. high clouds making for a gorgeous sunrise. that's the change that is on the way, as jessica mentioned.
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another series of storms starting tomorrow, through thursday. look at all the fog from santa rosa up to ukiah. that will be around throughout the morning commute. here you can see some of that here you can see some of that spilling across san francisco. clouds and 61 or 62 at noon. 60 to 62 at 4:00. 53 to 58 at 7:00. today will be our driest and warmest day thisweek. alexis. good morning, mike. checking out the roads. chp southbound 680 crash near sunol has cleared. heavy from 580. coming from dublin, south to t south, 10 minutes extra added to your time. bart, 5 had trains in service, no delays. ace, 1, 3, 5 on time.
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train 523 delayed 20 minutes due train 523 delayed 20 minutes due to earlier train traffic. some central american migrants tried to bypass mexican migrants tried to bypass mexican police and enter the u.s. >> president trump tweeted saying the border will be permanently closed if need be. >> lana zak live in washington, d.c. lana. >> reporter: good morning to you, reggie and jessica. u.s. customs and border protection did in fact, confirm that it was them and not the u.s. military that used tear gas on the migrants. they were defending the action in a statement saying it was required in order to disburse the crowds.
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a tense situation on the u.s./mexico border. migrants breaking through police lines in tijuana to climb over barricades and surge into the no man's land between the u.s. and mexico. u.s. customs and border responding with tear gas. temporarily closing the san ysidro border. the situation has been threatening to boil over for some time now. tijuana's mayor called the hundreds of migrants a humanitarian crisis. some tried to appeal to president trump. this sign reading mr. trump, help us please. another saying, mr. trump, we hate you not. their future uncertain as president trump has tried to change the process for these migrants hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. tweeting, i tried to keep them together but when you do that, vast numbers of additional people storm the border. and the mexican government now says they will move to immediately deport anyone who tried to violently cross the
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border. reporting live from washington, lana zak, abc 7 news. >> how are people responding to migrants need to stay in mexico? >> reporter: we heard reports over the holiday weekend in the "washington post" that the incoming president was in favor of that idea. but there was a lot of blowback in mexico and even in the united states to the idea of mexico becoming a waiting room for the united states as the central american migrants are processing their claims. the latest word from the new incoming government administration is he hasn't been inaugurated yet and they won't have a decision until that time. reggie, jessica. >> lana, thank you. stay with abc news for the latest updates. we have been sending out push alerts from the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get these types of alerts. a sheriff's deputy is dead after crashinginto a power after crashinginto a power pole.
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investigators say that he was responding to a dui crash near riverbank 10:00 aft night. his car crashed into the pole and wrapped around it. he had been with the department for two decades. the suspect he was chasing was eventually taken into custody. one of the vessels struck a dock at the fairy building on friday. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in san francisco with an update. matt? >> reporter: hi, jessica. the first two arrived at the golden gate ferry terminal. it wasn't all smooth sailing. you can see it arrives in tiburon 6:00 this morning. after it attempted to dock, they stopped, dropped their ropes,
6:36 am
and backed up. they were still dealing with some of the damage dealing by the ferry crash on friday. here's video of that crash. here's video of that crash. >> oh, my god! >> oh! you can hear and see witness video of golden gate ferry slamming into the dock near a restaurant friday afternoon. the damaged ferry was towed back to larkspur. u.s. coast guard is investigating the cause of the crash. 53 passengers were on board. two sustained minor injuries. the damaged fence on the promenade has been replaced. the golden gate bridge district said they hope they won't experience any disruptions today. they have a seven-vessel fleet and will use another one to keep the regular schedule for today. the coast guard is investigating the cause of the crash. reportsing live here in san francisco, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. >> and san francisco police want to find a group of skateboarders who attacked a security guard. it left the guard with life-threatening injuries at the former bank of america on california street 3:00 yesterday afternoon. it's not clear what sparked the attack. but there is a private property sign and states no
6:37 am
skateboarding. one witness tells abc 7 news the guard had worked security at the building for a long time. police say the skateboarders beat the man unkopbsz. beat the man unkopbsz. -- unconscious. 17 inches of snow fell in iowa yesterday. kyle devoe tells abc 7 news he barely beat the storm in chicago last night. the. >> the flight came in an hour and a half late. maintenance for an hour. ten we had to hop onto another terminal to get another flight. >> most people have returned home after the thanksgiving holiday. tsa officials estimate 2.7 million people flew on sunday. and that broke records. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. up around seattle and portland, we could have rain that could affect flights. here's the forecast from 3:00 up
6:38 am
to 5:00 this afternoon into the evening hours. snow pulls away from chicago. cleveland, cincinnati, detroit, and moving over towards pittsburgh, philadelphia, new york, boston and d.c. during the overnight hours, tomorrow morning you may run into more issues. upper 40s to low 50s. waking up in san francisco, ocean beach 54. ex sell kwros, bay view, ferry building, crissy field, 53 degrees. those are the mildest temperatures. palo alto, south bay, low 40s there. low to mid-40s in the east bay valleys. mid-40s in the north bay valleys. a little hazy. moisture is damp. cooler this morning for mass transit. dry all day if you're going to be out on the bay. all right. so let's take a look at the south bay, 63 at noon. mid-60s through 4:00 with increasing high clouds. and for the east bay, 50 this morning, low 60s to mid-6 0s. 62 to 63, noon through 4:00.
6:39 am
back in the upper 50s by 8:00. all right. we made a great dent in your rainfall deficit with last week's storms. another dent tomorrow through thursday. i will show you that. first with everybody heading back to work and school, how are we doing? >> overall, only looking at a dozen incidents on the board. we definitely have a lot more heavy traffic than we did last week any of the days with so many of you off for the thanksgiving holiday, not the case today. southbound 880 past a street, a minor collision involving two vehicles. it is off on the shoulder. traffic is a little stop and go from state route 238. that is an area that's pretty heavy as it is. we had an earlier crash 680, sunol boulevard. that cleared 10 minutes ago. delays from 580, 16 miles per hour. take a look at this. westbound 580, 37 miles per hour. 5 miles per hour on 205. and 14 miles per hour once you make it to westbound 580 approaching altamont pass.
6:40 am
a new crash on the counter commute for the bay bridge. we'll take a look at that next. alexis, thank you. cyber monday is upon us. next, the deals you need to know about before you start shopping. of and we're checking in live with amy hollyfield. the dow up quite significantly. 273 points right now, in the green. another update how the markets are doing next. just in time for the holidays. the candy cane you didn't
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clock just turned 6:43 on this monday. mid to upper 70s with the sunshine. increasing clouds north. 66 monterey. low to mid-60s in the central valley, yosemite. check outta hoe and all the fresh snow. moderate snow wednesday. we have moderate to heavy snow coming for thursday. light to moderate snow again saturday. we'll get a chance of rain also. that's coming up next. >> a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading is under way this morning. we are up a lot. 309 points right now at 6:43 this morning. investors will be keeping a close high how cyber monday
6:44 am
goes. sales were strong on monday, which means today could be a which means today could be a good day for retailers. 5 millions out $7.7 billion. target putting their entire site on sale. and walmart offering discounted and walmart offering discounted prices on tech products. if you are in the market for electronics, watch out. >> if you are okay with getting electronics that are maybe of an older generation, check out cyber monday. know that will be the first items that are discounted. >> experts say certain electronics are made specifically for the holiday and may not have the same warranties and features. >> several retailers are offering deep discounts.
6:45 am
amy hollyfield live for us at the amazon fulfillment center in tracy. >> reporter: good morning. i feel like i'm at the pole. they sold 961 items a second last year. it is their busiest day. they do predict that today is going to be even bigger than last year. they do say that their employees do rise to the occasion. >> the associates feel like it is their super bowl. they get really excited. they love cyber monday. >> reporter: here in tracy alone, they have 800 employees per shift covering cyber monday. we met some people who usually are in management positions. a trainer today is working as a picker. so they're all pitching in to get all of these orders processed. analysts are predicting today
6:46 am
will be big. sales will be up 17% over last year. so a lot of people will be shopping today. a lot of deep discounts for you to grab the echo. it is marked down significantly here on amazon -- or the echo dot. that is $26 off. legos, 30% off today. ladies, the beach wave curling iron, jessica, do you know what i'm talking about? it is $50 off today. i have missed eye on that one, i'm not going to lie. don't tell my daughter. ancestry dna kit, that is supposed to be a big hit this year, that is $50 off. so there are a lot of deals on this cyber monday. if you have time today, go ahead and do some shopping, get it knocked out. jessica, reggie, what do you have your eyes on? >> the instapot. i didn't get on that trend last year. that's on sale this morning on amazon. >> reporter: i didn't either. >> and i'm going to borrow your
6:47 am
waver when you buy it. >> reporter: i really want to try it. everyone says it's so great. maybe i will give it to my daughter and then i will borrow it. >> there you go. that he wants a good idea, amy. thank you. it is so interesting behind you there, amy. i want to sneak peek into the boxes. that's why they don't let me over there. >> reporter: i know. it's so fun to get ideas what people are buying. a lot of people are buying the nest doorbell. that got my attention. well, if they want , do i want it? i'm kind of curious. >> amy, thank you. check with amy on her gift-giving ideas online. you can also find cyber monday shopping tips on we will update the deals for you throughout the day. >> 49ers linebacker ruben foster >> 49ers linebacker ruben foster is out of jail and out of a job. the team released him following a second domestic violence
6:48 am
arrest this year. santa clara police arrested another disturbance involving foster. we have learned a neighbor called to report a loud argument in his apartment. there were no signs of injury and no arrest there. a 49ers spokesman said the team was not aware of that incident. the second and most recent arrest happened saturday at the team hotel in tampa. police say his on again, off again girlfriend told them that he slapped her phone out of her hand, pushed her, and slapped her in the face. she is the same woman who accused foster of assault in february. she later recanted saying she lied to extort money from him. after that case general manager john lynch and kyle shanahan said the team had a zero tolerance policy. >> we told ruben. and he didn't do what we asked him to do. i knew the decision was going to be made, it was just when. >> the league is reviewing the matter. the first genetically edited babies. that is sparking ethical and
6:49 am
moral concerns. the scientists said it was intended to protect the baby from future hiv infection. they are twin girls. the researchers altered embryos of seven couples during frtility treatments. all the dads are hiv positives. the moms are not. one couple got pregnant. the scientist says the team used a controversial gene editing technology to manipulate the twins's data. >> a technique called krkiccer gene editing. you take a strand of dna and this crisper works as they remove it and hea -- dna heals itself. nasa expected to arrive in mars today. first it has to make it through seven minutes of terror. >> yeah.
6:50 am
the ranch back in may. its landing ski wednesday will take seven minutes. a radio sequence from mars to earth takes eight minutes. so the entire landing process will take place before we even find out if it is successful. once it lands, the goal is to study the deep interior of the red planet. oakland space and science center is hosting a live stream viewing party from 11:00 to 2:00 today. tickets are 8 bucks. things are about to get really cheesy for some people this holiday season. >> check this out. you can get mac and cheese candy canes. >> gross. >> a seattle-based is selling these savory treats. and some taste like pickles, bacon, wasabi, rotisserie chicken, and coal.
6:51 am
the internet is reacting with mixed reviews. others are saying it's gross. one person tweeted if i got this as a kid i would be, like, is santa mad at us? >> iould like the coal one in my brother's stocking when i was a kid. haha. you got coal. >> the specialty is nonsense. so yeah. >> mac and cheese sounds disgusting. >> even if you wrap it with bacon? >> no thank you. all right. let's talk about what's going on. hopefully you don't look like that after i give you the forecast. look at san francisco. the fog this morning, getting a little cozy. increasing high clouds as the fog fades away. seasonal temperatures. a series of storms begins tomorrow. not as strong as last week. still a chance this weekend. let's focus on today. 62, half moon bay. 63 to 68 degrees. increasing clouds we'll be a little bit milder.
6:52 am
45 to 54 degrees. here we are at 4:00 in the morning. sprinkles along the coast and into the north bay. as we head through the morning commute, tomorrow by 9:00, you can see the light rain to moderate. as we head to the lunch hour, it makes it down to the san mateo bridge. heavier rain offshore with the latest push. then it comes ashore after the lunch hour and takes over all of our neighborhoods for the evening commute. if you're dry in the morning, you will be wet in the afternoon hours. tuesday night, wednesday morning, scattered light showers. wednesday night into thursday, we have those scattered light showers. it's random. by the time we get to 8:00 or 9:00, the rain is more steady. this is the heavier rain we will have thursday morning into the afternoon hours. our first chance of rain brings us a tenth of an inch to a third in the bay. half an inch in the north bay. by thursday, with that moderate storm, inch totals are going to reach an inch to two inches. it will be breezy with a
6:53 am
thunderstorm possible. here's alexis with the commute. >> good morning, mike. a new traffic alert to tell you about. i'm surprised they didn't think this would be here very long. a crash on the lower deck of the bay bridge. if you look closely, you can see a lot of vehicles stacking up. two-car collision blocking the far lane. one lost a tire. it will obviously need to be towed off the pwrefrpb. traffic is heavy approaching that. we will check this out in just a minute. no incidents here. heavy 680 through walnut creek, north of 24 around north main street. that is everyone heading back to work and school after the thanksgiving holiday. yeah, unfortunately we have been heavy out of the central valley, tracy to dublin, 1 hour, 10 minutes. 35 minutes 680, dublin to mission boulevard. earlier crash on that stretch is gone. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino.
6:54 am
your morning commute may be getting a little quieter. according to the san francisco chronicle, parking lot is almost finished fixing its screeching tracks. 90% of the fleet have had metal shaved off turning the high-pitched screech into a steady hum. not only have noise complaints gone down, but it will save the agency $2 million a year. you now have a chance to buy really unique holiday gifts in berkeley. >> the berkeley artisans holiday studios opened this weekend. 100 artists opened their doors to the public. you can meet the artists, see them work, and buy one of a kind presents. >> it attracts a lot of visitors here to artisan berkeley. people come from all around the bay area to visit. and it's usually my biggest event of the year. >> berkeley artisans
6:55 am
weekend through christmas. >> coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> but first our instagram picture of the day. you can see a lot more great you can see a lot more great pictures like this. ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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6:58. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, the 7 things you need to know before you go. a sheriff's deputy is dead after crashing at riverbank 10:00 last night. you can see deputy tony's car ended up wrapped around a power pole. he was on his way to assist in a dui pursuit. >> number two, in a tweet overnight, president trump threatening to permanently close the border with mexico. thousands of central american immigrants are waiting in tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. number three, golden gate ferry will run a regular schedule after a ferry slammed into a dock on friday.
6:59 am
the coast guard is investigating. >> 42 to 47. cooler this morning. increasing high clouds from noon to 4:00. >> number five, cyber monday deals are under way. a live look at amazon fulfillment center in tracy. i swear they are busy. we are predicting americans will spend a record amount online. >> number six, a sig-alert on the lower bay bridge. heavy traffic if you look closely. blocking the slow lane backing up into san francisco. >> chp and donner pass received a surprise visit. look at this. a bear stands up, opens the door, walks right into the office. eventually leaves through the same door with a couple of officers trailing behind it.
7:00 am
frontierman bear spraeurbgsy $21 today. there you go. >> that bear stood up, opened the good morning, america. blizzard blast. whiteout conditions, heavy snow and wind pummeling the midwest. drivers stranded overnight, and families trying to get home from the holiday stuck at airports. now, the new warning out this morning. 14 states on alert as the storm moves east. confrontation at the border. hundreds of migrants met by tear gas as they tried to make it to the u.s. families desperate to escape the fumes, and now president trump's new threat to permanently close the border. demanding answers. outrage after this young man is killed by police at an alabama mall, mistakenly believed to be a shooter. now his family is speaking out.


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