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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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is moving in to the bay aa now.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. check it out, live doppler 7 is lit up green, yellow and red, the strongest storm of the week is sweeping across the bay area right now. >> the storm is already causing power outages and flooding. >> here is what it looked like from several tower cameras as the storm rolled in. ? let's get the latest. sandy is tracking it closely. >> this strong level 3 storm is sparing no one. i want tohoivrain is pounding t it's heavy in spots that is leading to flooding. there's a flood advisory that was posted until 11:30 tonight, we will likely see more of them extended through the night.
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right now, heavy rain from emeryville, and you will notice around concord, and martinez, we are getting rainfall rates in some of the areas as high as about .7 of an inch we are seeing heavy rainfall, downpours not confined to one area. coming down, it is steady from san francisco to the peninsula. tonight, tomorrow morning. exclusive to abc 7 news. we have a strong storm that is pushing through, heavy rain, thunderstorms with hail a possibility. and dangerous surf and isolated tornado or water spout cannot be ruled out. you will notice the winds in the hills, over 30 miles an hour for gusts. sfo reporti ining 40 mile an ho
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wind gusts. we have been seeing debris flows and surf, and power outages. we will be looking at the morning commute time line coming up. >> thank you. >> it can be intense for the next few hours, we have crews around the bay area. >> we begin with kate larson, she is live where a power pole caught fire, kate. >> reporter: that is right, we are off highway 1, you can see the branch fell down after the rain and wind started to pick up in the area. joining me now live is eric who lea -- who lives on the street over. we will show you the cell phone video he took. what did you hear before? >> a lot of sparks and then i saw flashing green lights out our window and i ran outside to see what was happening. >> reporter: that was the tree branch taking out of the power line and messing up the transformer, were you worried about your house and your neighbors? >> at first i was worried about my house, i didn't know what was going on and realized it was
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behind us. and my wife called 9-1-1 and tried to make sure everyone was okay. as crazy as it sounds, no fire was started. >> reporter: that was the good news, i have spoken to the sheriff's and fire department and pg&e, it's not clear when the power will be back on in this area. >> people in some areas are weathering the storm in the dark. 1700 hundreds lost power around 9:30 in saratoga, pg&e will restore service just before 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> we have amanda in the south bay. >> reporter: the rain is still coming down here in downtown san jose, we are just outside of city hall, along fourth street, near santa clara, now, he can see leaves lining the main drag
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of downtown, all the result of the rain and wind that came through in the last few hours. wednesday's early afternoon commute was crawling, but skies were were mostly calm. standing water and sprinkles were the only disruption until the night's heavy downpour, similar conditions kept her in traffic during tuesday's rain storm. >> took me two hours to get home from san jose to san francisco. >> reporter: many tell abc 7 news, they were on a mission to beat wednesday's big storm. rain throughout the day tapered off long enough for some to enjoy time outdoors. no mart how limited. >> in the -- no matter how limited. >> in the morning, the storm broke, it wasperfect to be outside. and now it's holding off until i get home. >> reporter: further south in gilroy, the streets were busy despite showers, wet conditions, although a welcome sight for the state, are enough to keep the commuters aware of the change in road conditions. >> i hope everyone remembers how to drive this in the rain.
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>> reporter: the south bay is expected to remain soaked through thursday. so, as you are remembering to pack your umbrellas, drivers remember to pack your patience. i'm live in downtown san jose, abc 7 news. >> amanda, thank you. >> now, in the east bay, it's not just pouring rain, but the wind gusts have people worried. >> we have the live team coverage from hunter. >> reporter: yeah, behind me is one of the main roads, it's with one of the streets that the city swept ahead of the storm, hoping to prevent flooding. but pg&e said that one of the other issues tonight could be the wind. as the rain started to build tonight in the east bay, residents are also concerned hao removed from his house for that reason. >> it was up against the house and we had it taken down this summer, we were concerned not only about the
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the wind. >> high winds are often the larger concern. >> reporter: pg&e crews spent most of today cutting down the 100 foot trees in orinda, over concerns that the storm could cause the branches to knock down power lines. >> we wanted to make sure that should there be wind he is there's no potential -- wind, there's no potential for the branches to come down on our lines. >> reporter: they have been sweeping streets and clearing storm drains to prevent flooding. they set up sand bag stations to help residents with flooding which seems to be on many people's minds. >> especial after the paradise fires, people are concerned about rain and how it will affect the run-off. >> reporter: now, pg&e wants to remind residents, if you see a downed power line, assume it's live and call 9-1-1. >> thank you. along with the rain and wind, people are on the coast and they
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are keeping an eye on the waves. the surf pounded some people are saying they are not too worry. >> we take it as an adventure, god's going to do what god's going to do? is had this the night? no, we feel safe, we are fine. >> surfers told us the conditions are ideal to ride big waves. >> and a live look at sfo, there's extensive flight delays, some are delayed by at least an hour, some more. the poor visibility and windy weather, means the tower limited the number of on planes that can safely land and takeoff. >> and we are staying on top of the storm for you, we will start morning, a half hour early tomorrow. we will track the rain, and you can find out how it affecting your commute starting tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. >> and remember, get the latest on the rain, any time with the abc 7 news app. just tap the weather button to
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get the latest forecast on your phone x customize it so you can find out of the weather where you live. >> abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. which means we focus on improving issues like housing, transportation and the economy. >> and news that the oakland a's have chosen a site for the new stadium affects all three of them. it will be located, as you see on the map at the howard terminal, north of jack london square. >> it's a big deal and there's a lot to talk about. >> it's exciting on so many levels. tricky too, the sports director is here with more. >> there's a lot that has to be done, between now and play ball. it's a bold new stadium proposal, a privately financed park on the water and redevelopment of the existing coliseum site. now the a's have tried and failed on previous proposals in oakland, fremont and san jose. this time, it may be different. sglipt >> i want to point out, this is the first time that you have ever seen all of us up here together. >> the leaders of the a's, oakland, alameda county and the
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port of oakland, a significant unified front for if first time in a long time -- for the first time in a long, twisting and turning a's stadium saga, a sign that things are different this time around. >> we wanted to show people that we are serious and we have a bold and exciting plan for oakland and the a's, so having the pictures and people discuss that in a real way, we think it's an important piece of the puzzle. >> the a's hope to open the stadium by 2023.ave majllenges ahead, including building a competitive team on the field. >> the ownership's plan is to use this ballpark for us to jump in, you know, to the middle rage of payrolls so we can keep our players and keep it going year to year. >> a successful on field product an important tool to keep the public on their side. >> any development of this magnitude is going to have important criticisms and negotiations happening from the community. >> the key thing is, that we are lining up the investments in the team with the investments in the
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ballpark to make sure there's a growth. that is an important recipe for success. >> work on the environmental impact statement will be soon. and that will be key at figuring out precisely how much preparing the howard terminal site will cost, when you look at redeveloping two locations, it's got to be in excess of a billion dollars. so -- >> as you said, a long way from here to there. thanks, larry. >> a bar fight caught on camera, what we are learning about one of the suspects on the loose. >> frustrated and seeking answers, you will hear what fire evacuees were told when they were asking about going home. >> you can see the rain is widespread across the
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all right, here is a live look at doppler 7, we are told delays at sfo are up on to three hours now. the conditions are rough out there, a lot of wind, a lot of rain, it's going to continue to get more intense this evening, we will have the full forecast in a few minutes. >> there's extensive flooding throughout the bay area. check it out, this is market and church street, cars are sloshing through a foot of standing water. >> in north bay, napa police are accused of beating a woman unconscious. i am warning you, the video is graphic and disturbing. you see the man throw the woman out, just vicious, it was after 11:00 p.m. on november 17th. two other men with pool sticks help, o the woman was punched and kicked several times by two men, one of them, juan rojas has turned
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himself in. the other guy, you will see his picture here, he is on the loose. he has distinct neck tattoo. he is considered dangerous and should not be approached. >> a grim warning for camp wild fire victims who may be able to return to their neighborhoods next week. they say, you should be prepared to find bones or fragments in the debris, wild fire survivors attended the meeting, many trying to find out when they can return to what is now rubble. >> we are grateful to be alive with our pets. so, we try to be patient as much as we can, and understand the process which is daunting for people right now. >> paradise's mayor said that the storms toifcuion orders. >> let's turn our attention back to the weather as we have said, this category 3, on the abc 7
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storm impact scale is moving in right now, we are tracking it. sandy, it sounds intense. >> yeah, this level three storm, strong storm is delivering, it's drenching the bay area, and it's causing problems. so, let get to live doppler 7 skpirks will show you where the -- and i will show you where the heavy rain is falling. we are getting reports of heavy rain at bay point. you see street level rayer dar. let's go the oakland, toward the east bay and you will notice there's pockets of moderate rain. fairfield, vacaville, you are ged -- getting it's not to heavy in santa clara, sunny ville, and san jose, and the mountains, it's coming down. so, wave flood advisory, until 11:30 tonight, remember, do not try to cross any flooded
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roadways, it's not worth it. life doppler 7 tracking the storm, it's not out of the question that we could see storms overnight. temperatures right now, 50s and 60s, here is a rainy view from the bay bridge toll plaza, you will notice the rain is coming down. santa cruz getting their share of rain drops and this the mountains it's turning the snow. carry chains if you are going. a winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m. friday. winter storm warning above 6,000. expect major delays of snow level coming down to 4,000. and from our roof camera, it's a slippery view. stormy conditions overnight. expect brief downpours, and gusty conditions for the morning commute. flooding and wind damage will be a possibility tomorrow. it's a strong level three storm. heavy flooding on the road ways. dangerous surf, and thunderstorm chance with hail, and an isolated tornado and water spout. midnight tonight, the red indicating intense rain and
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perhaps thunder. 1:0 1:00-1:30 had, and we pick up again, you will see strong winds. arrival delays over three hours and you will see more tomorrow. tomorrow, turning to scattered showers and winding down, in terms of the rainfall, higher elevations picking up 2-3 inches and lower elevations, a half inch to 2-3 inches. this is additional rain of what has fallen. some areas picking up a third and an inch already. burn scar areas are under a flash flood watch. and a high surf advisory until friday morning. waves will continue to remain high. dangerous, watch out for rip counters, breakers up to 24 feet and wind advisory in affect until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, the gusty winds already causing power outages and downed trees and that will be the case through tomorrow afternoon p tomorrow morning, allow plenty of time to get where you need to
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go for work and taking your kids off to school, it will be a stormy ride. numbers, 40 and is 50s and you are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and showers so hang on to the umbrella, the seven-day forecast, it's a strong level three for tomorrow morning. morning. scattered showers for thursday and friday night in to saturday, we have a lighter, colder, level 1 system, a break, sunday/monday, more rain in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. but, tonight, it is going to be dicey to say the least. ? >> all right, thank you. >> well, tomorrow on good morning america, supermodel, actress ♪ ♪
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here is a look again at live doppler 7,er green yellow, and red means heavy rain is falling
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and as was just mentioned, a flood advisory in affect for parts of the bay area, this will continue to get more intense as the night goes on. >> our record breaking number of people signed up to be bone marrow donors after a plea from a mother in three in southern california who has leukemia and about to give birth to twins. almost 40,000 people registered and susie found a matching doe nar -- matching donor. >> we will keep you updated on that. >> but now, let's go back and talk to larry more about sports. we have been talking about the a's, but we have warriors basketball to talk about. >> and steph curry wants to come >> and steph curry wants to come back and play for the wtorrowhit
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ts sponsored by
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river rock casino. good evening, steph curry missed the warriors last ten games and he really wants to play foreman in toronto -- play tomorrow in toron toronto, but they are being caution and he -- but the team is being cautious and so he will be a spectator again. instead of suiting up tomorrow, steph will return saturday in detroit, that is the recommendation from the doctor. >> he is dying to play. you know, he loves play engi-- playing in toronto, he has great memories of being here when dell was with the raptors. he is dying to play. but we rely heavily on rick, rick is really good at his job. >> they have a lot of smart people that kay ca-- that take care of us and make sure we are protected from ourselves in certain situations. and obviously, it's been three weeks or so, so i'm itching to get back.
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>> college hoops, hey. i'm on tv, i see myself on the big board. >> a one-man wrecking crew, tied at 69, cool inbanks it in. -- colin banks it n next possession. he have lan leonard, he led the team with 82. 80-75, irvine, the gales lost four straight, they are 3-4 on the year. next, a dunk contest. throwing it down. please don't squeeze the sharma, he had nine points. i use the line every time for him, he is probably so tired of that. stanford up 11 late. sharma scoring again, and freshman, bryce willis had 10. every basket was score odd a dunk. -- scored on a dunk. stanford is 4-3. >> i have chosen to attend, stanford university. yeah, look at this, women's
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basketball star haley jones announced today that she will enroll in stanford next year, she was the top high school prospect. she is 6'1", averaged 22 points, ten rebounds and four assists. congratulations to haliegh on the big decision and her new head coach. to the ice, sharks and maple lea leaves. sharks continuing the road trip. check out of the to of the screen, races to the bench, gets a stick and then puts the puck right on the stick of tavares, 3-1, he leafs after one. and -- and patty marlo, shoots and scores, has a game winning goal against 30 different teams. leafs win 5-3 and sharks 0-4-1 in the last five road games. they are struggling in the early season. >> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock ka sew n-- river roc casino. >> all right, we are staying on top of the storm for you, we
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will start abc 7 mornings a half hour early tomorrow. we will track the rain and you can find out how it will affect your commute sta
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>> we are on storm watch live doppler 7, tracking down pours right now, strong winds, seeing flooding in the area, don't cross flooded streets, also, seeing heavy rain around el grenada, tomorrow, you will need more time, wider perspective, not as widespread rain but downpours and wuind.
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>> that is our report, thank you for your time. >> thanks for joining us, remember, abc 7 morning starts half an hour earlier tomorrow morning. 4:00 a.m. tonight -- kurt russell. from "creed ii" tessa thompson. and music from jake owen. and now, for good measure, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome, welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us on this -- oh, i know it's -- i'm sure i don't have to tell you.
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