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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 29, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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the rain is easing up across the bay area. the latest storm still causing trouble this morning. you can expect a challenging commute as you head out. >> good morning. it is 4:00 a.m. yes, we are on a little early. we usually don't come to you until approximately 4:27. we figured we would warn you with what happens with the rain this morning. it's coming back. >> we are in a bit of a lull right now. we even have some thunderstorms out there. live doppler 7. northeast of vallejo, a few thunderstorms and the entire map lit up in green. as we go in closer, st. helena,
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downpours. towards vallejo. scattered showers in marin, down through san francisco. and heavier downpours 280, redwood city and down through palo alto. the south bay looking wet with the scattered showers. this is a 2 on our storm impact scale. dangerous is surf. the winds are gusting to 36 miles per hour. sfo, 26. wind advisory until 4:00 this afternoon with gusts perhaps up to 45 miles per hour. so this is going to be with us throughout the morning hours. through 5:30, 7:00, we still have a lot of green and yellow out there. by the afternoon, we get a bit of a break. but there is more rain to talk about for the weekend. right now our traffic. here is alexis. good morning. good morning, lisa. yeah. right now we have a handful of crashes. no major backups. we are looking at live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps. i wanted to zoom into the area
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lisa mentioned. rain in the vallejo area., t wipers on high. you want to slow down and drive for conditions this morning. of side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. plenty of rain on the roadway. not seeing any volkswagen, though. a quiet roadway. make sure you are driving as you should be. same thing here for golden gate. no vehicles up there. but we have wet pavement, guys. back to you. okay. all the rain is causing flooding in the roads in the south bay. >> yeah. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is driving this morning and joins us live. how does it look, matt? >> reporter: hi, reggie. hi, jessica. we do have that lull right now. that's the good news. a lot of the drains can get cleared out. when you have the localized flooding on some of the roads, this is a good time f crews to clear those drains out. right now you are seeing the
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lull in the storm. it is light sprinkles as we drive by. we have moffitt field in mountain view. flooding on the alameda, stockton overpass. the car got stuck in the water there. firefighters helped out the driver. eventually the water drains. it appears commuters shouldn't have an issue there this morning. clogged drains the theme in san jose. check out what we found on the on-ramp to southbound 280. it was flooded there. chp was blocking one lane. caltrans was busy clearing that lane. traffic could get around. they were close to getting the drain open. hopefully it won't be too long before they're done there. slow down out on the roads. right now things are looking pretty good. back to you in the studio. >> matt, thank you. heavier rain flooded 580 in oakland. this is what it looked like on
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the eastbound side. this is moss beach, sorry. a resident shared cell phone video of the transformer sparking afterward. power knocked out for 10 pg&e customers. they hope to haven by 6:00 p.m. we are awaiting an update on thousands of power outages on the peninsula and south bay. more than 5100 customers in daily city and 1700 in saratoga lost power at 9:30 last night. theories that video i wanted to show you out of oakland. interstate 580, eastbound side, near macarthur boulevard. you can see cars had to slow down. they were going through a pool of water on the highway. as extensive flooding on streets all over the years, this is market and church streets late last night. you can see cars sloshing through the roads there.
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at least one foot standing on the roads there. >> many encountering flooded streets like this. abc 7 news employee shot this in sanarplashi throh vel inches on san bruno avenue. >> many commuters are being extra careful because of the rain and trying to be more patient in traffic. >> everyone tries to be smart. there's some people out there not. so everyone just -- i just kind of listen to my audible subscription and listen to my book and calm down and take it easy. >> in gilroy last night, streets by premium outlets were busy despite the conditions. >> this time we are headed to the north bay. >> amy hollyfield joining us live. how are the conditions where you are, amy? >> reporter: not too bad. we are enjoying this break in the action right now. let me flip the camera so you
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can see the street. the highways are wet, but no rain coming down. we just crossed the golden gate bridge. we have been driving the entire bay area. ny problems. the east bay, the most significant thing we experienced were some serious wind gusts on the bay bridge. c pause and myth iptt tightly. we haven't seen any an early 340r7bg commumorning c should be a nice, smooth ride for you. reporting live from marin county, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. along with the rain and wind,
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people keeping an eye on the big waves. high surf pounding the pacific piers a the is storm moved in. several apartment buildings have been demolished from a crumbling cliffside say they are actually not too worried. >> we take it as an adventure. god is going to do whats s is this >> is surfers tell us the conditions are ideal to ride big waves. s achgoers stay out of the water because of the waves and the rip tides. good morning to you. here's a live look from live doppler 7 in the north bay. showers from clover detail, healsburg, santa rosa, st. helena. thunderstorms around vacavillva. 80 american canyon. southern marin, scattered
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showers over into tiburon and into san francisco. some light showers. woodside looking at a particularly heavy cell right now. saratoga, summit, showers around santa cruz mountains. the front has moved on through. we are looking at heavier downpours with a colder air mass. and another burst of energy by late early afternoon. visibility 6 to 9 miles out there. quite gusty, 40 miles per hour at mt. tam. mount diablo, 53-mile-per-hour wind gusts. we have a wind advisory throughout the day today. wave heights tomorrow, 12 to 15 feet. dangerous conditions. until 10:00. looking at the possible of flooding here because of the not being able to hold any of that moisture. notice 6:00, 7:00, scattered showers, heavier downpours. we are going to see this get
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reinvigorated as the surface low moves through. that will mean more showers throughout the day. we're not out of it yet. just a little bit of a lull, which is some good news. but you notice as we look at the next several days, we are looking at still some showers tomorrow and 1 on our storm impact scale on tuesday. this is the way we like it. this is a preview of winter. overall, this is all beneficial rain for us. >> we certainly need it. i will try not to complain too much. we are in a lull trafficwise.ha the lull at 4:00 a.m. i want to take you into the oakland area where flooding was a pretty significant issue overnight. a few vehicles are stranded on 7th street ramp to southbound 880. there is too much water to tow them out. there is at least one or do
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there. and you don't want to take that and add to that number. so obviously avoid the on-ramp if possible. we have drops on our camera lens on 680. we had an earlier crash around treat boulevard. a quick check of very light drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 28 minutes. 16-minute drive dublin to mission. 101 to cupertino, in the green at 16 minutes. alexis, thank you. pg&e scrambled to beat the storm in the east bay. the delicate balancing act to remove a potential danger to power lines. a familiar scam is out what so you don't fall prey. a live look at 4:10 on this thursday morning. it tells us that the rain is still ahead. we still h
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good thursday morning to you. light rain in the north bay. heavier downpours, breezy winds. a bit of a break in santa rosa. you can see rain all around the area. vac is qaaville. 580/880, heavier showers. look at this. palo alto, woodside, pretty good downpours, a possibility of a thunderstorm. a break in san francisco. overall, looking at this system offshore that will continue to push into the bay area bringing us more showers and thunderstorms throughout the later morning hours. the front has moved through. now the heavy downpours and gusty winds with us. thanks, lisa. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. tolls will be going up by $1 january first at our local
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bridges, exempt the golden gate bridge. it was approved by voters in june and comes with a bigger incentive for people to carpool during peak hours. >> the discount for carpoolers is actually going to be a $4 discount. $3 carpool rate . >> the high-- bay area civil rights leaders dropped their plans for a boycott of the san francisco giants. the call for a boycott went out after one of the primary investors donated to the campaign of mississippi senators considered race euftd. -- racist. for his afternoon the a'souseo
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redevelopment of the oakland coliseum. >> it will be located at the howard terminal just north of jack london square. >> i want to point out this is the first time you've ever seen all of us up here together. >> the leaders of the a's, oakland, alameda county, and the part of oakland, a unified front for the first time in a long twisting and turning a's stadium saga. a sign that things are different this time around. >> the one thing we wanted to show people is, one, we're excited about this, we have a bold and exciting plan for oakland and the a's. to have salespeople discuss that in a real way is an important piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: they hope to open e major challenges ahead, including building a competitive team on the field. >> ownership plan is absolutely to use this ballpark for us to
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jump into the middle range of payrolls so we can keep our players, keep this thing going year to year. >> a successful on-field product an important tool to keep public sentiment on their side. >> anything of this magnitude is going to have important criticisms and negotiations happen from the community. >> the key thing is we are lining up the investments in the team and the ballpark to make sure there is a work sexual start soon. that will be key in preparing for how much the howard terminal will cost. waiting for the price tag to see who is going to pay for it. other than that, hey. >> i you wanted to talk about the weather. we certainly need more rain. we have a bit of a break between the storm system. so far soaking into the ground pretty good.
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we are going to see heavy downpours that of course provide hydroplaning and flooding on the roadways. trees, yes, they could come down. power lines, a possible. and small stream flooding is low because this is a 2 on our storm impact scale. moderate downpours. a chance of thunderstorms with dangerous surf throughout the y. highway 82, redwood city, showers. they will be with you throughout your morning throughout the east bay, pleasanton looking at wet weather. and hayward, it will be slow and sloppy out there. in the north bay, looking at more scattered showers. over into vacaville, picking up a few thunderstms.ha the downpours and more energy that is going to move into the bay area. so the front has moved through. the area of low pressure is behind it. that will bring in the heavier downpours. as we go through the next couple of hours, notice we are still in
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the green here. this means more rain. it looks like by the afternoon hours, it pushes through. and the evening commute won't be as dicey. looking at the accumulating presip throughout the day, still looking at three-quarters of an inch in the south bay, a third in the north bay. mild now. behind the system we are looking at the colder air. don't get used to these mild temperatures. stormy, brief downpours, flooding possible. and some of the areas that get the downpours pretty quick. lookingt e winter storm warning through tomorrow. so the snowfall amounts, this is good. three feet in the sierra friday into saturday. today, a cooler arch. alexis. all right. good morning, lisa. the bay bridge toll plaza, check out the flags there. they are really whipping around. and i know amy mentioned it.
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she said that's been the toughest part of her drive is just holding onto the wheel. i experienced the same thing on my commute this morning. you probably will too. use extra caution, especially in the high-profile vehicles. we do have high wind advisory in effect for the richmond-san rafael bridge as well. next traffic update in 10 minutes. okay, alexis. thank you. live pictures out of arizona. this is a live picture from chandler. it's a suburb outf u are looking at a and you can see the huge response there from firefighters as they are trying to get this thing out. obviously it is a multimillion dollar home that has gone up in flames. they are hard at work. we have no reports of injuries or deaths associated with this.
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a lotto scam is making rounds in the south bay. >> officials say scam serious often target the elderly by sending mail or making phone calls that say that you have won the lottery. to collect the prize, you have to wire some money to cover a set of fees or taxes. >> the last thing we want is for these elders to lose their nest egg during their golden years to a scammer like this. chances are we are not going to be able to get the money back. >> the da's office has seen two dozen cases since september. an 81-yeaol hill sent $54,000 after he was told he won a $2 million prize. detectives tracked the money to most of it back. >> that's good news. a desperate plea for a life-saving donation goes viral. and the response is overwhelming. a new resource for neighbors in one san francisco neighborhood. the unique thing about the
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police officer who will staff this new center. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any
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>> good morning to you. we have thunderstorms offshore. we have wind to deal with. san francisco, 36 miles per hour. 24-mile-per-hour gusts in half moon bay. the front has moved through, but we will have the older part of the storm moving through later on this morning. that will provide heavy downpours, gusty winds through your morning commute. it's a 2 on our storm impact omg > a new ruling regarding a homeless encampment for women.
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the judge can't prevent the city from removing the women. the village on edes avenue and clara street. homeless women formed it on vacant city land. the judge says his ruling is not a reflection of whether the city should remove them. instead, it's based on whether the constitution can legally prevent it. it's unclear where those women will now go. the san francisco police department will staff a new drop-in center to foster a better relationship with its residents. >> they will answer residents's questions and address any concerns. many of the officers are bilingual. >> i think the number is up to 490 officers that speak 30 different languages. we want to engage with our t to. we want to get better at policing. >> chief scott says the drop-in center will be a visible
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location that can encourage residents to come and address crimes that they feel hesitant to report. good morning to you. check out the state of california. look, we have thunderstorms, snow in the sierra, a lot of rain north to south. but as we zoom into the south bay and the peninsula, east palo alto, across 84 there, heavy downpours through union city, los altos, los gatos scattered showers. light showers in san francisco. off the coast, you can see a thunderstorm perhaps moving into the north bay by the delta there. more wet weather. visibility just six miles on the coast. we are looking at winds throughout the day. along the coast, up to 27 miles per hour. very breezy throughout the day today's. with the rain, keep the -- gear with you. alexis. before you get to the 780
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merge at 80, someone slid off the roadway and is now stuck in the mud. we have a delay off the benetia bridge. eastbound 80 before columbus parkway, the right shoulder is blocked. traffic is heavy in that area. that shower that lisa mentioned on the dumbarton, just pushed across the san mattei toe bridge as well. pretty soggy here. a record-breaking number of people signed up to be bone marrow donors after a plea from a mom of three in southern california. she is fighting leukemia and is about to give birth to twins. almost 40,000 people registered as potential donors. susie found a match. she is due to deliver her baby december 6th and hopes to get a transplant soon afterthat. >> that is so wonderful. next at 4:30, the quick action that pg&e is taking in the east bay to remove one potential danger from the storms.
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>> the first wave of the storm is moving on, but it has already left damage behind. the cleanup job one oakland business owner is facing this morning. a live outside. a reminder that the roads and tarmac are slick this morning. check your flight schedules before you head
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the first wave of the storm has passed, but live doppler 7 shows us we're only getting a short breather. >> yeah. companies on the roads are still dangerous. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, and san mateo bridge. good morning to you on this stormy thursday, november 29th. y. get to get up even earlier, lisa. well, we are looking at more rained and wind.
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lots to focus on. heavy downpour fairfield and newark. south bay, on and off showers all night long. boulder creek, saratoga. san francisco, light showers. we have wind to go with this. the downpour along highway 1. vallejo, san ramon, 680, wet weather and scattered downpours. upper 50s to near 60. as the front has moved through, the conditions will allow for more wind and colder temperatures. the wind tkpwuftds up to 36 miles per hour. we're looking at upper 50s today, near 60. downpours will stay with us through late morning. alexis. thank you, lisa. wd advisord


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