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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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i appreciate the early happy birthday. >> a live look at our skies as the next round of storms move in. be prepared, lisa. >> heavy rain coming your way. good morning. taking responsibility for false statements to congress after 70 hours of testimony damaging to president trump. the man he once said he would take a bullet for. the new warning. mandatory evacuations ordered for thousands as a major storm slams california. fears of mudslides that could devastate those areas already hit hard by wildfires. the bombshell new report that could cost ousted cbs chief les moonves $120 million, claiming he tried to silence an alleged sexual assault victim reportedly saying, if she talks, i'm finished.
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out of bounds. the firestorm after the washington redskins claim a player just days after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence. dream wedding disaster. the popular destination resort now facing a $30 million lawsuit. the couple one day away from saying "i do" when the bride is assaulted in her hotel room by the butler. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ and i'm dreaming of a black christmas? the crazy new christmas tree trend decking the halls across america. is black the new green? ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ good morning, america. we have breaking news. michael cohen, president trump's former attorney has reached a new plea deal with special counsel robert mueller. there you see him leaving
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federal court in manhattan with his attorney after pleading guilty after making false statements to congress after dozen of hours of testimony to mueller's team centered on collusion with russia. in his earlier plea deal with prosecutors in new york he implicated president trump in campaign finance felonies. this is potentially more damaging to the president. cohen, the most pivotal. he was fixture in trump tower at new york actively pursuing a trump tower in moscow during the presidential campaign. want to bring in pierre thomas. a major development for mueller. >> major development. cohen as you said, just left court after that dramatic guilty plea. it focuses on statements he allegely made to congress during closed-door hearings investigating allegations of russia collusion. cohen told the court he misled
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congress about how it would take in pursuing trump tower moscow. sources familiar with the discussions tell abc news cohen has spent more than 70 hours with the mueller team with questions focusing on contacts with russia during the campaign. trump's business ties with russia, obstruction of justice and the talk of possible pardons. the mueller probe now has a cooperating witness from within trump's inner circle. because cohen's statements were made before congress it raises questions about what other associates of the trump campaign told committees. mueller is working toward the conclusion. >> whether they told the truth as well. thank you very much. i want to bring in dan abrams, senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. when you look at michael cohen, he's now a double-barrelled threat to the president. more importantly the russia
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investigation. >> remember, beforehand, robert mueller passed this investigation to the southern district of new york saying this is related to campaign finance. now, you've got robert mueller involved, why, because it's connected to russia. that ups the stake in every way. now you've got him pleading guilty and now overtly cooperating. when he made his deal initially in southern district of new york there was not a cooperating deal. >> he's now cooperating. co-operating with southern district. will continue to cooperate. >> this is a plea deal. beforehand it was just a guilty plea and deal is the plan for the president. he's offering information in this context about russia and the president in exchange for potentially -- >> something else cohen said in court, false statements about how long he worked on the trump
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tower in moscow during the campaign. these were false statements. he said to the court i made these statements to consistent and to be loyal to individual one. individual one? >> is donald trump. that becomes a real potential problem. for the president and pierre points out, it also becomes a potential problem for other people who testified if the goal was to offer some "if," some sort of consistent narrative and other people lied there could be additional charges cecilia vega, we haven't heard from the president yet. he's expected to appear on air force one soon. we know for the last 36, 48 hours he's been seized by this issue. >> he has been. tweeting as repeatedly four days straight tweeting about the mueller investigation and really amping up the attacks. he's calling this a joseph mccarthy-style witch hunt saying this will go on forever. the significance today was
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spelled out in court when he said he was doing this to be loyal. he was the most loyal person within his circle. a longtime lawyer, longtime adviser and president trump since all of this happened has tried to paint him to be someone on the outside that's just not true. >> that's what so extraordinary here. remember, this is presidential campaign during this presidential campaign he's working on trying to get a trump tower in moscow -- >> exactly and president trump -- you know, we have to remind our viewers we don't know what robert mueller has. we have no idea what he's working on. and what has happened today is giving us a closer sense of the white house involvement, the president's potential involvement, their role in all of this. the president's inner circle. you can tell by the president's tweets he's becoming increasingly nervous. >> people may be saying, how he can talk about all of this
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stuff? he was not a lawyer. >> this was a business role. the dangerous storm hitting california. mandatory evacuations have been ordered as some areas already devastated by wildfires now face torrential downpours that could lead to flash floods and mudslides. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is in agoura hills, california, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. that house burned down just two weeks ago and the concern is that thousands of tons of soils will come rolling down steep mountainsides like that one and take out houses that haven't burned. thousands of people evacuated from areas where they had already been evacuated. so far, no reports of major damage. but rain is intensifying, george. >> okay, matt, thanks very much. robin. we'll move on now to new accusations against les moonves.
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that could put the fired cbs chief's $120 million exit package at risk. a new report by "the new york times" centers on alleged efforts to silence an accuser whose talent manager told moonves, quote, if she talks, i'm finished. paula faris has more on that story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: that accuser is talking. whether it finishes him is to be determined, but this is a shocking new report with that hefty severance payout hanging in the balance. this morning, les moonves' reported $120 million golden parachute is in jeopardy of imploding. according to a new report in "the new york times," lawyers for cbs are looking into whether the ousted executive lied to the board about an alleged assault on actress bobbie phillips. phillips, who has appeared in films and television -- >> he was like a second father to her. >> reporter: -- met the hollywood honcho through her talent manager marv dauer back in 1995.
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>> reporter: phillips tells "the times" during a private meeting with moonves he exposed himself and tried to force her to perform a sex act. in a statement, moonves tells the paper, i strongly believe that the sexual encounter with ms. phillips more than 20 years ago was consensual. moonves recently came under allegations when a times reporter contacted him about moonves' sexual misconduct. the times reporting that moonves told him he thought he would be okay but only one woman could be bring him down. if bobbie talks, i'm finished. they reportedly discussed to get phillips acting work to keep her happy. followed by hundreds of text messages between moonves and phillips' talent manager dauer.
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at first according to the times, she told dauer that she was willing to forgive and forgot. until he reportedly saw the reaction to -- she says it was when she saw her alleged attacker's response to a litany of accusations in ronan farrow's "new yorker" expose in october of 2017, she had a revelation. phillips telling "the times," i realized i had been manipulated beyond words and that his outreach to me was phony, an attempt to silence me. this all caused me incredible pain, both physical and emotional, as i had to grapple with the fact that i had allowed the same monster to victimize me twice. now, we reached out to all of the parties involved in the story. none are commenting. as for that $120 million at stake cbs put the money in a trust when moonves stepped down pending the outcome of their investigation into alleged misconduct. if cbs fires him with cause, he
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forfeits all of it. his honesty, his cooperation will all factor into that determination. >> certainly will. all right, paula. thank you. we move on now to new trouble for stormy daniels' lawyer michael avenatti. his client claims now says the defamation lawsuit against the president was filed without her support. pierre thomas has details. >> reporter: good morning. their profiles rose together but now evidence of tensions rising between stormy daniels and michael avenatti. overnight, michael avenatti coming under fire from one of his most high-profile clients. stormy daniels, the woman who claims she had an affair with president donald trump and helped launch avenatti to fame, says she's not sure whether she'll stick with the outspoken attorney. in a statement daniels accuses avenatti of suing president trump for defaming the porn actress against her wishes and claiming that avenatti started a new fund-raising site to raise money for her legal defense without telling her. she says she has no idea where the money is going saying,
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quote, days ago i demanded again repeatedly that he tell me how the money was being spent an how much was left. instead of answering me, without my permission or even my knowledge, michael launched another crowdfunding campaign to raise money on my behalf. i learned about it on twitter. while daniels says she's grateful to avenatti for aggressively defending her, she also says in other ways michael has not treated me with the respect and deference an attorney should show to a client. this is just the latest hit on the combative attorney known for being media savvy and with a flare for the dramatic. earlier this month, avenatti was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, something he flatly denies. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. >> reporter: authorities have apparently declined to pursue felony charges but may be considering filing misdemeanor offenses. at the time stormy daniels said she would reserve judgment but would find another attorney if the allegations were true.
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and in a statement avenatti says, in part, i am and i'll always be stormy's biggest champion. the vast majority of the money raised has gone toward security expenses and similar other expenses. the most recent campaign was simply a refresh of the prior campaign designed to defray some of stormy's expenses. michael. >> thank you, pierre. and now to a major discovery. a man who may be the worst serial killer in u.s. history, samuel little, is already behind bars for murder and now he says he killed around 90 people since the 1970s. the fbi's asking the public for help and information. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: he might just be the most prolific serial killer in u.s. history. 78-year-old samuel little currently sits in a texas jail cell where he now claims to have murdered more than 90 people in half a century. >> the details he gave were so close to what happened
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law enforcement authorities were able to close the cases out. >> reporter: the fbi says so far they've corroborated 36 of those murders. but this morning, they're asking local law enforcement agencies and the public for help, looking to connect little to nearly 60 murders in 16 states across the country, occurring over a span of more than 40 years. little eluded police for decades. it wasn't until he was arrested in 2012 on a narcotics charge that police began to connect the dots. his dna linking him to three unsolved homicide victims from the '80s. then, this year, a texas ranger paid him a visit in prison and little started talking. >> james holland got him to detail these horrible crimes he committed. >> reporter: little allegedly detailing how he picked up vulnerable women often involved in drugs and prostitution and then strangled them often in the backseat of his car. in many cases their deaths were not investigated or occurred before dna profiling was readily available. his confessions stirring up cold cases across the country with
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many families still seeking closure. >> it's a very difficult time, but i'm glad it's over. >> reporter: in recent weeks, more than a dozen local investigators have gone to visit little in texas to get their own firsthand accounts. the fbi is asking anyone who believes that they may have information about a related crime to call their tip line. here's a guy that says he got away with murder 90 times. >> chilling. chilling. frightening. all right, linsey, thank you. we are going to go now to a new christmas light fight pitting a family against their new jersey town. the town says they can't afford the crowd control expenses. gio benitez is there in old bridge, new jersey, and they're demanding, the town is, that the homeowners foot the bill. good morning. >> reporter: oh, yeah, robin, good morning. quite the fight here. the family says they've already spent $100,000 on these lights over the years. now, the town wants them to spend thousands more per day. this morning, a holiday light fight. a town taking on one of its homeowners saying the family
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needs to pay them $2,000 a day for security because their display is too popular, and if not, it's lights out. >> i like doing lights and i like putting them up and i just love everything about it. >> reporter: tom apruzzi and his family have been putting on this show in old bridge, new jersey, for 15 years, featuring 500,000 brightly shining lights and a synchronized show. >> we're doing something right for the community and the people and the people have been giving us nothing but good response and they're for us and i really appreciate that. >> reporter: their home was even featured in a 2014 episode of "the great christmas light fight." people travel from several states to see it in person. but not everyone is happy about it. the town's mayor says that some residents are fed up. >> they have a difficult time getting into their neighborhood. they feel that if they needed an emergency vehicle to their home that the response of our first aid, fire or police would be compromised, and i agree with
7:17 am
that. >> reporter: the town says they've had to add extra police detail on the block because of complaints about traffic congestion. town officials saying the big crowds and parked cars have made this neighborhood unsafe. >> they're saying it's unsafe. we're trying to make it safe. >> we're not canceling the event. we're not telling his family to shut the lights off. we're there with a police presence in order to protect public safety. >> reporter: the family does have support from at least two town council members who told us they're all for the light show. you know, robin, this homeowner says that donations from visitors here will go to a nonprofit called homes for our troops. >> wonderful that he's going to do that. he's planning to keep it going? >> reporter: yes, he is. he is planning to keep this going right now. >> all right, thanks so much, gio. >> good for him. let's go back to rob now with flooding in the midwest. >> we told you about the mudslide threat. the rain is in and around l.a.
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just east of l.a. the i-34. serious traffic there. traffic accidents. look at that car flipped over there. a powerful storm the center of which right now that's about to drive into eureka. heavier rain bands in san francisco and south of malibu through those burn areas. san diego, you'll get into it as well. the snow levels will be low ering as well. we'll see some thunderstorms, too. at the higher elevations, could see 1 to 3 feet of snow with this system and very active weather pattern setting up as we head into next week.
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coming up, new trouble for the nfl. why did washington sign a player just days after he was arrested on domestic violence charges? and a wedding nightmare. the popular resort now facing a $30 million lawsuit after a bride was assaulted by a butler the night before her wedding, coming up on "gma." n "gma." once i started looking for it was a no-brainer. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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good thursday morning. light to moderate rain moving into san francisco right now. look at the thunderstorms in the north bay. this is a 2 on our storm impact scale. you can see some of the reds here, some hail embedded in these storms. as we go further south to east palo alto, 280. look at the reds here. very heavy rain. in san francisco, looking at the rain, pushing over into oakland right now in the east bay. winds are at 30 to 40 miles an hour. over two hours delays at sfo. >> thank you, lisa. coming up on gma, the couple suing a popular resort after
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their personal hotel butler assaulted the bride before their wedding. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our
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three, two, one. [ applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." you're looking at the national christmas tree lighting ceremony overnight in washington, d.c., and the white house has some new decorations, those red christmas trees. they are getting a lot of reaction but the first lady may be on to something. we're going to tell you why some families are saying good-bye to green this year and wait till you see what they are putting up instead. it's a new trend in christmas trees for the year, that's coming up. >> are you sure it's a trend? >> i hope it's a trend. we're following a lot of other headlines as well. president trump blasting the russia investigation and a lot
7:31 am
of tweets this morning, saying he's not ruling out a pardon for paul manafort. also threatening to retaliate against democrats who just nominated nancy pelosi as speaker. she'll face a final vote in january. out west thousands are facing mandatory evacuations as a storm hits california. fears growing about flash flooding and mudslides hitting those areas already devastated by wildfires. a new study is making headlines saying sleep texting paying on the rise. researchers at villanova university found more than a quarter of college students they talked to report texting in their sleep and most of them don't remember doing it when they wake up in the morning. some are even wearing mittens so they won't text. >> sounds like they might have regrets. >> okay. and something to make you smile this morning. a soldier returning home to sacramento on thanksgiving after being deployed to africa, and she was worried her dog wouldn't remember her, but take a look at what happened. so precious. love seeing that.
7:32 am
>> homecoming of the best kind. >> that's right. now we're going to switch gears to that latest controversy embroiling the nfl. growing anger over washington's decision to take a star player accused of domestic assault just days after he was cut by the 49ers following his arrest. abc's t.j. holmes is at fedex field in maryland with this story that is causing a lot of uproar this morning, t.j. >> reporter: yeah, and, frankly, strahan, a lot of people in our audience don't know the name reuben foster but here's why it should matter to all of us this morning, a player kicked off one team specifically after a second arrest accused of hitting a woman, has a new job with a new team, the redskins, 48 hours later. what message that sends to young boy, girls and society in general about talent and winning, trumping the protection of women. after a second domestic violence arrest, linebacker reuben foster was cut by the san francisco 49ers this week. two days later, the washington
7:33 am
redskins said, we'll take him. >> we decided to make the move and we'll deal with the outcry. >> reporter: the outcry was immediate with many questioning why the redskins would pick up a player now twice accused of hitting a woman. >> they're tone deaf on almost every issue you could imagine. >> this whole issue has flared in the media because the issue of domestic violence is so serious. >> you could assault somebody and, you know, the nfl will let you in. but you take a knee during the national anthem and you can't find a job. colin kaepernick looks better and better every single day. >> reporter: foster, a first round draft pick, was charged with domestic violence earlier this year but those charges were dropped after the alleged victim, his girlfriend, recanted her her story claiming she made the story up as revenge for foster breaking up with her. the latest incident involving the same woman happened in tampa over the weekend at the 49ers team hotel.
7:34 am
>> the ex-boyfriend did what? >> took my phone and broke it and slapped me in my face. >> reporter: they issued a statement saying foster would have to go through the full legal process, an investigation and potential nfl discipline as well as meetings with counselors, before he'd ever have the opportunity to play. redskins coach jay gruden later put it this way. >> we understand it's going to be a long process for him. but he is a young player. made a mistake or two and at the end of the day we decided to take the chance and deal with it. >> tackled at the 41 yard line by reuben foster. >> reporter: but foster won't likely be on the field any time soon. the nfl has stepped in and put foster on what's called the commissioner's exempt list, which keeps foster from practicing or playing until his legal case is resolved. and to be clear, reuben foster has never been convicted of domestic assault, but to a lot of people that is not the point. as you heard stephen a. point
7:35 am
out which many people are, colin kaepernick took a knee and no team in the nfl wants to touch him, but now another team is willing to instead be affiliated when someone, strahan, twice accused and arrested for domestic abuse. >> yeah, twice accused of domestic abuse and there was another thing that happened with him but the coach had to stop himself short of saying one mistake, two and three actually but this is the thing, t.j., that blows my mind. this is a very talented football player and this is why everyone is up in arms about, why would they take him. he's a talented player. i think it's baffling that a team would take him. he possibly can't even play this year, so -- >> why? >> what -- has the nfl said about this? >> reporter: well, the nfl did their part in putting him on the exempt list. that exempt list came about after 2014, it gives the commissioner the right to step in and say you were arrested on a serious charge.
7:36 am
you can go on paid leave. the redskins are taking a chance here, so what if this working out, they get a player, a talented guy if he's not convicted, they can then put him on the roster and maybe give themselves some cover, if you will, strahan. >> thank you, t.j. but what is the message that's being sent? >> especially since it was a recent -- not just past, but also recently. >> saturday. >> yeah, okay. a manhunt is under way for the killer of that 13-year-old who was kidnapped from her front yard in north carolina. steve osunsami has the latest for us. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. this is a difficult morning for the girl's family and for investigators who had hoped to find her alive. she is in the eighth grade and there are grief counselors at her school this morning for children who need it. rural north carolina authorities in robson county are pouring their resources this morning into a search for a killer. they're looking for the man who they now believe murdered this 13-year-old middle school student. >> we are absolutely devastated. i wish we had a different
7:37 am
outcome for hania's family. >> reporter: earlier this month hania aguilar was kidnapped from her front yard while waiting to go to school. police believe she was forced into this stolen suv seen here on a security camera driving away with her inside. a witness reported seeing a man forcing the girl into the truck dressed in all black and wearing a yellow bandanna that covered his face. police found the suv abandoned three days later and found the body of the girl this week in a body of water just seven miles from her home. >> we have to find out how she died, who did this to her and we have to bring the person or persons responsible to justice. >> reporter: it doesn't appear that there are many leads. police say they have no person of interest and it's not clear that they even know who they're looking for, robin. >> all right, steve, thanks so much. boy, so hard to hear stuff like that. >> sure is. coming up here that popular resort now facing a $30 million lawsuit over a wedding nightmare. the bride assaulted in her room by the hotel butler. peppermint mochas for lia.
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we are back with that wedding nightmare at a popular sandals resort in the bahamas and a couple is suing for $30 million after the bride was sexually molested by the hotel butler the night before their wedding. amy is here with the story. >> this is a horrific story and, you know, it's something that a lot of people are thinking about because experts say nearly one out of every four weddings is a destination wedding. of course every couple wants theirs to be memorable. this couple says they will never forget their wedding for the wrong reason. >> who doesn't want to get married in paradise? >> reporter: it was supposed to be a dream destination wedding but one couple says their dream turned into a nightmare. ashley and jeff pascarella headed to the sandals royal bahamian luxury resort with 70
7:42 am
of their closest friends and family for their 2016 nuptials. >> we had a lot of dreams, that it would be just the perfect wedding on a paradise island. >> announcer: special report. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. good morning, president trump has now responded to that major breaking news of the morning that his former lawyer, fixer, michael cohen, has pled guilty to making a false statement to congress about a trump tower project in moscow that he worked on during the presidential campaign in 2016. this is part of a plea deal he has reached. you see him leaving the courthouse there in manhattan where he has turned a plea deal reached with special counsel robert mueller in the investigation. michael cohen, of course, a long-time confidante and lawyer to president trump, was working on the trump tower during the 2016 campaign, lied about it in
7:43 am
2017. this is what he said in court this morning. i made this statements to be consistent and loyal to individuals. i'm here with dan abrams. individual one, president trump. >> right. and so the question comes who else may have made statements to make sure that that narrative was consistent on this issue and why. this basically relates to when did they stop trying to do business in russia, big business in russia? was it just sort of a little thing that they discussed and dismissed in january? >> how deep into the campaign. president trump on the south lawn. >> made many statements to the house as i understand it and the senate. he put out a statement talking about -- we're not talking
7:44 am
about -- he was convicted with a there would be nothing wrong if i did do it. i was running my business while i was campaigning. there was a good chance i wouldn't have won, in which case i would have gotten back into the business and why should i lose lots of opportunities. so here's the story. go back and look at the paper that michael cohen wrote before he testified in the house and/or
7:45 am
senate. it talked about his position. what he's trying to do because he's a weak person and not a very smart person, what he's trying to do is end -- it's very simple. he's got himself a big prison sentence and he's trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up this story. now here's the thing. even if he was right, it doesn't matter because i was allowed to do whatever i wanted during the campaign. i was running my business, a lot of different things, during the campaign. so very simply, michael cohen is lying and he's trying to get a reduced sentence for things that have nothing to do with me. now let me go a step further. i think you should go back to, i think it was january. it was just reported very well by katherine hare ridge. and it specifically talks about
7:46 am
this deal. this deal was a very public deal. everybody knows about this deal. i wasn't trying to hide anything, okay? [inaudible] i cannot understand you. [inaudible] we're going to talk about it but we have a lot of things to talk about. >> mr. president, you're going into a summit shortly. what is your sense about a trade deal with china? what do you expect to say to mr. xi? >> i think we're very close to doing something with china but i don't know that i want to do it because what we have right now is billions and billions of dollars coming into the united states in the form of tariffs or taxes. i really don't know but i will tell you that i think china wants to make a deal. i'm open to making a deal, but frankly, i like the deal we have right now.
7:47 am
[inaudible] i probably will be meeting with president putin. we haven't determined that meeting. i was thinking about it but i think it's a very good time to have the meeting. i'm getting a full report on the plane as to what happened with respect to that, and that will determine what i'm going to do. >> you said you're getting a full report on tuesday -- >> i have a couple of reports. we're getting a finalized report. are you talking about on the russian situation with the ship and the ukraine? yes. i'm going to have it on the plane. >> why aren't you meeting with the crown prince after his denial -- >> it wasn't set up. i mean, i would have met with him but we didn't set that one up. >> why? >> i'm meeting with president xi which is a very important meeting having to do with trade, and as you know, i'm making about three or four meetings. we just didn't have time. >> if cohen -- mr. president,
7:48 am
are you going to be raising the case of the two americans being held in china with president xi? >> i'm going to bring it up, yes. i can't hear you. see that, you have a helicopter. >> it seems like you're leaning on pardoning paul manafort. is that true? >> no. the question was asked about pardons with respect to paul manafort who, it's very sad what's happened to paul, the way he's being treated. i've never seen anybody treated so poorly, but the question was asked to me by "the new york post" and i said no, i have not offered any pardon, and i think they asked would you. i said i'm not taking anything off the table. that was done as a question from "the new york post." >> if cohen is such a bum, why did you hire him, have him on your payroll for 12 years and have him do so much of your
7:49 am
work? >> because a long time ago he did me a favor. a long time ago he did me a favor. >> is michael cohen a threat to your presidency? >> no, not at all. >> are you worried about what he'll tell the special counsel? >> i'm not worried at all about him. take a look at his written document. go back, take a look at what he wrote in i think january. he has a written statement, and that's the fact. >> france says we don't want the european union to be like trump's america. what would you say? >> i can't hear you with the helicopter. a possible shutdown if we don't get the wall monday, very possible. we're in negotiations. if we don't get border security, possible shutdown.
7:50 am
see you all later. >> there you have it, president trump with major breaking news this morning, michael cohen's new plea deal with special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation. i'm here with our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. the president's core message right there, nothing to worry about, michael cohen's a liar. >> that's what we expected. he's been calling michael cohen a liar for a long time but michael cohen was among those in the president's inner-most circle for a number of years. i'm struck by a handful of things the president just said. he decided against the trump tower moscow building but nothing would have stopped him if he wanted to go forward with it. he decided on his own he decided to run for office. the question for president trump right now is not whether it was okay for him back in 2016 to move forward with a business deal. it was whether he has been telling the truth then and since then about his dealings with russia, and he has repeatedly said time and time again i had no dealings with russia, i don't
7:51 am
know vladimir putin. we just pulled on old tweet, 2016, july 26. for the record, i have zero investments in russia. if you believe michael cohen, the opposite was happening. >> was president trump asked about this by robert mueller and the question is we believe he was. we don't know how he answered it. >> right. and so president trump is right that when he says, look, i was allowed to continue working on my businesses while i was running. that's true. the question is, did he and then others potentially lie about it because of something bigger with russia. that's the big question. >> it's not just the lying about it potentially. if this deal kept on going later into the summer at a time when we know that the republican platform was changed to sort of favor the russians and the president being involved in that, then there could be a connection. >> absolutely and that's the question. so it's not just did he have a
7:52 am
business in russia in a vacuum. that's a separate question, and not a particularly important one as the president points out. the bigger question is, did he tell the truth about it, did he order or instruct other people to lie about it, and then the question becomes why and what was the impact. >> and of course this is only what michael cohen has pled to. he spent 70 hours with robert mueller. we don't know every subject and it wouldn't be revealed in these filings today, every subject he talked about with robert mueller. >> correct. all we know from this document is three stated lies, one plea deal, one charge of -- one guilty plea on a particular count. >> and a connection to president trump given what michael cohen said in court. >> correct. a connection to president trump but this doesn't necessarily take it to the next level of collusion with russia or whatever the case may be. >> more to come. >> yeah. >> thanks very much. back to our regular programming.
7:53 am
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hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist lisa argen has our rainy forecast. >> jess, it is lightening up out there. you can see them from the north bay into the east bay. heavy downpours, you're hearing the rumbles of thunder. you can see dublin, hayward to fremont and more moderate rain around oakland and berkeley. check out pescadero, los gatos and windy conditions. alexis? >> we're looking live at walnut creek. one of those primary areas getting soggy right now. southbound 680, definitely crawling along. it looks like somebody is holding a hose over the camera lens. it's pouring. be prepared. you'll have delays on your commute. plenty of crashes out there.
7:57 am
a major delay on b.a.r.t.'s antioch line due to an equipment problem on the trarks and the general wet conditions. alexis, thank you. coming up on gma, a deals and steals event. huge savings on great gifts for $20 or less. stick around for that. we'll have another update and on the rai
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news for our viewers in the west. president trump's former fixer michael cohen reaches a new plea deal with special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation takes responsibility for false statements to congress after 70 hours of testimony damaging to president trump. the man he once said he'd take a bullet for. a "gma" health alert. can snoring hurt your heart? the new study saying women who snore may be at a higher health risk. what you need to look out for. duchess kate opening up for the first time about meghan and harry's baby news. what she's saying about her new niece or nephew amid headlines of a royal rift as the newlyweds prepare to move out of kensington palace.
8:01 am
incredible transformation. "inside edition's" deborah norville revealing how she shed 30 pounds after her doctors said she needed to make a change. the one thing she dropped from her diet that made all the difference and she's here live. ♪ and it's supermodel morning. tyra banks live in times square with the sequel to her cult classic, "life size." almost 20 years in the making, the new holiday hit, and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ applause ] ♪ you were showing her that. yeah, i remember she taught me what i did, every hallway is a runway. you would act like it's a runway. good morning, america. happy friday eve. you know who else is getting into the holiday spirit, mariah
8:02 am
carey and her kids, she got them to join in on her christmas classic. love spending time with momma. >> sweet. >> and all we want for christmas, here on "gma," "deals & steals." yes, our team is with tory johnson in her workshop getting huge savings ready for everyone on your christmas list. some of the biggest helpers i've ever seen. all $20 or less. >> can i just say our crew is always game. >> they are, absolutely. >> we have the best behind-the-scenes people. >> wearing those caps for a few more weeks. lots of news to get to this morning. mandatory evacuations in california as a major storm is moving in and want to go back to matt gutman in agoura hills. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. the rain here has pummelled california, up to 3 inches in places not far from where we are. i want to give you a sense of the threat here. this house burned down completely just two weeks ago and the concern is that
8:03 am
thousands of tons of soil and bolders will come rolling downhillside like this. with no vegetation left in place and tear into houses that haven't burned. thousands of people evacuated again after previously being evacuated because of those fires. and that rain causing havoc on the roadways. tractor-trailers jackknifing. you can see this car trying to plow through there. across california, they have been filling tens of thousands of sandbags putting together rails to stop the onslaught of mudslides but so far no major reports of damage yet, george. thanks, matt. now to the breaking news this russia investigation. michael cohen has pled guilty in making false statements to congress on the trump tower moscow.
8:04 am
want to go to our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas for the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, as you said, michael cohen left the courthouse less than an hour ago. making false statements to congress investigating allegations of russia collusion. in pleading guilty he said he misled congress on how long talks with russia. cohen admitted in court he made the misleading statements in order to be loyal to an individual, presumed to then-candidate donald trump. sources familiar with the disuses tell abc news cohen spent more than 7 on hours with the mueller team focusing on contacts with the campaign, trump's ties with russia and
8:05 am
talks of possible pardons. . the mooul probe now has a cooperating witness from trump's inner circle providing details of the russia connections. the mueller team is clearly intensifying their investigation and all indications are there's much more to come. michael. and coming up, everybody, duchess kate is opening up about meghan and harry's baby news. longtime "inside edition" anchor deborah norville is here revealing how she dropped 30 pounds after her doctor said she needed to make a change. the one thing she eliminated from her diet. and we have a great audience is what we have. ♪ the best time of the year >> so happy they're here and they're happy we have a holiday "deals & steals" extravaganza. our prop guys getting all the amazing products ready right now. everything, you guys, under $20. good morning, america. we'll be right back.
8:06 am
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." this great audience that we have on this thursday morning as we like to say friday eve. one more alarm clock. yes, and i was just backstage. you guys are so lucky that it's "deals & steals" day. [ applause ] my gosh. and tomorrow, we'll be giving you an exclusive behind the scenes at the victoria's secret fashion show. >> oh, yes. >> that's tomorrow.
8:11 am
>> but you're lucky that you're here today, that's all i'm going to say. lucky we have lara with "pop news." yes, good morning to you. we begin with a little bit of a mystery surrounding one of michael's favorite band, yes, you, mister. coldplay. on tuesday -- >> i love them. [ applause ] >> on tuesday the band's record label announced the signing of a new band caused los unidades. along this blurry photo. it released a new song, a collaboration by this new group with pharrell williams. here's a listen. ♪ i mean, is it just me? they sound an awful lot like a certain chris martin, right? okay, so turns out the record label left a clue. if you look look closely back at the photo that they released down at the bottom right there's
8:12 am
a string of letters and numbers. if you unscramble them, coldplay 2018. >> yes. yes. [ applause ] another case closed. by the "pop news" investigative unit. >> "pop news" investigative unit. >> you didn't know we existed. we're very undercover. further investigating reveals this is part of a new record curated by mr. chris martin out tomorrow and supports global citizens. >> i got to make sure i get that. >> support. i mean, enjoy. also in "pop news," even the hulk sometimes needs rescuing. mark ruffalo who plays the superhero tweeting out this message to all new yorkers, please help me find my backpack. it looks just like this one. i left my black with red trim topo backpack in a yellow cab tonight. on the upper west side of new york. guys, i'm so happy to report this morning. it took one day for the mighty twitter machine and new yorkers
8:13 am
to make everything right in the world. [ applause ] ruffalo posting this message on wednesday, it was found. thank you for all your help and i'm sure it did not hurt that he had the hashtag reward on the bottom of his post. but you know what, thank you for returning the backpack. it renews our faith in the world. >> oh, yes. [ applause ] finally, this is for michael in the control room. a new commercial for burger king set to willie nelson's "always on my mind" showing dogs looking lovingly at their humans as their humans enjoy whoppers. look at that. i mean, look at their faces. en it all changes when one owner comes through with the dogpper, burger king just introduced this. you know what they say, have it your way. now dogs can have it their way, offering these flame-grilled bones flavored with their classic whopper.
8:14 am
there's a gimmick. it's all to promote bk's partnership with doordash and and free with orders over $10 but with for a short time only. the commercial is hilarious. >> i love that dog's focus. >> i know. just made me smile. hope it made you smile as well. >> thank you very much. we move on to our cover story. kate middleton is opening up about that baby news for harry and meghan as the newlyweds get ready to move out of the palace into their new home and james longman in london with the story. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, george, from a windy kensington palace. the storm that's hitting the uk is called storm diana and it is appropriate because there is a storm brewing in the british press about a possible growing rift between meghan and kate. this morning, duchess kate opening up about the upcoming
8:15 am
christmas season telling fans about her little princes and princess saying, they're getting excited for christmastime because they've started all their christmas songs and the trees are going up. kate went on to say, and louis is getting bigger. i can't believe he's like 7 months. he's getting to be a big boy, and, of course, with baby sussex due in the spring a little cousin is on the way. excited fans ask kate, absolutely she replied. but what's the truth behind the smiles? british newspaper "the daily telegraph" claims a rift has been growing between the two duchesses. >> i think if anyone was trying to say nothing to see here, there's never been, you know, any moment where they've not seen eye to eye or had a disagreement, i don't think that would be realistic of the dynamic going on. >> reporter: harry and meghan also causing royal waves announcing they'll move from their home at kensington palace and headed to frogmore cottage in windsor, 30 miles from london. royal watchers had assumed the expectant parents would choose
8:16 am
to stay close to william and kate but as usual the sussexs are doing things their own way. >> they won't be living next to each other growing up but we still do expect them to see a lot of each other. >> reporter: windsor is a very special place for their royal highnesses read the announcement. the five-bedroom frogmore cottage is walking distance from the queen's home in windsor castle and where they were married just last may. so it's good-bye to kensington palace for meghan and harry and i suppose people's hopes that a new generation of royals would grow up together. is there really a rift between meghan and kate? well, that's anyone's guess. now to a dramatic transformation for "inside edition" host deborah norville. one of the longest and beloved running anchors on tv shedding 30 pounds after a doctor told her she needed to make a change. she will join us live in just a moment, but first, abc's janai norman has a look at deborah's journey. >> reporter: for over 30 years
8:17 am
deborah norville has been front and center on our tv screens. >> hello, everybody, thank you for joining us. >> reporter: and a best-selling author and businesswoman who's at the top of her game professionally but for the past ten years she's been dealing privately with a personal struggle behind the scenes. feeling deeply self-conscious and unhappy with her body, a simple doctor's visit became the wake-up call she needed. now she hopes her story inspires others to make the change they need. for "good morning america," janai norman, abc news, new york. >> please welcome deborah norville. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> who knew. >> who knew. >> who knew. but you said, it wasn't about losing weight. >> no. >> it was about getting healthy and a wake-up call from your doctor. >> i didn't like the number on the scale but what the doctor didn't like was the number when he took my blood pressure and on my dad's side i have a very strong family history of cardiology problems and he said, you got to do something so they
8:18 am
put me on medication for that, but we all know you need to lose the weight too if you're going to really feel good and be healthy and i said, so what do i do? he said, cut out sugar. that simple. >> sugar. >> yep, you've seen me on the machines. once a year we're both at the oscars, same gym. that's the only time i exercise. i've done this without exercise and i've done it by changing the way i eat. >> something as simple as changing your diet as done something like that for you. another thing that when reading the article, "people" magazine article. i was surprised to hear, like a lot of women, you didn't feel good about yourself. and people from the outside looking go, you're beautiful. why did you feel that way. >> thank you. you know, people -- we see ourselves differently than the rest of the world does, and i didn't like the way i looked going into a room. i didn't like the view people were getting when i walked out of the room and when you don't feel good about yourself it colors everything about your life. it affects your relationships.
8:19 am
it affects your zest and your ability to jump out of bed as opposed to roll out and it's funny, since i've lost all this weight i actually got a note from one of my colleagues at work that said, i have noticed something different. i have noticed a joy on the air. i do sense something different about you and it's simply, i like me better. i like me better because i feel healthy. >> oh. that's beautiful. [ applause ] so you lost 30 pounds in four months simply cutting out sugar. that's not easy to do. >> oh, my gosh. you have no idea. it's sugar in all forms. i speak in bumper stickers for my family. i lose their attention after about five words. my new thing is if it ends in ose, it's gross. y'all can remember that, right? you can remember that. because if you look at the labels, which is the first thing you do if it ends in o-s-e,
8:20 am
fructose, glucose, those are sugar based so no booze, so wine and your favorite libation has sugar in it, it means most breads because sugar is a part of the bread baking process. >> i'm glad you talk about it. it means don't put extra sugar on what you're eating but it's in what we're eating. >> it's in what you're eating and it also means no added sweeteners, so you may think i'm using the little packets or agave, you can't do that either. when you start reading the labels, you'll find sugar in places you didn't expect it. the second thing when i looked at the label on my half and half for my coffee was corn syrup, i'm like, huh-uh, so find one that doesn't have it. find the mustard that doesn't have sugar in it but the biggest thing i've done is changed the way i eat in terms of it's a lot of fresh roasted vegetables. it's super easy. i come home at night and turn on the oven, 425 degrees, cut up the vegetables, put a little
8:21 am
olive oil on it and just bake it, turmeric, curry powder. my hair usually smells but that's okay. >> what is the doctor saying now? >> i went to the doctor and wanted to see if my numbers are better. they are. blood pressure is under control. it's all good. i said i don't want her to touch me. i don't want her to talk to me just look at me and she looked at me and said, don't lose any more weight. no one has ever said that to me, robin. >> oh, my goodness, and hearing something like that but glad the numbers are great. now it's a holiday season so you have any tips for people because after thanksgiving and the holidays. >> you know, i have fun at thanksgiving. we did the turkey and the sides and it was great and i ate my pecan pies but don't have a holiday every day. when you go to the parties have a glass of sparkling water and put limes in it. it will look like you have a cocktail. they don't know that you don't and you can feel really good about yourself, and when you go to the spread, someone will always have carrot sticks. go for the carrot sticks. >> deborah, thank you. you do have a zest.
8:22 am
>> anybody can do it. if i can, you can. >> rob. >> looking fantastic. if you have an itch to scratch, several ways to go about doing it. here's your "gma" moment. this is bouncy out in california and we showed you a dog that could play fetch with himself. he can manage to scratch itself using gravity as a weapon. all right. you know, when in doubt you can also just get up against a christmas tree.
8:23 am
it is time now for a special holiday edition of "deals & steals." tory johnson is here with huge savings on gifts and items for your holiday party and they're all 20 bucks or less. i'll drink to that. cheers, tory. >> cheers. okay, so, we're starting with capabunga created by a couple in napa valley, wine makers. >> this is apple cider. >> yeah, this is cider. this is wine. this is cider. we're all good and so these caps allow you to, if you don't finish the bottle of wine, you put the cap on it and can store it in the refrigerator. >> and lay it down. >> lay it down sideways if you want and the capabubbles will allow it to keep its bubbles for up to a week. great for wine lovers. normally $20 to $30 per set.
8:24 am
they all come in big sets. they're slashed in half, $10 to $15. >> yeah. >> okay. probably our biggest assortment here. something brand-new. this one which is the stemless cup so that's perfect for wine. we're keeping with the wine theme here. speaking of the wine theme, this beauty, this size, the 25-ounce. >> that's wine too? >> that holds a full bottle of wine, the 25-ounce size just in case. just in case. huge assortment of colors and triple insulated, which means they keep them cold or hot longer and have a bunch of different wine accessories, good for people of all age, water or wine is your choice. the deal is great, 13 to 33 normally, but today they're slashed in half and start at just $6.50 from corkcicle. >> food. >> that is a great kit. everything you need to make
8:25 am
fresh cheese in under an hour. all you add is milk or a dairy-free option if you don't want to have dairy in your cheese, kits are adorable and the woman who created this is so obsessive about cheese, she started this as a side business on etsy to pay off her student loan debt faster. now they're sold by williams-sonoma. she ice doeng great -- >> it seems like it would be a lot of fun to do with my daughter. >> a kit you give to someone. not just about the cheese but about the fun of making something in the kitchen. people have a lot of fun doing that kind of stuff. and there's great deal. these are normally $29 to $50, but they're slashed by 50 to $60 and start at $14.50. pretty good. and then finally, soy logic. i know you love candles. that is the valencia orange, classics from soy logic and we also have their holiday ones so a holiday one -- i don't know if this is holiday then a chestnut
8:26 am
one. that's holiday and it has a fresh forest, chestnut and caramel, maple butter, the scents are spectacular. the packaging is beautiful. $18 to $39 regularly. >> what's the deal? >> cut in half and start at $9. >> tory. [ applause ] i tell you, we have partnered with all of these companies on these great deals and you can get them on our website and there are a lot more deals to help -- yeah, got a lot more to help you finish your holiday shopping when we come back. we'll be right back. wheel them out. "gma's" "deals & steals" sponsored by target. this sunday, save 10% off target gift cards. 10% off target gift cards.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we're watching the storm pass through the bay area causing some damage. take a look at this video in san jose. you can see flooding there at the stockton overpass. driver tried to make it through, but no, it wasn't going to happen. got stuck in the water. firefighters had to rescue the driver and eventually the water drained out. you got to wonder if it's coming back. >> we've got about 52 incidents on the board right now. a lot going on. not easy to get out on the roads right now.
8:28 am
looking at our emeryville camera. this was a complete downpour a couple seconds ago. a lot of wind out there as well. a high wind for the bay ridge and the richmond-san rafael bridge. not too bad across the bay bridge. >> definitely in
8:29 am
good morning to you. scattered downpours in the north bay. look at the yellows by the
8:30 am
delta. napa and into the east bay now. san francisco moving out into oakland and moraga. the peninsula, scattered showers the peninsula, scattered showers and more heavy rain in t ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ it's the best time of the year ♪ welcome back to "gma." as you can hear, we have a great audience here with us on this thursday morning. [ applause ] >> looks like have you a neck brace. you got an injury. >> i'm trying to keep up with you two. tory johnson is back. we have -- how many deals do we have left? >> 12, i think. >> 12 deals. [ applause ] our "deals & steals" holiday edition. we have gifts for everyone that are $20 or less. let's get started. >> okay, so pudus. they are two people who this is their favorite thing. one is fonsi. fonsi keeps us moving, and also
8:31 am
oprah. so this is two years in a row. this is one of oprah's favorite things. in fact, last year at christmas gayle king posted a photo on instagram of her whole gang in front of the house at christmas. they're all wearing them. she put them on the list again this year. that's how good they are. >> can i just show you? feel the inside of that. >> it's furry. furriest,comfiest, coziest thing ever. normally they're $13 to $35 all slashed in half and start at $6.50. >> 6.50. so comfortable. >> my daughter still has hers. you can even put these in the microwave. they smell good. >> gary has them for you. did he warm them up? there you go. >> oh, they're warm. >> that was good. >> oh, they give off a nice scent. >> give off -- >> lavender. >> peaceful. >> these are so fun. this is like a gift of cuddly warmth and clearly we have a big assortment of animals and little dolls to choose from.
8:32 am
they're so sweet. they're normally $25, but they're slashed in half, 12.50. >> 12.50, i like that. >> two down. ten to go, tory. >> we have kids. >> hi, you guys. >> they don't even know that they're educational. >> that's what's great about learning resources. all of these create engaging fun while also learning. there are the beaker creatures. one of their classics for 25 years, that cash register in front. >> i think i played with that cash register. >> there you go. there's a doctor's kit. so many awesome things from this company and kids can just have endless amounts of fun. >> what's the deal? >> they range from $20 to $40, but they're all slashed in half, $5 to 20 bucks. >> that's great. >> this is a really nice way to insert your child into their favorite stories. >> that's right, and to make bedtime more exciting, more engaging. so we made this one for ginger's son adrian so you can upload the
8:33 am
photos and names of the kids, and let your kids star with avengers, santa, pooh, mickey mouse, all the classic characters kids love. kids get to be part of the story. >> i love that. >> winnie the pooh was my favorite. >> there's also hard cover and paperback so normally $25 to $30 but, again, they're cut in half and start at 10 bucks. >> great. eight deals to go. let's do it. >> okay, all right. tread bands. so here's what's cool about these. these are head bands, but do you feel this gripstick? >> do it, do it. do it. do it. do it. do it. [ applause ] >> yes, michael. >> i feel like the karate kid all of a sudden. >> perfect. and what's good about that is while you do your moves that headband is not going to move because it has a built-in grip stick and that's what's magic about it. we have our audience involved in
8:34 am
this one, too. clearly a lot of fun. they're normally $18 but today, they're 9 bucks. [ applause ] >> definitely getting one of those. they have one with tacos on it. >> tacos on that one. >> merry christmas. i got you. >> thank you. >> watches. >> watches, yes. >> a great gift, classic gift. you can never go wrong. >> absolutely. so we have a huge assortment from ideal fashions. there's silicone, leather, canvas, a variety. >> camouflage. >> metal, there's a lot of choices. in fact, there are over 250 choices that are all between 49 and $55 but today they are 20 bucks and free shipping. >> free shipping. >> 20 bucks. really fun watch. >> now, this is something. >> i love this. okay, so wave your hand in front of these. tap these, wave your hand. >> motion censored and this is a problem that a lot of the women in the audience and at home understand when you carry a big
8:35 am
bag and it's like the abyss. >> it's so dark that you got to fumble to find your stuff. linda has a bag right there in our front row. what's great, as soon as it senses a hand is in there -- >> you want to borrow the light? >> there you go. >> so she can find her keys. and what's cool is, after ten seconds it shuts off so there are no switches, buttons, none of that. it shuts off after 10 seconds and it's also great in a backpack or a duffel bag. it's not just for the girls. guys can have it too. normally 30 bucks but today $15. [ applause ] >> $15. >> tech candy is one of your favorite companies. >> tech candy is a really cool company. we've got a whole variety of stuff. the guys over there are carrying it all. a couple favorites, this is called the bad guy locker. that's a little curtain for the camera on your computer, right? so you can like flip it open or closed if you're using the camera or not. there's a lot of like -- there's
8:36 am
a lot of buzz -- don't laugh. there's a lot of people who are sort of paranoid about keeping their camera open, so this -- there you go. there you go. >> how about these screen wipes. >> clean up your act. that's what it's called. >> monster chargers. that's what they're called. it's a monster charger. that's a really good one. there are all kinds of cords and accessories. this is the company that keeps your cords organized. >> cool, smart, innovative stuff. >> stylish, functional. all in one. >> i will say every single thing is just a perfect stocking stuffer and this is a great example of that. >> what's the deal? >> normally $5.50 to $46. these are slashed in half. 2.75 to $20. >> one left, tory. >> this is one of my favorite companies, julep beauty, also one of oprah's favorite things on the oprah list. last year they were on the oprah list. look at this set.
8:37 am
you get all these mini polishes. there's a variety of these. this set -- i'm jumping ahead -- this set is $20. we have crazy deals from julep. >> tory gave me one of these last year for christmas. so fun to open. packaging so pretty. i tried all the nail colors. you feel like a little girl again. it's just a great gift. >> such a good gift. i love this. >> i got one from you too. thank you, tory. >> there you go. so this is a really big discount from julep. normally $12 to $88, slashed to up to 77%, so 6 to 20 bucks. >> 6 to 20 bucks. >> good for oprah, good for us. >> three to go. >> look at how gorgeous -- >> like a work of art. >> look at that. >> can you see that? there's like glitter in there. >> plus we have shimmer body washes. everything is so pretty and, again, soaps are just a great gift. >> what's the deal?
8:38 am
>> $5 to $25 but slashed in half and start at $2.50. >> this soap is so pretty. that's the soap your mom wouldn't let you touch in the bathroom. >> exactly. >> this is just really great kind of me time masks. our staff was wearing them. we do a lot of pampering around here. there's masks. there's all kinds of skin care products, luxurious ingredients. but again, it's all about making your skin feel good and getting that kind of calming time. they all come in great sets, starting at $14 so slashed in half and everything starts at $7 from lapcos. >> the last deal. >> this is glove treat. this is our paraffin wax hand treatment. you stick it in the microwave but it has coconut, all these great oils that leave your skin unbelievably moisturized. >> the deal? >> $20 to $30 regularly. these are slashed in half, $10 to $15, and free shipping. >> free shipping. tory, 16 deals. great job. you guys, we've partnered with all these companies and you can
8:39 am
get these deals on our website and come on out, guys. it looks like christmas is coming early for our audience. everybody here is going home with products from every single one of these 16 companies. [ cheers and applause ] excited about that in the studio. and we're excited because when we come back, tyra banks is here live. [ cheers and applause ] >> merry christmas. happy holidays. holidays.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
[ applause ] before we get to -- michael and i were talking little football because i'm wearing black and gold for my beloved saints who are taking on the cowboys. >> yeah, tonight. >> you'll be making tonight. >> i'll be working tonight covering the game and i got to say you're turning me into a saints fan. >> who dat? and we're back now with our guest, a supermodel emmy award winning media mogul and now she's bringing back a cult classic, a character that you love, eve, the doll who comes to life in her new movie "life-size 2: a christmas eve," please welcome tyra banks. [ applause ] the smize, the smize. [ applause ] hi, girl. good to see you. you're beautiful. you know, this woman can do it all. >> yes. >> and in this movie you hear
8:43 am
her singing and rapping. you just like to show all your skill set, right? >> do i need to use this? >> you know, we gave you that because you're singing and rapping and doing all this great -- >> i am rapping. >> so a rapper needs a microphone so i thought you could do a little. >> oh, oh, that's what this is okay, so you want me to bust out something now? i need everybody to go on the count of three, one, two, three. ♪ be a star one, two, three. >> all: be a star. ♪ dress me up h to t, club i'll be with my chick, racy girl ♪ in this world get up girl be in charge fix that hair ♪ ♪ claim your name, it be with you day and night ♪ >> whoa! [ cheers and applause ] >> she just dropped that mike. >> that was drop the mike. >> we're feeling it. we got an album coming out, it sounds like. you'll be back to promote.
8:44 am
>> you can be a star too. >> this movie, people have been asking for the sequel for 18 years. >> 18 years. can you believe it? ? wow. >> it is insane. >> why now? why was it the right time now to bring it back? >> i felt if i waited any longer, i'd be like -- but so many have been asking for it and i've been working on it for five years. there have been so many scripts and meetings and redoes. eve was in san diego. eve had ten accents in one, she was a swedish person but a black person. there was all kinds of stuff and we finally settled on this. >> what was it like for you to step back in her shoes all this time later? >> it was cool because i'm emulating my son this time because she's so innocent and so like i used a lot of my son and his facial expressions and like my son is just so expressive as kids are so there's a lot of him in that. >> ah, that's -- i want to -- let's set it up a bit.
8:45 am
she plays this beautiful doll that comes to life and this episode -- this episode. in this sequel, you are helping out the struggling young ceo of a company -- >> yes, so, a publicly traded company, a beautiful latina girl named grace, and grace is a hot mess and i was very inspired by "trainwreck" by amy schumer. eve says claim your name, fight them fights, do you and do great. stop hiding. stop the pain. get past it. and this is a scene where eve is struggling and doesn't know how to help this girl and so she calls headquarters, sunnyvale headquarters, for some help. >> that is the best setup i've ever heard. roll the tape. >> and if you do not reverse that spell, you cannot come back home to sunnyvale ever. >> copy that. >> four days, reverse the spell, save our sunnyvale. you know what, you can trust
8:46 am
that eve is on the case. i got to go. [ applause ] . # >> eve is on the case. you know you're safe. that was kind of a rap. in the first movie lindsay lohan was in the first. can we expect an appearance from her? >> you know, there is some lindsay going on in here. as some are obsessed with her, i feel like it's a part of this even though she couldn't do the sequel, so we made sure there's moments where you'll see a little something. >> nice little tease. >> tyra banks, when you come here we got to say thanks and we love when you come to the show but now it's time to go. >> if you don't know, now you know. >> tyra. >> you are always a sheer delight. >> thank you. >> so happy and proud of you. [ cheers and applause ] "life-size 2: christmas eve" premieres on freeform, the 25 days of christmas, freeform, and it's this sunday, catch it. hey, rob.
8:47 am
sticking with the christmas theme, superstars gwen stefani meghan trainor and andrea bocelli among others are set to perform from the walt disney world resort and disneyland resort and you can see the wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration we are excited to announce and we are excited to announce the disney store and are teaming up with toys for tots. drop off a new, unwrapped toy or buy and donate a toy on until december 15th and they will donate up to $1 million. coming up, how to get creative with your gingerbread house. stay tuned. house.
8:48 am
stay tuned. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ back now with a christmas edition of our "ultimate make-off challenge." you know we love a little competition around here. amy, you're the current champion by the way. we're getting creative with gingerbread houses. diy expert jj keras is in the house. we've partnered with our sponsor michael's at their event this saturday 1:00 to 3:00. you buy a gingerbread house kit, you use all the decorations and you receive extra candy, too. >> are you ready to get crazy? >> this is about making it easy, you guys. think outside the box and let
8:51 am
your creativity run wild. a lot of times the gingerbread houses come preassembled so the fun part is up to you and your family to just decorate. >> i love you're showing us here most people i think we've all done the brown gingerbread houses and sort of added little elements. you're saying go for it. >> i'm saying go for it. next level gingerbread houses this year. okay, so, the first thing you'll do is pick your favorite destination. say you want a beach house in miami, a log cabin in aspen. >> oh, wow. >> you're going to think of where you want to go. >> and that's how you'll design your gingerbread house. no pressure. >> you think of it. the next step is all about the icing. okay, so the more the merrier and this year we're doing colored icing so take a little food coloring and put it in and mix it up. and the third and final step is putting all of your wonderful decorative toppings and you can find these at michael's and go crazy. >> just so you know, there's no rules so we have rules. 30 seconds on the clock. we three are going to go for it and are you ready? set, make it. >> okay, go.
8:52 am
all right. you get that all on there. yes. i love it. m&ms. quick, quick, quick, quick. >> we're always going so fast. go crazy. yes. go crazy. let's see. >> that's a winner. that's a winner. >> five, four, three, two, one. [ buzzer ] >> okay. i'm going to have to say -- that's good. but she was the most wild. you got it. >> i would just like to say this is like a rorschach test of our personalties. amy's is like perfect. in 30 seconds you actually made a beautiful house, amy. >> it's a beautiful hot mess. >> everybody wins when you go to
8:53 am
michael's. the make break events are so much fun. thank you always for bringing tips. >> i love coming here. it's so much fun. >> that's what the holidays are all about. don't forget to check out the make break event at michael's stores 1:00 to 3:00 saturday. to make your own gingerbread house. hopefully it will look better than this. >> it's edible. [ applause ]
8:54 am
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8:56 am
[ applause ] we've got to thank michael's and our friend jj keras for bringing it today. >> i lost again. it's also thriver thursday and you can meet an inspiring young woman named claire who is lifting the stigma around mental health on my digital series today and i'll also be going live on my facebook page right after the show and she is wonderful. she's beautiful. this young woman is making a difference in the world, a true thriver, as all of you are. >> yes. thank you all for coming. thank you for watching. thank you for watching.
8:57 am
♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine.
8:58 am
♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
8:59 am
good morning. 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. lisa argen, what's happening with this rain? >> a lot of the thunderstorm activity heading into the central valley. there's more offshore. we still have pretty good downpours looking from martinez to concord. highway 4. walnut creek and orinda. and into the east bay. 880. looking at some pretty good downpours, also windy out there and a mess on the roadways. >> i want to show what you it looks like on camera here in walnut creek. south on 680. crawling along. you saw that heavy pocket of rain that just pushed through that lisa showed you on live doppler 7. not an easy commute. be prepared for that. a quick check of drive times.
9:00 am
okay in the central and try valleys. 101 to cupertino. definitely in the red. we'll update your weather and traffic conditions at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actress, model, host, she's done it all. tyra banks. and from the series a "big mouth," nick kroll. plus, the toy guy shows us the hottest toys as we continue our "holiday gift guide." also, details on how you can win a $1500 prize on the shopping spree contest. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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