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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 29, 2018 11:00am-11:28am PST

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trees to car crashes. the san mateo bridge drying out now, but the threat of heavy downpours, strong winds and dangerous surf remains throughout the day. the storm that passed through overnight wreaked havoc all around the bay. we have live team coverage in the north bay and the south bay. and alexis smith is keeping an eye on traffic. it's still a two on our storm impact scale. we're goingo heavydownpours, g chance at a thunderstorm. the bright yellows and the thunderstorms have moved into the sacramento valley but there's the chance to see sun sunnyvale taking it down through palo alto, fremont boulevard and
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milpitas east of danville. martinez, a heavier downpour. and back toward san francisco the sunset looking at showers as well as tiburon we will be looking at the impacts in terms of the wet roadways, the poor visibility, look at the winds, gusting to 22 miles an hour in san francisco and there are delays of 2 hours and 31 minutes. drivers not only had to contend with slippery roadshi ao had to dodge power lines and road debris. >> reporter: the winds are calm here in at first glance this looked very
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dangerous. we drove up to power lines dipping across highway 84 in la honda. this truck and trailer passed through. surprising more trees and power lines didn't go down up in the santa cruz mountains. gusts of up to 30 miles an hour ripped through the redwoods and other trees. cal tran waited to jump into qtedangnos a downpour, visibility dropped dramatically. a flash in the sky in palo alto. clogged drains meant puddles of water. th i san jose was closed arothis mor
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cleaned away waves scraping the bottom of the peer. some places could see waives exceed 20 feet or higher. while one dangerous aspect of the storm was the super fast winds, in the north bay winds brought down power poles, trees and canopies. amy is live in mill valley. >> reporter: we're at panoramic highway which had bee mountain but they've now made some progress out here and they've opened one lane of traffic in each direction. they're having to pause traffic, let some through and then shift to the other side. right now it is cold, windy and
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gray. it feels like more could be on the way. heavy rain and wind blasted into mill valley around 7:15 this morning. the wind tore down this canopy that was covering a mill valley christmas tree lot. this power pole on panoramic highway is now leaning over, forcing pg&e to shut down the road as they work on repairs. this is round two of the storm. the first wave of wet weather came through in the middle of the night, toppling of this tree in mill valley that landed on top of this pickup truck. no one was hurt. later in the morning, a tree specialist came to survey the damage. this is weather related. the leaves didn't come off this yet and then it rained. that catches water that adds more weight to the tree and then it fell. >> reporter: he could also tell the willow tree was rotten in
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the middle because of the sawdu sawdust. he said he's gotten at least 30 called today for tree issues. regarding panoramic highway, they say the sll have a ways to go as far as the repairs. they don't think this will be getting back open fully until at least another hour or so. the storm passed through during the morning commute, causing accidents and delays. alexis smith is tracking your drive right now. things are starting to quiet down. >> it looks much drier. you can see those flags whipping around. we have a high wind advisory for
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pretty much every bridge in the bay area. definitely still some soggy areas including here in the south bay, great america park ray ramp eastbound 257. some delays in that area. mass transit with a 20-minute delay for bart. not great overall but it is improving. strong winds overnightpaialg under renovation in san francisco's sunset district. fire crews hooked ropes to the scaffolding and carefully brought it down. no one was hurt. nearly 3,000 pg&e customers are still without power due to
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storm-related outages. the peninsula has 662 outages. the eastbound has more than 1,000 customers without power. in the north bay, 723. 419 customers, no power in the south bay. and 23 customers in san francisco. weather continues to delay flights in and out of sfo this morning. this is a live look at the airport. inbound flights are being delayed at their origins an average of 2 1/2 hours because of high winds. and there have been 68 cancellations today. let's give you another live look at live doppler 7. this is one of several features you can use on our abc 7 news app.
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you can also customize it. now to the bombshell out of d.c. sources tell abc news michael cohen, the former personal attorney for president trump, has reached a deal in robert mueller's russia investigation. cohen appeared in federal court this morning and pleaded guilty to making false statements to congress. >> reporter: michael cohen walking out of federal court in new york this morning after pleading guilty to making misstatements to congress when he testified last year about his contact with russians during the presidential campaign. >> the question is, did he and then others potentially lie about it b s bigger with russia? >> reporter: cohen is they and president trump, previously one of his most loyal defenders. but pleading guilty earlier this year to felony campaign finance violations for his role in arranging payments to stormy daniels and karen
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he spent more than 70 hours with the mueller team taking questions about contact with russians and trump associated during the campaign. according to court documents, extensive details about trump's business ties to russia and the planning of a project in moscow. the president leaving the white house today for the g20 summit i argentina calling cohen a liar. >> he's a weak person. what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. so he's lying aboutroct thatabou >> reporter: this morning representative adam schiff, the cochair of the house intelligence committee. >> it means when the president was representing during the campaign that he had no business interests in russia, that that wasn't true. >> reporter: president trump is on the flight to argentina. he just tweeted that his planned meeting with vice president is
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off. he blamed the cancellation on the conflict between russia and ukraine. san jose police are on the scene of what we're being told is a homicide investigation. officers are at a home right now on ayer avenue in japantjapantjt also keeping track of more developing news in san francisco. police just released this photo of a missing child. her name alaya brown. she was last seen at her home in san francisco around 10:30. she's known to hang out in the areas around fairfax avenue. contact san francisco police if you spot her. whichina just announced a mr move in editing world. and steph curry scores again, this time off the court. the way he mad
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and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. chinese authorities have put a stop to a controversial experiment involving gene editing on embryos. a researchers there have made the world's first babies resistant to hiv. chinese officials say the research violates chinese law.
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gene editing on human embryos is banned in most countries. cities rules for accepting private donations in exchange for naming rights. zuckerberg donated $75 million to the hospital in 2015. peskin says public institutions should not affiliate with facebook after the company's recent scandals. this afternoon the a's host an open house at headquarters about its now ballpark plan. the park would be located at howard terminal. we first told you about this yesterday during abc 7 mornings. the team released these images of the 34,000 seatte work on the environmental impact
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statement will be soon. plans include housing and retail space andcose site. they hope to open the stadium by 2023. steph curry and what he did that will make your heart melt. we have some pretty strong cells offshore that could bring us some thunderstorms. we have fog, 59 degrees, winds gusting to 31 miles an hour in san francisco. still more rain ahead.
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now your forecast. >> we are seeing a good amount of rain this morning. here's live doppler 7 showing you most of the thunderstorms in the sierra nevada, but there could be more to come. in the north bay you can see scattered showers. the yellows indicate the heavier cells around berkeley. lighter precip around redwood and san mateo city and fremont. just north of boulder creek, the santa cruz mountains it is snowing.
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the winds are gusting to 21 now at sfo and 18 miles an hour at half moon bay. upper elevations, we saw 50 miles an hour gusts at mt. diablo. you can see 30 miles an hour gusts above 800 feet. we still have the oranges offshore. the direction is westerly throughout the afternoon. that's going to bring in cool air and be blustery along the shoreline. there is fog out there, it is windy and there are more showers in the forecast. 55 in livermore. santa cruz is pretty gray. more rain will be coming your way. for the evening commute it should be mainly rainy in the south bay and the peniula. as we go through the next several hours, 1:00 still some showers in the north bay, still rain in the south bay. by 4:00 we still are hanging
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onto the wet weather from the south bay. and finally it pushes into the sacramento valley and we will be dry through the overnight hours with fog forming and a break in between the next round of rain. here's what it looks like on friday. friday night we've got our next system coming in. it's a weaker one. it will be a one on our storm impact scale. if you're picking the drier day for the weekend, it will be sunday. we add up the precip totals here and we're looking at a lighter system but still maybe a third u about a foot or so around south lake. highs will be in the upper 50s and then the accuweather seven day forecast. we're looking in a break in the action tonight into tomorrow. couple of dry days and some more
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wet weather monday and tuesday. when a young napa basketball player went shopping for new shoes on the under armour page she noticed the curry 5 shoe wasn't listed in the girl's section so she wrote steph cur dr occcurry a note. >> this is a picture of reilly on twitter with her father. she wanted to buy these shoes. they're the curry 5s. but they only had size listed for boys on the e. this hero back his own handwritten letter. it says i appreciate your concern around have spent the last two days talking to under
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armor about how we can fix the issue. unfortunately we have labeled smaller sizes as boys on the my kicks proudly. correcting i'm going to send you a pair of curry 5s now and you'll be one of the first kids to get the curry 6. now you can find the curry five in the girl's basketball section. steph invited reilly to celebrate international women's day in march in oakland with him. pretty cool. dub nation is looking forward to this weekend because steph curry is hopefully set to return on saturday. he's been out of action with a groin injury and had a scare when he was involved in that crash in the east bay. the team is 5-5 in his absence, so they could certainly use him back on the court. it's a prank that's too good to be true. the way payless shoes tricked some of the industry's hottest
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elegant, sophisticated. >> i could tell it was made with high quality material. >> could you really tell or is the joke on you? payless just pulled the prank of all pranks on a group of luxury
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influencers. the discount shoe chain opened a fake high end boutique in santa monica and invited the influencers to check it out. payless also inflated its prices up to $600 for a pair of shoes. none the wiser, the influencers grabbed up the shoes only to be informed later that the shoes were actually the chain's $20 shoes. all the shopper's money was refunded but the pr value for payless is pricele that. >> we go for the $20 shoes but we make sure they look like they're 600 bucks. >> we still have rain out there. the north bay from napa back toward bodega and concord. berkeley looking at a heavy downpour. wood side and back toward stage road it is wet out there in the
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santa cruz mountains, the east foothills. it's going to be that way through the next several hours. do be careful. and it's windy. >> thanks for joining us toot.
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>> our returning contestant, tom zulewski, has $30,000,t e qutionway fr auaranteed $50, and five away from $1 million. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire". [dramatic music] ♪ let's go!
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♪ let's go. hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play today? [cheers and applause] i'm not even gonna ask you. >> [laughs] >> i know you're ready to play today. >> absolutely, man. >> tom, our returning contestant, walking in here with 30 large in his pocket already, and a very interesting part of the game you're walking back into. $50,000 is up next, and it's that threshold that you want to get to and then you got a free look at $100,000, and then who knows? >> yes.


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