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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 29, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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there has been flash flooding and there has been -- there have been i should say debris flows in the area of paradise, the burn scar areas and a flash flood warning remains in effect there until 9:15 tonight. flash flood watch is in effect for a much wider area up toward redding and down toward, well, south of colusa. 1 on the storm impact scale. next few hours we'll see scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms are possible. we still have rough surf and large breakers possible. forecast taking us into the early evening. continued weakening of the storm but showers can pop up just about anytime and just about anywhere until the system is completely out of here, which it is not yet. larry and kristen? >> all right. thank you, spencer. that heavy storm that swept across the bay area overnight and into the morning took a real toll on bay area drivers. there are multiple accidents blamed on flooding sflp david lui live in san jose to show us how standing water caught so many drivers by surprise, david.
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>> well, larry and kristen, we know we've been dealing with heavy rain and strong winds. drivers over the past few hours have been dealing with onramps and also flooded highways, ponds that span two lanes of traffic. you're about to see some video that shows you how lucky one driver was that he escaped injury. hitting a patch of standing water at freeway speeds can cause a serious accident. this minivan was going northbound on highway 680 in milpitas the driver lost control and the vehicle overturned. fortunately, two chp officers were driving southbound right after the accident. >> the driver said that there's a large pud until front of him and he realized the car was braking and at the same time he just didn't have enough time to stop. he hit the curve and overturned into the exit lane here. >> the driver was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. however, he was trapped inside and a fire crew had to extract him. flood water also contributed to this single vehicle spinout on highway 237 at great america
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parkway in san jose earlier this morning. it happened at an on-ramp and the driver may not have seen the puddle until it was too late. the driver and a passenger were not hurt but their car had front end damage. drivers on highway 680 plowed into a huge pond spread over two lanes. poor visibility prevented them from taking evasive action as they went northbound passing underneath the alum rock overpass. it clearly took them by surprise. fortunately, there were no collisions. on the road hazards during storms are potholes and cracks in pavement that open up during heavy rain. city of san jose road crews were out doing asphalt patches to address those problems. the highway patrol says it's important for drivers to slow down in heavy rainstorms. >> you definitely need to slow down, realize the visibility's going to be lower and the roads are going to be wet, and so make sure you're not tailgating, wear your seat belt and looking far ahead in front of you and just driving slower than you normally would. >> reporter: we know we have a.b.s. breaks and other features but even they are no match for
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situations we're facing in these kinds of storms. road conditions can be very dangerous. live in san jose, david lui, abc 7 news. >> thank you, david. especially at night when you cant really see all the flood, drive right into, it you're totally stunned. in the north bay today winds brought down power poles, trees, and canopies. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield checked out the damage in mill valley. >> reporter: heavy rain and wind blasted into mill valley around 7:15 this morning. the wind tore down this canopy that was covering a mill valley christmas tree lot. this power pole on panoramic highway is now leaning over. forcing pg&e to shut down the road while they work on repairs. this rain was round two of the storm. the first wave of wet weather came through in the middle of the night rngs toppling over this tree in mill valley. it landed on top of a pickup truck parked on east clydesdale avenue. no one was hurt. later in the morning after the
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rain had moved through a tree specialist came to survey the damage. >> that creates a surface area to catch all the water which adds more weight to the tree and then it falls. pretty common. >> reporter: lucas graves said he could also tell this willow tree was rotten in the middle because of the sawdust residue and the hollowness. he said an arborist can do an assessment to find out if your trees are healthy. you can also do regular maintenance to try to prevent trees from falling. >> you've got to keep everything pruned. it grows all year and then it rains and that's enough to tip the tree over. >> reporter: he says he got at least 30 calls regarding tree issues. it's been a very busy morning. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. strong winds overnight cause a scaffolding to partially collapse at a building under renovation in san francisco's sunset district. fire crews hooked ropes to the
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scaffolding and carefully brought it down so it wouldn't collapse onto people passing by. no one was hurt and the collapsed scaffolding didn't damage anything else. right now flash flooding is hitting the area outside chico that was ravaged by the camp fire. >> abc 7 news reporter carlos saucedo is live there now. carlos? >> yes, we are on skyway and chico where evacuations are currently taking place. behind me you can see officials here have -- they're not letting any sin vehicles in. only emergency vehicles. but i do want to show you some video we captured moments ago along butte creek. you can see the water overflowing onto honey run roadblocking civilian vehicles. hillsides are oversaturated with heavy debris flows knocking down fences and causing evacuations in the burn scar areas. there have been several water rescues. we've seen national guardsmen as well as the butte county sheriff drive into the flooded areas to get people out. i'm told they've been able to rescue people out of their homes, out of vehicles that have
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been stuck in water. this community of course still reeling from the devastating camp fire. >> the camp fire happened approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago and our worst fears beyond that came to fruition today. we had a large amount of rain in a very short period of time. the hillsides couldn't hold and it washed away very quickly and it's starting to affect residences and people. >> the main concern again, the debris flows because of the flood waters. safety officials say if you're asked to evacuat leave immediately. there's no time to waste. the sheriff was planning on repopulating the area, letting residents from paradise go back into the area sometime next week. but because of this weather, because of this flooding, of course those-pl plans could cha. a huge setback for this community. reporting live in chico carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> carlos, thank you. new video released today by the butte county sheriff's office is giving us new insight
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into the unbelievable danger that first responders went through in order to save lives. one deputy thought he was going to die in the inferno. so he turned on his body camera to record what he believed would be his final moments of life. deputy aaron palmly was on his way to evacuate nurses trapped at the feather river hospital when his car broke down and he was forced to walk. his shoes likely melting in intense heat. surrounded by wind-whipped flames he fought through choking smoke that naid impossible to see more than ten yards ahead. he somehow spots the nurses and other residents also trying to get out. >> that's not good. >> reporter: but how would they get out? luckily a bulldozer comes just in time. deputy parmly uses had i flashlight to flag down the driver. >> can we get in? >> yeah. >> come on! >> there wasn't room for all of them.
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so some followed behind on foot. this group made it, thanks to one heroic deputy. >> that video is absolutely amazing. fortunately, they got out. san francisco police are questioning somebody following a scare today at the hall of justice. police called in the bomb squad after there was a small explosion in the lobby of the building just after 11:00 this morning. a source tells abc 7 news that explosion was caused by fireworks. authorities put the whole building on lockdown and kept anybody from coming inside. they also canceled court proceedings for the rest of the day. police gave the all clear around 1:30, allowing people back in the building. officials, though, have yet to release any information on the person who's been detained. a shuttered san francisco hotel will soon be turned into affordable housing. it's thanks to a major donation from salesforce ceo mark benioff. the more than $6 million donation was announced at a news conference with mayor london breed today. the bristol hotel is located near mason and eddy streets. instead of turning it into
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market rate housing the nearly 60 units will rent for less than 700 bucks a month. >> we need a path to no homelessness in san francisco and that means every homeless person needs to get a home. >> this is a 20-year lease, and the donation covers five years, and we will need to make sure that the rest is covered. >> benioff says this is just the start of many projects to help the homeless. the city is expected to begin collecting money from prop c as early as january 1st. there is still time to weigh in on the a's and their plans for a new baseball stadium. right now the team is hosting an open house at its jack london square headquarters concerning the new ballpark plan. they will go until 6:00 tonight. the park would be located at howard terminal north of jack london square. the team released these images of a 34,000-seat privately financed park. work on the environmental impact statement will begin tomorrow in fact. that will be key in figuring out an exact cost for this whole project. the proposal also includes plans
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for new housing, office and retail space, as well as restaurants at the existing coliseum site. they're hoping to open the new waterfront stadium by the year 2023. first fridays are back in oakland. the monthly street festival returns a week from tomorrow on december 6th. the city canceled the november festivities following a shooting on october 5th that injured five people. organizers say next week's theme will be peace and love and will feature many holiday surprises. in addition to the usual array of art, food, and entertainment. special guest in town reverend jesse jackson will be joining us live on set in just a few minutes. >> he'll tell us how he's
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i mentioned we had a special guest in here. reverend jesse jackson. welcome. he's in town for an event called the conversation about the promise of america. focusing on how america can be more inclusive. mild understatement here. i think we have some work to do. >> we do have work to do. and we have been making substantial progress over the last half century really. i was first arrested trying to use the public library. african-americans and latinos from texas to florida couldn't use the toilet. black and brown had to sit -- holding up the right to vote. now this expansion of participation. the trump era trying to pull back the clock. we're not going back.
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>> all right. let me get your perspective on this. a lot of people thought after we had two terms of president obama and you had your first black president people may not remember you that ran for president and kind of paved the way. but that we were entering an era of inclusion and we were all together as one. and now we've seen the pendulum seemingly swing back the other way. were we naive? >> the uniqueness of the right-wing dimensions of trump. the impact of the russian factor in this election. the impact of the republicans moving from voter registration to voter nullification. hillary still won by 3 million votes, i might add. but the attempt to turn back the hand on medicaid. with trump 4 million fewer people have access to medicaid, for example. arguing president barack was not born in america.
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and then equating nazis with regular people in charlottesville. people killed in pittsburgh and he's talking about his hair. nobody ever saw something -- such madness as this. this is a very ugly period. but we'll survive it. i think the big deal to me in the election, that we have checks and balances back. the issue of affordable health care, reducing the cost of education, increasing wages. that's going to come back again. babies locked in cages on the border, separated from their parents. that's going to stop now. >> so you're encouraged by the results in the recent midterm election. >> i'm very encouraged by it. because young americans -- the shooting in parkland, they said we choose life over death. they began to turn that around, for example. you saw women whose fight for the right of self-determination should not be compromised back out winning for office.
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one sees the most diverse congress we've ever seen because people are fighting back. one of the great things about democracy is the right to fight for the right. and people who were sleeping came to life on november 6th. >> when you turn on the tv on a daily basis, what is your general reaction? a lost people are overwhelmed by everything. you seem to be pretty calm about the overall direction. >> i've seen a lot. i was arrested for trying to use th public library. look at the race in mississippi last week with espy and the woman who gave her views about the klan and the confederates. we were marching because blacks were killed trying to get the right -- almost won the u.s. senate in mississippi. it's just a matter of time. the race that gillum ran in florida he almost won.
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stacey abrams won the race in georgia. it was stolen from her. she ran against the guy who was the secretary of state. he was the referee and the scorekeeper and the timekeeper and he still barely won. one sees the rising up of the ex-slave states and one sees red states becoming purple and purple states becoming blue. last season alabama played georgia in the big game. young people learning to live together. when jones beat moore in the race in alabama for the senate, i was watching lee county where albany is. he won that county. a right-wing stronghold. tuscaloosa, where mercedes-benz is being made. he won that county. i see a movement toward decency. >> only a few seconds left. i know you're in town in part to meet with tech leaders. what do you see in the tech industry vis-a-vis inclusion and
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where is that going? >> first of all, this whole facebook calamity, private rights or human rights? more regulation. it must incite -- it's freedoms of being violated -- self-deception at one level. we're been trying to get more people to come on board as directors in the c suites. but trying to have -- our children can learn technology. they can learn apps and codes and programming. if that's the target focus. get -- around the nation. teaching our children apps and codes. >> it's the future. >> and the future is now. >> a pleasure to see you. i know you're battling parkinson's. you look great. so i'm glad to see you're doing well. and i want to tell people about this event tonight. >> talk about go warriors. >> you're a warriors fan too.
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but you're going to be at the marines memorial theater in san francisco at 6:30. that's an event hosted by the commonwealth club. a conversation with retired judge ladoris cordle. people can watch it online because you're sold out. a pleasure to have you. as an icon in this country for many years. >> thank you, sir. >> reverend jesse jackson. thank you for being here. it's been a stormy day here. heavy rains, thunderstorms, strong gusty winds. the storm is breaking up but we still have pockets of scattered showers. some of them relatively heavy around the bay area. this is a live view from the emeryville camera looking westward under mixed sky conditions. 56 degrees in san francisco right now. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at oakland, mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. this is the view from our southeast camera looking eastward. and again, mixed sky conditions. lots of blue there but also quite a few dark clouds still hanging around. temperatures between 57, 59 degrees santa rosa, napa, fairfield. not fairfield. san rafael. vacaville.
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concord and livermore. take a look at our surface winds right now. pretty gusty in san francisco. 28-mile-per-hour gusts. also 28 in oakland, 24-mile-per-hour gusts at half moon bay. winds a little lighter than most other locations. here's one more live view i promised you from sutro tower looking westward. these are forecast features. scattered showers for the remainder of the evening and it will be breezy in spots. isolated thunderstorms still possible. though the possibility is tapering off. we'll see our next storm arriving late tomorrow night and continuing into saturday morning. 24-hour rainfall totals are varying widely from only about a third of an inch in mountain view to just under an inch in san jose and oakland too. nearly an inch in san francisco to nearly 2 1/2 inches at pacifica. so it's been pretty wet in most locations. our storm now ranks one of the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity and for the nt few hours we can expect more scattered showers with isolated downpours possible, rough surf and large breakers over this as well. high surf advisory remains in
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effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning. wave heights 12 feet in san francisco, 15 at bodega bay, 17-foot wave heights at monterey bay and strong rip currents are still possible. winter storm warning remains in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning in the sierra. above 6,000 feet we expect an additional 9 to 13 inches of snow overnight. maybe up to 21 inches in some areas. and obviously travel delays are likely. major travel delays with whiteout conditions and road closures. back to the bay area. forecast animation starting 10:00 tonight shows continued clearing into tomorrow and through the day tomorrow but tomorrow night our next wave of stormy weather arrives right around midnight and starts to swing southward and eastward through the bay area. saturday morning it will wind dun, though, saturday afternoon. we expect at least partial clearing then. overnight lows this night mainly in the mid to upper 40s right around the up in the north bay valleys upper 30s to low 40s. tomorrow's highs will range -- not much of a range. upper 50s just about everywhere. here's the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. clearing tomorrow. next storm arrives late tomorrow night bringing cold showers saturday morning but we'll see partial clearing saturday afternoon. mostly sunny on sunday. clouds lin crease on monday. and our next two rainstorms coming in tuesday and wednesday of next week. each of those storms will rank 1 on the storm impact scale. pattern is still active and unsettled. >> very active and very unsettled. >> umbrella nearby. >> and keep it there. coming up we'll take you inside a san francisco candy shop. do you know what they're doing, larry? >> i'm not sure. >> they're making dragon's beard
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abc's new brand localish is sharing stories of places and things maybe you don't know about including a sweet treat here in the bay area that you know about. >> i do. you don't know about this food. especially the chinese candy. it's dragon beard candy and you
4:25 pm
can only find it in a few places outside asia. there's a tiny shop in san francisco's chinatown that's one of them. >> hi. my name is derek, and welcome to dragon beard dessert. i'm going to show you an authentic chinese pastry which was only served to the chinese emperor in the past. it's called a dragon beard candy. so i'm going to show you how to do it. the dragon beard candy, it's made by the raw molasses. when we heat it up, this molasses is soft. now it becomes finer and finer. you make sure you don't push too hard. otherwise it will break. my great, great grandfather used
4:26 pm
to make this for the emperor. that's how we learned the candy. and i'm the fifth generation gen making candy in my family. after we're stretching the molasses to the little white, we need to make the peanuts, coconuts, and sesame seed inside. makes the candy more tasty and not so sweet. there's a correct way to eat dragon beard candy, not put the whole thing in your mouth. you need to get a beard on your face after you eat this candy. okay?
4:27 pm
>> this sampling in a who wore it best contest with a dragon's beard. that's why you take a little bite, so you have a lot of the shreds coming down. >> you said it was like a combination of cotton candy and shredded wheat. that was exactly what it looked like. >> it's not very sweet. and i think for people who like a delicate flavor might give it a try. and think of the instagram possibilities. >> endless. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, governor-elect newsom going to the border. find out the best way he says to america. land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, ribeye burgers are back, america.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. fireworks went off inside the san francisco hall of justice just after 11:00 a.m. creating a brief scare there. caused a hallway to fill with smoke and the building was locked down. nobody hurt but that incident canceled proceedings for the rest of the day and police have debated one person. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is looking into the science of how smoke from wildfires affects our health. see what she's discovered coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. and take a look at some dramatic video from world news tonight. you're looking at the rescue of a whale shark in oman that got stuck on a beach. a huge group of people came to
4:31 pm
its aid. eventually they were able to push it back out to see. hard to miss the effects of the latest storm in the sierra dumping snow with some locations reporting more than a foot. off the san mateo county coastline sky 4 found big surf at mavericks. a high surf advisory remains in place. we bring in abc 7 news anchor spencer christian with a look at live doppler 7. >> today's storm continues to slowly wind down. here's a look at live doppler 7. here's what we mean by scattered showers. see how widely scattered these showers are. but it's still wet over much of the south bay peninsula. heavy downpours near fremont along highways 680 and 880, 262. this is a challenging commute for commuters this afternoon, evening. we still have flash flooding and debris flows going on in the burn scar areas near paradise and durham. this flash flood warning will be in effect until 9:15 tonight and we have a flash flood watch in effect for a wider area till about 10:00 p.m. our storm ranks 1 on the impact scale for the next few hours.
4:32 pm
we can expect more scattered showers, maybe even isolated thunderbursts as we activate the maps. move them. you can see that's going into the late-night hours. the storm will weaken and will end completely around midnight we think. kristen? >> all right. thank you, spencer. rain is pounding the barren burn areas of the woolsey and -- this is what it looked like at lake elsinore in riverside county. officials say homes are not threatened in ventura and los angeles counties. residents have been put on alert. the city of malibu warned residents to prepare evacuation plans in case mudslides threaten neighborhoods. pepperdine university has canceled classes saying traveling on malibu roads might be too dangerous for students and faculty during the storm. all this recent rain really hasn't done much to help the drought conditions in california. it remains to be seen what these storms will do long term. on the left side of your screen is the drought map from april when we had our last significant rainfall. you can see much of the northern
4:33 pm
part of the state still was not in a drought thanks to all the rain we got in 2017. on the right is the drought map from today. you can see much of the state is light orange. that is considered moderate drought conditions. and here's another look at live doppler 7 for you. remember, this is just one of several affects you can use on our abc 7 news app. anytime it rains. you can also customize the app so you just get the latest forecast where you live. in san jose residents near japantown are in shock after learning one of their neighbors was fatally stabbed today. >> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has been at the scene throughout the day. he has more now on what he's learned about this particular case. chris? >> reporter: kristen, this is one of san jose's oldest neighborhoods. you can see behind me the san jose police department mobile crime lab. investigators have been out here for several hours processing the scene. a typically quiet and quaint neighborhood rocked by gun violence. >> you don't see people walking down the street looking for fights or anything. or making drug deals.
4:34 pm
just not that kind of a neighborhood. >> reporter: just after 8:30 this morning neighbors reported hearing a series of loud pops on aer avenue in the city's neighborhood near japantown. police responded shortly thereafter and quickly found a victim who had been stabbed inside a home. that man was later pronounced dead at the scene. >> very unusual to me to have any kind of activity like this. >> reporter: the suspect was found suffering from a gunshot wound and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police have not released the identity of either man. but neighbors say an elderly couple lived in the home with their adult son, who was known to be kind and supportive of others. investigators spent much of the day processing evidence in and around the home. police have yet to share the relationship between the victim and the suspect. right now police say they aren't looking for any other suspects. this is the city's 24th homicide of the year. live in san jose this afternoon, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> all right,y, thank you. president trump's former attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty today to lying to
4:35 pm
congress about the russia investigation. cohen admitted he made false statements about a proposed trump tower project in moscow and when discussions over its construction actually ended. the charge was handed down from special counsel robert mueller's office. cohen said he lied out of loyalty to the president and to be consistency with his political messaging. mr. trump fired back at his former lawyer today saying cohen is not telling the truth. >> he's got himself a big prison sentence. and he's trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story. now, here's the thing. even if he was right, it doesn't matter because i was do whatever i wanted during the campaign. >> cohen has met with investigators on at least seven occasions. opening a second shelter with deal with the central american migrants gatherin at the u.s. border. the agency will open the facility in tijuana where
4:36 pm
thousands of migrants are waiting to apply for asylum in the u.s. mexico had already opened a sports complex to migrants gathered in juarez across the border from el paso, texas. some migrants have complained of a lack of food and water at the complex as well as being exposed to rain, mud, and other elements. california governor-elect gavin newsom today toured the o'tay mesa detention center at the u.s.-mexico border, said he met with some of the migrants who are seeking asylum. >> we're all in this together. i feel a deep sense of responsibility to address the issues that we as a broader community face. and i think we need to humanize this issue, not politicize the issue. >> mr. newsom will travel to mexico city this weekend to attend the inauguration of mexican president-elect andres manuel lopez obrador. newsom is leading california's delegation at the request of outgoing governor jerry brown. authorities charged a man with attempted murder for the thanksgiving night shooting at a mall in alabama. u.s. marshals arrested
4:37 pm
20-year-old aaron brown at a family member's home near atlanta. investigators say brown shot and wounded a man inside the river chase galleria in the city of hoover about ten miles south of birmingham. the victim was a friend of 2 is-year-old e.j. bradford jr., who was shot and killed by police, who mistakenly took him for the suspect. the officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. a stark report from the centers for disease control and prevention. we are not living as long. the agency says increases in drug overdeaths and suicide caused life expectancy rates to drop in the u.s. in 2017. according to this report, the average life expectancy age dropped from 78.7 in 2016 28.6 for tho28 78.6 for those born in the u.s. last year. overdose deaths reached a new thigh topping 70,000 almost quadrupling. the suicide race is also up 3.7%
4:38 pm
over the year before. deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning are at their highest during the winter months of course. >> and about this time every year abc 7 and the home depot get together to increase awareness of carbon monoxide safety. >> abc 7's lyanne melendez has a few good pointers to keep your family safe. >> reporter: you would think that by now every home should be equippedith smoke detectors. firefighters responding to a home emergency are often surprised to see what they discover. >> there's no smoke detector. or there is one but it looks like the battery's out. or the exits are blocked with storage or other items. >> reporter: hoping stories like this one will help educate people, kita, the home depot and abc 7 have their yearly campaign to help raise awareness. with the help of fire departments the donated devices are handed out to people who need them. >> this is our ninth year here in the bay area, and throughout the nine years we've been able to donate almost 32,000 smoke
4:39 pm
and carbon monoxide alarms into the area. >> reporter: according to the national fire protection association, three out of five deaths during a home fire are kur because there was no smoke alarm or it wasn't working. here's another fact. the smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a fire in half. fire departments want people to know that if you rent a home or apartment your landlord must provide a device. >> if you do not have a smoke alarm in there, although it is required by the property owner to have, we will still give you one. >> reporter: also, even if you have fire and carbon monoxide devices, don't forget to have an exit plan and discuss it with your family. firefighters say know how you will react once you hear that beep. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the fallout over the washington redskins' signing of reuben foster. one team executive describes what foster is accused of as small potatoes.
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before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. before starting tremfya® tell your doctor if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. ask your doctor about tremfya®. tremfya®. because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options. a top official with the washington redskins is defending his team's decision to bring on former 49er reuben foster following foster's latest arrest on domestic violence charges. team executive and former redskins star quarterback doug williams told a d.c. radio station today "we've got people
4:43 pm
who are in high, high, high places that have done far worse. and if you look at it realistically they're still up there. this is small potatoes. a lot of the things out there." that's the end of the quote. williams' comment came in response to widespread criticism that the team has received. abc's t.j. holmes with more on this controversy. >> reporter t.j. holmes here in landover, maryland outside of the stadium where the washington redskins play. a lot of questions now if a man by the name of reuben foster is going to suit up for the washington redskins. they are dealing with some backlash today after they have claimed this player, reuben foster, a talented linebacker, they have claimed him two days after he was cut by the san francisco 49ers after a second arrest for domestic abuse. they have picked up the rights to this player. that doesn't mean he's necessarily going to play. they say he has to go through a lot of counseling. he has to go through possible nfl discipline. he has to go through the full legal process before they ever consider letting him play for the washington redskins.
4:44 pm
but a lot of people see this as a really tone-deaf move by this team. reuben foster, this linebacker, he was arrested in february, accused of hitting his girlfriend. she later recanted her story. those charges were dropped. then this past saturday in tampa at the team hotel another incident and the same woman accused him once again of domestic abuse. this time the team decided to cut him. but then the washington redskins stepped in. he is now on the commissioner's exempt list. that means he can't practice, he can't play even though he's still being paid while this whole legal process plays out. but the washington redskins taking the chance. say they wanted to deal with the outcry and see if they could possibly get a talented player who could help them down the road. >> t.j. holmes reporting there. he says washington's head coach jay gruden, who's the younger brother of the raiders' jon gruden, understands the public outcry over foster's acquisition but the team is content with letting the investigation play out before making any final decision about foster's future in washington. >> i am not saying that high
4:45 pm
performance should justify turning a blind eye to poor behavior, but is his performance even at that top, top level where you might expect some of that? >> he's been up and down on the field. and injured a lot. there have been a lot of issues with reuben foster and his selection by the niners. we'll see. the redskins are rolling the dice. if you have unique talent in sports and a lot of other fields, you get a pass for a lot of things. that's just the way it works. it's not right clearly but that is the way it works. >> thank you, larry. of course we can talk about that all day. but you know what is right is spencer's call once again on the rain and also the showers today. >> oh, yes, we still have some showers lingering after a pretty stormy day. as k see there, widely scattered. but localized heavy showers are still occurring and we still have a high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow 4:00. chance of strong rip currents and localized beach erosion. and in the sierra a winter storm warning is in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning. snow continues to fall there rather heavily in some spots. an additional 9 to 13 inches may
4:46 pm
fall overnight. up to 21 inches in some areas. major travel delays are likely whiteout conditions and road closures. back to the bay area. over the next seven days rain chances are minimal most of the seven-day period but 90% chance on saturday. 70% chance on tuesday. 80% chance on wednesday. on each of those days with the high percentages we're ranking those storms 1 on the storm impact sale. as tonight's storm winds down we'll have some sun breaking through tomorrow but another storm starts late tomorrow night continues into saturday morning bringing cold showers. it will be dry on sunday and monday but we get showery and active weather in the middle of next week. >> all right. thank you, spencer. steph curry making a change to his shoe line and why he's doing it for one young michael
4:47 pm
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as you know, the holidays are here. for a lot of people it's the most stressful time of the year. got to go shopping, pick out the right gifts. >> the crowds. the fight over deals. not that we'd ever do that. but now to the big change at the cash register you need to know about. >> here's 7 on your side's michael finney.
4:50 pm
remember when cash was king? remember that phrase? >> not anymore. yeah. that used to be the saying. if you plan on doing some holiday shopping this year and paying with cash, it may not cut it. a growing number of retailers are going cashless. it's a trend that's been growing in america's largest city. restaurants began growing cash-free years and years before. several stores have tried it off and on. but this year many brick and mortar retailers are going along. retailers like bonobo's indo-china, only accept cashless payments. now, if you absolutely hate shopping during the holidays i've got? good news kind of. you're in good company. 75% of americans say it's the most stressful part of the season. that's according to a survey. but that doesn't mean you don't still shop.
4:51 pm
79% of americans admitted to doing retail therapy. that is shopping when you feel depressed or down simply to feel better. how do shoppers get by during this hectic holiday season? 1 in 5 americans admit to shopping while intoxicated. while millennial shoppers admit to it more than any other group. many families do christmas tree shopping in the coming weeks. aaa has some important advice for when you need to bring those trees home. the auto insurance company says many trees end up on freeways and roads because they've been improperly secured to vehicles. normally driving right in front of me. aaa recommends a roof rack, pickup truck or a van to bring trees home. customers should use strong ropes or ratchet straps to held hold the trees down, not the flimsy twine many tree lots provide for free. and take city streets or back roads instead of freeways. better yet let them deliver.
4:52 pm
some of them deliver for very, very cheap. >> that just happened yesterday on a bay area freeway during the storm. one of the trees came off. i was stuck on the freeway for hours. >> by the way, if you ant to give me cash, michael, i'll accept it. >> old school, huh? >> if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend we've got you covered. >> alexa smith has some ideas from our partners at foot line. >> there's no denying the holidays are here and whether you love or hate this time of year we've got something for you thanks to our partners at foot line. the cow palace has been transformed into victorian london for the great dickens christmas fair. this lamp-lit city is filled with over 800 lively characters bringing holiday cheer. enjoy music halls, theaters, pubs and shops with holiday treasures. it's open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekends through december 23rd and tickets are available at sausalito's icb is unof the most creative artwork spaces and artist collectives in the
4:53 pm
country. and this weekend they're celebrating their 50th annual studios. art lovers are invited to visit and buy high-quality art from over 100 artists who have studios in icb. there's photography, film, painting, jewelry, drawing, and sculpture. so you'll be able to find something for everyone on your list. the event is free with a preview from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. friday and runs from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both saturday and sunday. you've got a few days' left to check out taylor max holiday stop at san francisco's kern theater. it's a celebration and survival guide for the most wonderful time of the year. the show is conceived, written, performed, co-directed, and co-produced by taylor max, who you may know from his legendary 24-hour performance at the kern last fall. tickets range from 29 to $125 and are available at we hope you have a great weekend. steph curry scores again. this time off the court. this is just a great, great
4:54 pm
story. the way he made good on a request from a north bay girl. and dan is here with what we have coming up at 5:00. >> safety upgrades required by pg&e. we're going to explain why. plus a major day of anticipation and apprehension. abc 7 news is here. as a chef learns whether he won or lost a michelin star. ratings and reviews. passengers reveal which airlines are worth your money as so many people get ready troofl again. and the airport
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
warriors star steph curry making changes to how under armour sells his shoes, all because of one girl from napa. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has the story. >> reporter: a 9-year-old girl dribbling a basketball on a wet street with no hoop in sight surrounded by news crews with cameras. riley morrison of napa, californ california, welcome to your first 15 minutes of fame. to this point. >> reporter: and all over a pair of basketball shoes. riley is a point guard. she went online searching for the girls' version of curry 5s, but under armour only marketed them to boys. she had an issue with that. so was there really a difference between the girls' shoes and the boys' shoes? >> i don't think so. but it was just disappointing that they weren't on the girls'
4:58 pm
page. >> girls are continually overlooked. and me as the father of a girl, i don't want her to be overlooked. i want her to have the same opportunities as a guy. >> reporter: so riley wrote a letter. >> dear stefen curry, my name is riley just like your daughter. >> reporter: three weeks later curry's handwritten response promised to make a change and to send her a pair of those shoes. >> i didn't really think he would respond. and that seed send me any shoes because he's such a busy man. >> reporter: by morning this wasn't just a shoe story anymore. riley had gone viral. >> we're a little overwhelmed, shocked. >> it means to me like girls are strong. and they can do anything they put their mind to. >> reporter: by now that means a lot more than dribbling a basketball. 15 minutes of fame for riley, not fleeting. try feeting. in napa wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> this is such a wonderful story for so many reasons.
4:59 pm
and ironic that her name is riley just like steph's oldest daughter, riley, who's cute as well. but how many nba stars write a handwritten note to one of their hands? great job steph curry. thanks for joining you. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. realized the car was braking. at the same time he didn't have enough time to stop. >> there's been a lot of that in the bay area lately. the roads are bad and the rain isn't going away just yet. >> the skies really opened up last night and the weather sent waste water treatment plants into overdrive at 1:00 this morning. our smoky skies may be gone but does the danger still linger in the air in the new effort to gauge the impact on all of that bad air. use think these workers won the lottery, right? well, in a way they did. are. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. this is our power lines going off. i really hope nothing catches on fire. there's our travel trailer. >> thankfully nothing apparently did but people in moss beach did
5:00 pm
lose power after a large tree branch fell on some power lines and caused a transformer to spark. in petaluma a crash with a trash truck brought traffic to a crawl. southbound 101 just after 11:00 this morning. the road was wet but we don't know what caused the crash. >> also in sonoma county a downed tree caused highway 148 to crows near foss hill road. north of calistoga. you can see the snapped tree hits the power lines. crews are busy cleaning up that mess. the rain apparently caused a roof to collapse in oakland. the good news is the building was vacant and no one was hurt. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. rain, hail, lightning, we saw it all today. >> let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel with the latest. sandhya? >> we're not done yet. let me show you live doppler 7. we're still seeing some active weather. let's get you into street-level radar. it is pouring in san mateo county right now. i am tracking a cell near


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