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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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overflowing water has blocked off roadways, while heavy debris flows have knocked down fences and caused evacuations in the burn scar areas near chico. safety officials trying to rescue as many people as possible. >> we have done some rescues. we have gotten people out of their houses. we did have a vehicle stuck in get out by any means, including horseback. this man rode out with his horses after not being able to drive out his truck. deputies have been going door to door on honey run road, urging residents to leave. some choosing not to. >> if we do, we're going to lose it. if we don't, we can fight it. which is what we've been doing. we're channeling water away from the house. >> reporter: first responders say if you're asked to evacuate, leave immediately. >> our worst fears beyond that came to fruition today. we had a large amount of rain in a short amount of time which th
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still reeling from the devastating camp fire. >> god bless us all. god bless my neighbors from paradise. >> reporter: yeah, and the sheriff was planning on allowing some paradise residents to reenter the fire zone next week. but because of this rainstorm, that could change those plans. >> carlos, thank you. just as forecast, the rain was really heavy at times. the question is how much more can we expect? >> let's check in with spencer christian for the latest. >> we still have isolated showers around the bay area. the bulk of the storm has moved out of the region, but in the south bay, we have widespread showers with locally heavy downpours near santa cruz and further east. and as you just reported, this rain has been a big problem for people up in the area for beaut county. we have a flash flood warning in effect until 9:15 at night.
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evacuation warnings and reports of debris flows and in the larger area, we still have the flash flood watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. our current storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. over the next few hours, there's a chance of scattered showers, and possibly even some isolated thunder. i'll give you a closer look at this and the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> spencer, thank you. the latest round of rain caused flooding and accidents on radways in the south bay. abc 7 spotted this wreck on north bound 680. on highway 237, water covered the pavement, making for dangerous conditions. the california highway patrol has this reminder for drivers. >> you need to slow down, realize the visibility is going to be lower and the roads are going to be wet. so make sure you're not tailgating, wear your seat belt and just driving slower than you normally would. >> another hazard for drivers, thes. crews were busy
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doing emergency fixes. in the north bay, the storms brought down trees and lines. "abc7 news" was in mill valley where the weather toppled a utility pole along the highway. at last check, pg&e was reporting about 800 customers in the bay area still without power. and highway 128 is shut down at this hour because of a large tree blocking lanes. it came down around 1:00 this afternoon. several buys came down, and pg&e and at&t crews were trying to remove them. the chp says the highway could be closed all night. tech nic technicians have pg days to keep water from getting into the sewage. eric thomas is live in emeryville with this story. they've had to work hard, eric. >> reporter: they have. and they've had to work long
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hours, including coming in at 1:00 this morning. there are waste water tsunasuerd there are rainwater sewers, or there could be untreated water that goes into the bay. >> our water went to 87% of average. >> reporter: that's the good news after our recent rains. the bad news, leaky underground pipes allow that rainwater to go where it's not supposed to. >> when we have a storm like this, the water ends up rather going to the storm water system, ends up going into the waste water system. >> these are large pipelines. >> reporter: eileen white runs the main waste water treatment plant in oakland near the bay bridge. she says a good soaking like this can really challenge the system. >> on a normal day, we see about 50 million gallons per day. when we have wet weather events like last night, we'll see flows up to 300 million gallons.
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>> reporter: that's a six fold increase, and why crews were called out to activate wet weather stations like these that can treat overflow from the main plant. when the water is clean and treated, it's pumped into san francisco bay. but when the system can't handle it -- >> we don't want the rainwater mix with the sewage water, overflow the system. >> if we exceed that capacity, then you get partially treated waste water that goes into the bay. >> reporter: that is a threat to public health, and why it was so important to scramble the crews this morning. it's also why they're monitoring the forecast and are preparing to handle the next round of storms. >> we're working with the cities to reduce all the rainwater coming into the sewer pipes. >> reporter: that rainwater is coming into the waste water system because of old, leaky, underground pipes. many cities in the east bay go back almost a century. cities here are putting together
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money to replace those leaky pipes. that should help alleviate the problem. so yes, it's good news. they have 86% average water in the reservoirs. they're trying to keep a lot of extra water out of the waste water system. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> eric, thank you. now back to our coverage of the camp fire. new video released by the sheriff's office is giving us new insight into the unbelievable danger first responders went through to save lives. one deputy thought he was going to die this that inferno, so he turned on his body camera to record what he believed would be his final moments of life. deputy aaron palmly was on his way to evacuate nurses when his car broke down and he was forced to walk, his shoes melting in intense meet. surrounded by flames, the deputy fights through choking smoke that made it impossible to see
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more than ten yards ahead. he spots the nurses and other residents trying to get out. >> that's not good. >> reporter: how would they get out? a bulldozer comes just in time. he use his flashlight to flag down the driver. >> can we get in? >> yeah. >> come on! >> get in. >> reporter: there wasn't room for all of them, so some followed behind on foot. this group made it, thanks to one heroic deputy. just incredible.owis are looki long-ter health. tory ledoutthis. from uc davis where three significant studies are under way. >> reporter: 11 days of heavy
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toxic smoke in the bay area. this was our reality. >> we're worried about this becoming more frequent, and it's becoming the norm of people being exposed to this level of air pollution. so this keeps all of our samples. >> reporter: at the center of health and environment at uc davis, they're taking filters that collected particlanulates s month and studying toxicity. >> i collected this in six hours. >> reporter: with normal air, it would take four weeks to get this polluted. >> this is unprecedented in the bay area. we don't know how to respond. >> reporter: his filters will be used by health researchers to look at how this new kind of pollution will affect various organs in our bodies. >> when it goes on for a few weeks, it's -- are we looking at chronic exposure especially if
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it's going to be happening, as you say, year after year. >> reporter: this professor has surveyed 6,000 people from the 2017 fires.t out toy okthisea as is this professor, who is studying eventually their new babies. >> things like placenta and chord blood might give us a window into what the baby was exposed to. >> reporter: researchers say they're pushing aside other projects to start work on the smoke studies right away. they hope to have answers for the public by next spring. leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." a lot more to bring you. a homicide investigation is under way in san jose tonight. one man stabbed death, another suffering a gunshot wound. the typically quiet ninehood. a square at san francisco's hall of justice. what someone did inside that led to the evacuation of the entire building. >> elation for some,
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disappointment for others.
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in the south bay, people who live near san jose's japan town are in shock after learning one of their neighbors was fatally stabbed today. chris nguyen was at the scene all day, and has the latest. >> reporter: in one of san jose's oldest neighborhoods, a typically quiet street rocked by gun violence, has neighbors questioning what went wrong >> very unusual to have activity like sieof popsn neighborhood n.
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police responded shortly thereafter and found the womevi stabbed in a house. the suspect was found suffering from a gunshot wound and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. neighbors say an elderly couple lived in the home with their adult son, who was known to be kind and supportive of others. investigators spent much of the day processing evidence in and around the home. this is the city's 24th homicide of the year. >> you don't see people walking down the street looking for fights or anything. or making drug deals. it's just not that kind of a neighborhood. >> reporter: police have yet to share the relationship between the victim and the suspect. their denties have not been released. detectives respect looking for any other suspects. in san jose, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." a firecracker going off inside san francisco's hall of justice csedscare. bin and pice lock 11:00m. it wasleared a couple of hourslt
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insi ad settingffhe firecracker near the entrance. >> there was a small incendiary device that exploded in the lobby. as it filled the lobby with smoke, and subsequently the people inside evacuated the building. >> people were allowed to go back in, court proceedings were canceled for the remainder of the day and being rescheduled. a california democratic chairman eric bowman is resigning in the wake of sexual harassments. he plans to seek treatment for health issues and alcohol abuse. "the los angeles times" interviewed ten party staff members who say he made crude sexual comments and engaged in unwanted touching or physical intimidation in professional settings. bowman did not directly address theegatio ss b the pa >> ahote will soone turned into
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affordable housing. the more than $6 million donation was announced at a news conference with the mayor today. the bristol hotel is located near mason and eddie street. the nearly 60 units will rent for less than $700 a month. it was a very big day for bay area chefs and restaurants, as michelin stars were awarded. san francisco chef dominic cren and her staff celebrated as they learned that they received a third star. [ applause ] she is the first female head chef of a three-starred restaurant in the united states. her newest venture was awarded its first michelin star today. michelin stars are the highest accolade in the culinary world. it's a big deal. this is a >> reporter: absolutely, dan.
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i mean, san francisco now has 57 restaurants that have a michelin star. and get this, three-star restaurants, we surpass new york city now. the michelin star restaurant inside here, where you can see vips and some of the chefs are in attendance. and this year, i'm told that the talent is something the guy calls homegrown. i spent the morning with a well known restauranteur george chen, the owner of eight tibls i tib n china town. it was expected he would receive one if not two stars today. we waited for him, but he did not get that call. however, he says even being considered is a big deal. not only for his career, but also for chinese cuisine in america. >> people don't respect chinese as much in this country. i think it's high time that people realize chinese food is
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as great as any cuisine out there. but we never get the recognition. >> i thought they might get one star this year. eight tables is, you know, it fits into the michelin profile. it's luxurious, the service is very on point. and some of those are some of the things that can knock a restaurant that has really great food out of the running in some ways. so i thought this year might be his year. but we'll see next year. >> reporter: that's right. if at first you don't succeed. joining me live is the director of the michelin guide. thank you for joining me. >> good evening. thank you. >> reporter: tell me why san francisco's food seems so special. this is historic. >> here is something real. and for the michelin guide, the quality of the product is something ke
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>> aal, les hrlyee stars is something ard of in the u.s. >> she is definitely the first female three-star chef in the u.s. her restaurant has uncompromising quality and artistry. and also wonderful ingredients. >> i love that. something california is very proud of. >> absolutely. so once again, the product is key. >> many thanks to you. if you want to check out that list of 57 restaurants in the san francisco bay area, not just san francisco, it's all at our website, in san francisco tonight, "abc7 news." >> look at that, dominic's website still says two stars. i'm sure they'll update it very, very soon. >> very soon. probably by tonight i bet. let's talk about the weather forecast. we just got dumped on, and we're
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not out of this wet pattern yet. >> that's true, not over yet. it's winding down and the storm is weakening, but still showers popping up here and there, and downpours. occasionally localized downpours. you can see not much green is showing up in the immediate bay area. but what is showing up is down in the south bay right now, the heaviest activity has moved well to our east. here's a live view from our tower camera. we can actually see clearly right now. it's currently 55 degrees here in the city. we have mid 50s at mountain view. 55 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville looking westward. 50 degrees up north in santa rosa. mid 50s at vacaville. one more live view from our roof top camera. these are the forecast features. a few more showers tonight, occasional gusts, not very
6:20 pm
widespread. there's a chance, a possibility of isolated thunderstorms, and a colder storm arriving tomorrow night into saturday morgue. current wind gusts at 28 miles per hour in san francisco. notice many other locations have light winds. so still gusty in some spots, near the coast and the bay. but the gusts are settling down. rainfall totals, quite impressive for most of the bay area. napa, nearly an inch and a half. oakland just under one inch. over three inches. only a third of an inch in mountain view. so the totals vary widely. this storm, what's left of it, ranks one on the storm impact scale. next few hours, weather expect scattered showers, thunderstorms are possible. a high surf advisory in effect. there's a possibility of strong rip currents and localized beach erosion. and in the sierra, it is snowing. a winter storm warning is in
6:21 pm
effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning. we expect an additional 9 to 13 inches of snow tonight. perhaps up to 21 inches in some of the highe elevations. and travel delays, whiteout conditions and road closures are in effect. forecast, starting at 7:00, overnight, we'll see all of the storm activity disappear, giving way to a clear start tomorrow morning. but another storm comes in late tomorrow night. midnight, moving through the north bay about continue into saturday morning bringing cold showers. by afternoon saturday, partial clearing behind that storm. overnight, upper thirties to low 40s. mainly upper 40s just about everywhere else. highs tomorrow, there won't be much of a range. just upper 50s everywhere. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. again, that cold storm comes in, late tomorrow night into saturday.
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mostly sunny and dry on sunday. >> those ones are good. we need the rain. >> a couple days of a break. >> low impact. >> low impact is good. i like that. trouble for a san francisco based and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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the closing bell on wall street. this was for the new york stock exchange christmas tree lighting. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all ended down. a solution to a beer battle in the midwest. miller coors, and pabst blue ribbon reached a settlement as a jury was deliberating yesterday. miller coors blues pabst legacy beers, but wanted to terminate that agreement. well, pabst sued. the terms of the settlement have not been released, but the parties resolved all outstandingish shoes. no word if they will continue to
6:26 pm
brew pabst beers. austin removed to remove 20% of its scooters. part of the code prohibits it from having more than 500 scooters from downtown. another gun stolen from a bay area law enforcement's vehicle. and president trump just touched down in argentina
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> we have learned the gunman who executed three clinicians at the veterans home in february purchased the shotgun and rifle he used legally shortly before the attack. >> the highway patrol released a redacted report to "abc7 news" this evening in response to our public records request. >> 36-year-old former army combat veteran albert wong bought the shotgun from sweeney sports in napa and rifle from burlinggame, less than a month
6:30 pm
before the attack. >> he bought the shotgun february 14th, the day of the mass shooting in florida. the day before the shooting, investigators say wong did internet searches on phrases related to murder and overcoming the fear of death. >> that continued until the morning of the shooting, when he watched graphic videos of suicides. investigators say he fatally shot himself after ex-changing gunfire with deputies. it's apparently happened again. weapons belonging to a law enforcement officer stolen from a vehicle parked in a bay area city street. the east bay express reports a fully automatic rifle and other weapons were stolen from a vehicle parked outside the federal building in oakland tuesday night. the vehicle belonged to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. the agency is not saying what was stolen resisly, but said atf is aware of the theft and is aggressively pursuing leads and
6:31 pm
working closely with local partners to quickly find the individuals responsible and return the property. president trump has arrived in argentina for the g20 summit. he stepped off air force one in the past hour. it's going to be a business you few days as he meets with world leaders, including chinese president xi jinping to broke ear trade deal between the u.s. and china. the trump administration plans to raise tariffs on more than $200 billion in chinese goods from 10% to 25%. >> i will tell you that i think china wants to make a deal. i'm hoping to make a deal. but frankly, i like the deal we have right now. >> the president tweeted he will not meet with russian president vladamir putin. he also told reporters he has no plans to meet with the saudi crown prince. president trump's former personal attorney pleaded guilty to lying to congress about work he did in russia. here's more now on the plea deal
6:32 pm
and how the president responded. >> reporter: michael cohen, president trump's former personal attorney, now admits he made false statements to congress about the russia investigation. specifically about a proposed trump tower project in moscow and when those discussions ended. >> he's a weak person, and what he is trying to do is get a reduced sentence. so he's lying. >> reporter: court documents say cohen attempted to conceal or minimize these facts, among others. "the moscow project was discussed multiple times within the company, and did not end in january 2016. instead, as late as approximately june 2016. that's after then candidate trump had become the presumed republican nominee. also, "cohen agreed to travel to russia in connection with the moscow project and took steps in contemplation of individual one's possible travel to russia." individual one being donald trump. >> i think there's more story to be told. if anything, the president has said is true that there's no
6:33 pm
there there, why are all thinks closest associates being found guilty of lying about their ties to russia? >> reporter: all of this comes a day after president trump would not rule out a pardon for paul manafort, who is accused by mueller's team of violating his plea agreement and lying to the special counsel. mexico is opening a second shelter to deal with the central american migrants gathering at the u.s. border. the mexican federal immigration agency will open the facility in tijuana where thousands are waiting to apply for asylum in the u.s. mexico had already opened a sports complex to migrants gathered in juarez across the border from el paso, texas. some complained of a lack of food and water there, as well as being exposed to rain, mud, and other elements. deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning are of the their highest during the winter. abc 7, and the home depot get
6:34 pm
together to increase awareness of carbon monoxide safety. >> reporter: smoke detectors have been around for decades. even though we know they help save lives, firefighters are often surprised to see that they're missing in some homes. >> our crews depending on the situati situation, if they have the seem, they're able to look around and make a mental note, there's no smoke detector. or there is one, or the battery is out. >> reporter: hoping stories like this one will help educate people, so we had a yearly campaign to raise awareness with. the help of fire departments, the donated devices are handed out to people who need them. >> this is our ninth year here in the bay area, and we've been able to donate almost 32,000 smoke and carbon alarms. >> reporter: three out of five
6:35 pm
deaths in a home fire occur because there was no smoke alarm. these smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a fire in half. fire departments want people to know that if you rent a home or apartment, your landlord must provide a device. >> we encourage you to let us know where that is, anonymously will the b bldingname a a a a ae and let the property owner k kw. reporter:ven if you already haveire and cararn monoxoxe devices, firefighters say don't forget to have an exit plan. >> also practice home escape drills in your home so you know how you're going to react when you hear that sound. >> reporter: leeann melendez, "abc7 news." a 9-year-old from the north bay is helping create change, all from a letter that she wrote. >> i didn't really think he would respond, and that he would send me any shoes, because he's such a busy man. >> her issue with
6:36 pm
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>> wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: a 9-year-old girl dribbling a basketball on a wet street with no hoop in sight surrounded by news crews with cameras. riley morrison of napa, california, welcome to your first 15 minutes of fame. >> i just can't believe it got to this point. >> reporter: and all over a pair of basketball shoes. riley is a point guard. she went online searching for the girl's version of curry 5s. but underarmor only marketed them to boys. she had an issue with that. was there a difference between the girl and boy's shoes? >> i don't thinks just disappoi that they weren't on the girl's page. >> girls are continually overlooked, and me as a father of a girl, i don't want her to be overlooked. i want her to have the same opportunities as a guy. >> reporter: so riley wrote a letter. >> dear steph curry, my name is riley, just like your daughter. >> three weeks later, his response promised to make a
6:40 pm
change and to send a mare of those shoes. >> i didn't think he would respond, and that he would send me any shoes, because he's such a busy man. >> reporter: by morning riley had gone viral. >> we're a little overwhelmed, shocked. >> it means to me like girls are strong, and that they can do anything they put their mind to. >> reporter: by now, that means more than dribbling a bsketball. 15 minutes of fame for riley, not fleeting, try feeting. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> good for her. two lumpy mattresses delivered to a woman in the north bay. she was having trouble getting her
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
a stroke survivor bought a new mattress but says it was broken not once, but twice. >> and michael finney stepped in to help. >> reporter: the woman is paralyzed on the right side of her body, making her mattress especially important. >> can you see that?
6:44 pm
>> reporter: she points out the big sag in her mattress. >> when you lay on it, you bend. your body bends. it's not flat. >> reporter: 7 on your side producer ran his hand over the mattress and could feel it was uneven. >> so i end up sleeping with my legs over there, and my head over here, and that's the only way i have to sleep diagonally. >> reporter: she brought her mattress from mattress firm in santa rosa and noticed the problem right away. and they delivered a new one. christine said the second mattress wasn't any better. she made dozens of calls trying to get a refund. >> oh, my gosh, i'm never getting my money back and they have getting a mattress. >> reporter: they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in early be clong i3200 .
6:45 pm
so far no northern california stores are scheduled to close. christine's hopes for a refund dimmed. >> they refused to do anything. they said they would call back. they would never call back. it was just awful. >> she decided it was time to contact 7 on your side. we contacted mattress firm and christine received a refund in just a couple of days. they told us, we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer a 120 day trial. we processed a full refund for her purchase and offered to let her keep the product. we are happy to learn that ms. webster is please with the outcome. >> just a phone call from our television station made all the difference. amou of ney.0 i huge >>irm for coming through. christine decided to contact me after seeing our stories on air. if you have a consumer problem,
6:46 pm
let me know about it. my hotline is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. of course, you can reach me on facebook paand through >> thanks, michael. new was san francisco stockton street, which has been transformed from a central subway construction site into a winter walk. faux grass, and trucks. stockton will be open to traffic after the holidays. >> glad they have the tent up. you need it in this rain. what is to come? >> let's check in with spencer. >> more rain walk is coming our way. not a lot tonight. you can see the storm has weakened quite a bit. we have some spotty showers right now. and there's still a chance overnight, later tonight of a few isolated showers. tomorrow mormgs, just clouds hanging around, lows from the
6:47 pm
upper thirties to mid and upper 40s. highs tomorrow in the narrow range, 556 to 58 degrees. cold showers late tomorrow, ranking one on the storm impact scale. dry conditions srnltd and monday. showers and rain on tuesday and wednesday. so we're in an active unsettled pattern. >> those breaks are nice. thanks, spencer. larry beil is here with sports. >> warriors in action. >> start of a five-game road trip back east. who is the best team in the nba, the warriors may be playing them tonight, going north of the border to face the this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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good evening. the still short handed warriors are in toronto tonight. no steph curry, no draymond green against the best team in the east. in fact, the best in the league at 18-4. the raptors led by kawhi leonard. let's start with a flashback. look at a young steph curry, who spent part of his childhood in toronto when his dad played for the raptors. the block on kevin durant, leading to a dunk. this guy is killing the ws in this game. durmt wi durant with a little revenge here. but andre iguodala turns it over. kawhi with a three on one. gets it back, up and in. leonard with 22 at the break. warriors down 18. klay thompson with the jumper. 13 at the half. durant hits. he had 20.
6:51 pm
toronto's lead 9 at the half. more from kawhi in the third quarter. he's got 31 points. warriors trying to make a push but need defense. 85-77, raptors in the third quarter. the 49ers visit seattle on sunday. richard sherman set to face his former team for the first time and he did not hold back. sherman, part of the legion of boom. he was cut by seattle after seven seasons and a super bowl title. there's always been rumors about a feud between the seattle defense and the struggling offense of the seahawks. sherman was asked about his relationship with his former quarterback russell wilson. >> i don't really have a relationship with russell. we were teammates, we played during a special time for the franchise. i've seen him throw five picks in a game. you see what he's capable of on both sides of the game. he can be defended. so you give your team the best shot. >> i have no relationship with him! the a's held a two-hour hoopen e
6:52 pm
house this afternoon. team president dave cavel says with the raiders and warriors moving, they want to create something special. >> we have a great sense of responsibility for what that means for this city, and we're going to do everything we can to bring this privately financed stadium to life here in oakland, and it's going to be an amazing and exciting journey. >> and they are optimistic. the stanford women's volleyball team went a perfect 20-0 in pac 12 team, first team to do that since 2003. they earned the top seed in this year's ncaa tournament, which kicks off torment night. mindy bach has more. >> reporter: if you watch their practice, you'll see the pac 12 center of the year, and the pac 12 player of the year. and you'll see three more members of the all-conference team, including senior tammy, who says this group is not about
6:53 pm
records or accolades. >> working together as a team and wanting to win as a team and not worrying about individual successes as much as the bigger team aspect. >> reporter: and the goal of this team, under the pac 12 coach of the year, is to pound their opponents. >> regressive in our tempo and serving. the hope is when people play us, they feel like they've been attacked the other time. i think we live up to that. >> reporter: leading that attack is 6'6" catherine plumber. her size and strength is unique, but her coach said that's not why she's arguably the best player in the country. >> she's skilled and smart and sees the game and understands the game. >> reporter: her name is to make sure that the best match comes at the end of the ncaa tournament. >> i don't want this feeling to end, and i want to be able to may for as long as i can with these girls. the only way to do that is to keep winning. >> they have a gigantic team.
6:54 pm
i mean, there are men teams that don't go 6'8", 6'6", 6'6". >> thanks, larry. >> tonight at 9:00, on cable channel 13, they're measuring the snow in feet in the sierra tonight. a look at the conditions there and what it would take to get there. >> and then google's controversial mega campus back in the spotlight. what a new report reveals how it could impact downtown san jose. >> and coming up tonight at 8:00, "olaf's adventure." at 10:00 "magical holiday celebration" and stay tuned for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> that's all later. but that's this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. for spencer christian, larry beil, the entire team, have a good night and enjoy this very
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special message.
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