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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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fire and rain, people burned out in butte fire facing new problem tonight.
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from fire to drenching rain, flash flooding is forcing some survivors of the camp fire in butte county to leave once again. dan ashley. >> ama daetz. flood warnings and watches just expired but evacuation>> respon to get people to safety, even some horses needed help out. >> impacted people and area already devastated by the camp fire. carlos saucedo shows why some spots are unsafe. >> reporter: first responders were busy in afternoon with flooding and water rescue
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emergencies. flood waters from saturated hillsides overflowed on to roadways, creating another mess trying to do damage control. >> reporter: heavy debris flows knock down fences and caused evacua chico. tried to rescue as many as possible. >> some rescues, they've been successful. got people out of houses and in >> reporter: trying to get out any way possible, including on horseback. rode out on horses after not able to drive out truck. went door-to-door, urging residents to leave. some chose not to. >> if we do, going to lose it, if we don't, can fight it, rechannelling water away from the house.
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>> reporter: communityss us neighbors from paradise. >> reporter: most of the flood waters have receded but still areas with standing water and debris on the roadway making things unsafe. abc7 news. stormy weather also hitting bay area pretty hard. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the next system. rs live doppler 7, not em but anything left of the storm that slammed us earlier today with lightning, hail, downpours, strong gust kwi winds, 45 to 65 in the hills. over 1.75 inches in san santa rosa, close to two inches.
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concord, 1.75 inches of rain. a soaker, next storm is starting to develop and will work into the bay area. level one, nowhere near intensity of the last storm. late tomorrow into saturday. .500. mess in the south bay, flooding roadways and causing accidents. spotted this wreck in milpitas. covered pavement, making dangerous conditions and causing us to t. slow down when the roads are wet. >> and rain apparently caused a roof to collapse in oakland, good news, vacant, no one hurt.. >> lake tahoe, it's dark out but
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snow has been coming down in sierra, winter storm warning in effect, foot or more. >> sky7 captured this incredible rainbow. get the latest with the abc7 news app, tap the weather button for the latest forecast on your phone and customize it for the weather where you live. breaking news in napa, james falkenberry is now in custody in connection with a bar fight. napa police department says he turned himself in tonight. searching for him following at napa, he and another man punched and kicked a woman several times. both men now in custody. police want to find thieves that took weapons from atf vehicle outside the federal
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building in oakland. latest on the investigation. >> reporter: firearms stolen or lost by officers has been a problem in the bay area for years. tuesday it happened again, outside the federal building in downtown oakland. san francisco federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms vehicle at center of a smash and grab. atf is aware of the theft and is aggressively pursuing all leads and workingpaners to find the is responsible. take it seriously but wouldn't comment on what was taken. learned through sources, glock and cartridges stolen. most alarming resembles this, and colt m-4 rifle with multiple
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magazines. stopped by elite armory to see civilian versions of what was allegedly taken. rebecca kaplan took to twitter calling it a threat to public safety, noting passed a law making it illegal to leave guns unsecured in oakland. kate steinle and tony ramos still fresh in minds, killed by weapons stolen from law enforcement. abc7 news. new details about the gunman who executed three people in a veterans home earlier this year. in response to public rords request, highway patrol released heavily redacted report to abc7 news this evening. kate larson has new information we've obtained about the shooter. >> in the houtrs three
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women and himself, albert wong spent time searching internet for articles and video about overcoming fear of death and suicide. five hours before albert wong walked into the veterans home where he shot three women and himself, investigators say he looked up this article about the san bernadino terrorist and articles on murder/suicide, when killing yourself is not enough. and 30 minutes before he drove there, looking at videos of su redacted almost half the pages but report ou wt wong was thinking and doing when he shot the three women. kicked out of the program the month before the shooting.
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according to the report six law enforcement agencies, 114 investigators and 23 witnesses were involved. details how wong, 36-year-old army combat veteran bought both guns used months before the attack. shot gun from sweeney sports in napa. day of the mass shooting at marjorie douglas high school in florida. also gun purchased legally but because of the modifications, illegal in california. and wong was able to enter the building through a metal door leading into the basement he propped open the nfore.full rep back to you. than 2,000 people without power in
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berkeley right now. outage reported 30 minutes ago. live look from emeryville tower cam. east of highway 80, north of paulo street, heard popping noises before the power went out. updates here and at "new york times" reports that sheryl sandberg asked facebook staff to dig up dirt on george soros who criticized them in january. sandberg asked staff to figure out if billionaire democratic o flan philanthropist could gain anything from the attacks. chilling new video from inside the camp fire. you'll see dramatic body camera
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dramatic new body camera video shows what some survivors had to go through to make it o of the deadly camp fire. >> oh, that's not good. >> butte county deputy aaron parmelee turned on body camera because he thought he was going to die. just located four nurses from hospital in paradise, flames quickly surrounded them but with his car broken down, no clear way out. luckily a bulldozer showed up,
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flagged it down, squeezed on as many as they could, others followed on foot, group able to make it out. >> thank goodness. high emotions at public utilities meeting today, protesters voicing concerns about pg&e's possible role in the deadly camp fire. >> recess. >> a number of people spoke before the demonstration, many say they believe pg&e is responsible for the camp and tubbs fire among many others and want the state to take over the for profit company. south bay, google's proposed transit village could be getting boost. >> expected to bring more than 25,000 new jobs to the area. >> amanda dell castillo has the story. >> reporter: next decade could
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deliver a must different downtown san jose. expected 65% increase in number of workers who could be heading to heart of the largest city. >> more people, jobs, housing, hotels, restaurants, more of everything. >> reporter: connected to largest intermodal transit station according to association's scott nice. anticipates more could be possible if build taller buildings in area eyed for development. >> down and out, more space at ground level and not room for parks and plazas and things people want. >> reporter: people tell abc7 news they want to afford the new homes. taller buildings could provide more than 9,000 homes. >> heard about it, assumed rents will go up, that means everyone that's here may have to leave.
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>> reporter: right now only decision is whether the city will sell google a number of government and city-owned properties considered essential vo isarly step in multiyear process, much to be decided. abc7 news. how much more rain? looks like a good bit more but maybe breaks. >> meteorologist sandhya patel with what's coming. >> much needed rain expected friday night into saturday but will get breaks, crucial to try out and absorb meli d 7 showing earlier chu waters. sells still large. monterey bay buoy, 20 foot waves. high surf advisory. it's fun to watch but watch
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waves from far away. exploratorium camera, did you see the rainbow? it was lovely to see today. obviously got much needed rain and pictures like this one sent to me via twitter. view of the rainbow and another facebook follower sent this, almost a double rainbow. hopefully you were lucky enough to capture them. thank you both for sending those. chain controls on roads leading to tahoe, still snowing. 4 to 14ncsch winter storm warning above 6,000 feet. with the next storm the level comes down, up to two more feet at highests pea.ks and whiteout conditions. head out before 10:00 enjoy the
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weekend. 40s and 50s. winds were gusting 45 to 60 miles an hour in the hills earlier, have come down, 33 in san francisco. still gusty. half moon bay. breezy and cooler overnight. break tomorrow evening and colder storm late tomorrow night. one, light system. scattered cold showers. breezy at times. hour by hour, 10:30, could see showers develop. slide south 2:00 a.m. saturday. spotty, light to moderate, 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. 9:00 am, the last sliding through the central bay and lingering on saturday. not a sunday.
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to .5. bundle up, low 50s. and clouds around. tomorrow is dry, sunshine and clouds. download the app. accuweather seven-day forecast, a level one for saturday, dry sunday/monday, another storm tuesday into wednesday, light system, level one. have umbrellas around. that's it. nice to have storms every so orphan. tomorrow on "good m ngni releasing a
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under armour is changing how it markets steph curry's shoes because of a nine-year-old girl from napa, riley a letter to the star looking for curry 5s, noticed shoes only marketed to boys. >> i didn't really think he would respond, i just thought that maybe they'd change it and i didn't think it would go to this point. >> well, look at this. steph did respond, posting letter on twitter. told riley changes are being made to the website and sending shoes as well. sounds like riley will get to hang out with steph in march at game. great gesture. >> absuty. makes big impact. >> absolutely on a young person like that. >> she's adorable, she's
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fantastic. game tonight, warriors/raptors nba finals, might have gotten a preview tonight. kevin durant was
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good evening. if this was a preview of the nba finals, we'll take it. warriors and raptors to overtime in canada. dubs came back time after time without steph, draymond and bo ieog start with the flashbacks to young steph curry, spent time in
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toronto when dad played for raptors. warriors down as in as 18 in first half. kawhi leonard for three. up by 15.50ecdsleft. 'm gngo dotke in ra dunt myself. rise and fire for three. 13 seconds left, k.d. stuck in the corner, leonard all over him, hits to tie 119-119. 51 points, 11 boards. first time in career gone to 40 or more in three games. danny green breaks tie with a three. warriors were sloppyen ad, five turnovers in overtime. andre iguodala, traveling, fall, 5-6 without steph. shaking head. that wasn'ttus on saturday. figures to be emotional sunday for richard sherman, returning to seattle first time
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as the man that seahawks loved 9ers loved to hate. but friction between the offense and defense. sherman on russell wilson. >> don't have relationship. teammate time in theals,pe sci franchise. also seen him throw seven picks one time. he can be defended. go out there, give your team best shot. >> nothing especial. saints and cowboys. dakprescott, zeke elliott, untouched. scrimmage. 10-0 dallas. amari cooper. but loose, fumble, underneath but didn't ball. highest scoring offense in the
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league shut down. drew brees, my fantasy quarterback, thanks for the points, bud. saints win streak is over, dallas is four in a row. hockey players are tough and nice. bruins and islanders, big hit in neutral zone, crushes krejci, lost a tooth, former teammate boychuk goes to other bench to return it to rightful owner. tooth fairy. sponsored
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"!icel b. jor. from espn, katie nolan. and music from h.e.r. and now, hang on, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you for watching at home. thank you for coming here. how you doing? that's very nice. i'm thankful that you're here. this is the time that we -- of year that we are thankful.


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