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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 30, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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wrestlers showed up to look at them in team showers. some of the wrestlers say coaches knew but did nothing to stop it. they launched an investigation under title ix. he has a decade on the board of directors of its youth program. he resigned his possession from the wrestling club in june. he called it a misunderstanding and said he never had any improper behavior. he said i am shocked some of the wrestlers said they were uncomfortable. no one ever said anything to me. they could wrap up their investigation as early as today. matt keller, abc 7 news. all right, matt, thank you. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, happy friday. an update on weather and traffic. we start with mike. let's talk about what's going on as far as the visibility. sneak peek there.
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evgreen. in fact, we don't have fog to talk about. visibility 10 as i overlay on clean tt air is. we'll have a few clouds start to come in. a little bit of fog by 7:00. temperatures mid-40s to low 50s. noon through 4:00, the sky partly sunny. breezy too. there may be a bite in the air. we will be in the low 50s by 7:00. all right. another storm on the way for tonight and tomorrow. over to alexis with more about the commute. >> we are looking live at the san mateo, westbound 92. very light. high wind advisories in effect for the san mateo and dumbarton bridge here. so definitely have both hands on the wheel. be prepared for that. especially in a high-profile vehicle. checking out drive times. we are friday light so far this morning. even out of central valley, or
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tracy to dublin in the green at 28 minutes. dublin to mission looking good at 14. and northbound 85, 101 to morning.o in the green at just the man wanted for the beating of a woman is now arrested. james faulkenberry turned himself in. it came a day after his photo was released to the public. they were searching for him following this bar fight. it happened two weeks ago at stone sports bar in napa. he and another man punched and kicked a woman several times. the second man turned himself in in a few days after that attack. developing news out of berkeley. pg&e have restored power to 2,000 customers in the dark overnight. >> no word what accused caused the outage. a woman posted this video of a bright flash in the middle of the night on twitter. she said she saw three flashes. they happened right before the power outage at 11:00 last
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night. this video shows first responders using boats to get people to safety. even horses needed to help out. heavy rain and flooding impacted the area already devastated by the camp fire. carlos saucedo shows us why some areas are still unsafe. >> reporter: another mess for butte county residents. >> it was bad. we almost lost our whole driveway today. we were trying to do damage control on that. so it wouldn't washout. >> reporter: it knocked down fences and caused evacuation near chico. vast officials tried to rescue as many people as possible. >> done rescues. they have been successful. we got people out of their houses. a vehicle up here was stuck in the water. >> reporter: to ge wentoor door t being able todrt
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urging residents to leave. some chose not to. >> if we do, we're going to lose it. if we don't, fight it. which is what we have been doing, rechanneling water away from the house. >> reporter: this community still reeling from the devastating wildfires. >> god bless us all. god bless our neighbors in paradise. >> reporter: there is standing water and debris on the roadway making things unsafe. carlos saucedo, abc 7 news. happening today, the scooter company trying to get its wheels onanrancistreets woz companies to apply for a one-year pilot .
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only two were chosen. some applicants were denied because of perceived bad behavior. the final hearing is scheduled for december 7th. a decision due by early january. lime and jump have also filed appeals. facebook responding to a bombshell "new york times" report which said coo sheryl sandberg asked for staff to dig up dirt on george soros. sandberg asked staff to figure out if he could gain anything financially for criticism he had been making from the company. in a statement to politico, facebook confirmed she did ask to research soros and his financial activity. there is a proposal to expand a back statewide. six state lawmakers plan to introduce a bill toro e cirettesnd cigetsmachines. middle and high school students hooked on nicotine. online sales and sales over the
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phone would still be allowed as long as the custome21. some neighborhoods temperatures are up to 10 degrees cooler this morning. may have to grab a heavier he coat. upper 40s in berkeley, orinda, fremont. 46 in castro valley, the cool spot. coolest weather in the deepest valleys. 46 in santa rosa. napa, 47 degrees. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. roads are a little damp. they will get dry through the early morning. it is breezy through 9:00 this morning if you have to take a ferry. all right. take a look at the south bay. we'll go hour by hour from 8:00 this morning to 8:00 this evening. increasing clouds. temperatures 50 at 8:00. 56 at noon. mid to upper 40s to 4:00. grab the coat at 8:00, 51 degrees. east bay is 48.
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58 at 2:00. back to 56 at 4:00. in the 40s during the evening hours. and for san francisco, increa increasing clouds. temperatures from 54 this morning, hanging out 57 this afternoon. 53 at 8:00.n tonight through tomorrow. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. i'll have that coming up. first, alexis from the anchor j job. we deserve a break. friday light volumes. a live look at golden gate bridge. boy, what a different story from yesterday's commute. wipers, hydroplaning, standing water, all that good stuff. none of that today. we had a chance to dry out. extremely light volumes coming from marin county. a quick check of mass transit. we had major issues with bart. so far so good today. not hearing of any delays. 22 trains in service with no
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issues. ace 1 on time today. normal service, no delays. should be a nicer day, at least the morning commute anyway, for the ferry ride across the y. no delays for you either. next traffic update in 10 minutes. next, the return of two fallen soldiers and a somber reminder of the ultimate sacrifice our troops are ready to make. >> reverend jesse jackson meets with students in oakland. how
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in the east bay, police want to find thieves who took from an atf vehicle. the atf wouldn't comment on what exactly was taken.
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glock pistol and a taser weapon were among some of the items stolen. the bodies of three u.s. special operations service members killed in afghanistan are back home. mike pence informs dover air force base was was was was was s arrived. a live picture from buenos aries, argentina where the g20 is happening. president trump is there. you say enrique pena and justin trudeau of canada. the summit is happening in
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argentina. president trump's long-time fixer, michael cohecohen, has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the russia investigation. and a new deal with special counsel robert muller. reporter: rudy giuliani said the timi io c leaderstoey a, quote, proven liar. president trump's former attorney michael cohen said now what the public didn't know is while donald trump was running for president saying things like this. >> i respect putin. he's a strong leader. >> reporter: they were pursuing a project in moscow. cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress. he previously told lawmakers the project was abandoned in january
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2016. he now says it continued until june, deep into the campaign. and he also discussed trump tower moscow with donald trump, other members of the trump family, and top officials in the russian government. president trump is in argentina today. before he left, he lashed out at his former fixer. >> he's a weak person. and not a very smart person. he's trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story. >> reporter: cohen's testimony now maicon tphreubgt with that given by his son, donald trump jr. president trump canceled his meeting withnt vladimir putin at the g20. he is awake and tweeting. he said he decided to run for president and continued to run my business. very legal and very cool. and he said it's a lana zak, abc news, washington. reverend jesse jackson will meet with students at oakland
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high school. help students register to vote in the next election. yesterday the reverend visited us here at abc 7 news. he said he's optimistic about america's future after the midterm election. >> i'm very encouraged by hit. the shooting took they sa they sa it should not be compromised. >> he gave a sold-out talk in san francisco and met with mayor london breed. he posted on twitter he had a great conversation with the mayor. under armour is changing how it markets steph curry shoes because of a 9-year-old napa girl. >> how about that. riley morrison wrote a letter to the star after visiting the
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company's website. she wanted to get a pair of the curry 5s. she noticed they were only being marketed toward boys. >> i didn't really think he would respond. i just thought that maybe they'd change it andt would go to this point. >> she's adorable. >> yeah. >> so steph wrote back and put his response on twitter. he told riley that changes were being made to the website. late yesterday underarm our added a girl section for his footwear. he is sending shoes to riley and she will be the first to score a 6s. he said to keep a date open to come here and come to oracle and visit with him. >> i think it's in march. >> international women's day, i believe, yeah. >> that's so great. >> so cool. like she said, she never thought it would get to this point.
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>> and her dad to encourage her to empower her to write that in the first place and for steph to write back. a great circle right the.>> coo >> just continue to go make lives better around him, steph curry. the guy is amazing. let's take a look at what's going on with the weather. maybe he can part the rain when it's raining during the commute. maybe he can do that too. explore tore skwrupl, pi -- exploratorium camera, peer 15. a chilly breeze out of the northwest. rain tonight. we may get a slight chance of a dusting on hamilton, around lake county, some of the higher elevations. snow level will try to reach 4,000 feet. another storm next week. take a look at your high temperatures today. anywhere from 57 to 59 degrees. we have cooler spots. lake port, ukiah, low to mid-50s.
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light to moderate rain. temperatures from the low to mid-40s in the north bay. mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. late through it will be breezy once again. 7:00 this morning. all the in stability over the ocean. that's where the green is. 7:00 tonight, pretty quiet. towards 2:00 in the morning, the rain starts to move into the north bay. waves of showers tomorrow morning. they will start to taper as we head towards the afternoon hours. more likely over the ocean once again. there is some of that snow. you can see it up around lake county. if you're wondering when is the next time you will drive on wet paveme will row morning and in the afternoon hours. my accuweather seven-day forecast. sunday is the brighter and drier day. look at these temperatures, 50s through wednesday.
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alexis good morning. we are definitely enjoying the dry pavement e. pretty shoot from emery -- pretty shot from emeryville. hanging the christmas wreath on the opening to the item. they had a crane this morning. all lanes are back open. we don't have any metering lights yet. westbound 80, al bone to the maze, 4 minutes. fremont to san jose 14 minutes. and 101 to cupertino, wide open. nasa turning to manned missions. in today's "techbytes", nasa's future moon missions. >> they have selected nine companies to compete for more than $2 billion in contracts to carry experiments to the lunar surface. the first flight could take
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place as early as next year. youtube is getting in on the stories craze. >> the video-sharing site is rolling out instagram like stories feature to 10,000 subscribers. stories which last 24 hours on instagram, youtube stories will last seven days. the military is spending $7 million on an exoskeleton to give soldiers better strength and stability. >> those are your "techbytes". >> have a great day. i could use that at the gym. >> no kidding. >> robot, do it for me. >> i don't know how effective that is, but yeah. starbucks figures out a way to block porn on its free and a porn company fires back. the airport reunion that one soldier will remember oh! oh!
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>> one of the most exciting offenses in is coming to the coliseum to take on the raiders. 1:05 kickoff. 54. it will stay in the mid-50s with mostly sunny conditions. have a good time. here's alexis with some news. haenda a vigil will be held in san francisco ahead of tomorrow's world aids day. more than 100 community members
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will w street in san franciscofoundation ittart a 5:15 p.m. before a remembrance commemora silence. worlds aids day has been observed december 1st every year since 1988. people who watch porn at starbucks, well, they can't use the wi-fi anymore. the seattle-based coffee giant offers free wi-fi at its caves. next year they will have a filter for mature content. cont. in january 1st.
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>> a holiday wonderland this morning. a construction site until man. get a bite to eat and be entertained. the stretch of stockton street has been closed six years for the central subway. once the holidays are over, they will peel up the carpets and streets will reopen to traffic. >> i feel like this is late this year. usually it happens on friday. >> were they a little bit behind schedule? it is now fixed. so now we can enjoy it. high surf advisory extended until 9:00 this morning. before the storm door opened, you remember these incredibly
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paltry numbers. now that the storm door has been opened, anywhere from 59% in livermore. the rest of us 80% to nearly 100% of where we should be. and more rain is coming tomorrow. alexis. so far so good. we are friday light. ne of red getting out of tracy. 205 to 580, check out the speeds. no issues there. a check outside in san jose. a big difference from yesterday's commute. no wet pavement. we are seeing light volumes this morning. a lot of families go christmas tree shopping and aaa has important advice before you bring the trees home. many end bse they have been improperly secured to vehicles. aaa recommends using a vehicle with a roof rack or pickup truck or van.
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avoid the flimsy 2009 many lots provide for free. take city streets or back roads instead of the freeway. good luck. i see them pop up all the time on my traffic incidents. all day long. military home comings are emotional affairs not just for families but pets too. >> she is back home after 10 months. a big hug and lots of keutsz from miss may. she was only a puppy when she went overseas. she was afraid miss may wouldn't recognize her. it turns out, she is been waiting at the door for her to come home for a long time. >> who needs an actual marriage counselor when you already have one in your house. that story is new at 5:00. >> shaking my head. airbnb is about to do more than just provide a place for you to stay. new footage
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breaking news about a data breach affecting 5 million people involving hotel properties including marriott and sheraton. rain, rain, go away, come back in like 20 hours. mike says we aren't done with the wet weather yet. that was a pretty shot on the embarcadero. a nice commute. >> you picked a wonderful day. you knew it was coming.


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