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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 7, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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batting cage and she puts her helmet on and steps right up. pretty poor stance. >> she's working on it. >> the ball comes flying. she keeps hitting connecting with the balls. >> yeah, 2 for 2. >> the ball ricochets and smacks her in the face. >> i hope she has all of her teeth. >> it's not her teeth she's worried about. this is the end result. >> busted her nose? >> it broke her nose. she had to go to the hospital and have some surgery. >> oh, no. >> a week after it happened she posted her experience to facebook. she racked up sation. she wants to raise awareness about the safety measures at the park and wants people to be careful. she talks about the difference
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in the head gear used at the different parks. there's a side by side of what she calls a half mask and the other a full mask. >> it seems obvious, actually. >> it's such a freak accident. >> the chief executive said we're certainly saddened to learn of her injuries and i have been following this since the incident occurred. we believe this does not amount to negligence but an unfortunate and very real accident. we'll take a serious review to further enhance our procedures if necessary. >> there's only so much they can do to prevent every possible type of injury. >> it's all an unfortunate situation. >> we live in a land of baseball. how many broken noses do we hear about during the season? no wai , ifan un christmas t
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gifts. >> i can't survive in a box without food and water. >> that cute little pooch is waiting eagerly for its new owner. she's about to walk through the door. >> what is that? >> very cute little maltese-yorkie mix. >> she knows. >> that's briana, and she doesn't really know why the dog is there. her family has fostered dogs before, so she is thinking in this moment, maybe, but then they make it clear, this is actually your dog that her boyfriend victor just fostered. >> i never get to have my own. >> she has been wanting a puppy for a really long time. she was about to adopt a different dog and that fell through and she was heart broken.
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so her boyfriend decided to pull off a surprise with the help of her sister ashley. >> if she had a tail, it would be wagging like a bell. >> over to arkansas where they're about to surprise their daughter with this little pooch. their daughters anna and olivia are about to and see the surprise. they hold their composure until they know for sure the dog is theirs because mom and dad have been telling them for weeks they're not getting a dog. the video ends just as they pick up that puppy but they do tell us that a few minutes later they couldn't stop crying because they were so excited and they know they get to keep the cutete
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pooch. if you're going to do a job, make sure you're yo wan to take precautions. you can probably tell that this isn't their regular job. this guy right there, he's got an angle grinder. >> he's trying to break in where there's some volatile chemicals. well, he was unsuccessful so he's going to siphon the chemicals out of there. >> is she supposed to be here on the job? >> well, that's what criminals, they say we got this job. >> i feel like i'm watching a deleted scene from breaking bad. >> the man is starting to become overcome by the sllhoatom w ar burglary and theft. police allege they're going to use them for elicit drugs. >> what? >> i know. >> the guys in this video brought the proper equipment for what they were trying to do.
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they do have masks on and they also have equipment to break into the atm. one of them, breaking it open. and then another one comes in with -- >> gas powered saw. >> yes. but this guy right here with the red mask on, he's the look out. at one point, he's like, hey, man and his friend didn't hear him so he's like hey, we have to go. >> they didn't do much homework. if they did, they know that absolutely nothing works >> police say the guys didn't get any money, but they did get away. >> doesn't pay to be bad. >> we're big fans of the epic ski and snowboard videos, but we often don't give much consideration to the photographer out there capturing the images. lots of different stories. in this video, they're profiling photographer oscar hernandez. he spends most of his time in
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switzerland, but he's quite unique. >> a lot of people wonder how can i even be a photographer being color blind. >> what? >> is he really? >> and i believe that's the reason why they did this in black and white. >> how does he capture the pictures properly. >> he describes that's why he finds such interest in the way the shadows playoff white snow. for him, that's where the real contrast is. this is volume 5 in his series of short films called the shadow campaign. >> i sent all of this stuff to dave. >> so he sends his photos in. >> why would he ever look at photos that i sent. i had no name and the skier had no name. i mean, the first submission i ever sent in to anyone, he holds on to that photo and it gets photo of the year.
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>> his very first photo submission, his work was selected as photo of the year. >> since the beginning of his career, he clenched three photo of the year titles. >> this is no surprise to me that he just has an eye for things. >> they're asking drivers to -- >> just look. >> a simple solution to end a major danger on the roads. >> next. >> plus jamie is adding a spoon full of sugar to a very special painting. >> she is a fantastic artist. >> see how she's creating one design coming up. >> if i were one of them, i would call her up and be like, can i please buy that from you? -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch.
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recent rainfall and a cold snap left a very dangerous situation for some students in china. and under very dangerous circumstances, he left. >> what is happening to you? >> i haven't even shown you the video. >> he's like i got this. i got my skechers on. i'll be fine. >> looks like you have more where ever they go. >> they are iced over so they're trying to carefully make their way down. >> somebody is moon walking. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. >> i can't believe theyhere wite fans or something to help
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they could seriously get hurt. >> it's not easy. >> it's all bad. >> like these >> you do see people holding on to the railing. >> all right. >> i said no laughing. >> i got >> one of the things we know about jamie joe is she is a fantastic artist and she's going back to just painting, but she's painting something very iconic. can you guess what it is? mary poppins. hat.
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>> that is the julie and portrayal of mary poppins. but let's fast forward. there's another mary poppins played by emily blunt. and for mary poppins returns, i'm going to salute the original mary poppins. >> if i were one of them, i'd call her up and say, can i please buy that from you. >> both of those ladies do an incredible job because i've seen mary poppins returns and emily blunt does a fantastic job.esci someone that's iconic. >> she's made two fabulous hats. i love that she makes it look so easy. >> this is one of my favorites. very good job. >> mary poppins returns opens in
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theaters on december 19th... >> bicyclists face a number of di ris on the road, but one of the biggest dangers is this. >> especially in big cities where you don't see them coming. >> right. this video put outututututut people to not just fling open your door if you're parked on the streets, because this is exactly what could happen. there's a crash test they put together to show how dangerous and how severe these injuries could be. it's like hitting a brick wall that pops out of nowhere. some of the new vehicles being built have safety warnings for rear passengers. a little light will light up on the rear door. so even cars now are adapting to situations like this.
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basically, the message is, look. take a quick second to check before you open the door. >> a man is caught balancing between buildings. >> that's because that little one needs him. >> see the friendly neighborhood hero's terrifying rescue. >> oh, shoot. >> and all eyes and ears are on one family's handy hat. >> because they created a solution. >> hear how they pin down a quick fix for their boy, coming up. >> now he's like, what? what did you say? nt
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while every agent story is different, ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. so you can go from this... to this. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ ythat's why there's new gold bond overnight lotion. works while you sleep, as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. new gold bond overnight lotion. people in this local neighborhood in china are calling this local shop owner spiderman. >> oh, shoot. >> so that littleld climbed barsndswe, not on the other side. that 2-year-old child is now dangling in the bars.
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reports are he tried to knockdown the family door and when that didn't work he decided to lower himself from the roof. >> how long has this kid being hanging there and why was there no one else in sight? >> that kid has been there awhile. >> it took him proximately three minutes to get to her and once he did he held on to the bars with one hand and pushed the child through to relieve the pressure from her neck. her husband left her daughter at home alone after rushing out for his night shift and she was headed back home at the time, but the child went through the window, through the bars, and there you have it. as you can imagine the child's parents are very grateful. the fire department helped this hero down and authorities say he will be rewarded. now let's move over to wales where roxy needs a little help.
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>> she decided to hop off in there. >> you can't just pick them up. they're solid suckers. >> after about 40 minutes of figuring out all the details, they were able to shift here, ma toou -- maneuver there. >> she was like, thanks, that was a tight squeeze, man. >> this little man right here, he's so cute, but he's got something that kind of sticks out. >> so cute. >> they're adorable. >> this little boy, he lives in mexico, but you don't really need a translater. it's created a solution. >> oh, ty this stuff and put
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it on his ears. let's see if it works. >> they pinned his ears back, and now he's like, what? what did you say? >> i love the >> very cute. >> hold on a second. >> i just happen to have some of this on my desk decorated for the holidays. you have the shortest hair. >> put the dump truck together? >> like unaffected by the velcro.
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>> mike's watching the game with his girl. >> suddenly they cut to m commercial break. >> because i love you. >> the big way he's telling
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back around. they just get new products to create an old look that's still fabulous. he's been running a campaign with the tag line love is worth it and they help a few people express their love during the maple leave gang. well, he knows just how to do that, so they helped him out with this. >> will you marry me? >> it's a commercial. >> i know we're at home watching the leafs right now and you're probably wondering why i'm on tv. people's jewelry has given me this commercial spot because i love you. >> imagine, being at home on the couch and suddenly they cut to commercial break. >> and it's like, christina.
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>> i hope christina doesn't have to go to the bathroom during the commercial break. >> no, you sit down and watch this commercial. it was the best decision i ever made to say hi to you in that grocery store. i'll never regret it. christina, i adore you, and i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> 737,000 people saw this commercial. but as you can imagine, once he popped the question. >> and all of toronto is watching, can you please say yes? >> people went to social media and started tweeting, did she say yes or no? >> well, yeah, come on. at this point we're all invested in this. did she? >> you'll have to wait until the next commercial break. >> well, they happen to be one of the team partners with the maple leafs, they had a ther wti outside. they captured the moment. if i'm at home watching the game, i'm in the fuzzy socks.
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she's still cute. she says yes and then they oh >> that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time. [ footsteps approaching ] all right. whoa. hey, how about that sweet '55 ford that brought us here? -oh, my goodness. isn't there a particular, like, beat to cuba? i just feel, you know -- i can almost hear the salsa music and taste the cuba libre. yeah, but instead of that... mm. ...we have to find obrecht and get her back to the states. yeah. so, there's this very amenable dance instructor who let us know that obrecht comes here once a week for dance classes. would it kill you to let me in on the plan once in a while? well, it came together this morning. my sources have made all these arrangements. you do know the plan. yeah --
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you know the plan. okay. all right. i know -- i know the plan. it's all gonna take place right here. wow, the thought of obrecht doing the mambo. [ shudders ] [ laughs ] yeah, don't knock it till you tried it. ha! [ laughs ] [ up-tempo latin music plays ] ♪ [ chuckles ] yeah, it's good. are you a glutton for punishment? no, come on! i think you're gonna be good at this... it's all in the hips. hm. ♪ willow? hi. hey. [ chuckles ] wh-what brings you here? uh, d a board meeting. yeah. uh, what's, uh -- what's going on here?
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oh, uh, my kids are on a field trip to g.h. so, while the nurse is giving them a tour, on their workbooks. [ chuckles ] you dragged your workbooks here? yeah, it's either that or drag 'em home. well, i'll, uh... i'll leave you to it. uh, actually, i-if you don't mind, i could use your help. [ sighs ] i wish we could stay like this all day. mm-hmm. we're newlyweds. don't we get a pass? yeah, right. like anything other than a natural disaster could keep you away from your office. [ chuckles ] yeah. look, i know you want to solve this case, but my offer to help still stands. mm. well... ...i may take you up on that. yeah? unofficially. well... unofficially...
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oftentimes are. are you saying that the evidence against griffin was planted? i'm saying statistics usually show that it's the husband or the boyfriend. so, in this case, maybe, uh -- maybe they knew the statistics in covering their tracks. yeah, that occurred to me, too. but still -- i can't find anything to exonerate griffin -- he doesn't have an alibi... [ sighs ] and i'm wasting our morning in bed talking about the case when i should be basking in the joys of married life. ooh, bask away... [ laughs ] let's be careful to remind each other of this. yeah? i mean, we could pretend we're in fiji right now and turn up the heat. hm. things are getting pretty hot right now. ♪
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-hi, darling. -oh, hey, mom. thank you for meeting me here so fast. yes, of course. is this about that mysterious obituary? what was his name? powell? leland powell. no, i-i haven't even started to deal with that yet. this is actually about griffin munro. is he still the prime suspect in kiki's murder? yeah, i'm on my way to the arraignment. well, i think i have something you can use to prove that he's innocent. your lawyer will meet you here prior to the arraignment. can i get you a coffee? bagel? coffee's fine. i haven't slept. just keep thinking about the last time i saw kiki. looking back at her as i left her apartment. was so excited about the decision that was made on my suspension, i just... ...wish to god that i waited. what do i have to do to make you guys understand? i didn't kill kiki. you're wasting your time on me while the real killer is still out there!
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[ footsteps approaching ]


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