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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 26, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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abc7 news. in the south bay, police respond to a report of shots fired and when it was all over, they fired shots, as well. good evening. and merry christmas. i'm dan ashley. flu details on a deadly shooting. in tense moments that led up to san jose police opening fire on two women in a car killing one of them. news reporter unser hassan has late detail? we're talking about two separate shootings the first after 28 a.m. leading to a police chase followed by another shooting. this time it was police who opened fire leaving one woman dead. just after 2:00 a.m. this morning, there were reports of shots fired near story road and mcclements avenue in san jose. >> two people in the vehicle. both have been shot. >> reporter: as police arrived, they found two adults shot. daniel bay lives nearby. >> i hear about it so much that i'm almost desensitized about it. it's really bad to hear people
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doing that this time of year. >> as police pulled up, they tried to stop the driver but police say she took off and they chased her till she crashed. police say she then drove her car towards police, ram aginto a patrol car. that's when four cops opened fire. >> [ bleep ] >> witnesses captured the shooting on video. the drive died at the keen. police say a second woman in the car was injured, released from the hospital and will be bookeded on an outstanding arrest warrant? an area where you live you want it to be safe. >> one neighbor is concerned about safety. >> i guess the police have to protect themselves but also have to protect will the community. >> reporter: the identities of the two suspects and two victims haven't been released. as to the four cops, they were put on paid administrative lead and any officer involved
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shooting. the district attorney's office is also conducting their own investigation. >> very good. thanks very much. unser hassan. u.s. customs and border protection today ordered medical checks on every child in custody after an 8-year-old boy from guatemala died sadly. he was treated yesterday for a cold and fever in a hospital and then transferred back to a border patrol station. he was taken to the hospital again a few hours later and died. texas congressman beto o'rourke is calling for better care of immigrant children. >> i want to make sure we put the well-being and welfare of these kids before any other concern. let's make sure they're okay with their families and make sure they get medical care. they pose no threat to the this country. >> this is the second child to die in u.s. custody this month. a 7-year-old girl died on december 8th. in developing news, an effort under way to house hundreds of migrants dropped off by immigration agents at a bus
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stop. about 100 migrants from central america were left at the greyhound station in el paso on top of 200 undocumented immigrants dropped off tlfl sunday night. local humanitarian agencies rushed to find them shelter or reunites them with relatives. >> this really does take a collaborative effort, the city, county volunteers, non-profits. everything coming together to make sure we're able to respond in the most adequate manner. >> hundreds more could be released tomorrow. i.c.e. gave no explanation for the release but the agency indicated it is limiting its review of release plans for limits detained at the border. a two-car crash in contra costa county this morning killed one driver and sent the other to the hospital with serious injuries. abc7 news was at the scene of the crash just north of highway 4. the chp believes the driver of
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overcorrected and hit a black suv in oncoming traffic. the sedan's driver is expected skyway. >> a cal train struck and kill aid person on the tracks after noon near the scott boulevard overpass. this is the 13th fatality for cal train this year. weather conditions created a treacherous ride this christmas day in parts of california. >> this guy's about to hit these people. watch out! >> oh, boy. close. terrifying moments for drivers who found themselves on a snowy and slick stretch of interstate 15 in southern california. cars can slip sliding all over the place near the cajon bass in san bernardino county. a number of cars were involved in a series of chain reaction crashes. some people were hurt. the crashes shut down the whole freeway for a time. traffic wasn't much better for drivers heading to see era for christmas. snowfall caused multiple spinouts along 80. you can see the conditions
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clearly. at least the snow made for great skiing today and boarding. that was the good news once you got up there. some resorts got more than 8 inchz of snow since monday and more than a foot of snow during our recent storms. so the conditions are pretty good once you get up there successfully. on the peninsula, a big scare when a tree fell and crushed a house in atherton. this huge pine tree toppled over just before 2:00 a.m. on christmas morning. a branch crashe through the roof of a child's bedroom. no one was hurt. dozens from people spent christmas morning hoping to prevent tragedy on the golden gate bridge calling em selves bridge walk angels. with good reason. they're volunteers who moesht the span for people who show suicidal behavior. just this year, 22 people died by suicide on the bridge and 142 more were prevented from trying. the organizers says some of
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those saved by the bridge walk angels joined today's effort. >> sometimes people come to the bridge in acute crisis out of impulsive behavior and that we were able to be there and to show compassion and really connect with them in a meaningful way. >> and, of course, the holidays can be a very tough time for a lot of people. it's critical that people like this group are there to help. the bridge walk angels say they'll continue to monitor the bridge till a suicide barrier is completed in two years time. all right. a bay area holiday tradition marked its 25th year today. abc7 news was in the tenderloin for glide's annual christmas celebration and meal that beal ganable with breakfast today followed by a luncheon of prime rib. glide says the house ofrib dote 00 pounds of meat for this meal. >> it's a pretty big day, a day where we have roughly 500 volunteers show up and we have people lining up at
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christmas breakfast with us at 10:00. >> this year for the first time, glide staff handed out 500 prime streets. another first, volunteers baked 2500 lobes of the jewish kosher bread called challah for people to enjoy with their christmas meal. this is what they served at st. anthony's in san francisco, a lunch of baked ham and roasted chick within potatoes, corn and cheesecake. diners got more than a meal this year. 2,000 gift bags were handed out filled with things like socks, new underwear and other items, as well. st. anthony's serves 2400 meals every day of the year and provides clean clothing to those in need. new at 11:00, many stockings were stuffed this year with tickets to tonight's wars/lakers game. though the dubs could not pull off the miracle fans hoped for,
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it was fun. jobina fortson is live at oracle arena. that was the place to be. >> reporter: it definiely was, dan. but the warriors could not give fans the christmas win they wanted but did give back in another way tonight. something many children and fans won't forget. christmas with the warriors started with a giant surprise for 32 oakland public school students. >> when curry walked in i was excited and wanted to cry from tears of joy. >> reporter: an sharia like many students has never been to a game. >> today was awesome. >> we've been lock to be able to have such great support from the community and want to turn that around and support the community ork>> repter: players prented s before the start of the game, filling the floor with the same holiday spirit that could be found all over the stadium. >> merry christmas.
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>> reporter: the mcclanahans made the warriors their holiday tradition. >> on a special day yr family, e best time. >> we come from hong kong. >> reporter: the game was a gift for her son. he's excited. >> this is the first time. >> reporter: pat daniel rocked her pren to the game. >> i'm a golden state fan in a golden state outfit. >> reporter: the majority of the arena asked for a win over the lakers. >> i don't like them. i hope they lose tonight. >> reporter: santa clearly lost the list or maybe he only saw his. >> go lakers. >> reporter: ouch. final score, warriors 101, lakers, 127. hey, the holidays are supposed to be about quality time and celebration. and it looks like that was accomplished here. the warriors will play the portland trail blazers on thursday at 7:30. reporting live from oracle arena, jobina fortson, abc7 news us. >> thanks very much.
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payback tonight after a good deed that turned out to be nothing more than a front for bad intentions. a big chunk of cash being returned after police say a feel good story was really an elaborate scheme. >> i never expect so much love and compassion from our community. our country. . >> a special santa visit this holiday. we'll look at an effort to make christmas a little brighter for victims of the camp wildfire. and a veterinarian's office is hoping somebody is ready to adopt a very sweet stray dog with obviously a unique look but a wonderful personality. >> and i'm drew tuma. it was a dry christmas day today. tonight we're in store for some chilly temperatures before it will turns breezy tomorrow. the details in the forecast ahead. >> excellent. first here's a ongponhtn "jimmy kimmel live." >> tonight, the mood is festive. ♪
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] thousands of p getting their money back, maybe you, after the cause they supported turned out to be fake.
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today the website gofundme issued refunds to everyone who donated money to help johnny bobbitt, homeless veteran from philadelphia. people donated$400,000 for him after a woman claimed he gave her his last $20 so she could buy gasoline. prosecutors say the twos conspired to scam people and spent the money on luxury items for themselves. workers at a florida animal shelt remember hoping for a post christmas miracle for a dog. the animal's name is sniffles. it was taken in as a stray. it has deformities that keep it from being adopted. the dog has crooked teeth, no nose and it snorts often. other than that, looking a little odd perhaps, he's healthy. >> he's just a precious old man that everybody at the vet office has fallen in love with him. >> he's a very laid back dog. he likes to snort a lot. >> sniffles is getng
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em very vunn californiaffected deadly camp fire had a merry christmas. jessica mennish has the story. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter:y struck at meeting st. nick. >> did you gets all you were asking for? >> reporter: kids some asking for the usual gifts. >> i want a pogo stick. >> reporter: other requests you won the expect. >> that is very nice. i hope everybody can have that, too. but that will be in time, huh? >> reporter: these children are celebrating their first christmas since losing everything when the camp fire destroyed their town. non-profits working to the to make it special. >> i an warm welcome gifts, gift cards. they're getting food. they're getting a lot of love.
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in chico put on by the global empowerment mission, bethenny frankel's be strong initiative giving the kids a chance to be kids again. >> i never expected so much love and compassion from our community and our country. and it's moving. >> reporter: a gesture that means the world to dale miller as he watches his two girls visit with santa. he is in the process of adopting them and wanted to make the christmas extra special. with his home destroyed in the fire, it's tough. >> there's not anything left. they said it wasn't a fire. it was an incinerator. >> reporter: still his family made it out okay. >> we just prayed. and pre day it's getting a little better. >> reporter: with full bellies, presents for his girls and a little hope restored, miller says he has everything to be thankful for this christmas. >> you at beautiful things in life we should not take for
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granted. today is nofar. >> reporte jcae paradise as you know in butte county. the city held a tree lighting ceremony on saturday and even opened an ice rink. trying to give folks there a good holiday. tradition going back nearly a quarter century in the south bay continues. abc7 news was at in san jose as skaters celebrated christmas at the downtown ice rink. the rink is located on market treat near the san jose museum of art. it will stay open till midnight tonight and will be back open at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. the rink will not close till the end of january. a lot of fun there today and thank goodness, the rain stopped so people could get out and have fun. meteorologist drew tuma has a forecast. it came down. we had a great dayto ve yes it wa all today that was out of here.
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tons from sunshine with clear skies tonight. it's going to be chilly overnight. the active sweep across the region. we're coming up empty handed. we are dry tonight and will remain dry tomorrow, as well. so the picture tonight a live look, the east bay hills camera pointed towards the west. oakland in the foreground, san francisco in the background. it's a calm and quiet night but a different night yesterday when we had the rain moving through. rainfall yesterday. you could see most spots picked up anywhere from a quarter to about 3/4 inch of rain. we saw downpours linger a little bit longer say in clover dale and ukiah. picked up a little more than an inch of rain yesterday. tonight with those clear skies, temperatures have fallen back into the 40s and into the 50s right now. 43. that current temperature in santa rosa. 47 in fremont. 54 in san francisco. 50 in san jose. oakland 51. overnight tonight, plenty of stars. mainly clear night.
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rather chilly in a lot of spots. in the north bay, well into the 30s overnight. san francisco oakland dropping into the low if not mid 40s. even the south bay chilly. san jose dropping to about 39. after that cool start in the morning tomorrow, we'll see the winds pick up a bit in the afternoon. if you check wind gusts by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 on wednesday, a north wind picks up anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour. those winds increase more on thursday evening. it's a windy day again on thursday. by thursday 7:00 at night, the winds stronger, likely seeing gusts closer to 30 miles an hour. the north wind will keep temperatures slightly at or just below average for this time year. your 12-hour day planner on wednesday, a nice looking day. cold start in the morning with our coldest spots into the 30s. by the afternoon, mostly sunny skies. high clouds from time to time and that breeze keeping temperates mnl 50s.
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highs on yourwednesday, 57 san franciscnoakland. 60 in san jose and concord. 61 the high in napa. if you have to take the roads or sky tomorrow across california, little worries in terms of weather problems. lots of sunshine. 71 for palm springs. there could be a sprinkle around ure ureka. low 50s. tahoe, a a good time to go over the next several days. a lot of the sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in the mid 40s. cooler air works into thursday and friday. wind gets brick. lows chilly around tahoe with temperatures in the teens. here's at seven-day forecast. partly cloudy, breezy on wednesday. it's windsyer on thursday and that's going to keep temperatures limited into the 50s. sunshine continues for friday. then to the upcoming weekend all indications for new year's eve and the new year on tuesday, a nice pattern. a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures in the 50s once
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again? very nice pattern. i can't believe it's the ends of the year. >> six more days. >> thanks very much. yes, virginia, there is a santa claus and he's in love. the holiday surprise next. and tomorrow on "good morning america," christian bale talks about his new movie "advice oimt and the new aimated movie "spider-man into the
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for a man in utah. you'll love this. he proposed to a woman he's known since he was 13 years old and she said yes. the couple has known one another for 40 years and recently reconnected playing mr. and mrs. clause at a holiday party when he popped the question. how sweet is that? they're not going to hawaii for their honeymoon. go to the north pole probably seems more fitting dressed like that. that's sweet. known since they were little kids. anthony is here with all the sports. we didn't get the christmas present we wanted tonight from the warriors. >> the nba did deliver us the warriors against james.
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dub nation not exactly celebrating tonight. coming up, the christmas day showdown between the warriors and lakers turned out to be a blowout. how the lakers is spoiled the ce
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♪ 'cause no matter howe hofar away you roam ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want to be happy in a million ways ♪
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♪ for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home ♪
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino calendar the warriors taking on lebron and the lakers christmas day. it didn't live up to the hype. the game was a big let down for the dubs. the first of four meetings between the warriors and lakers this season. big game for iguodala. steph with a nice pass. and ondrej with the finish. lebron and the lakers led by as many as in the first half. nice move. that was good. iguodala with a season high 16 points in the first half. getting up and throwing it down. but the dubs trailed by 15 at the break. third quarter now, james strains his groin diving for the ball and would leave the game and not return. more tests tomorrow. the dubs would go on a run to
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get back in it. dur rabbit going strong to the hoop and one. he finished with 21. curry drives to looney. and then knocks down the three-pointer. he finished with 15. dubs within eight. more iguodala. finished with 23. it the most for him in two years. he makes it a five-point game. then off the laker miss it's durant slamming it home. it's just a three-point game. they'd get it down to two, but the lakers without lebron finding a way, lance stephenson makes it a nine-point game at the end of the third. look at this a little air guita blowout. your final 127-101. >> it's a tough loss. are there any positive things you can take from this game? >> na. it's christmas. >> we were looking forward to
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this opportunity to get out there and play a lot better. and just laid an egg. so got to understand it's december in a decent spot. we've got to get better. we're not going to win a championship playing like tonight. >> the you lose some home games, you try to get on some streaks. you don't win 73 games. it doesn't happen. >> being available to my teammates and coaching staff. that's something i take more personal than anything. so hopefully it's not a long thing and i can get back on the floor as soon as possible. >> and did you hear what steph said? it's december. dub nation don't worry. they're struggling shooting but they will find it and look to get back on the winning track thursday. this sports report sponsored by river rock casino. ila great atmosphere. >> sure. >> kevin durant was asked earlier if this was a rivalry. no, we've got to meet them in the playoffs.
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they've played lebron but not the lakers. still a great atmosphere. all the laker fans making their way up to oracle. >> thanks very much. abc7 news continues on line on twitter facebook, all your do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white the whitening therapy collection with new spearmint and peppermint oil. it gently whitens, plus it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. look for a $1 coupon in this sunday's paper. everything was so fresh in the beginning... but that plug quickly faded. luckily there's new febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. breathe happy with new febreze plug.
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
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