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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 31, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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bay cities like oakland and as shown in this video in san leandro, where last year on new year's eve, a woman was struck and injured by a stray bullet from celebratory gunfire. >> whatever goes up, must come down. >> reporter: there will be extra patrols, especially in areas known to be trouble spots. >> if you're driving under the influence, we certainly are going to be enforcing, that means arrests and jail time. also, we're looking for celebratory gunfire. anyone discharging a firearm that's illegal within the city limits that is not only dangerous but can often lead to someone's death. >> reporter: oakland will also utilize technology like shot spotters to isolate and identify the source of gunfire. >> there usually is a bunch of fireworks and gunshots. >> reporter: and salvadore hernandez knows well the dangers of random gunfire, given a close
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call for his brother in los angeles. >> there was a time it shot through my parent's wall, and it missed my brother by about a good six inches. >> reporter: as for illegal fireworks, officers can only cite or arrest someone if they see the person ignite a device, or if someone is in possession of a large quantity of fireworks. >> i want to share with you that san francisco is going to put on a fantastics fireworks show. you can go there and watch it. please don't participate in fireworks in the city of oakland. >> reporter: and there you heard it, opd has found through the years the best way to combat the fireworks problem is through messaging and hopefully prevention. as for the gunfire and the duis, oakland police will be out in force tonight, with maximum enforcement. ha you very much.laur aant
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one thing on our side weather wise today, the skies. we expect them to be clear for fireworks, which as you probably are aware, is not always the case in san francisco. we have had some foggy new year's eve celebrations. amy hollyfield has the preparations for tonight's big show. >> people we talked to this morning say they are ready to stay in on this new year's eve. >> game night with friends and looking forward to ring in the new year, having good food and spreading good cheer. >> reporter: but emergency service workers are preparing for all of those who want to go out. >> there are more than 100 indoor and outdoor events taking place in san francisco, for people celebrating new year's, so there will be thousands of people inthey are working together to ensure a fun and safe new year's eve. >> what better way to do that is to do it collaboratively, and also give an image to the public
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that we are here for you. >> reporter: the big event is the fireworks show along the embarcadero. police will have a heavy presence near you. >> whether it will be snipers, police officers in plain clothes, we're going to be in and around those crowds, making sure that nothing goes badly. >> reporter: there is a way to keep informed tonight about safety. the department of emergency management set up a dedicated text alert line for new year's eve. just next nyesf to 888777 and you'll be enrolled to receive any critical safety information relating to new year's've in san francisco. less a police are also asking for your helm. >> if something looks out of the ordinary, call 911. let us handle the situation. >> reporter: they are expecting large crowds here tonight. san francisco police have canceled all vacations for their
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employees, all officers will be out working to make sure it is a safe new year's eve. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc7 news." b.a.r.t. is going the extra mile to make sure revelers get home safely tonight. a special schedule starts at 8:00 tonight, where somein mage crowds.ntly b.a.r.t. awill run trains every 20 minutes after midnight through 3:00 tomorrow morning. up to 300,000 people are expected to ride b.a.r.t. tonight. most public transit agencies are offering free rides tonight, including muni, ac transit, and cal train. the tree rides start at 8:00 a.m. and run until 5:00 a.m. except for cal train. their free service ends at 2:00 a.m. breaking news. rescue crews just pulled two people from the water, one victim did not survive.
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their small boat capsized at liberty dock in richardson bay. they performed cpr on one of the boaters. rescuers on jet skis and two helicopters are searching the area for possible additional victims. this new year's eve will be remembered as one of the windiest in the bay area. heavy gusts caused trees to fall, power lines to come down and a lot of white caps on the bay. leeann melendez is live where things seem to be coming out of it, it looks like. >> reporter: a little bit, dan. while it's windy out here, nothing like what we saw earlier today, especially this morning. now, we stopped in, let's see, one, two, three, four, five, six cities, seven if you include alameda where we are right now, just to see the damage caused by these winds.
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as we left san francisco, we found garbage bins toppled by the wind. the trash inside now covered this street near the embarcadero. but it was the waters of the bay that showed the intensity of the winds, keeping kite surface away from the bait shoe in brisbane. the only ones riding the waves were these ducks. it was only a matter of time before emergency calls started to come in regarding fallen trees. >> the fire department is out here. any time the fire department calls, it's priority. it ran here first. >> reporter: pg&e responded to cas in the east bay, including this one in castro valley. one of the city's most affected by the winds was fremont, which had a few trees andranches down. >> the winds today, i mean, this morning was very bad. i mean, the winds, i can't even imagine how the entire tree got uprooted and fell down. >> this tree blocked several
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lanes of traffic. >> i think it's a hazard. someone needs to come here like the police or someone. >> reporter: many city services remain closed for the holidays. staffing is at a minimum. for the eternal optimist, these strong winds may mean that their life is finally headed in the right direction. >> maybe it's good luck for the new year. >> maybe so. maybe get it out of the way now and we have a new year to follow. >> reporter: that's a thought. well, here's the report from the alameda county fire department. they responded to the following. four calls for wires down. three calls for trees down. one canopy flew on top of wires, and one report of a waterau per. not a good day for them. i'm live in alameda, leeann melendez, "abc7 news." >> thank you. the bay area is not the only place seeing gusty winds today. take a look at our camera in
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tahoe. oh, boy, it was bouncing pretty good and the ski lifts were swaying, as well. heavenly mountain resort decided to close for the day because of the winds. so will it be windy the rest of the night? >> here's a quick look from our exploratorium camera. water is choppy out there on the bay but nice and clear. >> let's get the forecast now from spencer christian. >> it's still windy and will be overnight. here's a look at wind gusts from 25 to 30 miles per hour right now. in santa rosa, fairfield, livermore, san jose, san francisco, and as we look at our strong wind advisory, you can see the wind advisory is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. gusts could reach 60 to 70 miles per hour in the bay area's hills and mountains. that could cause downed power outages.
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gusts in some locations could reach up to 35 to 45 miles per hour. here's a term we don't often hear, windchill, something associated with the northeast and the upper northwest. winds strong tonight and temperatures so low we will feel a windchill. more on that later. dan and kristen? >> spencer, thank you very much. the weather, you know what options you have. so we want to know, what are you doing for new year's? >> staying in or going out? tell us your plans by going to look at that. it's about an even split. >> we still have time to vote, though. we'll keep this poll up for you. >> if you are one of those staying in, you can watch the ball drop right here on abc 7. dick charge's rocking new year's eve with ryan sechrest starts at 800 tonight. a federal judge has ordered pg&e to provide a complete
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statement of the role, if any, pg&e had in causing the wildfire. the official cause is still under investigation. but the firstlameed an active pg&e high tension power line. 86 people died and 14,000 homes were destroyed in the the state attorney general says pg&e could face murder charges if it is found guilty of starting that fire. in the east bay, ac transit is faces a class action lawsuit for discriminating against pregnant and breastfeeding employees. the public traps it agency refuses to provide breaks for mother mothers to feed their children. ac transit says it will respond to the allegations "thoroughly and expeditiously." new details on the suspect accused of killing a central valley police officer. the district attorney's office plans to file murder charges
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against gustafa perez. 33-year-old police officer singh was shot to death last wednesday. authorities say perez was planning to take off to mexico. today, authorities filed felony aiding and abetting against four men who helped him avoid arrest. developing news with the oakland raiders. while questions swirl where the team will be playing in 2019, we know who the general manager is going to be. >> the team announced the hire this afternoon, and mindy is here now to introduce us to the newest member of the silver and black's front office. >> seems to be a trend. the raiders did interview at least half a dozen candidates. but just as the 49ers did, the raiders selected a television analyst with no previous front office experience.
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mi he's spent the last 14 years astzas a draft analysis. his ability to assess talent is key for the raiders. they also have two first round picks in 2020. oakland is in dire need of impact players. >> for the last 15 years, i think i've tried to be the gm for all 32 teams, and because of that, from a scheme perspective, i think i'm sound. i think i've been used to evaluating all kinds of different players at all kinds of different positions for every team in the league. >> his addition is a huge, huge day for raider nation. i want to put an exclamation point there. >> he will work with gruden to upgrade the scouting department .nd is assessing the current if he asked if derek carr was
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the future quarterback of the franchise, he says he won't comment until he finishes his assessment. so he's already speaking like a veteran gm. >> stepping into the role. >> and gm is super important. we have a rebuilding season next year. >> absolutely. 2019 is going to be very big for this franchise. >> thanks, mindy. all right. nasa is ending the year with a bang. new at 4:00, a look at their big mission that started 12 years ago and what scientists are hoping to capture tonight. what's happening to the tax break for electric cars. >> and new laws for drivers, from guns to fires, a lot is changing for californians in 2019. >> stay wi us "c7 news" at 4:00 continues.
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at 9:33 tonight, an unexpected bonus from the spacecraft that showed us the first pictures of pluto. >> after that encounter, scientists redirected new horizons toward a small object, maybe 20 miles in diameter or so, that we didn't know existed until a few years ago. >> here's wayne freedman on tonight's "close encounter." >> a few pixelss >> we've never not been surprised before. >> i would hate to have expectations, because every time i have an expectation, it's exceeded. >> reporter: all part of a story
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that pays off tonight that began in january of 2006 with the launch of the new horizon spacecraft from cape canaveral. tonight, the encore, following a solar system revealing performance. >> they did a fly by of jupiter. so we got jupiter for free, and they gave us our first ever chose-up view of this pluto system, which, like almost everywhere else, we've ever explored, turns out to be more interesting than we expected. >> reporter: and now a mystery object prepares for its entrance. it's the farthest object ever explored by man, a billion miles past pluto in a waste area of our solar system called the kiper belt. >> it's believed to be all the stuff that didn't come together. >> reporter: the scope is unprecedented. the spacecraft traveled 4 billion miles and will hit its target in just a few hundred
4:18 pm
yards and send back pictures take within a camera with less resolution than this iphone. >> is it two objects that are orbitting very close to each other? is it two objects that have touched and are in contact with each other? or is it kind of like a dog bone o object with two large ends? >> reporter: based on the pictures of mute pluto can you imagine what we will see? the images will take six hours at light speed to aereach earth. we have a tax break for tesla buyers that will go away. the $7500 tax credit will be cut in half starting tomorrow. it then drops again in june to just under $1900, and goes away all together for tesla purchases in 2020. however, tesla will cover the entire tax credit difference for those who already ordered their vehicles but have not received
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them. the credit was designed to phase out once an automaker sells 200,000 eligible electric cars. gm is expected to phase out its credit in april. but spencer is continuing into 2019 is tax free. >> but not wind free. >> the wind is a bit taxing, suspect it? speci -- isn't it? here's a live look at doppler 7. sunny skies, and a nice view here. you can tell by the shakiness from the camera, that it's breezy up there at mt. tam. 54 degrees right now in san francisco. 57 in oakland. we have mid 50s at mountain view, san jose, and this is the view of our roof top camera. you can see the trees waving in the breeze, the flags, as well. it's currently 55 degrees, just about everywhere. santa rosa, napa, fairfield. 56 in concord. livermore, 52.
4:20 pm
looking at a blue western sky. windy and chilly tonight, quite gusty up in the hills why gusts may reach 60, 70 miles an hour. cold inland the next few mornings, with temperatures two or below freezing in some spots and a chance of rain next weekend. wind advisory is in effect for the higher elevations until 10:00 tomorrow morning. gusts reach 60 to 70 miles per hour and a possibility of downed trees and power outages. that wind advisory is in effect until 9:00 tonight. right around the shoreline, and in the valleys, gusts there in those locations could reach 35 to 45 miles per hour. here's the wind gust animation taking us into the late night and early morning tomorrow. some of us just getting homefrog around 25 to 30 miles per hour across much of the bay area and stronger in some spots in the
4:21 pm
early morning hours tomorrow. notice how by the time we get to midday, we'll see the winds becoming calmer. overnight lows will drop into the low to mid 30s. even into the mid to upper 20s farther north in ukiah and lake port. right around the bay showline, lows around 40 degrees. tomorrow's highs, mid 50s, just about everywhere. 54 to 56 degrees in virtually every location from coast to bay to inland. under sunny skies and conditions breezy. early morning lows, about 28 in some locations. this entire graph is for the north bay valley. so mid to upper 20s wednesday morning. 30 thursday morning. back up to maybe freezing on friday morning and temperatures more normal range going into the
4:22 pm
weekend. speaking of the weekend, our next chances of rain will be over the weekend. about a 50% chance on sunday. storm index scale shows that storm coming in will rank only one on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. frigid on wednesday and thursday in the morning. then we get our next dose of rain on saturday and sunday. >> it's been a while. >> thanks, spencer. from guns to fires to food, there are a lot of new laws about to go into effect in a matter of hours. we'll tell you about some of the big ones. and a lot of chatter about who plans to run for president in 2020. the big step taken by one possible candidate. and abc 7 has more news, more weather and more local hot topics coming your way. "abc7 news" at 11:00 a.m. is ex-pnlex expanding to a full hour with kristen sze. >> you're welcome to drop by any
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time. >> i will. join us every day at 11:0
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hundreds of new california state laws will go into effect tomorrow, january 1st. >> kate larson has a look at some of the new rules that you need to be aware of. >> reporter: the new laws will affect everything from how and what you eat to who gets custody of your pet in a divorce. there are also a number of new laws that improve and fund wildfire safety. new garage doors installed as of this summer must have a backup battery that can lift the door in the event of a power outage. and wildfire victims get an extra year for a total of three to rebuild an insured home. lawmakers passed a number of new gun laws, too. the minimum age to buy a rifle or shotgun in california increases from 18 to 21.
4:26 pm
there will also be a lifetime gun ban for anyone convicted of serious domestic assault or anyone hospitalized more than once in a year for mental health problems. if you think you're sitting on the best recipe in town, there's a new law that allows you to sell the food that you make in the kichen to the public, but your kitchen must undergo a food safety inspection. thinking of a new four legged friend? in 2019, pet store also be prohibited from selling animals from a breeder. instead, all the animal also have to come from a shelter, like san francisco animal care and control. these scooters were the talk of the town in 2018. but in 2019, you can unstrap and ride without a helmet. but if you're under 18, you still got to wear one or you could be cited. and surf's up in sacramento, as the governor made surfing california's state sport. and girls around the world, or
4:27 pm
will be soon, publicly traded companies must have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019 and two or more by 2021. and hopefully you're not headed towards divorce. but if you are, know that a judge will be able to decide who gets custody of your family pet. you can go to for a more complete look at some of these new laws for the new year. back to you. >> thank you very much, kate. one more new law to talk about here, this one is to protect consumers from dangerous chemicals. tomorrow, retailers in san francisco will be banned from selling furniture containing risky fire retardants. all new furniture will have a tag no he used. >> we passed this law to protect the health of consumers in their homes. a lot of these chemicals are
4:28 pm
harmful to our health, some can cause cancer, lower iq, cause reproductive harm. so we know that these chemicals are very toxic and not needed for fire safety benefits. >> they say firefighters n s >> they say firefighters ay man use other things to make products less vulnerable to fires. comedian louis c kay is at the center of another controversy. what he said that has the parkland shooting victims riled up. and our tour of the world this new year's continues. fireworks exploding in aukland, new zealand. that is the first major city in the world to welcome in 2019. >> beautiful there. and thousands also took in the light show from the harbor bridge. in case you were wondering,
4:29 pm
samoa is the first country in the world to celebrate the new year.
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. new year's safety is of paramount concern. the oakland police department issued an alert about illegal fireworks and celebrating with gunfire.
4:32 pm
san francisco police say they're ready for the thousands expected along the embarcadero to watch fireworks. police say they'll have specialized units throughout the city. tree trouble in fremont, reporter leeann melendez tweeted out this photo of a toppled tree. fremont police say they have received several wind related calls today. and david louie caught some street sweepers in san jose today. he'll explain what's behind this special cleaning in a live report on "abc7 news" at 5:00. day ten of the partial government shutdown and no action today to come to a reso ninstead, theation waits f new democrats to take control of the house on thursday. our reporter has a look at the items atop their agenda. >> reporter: democrats made public their plan to reopen the government. but the top gop leader said the senate won't send something to president trump he won't sign.
4:33 pm
both the senate and house were briefly in session on the last day of 2018. most of congress is still out of town. no deal in sight to end the partial government shutdown. president trump on fox business. >> there's a lot of people that are looking to get their paycheck, and so i'm ready to go any time they want. >> reporter: once house democrats take control, they will move to fund all agencies except homeland security. the second includes dhs and border security but not president trump's southern border wall. democratic leaders said in a state, the president is using the government shutdown to try to force an expensive wall upon the american people. the democrats offered two bills which separate the arguments. >> we are not giving up. we have to have border security and the wall is the biggest part. >> reporter: from twitter to phone calls, the president has been working to reassure political allies and he's not ing down. lise graham said he and trump
4:34 pm
discussed making dealing. >> i know there are some democrats out there who would be willing to provide money for wall border security to deal with daca. >> the president has to move. interestingly, when you look back at past presidents who have lost badly in mid terptermmidte them decided to go towards compromise. >> reporter: the union representing more than 400,000 federal workers is suing the federal government, alleging the government is violating the law by portioning the empl-- by for the employees to work without pay. officials are cleaning a close watch on the celebration in las vegas and tomorrow's rose parade in pasadena. abc news obtained federal threat assessment reports, and there are some concern about drone technology as a means of attack. however, officials stress they have no credible evidence of any plot. police have stepped up patrols
4:35 pm
just in case. the stock market closed out the year on a positive note. all three major markets finished higher, capping a wild ride on wall street the past few weeks. investors have been worried about the government shutdown, as well as a possible recession. here's the chart of how the dow jones did this year. it fell by 5.6%, making this the worst year for stocks since the 2008 financial crisis. authorties in arizona are changing course, and say criminal charges are now being considered against employees at a shelter housing immigrant children. surveillance cameras captured staff members dragging and pushing children inside a facility outside of phoenix back in september. the operator of the facility reported the incidents at the time, then closed it a month later. the local sheriff's office refused to refer the case to prosecutors, but reversed course today two days after the video surfaced. president trump says he would love to run for a second
4:36 pm
term against massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. she announced a major step toward a 2020 white house bid today. >> no matter what our ens,os the same thing, to be able to work hard, play by the same set of rules, and to take care of the people we love. that's the america i'm fighting for. and that's why today i'm launching an exploratory committee for president. >> warren is hoping her reputation as a populist fighter can navigate a democratic field that could include two dozen candidates. president trump made his comments in an interview with fox news that is set to air later tonight. comedian louis ck is in hot water again. this time for mocking survivors of the parkland, florida school shooting and their effort for stricter gun control. the audio was leaked from a comedy says as he works on his comeback. he insulted survivors of the shooting, saying they should be
4:37 pm
focused on drinking and sooult experimentation -- sexual experimentation, not gun control. it's been a year of ups and downs for the bay area. many of us won't forget the camp fire any time soon. this is just one of the big store kris this year. we'll look back at a memorable 2018. as we close out this year, the big request from folks who helped those in need in the bay area. skies are clear, but windy and chilly out there. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up, as "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues.
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id has been quite a news year for the bay area. some moments we will always remember, others we might want to forget. >> we're going to look back now at the big events as they were told by the "abc7 news" staff. ♪ >> i dub thee free. >> the sale of recreational marijuana became sell at 6:00 a.m. >> i'm able to come out as an adult and purchase marijuana openly. >> chaos and terror heard on police dispatch describing the scene as youtube. a female gunman stormed on campus injuring three. she was angry at youtube after she lost followers and viewers to her page. >> it was mark zuckerberg's first time testifying in congress. >> we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and
4:41 pm
that was a big mistake. >> facebook announcing changes to protect user's privacy. >> as many as 50 million people's accounts were affected see the change we want to see in the world. >> rolled in, handcuffed to a wheelchair. joseph de'angelo sat seemingly in a daze. >> the former police officer is accused of committing at least 12 homicides, 50 rapes and dozens of burglaries across ten california counties between 1974 and 1986. >> this guy to me is the most brazen serial offender in american history. >> i was concerned that people would go to their graves without knowing who killed their loved ones. >> we werht there, as steph curry lifted the trophy in the air. >> klay thompson and za za pachulia kicked off the parade. >> shout out to the world!
4:42 pm
>> i got another one. we got two victims. >> he was charged with murder and attempted murder for stabbing nia wilson and her sister at the b.a.r.t. station. >> one vicious attacks that i've seen. >> a vigil turned demonstration was filled with frustration. family, friends and supporters gathered where the 18-year-old was stabbed to death by a stranger. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> many in redding describe this as the worst fire in shasta county history. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> as the car fire grows larger, it claimed its sixth victim. >> i'm hoping that nobody else loses their house or their life. >> the leaning millennium tower has a cracked window on the 36th floor. >> is that glass going to hold or be a falling object?
4:43 pm
>> an investigation found it was due to exterior impact. at the seven-week-old sales force transit center, workers discovered two cracked beams. the possible cause of the defects are numerous. >> three possibilities, fabrication, installation, and design. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans, it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances. mr. president, please don't characterize the strength that i bring to this meeting. >> the true genius of california isn't the value we work for but the values we fight for. >> one after another, homes in paradise are burning. a scene as dark and horrific as any we've seen, as yet another raging inferno wipes out another community. >> all of a sudden we get whirl winds. >> the road through paradise is lined with scenes of apocalyptic
4:44 pm
destruction. >> it's devastating. >> video shows a blanket of smoke rolling into the bay area. >> what we're breathing in are small particles that can get down into the deep lung. >> a quick look back at some of the stories that shaped our world and our community in 2019. >> it's been eventful. all right. you know, the wind last night was pretty eventful. this morning, i woke up because it was so noisy. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> yes, it's still windy and clear and chilly out there, as well. let's take a look at our projected overnight lows in the north bay valleys. lake port, low temperatures in the morning will drop into the mid to upper 20s. closer to the bay, lows in the low to mid 30s in most of the inland valleys. el coly coit will tomorrow, a sunny and breezy day. the breezes will be substantial.
4:45 pm
highs in the mid 50s. about 54 to 56 in most locations. our next chances of rain, saturday and sunday. sunday looks like a greater chance, but both days, posting on the accuweather forecast here, let's start tonight. a happy new year under a cold start tomorrow morning. and then frigid conditions in our inland valleys on wednesday and thursday morning. friday, in comes the next chance of rain tapering off monday morning. a great way to start the new year. >> gray, just right. it is a critical time of the year for bay area food banks. they need all of us to lend a hand. if a trip to venice is in your plans, you might be in for a surprise. we'll tell you about a tourist toll and the motivation behind it. i'm michael finney. you sent in s
4:46 pm
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if a visit to venice, italy is part of your travel plans for 019, prepare to dig deeper. >> officials announced plans to charge all visitors up to $11 to
4:49 pm
enter the city's historic center, where san marcos square is. the mayor says it will help better manage the popular tourist destinations. >> an estimated 25 million people visit venice each year. most just for the day. overnight visitors are already charged a small tax each night that they stay. back here, bay area food banks have little to celebrate as they ring in the new year. >> according to the latest check, the second harvest food bank is $5 million behind its fund-raising goals. >> the san francisco marin food bank is $2 million short. and alameda, $273,000 behind its goal. >> and the contra costa food bank is down about $250,000. officials are holding out hope for a last-minute surge in donations. >> we're experiencing a huge short fall and we need the community's support more than ever to help us fill this fund-raising gap so that we can continue to provide these critical services to the people
4:50 pm
that we serve all throughout our community. >> and get this, the alameda county community food bank generates up to 2/3 of its annual fund-raising during the holidays. so really important. >> especially after the holidays, sometimes you get into the new year and people don't think as much about donations. michael finney received hundreds of consumer complaints every week, and every complaint is read and dealt with. >> michael joins us now with how you solved them. >> this is kind of fun. the first resolve comes from james, who bought tickets to see the harlem globetrotters in san jose, or tried to buy them. he accidently purchased tickets to their fresno james contacted 7 on your side, we got ahold of ticket master, which credited james back so he can buy tickets for the san jose
4:51 pm
show. our next viewer, shiry from oakland, had a problem with the department of motor vehicles. she did not receive her new registration tags, so she sent letters to the dmv but got no response. that's when she reached out to me. 7 on your side contacted the dmv and it expedited her shipment. the last resolve today comes from carol in petaluma. she lives on a prepayment plan for her garbage. she was offered a large can for no cost, but her monthly premium increased $34, so she wanted her old plan but they refused. we contacted them and they apologized. she got her smaller garbage ask and a pro-rated credit. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is
4:52 pm
open from 10:00 to 2:00. you can call me or reach me on my facebook page and through, especially let me know if you're having any problems with returns. i'm trying to keep close track of that. >> busy year again for you. >> thanks, michael. netflix is crowing about its new movie called "bird box." the thriller starring san a bullock has been streamed 45 million times in seven days. that's a new record. the film was about a mysterious force. basically, if you see it or lock eyes with it, you die. even steven king said he was riveted by the movie. "good morning america" is also talking about it. >> a movie ticket costs about $10. 45 million streams is a pretty good opening. >> and multiple people using the same account, that happens.
4:53 pm
>> of course, the movie has inspired countless memes. people are doing the bidboxchallenge by walking around blind folded. not a good idea. >> your son saw it? >> he said it was great. millions will be ringing in the new year a little over seven hours from now. >> today, wind is forcing organizers of tonight's fireworks show to take some extra prepaucautions. we're live with how crews are making sure nothing goes wrong. >> college football's national championship is a week from today in santa clara. what's getting extra attention to impress the fans. a new look at the laws limiting animals sold at california pet stores. >> those
4:54 pm
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coming up tonight on "abc7 news" at 8:00 p.m., it's dick charge's primetime new year's rocking've with ryan seacrest s >> that returns at 11:30 with the counterdown to midnight. watch that countdown on air on, or the "abc7 news" app. 2019 is almost here. >> are you ready? still trying to make new year's eve plans here in san francisco? >> melanie woodrow as a look at some options. >> reporter: if you're not dancing your way into 2019, you
4:57 pm
could always spin your way in. $150 at spin sf gets you unlimited ping-pong for the night, an open bar and buffet. for $5,000, you can have your own private room, three tables, your own bar tender and buffet. >> why not? it's fun, entertaining, lots of people here. it's going for safe and enjoyable. >> reporter: there's even a selfie booth. looking for more zen as you wind down 2018? love story yoga in san francisco is hosting a $30 yoga class that will end just before midnight with fres juice. >> it will be candle lit and lots of great music. and then some singing. so we chant here and we'll sing in the new year. >> reporter: love story will hold classes new year's day. >> whereas tonight is about setting your intention, tomorrow is about affirming that. >> reporter: if you're going the more traditional route, there's sparkling wine and champagne.
4:58 pm
>> champagne can only be called champagne if it's from the region in france. >> reporter: sparkling wine is less expensive than champagne. just be mindful to put the cork on after you remove the nest. >> typically in france, youtant noise. use aow and bring the cork up slowly. party time. >> my hands weren't even on it. wow. happy new year, everyone. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." >> you can get the latest news any time with the "abc7 news" app. it has enhanced live video features, more customization and push alerts to get more of the news you want delivered to your phone. >> thank you for joining us for "abc7 news" at 4:00. >> "abc7 news" at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
knowing the kids and people and families are out celebrating. >> fireworks will light up the bay area skies tonight to ring in 2019. organizers of san francisco's big show are keeping a close eye, not only the clouds or fog this year, but the wind. >> strong winds toppled trees. the big cloneup effort is happening now across the bay area. >> new rules go into effect for pet stores tomorrow. dogs, accounts, and bunnies must be rescues. we're looking at how stores are preparing for the change. >> college football's national championship game will be played a week from today. how crews are helping the city make a big impression >> live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> all right. taking a live look now at the embarcadero in san francisco, where crews are putting the final touches on tonight's big fireworks show. >> they've been having to make
5:00 pm
some adjustments due trom tm oing dashley. >> i'm kristen sze. the wind has calmed since this morning, but it's still whipping in downtown san francisco. >> it is. our reporter is live along the embarcadero now with a look at how this is affecting the fireworks preparations. >> reporter: you can tell that things are getting to get set up, you have the port-a-potties on one side and the barricades on the other. there was a crew loading the fireworks on a bridge earlier. it i san francisco. >> the racks over here, these are the orange ones. >> reporter: jeff thomas and his team are pushing through the elements, as they balance on a barge in the bay with


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