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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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just had the lowest number of homicides since 1999. it's not the only city that's seen murders go down, though. >> we charted the past five years of homicide data for the biggest cities in bay area. >> last year, san francisco totaled 46 homicides, san jose 27. oakland 68. but are these numbers translating to people feeling safer on oakland's streets? >> our reporter went to find out and he's live from oakland's city hall. you said kind of mixed feelings out there? >> reporter: that's right. good evening. we spoke to residents from four different oakland neighborhoods. rock rindge ande ande and and all admit that crime seems to be down but not all of them feel safe. >> there's much more work to be done. >> reporter: oakland city leaders seem to have something to celebrate, an 11% drop in serious crime. >> this represents an
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unprecedented six-year reduction in homicides and injury shootings combined. >> reporter: the major says she's endo you remembered by the results. it's -- encouraged by the city's results. a 25% drop in auto burglaries. so what's changed? strategy. >> the goal isn't arresting people but breaking the cycle of violen violence. >> reporter: police officials have been focused on crime prevention and intervention. initiatives help build community trust. >> the city of oakland, being a part of the uninstead a part from the community. >> reporter: but not everyone is encouraged by the progress. >> i felt like it got a little bit better, but it's still enough to move. >> reporter: she says her family car was broken into several times right in front of their house in rock ridge. fed up, the family decided to move. >> i loved living in oakland, i
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love everything about oakland, except for the crime. i can remember when i first moved in, blaring down my road. >> reporter: ellenor says things are changing. she believes community engagement is key. >> there's more of a community now. more contact with neighbors and building a neighborhood community and looking out. >> reporter: now, one of these community based programs operations cease-fire, aimed at reducing gang related gun violence, city officials say it's been so successful that i cities like chicago and new orleans are looking at their model to implement, as well. >> we know that oakland's population is changing. is generalgentryfication playin
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role? >> reporter: they say it's not a reason, that it all goes back to their policies. >> thank you so much. what do you think can help reduce crime across the bay area? add the #betterbayarea to your ideas and share them on twitter and facebook with us. new details today on the 6-year-old girl hit in the head by celebratory gunfire on new year's eve. officials with children's hospital, oakland, say the girl is improving. she said a few words to her parents this morning. as we reported on new year's day, the bullet cannot be removed and police cannot do a ballistics test. the search continues for a man and woman who drove off in their car after hitting a teenager who you see there lying on the ground. this young man was dragged several blocks. cell phone video shows the couple out of their car shortly before they got back in, and drove away.
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the 14-year-old was on his bike on 35th avenue yesterday, leaving him in critical condition when it hit him. >> yeah, they were aware they hit him? >> oh, yeah. they were trying to get away. they wanted to get away. >> reporter: charles green took a midday break from work on wednesday and happened upon this horrific scene on 34th avenue. he had a feeling it was a crime of some sort and started recording. it appeared to be the aftermath of a hit and run. he said there was a gold car, a woman in a striped shirt and a man in a white tank t-shirt switching between the driver's seat and passenger's seat, on the street, an injured teenager. >> i found the kid was 14 years old, was drug four blocks. who does that? >> reporter: green immediately stopped recording and called an ambulance. the boy is now in critical condition with major injuries to
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his head, torso and legs. police say the accident happened at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station along 35th avenue, and the vehicle was found abandoned. >> he had just been dragged four blocks by a vehicle. he was wedged or lodged underneath that vehicle before he was able to break free. >> reporter: green said he wished he coue done more. >> this is not the way it's supposed to be, you though what i mean? this is not what we do as humans. >> reporter: oakland police issued this public plea. >> anyone with information to please come forward. any piece of information may help. you may have witnessed it and taken photos. >> reporter: opd says they're going through the videos right now and feel confident they are going to identify the driver and the passenger and locate them. but they hope in the meantime they turn themselves in to do the right thing. in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." here's another look at the
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suspects. if you can identify the woman and the man in these photos, call the oakland police department immediately. next at 6:00, new at 6:00, as well. we just learned that president trump spoke with the family of fallen police officer singh who was shot to death christmas night. the suspect has been caught. investigators say he was in the country illegally. president trump also spoke with the county sheriff adam christianson. if you or a member of your family is taking a flight, a warning is out that the federal government shutdown is making the air traffic control staffing crisis worse. >> the i-team investigated the issue three months ago and dan noyes is back with more on the shutdown's impact. >> the number of fully certified air traffic controllers has dropped to a 30-year low. the shutdown is not helping the problem. call the student hotline at the faa's air traffic control academy in oklahoma city, and you'll hear the impact of the
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government shutdown. >> there's been no resolution to funding lapse. >> reporter: the school is closed. >> they sent all the instructors home and the students were -- that were out there are in limbo status. >> reporter: sfo's union president tells me not only is the academy closed, new candidates have had to stop their on the job training in the bay area. >> a lot of the training is provided by the staff support specialis specialists. the simulators are shut down. >> reporter: he tells me there are about 10,000 certified air traffic controllers across the country and they need 2,000 more and 2,000 more are retiring. carol lives right in sfo's flight path. >> we are on the flight path, and one of these days, something is going to happen. >> reporter: the federal government even installed double pane windows in her condo
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because of the noise. carol is now worried about someone making a mistake before more controllers get hired after years of training. >> if it takes years, are you expecting the people who are working now to work six days for years until they get new people on board? that's insanity. i'm sorry. >> reporter: because of the shutdown, the faa's media office has been reduced to one person. but he said the nation's aerospace is fully safe and operational. although the academy is closed, we will not speculate on the impact. if the shutdown were to continue for a lengthy period of time. bt for an i-team report in october, the air traffic controller shortage i was told is a matter of life and death. >> it takes a tragedy to say we have to fix this. i don't think we should wait. >> reporter: while the air traffic controllers are the tip of the spear for safety and on the job, many other special
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assistants who handle quality assurance and engineers have been furloughs. so this could drag on for years. >> thanks, dan. >>s i plem thdge this congress be transparent and upfies and we will seek to reach across divisions. >> a historic moment in america today. this freshman class is the most racially diverse many the history of congress. more women are serving than ever before. and nancy pelosi has regained her title as speaker of the house, the third highest position in the government. dion lim joins us with the breakdown of what this means for the year ahead. >> reporter: today was historic for many reasons, and not just the record number of women in the u.s. senate. this congress is now reflective of the diversity of america. >> nancy pelosi, i extend to you this gavel. >> reporter: as san francisco's
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nancy pelosi regained the gavel, she also made history. not only for herself as the first female house speaker back in 2007, but once again, for this 116th congress. and for women as a whole. >> i'm particularly proud to be woman speaker of the house of this congress, which marks the 100th year of women having the right to vote. >> reporter: one person by her side 12 years ago, san francisco native heidi qume, the founder of roots of peace, which transforms land mines into farmland in developing countries. she believes women in leadership roles holds the key to peace. >> this is a beautiful opportunity to bring balance to america. >> reporter: barbara lee called this the first day of a new era, with more than 100 women sworn into the house today. including the first somali american in congress, who tweeted an image of her and her father 23 years ago fresh from a
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refugee camp in kenya. the first palestinian-american wore a tunic to be sworn in. the youngest representative at just 29, alexander cortez shared this image from "vanity fair." and one of two native american has been elected to congress. her caption, so girls of color know they can be anything they want to be. heidi shared a quote with me from nancy pelosi, who said women need not to just break the glass ceiling but the marble ceiling, as well. that is in reference to the u.s. capitol. >> what about the demographic breakdown for other groups, not just women? >> reporter: today was historic for lbgt community, as well. we saw a bisexual woman from california. also openly gay members from minnesota and new hampshire, as well.
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>> thank you very much, dion. new members of congress, as we have been mentioning, were sworn in, despite the federal government shutdown, which will be two weeks old tomorrow. coming up, see how this could change the negotiations under way to get the government back open. i'm spencer christian. our cold weather pattern is about to end, but a rainy pattern is about to begin. i'll have the forecast coming up. next, we're live in san jose, which is gearing up for the college football playo
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big crowds will descend on the south bay tomorrow for the start of all things related to college football. >> yes, the playoff fan central
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experience at the san jose mchenry convention center is the hub for championship weekend. >> that is where chris nguyen is live with this story tonight. chris? >> reporter: good evening to you from a very quiet downtown san jose. at least for now. over live in front of the convention center where there's a lot of activity happening inside as they get ready for the big crowds as you mentioned. thousands of people expected to attend over the next three days. inside the san jose convention center, vendors get ready to put on their game faces for college football fans over the next three days. playoff fan central is a 200,000 square foot interactive experience, including games, entertainment and special guest appearances. tickets cost $10 apiece, but residents get in for free on friday. >> you just get a great vibe of all the energy of the people, whether they're an alabama or
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clemson fan, you just feel good having a big event in san jose. >> reporter: they are anticipating large crowds, especially at discovery meadow, where the free concert series begins friday night. >> our app easy fare is free, and it allows you to essentially pay for a sear in advance and get on board bus and light rail so you don't have to wait to purchase your ticket. >> reporter: looking ahead to monday's game, ticket prices for the alabama/clemson matchup continue to drop to levels not seen in years. however, that doesn't mean there isn't an interest from out of town visitors. in fact, tourism officials say all hotel rooms in the downtown core are sold out. >> san jose has so much potential as a sports destination, that i'm glad people will recognize what we can do. >> our way of saying thank you from all the folks in the bay area and san jose helping us make this weekend the greatest weekend in college football.
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>> reporter: the expo opens tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. it goes until 6:00. live in san jose, i'm chris nguyen, "abc7 news." >> it's going to be good fun, thank you. the two teams in the college football playoff national championship are alabama's crimson tide and the clemson tigers. >> we have our own roll tide fan here. and leeann melendez today med up with an even bigger fan. >> reporter: so elliott ross, alabama's number one fan, will tell us what it's like living on top of a bill board. where do you live? >> my sleeping quarters is right here. if you want to come around and take a look at it. >> reporter: look at the little mat and everything. >> and then we have our basket here where we just take it down and they put our food this there and we just roll it back up. >> reporter: i have to ask you, you know, we all have human necessities, right? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: where do you, you know, go to the bathroom?
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>> we have nice facilities provided for us down stairs that we go through throughout the day and we have our showers down there, as well. >> reporter: i notice that these -- >> yes, we do the curls, pushups, whatever. >> reporter: what makes you the number one alabama football fan? >> what makes me the number one fan? day and night, when i was in the military, i was always rooting for alabama. >> reporter: mentally, you stay fit by playing games. what do you do with these? >> we have the hoola hoop ring cross. we aim for the pole and it goes like this. >> reporter: do it. i don't like the color pink. oh, gosh. all right. finally, who's going to win on monday, the national championship against clemson?
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>> alabama, number 18. >> reporter: let's do that, roll tide, really quickly. >> roolll tide, roll! numt number one, baby. >> love the enthusiasm. clemson and alabama face off monday night at levi stadium. you can watch it on our sister network, espn. >> and she's a passionate alabama alum. what is the weather going to be like for the game? >> spencer? >> i can't predict whether the tide are roll or not, but rain will roll in, in a tidal fashion perhaps. monday evening looks like 57 degrees and showers are likely. it's going to be a wet day all day. and showers will lingers into the evening hours. so the field will be wet at game time. we have increasing clouds across the bay area and view shows calm conditions out over the bay at the moment. 51 degrees here in san
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francisco. upper 40s in oakland. san jose, 52. here's the view looking down onto a portion of san francisco. we're looking at temperatures right now in the mid to upper 40s of santa rosa. one more live view from our abc 7 exploratorium. clouds increase tomorrow. followed by a pattern of rainy weather that will continue well into next week. the first storm coming in on saturday ranks two on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity, likely to dump about half an inch to an inch of rain. perhaps more. downpours will accompany this storm. gusty winds, 35 to 45 miles per hour. looks like all of saturday is going to be wednesday, especially early morning. in the sierra, we have a winter
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storm watch in effect, from saturday to noon saturday. a foot to foot and a half of snow. up to three feet in some spots. travel will be difficult and visibility reduced. back to the bay area tonight. partly cloudy skies with clouds increasing overnight. excuse me. a little cold here. overnight lows drop into the low 30s to around 40 degrees near the bay shoreline. tomorrow, dry conditions for the most part, with highs generally in the mid to upper 50s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. three days of moderate storms coming in, saturday, sunday, and monday. tuesday, a lighter storm, ranking one on the storm impact scale. followed by another wet and windy storm on tuesday, ranking two. that will give way to lingering showers on thursday. this is going to be a wet and stormy pattern for a while. so game conditions or ground
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conditions a t the time of the game on monday, pretty wet. >> mud bowl. >> thanks, spencer. excited fans lined up for hours in oakland today.
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in the east bay, several hundred fans braved the earrnol steph curry's pop-up shop in
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oakland to snag free tickets to a concert and party he's hosting at the fox theater tomorrow tonight. he posted this video on social media two days ago inviting fans. his post went viral. there was confusion if fans had to purchase merchandise to get the tickets. fans who picked up their no strings attached tickets today were elated. >> i'm ecstatic! i'm going to go party with steph curry. >> the first 225 fans in line got two tickets each. and some young warriors' a treat today. tim hardaway made a surprise viz it to the youth basketball camp in san francisco. he advised kids to work on basics instead of emulating long
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range shooters like klay thompson and steph curry. but he says his old team from the 1990s could hang with klay and steph and made the point by sinking a three-pointer of his own. >> i can still shoot the ball. shooting the ball is not the problem. running up and down and rebounding, that's the problem. but just shooting is not a problem. >> hardaway hung around after the session to sign autographs. the basketball camp is one of more than a dozen the team is stage thing winter around the bay area. the worst of the federal government shutdown is bringing out the best in everyday people. next, meet the visitors who are choosing to clean up yosemite national park themselves. get out your phone, go to to take part in the poll. is the stock maket making you worried, yes, no, not paying attention? >> vote right now. and stay with us, next, you'll
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live where you live, this is
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"abc7 news." >> stocks plummeted today, brought down mostly by bad news from silicon valley. apple announced a rare cut to its revenue forecast. tracing most of the issues to china with whom the trump administration is engaged in a trade car. today, the dow fell 660 points. the ted cruz heavy nasdaq was down 202 points and the s&p lost 62. the stock market in japan is open for trading on friday morning and it's down several percent, so we'll have to see what tomorrow brings here. the dow finished last year lower than it began. it had the worst year since the 2008 recession. >> so we want to know, is the stk rketu worried? our live poll is open now. choose yes, no, or even i don't pay attention. >> results are changing on the bottom of your screen as the votes come in. 39% saying yes, the stock market
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is making me nervous. now, david louie shares advice on what to do. >> reporter: as stocks stumble, investors are getting worried about their retirement accounts. patrick, who still has 20 years for retirement, sensed a downturn. >> i saw it coming. >> reporter: maria is concerned because she just retired. so your balance is really critical right now? >> yes. >> reporter: analysts say the current market volatility is tied to china's slowing economy, along with concerns about u.s. trade talks. anna hahn is a law professor and a china trade expert. >> you have to put your eggs in multiple baskets to balance it out. i think i would still take a long-term view towards investment, not worry too much about the short-term reactions. >> reporter: some investors may
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want to have some cash on hand. >> if all you have is market money, it's scary right now. you want something that is safe and guaranteed and also just bank accounts or whatever, something to take from it in case things get worse and you need to get at those funds. >> reporter: there are some longer term issues apple will need to address. >> you're not going to refresh your phone every two years. we think that cycle is going to shift to three. that's an economic change that is dramatic for all involved. >> reporter: with the number of high tech companies facing strong head winds, one warning sign we should be looking for is whether any of these companies decide to pull back on some major campus expansion plans. david louie, "abc7 news." >> everyone trying to read the tea leaves. >> these are the results coming in from our live poll. 51% say yeah, they're worried
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because of the stock market. 31% say no. 17% say they don't pay attention. >> we'll keep that poll open. we would love to hear from you. tomorrow marks two weeks since the federal government shutdown began. with new leaders in place, president trump invited them back to the white house to continue discussions tomorrow. today, the president made a surprise appearance inside the white house press briefing room to push for funding for a barrier between the u.s. and mexico. >> without a wall, you cannot have border security. without a barrier, call it what you will, but without a wall, you cannot have border security. >> democrats are moving to approve bills which will fund the government but not the wall. in the senate, the house bills are a non-starter for the gop majority. and we are about 24 hours into a full closure in kings national part south of yosemite. both parks were opened with
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limited services. but officials are citing unsafe conditions, including the accumulation of trash and human waste. today, rangers directed drivers to turn it around. the toll closure is taking a to businesses, as well. >> a lot of people coming from l.a., san francisco, sure, they can come next weekend, but we have people coming from across the globe, from london, other countries, other cities. >> park officials say the closure will be in effect as long as the government is shutdown. at yosemite national park, some visitors are turning into volunteers. natalie granda from our sister station shows us what they're doing. >> reporter: nearly two weeks since the federal government shutdown, and with few employees available, visitors are taking it upon themselves to maintain the trails. hiking was the plan for this
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family, but when they arrived to the park, they decided to pitch in and help do some of the dirty work. >> we saw some other people picking up trash, so we decided wy not, we'll help keep the park beautiful. >> reporter: dozens of volunteers have gone through the trails, picking up pounds of trash. kenny yager organizes a yearly cleanup and is the organizer of this recent cleanup effort. >> part of the problem were that trash cans filled up, and then people would set bags of trash out beside it. but the animals get in it. >> reporter: the clefamily says while cleaning up wasn't part of the plan, they're happy to help. park officials aren't able to comment on the closure, but they are letting drivers know what camp grounds are closed. natalie granda, "abc7 news."
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>> take a look at this new interactive map only at we're calling it the trash tracker. you can click on national parks in the bay area and it will show you photos of what they look like. you can help contribute to this map, share your pictures by adding the #abc7now. shutting things down isn't limited to the federal government. >> san francisco's sales force transit center is still closed and today, it reached a milestone. >> starting monday, "abc7 news" at 11:00 a.m. is expanding to a full hour. midday live will bring you more news, weather, and local hot topics. >> join us every weekday at 11:00 a.m. right after "the view"
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bigger and better. we're getting our first look at the just completed $550 million expansion that took ten years to finish. this morning, the mayor joined members of the community to celebrate the reopening of the building. today marks a milestone that no one wanted to reach. 100 days since san francisco's sale forces transit center shut
6:40 pm
down. we've been keeping track every day. you can see the counter running on your screen. drone view 7 got a look inside, which was praised as the crown jewel of public transportation when it opened last august. just six weeks later, workers discovered a crack in a steel support beam and shut down the whole place. engineers now say that using a thermal torch to create weld access holes was likely to blame. this month, we should get the final repair plans, a schedule to make the repairs, and possibly a date to reopen. in one week, new ferry services launch between richmond llsxcept the golden gaterrritle went up by $1 on january 1st. it's another incentive to car pool. and that just got easier with today's edition of a dedicated car pool lane on west grand
6:41 pm
avenue. caltrans spent $2 million converting the right shoulder into the car pool lane. stay with us, because we're about to get an entire week of rain in the bay area.
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an east bay family has a message for all perspective parents. their 7-month-old twins are battling a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure. >> but replacement jegene thera could help. >> reporter: these beautiful twins are battling an extremely rare genetic disease. they're lacking an enzyme needed to break down a chemical in the body. without that enzyme, the chemical accumulates in the brain and is toxic. when the twins were 3 1/2 months old, mom gabby seemed to notice her son was looking through her, rather than at her. testing revealed the abnormality in both twins. >> i was in shock. you don't expect anything to be wrong. >> reporter: children with this disease often don't live past 10 years old. >> they didn't even play.
6:45 pm
they have to be taught. >> reporter: would have revealed that her and her husband were carriers. armed with that information, she says she would have chosen in vitro fertilization, so that the couple's embryos could have been tested. an e-mail statement to reads, "kaiser permanente provides genetic testing for this disease. we follow recommendations and offer the testing who identify during screening." they are sharing their story to encourage everyone to get genetic testing prior to conception. they also need to raise $2 million for the twins to participate in experimental gene
6:46 pm
replacement therapy, pioneered by an east coast doctor. >> we are fund-raising for research to be translated into the clinical setting with the fat fda approval. >> reporter: they're hopeful the therapy will help the twins reach some milestones. >> whatever it takes. >> reporter: anything to extend and improve the quality of their lives. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." >> and the family has set up a go fund me page to raise $2 million so their twins can participate in that experimental gene replacement therapy. we'll put a link on our website, >> let's move on. the state did the first snow survey this year with mixed results. some experts were encouraged by the early storms in november and december, but state officials found water content is below average and the snow pack is just 67% of normal. last year, water officials say the state is developing systems
6:47 pm
to adapt, as climate change causes snow lines to rise in the sierra. >> with that comes managing the water that happens with each storm, rather than snow, and the way the watershed begins. so you have a number of programs in the department developing adaptation strategies. >> california's rainy season lasts through march. there's still time for the snow to accumulate. >> the latest drought map shows more than 90% of california falls into some category of drought. compare that to a year ago when less than half the state was in a drought. >> we are about to be soaked by a series of storms. >> that rain is much needed, because most of the bay area is well below its average rainfall level for this time of the season. so here's live doppler 7. increasingly cloudy skies. overnight, chilly but not quite so cold as it was last night.
6:48 pm
tomorrow morning, early, look for lows in the low to mid 30s. tomorrow afternoon, other increasingly cloudy skies, mid to upper 50s. lots of moisture gathering at the coastline tomorrow. a 2 on the storm impact scale. bringing with it about an inch of rain to most areas. maybe a chance of thunderstorms. strong, gusty winds, 35 to 45 miles per hour will accompany the storm. midnight tomorrow night, or 12:00 a.m. saturday, notice the first wave comes in. early saturday morning, bringing heavy downpours, going to be a wet day all day saturday, with the storm tapering off saturday evening. that will be followed by another storm ranking 2 on the storm impact scale. monday morning's commute is going to be a wet and messy one. that rain may last throughout
6:49 pm
the day into the evening hours. that will be followed by another storm wednesday, which ranks a two. let's look at how this may affect the college football national championship game monday evening at levi stadium. showers are likely on top of what will be wet ground after rain falling all day long. and the temperature at gametime, 5:00 p.m., about 57 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. saturday, sunday, monday, level two storms coming in, moderate storms, followed by a weaker storm on tuesday. then another level two storm on wednesday. and another weaker storm on thursday. it is going to be a wet, wet week ahead. and we need the rain, not all at once, but looks like that's how it's going to come. >> i think the storm impact scale on my hair is going to be big. you know how i am about the hair. tom flores made history in the
6:50 pm
nfl. te question is, will he soon be a hall of famer? the finalists have been
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the 15 finalists up for induction in the pro football hall of fame were announced today and two have bay area ties. flores coached from 1979 to '87 and won two super bowls, was the first minority head coach in pro
6:53 pm
football history to win a super bowl. flores and mike ditka the only two to win as a player, assistant coach and coach. lynch came out of stanford, played for the bucs, won a super bowl there. made the pro bowl nine times, and for the past two years, as been the gm of the niners. winners will be announced at the super bowl. the warriors host the rockets tonight. in houston's first visit to oracle arena since last year. the wfxs will have to contend wh the beard, james harden. last time, harden put up 27 in a 21-point rockets' victory in houston. harden scored over 40 points in his last four games. steve kerr, he would not describe his performance as jordan-esq jordan-esque. >> it's harden-esque. we're seeing the very best of
6:54 pm
james harden, doing what he does, shooting his stepback three, getting fouled. he's playing with great confidence. he's been on a huge run. he's been amazing. >> first round of all-star votes have been released. steph curry leads all guards with 793,000 votes but trails lebron by about 300,000 for a game in charlotte. klay thompson is fifth among guards. kevin durant ranks third in the frontcourt. boogie cousins is getting the 10th most frontcourt votes and hasn't even played a game yet. draymond, tensions have been high between him and tristan thompson. they had a war of words, got into a scrap at a light club after the espys. but according to thompson, all of that is behind him now. >> i ain't got no problem with
6:55 pm
him. we talk, and it's cool. he's got a great situation there, at golden state. >> he does. fans in san antonio, they're giving their vocal cords a workout tonight. they are booing ining kawhi le every time he touches the ball. >> from san diego state, number 2, kawhi leonard. [ crowd boos ] >> his former teammates were a bigger problem. lays it in and draws the foul to start the game. then it was all spurs. demar derosen, with authority. former st. mary's star patty mills with the steal and rudy gay with a full head of steam throwingt do the spurs, they were up by 23 early. lamarcus aldridge, and one. raptorsed a their largest halftime deficit of the season at 16 points.
6:56 pm
right now it is 90-70, spurs. it's all spurs, all the time tonight. abc 7 sports is projecting victory for the spurs. >> looking forward to the game on monday? >> i'm worried about the weather conditions. i don't want it to be sloppy. i want to see the two teams at their best. and you don't want a fluke play to decide it. you don't want to get hurt, you know, in messy conditions. so that could be a problem for alabama. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 713. nancy pelosi's biggest cheerleader, you'll hear from her why she was so excited. then at 11:00, armed robbers burst into a busy north bay restaurant. hear why one man risked his life to protect other customers.
6:57 pm
coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 and 8:30 "the connors," at 9:00, "the last days of jfk, jr." and then "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> and then at 11 p.:35 it's ji kimmel. >> that is it for us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for being here. in terms of treating sensitivity, 3 days is really fast. the dentist is going to be able to provide that to their patients. sensodyne rapid relief in my opinion is a game changer. it's going to let the dentist offer their patient sensitivity relief in 3 days. it has a formulation a baf protection against sensitivity. within 3 days, say over the course of a weekend you're going to start feeling significant results. to say that it works in 3 days really is a big deal.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- an english instructor from richmond, virginia... a librarian from st. louis, missouri... and our returning champion-- a composer from los angeles, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hello, my friends. in his second appearance on our program yesterday, jonathan started to build some positive momentum.
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he went into the final round with a commanding, though not uncatchable, lead. the game was not a runaway. so let's see what happens today with chrissy and cade. good luck, players. here we go. ♪ now the categories, starting off with... aha! ...a good subject. crossword clues with the letter "d" in quotation marks. you all know what that means. then we'll be... talking about... that's interesting. hmm... [ laughter ] - jonathan, start me. - quidditch for $200. - jonathan. - what is a broom? - yes. - quidditch for $400.


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