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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this saturday, january 5th. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the weather here sr. meteorologist lisa argen tracking the storm headed our way. >> good morning to you. s in a 2 on the storm impact scale and the rain knocking on our door. also a wind advisory. today into tomorrow two separate systems. anywhere from 3/4 of an inches a inch. and then in total up to 3 inches for the wettest spots. the winds up to 45 miles an hour maybe combusts to 60. and the water perspective shows the rain offshore now into cloverdale maybe seeing showers. sea ranch three miles visibility in livermore. talking about the winds, the wind advisory in effect until
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4:00 today. all around the bay area right at the surface we should see gusts anywhere from 45 to 60 miles an hour with in cold front. you can see the winds already up to 30 miles an hour atlas peak. near that mount tam. ten degrees warmer than yesterday. 53 in oakland. 52 in san mateo. and we'll continue to see the mild morning. but by the afternoon the cold air moves in. we could see a possibility of of an isolated thunderstorm. it's kind of a wild ride today. and we will do it all again tomorrow. we'll detail the timing and specific amounts and maybe even a little dry area for the afternoon coming up. chris. >> thank you, lisa. public works crews around the bay area spent the day preparing for the storm. employees with the san francisco public utilities commission cleechd catch basins ahead of the rain. crews are ready for high winds. residents are encouraged to do their part, including picking up trash and trimming trees on the property. if you see a tree or branch down
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call 311. >> we have crews on stand by. we know when tlrts water on the ground and high winds trees are prone to failure. we want to get out quickly to remove trees that may be down or big branches that are down. >> san francisco residents can pick up sand bags today from 8:00 until 2:00 at the morin street public operations yard. you must have proof of address. can you get up to ten sand bags. can you get the weather conditions any time on the abc news app. features life doppler 7 appear ability to customize the forecast. >> a shooting atatorens bowling aly in southern california. police say two of four men injured were taken to the hospital. the other two opted to seek out their own medical attention. the l.a. times reports a fight at the bowling aly led up to the shooting. no employees were hurt. police are working to identify the suspects involved.
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back mere in the bay area, oakland police are investigating a shooting that left three people dead. it happened just one day after oakland officials said the city had the lowest homicide right in nearly 20 years. the shooting happened near center and 11th streets around 9:00 last night. police say all three victims are men. officers could be seen serng inside a car at the scene. no word yet on wloo may have led up to the shooting. police have not announced any arrests. a final goodbye for neumann police corporal ronil pg singh. a public funeral will be held later this morning. he was shot and killed during a traffic stop the day after christmas. neumann is about 100 miles from the bay area. yesterday people in the tight knit community had a chance to pay respects. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley was there. >> corporal singh.
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ronil singh a popular canine officer in neumann for seven years. gunned down on december 26th during a dui stop. photos and flowers line the aisles of in theater. his flag drapd kaskt et front. he leaves a brother, a wife and 5-month-old son. and parents. >> he was a good role model. great son. >> very sweet officer. i'm sorry in had to happen. he was the one that would climb up on the ladder and get the kitty down. and i thanked him he had smile on his face. >> a processen of officers wnd through from modesto to neumann. a town of 10,000. the main street was awash in flags, blue ribbons and tear zwloos you're a tight knit community just 11 officers now down to ten you must feel it deeply.
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>> absolutely we're a family, not so much a department. everyone of us is hurting. >> president trump called the chief to officer condolences as all the chiefs in california offered a final salute. the procession departed at noon to head back to modesto. >> his funeral is open to the public at 10:00 a.m. at this church in modesto. over 1,400 law enforcement represent he was are expected to be on hand to salute a fallen hero. in modesto, i'm leslie brinkley rb abc 7 news. a reminder, there is only one authorized fund set up for the family of corporal sync through the stanislaus sworn deputies aso association. if you'd like to make a donation we have a link, the time is 5:05 a massive shake upob in the works for pg&e looking to sell its natural gas division to government potential wildfire liability costs.
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the news sent smars of the utility plunging 20% in after hours trading. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo has more. >> pg&e is facing billions in liability if found responsibility responsible for deadly wildfires in california. the utility is exploring the sale of the gas assets using the money to fund massive payouts. >> by spinning off the gas and electric systems i think they will become a size they can manage. what bef seen in the last few years they've been too big to succeed. we saw it and san bruno after the fires. >> jerry hill state senator has been critical of the giant. he welcomes the split. the question is who would buy it. >> they don't have much of a system to sell. no one wants the gas system. the electric system is more attractive. >> the company is also looking to sell some real estate assets like the san francisco headquarters. >> if you are talking about selling your assets at a railroad reduce the rate
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obviously to cover expenses, it's just not going to work. >> former san bruno mayor is disappointwood the possibility given the pg&e track record. in a statement to abc 7 on friday the company said they were rchg structural options to best position ppgen e to best implement necessary changes while meeting customer and operational needs. >> a lot of their hearts are in the right place. but it's structural going on many years and taking many years to correct. >> it's important to note that investigators are have not determined the cause of the massive wildfire that zroitd the town of paradise in november but speculation centered on pg&e. in the newsroom. carlos salcedo. abc 7 news. in developments in the toefrts fix the transbay transint center, closed more than 100 days since two cracks were discovered in steel beams. the transbay powers authority says the metropolitan
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trpgs commission approved a design. happening now college football fever take over the south bay. two teams going head to head in the national championship game touch down in san jose last night. clemson on the left and alabama on the right. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo cmos the frenzy. >> the championship weekend is here. the alabama criminalsen tide and clemson tigers kick-off monday night but the fans are getting started >> roll tide. >> here kitty. here yit. coming to get. >> you clemson. ♪ >> the turf is down at sen pedro sworn for the end zone aly. the broadcasts by our sister network espn. cross the acquire it's the playoff central and it's red and
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orange. >> there is nothing like clemson energy. >> that energy first felt when in 45-50 espn billboard touched sheericed downerslhe bring in the bay area. >> you all missing the spirit. this is all love. carolina, south carolina, conway, clemson, anderson, the whole area. >> we love college football. on the way out we were talking about this is the seventh national championship we have gone two in ten years. this is what we do. >> until the big match on monday focus is on the fans. ♪ >> the activity lasts all weekend long. and days end with a star studded lineup of performers taking the stage for the free outdoor concert series. >> can you get in on the action too. according to ticket iq secondary tickets for monday night's game
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start at $126. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. clemson and alabama face off monday night at levi stadium. you can watch the college football playoff national champion on our sister new york espn monday night 5:00. >> the time is 5:10 on this saturday more than. lisa is the tracking the forecast. you are tracking the rain headed to the bay area. >> we are seeing two rounds of storms before the game on monday. which really is looking at leftover showers tp will. it may work out for game time. between now and then you can see the winds kicking up from the sutro tower camera. temperatures mild in the mid-50s for many of you. but the rain is on the way. so if you want to head out and walk the dog you might want to do it right now. i'll be back with timing coming up. >> good advice, lisa, thanks. new controversy around kevin hart by ellen degeneres is
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coming under fire. >> hundreds of fans line
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time right now is 5:13. here a live look outside from our abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 pointed to the financial district this morning. you can call this the calm before the storm. quiet for now. but changes are on the way. meteorologist lisa argen has the full accuweather forecast coming up. 5:13 the time. ellen degeneres is facing backlash for coming to the defense of kevin hart. he stepped down to hosting the oscars after black backlash on past homophobic compensates. >> kevin hart talking openly about his dramatic exit at this
5:14 am
year's oscar host on abc after the string of homophobic comments he made years ago resurfaced sitting down with ellen degeneres. >> i'm upset because i know who i am. i don't have a homophobic phone are bone in my body. i don't want it step on that stage and make that night about me and my past. >> degeneres who has hosted the academy awards twice herself, then went on to defend hart. >> i think it's perfect that all this happened. because there has to be a conversation about homophobia. and whatever brought up -- whatever any did and whoever is trying to hurt you, it brought up you reminding people that you're a bigger person, that you've already apologized. you're apologizing again. as a gay person. >> what? >> yes. i'm so sorry to break this to you. >> ellen then revealing he she personally calmed the academy to vouch for hart. >> so i called them. i said kevin is on. i have no idea if he wants to
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come back and host. but what are your thoughts? he were like oh, my god we want him to host. we feel like maybe he misunderstood or handled wrong or maybe we said the wrng thing but we want him to host, whatever we can do. we would be thrilled. and he should host the oscars. i mean -- >> ellen now facing backlash herself for defending him. and as for hart, he says he is evaluating their conversation. caina whitt worth, abc news, los angeles. >> as upsetting as hart's past comments are a number of people. many in the lgbt community believe degeneres has a point. we spoke to people in the castro district who said they believe in forgiveness and second chances. >> if he apologized people deserve second chances. we're not perfect. and a lot of people say negative things that they don't mean. >> i think people should get a second chance at certain things in life. maybe it is a good thing.
5:16 am
>> i think more people should be open to rectifying certain positions they held in the past. >> the people we spoke with said they plan on watching the oscars whether hart is the host or not. 5:16 .. the time to it student at paradise high school displaced by the camp fire return to class next week. all 700 students start school tuesday at a temporary campus near the chico airport. the main paradise high school campus mostly escaped the fire and school administrators hope to return there by august. >> in this build something amazing but the people that come here, work here, they're the ones that make paradise high school more amazing. the students, teachers, the staff members. all together we have been so strong through this. >> in the meantime, a big surprise for paradise high school's football coach rick priz. head coach kyle shanahan sending two super bowl tickets.
5:17 am
the bobcats end the more than a thousand people attended steph curry's party despite confusion over over the froh tickets earlier in the we can. katie utehs has the story. >> reporter: hundreds lind up outside oakland's fox theater for the party. 10-year-old j.c. reed sporpted his new curry 6 shoes. >> i like to run high and jump. >> others stepped up the waiting game. >> i came here at 5:00. i got home and got sleep. came back at 10:00. first in line? hochted by under armour it was billed as a celebration of curry's ten years in oakland. >> he still look young. >> the promise of tickets to the party, featuring musical acts like mista fab and e 40 drew people to a pop-up store earlier. this but it was closed but then
5:18 am
they learned they had to buy merchandise for the tickets. >> i'm disappointed. i came down with such joy and excitement. >> curry intervened and said the tickets would be free to the relief of warriors fans who are sad to see the team leave oakland next year. >> it's a bittersweet to be out in oakland. i'm feeling good right now. basketball teams were in attendance. they were bussed in by under amor in oakland katie utehs abc 7 news. now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning to you. and here is the rain we're expecting. you can see not quite here yet process. but live doppler 7 showing plenty offshore. and in will continue to bring in unstable atmosphere to the bay area today. so frommed bodega bay and heading into healdsburg maybe showers. a deep low off the northern coast of california allowing for the southerlily winds to crank up in the next several hours.
5:19 am
it's a 2 on the impact scale. so we combine today's event with another system nas also a 2 tomorrow. that will bring us anywhere from one to three inches in the wettest spots. 3/4 of an inches when we combine the two days for knows in the valleys. here are the winds, the surface i understand up to 45 miles an hour. with the cold air coming in behind, a chance of a thunderstorm throughout the afternoon today. 53 in oklahoma. niece are are like afternoon highs. 47 in napa. it's 46 in sand rafael. and you can see anywhere from 0 to 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. the camera shaking a bit from our east bay hills camera. rainy, windy. the snow level by in afternoon down to 4,000 feet. that means mount hamilton perhaps you can see flakes of snow later but most of the moisture moving in the first half of the day. and then tomorrow the second half of the day more likely. we will try to time it out. pu the wet pattern can continue
5:20 am
beyond. let's check out half moon bay. you can see this morning the winds cranking up out of the south. by 11:00 a gust of about a 43 miles an hour. then they subside by evening hours. and that's why we do have that wind advisory in effect. the rest of the bay area, noontime, look at how gusty. 23 to 40-mile-per-hour and we'll continue to see the winds doyle back as the front pushes through font. but next wave tomorrow morning 10:00. and by noontime we'll continue to see the rain push threw. here we are at 11:00 at night. and in winds down for looking like a pretty good monday morning commute. most of the activity this weekend. 8:30 rain showers pushing through. and here is where the cold air gets going by 3:00 in the afternoon. you can see the spotty nature of the showers. if you want dash out likely you will get wet throughout the afternoon on saturday. but saturday evening if you have plans looks good. and through the overnight hours
5:21 am
pretty quiet. into sunday, 1:00, here comes another round of heavy rain and more throughout the dinner hour. 11:00 we are looking at things winding down. these two systems certainly packing a punch. we need the rain, over two inches up in noft an over an inches in san mateo. hopeful a half inch in. and we are looking at big snow totals in the sierra nevada. up to 36 inches pab even 50 inch was the very windy conditions. not a good idea to head up this weekend. 57 in san francisco. 58, possibility of a thunderstorm in the accuweather seven-day forecast. a 2 on the impact scale today and tomorrow. then monday just lingering showers. tuesday we'll see more rain but you notice the 1 each day tuesday tuesday into wednesday. download the accuweather app. and we have an active week to track live doppler 7. but for the game monday evening leftover showers, chris.
5:22 am
but between now and then it's the we could. with lots of plans. have the brel and jacket. it's a wild time. >> it's been a while since we have seen the impact scale so active. >> happy to see it. >> thanks. stillhead, congresswoman alexandra occasion o cortes responds to a post the new video she posted online. >> don't forget abc 7 news at 11:00 a.m. expanding to a full hour calling it midday live fitting in good doesn't have to be hard. dive into satisfying flavors like creamy strawberry cheesecake. with twelve grams of protein and eighty calories, light and fit greek non-fat yogurt, makes it easy to fit in good.
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morning after undergoing the same rare surgeries at the
5:25 am
university of chicago. they both received hearts, livers and kidneys. our reporter has the story. >> reporter: until a few months ago sarah and darrick smith from the southside had never met but they found one thing in common. both need add new chance at life. >> to reach a time the heart was failing, the kidney was failing and the liver was failing. >> two 29-year-olds talked to us via video camera both recovering from triple organ transplant. >> it's been mind blowing and amazing. >> i'm feeling wonderful. i haven't had this much energy in a very long time. >> macfarlane says she founds herself at the university of chicago after doctors in her home sate said she couldn't help her. >> i was thrilled there was a chance. >> as luck had it as her medical team as they are preparing for
5:26 am
the one another. >> two organ donors became available at the same time. >> the medical team says it was a no brain he were to do both sets of surgeries back-to-back. know going could give both a shoot shot. >> i think it was amazing i was able to be here a month and a half and receive all three organs that i needed. >> smith, a father now looking forward to going thome home to his 3-year-old son. >> he call me every day and tell me daddy i'm cat boy i'm using my superfast speed to get you out of there. >> as the two sit upright breathing easier they know it couldn't have happened without the organ donors. >> i'm grateful for all the opportunities i've had since the first transplant and looking forward to more. >> doctors say macfarlane could be out in the few days and smith in a woke. they plan to have a group dinner with families to celebrate.
5:27 am
at university of chicago medical center. abc 7 news. still to come on abc 7 mornings, getting ready for the new governor. the preparations under way to gavin newsom's inauguration and what's happening at the governor mansion right now. also -- people across the bay area are pitching in to pick up trash during the government shutdown. the politician helping in the effort today.
5:28 am
5:29 am
. good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we start with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen tracking the condition where you live. lisa, good morning to you. good morning, chris. we are bringing in the storm impact scale. the system today is a level 2. moderate rain son the way. we have gusty winds. and the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. the wind advisory in effect and the rain showers right now you
5:30 am
can see live doppler 7 in the morgt bay looking at cloverdale, for the ross and bodega bay. further south you can see the radar returns picked up over the oshen. 3-viability in livermore. 4 miles in concord. the winds will kick up in the next hour and continue throughout the day until 4:00. now at the surface up to 30 miles an hour. we could see gusts in advance of 60 miles an hour. here are the wind in the upper elevations. 33 to 30 miles an hour. atlas peak, mount diablo. with the southerly winds it's mild out there. 15 degrees milder this morning. mountain view at 51. 15 warmer than yesterday. notice the rain increases through the morning and by the afternoon the cold air, possibility of a thunderstorm. by 6:00 things quiet down. but we have another round of rain for sunday. chris. thank you, lisa. president trump is threatening to use emergency
5:31 am
powers to build a border wall wall. this comes as the government shutdown enters the 15th day. has the latest. >> reporter: congressional leaders at the white house. both sides calling the talks contentious. >> i can speak for republicans in the house and republicans in the senate. envelope very strongly about having a safe country. >> we really can't resolve this until we open up government. >> democrats claim the president said he is willing to have the shutdown go on for months or a year. >> absolutely i said that. i don't think it will. but i am prepared. >> reporter: but democrat demanding end to the shutdown before they debate border security. >> don't hold millions of americans, hundreds of thousands of worker the hostage, open up the government and let's continue discussions. >> 800,000 federal employees, furloughed or working without pay the president was asked what is his message to them. >> people that won't get next week's pay for the following week's pay, i think if you ever
5:32 am
really looked at those people i think they'd say, mr. president, keep going. this is far more important. >> abc news learned the president is considering a different path to getting his border wall. >> have you considered using emergency powers to grant yourself authorities to build this wall without congressional approval? and second. >> yes be zblief you have. >> yes i have and i can do it if i want. >> you don't need congressional approval. >> no we can use -- absolutely we call a national emergency because of the security of our country. >> both sides say staffers will continue discussions over the weekend but it's the president and congressional leaders who must agree to end in stalemate. linda lopez, abc news, new york. here in mr wods w of the government shutdown. after this weekend there will be no shuttle service process haves visitor service or open bedrooms if you have a reservation during the closure you'll be refunded if you made the purchase through the park's website.
5:33 am
the shutdown means trash is piling up because park service workers are furloughed. so today congresswoman jackie expire will join voluntaries to clean up trash in san francisco. any will provide a truck to recycle and haul away debris. if you'd like to help meet at ocean beach zblienchts volunteers in marin county pitching in. wayne friedman shows how they help build a better bay area. >> behind the veneer of a beautiful day in barrett valley near point reyes. here is the ral residue of people communing with nature during a government shutdown. you wouldn't want to weigh it. you want want to smell it. but a lot less now than there was a few days ago. and the reason is that somebody has gotten very proactive. >> all this changed yesterday. >> enter amy brighten and pressie who have taken proactivety to a positive extreme. >> it keeps on going until we
5:34 am
get it resolved. >> she owns green hauling a waste deposal company from novato. they have driven to beaches and parks and back volunteering time, energy and resources to pick up garbage piling up during the shutdown. imagine that. >> i'd say approximately a half dozen dumpsters and at least 30-plus garbage cans. >> and counting more nor do any expect a dime for doing this even as people and trash keep coming. >> this happened overnight, the severity is pretty sowers here. >> shutting down the national park aircrafts local communities, the coffee shop won't get as much business. we have to do what we can. we're a small company but we have to do what we can. >> when we told park visitors about the work they were flaber casted. >> you take care of what need to in your backyard. >> or the national park where the by-product of a shutdown has been a wake up call. >> we are not a solution to the problem but we want to make a difference. >> they're doing it.
5:35 am
in bear valley, point reyes. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. we have created an interactive google map called the trash tracker. can you click on national parks in the bay area and it will show you photos of what they look like and where cleanup help is needed. you can find it online at abc 7 you can also contribute to this map, share pictures by adding the hashtag abc 7 now to the pictures online. preparations are under way for the inauguration of california's new governor. gavin newsom. crews set up the overhang outside the west steps of the state capitol. the event takes place monday at 11:00 a.m. ne b 's in san francisco. we will bring you covering of the inauguration on air and online. as governor brown prepares to leave office join us for a special program tomorrow afternoon an in-depth interview
5:36 am
with the governor about his legacy. tomorrow 12:30 p.m. on abc 7. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is responding to a video that was apparently an attempt to mock her. this clip of ocasio-cortez went viral when an aanonymous right-wing twitter account shared it it appears to be edited version of a 2010 youtubed individual of students at boston university doing the breakfast club dance. many were quick to defend her saying it was a young college student dancing with her friends. ocasio-cortez posted this new video on she points and spins to music playing in the background. the congresswoman laughs as she enters her office in the capitol. >> time is 5:36 still ahead, a man upon a mission tracking solen cell phones and computers, the far away places where some electronics end up and his interaction with the thieves. first heading to break a live look outside from the
5:37 am
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good morning, everyone. time right now is 5:39. we are looking live outside from the san mateo bridge camera. lisa is keeping an eye on the rain headed to the bay. she will have more in the full forecast. it's just moments away. r iacting nearly 800,000 ford vehicles in the u.s. the takoda air bag inflaters can explode and injure you.
5:40 am
the recall. 2010 and 2011 ford rangers and mercury milan. 2010 to 2012 linking mkz as and 10 to 2014 ford mustangs this is part of the largest series of recalls in u.s. history. the spleding air bags killed 23 people worldwide. >> ride sharing isn't oh the rise across the country. according for the latest survey from the pew research center. more than a third of people surveyed have gotten a ride from uber or lyft each much which with headquarters in san francisco. throe years ago a third of respondents hadn't heard president companies in the assistant less than 10% of passengers use ride sharing services every week. about a quarter average a ride a month. two third use them less than that. here is something new to try in the morning coffee. international delight just announced this new peeps flavored could have ooh creamer.
5:41 am
it's marsh mallow flavors and neon yfl like the famous easter candy. it's one of the things where you love it or hate it i don't think i'd do that. anyway, weatherwise tracking the rain. >> rain and wind and the radar returns increasing. the winds around ukiah, napa half moon bay. picking up. you can see the flag from the roof camera. temperature are mild in the 50s around the bay. up upper 40s for the coolest locations. a couple of outliars 39 in livermore. the rain is knocking on your door in the north bay. we'll see it move in momentarily. i'll detail it for you and tell you how much to expect for the weekend next. >> thanks. also ahead clemson and alabama arrive in the bay area ahead of the college football playoff national championship. the player who has gone from unknown kid to national star.
5:42 am
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a pretty view to wake up to on this saturday morning. you can see the camera bouncing around a little bit. lisa is monitoring the rain and the wind headed our way. here across the bay area, she will be back with the full accuweather report in just a few minutes. while the giants continue to look for players to fill up the roster. fans will have one new thing to look at in the outfield. sky7 was over at&t park where the joints are installing a new megascore board above the center field bleachers. the $10 million project boast as screen displaying in 4 k and covers 10,000 square feet. three times larger than the old one. spring training opens in six weeks when pitchers and catchers report. take a look at chase center. courtesy of sky7, the warriors ge cpletion. oh come alo a inside the arena, the warrior haves installed the first seats, team president rick welts and tim hard away of run tmz fame
5:45 am
spliced long team season ticket holder tim heely who has had season tickets since 1987. they took in the view together for the first time. >> they're fantastic. and i'm not one that has to be courtside. it's not that important to me. it's just being in the arena is more important. and i can't be happier with the seats. >> the look on his face is the look that we hope we see on every warrior fan's face when they come in the building the first time. >> you get goose bumps especially after putting the seats you sit down and take in everything. and looking at it. it's pretty amazing. >> the warriors gave heely an exact replica of his seat to take home. now they have to install the other other 17,000 seats before the team moves in. in sports the warriors on the road taking on the skromt king tonight at 4:00. two days away from the college football national championship. both teams here in the bay area this morning. here is abc 7 sports director
5:46 am
larry beil. good morning, the count downaredown is on to the national championship. i know the ticket prices are down and we expect the possibility of rain. but alabama versus klemen. epic clash. this is the fourth consecutive season these teams meet in the college football playoffs. the third time they'll play for the title. the natty. .bahamaa won two out of three process. the teams arrived yesterday. >> tua. tua tagovailoa. groan from unknown kid to national star. see if he can beat clemson. what might be a wet field at levi stadium. you know it was a bad pro football season in the bay area. more proof as the raid resist and niners look for one guy. 180 oh yards five tds undrafted-free agent as the quarterback. remember kilgts had the breakout game against denver.
5:47 am
beaten out by the chiefs for travis kelsey. george kilgts not bad for fifth round pick. christian mccaffrey getting the all pro nod. second team ner the flex position. he is a third player in history with 1,000 yards rushing and 100 receptions. 107 catches overall. most by any runningback in nfl history. a couple of cal guys named all pros. tackle mitchell schwartz. the power of the schwartz for the chiefs and defensive end cam jordan with the saints. this is nfl wild card weekend process. we have the colts versus the texans here on abc 7 kickoff today at 1:30. hoops. get my ice cream at the game, right. number 6 standrd. so cute. >> hosting usc pac 12 opener. alana smith 13 points in the first half. sc led by 2 petition daybreak. stanford pull in which. keena williams with the fourth three of the night to make it a 5-point game. keena that's not my daughter she
5:48 am
never had a cross over like that keena williams with 22. cardinals win 72-64. . who do you think can succeed here? what type of characteristic should ucla look for in the next coach. >> barack obama. >> well -- i don't think he is going to coach. >> you keep saying that but why? why are you so negative? why do you just turn down. >> give me some names. >> his berry in law coached. i'm sticking with barack obama until he says no. >> ucla alum bill waltman out of the box choice to take over for the fired steve. i guess they would have the secret service as assistant coaching. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> now the forecast with lisa argen. good morning to you. check out or area of low pressure and associated cold front just off the shore. live doppler 7 showing you a classic combo. a neat feature. as we go closer you can see the
5:49 am
rain that's beginning to fall in the north bay and right along the coast. so from point reyes points north, our sweep on top of mount st. helena picking up et returns from gurnsville abox dent al. over on jenner. cloverdale looking wet. you can see we have the enhanced rainfall with the yellows north of inverness. offshore from point reyes and bodega bay. and further offshore check what is on the which. we're looking at pretty good downpours. this will move through the bay area. and then we get the cold air that pushes through. and that allow for more instability. the chance of a thunderstorm. it's going to remain gusty right on through the middle of the afternoon. it is 53 right now in oakland. that's right. very mild out there. but as we go closer to the valley it is cooler. we haven't had the winds mixed down yet. but at the surface 31 miles an hour gusts, half moon bay. 24 miles an hour gusts around napa. you can see the winds ramping up
5:50 am
around oakland at 16 miles an hour. looking for the east bay hills candh othe fir half of the day. the snow levels at 4,000 feet. the wet pattern continues into tomorrow. look at the wind gusts through the rest of the day. certainly seeing them verify. but low back how windy it gets by noontime. 40 miles an hour gusts from point reyes. 20 to 35 calm in here at the surface all around the bay area. then we get a lull as the front moves through and things quiet down, 10:00 tonight. then a second system heads our way. likely another wind advisory. this is 10:00 in the morning. first push of rain and then the second system will have the rain last through the sunday night hour. but the good news is it looks like the monday commute will be dry. here is the timing on it. you can see the first wave moving through later on this morning. then here comes the cold air. if you want to get out throughout the afternoon. you likely will get wet. but there will be droi patches and some of the downpours could contain hail.
5:51 am
as question get through the 8:00 hour things are quieter ritten through the overnight hours. here comes the next wave early tomorrow but then by 1:00 it looks like heavy rain headed our way. and this will last ening hours about 11:00, 12:00 things quiet down. we add up the totals for today and tomorrow. anywhere from a half inch to 3/4 of of an inch, the coast, the south bay to over two inches perhaps in novato. good news. we need it. a winter storm warning in effect for today into monday, 36 inches possible. but some of the higher peaks up to 50 inches. so travel is not advised. and we are looking at temperatures today on the cool side. you'll feel it in the afternoon as the winds kick up, the possibility of a thunderstorm. let's pick it up sunday night as it continues raining into sunday night. 9:00. and then notice how things begin to shift to the sacramento valley into the sierra nevada. and into the wee hours of monday. things are dry.
5:52 am
and it looks like not a bad way to start the work week but will continue into the evening hours. and you'll notice around game time looking at about 5:00 with a slight chance of showers. levi stadium, we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s dropping into the low 50s for clemson and alabama. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a 2 on the storm impact scale today and tomorrow. wet and windy. the second storm tomorrow is more likely to shift later into the day. the one today, the first half of of the day and we'll look for the possibility of a thunderstorm. download the accuweather app and you'll notice we have more rainy days monday, tuesday, wednesday. but the systems look weaker nonetheless. the ground will absorb it with the breaks in between which is >> yes. use the app. >> yes. >> all right. thank you, lisa. all right. so do you ever wonder what happens to a stolen cell phone or laptop? well abc 7 news anchor dion lim did and found a man who track his device halfway around the world. >> it's a cat and mouse game. >> this is michael.
5:53 am
an i.t. professional at berkeley who has been on the hunt hunt for two years. >> i got a report from a colleague saying his computer was stolen from his car. >> but instead of sitting back and doing nothing. >> part of my job and responsibility is to try and maren these. >> reporter: guess where it was found. >> in hand oi, hanoi, veet >> michael isn't phased by the 7,000 mile jorny he currently oversees 177 phones and computers for his company and is currently tracking 8 stolen devics around the globe. >> buffalo, new york. mario georgia np one in oslo, norway. >> norway? >> yes all over. >> several years ago the san francisco d.a.'s office noticed increase in stolen phons. >> many of the phones were fenced and shipped out overseas whether to asia, latino america.
5:54 am
>> and got smartphone makers to put in a kill switch. >> we saw a 1 million reduction in robberies. that was just in one year. >> even sew smartphone and electronics theft is still happening. so michael will keep tracking even interacting with the thief. >> i will reach out to them and send them a message. never get any replies back of course. >> do you have any aspirations to go to vietnam going to go get it. >> absolutely not. >> michael uses mobile device management which wipes clean and can lock stolen devices. he says it's expense toef install on a consumer left he recommends software similar to find my iphone. in the newsroom, dion lim, abc 7 news. thank you. >> how you doing, kiddo. >> a new home for the sweet kitten. process the dangerous place the officer found it
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
i want. the winning numbers from the megamillions drawing. 21, 29, 35, 54, 60, megaball 15. nobody picked all six. but one person in california did match five of the six numbers. tuesday's jackpot goes up to $45 million. a kitten has a new home this morning after a missouri cop rescued it off the highway. >> hey. >> officer jason smith noticed the kitten on a barrier wall in north kansas city as first she was shookd but she quickly warmed up to the officer. me ouing and purchasing while riding shotgun after she was checked out they named her bella. >> next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00. get ready for rain. lisa argen tracks a series of storms across the bay area. and breaking overnight, a
5:58 am
shooting on the a southern californ
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning and thank you for joining us on this saturday, january 5th. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at weather. here is lisa argen tracking the storm headed our way. hey, chris, within the next five days we see three storms. starting with a 2 on the storm impact scale. bringing gusty winds and moderate rain throughout the morning to afternoon hours. the gusts could exceed 60 miles an hour with the cold air could see a chance of thunderstorm. so just moving into pen drove, santa rosa looking at rain. also around cloverdale. further south more returns down around alina with heavier rain. but further south not much happening in san francisco on or


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