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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 6, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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1c i choose trulicity to activate my within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. good morning, america. breaking overnight, a suspect arrested in the shooting death of 7-year-old jazmine barnes, charged with capital murder. did this sketch figure into the arrest? weather alert. the major pacific storm. cars mired in mud from torrential rains. heavy snow shutting down highways. >> there went the power. >> power lines blown. >> whoa! >> and more dangerous weather on the way. at the bargaining table, the meeting between the president's team and congressional staffers over that government shutdown, and the wall that is in the way. the new demands democrats are making to the white house. new lawsuits. the so-called dancing doctor -- ♪
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-- facing claims from ten more patients. now one of her former patients is speaking out. >> to this day, i'm still bleeding. my incisions are not healed. >> how she says she is still suffering months after her procedure. and the rivals are ready. clemson and alabama gearing up for the championship game. we're live at levi stadium with a preview as the teams go head-to-head for the third time in four years. hey. good morning. guess who's back to cover that big college football game? former weekend "gma" co-host, paula faris. we're not going to let her talk. all she can do is wave. she is in santa clara, california this morning and she is miming which i didn't know was one of her skills. >> we are going to let her talk. she was like, "i want to talk." or she can't hear us yet. >> she can hear us. i'll be getting a nasty text as soon as we let her go.
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>> we'll have much more from paula coming up. we'll also have the latest on the government shutdown. we are heading into day 16. a new round of negotiations expected this afternoon. so many workers on edge not getting paid. they are waiting, and the political tension is only growing. we start here with the breaking news overnight, an arrest made in a horrifying case out of houston. a 7-year-old girl named jazmine barnes shot in the back seat of her ther's car when a vehicle pulled up alongside and opened fire. abc's marcus moore has the very latest from houston. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. this is just a tragic case. one of the suspects appeared before a judge this morning here in houston and he's facing a charge of capital murder. it was during that proceeding that we also learned, according to prosecutors, there may have been more than one person involved in this shooting that prosecutors say could be the result of mistaken identity. the break in the case finally coming overnight. investigators arresting this man in the death of 7-year-old jazmine barnes.
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authorities charging 20-year-old eric black jr. with capital murder. the sheriff's department saying black admitted to taking part in the shooting after a tip led to him. in court this morning, prosecutors revealing black allegedly drove the suspect vehicle in the shooting but another man was the gunman. >> one party appears to be trapped inside the vehicle, possibly deceased. >> reporter: it was a week ago this morning jazmine was killed while riding in a car with her mom and three sisters in east houston. the family said a white male opened fire on them. bullets hit jazmine and her mother in what they believe was a hate crime. >> he intentionally killed my child for no reason. >> reporter: authorities left searching for this red truck. overnight, the sheriff's office tweeting, quote, all evidence gathered so far in the jazmine barnes homicide case supports investigators' strong belief that she and her family were innocent victims. the development comes just days after the family helped investigators with a composite sketch of the alleged shooter who they said was a blue-eyed white man. hours before investigators announced the arrest, jazmine's
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distraught mother joining the heartbroken community at a rally. >> we going to find him no matter what. >> reporter: we have learned that investigators at the scene recovered as many as 8 spent shell casings along a 400-foot stretch of the road that seemed to indicate someone was firing from a moving vehicle. a lot of the information that investigators have has come from a tipster who also told prosecutors that there's some indication that perhaps this was related to an earlier incident. the suspects, guys, may have targeted the wrong vehicle. >> just a horrifying story as we said. marcus moore reporting from houston, marcus, thank you. we have another breaking story we're covering this morning. a major pacific storm bringing high winds, torrential rain and heavy snow to the american west. >> hundreds of thousands of power outages from california to washington, and there are more storms on the way. rob is tracking it all. rob, good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, eva. this is a powerful and wide reaching storm. the entire west coast getting
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into the act of this, and right now the winds are really ramping up across the pacific northwest, notably seattle, and the approach of this storm is such that the winds have accelerated at an increased speed really rapidly in just about an hour's time, from zero to nearly 50 miles per hour. that's what they are experiencing across parts of southern california. rainfall in excess of 1 inch in about an hour and that's causing all sorts of problems across the west coast. >> reporter: overnight, a major storm system pounding the west coast bringing mudslides, flash flooding, heavy snow, while also knocking out power. in malibu, torrential rain triggering this mudslide on the busy pacific coast highway, the same area scorched by the woolsey fire this fall. part of the highway shut down. vehicles stuck. responding officers navigating through the deep mud. also in southern california, multiple funnel clouds spotted. watch as this funnel spins off the coast of long beach. in northern california, heavy snow and whiteout conditions there.
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this was a scene on interstate 80 which was shut down for hours. drivers forced to pull over and chain up. the heavy snow causing several accidents, snarling traffic and leaving cars backed up for miles. in san francisco, coastal flooding. strong winds reaching up to 70 miles per hour sending dangerous, large waves and high tide right into san francisco bay, shutting down the popular pier 14. the storm also knocking out power lines in washington state. take a look this dramatic video showing a power line sparking and catching fire. this morning, more than 200,000 customers without power. >> there went the power. whoa! >> my goodness, and those numbers will be increasing as far as how many people will be in the dark today. here's storm number one, and this is storm number two, and another one that will come later in the week way out there across the tip of the elutian islands and we have all these watches and warnings.
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heavy snow expected in the mountains and winds will be increasing with our next system coming in tonight through tomorrow through san francisco. this should clear out by the time the national championship game heads tomorrow and another one tuesday and wednesday. one of these goes coast to coast. we'll talk about that in a few minutes, eva. >> thanks, rob. now to day 16 of the government shutdown. a new round of negotiations expected this morning at the white house. >> sources telling abc news that democrats want specific details about how the money for border security would be spent. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is at the white house this morning with the very latest. tara. >> reporter: good morning, whit. there has been a lot of talk but not a lot of progress, and a pressure point is coming up. the first paycheck of the year for many federal workers is scheduled to go out on january 11th, and if they don't get that paycheck, you can expect that republicans and democrats will take the blame. on the 16th day of the shutdown, negotiations between the white house and democrats still far apart. after this roughly two-hour meeting between the vice
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president, senior adviser jared kushner, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen and senior congressional staffers from both sides of the white house, the president tweeting, not much headway made today. second meeting set for tomorrow. >> i thought we came in to talk about terms we could agree on. we recognize that things like technology and border crossings are important but certainly a barrier is important. >> reporter: the democrats say they won't continue negotiations until the white house presents a formal breakdown on how the $5.7 billion for border security funding would be spent. while the majority of the talks saturday focus on plans for security rather than a budget, weeks ago, mulvaney signaled that the president would be willing to take less than half of his original asking price of $5.7 billion. >> if you are at $5 billion on something and i'm at $1.3 billion and we're talking about money, maybe there is a place in between we can compromise. >> reporter: despite losing leverage when the democrats took control of the house, trump not backing down from his initial demand. democrats insisting it's not needed.
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>> it's a wall between reality and his constituents, supporters. >> reporter: the shutdown affecting 800,000 federal employees, either working without pay or furloughed. the president claiming they support his fight for a wall, a battle he warns could last for months or even years. >> i think if you ever really looked at those people, they would say, mr. president, keep going. this is far more important. >> reporter: furloughed camper per cam perez, assistant chief of counsel at immigration and customs enforcement says he is tired of being a pawn on the political stage. >> whether it's a democratic or republican issue, i don't think neighbor at i.c.e. wants to be held hostage and forced to work for free while this all plays out. >> reporter: the shutdown has only added to the immense backlog in the immigration
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courts. many of the cases from the past two weeks have had to be rescheduled to later dates, some years away, in a way, undermining the president's zero tolerance immigration policies. dan? >> tara palmeri at the white house, tara, thank you. let's bring in a ringer, our chief anchor george stephanopoulos. he's just back from vacation. he'll be hosting "this week" this morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, sir. as this shutdown drags on, we'll see increasing political pressure and human pressure as the toll rises on these workers, hundreds of thousands of them. which side is likely to feel the pressure more keenly? the president or the democrats? >> i'm not sure if it will be the president or the democrats, but look at republicans in the congress. that's where the pressure is going to be. tara pointed out that the paychecks will stop on january 11th if there is no solution and that's not just washington, d.c. that's texas. that's california. that's wyoming. that's montana. it's all across the country. already three republican senators have broken ranks and said, let's just open up the government and negotiate later. that's who you have to watch over the course of next week. what happens to republican senators, republican house members as they start to hear from constituents? do they put the pressure on the president to come up with some kind of a deal?
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>> do you think there's a grand deal here to be done? there has been talk of let's help out the dreamers, the daca program, and you give me money for the wall. >> in theory that's one possibility but right now it doesn't appear that either the president or the democrats are really interested in that deal and i'm not really sure how this is going to end. usually you can predict as mick mulvaney was saying that a compromise can be reached but the president has rejected a deal that would go right in the middle on the money, about $2.5 billion. he wants to be able to say that in some way he has a wall. democrats won't go along with it. >> you have julian castro later. he used to be the mayor of san antonio and the secretary under president obama. he was expected to throw his hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race as a democrat. >> 1 of 30. >> that's what i was saying. we have maybe 30 people who will do this. when you have a crowded field, is that a good and healthy sign for the democrats or is it chaotic in a way that helps trump? >> i'm not sure it helps trump. i think it depends on what happens over the course of the primaries and how they work out, how democrats work out their differences and whether the
7:12 am
process creates a strong candidate. i think far more important for president trump is what happens in his own party. you saw mitt romney unleash that broadside against him even though he said he is not running. one of the single most important determinants on whether an incumbent president wins again, it's whether he is challenged by his own party. right now, no republican has said i'm definitely going in, but if somebody does and it's a serious challenge, that's what to watch for. >> looking at governor casey or jeff flake. there are a lot of people with names out there. george, thank you very much. i want to remind everybody george has a big show this morning. coming up, he'll talk to two key power brokers in the new congress, armed services committee chair adam smith and republican conference chair liz cheney. that's coming up on "this week" later on this morning right here on abc. george, appreciate it. now to the abc news exclusive. the mother and grandmother of a fugitive accused of running down a woman are speaking out first here on "gma." >> abc's marci gonzalez is in los angeles with the plea they are making to their loved one on the run. marci, good morning. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning.
7:13 am
they say they have no idea where she is and say they haven't been able to reach her, hoping she will see this interview and come forward. this morning, the driver accused of killing a las vegas nail technician still on the run. the suspect's family speaking exclusively to abc pleading with her to turn herself in. >> you can't run, baby. you cannot run. you have to come forward, baby. >> reporter: police releasing this old booking photo of the suspect, 21-year-old krystal whipple, who they say plowed into 51-year-old knock nguyen while trying to leave the salon without paying for her $35 manicure. >> our mom was loved by the community here. it's very traumatizing. >> reporter: authorities say her cred cart was declined at the salon. surveillance shows her walking to her car, telling the employee she was going to get cash. instead, police say she starts the engine. nguyen, running in front of the black camaro to stop it from leaving. her boyfriend, sonny chung, chasing after her.
7:14 am
here you see her accelerate, driving straight into nguyen, dragging her through the parking lot. chung, hanging onto the back until the car speeds off. >> we are putting an extraordinary amount of resources into this to make sure that person, the outstanding suspect, is held accountable for it. >> reporter: the manhunt now in its ninth day. whipple's family in tears sharing their condolences. >> i'm so sorry that you lost your mom, and i couldn't imagine how you feel, and i hope you find it in your heart to forgive my daughter and my family. >> we're so sorry. >> reporter: nguyen was a mother of three. her family joining investigators and urging anyone who knows where whipple is to call police. guys? >> marci gonzalez reporting from los angeles, thank you. we turn now to the latest legal troubles facing the actor kevin spacey. >> the embattled star is expected to appear in court monday. abc's erielle reshef joins us with those charges he is facing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:15 am
a massachusetts judge denied spacey's request not to appear in court, ordering him to show up. so, for the first time he'll answer a felony charge for alleged sexual assault. kevin spacey due in court monday and the embattled actor to be expected before a nantucket judge to be arraigned on a felony sexual assault charge. it would be the first time he has surfaced in public since sexual misconduct allegations cost him his role as frank underwood on the hit show, "house of cards." >> but i have to do these sort of things now. makes me seem more human. >> reporter: a character, the 59-year-old seemingly invoked in this cryptic video he posted over the holidays. >> and my confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full truth. >> reporter: a two-time academy award winner accused of groping the teenage son of former boston news anchor heather unruh in 2016. >> shame on you for what you did to my son. this was a criminal act. >> reporter: police now saying
7:16 am
the 18-year-old, a bus boy at the time, may have shot video of the alleged encounter, sending it to his girlfriend on snapchat because she did not believe him. in this audio recording obtained by abc news at a recent court hearing, spacey's defense team seeming to tip their hand to their strategy. >> he indicated that he was 23 years old, correct? >> that's correct. >> was that correct or an incorrect or false statement? >> that was an incorrect statement. >> reporter: calling the accuser's credibility and that video into question. >> what the video shows is a person's hand make contact with the shirt, correct? >> yes. >> okay. not any body part? >> correct. you don't see any body parts. >> we should expect spacey's team to put forth a pretty vigorous defense. they are going to fight back pretty strenuously. >> reporter: spacey is charged with felony indecent assault or battery. he has denied the allegations in the past but has not commented on this criminal charge. he is also facing investigations for alleged sexual misconduct in
7:17 am
los angeles and in england. >> erielle reshef, thank you very much. appreciate it. let's turn now to rob marciano still fresh off of his vacation retreat. >> hola. >> do you feel any guilt when you come back from vacation? the tropics. >> no. no problema. mexico. let's go to chicago. i'm not even going to -- hey, congrats to the bears, first time in eight years going to the playoffs, so to celebrate that, a local ice sculptor built four of these. they are bears-inspired sculptures to go around the city. yesterday, the temperatures reached 52 degrees so a lot of these started to melt. today we're going to see temperatures start to go cooler. it's all about the wind direction in chicago as this high goes east. we'll get more of an easterly wind off the chillier waters of lake michigan so it will be temperatures more seasonable today. and this storm system comes in tonight and tomorrow.
7:18 am
this will mostly be rain, but only snow and ice across the northern tier. it gets to the northeast tuesday morning and that will usher in more cold air. it's going to be just enough cold air here tuesday morning to probably see a little bit of snow, especially north and west of i-95. there you see some of the snow accumulations expected here. the arrowhead of michigan -- i'm sorry. the u.p. of michigan and the arrowhead of minnesota will see the most significant snow here in the next 12 and 24 hours. that was a look good sunday morning. the storm impact scale at a 3 today. winds in excess of 40 miles per hour from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 tonight. the seven-day forecast showing rain could be heavy at times throughout the day. it ends overnight tonight. monday and tuesday we're looking at more rain, in fact tuesday into wednesday, maybe getting into some flooding issues. a break o
7:19 am
first playoff game today, yeah, in baltimore. it should be okay for the weather there. no issues weatherwise for the big game today. >> no more spanish? you done with that? >> no, senor. no mas. >> finito. i may be italian, i'm not sure. >> en fuego. thank you, brother. appreciate it. >> speaking of playoffs because he mentioned that wonderful word to say fans are excited about the nfl playoffs is an understatement. take a look at what happened when the gates opened at at&t stadium in dallas saturday right before the wild card matchup against the seattle seahawks. >> oh. >> it's like walmart on black friday. >> yeah, seriously. i mean, you're running. dude, you're in the front of the line. >> wait, don't they have tickets with seat numbers on them? >> first of all, it's free. >> oh. >> fans racing into the stadium to claim their spot, most likely in the standing room only section, and it was worth the effort for dallas fans.
7:20 am
the cowboys eeked out a 24-22 win, advancing them to the divisional round where they will meet either the saints or the rams. shoutout to my dallas people. you are devoted. get baptized in sports there. seriously, it's like a religion. >> especially the cowboys. >> especially jerry's world, yeah. speaking of hockey -- just kidding. the other big sports story this morning, the college football playoff national championship rivals clemson and alabama facing off tomorrow. we brought in somebody you may remember if you were watching the show in the mid '90s. we used to have -- her name is paula faris. >> oh. >> what? >> i'm just kidding. paula faris. >> dan, remember, i'm younger than you. i'm younger than you, dan. >> you are younger than me. she often refers to herself as the little sister that dan never wanted. paula joins us from levi stadium in santa clara, california. we miss you but it's great to have you on this big story. >> oh, i'm so excited to be with you guys this morning. you know how much i love sports. nobody had to twist my arm to
7:21 am
convince me to take this assignment, but it's basically been clemson/alabama, repeat. this is the fourth straight year they have met in the college football playoff and the third time in the last four years that they're playing for all the marbles. we're here at levi stadium. it's just outside of san francisco, but it's a long ways from these southern schools, over 2,400 miles. it's putting a damper on the ticket sales and we'll talk to espn's maria taylor about that. plus, why we continue to see these powerhouse teams play for all the marbles, clemson and alabama. we have the national championship trophy which i have been instructed not to touch, dan. i cannot touch this thing, and how cool is that though? "good morning america" on the jumbotron. that will be here during the game tomorrow night. i promise you. >> you're negotiating that. >> is that the billboard where those people are living? >> yes. >> no. different billboard. >> you're talking about the super fans. >> oh, dan. i love you. i have missed you, dan. >> we miss you. >> remember, football.
7:22 am
football. football, not hockey. >> yes. >> football. >> we love you, paula. >> dan's been in therapy by the way. we brought in a couch to get him through it ever since you left. paula, thanks so much. we'll check back with you soon. coming up here on "gma," ten new lawsuits filed against the so-called dancing doctor. what one patient is saying about the dermatologist who shared videos of herself busting a move in the operating room. "good morning america" is sponsored by safelite autoglass, america's largest vehicle glass experts. experts. america's experts. america's largest vehicle glass experts. , america's largest vehicle glass experts. u don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time...
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good morning. i'm chris nguyen. as we brace for powerful rains today, it was the wind that caused several problems across the bay area yesterday. high wind gusts reached between 50 to 70 miles per hour. trees and power lines went down.
7:28 am
in san francisco, strong winds during high tide brought flooding along the embarcadero. lisa argen has more on what we can expect today. >> another wind advisory, 10:00 to 10:00 p.m. rain in southern marin, san rafael, over to the east bay. oakland, it's been dry, but look what's going on in the peninsula. heavier cells pushing onshore to san francisco and points south. in the north bay, it's been a rainy go of it pretty much the early morning hours. it's a level 3 today. the accuweather seven-day forecast, rain and wind throughout the day, ending overnight tonight. light rain tomorrow.
7:29 am
oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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and welcome back to "gma" on a sunday mor and welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, an arrest overnight in the shooting death of 7-year-old jazmine barnes. she was killed while riding in a car with her family in texas. authorities now charging 20-year-old eric black jr. with capital murder. the sheriff said a tip led them to black who admitted to taking part in the shooting. the sheriff's office saying investigators do not believe jazmine's family was the intended target of this shooting. we begin this half hour with the so-called dancing doctor coming under new fire this morning. >> ten new lawsuits were filed against dr. windell boutte, the cosmetic surgeon now suspended after those viral videos of her dancing in the operating room.
7:31 am
abc's zachary kiesch has more. ♪ she's a brick house >> reporter: serious new trouble for the so-called dancing doctor. ♪ she had them apple-bottom jeans, boots with the fur ♪ >> reporter: that's dr. windell boutte, the georgia dermatologist seen in these operating room recordings that were once posted online. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, the doctor facing ten new lawsuits just this week. that's in addition to a series of earlier suits filed against her. among her former patients, celestine davis, a former patient telling abc news she still suffers from the tummy tuck she says dr. boutte performed on her eight months ago. >> to this day, i'm still bleeding. my incisions are not healed. eight months after my surgery and i'm still going through this, and it's horrible. >> reporter: davis alleges in her suit that she has suffered permanent scarring and disfigurement and will continue
7:32 am
to experience physical and emotional pain from dr. boutte's negligence. >> for this to go wrong by someone that i trusted and then she made me feel like everything was going to be fine. >> reporter: dr. boutte speaking exclusively to abc news' steve osunsami last june saying many of the patients suing her then were having health issues because they didn't follow her post-operative instructions. >> i make you well aware of what you may end up looking like by showing you a gallery and having you sign that you have seen the gallery. >> reporter: in a separate malpractice lawsuit filed late last week, another patient said she woke up in extreme pain and the surgical team dancing around her, suffering extensive, permanent and extreme injuries. the doctor told abc news the viral recordings of her dancing were consented to by the patients. >> people are not looking at the facts, and what i'm trying to get them to do is understand the facts.
7:33 am
consented, planned, staged, 30 to 60 seconds, and everyone was safe. >> reporter: last summer, boutte agreed to give up her medical license for 2 1/2 years after a series of lawsuits were filed against her claiming she botched patients' surgeries. the georgia board of health suspension cited several instances of questionable treatment during various procedures from 2014 to 2018. at the time boutte stated she voluntarily accepted the consent order for suspension. she is hopeful the suspension will be lifted and he is able to practice medicine at some point in the near future. it's unclear just how many of dr. boutte's patients were recorded. we reached out to dr. boutte to ask about these new lawsuits, but we have not heard back. some of the lawsuits also name other staff members working alongside dr. boutte's practice, but so far none of them are commenting. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. let's switch things up and
7:34 am
lighten the mood a little bit, get it back to senor roberto marciano. doing all of his forecasting in spanish today. >> i'm here saving lives, okay? we're not lightening the mood here. this is serious business. don't minimize what i do. i do my job. anyway, look at this beautiful snowfall. came down yesterday. >> your own case there. >> i know. anyway, there you go. you want to get some fresh snow, head up to tahoe. north star getting into the action. this is a skating rink and the kids -- they couldn't clear the snow fast enough so the kids got out and did some snow angels. great snow coming to you. the cascades as well. big snow is coming across to pretty much all the mountain west. powerful winds across the pacific northwest. over 200,000 people without power and we've got another batch of wind and rain coming to northern california tonight and tomorrow morning and a bit of a break just in time for the game and then another storm coming in tuesday and wednesday.
7:35 am
we'll see 4 feet of snow in the tahoe area, and the inland areas could see 1 to 2 feet. everybody from aspen to sun valley getting into the act. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. it looks gray and dark outside. winds will continued to pick up. the rain coming down today. a level three system. rainy and this weather report is this weather report is sponsored by carfax. you hear that? cha-ching. ringing the register too here. my job is very important. >> you are in rare form today. >> he is rested. >> rested and sugar. >> happy to see you guys. >> post-vacation rob. welcome back. >> que calor. coming up on "good morning america," the rivals, alabama and clemson, the national championship game and paula faris. she is in santa clara, california looking at which team
7:36 am
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hollywood's award season kicks off tonight with the golden globes. >> the best movies and tv
7:40 am
honored at an event known for its unpredictability, and abc's chris connelly, also known for his unpredictability, in l.a. with a preview. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the golden globes are the iowa caucuses of movie award shows. like the iowa caucuses, they feature an electric with quirky tastes and a large list of candidates we'll see down the line. and like you say, because of it's the first of the season, it's reliably unpredictable. prepping for tonight's golden globes means rolling out the red carpet. ♪ in the shallow, the shallow even with such crowd-pleasing pictures as "a star is born," "crazy rich asians" "black panther" and "bohemian rhapsody."
7:41 am
host sandra oh knows this will be a tough act to follow because, you know, oprah. >> did she say something good. >> oprah did say something good. >> at this moment, there are some little girls watching as i become the first black woman to be given the same award. >> it's the idea of if some young girl sees oprah on stage or what she is saying, what that can bring up in another young girl, young person. >> reporter: but who will make it to that stage is a golden globe winner. "roma," the year's best reviewed movie, is eligible only in best foreign film. that could clear the way for "a star is born" to take motion picture drama. lady gaga, a favorite in best actress drama. on the musical or comedy side of the globes, olivia colman from the movie "the favorite" looks strong in best actress. >> fat and ugly. >> reporter: christian bale is a best actor lock for "vice," battles it out with "green book" for best picture. "the marvelous mrs. maisel" won last year's comedy globe, so voters may go shopping elsewhere. >> what? >> reporter: bill
7:42 am
hader's "barry" perhaps. >> who are you? >> barry. >> reporter: and look for the fashion forward globes to make it a good were night for "killing eve", the drama that stars, well hey, sandra oh, and the spontaneity that's a globes hallmark. eyes will be focused with the winners well positioned for possible academy award success, and you can catch all the action from on stage and back stage on monday's "gma." guys? >> all right, chris connelly. a busy weekend ahead. thank you, sir. coming up on "gma," paula previewing the big college football championship game with espn's maria taylor. and the backstreet boys release new music with a message. that's ahead in "pop news" with adrienne. that's ahead in "pop news" with adrienne. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis,
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7:46 am
and welcome back to "gma." we are counting down to the college football championship game when alabama and clemson go head-to-head tomorrow night. >> these teams have some history. let's go back to our paula faris. she is in santa clara, california, for a preview. good morning, paula. >> good morning to you, eva. you're right. they do have some history. this is the third time in the last four years they're going to be playing for all the marbles. espn's maria taylor -- by the way, this was not intentional. clemson and alabama, repeat. it seems like these are the two teams. >> yes. >> why? >> for four straight years they have run into each other in either the college football playoff or the national championship game, and part of it is because of nick saban and what he has been able to build. >> he is incredible. >> he is working on his seventh national championship in college football. >> impressive. >> and dabo swinney, he has done it completely differently. they build their programs differently, but he has a fun,
7:47 am
laid back environment he builds, but he gets all the best players and that's what it's all about. recruiting and building talent. >> let's talk about proximity. we're about 2,400 miles from the schools, the stadium outside of san francisco. there's a chance there will be empty seats here. >> it's over 2,000 miles for both schools to travel. i was at media days yesterday, and you could see that the fans who were going to come anyway, they booked their flights a long time ago, but at the same time, some people couldn't afford to make it all the way out and they will be watching on tv, so that's unfortunate, but i know people that are here are excited about being on the west coast. >> it's a big act to ask that fan base to travel all the way i have the trophy. >> i love that you brought it with you. look at that. >> i have been told not to touch it. >> don't touch it. >> alabama's favorite. i think they're giving five points. >> they are. >> who are you picking? >> because i'm on alabama's sideline -- >> but you're a georgia girl. you shouldn't be wearing red. >> i know. i never root against nick saban, but i think this game will come down to a last-second play, and
7:48 am
ultimately the veteran that is tua tagovailoa, the quarterback for alabama, versus the true freshman with great hair from clemson. >> is he sampson or is it all in the hair? >> it will come in the way they play. >> tua tagovailoa. >> you got it. >> if i get anything from this assignment, it's how to pronounce his name. she is maria taylor from espn. make sure you watch the game, 8:00 eastern on espn. thank you so much, maria. >> thanks, paula. you're great. >> we'll send it back to you. >> paula, you know how i'm always trying to make you feel guilty for abandoning all of us on the show -- >> always, a lot of guilt. >> you can't see me, but we have some of the bacon from the green room that you love so much here. just want you to know in case you got that swine on your mind -- >> i'm done. i'm done. i'm done. >> you're done? you're leaving? >> i'm done. i'm so offended. i'm so offended. you had to rub that right in. now you're just talking about bacon. >> and everyone has touched it. >> dan's not eating it. don't worry.
7:49 am
miss you, paula. >> dan doesn't eat anything. dan doesn't eat anything, though. >> we're being told to hit commercial break. paula. >> that's a wrap. we miss you and love you by the way. i don't believe for one second she didn't touch that trophy. bye, paula. coming up here on "gma," who in the world is carmen sandiego? we have a look ahead in "pop news" with adrienne. news" with adrienne. carmen san diego? we have a look ahead in "pop news" with adrienne. i didn't like something hang control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems,
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7:53 am
♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue. adrienne just said, i love the stories we're doing in "pop" today. >> i do. i do. yes. well, first off, we start this morning with kendall jenner ready to reveal a secret. mom kris sharing a video of her daughter on instagram alluding that it has something to do with when she was in her early teens. >> when i was 14, i couldn't reach as many people as i can now.
7:54 am
now that i'm 22 and i have this whole thing behind me, i can -- i can speak to so many people and just be, like, i can help you, and it's okay, and i experienced it. i'm very normal, and, like, i understand you. >> i don't know what she is talking about, and nobody else does too, but she reveals what she is talking about tonight on her twitter page. watch for that. mom, kris praising her daughter for being so brave and vulnerable. so this will be a personal story. i'm really, really interested to see what happens. >> whatever it is, just hoping she can help people like she thinks. >> i love that. i love that she wants to tell her story for a purpose. we look forward to that. also, the backstreet boys. the group is out with a new video and song to warm your heart. it's called "no place," and it features the boys and their families doing some quality things and sharing the message there is no place like home. ♪ there ain't no place, ain't no place like you ♪
7:55 am
>> such a great message. the studio album "dna," set to release in january. >> it's a dad tune. >> it's a dad tune? >> they played "gma" in the summer. some of them were saying this is the first time their kids were seeing them and they were nervous. >> what? >> they were nervous for that concert. >> they devoted their time to family and they are still -- >> circle of life. >> they are successful in their careers. >> it all comes around. >> older than i think they are. >> yeah. >> that's my crowd right there. >> we all need family time. speaking of growing up, get ready. there is a new "carmen sandiego" in town. netflix releasing the trailer for its new cartoon voiced by "jane the virgin's" gina rodriguez. carmen turns over a new leaf who only steals from other crooks with help from a kid from "stranger things." it started airing in the '90s. '90s kids rejoice. the new series premieres on january 18th. grew up watching that show and
7:56 am
absolutely loved it. >> finally, dessert that celebrates three king's day. it is known as the feast of the epiphany. it's a traditional sweet bread made often the holiday and we hope that you all have an epiphany today where you have an aha moment and know exactly what to do in 2019. >> thank you. >> happy sunday, everybody. great "pop." good morning. i'm chris nguyen. in the south bay, two people are dead after the car they were in veered off the roadway and flipped over. this was the scene on highway 87 just after 10:00 last night. the driver says he swerved to
7:57 am
avoid hitting stopped traffic, but ended up hitting the barrier in the middle. the caroled over and ended on its side. officials say there were four or five people inside. a man in his 30s died. a woman in her 30s was taken to the hospital. the other people in the car were not hurt. get ready for more rain and wind today. strong winds brought down trees and power lines across the bay area yesterday. gusts reached 50 to 70 miles per hour. in san francisco's richmond district, this tree blocked traffic for an hour until firefighters were able to clear the road. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> the rain will last throughout the day. it will be heavier today. live doppler 7 looking at the heavy rain in southern marin county, over to the east bay. oakland, emeryville and alameda. rain showers filling in in san francisco, down the peninsula and finally getting over into union city, fremont and hayward. redwood city, a few light returns. in the south bay, looking at san jose, you're getting some rain.
7:58 am
this is a level three on our storm impact scale. we have winds right now gusting to 50 miles per hour at the coast. wind advisory from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the yellows here, pushing over san francisco. it's going to remain this way for much of the day. possibility of downed trees, power lines, and pretty good rain at times, that could bring some ponding on the roadways. it will be slick out there. make sure you're careful. the rain ends tonight, then we'll see light rain early, a break late monday, more rain tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. this week with
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. new year, new world in washington. >> nancy pelosi, i extend to you this gavel. [ applause ] >> democrats take control of the house, take on the president. >> president trump has met his match. >> the people spoke. >> a new day has dawned. >> both sides dug in as the shutdown enters its third week. >> call it whatever you want. the schumer or the pelosi or the trump shutdown. doesn't make any difference to me. >> we're not doing a wall. does anybody have any doubt that we are not doing a wall? >> are these first days of divided government just a taste of things to come? which side will blink and after robert mueller's report, will the democrats' calls for impeachment grind everything


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