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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 7, 2019 2:30am-4:00am PST

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good morning, everybody. i'm emily rau in for janai norman. >> i'm ryan smith. here are the top headlines we're following on "world news >> workers will make adjustments, the president says. democrats are still saying no to the border wall. actor kevin spacey is expected in court today on the massachusetts island of nantucket to face charges of indecent assault and battery. the charges stem from an alleged incident two years ago involving an 18-year-old man. >> history is reportedly being made at cbs where longtime "48 hours" executive producer susan zirinsky is going to replace outgoing president david rhodes.
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the national championship on the line. the tide and tigers have met in college football playoffs in three of the last four years and split their previous two match-ups. those are some of our top stories on this monday, january 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." let's begin this half hour with the latest in the death of a young girl in houston. jazmine barnes died a week ago when a gunman opened fire on the vehicle she was riding in with her mother and sisters. a man named eric black has been arrested and charged in connection with her murder and police say he has admitted to driving the suv from which a passenger opened fire. abc's marcus moore reports from houston. >> reporter: police making an arrest in the tragic death of jazmine barnes. a death her family initially feared was racially motivated.
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the 20-year-old black arrested and charged with the shooting death one week ago, and the authorities say this all may have been the case of mistaken identity. >> mr. black acknowledged his role in jasmine's murder and we also received information that this involved a second individual as well. >> police made an arrest after a tip was sent to a well-known civil rights activity and he said black was driving the vehicle during the shooting and the suspect or suspects may have opened fire on the wrong car. the announcement marking the major twist in this case that was focused on firing this red pickup truck speeding away from the scene of the shooting and this sketch. >> it was likely the last thing they did see was that red truck and that driver was in that truck. >> police believe that man may have simply been a bystander. >>a sigh oli
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police did their job and found who they feel is the right suspect. >> one step closer to closure for a grieving family and a country outraged over the death of an innocent little girl. >> obviously we were surprised that the suspect was not who was repeatedly described by so many independent witnesses, but for this family, it didn't matter if he was black or white. >> the harris county sheriff says this investigation is still ongoing, and that little jazmine and her family were innocent victims. marcus moore, abc news, houston. turning to weather, it's stormy from washington to california. >> severe storms bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the western states with significant snow accumulations in the mountains. >> thousands of people are without electricity in washington. >> the crews hope to re-open the pacific coast highway through malibu after weekend msdslides.t om we aood rning, emily and ryan. look for that rain to stop just
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shy of san francisco. now, let's talk about a real mess around the great lakes region. first of all, in the mississippi valley region, rain, but as you go into central and northern portions of wisconsin, it changes from freezing rain to snow. it's going to lean its way throughout the ohio region, and it's approaching cold air in the northeast and it's going to give us a few inches of snow during the evening hours and we will stay messy by midweek. ryan and emily? >> there is still no end in sight for the stalemate over the government shutdown as weekend negotiations come up empty. >> the white house is now requesting $800 million for the humanitarian needs of migrants at the border. but president trump is not budging on the $5.7 billion he needs for the border wall and he says he has the support of federal workers who are going without pay. >> many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, of those legree 1hadog.akerane
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says she plans to begin passing individual bills to re-open federal agencies in the coming days. >> many people might be with him but not those tsa workers not showing up for work and calling in sick. >> no. we know thousands of federal workers are set to miss their first paycheck of the new year this week. >> but many other americans are also bracing for the impact of the shutdown. abc's brad mielke explains. >> reporter: this shutdown is now officially the second longest in u.s. history, and for many of us there could be a feeling if i am not a federal employee or visiting a national park this doesn't affect me. some families are beginning to see a change. from first-time home buyers that can't complete their paperwork, to families living paycheck to paycheck who are worried about a delayed tax refund, this is starting to affect more and more people. i talked to a woman named danielle baker and is on s.n.a.p. and she said next month there will be less
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money in her grocery account. >> you have benefits like normal this month. >> yes. >> what is the issue going forward? >> well, it's looking like we're only going to get a part of our benefits next month and none the following month and if we get none, we will be hurting to try and feed our kids. >> danielle says her husband works at walmart, and he would try to get more shifts but he said if fewer people are sphepbding that government assistance money, walmart needs fewer employees on the floor, and she is already cutting back on fresh food just in case this shutdown drags on. we will have a lot more stories about real world effects of this shutdown on start here later here this morning. listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app. >> brad mielke, always breaking it down for us. alexandria ocasio-cortez says there's no question that president trump is a racist. in a "60 minutes" interview, she cites the president's remarks as
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proof, including his reaction to charlottesville and his handling of the border, and she says the president is a symptom of a problem. >> the press certainly didn't invent racism, but she certainly has given a voice to it and expanded it and created a platform for those things. when you look at the words that he uses, which are historic dog whistles of white supremacy. >> ocasio-cortez, a new york democrat, is the youngest woman ever elected to congress. the white house referred to her comments as sheer ignorance saying the president has repeatedly condemned racism and bigotry in all forms. they are still partying in hollywood this morning. hours after the golden globes marked the start of the awards season. >> "a star is born" which was wasotallyhu outf up at the l awards it was nominated for. glenn close beat lady gaga for
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her role in "the wife," and that shocked a lot of people including close herself. i love this reaction and she fought back tears during her acceptance speech. >> it is really interesting, "a star is born" was shut out of the best picture as well. by "bohemian rhapsody" whose leading man, rami malek beat out bradley cooper for best actor award. >> that glenn close speech is worth watching. if you missed it, check it out. also check out the newest meme floating out of hollywood. the fiji water girl, that woman who served bottled water and also some fierce looks on the red carpet outside the globes. >> it's not glenn close. it's a woman wearing a blue dress on the red carpet. >> yeah, behind every star on the red carpet. >> what a night. bradley cooper, everybody was there, and it's always fun at the golden globes. >> such neat moments too. i love you see all the color in all the dresses, from last year when they all wore black, all the women wore black edt up. >>ngs, wne the oscars. that's what everybody wonders about.
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you know what four words i thought i would never say in the english language? >> what? tell me. >> alexa, flush my toilet. the consumer electronics show opens soon. you can ask amazon personal assistant, alexa, to heat up the seat or flush the $8,000 device? >> 8,000? >> yeah, $8,000 for a toilet. it's promised for late this year. you are buying it, and i will use it. >> some things you do for yourself. >> no, but the heated seat would be nice. i could get behind that. not for $8,000. >> i'll take it half? half? >> gadget freaks are looking forward to another electronic device you didn't know you needed. >> samsung may demonstrate a transparent television set called the window. i like that. the company is working on a 146-inch version for consumers. okay. i hope i don't walk through that. >> whatever is behind the transparent television will affect what you see on the screen. that's pretty cool. another highly anticipated product. the water gen. this water cooler generates
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drinking water without plumbing. it pulls the water from the air. what? the water gen water cooler appears to be aimed at businesses rather than home. the israel-based company is not saying how much it will cost. i am sure it will be affordable. and now turning to the annual january financial hangover when credit card bills come due. not a good time. >> there are relatively painless ways of paying off debt. abc's erielle reshef shows us how. >> the holidays may be over, but those credit card bills now piling up. americans racking up an average of $1,230 of debt this season, 5% more than last year. and with credit card interest rates at a record high, here are some of the ways experts say you can start paying off the plastic. >> tap with your mastercard -- >> first, know what you owe and stop using cards with an outstanding balance until they are entirely paid off. >> you want to pay more than the minimum so you canbring that bad >> if your credit is
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good, experts say consider transferring the balance to a card that offers an introductory 0% interest period and limited or no balance transfer fees. and don't forget, you can negotiate with your credit card company. >> say something like, i've been a loyal customer in good standing for the past five years. can you offer me a lower interest rate? >> you can negotiate. and experts say people with debt across multiple credit card should pay down the card with the highest rate first. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. coming up, a very special happy birthday to us. we are dialing the clock back all the way back to 1992 and the very first moments of "world news now." stay with us.
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♪ way back in 1992 -- god, that was like decades ago. >> yeah. >> abc news launched a little overnight broadcast that had some really big dreams. >> on sunday, yesterday "world news now" marked its 27th
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anniversary, so this morning we are looking back at "wnn's" most memorable moments. >> to me among one of the things the most tasteless in the business is the most congratulatory self-serving broadcasts. >> is there anything you would like to add at all? you have been awfully quiet this week. >> what have you got? what have you got? >> a couple ding-dongs. >> a couple of ding-dongs. who does he really mean? >> thalia assuras is on assignment. >> well, you know, i have about had it with this thalia assuras is on assignment. >> what? ♪ >> what? what's up? >> get off that table.
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>> nice. last to know. >> what is going on with elmo? elmo, please. >> i didn't know elmo did that. >> hi, everybody, we're in new york. i'm asha blake. we had a little snow here in new york. >> would you let me introduce myself? this is part of the program where i introduce myself. >> that's right. this is his big moment. go ahead. >> i'm anderson cooper. mark mullen is off this morning. thank you. now go ahead. what were you saying? >> does juju have some offensive body odor that makes it she does not keep a anchor for more than a few weeks. this is my last day. >> i am sucking up to the big man. oh, that didn't sound right. >> by the way, delivers its letters by certified mail to ensure receipt of services rendered and for a little extra cost the service will even help you move out. that's the news for this half hour.
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>> i just got -- >> elton john jumped in and said he thought the three girls all whom were black, he thought their lower entrance into -- that was my chair. that was not me. >> we hope tonight will warm your cockles. because it's cold out there in much of the country so stay inside and stay warm. >> now people are googling cockles. >> it's not dirty. i promise. >> getting kind of rough in here. >> it's monsoon season and that means dust storms. another so-called haboob rolled into the valley of the sun yesterday. from our abc station there, he got up and personal with that haboob, and he said it hurt to turn toward the haboob. >> a beach ball. >> all right. >> all right. let's do it. whoa. beach set accident. i need the lifeguard. >> i can't take you anywhere. >> come on.
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>> what else can that pill do? that's a "little women" pill they got there? >> are you saying that from experience? >> they are going to tell me that that pill in a little while cures diabetes or whatever -- >> you have not tried it? >> no, i am a healthy and young 27-year-old man. what are you talking about? i don't know what that sound was. what does that mean? >> you got to be up like this. >> do it, kendis. yeah, kendis. go, kendis! ♪ [ screams ] >> they heard you crying in the elevator, buddy. >> aaagh! ife cod beer left for katy. >> left shark. >> i was a girl scout for a long time. >> why am i not surprised? i know you were a tough seller, too.
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janai is coming with the cookies. y'all look out. >> the resemblance is uncanny. uncanny, people! come on. ♪ all of me >> we should watch netflix, you and i. >> netflix and chill? i'm married. >> this is why i don't like hair, it tickles. >> but apparently -- i don't know what is happening. >> what is happening? >> oh, national hug an anchor day. >> oh, happy hug a news anchor day! >> that looked like an assault. >> yeah, that was, like, what? i love it. >> oh, my gosh. i will tell you what. just your first day but look at all of those years of fun, goodness and laughter and joy. >> yeah, those people just pop up all over the place. >> that's what happens when you are up at 3:00 in the morning. >> got to love it. coming up, we have a little surprise from some of the current staff members that were not born when we first went on the air including me. that's a lie.
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>> 27, huh? >> a game show without prizes. sorry, we're on a budget. >> you are watching "world news now." stay with us. >> you are watching "world news now." stay with us.
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hello from new york. i am lisa mcree. >> and i'm aaron brown and this is the premiere broadcast of abc's "world news now." >> that was the day history was made 27 years ago right here, "world news now" was born. >> 1992. we will have a little fun with this. we brought in our youngest staffers who were born after that year and we will have a little quiz here, guys. we have andre, gentrix, will and christian here with us. let's see how much you do know about 1992. ready? >> keep in mind, anybody would know the answer to these questions, and i mean, anybody, but, you know, just putting that out there. >> no pressure. >> you got your bells there. >> question number one, bill clinton won the presidential election in 1992.
2:56 am
who was his running mate? [ bell rings ] >> al gore. >> nice work, christian. >> oh, by the way, i totally forgot to mention this, by the way -- i won't even tell you your prize. your prize is just winning. >> a follow-up to this question, who did clinton defeat in that race? >> ooh. >> george h.w. bush. >> ooh. good one. will, oh, this is good. >> you learned that from his funeral. >> you were about to say w. you know you were. this is tougher. which of these nominated films won the academy award for best picture? was it -- i should say i'm right, "silence of the lambs," "beauty and the beast" or "the prince of tides." >> "beauty and the beast"? >> wrong. >> "silence of the lambs." >> well done.
2:57 am
that's impressive. i didn't know that one. >> you were so close. >> let's move on to music. test your skills here. who won the grammy award for record of the year, was it brian adams, >> i don't know who it was, but whoever it should have been was you. >> yeah! >> i was only 2 years old. >> who was it? >> "unforgettable." >> yes. >> we're running out of time here. >> whoever it should have been was you. >> okay. >> what was funny i was only 2 years old then. who is it? ring the bell. >> "unforgettable." >> it's a tie. >> we're running out of time here. what was the top rated primetime tv show of '92? roseanne, murphy brown, murder she wrote or "60 minutes." >> "roseanne"? >> no. >> "murder she wrote." >> no. >> "murphy brown"?
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now," wicked weather leaving people in the dark. >> a major storm bringing heavy snow and rain even triggering mudslides. accuweather is tracking it all for you. >> also this morning, police say the person who killed a little girl has been caught but it's not who witnesses described. new details about the alleged gunman. award season is officially under way with the golden globes. hollywood's golden night was full of surprising upsets and emotional moments. >> the clash in california. the college football national championship now hours away. the alabama crimson tide versus the clemson tigers. it's monday, january 7th.>>all . emu with us. her first day here. >> happy to be here.
3:01 am
>> you get the famous slow clap. that always fires people up. >> such a warm welcome. >> yeah. don't really understand it. but just live with it. good to see you and by the way, folks, out there we begin with powerful weather sweeping across the country. >> one storm after another slamming into the west coast with heavy snow in the mountains and as much as 21 inches fell in the sierra nevada and shut down traffic in both directions on interstate 80. >> huge waves crashed into san francisco's waterfront closing the area for a second day. dozens of flights were canceled at the san francisco airport because of the rain and the heavy winds. >> those weather woes are not just in california, let's get to abc's marci gonzalez with more. >> reporter: that powerful storm still creating havoc from california to washington. this video taken near seattle capturing this power line being blown by the strong winds sparking and catching fire. in northern california, heavy snow and whiteout conditions closing down i-80 for hours,
3:02 am
backing up traffic for miles. drivers like this one forced to pull over and chain up. s francisco, high tides and gusts up to 70 miles per hour sending waves crashing over the seawall into san francisco bay. flooding this popular pier. in southern california, multiple funnel clouds reported. this one spotted spinning off the coast of long beach. torrential rain triggering this mudslide on the pacific coast highway near malibu shutting it down in both directions. car after car stuck, crews using bulldozers to clear the debris. more than 166,000 customers still without power down from 246,000 at the height of the storm with millions now bracing for round two slated to hit this week. the recent wildfires here having an impact. you can see these trees charred by the woolsey fire in november, the lack of vegetation makes it easy
3:03 am
for mud to flow through, why they're concerned having more rain. you can see the pacific coast highway closed still in both directions as crews rush to clean up ahead of that next storm. marci gonzalez, abc news, malibu, california. >> the west coast hoping to catch a break before the next storm. >> the storm system is still hanging over california, oregon and washington. >> accuweather's paul williams has the detailed forecast. good morning, paul. >> good morning, ryan, emily. we're looking at widespread rain from seattle, portland down towards medford and snow showers as you move further inland. look for that to reach down towards san francisco and then transition into snow showers as you move further inland. now, also be mindful we're looking for one mess of a storm along the mississippi valley region around the great lakes region in the form of snow, a mix as well as rain leaning towards the northeast. big-time cold air in place that's going to punch its way through and that is going to combine with that moisture giving us 3 to 6 inches of snow, ryan, emily. >> turning now to the government shutdown now in its third week
3:04 am
with hundreds of thousands of federal employees working without pay. now, there's been an uptick in the number of tsa workers calling out leading to longer wait times at some prairports, but officials insist security will not be compromised. tourists visiting washington, d.c. and the national monuments and parks across the country are frustrated that they are missing out on popular attractions. president trump is still insisting on money for his wall but the top aides at the white house say they're adding $800 million to address humanitarian needs at the border. abc's daria albinger has more. >> reporter: the president is offering this message to workers who are not getting paid. >> i can relate, and i'm sure that the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustment. they always do. >> reporter: the impact of that shutdown is growing. new york's laguardia airport seeing long lines. some tsa officers not showing up for work. >> please, everyone, have patience with the officers who came to work.
3:05 am
>> reporter: the tsa releasing a statement saying callouts have increased but numbers are not extraordinary. the president claiming the 800,000 affected workers support him in this fight. >> many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100% with what i'm doing. [ chanting "we want to work" ] >> reporter: but some are frustrated. >> we need to be funded because we need our paychecks and we need to service the american people. >> reporter: democrats want the government re-opened and everyone back to work before continuing negotiations on border security. >> they should not be the hostages to president trump's demand. you don't pound the table and say, unless it's my way, it's no way. >> reporter: the president has signaled he may declare a national emergency in order to bypass congress and build the wall with department of defense dollars. >> i think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying where is the emergency? you have to establish that in order to do this. >> reporter: administration officials met with congressional aides sunday afternoon in a
3:06 am
tweet, the president calling the meeting productive and now saying they are planning a steel barrier rather than concrete. daria albinger, abc news, new york. president trump's national security adviser says certain conditions must be met before u.s. troops withdraw from syria. john bolton says the timetable for withdrawal depends on isis being defeated and turkey guaranteeing the safety of america's kurdish allies. now, that could leave american troops in the region for months or even years, plus, it also contradicts the president's order to withdraw immediately and without conditions. there is a major break in the case of young jazmine barnes killed in a drive-by shooting in houston. she died a week ago when a gunman opened fire on the vehicle she was riding in. she was with her mother and sisters. the family initially feared it was racially motivated but after a tip from a civil rights activist, police arrested a 20-year-old eric black who they say has admitted to driving the suv from which a passenger opened fire. >> well, obviously we were
3:07 am
surprised that the suspect was not who was repeatedly described by so many independent witnesses but for this family it didn't matter if he was black or if he was white. >> before the suspect's arrest, the case focused on a red pickup truck and sketch of a white man. police now believe that man may have been a bystander but want to talk to him to get his account of the deadly shooting. this is the fiery scene that claimed the lives of a family of five on a highway in kentucky. look at these flames. a mother, father and their thre pickup truck going the wrong way slammed into their suv. the family was heading home to michigan after a vacation in florida. the driver of the pickup truck also died. police say they believe he was under the influence. it appears a case of digital stalking was much worse than initially thought. jacqueline ades is accused of sending more than 65,000 text messages to a man she met on a dating site but records obtained by the arizona republic
3:08 am
newspaper now show she actually sent him more than twice that many in nearly ten months. many of the messages threatened physical harm. >> remarkable. a high school wrestler who gained national attention because his dreadlocks were cut has returned to action. andrew johnson had his first match in more than two weeks over the weekend at a tournament in new jersey. the 16-year-old was forced into the spotlight when a white referee ordered his dreadlocks to be cut before a match last month. that ref has been banned. johnson lost his match on saturday but his team won the tournament. to a baby boom, an epic baby boom at a minnesota hospital. >> and it wasn't the parents giving birth but 30 staff members -- 31 babies born in 2018. all from st. cloud's hospital family birthing unit. about one in five staffers had a baby in 2018. >> look at all those babies. most of the new moms were nurses but doctors and others were also a part of the boom. >> we had a lot of comments
3:09 am
all the time asking, oh, i just saw one pregnant person. oh, there's another one. now there is another one. >> you'd walk down the hallways and there were bellies everywhere. holy cow, there's another one. >> you think that's big, 2019 could be another big baby year. 15 current staff members have already confirmed that they are expecting babies this year. >> i like to imagine the call from the manager like we're going to need to you pick up some double shifts for the next several months. >> yes, now, in fairness, there's 150 people or so who work in that unit but at the same time, that's the first thing i thought, i was like -- by the way, they had something like 280 births there i think over the past year so it's a busy unit. >> you got to say it, there's something in the water. but there really is. >> i know. some people are like let me have some of that water. well, coming up, the $3 million tuna. the man who bought it and why he now says he has buyer's remorse. you think. later in "the mix." but first, hollywood's big night kicking off this year's award season with the golden globes, of course. we have the big winners, big moments and what happened on the
3:10 am
red carpet. our own will ganss will have a complete wrap-up. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables about the colonial penn program. here to tell you if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price.
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ar, yes, looking at the red carpet hollywood has shifted into high gear with the
3:13 am
76th annual golden globes awards. >> the epic broadcast stretched nearly 3 1/2 hours. if you fell asleep or didn't watch, don't worry. our will ganss will hit all the highlights for us this morning. good morning, will. >> if you fell asleep or didn't watch, i am saying shame on you. i am. i am but on the night when we thought we'd be going totally gaga for "a star is born," the golden globes threw us some curveballs like an m. night shyamalan movie. remember those? >> i love them. >> instead of "a star is born" they were singing a freddie mercury inspired tune tonight. as far as awards shows go hollywood's golden night checked all of the right boxes, major upsets, check. emotional acceptance speeches, check. fiery fashion, check, check, check. many of the major awards at the 76" annual golden globes shocked even some of the winners themselves. glenn close's jaw dropping when she heard her name beating out
3:14 am
lady gaga who was the favorite going into the evening for her role in "a star is born." a star may be born but based on its golden globes count it seems like it may have burned out. the film losing out on best motion picture drama to "bohemian rhapsody" in another upset and bradley cooper losing to "rhapsody's" rami malek. comedy, "green book" won the big award, and christian bale and olivia colman took home trophies for work for best actress and best actor in "vice" and "the favourite." like this year's emmys and all the greatest awards shows there was a live television proposal. >> will you marry me? >> what? >> reporter: in case that dream team isn't enough to make you believe in love, co-hosts sandra oh and andy sandberg took an extra step to ensure the globes were the happiest and healthiest ever. >> you're all getting flu shots.
3:15 am
>> reporter: while the awards celebrated familiar favorites like jeff bridges who took home the cecil b. demille award and carol burnett who accepted the first ever carol burnett award the night celebrated diversity. sandra oh fighting back tears at the beginning of the evening. >> because i see you, and i see you. all of these faces of change. >> reporter: in her acceptance speech for supporting actress in a movie, regina king vowed to hire teams made up of 50% women on future projects. glenn close taking time to celebrate women. >> we have to say i can do that and i should be allowed to do that. >> reporter: so cool seeing glenn close accepting an award. she hasn't won in ten years. >> really? >> i know, but well deserved and cool seeing the crowd give her a standing ovation like that. >> i love how she's stunned. this is a woman who has won so many awards, she's like, what, me get an award. what was your favorite moment? >> my favorite moment was in the
3:16 am
piece just now, but amy poehler and maya rudolph. i could watch them do anything for hours on end. >> sandra oh did a nice job hosting. this was pretty historic for her also. >> lots of milestones celebrating so much diversity like "blackkklansman," "black panther." "crazy rich asians," you know, a lot of milestones. >> speaking of diversity, my favorite moment, emma stone was kind of put in a position, you have to see this. >> the first studio film with an asian-american lead since "ghost in the shallow" and "aloha." >> i'm sorry! >> right, right, somewhere in the crowd you hear emma stone go, sorry. >> that whole thing because emma stone was cast in this role years ago in a film called "aloha" as a young woman who was supposed to be of asian-american descent and have her to call out and say sorry. >> leave it to emma stone to crack everybody up at an awards show. >> overall was this a big bang to the beginning of the awards season? >> it was a big bang but it was
3:17 am
also like i was saying a plot twist of bangs because "a star is born" only winning one for best original song. >> i thought it would be a sweep. >> i think everybody did, so it was a night of many upsets. >> let's see if they'll be reborn during the oscars. >> i think they will. i'm pulling for gaga. >> all right, my friend, will, good to see you, man. >> good to see you too. coming up in the next half hour, it's just weeks until the oscar, right? there is still no host. we have new reporting on whether kevin hart will come back. >> but first how the defending super bowl bowl champions, the philadelphia eagles, held on against the bears coming up next on "world news now." coming up next on "world news now." 60% of women wear the wrong size pad and can experience leaks.
3:18 am
you don't have to. with always my fit, try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage day or night. because better coverage means better protection. always
3:19 am
it was a big weekend of nfl playoff football, and they saved the best for last. the eagles took the lead against the bears scoring a touchdown with just under a minute to play. then it was time for the real drama. there's that touchdown, of course. chicago got into field goal range and the kick was long enough, but check this out, watch. it hits the uprights and the
3:20 am
double doink. >> the double doink. >> the eagles hang on. >> that face, oh, look at him. >> there goes our season. 16-15 win for the eagles. they face the saints next sunday. eagles players were saying thank you, cody, to the kicker for the bears. >> if you watch the mash-up of how many times he missed, not good. >> not fun. sunday's earlier game had its fair share of drama as well. >> chargers running back melvin gordon appeared to fumble near the goal line and the ravens recovered it and returned it for what would have been a touchdown of their own, look at this, but gordon was ruled down and retained possession, and then gordon scored. >> i don't know about that. the chargers won it, 23-17. they play the patriots on sunday. speaking of melvin gordon, he had some fun. i i love it when people do this, with an uber driver during his visit to baltimore. >> the charger's star was live streaming during his ride while talking to the guy about
3:21 am
football. and the guy behind the wheel said, of course, the ravens are going to beat the chargers, and gordon is like, huh? he asked the driver about melvin gordon himself, and he said, he's something, that guy. now, gordon told the guy he was in town as a fan. you see him, oh, i love that guy but the ravens are going to kill them. >> oh, and then he posted the video. rude. >> enough of the nfl. tonight's big game is for college football's national championship. two foes who have seen plenty of each other in recent years, we've got alabama and clemson. >> the game is being played at levi's stadium, the home of the san francisco 49ers. abc's paula faris is there. >> reporter: we have the national championship trophy which i have been instructed not to touch. it's basically been clemson/alabama, repeat. this is the fourth straight year that they have met in the college football playoff and the third time in the last four years that they're playing for all of the marbles. this is a long way from the southern schools. over 2,400 miles, and it's really putting a damper on ticket sales.
3:22 am
>> their home teams can't be there, their fans. >> i know but i think alabama might win this. don't count clemson out. >> i am going clemson. this. don't count clemson out. >> i am going clemson. think only specialty stores have what's new? olay has this season's hottest debut. like new clay stick masks. all mask, no mess. olay hydrating facial mist. for hydration on the go. and our breakthrough brightening eye cream. boosted with vitamin c. get your new beauty fix.
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♪ so time for "the mix." i got to ask you, how much would you pay for a good piece of fish? >> 15. >> 15? i might go 20. some guy in japan, a restaurant owner, went $3.1 million for a tuna. 613-pound tuna he paid 3.1 million in auction there. he said i thought it was going to be around 300 grand, maybe 500 grand to get this fish but ended up paying five times more. buddy, don't get overbid. >> i don't feel sorry for that guy. >> yeah, it's a bluefin tuna. it's severely overfished and that's why it cost so much. 23.1 million for a fish. all you got to do is eat it and then you have nothing left. if you are in pennsylvania, they really, really, really want you to eat your dairy and had drink your milk. >> yeah. >> so much so they made lots of sculptures out of butter just to promote this. take a look. this is supposed to be everyday heroes.
3:26 am
look at that. the detail on that. they are sculpted out of butter. this is a tradition in pennsylvania and parts of the midwest at fairs, and this is to promote the consumption of dairy. they lost a lot of dairy farms in some of the states because people are moving away from drinking as much milk and eating as much butter. so do your part. >> wow. >> bring it back. >> my kids love butter. they would probably eat it on their hand rather than a piece of toast. totally into it. let me tell you about this one. i have to use my glasses for this one. the harbin international ice and snow festival -- yes, i wear glasses. this is in china. this is an ice-themed global event. we are showing it to you because the pictures are awesome. do you have ice sculptures like that in your backyard? they do in china, if you want to go there. you can also go, hang out. it's a whole festival where you can ski or curl, so break out your brooms. it's just great, and they have fireworks. look at these sculptures. i'm just amazed at how people do this and i always wonder how
3:27 am
quickly it melts. >> and that really beats the butter. >> everybody is doing sculptures. i can't do a sculpture. >> we have to show you wally. >> i'm sorry. i got distracted. >> take a look at wally. he's having a little bit of the monday struggles. oh, poor guy just trying to take a bath. he wants in so bad. he just wants to relax a little. >> is he going to make it? >> look at him. he's really trying. just can't get his legs over the bath and make his way inside. >> come on, dude. can the owner please help him get in the bath? just help him. look, he's so defeated at the end. >> this is me trying to get out of bed this morning. i can't do it. i can't do it. poor wally. i don't think he ever made it. >> do you me this was you trying to come out of bed to come to the show -- >> last night? what? where are we? >> that's it for the news this half hour. coming up, much more from abc. stay with us.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
i may declare a national emergency. >> you heard it there. this morning on "world news now," the president threatening to declare a national emergency as the government shutdown enters week three. but this morning, a new offer from the white house. >> right now a major manhunt under way to find the woman that killed a manicurist. the suspect's family speaking exclusively to abc news. hear their emotional message to their loved one. and new this half hour, kevin spacey headed to court. >> the disgraced actor is set to face a judge today for allegedly assaulting a teenager, and how he is expected to plead coming up. the tears, the trophies and fashion. hollywood celebrated the best of film and tv at the 76th golden globes. we're recapping the most jaw-dropping moments and fiercest fashion choices. it's monday, january 7th.
3:31 am
welcome to "world news now," i am ryan smith. i'm in just so-so fashion. >> just so-so and i am emily rau. not into fashion like at the golden globes. cannot wait to break it down more. we'll bring all of that coming up here. we want to begin this half hour with the latest offer from the white house apparently trying to sweeten the pot, sweeten the deal to end the government shutdown. >> president trump is still demanding more than $5 billion for a wall but his acting budget director says they are now proposing $800 million to address humanitarian needs of migrants at the border. >> meanwhile, as the president considers declaring a national emergency, the impact of the government shutdown is now being felt at airports. abc's tara palmeri has the details. >> reporter: with shutdown talks hopelessly deadlocked, president trump delivering this message to federal employees on the verge of missing the first paycheck of the new year. >> i can relate, and i am sure that the people that are always.
3:32 am
they will make adjustments. people understand exactly what is going on. >> reporter: the president is seriously considering declaring a national emergency at the border to bypass congress and build the wall himself. >> i may declare a national emergency depending on what is going to happen over the next few days. >> reporter: it's a move that would face backlash. >> i think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying where's the emergency? you have to establish that in order to do this. >> reporter: effects of the shutdown growing. in new york's laguardia airport, this terminal faced long lines, a delta employee saying some of the tsa officers who have been working without pay did not show up because of the shutdown. >> please, everyone, have patience with the officers that came to work. >> reporter: in a statement the tsa says call-outs have increased but not by an unusual amount adding, quote, the numbers are certainly not extraordinary. the president claiming the
3:33 am
800,000 federal employees affected are behind him in this fight. >> many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100% with what i'm doing. >> reporter: marilyn carruthers who works for the usda says the bills are piling up. >> we want to go back to work. we need to go back to work because we have bills to pay. >> reporter: vice president mike pence, senior adviser jared kushner and dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen leading another round of negotiations with democratic aides. president trump seeming to undermine those talks saying only he and congressional leaders can solve the standoff. >> schumer and, nancy pelosi and myself can solve this in 20 minutes if they want to. if they don't want to, it's going to go on for a long time. >> reporter: speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, telling cbs -- >> the impression you get from the president that he would like to not only close government, build a wall, but also abolish congress so the only voice that mattered was his own. >> reporter: the president's chief of staff, mick mulvaney, said the president is now calling the wall a steel barrier
3:34 am
because of legal issues over how border security money can be spent. tara palmeri, abc news, the white house. a texas man is reportedly captured on a battlefield along isis fighters in syria. "the new york times" says 34-year-old warren christopher clark had sent a resume seeking a position teaching english to islamic state students. u.s. backed kurdish fighters allegedly caught several others with clark including a second man who also may be an american but his nationality has not been confirmed. the u.s. military is confirming that an al qaeda operator involved in the bombing of the 17 u.s. soldiers were killed when suicide bombers attacked "the cole" in october 2000. the al qaeda suspect was killed new year's day. he was convicted of the bombing in yemen but had escaped from prison. turning now to the american arrested in russia accused of spying and being held in moscow's most notorious prison,
3:35 am
a top russian official says it's too early to talk about a potential swap that would free paul whelan in exchange for maria butina, the russian woman who recently pleaded guilty to acting as a foreign agent in the u.s. whelan was in russia for a friend's wedding. his brother denies that he is a spy and says they are being kept in the dark about the case. >> the russian government has not released any details about the espionage charges and we have not heard anything from the american government. >> whelan is a security consultant and former marine who was discharged for attempted larceny. when asked about his espionage case, president trump would only say they are looking into it. people across the west may have a tough time getting to work this morning. >> a major storm system is hanging over california, oregon 's bringing av a strong winds as well as snow in the upper elevations. parts of interstate 80 are clos >> the pacific coast highway in
3:36 am
malibu may re-open later today. crews are working to clear mudslides brought on by heavy rain. >> a high surf advisory is in effect on the beaches and another storm system is on the way. california just cannot get a break. the so-called yellow vest protest in paris targeted a government spokesman and his staff. look at this, they smashed a construction vehicle into his office building forcing the spokesman and his staff to flee out a back door. the demonstrations began in november as a protest against a fuel tax but have become widespread anger against high living costs. the family of a woman wanted for running down a manicurist in las vegas is pleading for her to turn herself in this morning. krystal whipple, this woman, has been on the run for ten days now. she is accused of striking and killing a manicurist, you see the video of that car running away as the woman was trying to flee a nail salon without paying for her $35 manicure. in an abc news exclusive, whipple's grandmother says she
3:37 am
is convinced that what happened was an accident. >> i know you didn't mean to kill the person. we know you didn't. we know you would never do anything like that. please come forth. we need you to come forth and stand up for what went on and tell your side of the story of what happened. >> police say the car whipple was driving was a rental that was stolen last month. they also claim whipple was first trying to pay for the manicure with a fraudulent credit card. her framily tells us they do not know where she is. cbs news will soon have a new leader. david rhodes is stepping down as president of cbs news. his departure follows a year of controversy within the network including some high-profile incidents of alleged sexual misconduct. now, cbs says rhodes will be replaced by network veteran susan zirinsky. the heavy snow is making it difficult for even the cows to come home. check it out. you see these little brave bovines did their best in the shoulder-deep snow. i feel so bad for these little
3:38 am
guys. >> they look very cold. the cows and their owners are seeing more snow overnight. look at that. what choice do they have? >> i don't know. look at them trudging through the snow. that will be some -- i was just going to make a joke about them being eaten but that's not good. >> oh, i was going to go like ice cream, like shakes. >> that's much friendlier. i like the ice cream thought. >> that was really dark. >> yeah, cows, please come home. we're all very hungry. >> we'll leave it there. well, coming up, could kevin hart be tapping the brakes again on hosting the oscars? and "the skinny," forget jamie lee curtis and lady gaga, a new star was born last night on the red carpet. the fiji water photobomber. there she is. you are watching "world news now." >> i'm so thirsty. now." >> i'm so thirsty. you are watching "world news now." like new clay stick masks. all mask, no mess. olay hydrating facial mist.
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we're back with the incredible video of a waterspout. just keep looking. this is a waterspout and a rainbow, two in one off the coast of northern cyprus. it was captured by a local resident over the weekend and posted on social media. onlookers just stunned by this image. i don't think i've ever seen the two together. >> no, not at the same time. it's got to be good luck. >> yeah. >> double good luck. >> everybody travel to cyprus. news from hollywood now, kevin hart does not want to host the upcoming oscars according to one online report. the comedian and actor was said to be reconsidering the gig after an appearance with ellen degeneres who made calls to the academy, but deadline says hart won't host the show because he doesn't want to be
3:42 am
a distraction. now the site reports the situation is fluid and that hart could change his mind so here we are again, what is going to happen? >> i was really hoping he would consider it more. i was reporting on that story and it just seemed like maybe he was going to give it a shot. >> the situation is fluid. he might actually be back. >> they still don't have a host yet. >> it's so bizarre. it's so bizarre. wow, we'll see how this plays out. meanwhile, actor kevin spacey is due in court later today in massachusetts to face charges of indecent assault and battery. >> it stems from an alleged incident two years ago involving an 18-year-old man. abc's linsey davis is on nantucket. >> reporter: on the eve of kevin spacey's court appearance, a clearer indication of his defense strategy. >> my confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full truth. >> reporter: in his first twitter post in more than a year, spacey posted this video on christmas eve, the very same day he was charged with felony indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping a then
3:43 am
18-year-old at a nantucket bar in 2016. former boston news anchor, heather unruh says it's her son describing her son as a star-struck straight 18-year-old man that admits to telling spacey he was 23, even though he was just 18. >> whether he was over 21 or not, kevin spacey had no right to sexually assault him. there was no consent. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, her son took snapchat video of the alleged assault which investigators now have. in audio from a pretrial hearing, spacey's attorney, allen jackson, argues the video does not show anyone being groped. >> what the video shows is a person's hand make contact with his shirt, correct? >> yes. >> okay. not any body contact? >> correct. you don't see any body parts. >> reporter: he also says the alleged victim told investigators spacey groped him
3:44 am
for about three minutes. >> if you were to stand and count off three minutes, you would agree, trooper, that's an incredibly long time to have a strange man's hands in your pants, correct? >> i would agree with that. >> reporter: spacey plans to enter a plea of not guilty. if convicted he faces up to five years in prison. linsey davis, abc news, nantucket. >> a lot of people watching that one. >> yeah, and, of course, if he is found guilty not only does he get that sentence but he also has to register as a sex offender. now, what's really bizarre about this, these accusations, this is not the only one, there have been others that surfaced since 2017 that ended with him having to leave "the house of cards." the show. >> that video he posted, was he trying to be frank underwood in that? >> people can't decide if it's him making some sort of admission and other things it sounds like he was trying to cover himself in the character but everybody thinks it was strange, i think most people do. >> yeah. when we come back, the biggest moments from last night's golden globe awards. >> and the red carpet fashion
3:45 am
hits and misses. there were so many, by the way. the skinny is coming up. is coming up. ght. because better coverage means better protection. always
3:46 am
and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
3:47 am
♪ ♪ skinny, just give me the skinny ♪ new song. i love that, skinny. >> catchy. >> time now for "the skinny" starting with a big night at the golden globes. >> hollywood kicked off its annual award season and nobody is more excited about it than our very own will ganss. come on over. >> come on over. >> we know you're excited. >> i like the walk in. >> on hollywood's golden night, i am going to make an entrance. had to do it. had to do it. but as excited and as emotional as i may seem, and i want to take a minute to apologize to the entire seventh floor that heard me scream when taylor swift made an appearance tonight. >> i was surprised by that, too. >> yeah, sorry, everyone. i'm not the only one feeling shock and surprise tonight because "a star is born" which was supposed to clean up at the awards was shut out of almost all of the awards it was nominated for. it was shut out of the best picture win, knocked out by "bohemian rhapsody" whose leading man, rami malek
3:48 am
beat bradley cooper out. and lady gaga also lost out. glenn close beating her for her role in "the wife," and that shocked many people including glenn close herself and she fought back tears in her acceptance speech in one of the night's standout moments. take a look at that. >> women, we are nurturers, and that's what is expected of us. we have our children, and we have our husbands if we're lucky enough and our partners, whoever, but we have to find personal fulfillment. we have to follow our dreams. we have to say, i can do that and i should be allowed to do that. >> yes, glenn close. >> uh-huh. >> she received a standing ovation for that speech but perhaps one of the reasons why the audience was so enthusiastic, ham sandwiches compliments of the one and only melissa mccarthy. >> nobody went hangry. >> exactly. the best actress nominee apparently snuck 30 ham sandwiches into the beverly hilton tonight and passed them
3:49 am
out to hungry superstars. olivia coleman shouted them out when she won for her role in "the favourite." melissa mccarthy told "variety" that next year she's hooking everyone up with hot dogs. what a hero, right? as if we needed another reason to love her. >> and she looks beautiful. >> exactly. speaking of heroes, please say hello to the newest meme in hollywood. fiji water girl, yes. she was this woman who was serving bottled water and some fierce looks on the red carpet outside of the globes tonight. >> she doesn't have a name, just fiji water girl. >> that smize back there. >> she is giving it her all. >> she was made up to the gods, and her dress was also fierce. >> yeah, but she's serious. >> oh, yes. >> like are you thirsty? have some water. >> new year's resolution, she's drinking more water this year. >> i should also be on that resolution as well. speaking of good looks and serving looks on the carpet, the globes went from glittery gold to red hot with hollywood's a-listers turning up the heat on the carpet this year in 50 shades of red. that was the color from nicole
3:50 am
kidman in michael kors to halle berry in a bur gun di gown with a sky high slit in the thigh, and even the night's hostess with the mostest and best actress winner for her role for the character on tv, red was the color to beat. there's sandra oh in white. you'll remember what she opened with. of course, after a season of show-stopping fashion, lady gaga did just that, beating the heat there in a sky blue gown by valentino. i mean, stunning. >> i always want to know, how long does it take to get in that gown? it just looks so complicated. >> i mean, lady gaga will take all the time she needs. you know what i mean? notice her hair was also tinted the same color. >> i love that. she just goes all in. she's not going to do it halfway. >> i had that same hairstyle last week. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> bring it back. >> with a blue suit like that -- >> please, please. >> oh, done. >> speaking of men's fashion, the ladies weren't the only ones taking risks on the carpet this year, nominee timothee
3:51 am
custom louis vuitton chalamet wore a harness over an all-black outf it there? it kind of glitters. a little harness action. "post" star, billy porter w >> what a cape! i want a cape. >> the only thing more dramatic than the cape were the plunging necklines on the carpet. gina rodriguez, saoirse ronan, taraji p. henson and kristin cavallari, all with the plunging necklines. >> yeah, that's not just a deep v, that's a plunge. >> that is a plunge. if tonight was any indication, we are in for an amazing award season full of fierce and fiery fashion choices. >> i love the fashion. san da oh did great not only hosting but her looks, they were different but fresh, spot on. >> it was a fun time. it was a fun golden globes. >> remember last year's golden globes, everybody was in all black for the me too movement, and it was nice to see everyone in color. >> yeah. thank you, will.
3:52 am
check out this week's snap taken after the ceremony. >> julia roberts looking great there. >> in-n-out, yum. >> in-n-out, yum. jewel rulia roberts looking gr there. >> in-n-out, yum.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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it's the moment you have been dreaming for. back now for our "skinny" bonus round starting with the hilarious mash-up of "the bachelor" and nfl playoffs. two things everybody loves. >> exactly. ahead of tonight's premiere of season 23 of "the bachel nfl had fun with its own rose ceremony. >> colton underwood, aka, the virgin, i guess because he's a virgin? >> yeah. >> participated in a rose ceremony on saturday involving four sports analysts representing their favorite teams playing in wild card action. this is really creepy for michael irvin to be doing what he's doing. >> well, he got the rose in representing the los angeles chargers. look, he's emotional. >> he's really but getting back to the serious
3:56 am
matter of "the bachelor," season 23 kicks off tonight with a three-hour premiere here on abc, and let's bring in our chief national "bachelor" analyst, jack sheahan. all right, jack. >> yes. >> tell us -- >> tell me all about colton. we want to know more than he is just a virgin. >> as we were just saying on the commercial break, i'm going in clean on this one. >> really? >> i have no preconceived notions about what is going to to go down. that's fine. as far as this whole three-hour extravaganza tonight goes, i have an oxygen tank at home and some diet coke and some ben & jerry's. hopefully i survive and we'll see what happens. >> eat your feelings as you watch. you are going to need, like, bathroom breaks. three hours? jack, you are going to make it through the whole thing? >> at the start of the season but i guess we got to do what we got to do. >> eat your feelings as you watch. is that what really this is all about? eating your feelings for three straight hours? >> i mean, jack.
3:57 am
>> we're all looking forward to the most emotional, tragic, tear-filled, et cetera, et cetera, series of the, you know -- >> godspeed, yeah. >> -- season of "the bachelor" ever. if it's not, it will be a disappointment. >> so let me understand. he's a former charger, and he was an undrafted free agent, played for a little bit. that's the hook here, right. >> he was on the previous season, right? >> i was going to say, has he ever been on before? >> yes. >> he was heartbroken. >> he was on "the bachelorette" he was a failure -- >> he was a failure? >> well, he didn't win. so, that's why he's the bachelor. you get the idea. >> that makes you a failure? i guess you should eat your feel. mong to describe him. when people are out there getting ready to watch, what do you look for? i know you said you didn't know him that well. >> seems like a nice guy, an interesting character, and we will see what happens. good luck to all the ladies. they might need it. >> we will expect a full report tomorrow. thank you very much.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- new demands. the white house upping the ante, demanding an addition $7 billion for border security. the president now threatening to declare a national emergency to build the wall. >> and i can do it if i want. >> the democrats refusing to budge. paychecks stalled. housing in question. and no end in sight. suspect charged. police say the man accused in the killing of that 7-year-old in texas is behind bars. but the suspect is not who witnesses described. the break in the case that led to the surprising arrest. american isis fighter captured. new reports that t a man from


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