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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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but investigators recently determined that pg&e caused 18 wildfires in 2017 and the utility faces a possible criminal prosecution as a result. in today's court filings federal judge welcome alsa proposes pg&e reinspect all of its electrical grid and remove or trim all trees that could fall onto its power lines, poles or equipment in high wind conditions, identify and fix all conductors that might swing together and arc due to slack under high wind conditions and during the upcoming fire season must deenergize any part of its grid not yet rated as safe by pg&e for the wind conditions then prevailing. so if it's not checked out by the time the high winds hit, they have to turn off that part of the line. the judge has set a hearing for later this month on this and to see if pg&e violated its probation from the san bruno gas pipeline explosion by not informing the court about the adverse change in business or financial prospects. pg&e says in a statement late
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today in part, "we are aware of judge all spp sop's orders and are committed to the future. >> you're going to stay on top of this for us. >> from now on that's right. >> thank you, dan. what i tell you? only in san francisco. >> oh, boy. only in san francisco would you find someone who carried a dead raccoon into a mcdonald's and set it down as you see on the table. the video's obviously disgusting. it made us want to know what's happened to that restaurant to make sure it's safe to eat food there. >> cornell barnard joins us live from the mcdonald's at 16th and potrero with some answers. cornell. >> reporter: ama and dan, truly unbelievable. the department of environmental health here in san francisco wants the public to know it is perfectly safe to eat at this mcdonald's. despite what happened here this week which many admit was pretty
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gross. first a warning the video you're about to see is graphic. chris brooks was having breakfast on sunday morning inside the mcdonald's when he did a double take. an elderly man had brought a dead raccoon into the restaurant and placed it right on the table. brooks shot this video on his cell phone. the animal was bloody and there was a trail of blood on the floor. after a short time someone picks up the carcass and takes it outside, putting it in a trash can. most patrons like brooks cleared out pretty fast. >> i didn't know if the raccoon was dead or alive and my thing was to get out of the way. >> so you left. >> i left. >> i would like to assure the public that mcdonald's addressed the problem appropriate ly, cleaned it presently, sanitized, it which is the main thing for us, which means it addressed any bacteria or viruss and that mcdonald's is safe to eat. >> reporter: now, cushing says the restaurant owner followed procedure.
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they closed the restaurant for five hours on sunday to clean and disinvect the place. the health department inspected today and approved the restaurant for full operations. animal control removed the raccoon from the property. and as for the man believed to be hemless who brought the raccoon into the restaurant, he was evaluated by police on sunday morning but he was not detain detained. we are live in san francisco. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell thanks very much. now, when you see something unusual or strange like, this let us know. use the hashtag abc 7 now on facebook, twitter, and instagram. no arrests and no gun. belmont police still need the big pieces of a murder case that's left a high school football player dead. 17-year-old muhammad afman was found shot to death in the parking lot of central elementary school late monday night. he was a senior at carlmont high school. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has been on the case all day today and yesterday vic. so what's the latest tonight?
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>> reporter: ama, aside from the fact that no gun has been found and no arrests, we've learned that belmont police have served several search warrants across the bay area. the main one in pleasanton last night. yesterday there was optimism among law enforcement that the investigation into the shooting death of 17-year-old muhammad afman would end quickly with the arrest of the shooter. last night an army of police officers from numerous jurisdictions surrounded a home in the east bay town of pleasanton. >> they used a loudspeaker to call the three suspects or whoever out. >> reporter: today belmont police captain patrick halloran spoke with abc 7 news about the police action. >> no arrests have been made. we have detained several people but no one is in custody. >> the investigation continues. >> we are investigating many leads that came in through people we've talked to. >> reporter: but halloran says the case is complicated.
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>> as you say, it is a very involved investigation. we've brought in assistance from both inside and outside san mateo county. >> reporter: ali shahade had also hoped for a quick arrest. he's a family friend and has known the teenager since he was 9. he was with mohammed's mother at central elementary school monday night when she went to the crime scene where his body was found. shahade says the young man was close to his family, religious and special. >> first thing that strikes you about muhammad is the smile that he has on his face. it's something that remains with you. >> reporter: at carlmont high today was the first day of school after the holiday break. freshman flora lee said the mood was somber. >> well, it's sad and very quiet than usual. >> reporter: grief counselors were here at carlmont high today
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giving students support, those who needed it. vic lee, n abc 7 news. bart's police chief urged a murder suspect to turn himself in today exactly three years after a young man was killed aboard a train. 19-year-old carlos romero died after being shot aboard a train at the west oakland station. on-board cameras did not capture the crime. public outcry led to bart ensuring cameras worked inside train cars. cameras at two different bart stations did record the suspect. detectives now believe the suspect goes by the name of matty and they feel confident he'll be caught. >> and it's just a matter of time. and for him to stop looking over his shoulder and just turn himself in would be the ideal situation for us. but nevertheless, we're committed, we're motivated and we're going to solve this case. >> take another look at the suspect here. bart and oakland crimestoppers have upped the reward for his capture from $10,000 to $25,000. one arrest has been made but the search continues tonight for a second person involved in the
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hit and run of a teenager. last week he was riding a bicycle, his christmas present, when he was struck by a car near the fruitvale bart station and dragged for four blocks. he's still in the hospital. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the latest on the case from oakland. >> i'm still distraught. i'm still messed up about it. >> reporter: charles green runs the auto repair shop on san leandro in oakland. his surveillance camera caught the frightening aftermath of the hit-and-run accident. >> and i always say, you know, if you hit someone don't -- stay there. soon as you take off all bets are off. >> this was a horrific situation. and even this young man, he said to me, he says, i don't understand why they had to drag me for three blocks. >> reporter: the 14-year-old victim was riding his bike near the fruitvale bart station a week ago. he was struck by a car, trapped underneath, and dragged for several blocks. the driver and a passenger left the scene, but police have tracked down one person of
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interest. >> and we do indeed have a person of interest in custody. we know there's one other person out there. so i'm going to plead with you right now, turn yourself in, call us or come down. >> reporter: the chief says her investigators are zeroing in on the other person of interest. but she won't identify either subject or even tell us their gender. meantime, chief kirkpatrick visited the young victim and his family today and came away impressed. >> this young man is criticall l injured and he is one tough i go. >> reporter: the young victim was moved over the weekend from highland hospital to children's hospital, where he's reported in critical condition in the intensive care unit. in oakland eric thomas, abc 7 news. san francisco is reporting the city's first flu death of the season. the victim is an adult under 65 years of age who did have underlying medical conditions. at least 42 people have died of influenza so far this flu season in california. the most vulnerable are
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children, pregnant women and the elderly. health experts say it's not too late to get vaccinated since flu season usually peaks in february. >> know that flu has the potential to be deadly. in most people it will cause a moderate illness, but in people who are at highest risk you can have really severe complications. >> the best way to prevent the spread of the flu is for sick people to stay home from work or school, wash your hands frequently, and cover your mouth when you cough. the bay area real estate market is undergoing a tectonic shift. that's according to those keeping an eye on home price cans and home loans. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley spoke with real estate agents across the east bay to find out what 2019 holds for some owners and home buyers. she is live now in walnut creek with what she found out today. leslie. >> reporter: well, dan and ama, i can tell you that the real estate agents i spoke to said if you thought you were going to sit back, put your home on the market, bidding wars, seven or
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eight offers like it used to be, that's not the case anymore. in fact, some told me that homes are actually selling for under the listing price. >> now as compared to last year, market timing has doubled. so people can expect their homes to be on the market from 41 to 55 days in the tri-valley. that's difficult for people here to hear. they're used to homes selling immediately, and so their tolerance for stress isn't sometimes what it should be. but that's real. that's what's happening. >> reporter: and it's not seasonal. it's the new normal in 2019. same with appreciation. >> we may actually be back to that old time where it was 1%, 2% appreciation which people used to love, but now we're all kind of spoiled with the 18% appreciation that we're seeing. >> so it could go back to just a stable market? >> a stable market. which is a really good market. it's a healthy market for buyers and sellers. >> reporter: potential buyers are definitely interested. the number of people dropping by
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open houses has doubled in the last couple of weeks. interest rates are still relatively affordable. but there is still turmoil. >> what impact is the stock market downturn having? >> it changes attitudes and it slows people down. their thrust to wanting to buy seems to slow down when the market does what it's doing. >> reporter: and the government shutdown is just starting to have an impact. >> the internal revenue service, they provide some reports that certain lenders need to do their underwriting. so that's putting some delays. the other government-sponsored enterprises, there may be some impact on fha, fanny mae, freddie mac, those kinds of loans. it's certainly something the real estate profession is watching. >> advice for sellers? >> it's just going to take longer and just be happy with the one great offer you get, and that's being real. >> reporter: if you wanted to hit that peak, i'm told you missed it, it was back in may and june of 2018. in walnut creek i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> okay.
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thanks, leslie, very much. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area, which means we dig into ideas about how to improve the place we call home. >> yeah, sometimes new ideas can come from old sources. next see what those 40-year-old bart train cars could be turned into after they're replaced by the fleet of the future. and you're looking live at the 7 on your side health insurance hotline. call 415-954-7621 to have an expert answer your questions about covered california. >> the hotline is open until 8:00 p.m. about another hour 45 minutes.
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. this is the end of the line.
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literally. drone view 7 flew over the bart train yard in richmond today. you can see dozens of parked train cars, and soon bart will run out of places to put them. that's because the current cars are being replaced by the fleet of the future and will hopefully be repurposed. now, there are a lot of ideas about what they could be used for. some could help build a better bay area. issues like transportation, housing and the homeless. abc 7 news reporter david lui looks at some of the suggestions. >> we heard from the a's president that he'd be interested in using them at the new a's field. >> reporter: phillip cammie is quickly learning how creative recyclers can be. he's in charge of finding buyers for 669 old bart train cars that will be phased out of service in the next four years or so. they call them legacy cars, nearing a half century old. the oldest were built in the late 1960s as bart prepared to launch service in 1972. bart is still working on plans to sell them.
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potential buyers have lots of proposed uses. >> there have been quite a few strange ones. i guess mythbusters is interested in using them. suggestions to send them to hollywood for use in movies. >> reportr: museums might want them. they could also be used for food trucks or homeless shelters but not for multistory housing. before you let your imagination go wild, one thing you won't see these cars used for is housing. they won't be bartments so to speak. because they're made of aluminum and cannot be stacked one on top of another. in addition, these old cars aren't insulated and don't have their own power supply, relying instead on bart's third rail for current. no market price has been established. bart will have to share whatever revenue it makes with the federal transigsz administration, ranging from 55% to 70%. because of federal funds they provided to rehab many of the old cars in 1998 and 2002. >> there's a lot of nostalgia around this. so i think a lot of people are really interested in them in the concept of seeing them being reused. but we'll see what the real
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interest is when they come out today. >> reporter: the legacy cars will make way for a new fleet of trains called the fleet of the future over several years. bart needs to dispose of the old cars due to limited storage capacity. cars that no one wants could be salvaged for parts. their nearly half century of service carrying commuters ending, turning them into orphans. in hayward, david lui, abc 7 news. and david was one of the lucky few who got to ride on the first bart car back in 1972. the test run didn't go as planned, though. he had to walk oust transbay 2. you can read his story on our website, the old legacy cars need to go to -- need to go to make way for bart's new cars called as we mentioned the fleet of the future. the new cars have digital signs, more places to hang on to, a new voice for announcements, bike racks, and a third door. old bart cars have two doors. they have also designed to be quieter. now, new cars started rolling into stations a year ago, but a
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lot of passengers may not have seen one yet. of the 775 cars ordered only 50 are available for service, and only on a few routes. the richmond, millbrae, warm springs, daly city, and part of the pleasant hill line. next month bart plans to have new cars running on all four transbay lines. by the end of the year bart hopes to have 200 new cars in service and all new cars on the tracks by the year 2022. and of course transit is one of the big issues we focus on when we talk about building a better bay area. and tomorrow ferry service debuts between richmond and san francisco. it's the newest route on the san francisco bay ferry, which has seen ridership practically double since 2012. ferries will go to and from richmond only during commute hours. a one-way trip costs $9 cash. clipper card riders pay less than that. $6.75. all right. let's compare that to the other options you have. bart from richmond to san francisco's embarcadero station, that costs $5.30 one way.
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taking ac transit from richmond means taking at least two buses. a local bus and a transfer to a transbay bus. costs $5.40. now, driving during commute hours means paying $7 toll to cross the bay bridge. tolls at all bridges except the golden gate remember went up by a dollar on january 1st when voter-approved regional measure 3 took effect. the extra money is meant to fund transit and traffic improvement projects around the bay area. and go online to share your ideas about what building a better bay area looks like. just add the hashtag better bay area to get our attention. >> okay. let's move to the weather forecast. we're in a bit of a lull now but more rain is coming. >> yes. spencer christian is here with that. spencer. >> it's a lovely lull, as a matter of fact. it will lull through tomorrow. here's a look at live doppler 7. and we have not much left from today's storm. just a few showers moving out into the central valley right now. we have lingering clouds here in the bay area and probably see a little bit of patchy dense fog for the morning commute. this is the view from our abc 7
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exploratorium camera on pier 15 here at san francisco looking back at the skyline. it is currently 58 degrees in san francisco and in oakland we've got mid to upper 50s also at mountainview, san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville looking westward across the bay bridge and across the bay as a matter of fact. temperature readings right in the mid 50s at santa rosa napa, petaluma, fairfield, concord and livermore. and the view from sutro tower is unobstructed by clouds at the moment, looking down onto san francisco. these are our forecast features. showers ending right now. we'll see some patchy dense fog for the morning commute as i mentioned earlier. partly sunny and dry tomorrow and our next storm will arrive on friday. it will be the first in a series of light storms. we still have a high surf advisory in effect until 9:00 tonight. surf is a bit rough there with elevated wave heights up to about 14, 15 feet in most locations. breakers could reach 18 to 24 feet and dangerous rip currents are still possible. bear that in mbe palg t asov in
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aisory inffect until mi abou6500 we expt additional eight to twelve inches of snow from this system. up to two feet possible in the peaks and visibility is reduced. back to the bay area. overnight we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies. and as i mentioned, areas of fog could be dense in some spots. overnight lows will range from mid to upper 40s. for the most part. about 50 in san francisco. and low to mid 50s on the coast. then tomorrow with partly sunny skies we'll see high temperatures moving only to the upper 50s to about 60. relatively mild, but nothing very warm. and our approaching storm, our next one, will come in friday afternoon, continue into early saturday. it ranks one on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity expected to produce light to moderate showers. most locations will see under half an inch of rain from this storm. although it's possible that some isolated spots could see up to an inch. and it will be breezy at here's the forecast animation starting at noon friday. notice rain is not expected to arrive until late in the afternoon around 5:00 p.m. or so. again, light to moderate rain.
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it will sweep through in the evening hours, friday and into the early morning hours saturday and by about 8:00, 9:00 saturday morning it should be just about all over with a few lingering clouds. rainfall potential from the storm as i mentioned before generally under half an inch of rain, although it's possible some isolated locations could see a bit more. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. and notice that every single day for six days in a row after thursday we expect some periods of showers or rainfall. looks like the most vigorous system will be the one coming in on tuesday, which will produce wet and windy conditions. but at the moment it still ranked only one on the storm impact scale. it's going to be wet, though, with the cumulative effect of six consecutive days of rain. >> yeah. thank you, spencer. all right. if you have health questions about covered california we have a great resource available to you. >> let's check in with 7 on your side's michael finney. hey, michael. >> hey, guys, we have a ton of people here. they are answering your questions. so give us a call. 415-954-
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what does help for heart fait looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, orf you'veadngioeda with an e . low blood pressure, kidney an ace inproblems,r aliskiren, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. yeah!
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there is only a week left to enroll for health insurance through california covered. >> tonight 7 on your side's michael finney are & a panel of experts are taking your questions and providing answers. he's in the production offices for 7 on your side. michael how's it going? >> it's going very well. all of our counselors have been very, very busy. remember you have until the 15th
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to sign up. that's much longer than most other states. and if you sign up in time, which is the 15th, then your medical insurance will begin on february 1st. that's quite the deal. no -- amy? do i have that right? thank you very much. amy martinez is a lifelong medical care -- you say you've been getting a lot of questions about this. >> we have. and people who are over 65 that don't qualify for medicare, a lot of people think that they don't qualify if, you know, they're over 65. no, you still do. some people need all the quarters. some people don't have all the quarters. that's where we come in. we -- >> i need to interrupt real quick and say quarters are how many quarters you work and then you qualify for medical care -- for medicare once you have 40 of those. so we have new people here. people that have not ever got into the workforce. that type of thing. >> they'll come in, we ask for certain documents, proof of income, proof of i.d., proof of address, and then such as myself a certified enrollment counselor or anybody else who's available would be able to assist. we also get who's turning 26. so all our college students and
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people that don't -- >> right. because again, let me take a quick check. up to 26 you can be on your parents' policy. so people are showing up at 26 and 65. >> yes. correct. all ages. we get mixed families. we get individual people. so it depends, you know, what you need. services we offer, health -- sorry. we offer assistance to outside for health insurance. we have -- what do we offer? >> i'm going to have to leave right now. we're out of time. but you've done a great job. noemi martinez. great job. lifelong medical care. you can call them anytime. and you can call them right now by calling us here at the station. the telephone number is on your screen. or you can go online at reporting live from the 7 on your side offices i'm michael finney. >> good job, michael. thanks so much. it's mostly rumors for now about who will run for president in 2020. >> today a potential candidate from the bay area took his name out of contention. but we still have one local on
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the list. the current president has actually upset a lot of people today when he threatened to take away fema
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>> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. the speculation is over. bay area billionaire tom steyer announced today he would not throw his name into the race for president. however, what he plans to do instead is certainly raising some eyebrows. >> the decision comes as many democratic contenders are exploring bids including california senator kamala harris. >> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is on the story. >> reporter: after years of publicly toying with the idea of running for president, next gen america founder and bay area billionaire tom steyer announced in iowa today that he would not be seeking public office. but instead devote his time and money into trying to get president trump impeached. >> the debate over whether or not grounds for impeachment exist is over. he met the criteria long ago. >> reporter: in the coming year steyer plans to spend at least $40 million of his own money to continue funding an impeachment campaign including commercials like this one. >> there's nothing more powerful
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than the unified voice of the american people. together we will make this happen. >> reporter: all eyes are on the democratic party ahead of the 2020 primary season. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren has already announced her intention to run. many are waiting on former vice president joe biden's decision. and for now all signs point to california senator kamala harris launching a formal campaign in mid january. she appeared on cnn earlier this afternoon. >> the people of our country are smart people who will make decisions about who will be their leader based on who they believe is capable, who they believe has an honest desire to lead, to represent, to see them, to be a voice for them. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown shared his thoughts about her impending announcement. >> i assume that she will do so in a timely manner so as not to be cluttered with the 20 other people who are going to run. >> reporter: and with the crowded field of democratic contenders ahead, political strategists say the candidates
6:33 pm
will have to find ways to stand out from the rest. >> so it's message, it's money, but it's also a compelling personality. i think in this day and age the personality piece is increasingly important. >> reporter: chris nguyen, abc 7 news. well, there seems to be no end in sight for the 19-year-old federal government shutdown. president trump plans to visit the u.s.-mexico border tomorrow after walking out of a meeting with congressional leaders today. democrats say they urged the president to reopen many government agencies but they're refusing to fund the president's demand for billions of dollars to build a border wall. president trump left the room moments after the meeting started. vice president mike pence pressed for the wall a short time later. >> there will be no deal without a wall. there will be no deal without the priorities the president has put on the table. >> he said if i open up the government you won't do what i want. that's cruel. >> hundreds of thousands of federal workers will feel the shutdown's impact on friday.
6:34 pm
that's when they'll miss their first paycheck. joshua tree national park in southern california is closing for a few days because of the government shutdown. the national park service says the park needs cleanup and repairs. it will close tomorrow morning but will reopen as soon as everything is completed. in the meantime, some volunteers have been trying to do their part. >> this is a great opportunity for us to be here and do something for a beautiful park. >> it's probably cleaner than it has been in a long time. thanks to everybody that's volunteering. >> park officials say with the lack of park rangers some visitors have defaced the park's namesake joshua trees. yosemite national park is still open. however, experts say the shutdown is exposing larger problems within the park and the park service, mainly involving infrastructure and maintenance backlogs. a professor who researches public lands and protected areas says yosemite is seeing more visitors than its infrastructure can handle. >> the park service has a
6:35 pm
deferred maintenance backlog of i believe $11.6 billion. yosemite's third on that list with over $500 million maintenance backlog. >> the national park service has been dipping into funds set aside for future projects to pay for cleanup operations and expanded services during the shutdown. president trump ignited a controversy today when he tweeted that california would be cut off from federal funding unless the state gets its "act" together when it comes to managing forests. california senator dianne feinstein tweeted back. the democrat said, "this empty threat is based on groundless complaints and candidly isn't worth the time of day." thousands of californians now depend on fema after deadly wildfires destroyed their homes. and many of them say money from fema is critical as they try to rebuild their lives and their communities. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has more now from santa rosa. >> reporter: the sign in their living room says "home is where the heart is." but when home feels not much larger than a can of soup and
6:36 pm
even that is in jeopardy -- >> i'm thoroughly aware and thoroughly upset. >> reporter: johnny and maureen augusto live in the downstream side of a presidential tweet threatening to take away fema money to california fire victims due to what he calls mismanagement of forests. in santa rosa some of those victims still live in trailers in the county fairgrounds. >> i mean, it's depressing, to go from a house to a trailer. you know what i mean? >> reporter: the president's tweet left people here and elsewhere in an angry state of limbo. >> do you think the president understands what's going on here in california? >> does he understand much of anything? no, i don't think so. >> reporter: the president did appear to care last november when he flew to butte county and surveyed damage from the camp fire. he toured, he promised aid, he spoke as if he'd backed away from previous comments about withholding assistance due to forestry issues. >> we do have to do management, maintenance, and we'll be working also with environmental groups. they've really -- i think everybody's seen the light. >> reporter: but this morning's
6:37 pm
tweet appears to have thrown a dark blanket over that. sonoma county supervisor susan goren describes president trump's messaging as a deflection and as an afront to fire victims. >> it plays horribly. does he not understand the grief and the tragedy that each individual family has experienced with these fires? >> reporter: here at the sonoma county fairgrounds the countdown clock is already ticking. fema assistance for living in these trailers ends on the 1st of april. for many residents that's a problem. >> if the fema money were to stop, where would that leave you? >> on the curb. >> reporter: it would not be easy to find a home with heart there. in santa rosa wayne friedman, abc 7 news. california's state treasurer fiona ma cursed president trump during her ceremonial swearing in in san francisco today. >> we want to know what you think. is she standing up for california or were herio you can 'in flight on in the bottom of your screen you can see the votes that have come
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in in real time. and call 415-954-7621. 7621.
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new at 6:00, say good-bye to at&t park. the giants stadium is getting a new name. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the giants will announce tomorrow that the stadium will be renamed oracle park. it's a 20-year deal. at&t's naming rights were set to end after next season. the "chronicle" says the company told the giants they were going in a different strategic direction. this will be the park's fourth name since it opened in 2000 starting with remember pac bell park, sbc, then at&t and now we'll move on. >> i have to rewire my brain. >> i know. i'm so used to saying it over and over again one way. well, california's new state treasurer fiona ma made it clearly known today how she feels about the president, cursing donald trump. >> oh, yeah, we want your opinion about what she said. just head to you don't need to sign in or register. you can just vote instantly. >> that's right. and you can see the results of our poll there coming in at the
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bottom of your screen right now. we'll check back in just a moment. but first here's what ma had to say. >> in the tradition of john burton tradition, [ bleep ] trump. >> abc 7 news was in san francisco for ma's swearing in ceremony where she used the f word in reference to the president, saying it was in the john burton tradition, a nod to the former state senator known to be outspoken. ma has said burton is her mentor and administered the oath of office. >> so is ma's cursing of president trump, is it standing up for california or do you find it not appropriate? >> good question. right? let's give you the results of the poll now. 35% say standing up for california. 65% say inappropriate. we would love to hear from you. >> but for now, though, we want to check in with michael finance knee because he's doing a lot of good work today. >> he is indeed. ing answering insurance questions, michael. >> what is that ticking sound? that is time running out to sign up for covered california. all these people are here to help. so give us
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. there is only a week left to enroll for health insurance through covered california. >> sometime is getting short. a lot of questions today. 7 on your side's michael finney
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and a panel of experts are taking your questions and providing answers. >> michael, how's it going so far? >> very, very busy. a lot of people are calling in. we're getting a lot of people signed up. i'm very happy about that. the telephone number is on screen. you can also go online at we'll take care of you in any language. we've got a bunch of them right here right now. if you speak a language you're more comfortable in that isn't one of those we'll find somebody, we'll hook you up tomorrow, we'll make sure you get signed. you one of the things that's changed about covered california and the affordable care act is before if you didn't sign up for health insurance, didn't carry health insurance and could afford health insurance you would in effect be fined. not anymore. so how do you keep this whole thing going? isn't that part and parcel of this? >> it is part and parcel of it. the trump administration said no more penalty. and again, you only paid it if you could afford coverage. but governor newsom has said this is the right thing to do. and that really takes some courage to say. so we may have a penalty back on the books in california in 2020. sacramento's going to be talking
6:47 pm
about that. but the bigger issue is the real penalty isn't sending $1,000 to the irs or to the franchise tax board in california. the real penalty is showing up at the hospital and walking out with a $50,000 debt. that's why insurance matters. the reason people want insurance is to protect them from the unexpected. and why we want people to call here tonight, go online at, 9 out of 10 people that sign up through covered california get financial help. everyone wants insurance if they can afford it. people need that leg up. and that's what they should try to get in these last days of open enrollment. >> last days are here. it's got to be by the 15th? >> by the 15th. it's this coming next week, january 15th is the drop dead end of open enrollment this year. >> excellent. thank you very much. peter lee, executive director of covered california. give us a call right now or go online. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices i'm michael finney. >> fantastic resource, michael. thanks very much. 415-954-7621. call if you have questions.
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time to get a last check on our weather. >> more rain is coming. >> we got a little break but not much. the showers rending from today's storm as you can see. overnight we'll have lingering clouds and maybe even? patchy dense fog. overnight lows in the mid to upper 40s. then tomorrow under partly sunny skies, highs will be in the upper 50s to about 60. over the next six days after tomorrow we have substantial chances of rain every single day. here's the forecast animation starting at midnight saturday night or sunday. notice another storm comes in on sunday, continues through the evening overnight into monday morning followed by another storm on tuesday. it's going to be a wet and windy one. and more rain on wednesday. s let's get to the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see that we have a parade of storms coming in. light ones, though. each one ranks only one on the storm impact scale but we expect to get some periods of rainfall each day for six days in a row friday through next wednesday.w. >> thanks, spencer. if there's one thing the warriors need, it's another big
6:49 pm
player. >> larry beil's hear. >> look at this line-up. you always have room for more all-stars, right? >> not here. >> that's okay. we'll make room. or somebody will be removed. what will boogie cousins bring to the warriors when he joins them next week as expected? hi, spencer. plus, what did klay thompson did
6:50 pm
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good evening. the warriors are at the exact midway point of this nba season. they've got a record of 27-14. it's okay. but it's kind of pedestrian by their standards. a game behind denver in the west, but things are about to change in a big, big way as in seven feet 270 pounds of demarcus cousins. boogie is projected to make his warriors debut on january the 18th in l.a. against the clippers. now, aside from giving the dubs a fifth all-star and a huge presence inside, adding cousins is going to give the warriors a challenge maybe to be more engaged mentally than they have been in some games. cousins recovering from achilles tendon surgery and they're just excited to get him out on the court. >> it's exciting. i know our fan base is excited. nba's excited. i can't wait to integrate him with our team. he adds a whole new dimension, especially on the block. he's such a handful down there. >> speaking ever handfuls, klay thompson scored 43 points last night. more amazing than just the total is that he needed only four
6:53 pm
dribbles to get to 43. klay's been in a slump early this season but he's the best pure catch and shoot player in the nba. there's no question. most of the time the ball is in and out of his hands. look at this. in a millisecond. and the warriors, they know how to get the ball to him so he can get great looks. just look. catch. oh, there's a dribble. that was his second dribble of the night right there. we saw him dribble again. it didn't hurt that he was playing the dreadful knicks. there's another dribble. that's three. four dribbles for 43 points. that's like one possession for james harden. at 14-2 the usf dons off to their best start in 27 years. the national media starting to take notice. especially with fifth-ranked gonzaga on the schedule this saturday. as abc 7's mindi bach reports, how the dons got to this point, that's a bit of a surprise. >> reporter: when kyle smith took over the usf men's program, one of his priorities was instilling in the underclassmen the importance of effort. >> great attitude.
6:54 pm
great work ethic and guys that really want to be here. and when you talk about it, when guys become seniors, hopefully they'll have something a little ahead of the schedule than expected. >> reporter: the players went all in. extending their efforts into the off-season. >> it all started last spring when we ramped up the workouts a little bit. we were doing 6:00 a.m. workouts at the beach a couple times a week and then we were in here early as well. we really made it a point for nate and i as well as matt and the other older guys, not just seniors, that it's an ncaa tournament type of year and that's what our goal was and we're going to work as hard as we can to get there. >> the unique chemistry that exists between the players on this year's team was also developed off the court away from basketball, through a game that is known to drive most parents absolutely crazy. >> everyone really plays. everyone, you know -- it's a bonding experience for us. >> if you guys do well on fortnight you that also do well on the court. >> togetherness. communication. we all have our headsets and whatnot and talk to each other, and i feel like it's translated to the court a little bit.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: do you guys go against each other or do you team up -- >> together. always. >> squad. >> squad of four. >> reporter: the usf squad of five will be tested against the dons have never beaten the bull dogs under smith, and they admit a win would be a boost for the season and the program. but they're not letting the opportunity become the battle royale that the increased attention can make it seem. >> if our guys compete and do well, the results usually take care of themselves. >> it's another conference game and you have to stay focused on that. >> reporter: in san francisco mindi bach, abc 7 sports. >> kyle's a really good coach. the harlem globetrotters are back in town for upcoming shows in oakland and san jose. zeus and champ dropped by the abc 7 sports department for a little game of horse. we called it globe. it didn't end well for them. >> what was michael jordan's the roof is the ceiling. the ceiling is the roof, whatever it was. >> we need some water.
6:56 pm
>> oh! >> that was -- >> oh! no! >> ha, ha, ha, ha! >> oh! >> you know how i like to relax, right? oh! oh! so close. >> fantastic. >> we call him ll stool j. >> the trotters will play in oakland the next two weekends. >> you had to practice a lot to get that. >> look, this requires training, dan. >> thanks, larry. >> that's funny. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20 cable channel 713. the government shutdown hits home after the food and drug
6:57 pm
administration says it's suspending most food inspections. what that means for food safety at 9:00. >> and on abc 7 news at 11:00, shocking video of a local dog walker appearing to kick a family pet. what the dog's owners want you to know about the company's vetting process. >> those stories and a lot more when we see you later. but that is this edition of abc 7 news. breaking news whenever you you wish on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> i'm ama daetz. for life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. the last day to sign up is january 15th, so don't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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