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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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department. everyone grieving the loss of this young police officer. and the investigation is still on this happened. all day long, a steady stream of people came to davis police headquarter to drop off flowers or food. some were civilians. >> really tragic that young died yesterday protecting the community. >> reporter: some were law enforcement colleagues fighting back tears. >> i think we're all devastated. it's a small department. we all know each other. it's a very hurtful thing. >> reporter: 22-year-old officer natalie corona graduated from july. she was responding to a call of a three-car accident in davis last night when the suspect apparently walked up and opened fire killing her. police tracked the suspect to a house and tried to coax him out. finally s.w.a.t. teams went in. >> the suspect was ultimately
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located inside the house and he was deceased from what is apparently a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> police are not releasing the shooter's name and investigators are still looking for a motive. this woman was attending an event three blocks from the shooting and heard the gunfire. >> we were told to stay inside that there was an active shooter. so it was truly frightening. >> reporter: these two women are taking the killing especially hard. they worked with natalie at the colusa casino while she was waiting to be admitted to the police academy. >> she lit up a room. she was an angel sent down. like i never met anybody like her. i don't think i ever will again. >> i think community is supportive of what we do. they're supportive of natalie. and it is, you know, a huge loss for this city. >> reporter: natalie corona was
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only a patrol officer pour a few weeks. she's second generation law enforcement. her dad was a 26-year veteran of the colusa county sheriff's office. as you see, people are still coming by to drop off flowers and well-wishers are coming by to give the police as much support as they can. somebody even left a small bucketful of american flags out here so that everyone who stopped by could take one in memory of natalie. live in davis, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thank you. we've created this badge to sharon line as a way to remember officer corona. the easiest way to get it is through the abc 7 news facebook page. prosecutors filed criminal charges against a professional dog walker caught on camera allegedly abusing a client's pets. we want to warn you, some of you what you see, you might find this video disturbing. >> [ bleep ].
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>> contra costa county prosecutors charged adam vaf ras with one count of misdemeanor animal crueltiment danville resident miranda foelts brought this video to our attention on wednesday. he not only kicked her dog ollie, but chased him around and tormented him for about ten mitts. he worked for a dog walking app called wag. that company issued a statement calling the attack unacceptable and says it deactivated the man from the platform. a $10,000 reward is offered in the attack of an 88-year-old woman. she was found unconscious in a playground near her home. the police officers association is offering the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the attack. family members believe she was beaten by someone who also burglarized her home. turning now to the weather. the thick fog that we had yesterday, that's gone. you can see we're dealing now with a whole bunch of rain.
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a quick look at the view outside. this is from the emeryville camera. this looks pretty calm for now. it's going to be like this for a while. >> spencer christian joins us with all the rain. >> we might get a break tomorrow. but you're right, a lot of rain is on the way. you're looking at mainly light and sometimes moderate showers. a lot of it over the center. a line of showers from san rafael through the golden gate and oak park to the east bay through oakland and hayward to fremont and in through san jose. mainly light rainfall. it is wet out there and it could complicate the evening commute. this ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. for remainder of this evening and tonight, more light to moderate showers. the wind will be relatively light. the forecast animation showing us that, after about 1:00 a.m. this storm is going to break out and the day will start as a dry one tomorrow. that may be the only dry day all week.
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larry? >> thank you, spencer. you can track the rain with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can get push alerts on your phone or tablet. in a matter of hours, the current government shutdown will become the longest in u.s. history. it's now 21 days and counting. president trump announced he wobt sign a spending bill to keep the government operating unless he received $5.7 billion for building a wall along the border. because of that, 800,000 workers didn't get paid today. president trump backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency to get the money for the wall. >> the easy solution is for me to call a national emergency. i could do that very quickly. i have the absolute right to do it. but i'm not going to do it so fast because this is something congress should do. >> on capitol hill, one show of bipartisanship on this issue. lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill to grant back pay to federal workers.
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president trump says he will sign it. efforts to help the families of furloughed coast guard personnel are kicking into high gear in alameda. leslie brinkley is on the island at one of those businesses. leslie? >> reporter: that's right. rock wall wine company here in alameda has bins inside for people to drop off food and personal care products. after all, payday for the coast guard is tuesday and he they already know they aren't getting checks. >> stressed. it's an uneasy feeling knowing g are my kids going to have food on the table, are my bills going to get paid. >> her husband has been in the coast guard for 12 years. they have three sons, including 4-year-old twins. luckily, she's mobilizing with the east bay spouses club as they frantically collect and sort donated goods. >> you must be in shock? >> yeah. i definitely didn't think that it would ultimately come down to this.
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i think it's reality of it is setting in today. >> the club president says many military families live paycheck to paycheck. this new stress is overwhelming with spouses off and gone for months at a time. the spouses club is running shuttles from these four alameda businesses. the cafe called the local, the friends of alameda animal shelter, alameda island brewing company and the rock wall wine company, where there are collection bins. by sunday, all the donated goods will be lined up so that 200 families can come to the coast guard yamca to collect what the need. >> the president of the club can relate to this. he can't relate to this. he can't relate to not having a paycheck when you need to buy your kids food or diapers. we're trying to band together and make sure the people who serve our community are being served. >> reporter: a similar coast guard collection drive is under
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way. the coast guard motto is semper pa rat us. always ready. as the government shutdown continues, many federal workers are now going without pay. that includes tsa agents at airports all across the country, as well as air traffic controllers. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has more on how this could impact your travel plans in the coming days. >> as travelers arrived as bay area airports this afternoon, many wondered how much of an impact the government shutdown would have on them. >> i don't know what to expect. i don't want to be waiting too long. >> debra maxfield showed up to mineta jose international about an hour normally than she would. >> i'd rather be relaxes rather than worrying did the security check. >> so far, there have been no major delays at tsa security checkpoints in san jose. same goes for oaklandners e ing contract. >> wasn't a real huge concern
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for us. looking at the lines, i'm wondering maybe we made the right decision by showing up early. >> mineta san jose spokesperson rose wary barnes said passengers should build in extra time to be safe. >> we have air traffic controllers here, tsa screeners, we have our custom officials. they're continuing to show up and continuing to do the job to support our travelers. >> nationally, however, there are concerns as to whether or not tsa employees currently working without pay may start call out sick. officials at miami international had to close down a terminal today because of a staffing shortage. local air traffic controllers we spoke with say the longer the shutdown, the more likely it is for the public to see potential problems. >> our traffic control facilities are working with a glorified skeleton crew. i couldn't be more proud of them. we haven't had any safety issues. to control the complexities, that could start flight delays and cancellations. >> passengers are grateful to
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those who continue to report for duty. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. a group of community and religious leaders rallied at customs and immigration today. >> our love will tear down the walls. >> our love will liberate. >> including two children and they also called for alternatives to i.c.e. detention centers. they urged congress not to fund president trump's border wall. now at 4:00, the tahoe challenge. two people make the trek. one by ground, one by air. you might be surprised at how this turned out. a little later, we're getting more details on the wisconsin girl found after her parent were killed months after she disappeared. a vacation turned into a nightmare at sea for hundreds of people. what has swept through a cruise ship that's heading back to port. 7 on your side's michael
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future?
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please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. federal workers who won't receive federal paychecks today may be able to get help from banks and utilities. >> what you can do to help in these situations. >> it's not the end all be all. it's pretty good. people are chipping in. they know what's happening here. starting with wells fargo, it's offering to defer mortgage payments, late fees and credit card payments. bank of america is willing to do
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the same thing. if you have direct deposit, all of thebacks will send you a phone number to call if you need help. chase bank, they've offered to do the same as b of a as has capital one. just one bank that we contacted has not responded. that's citi bank. if it does get back to us, i'll let you know. we also reached out to several utilities. by deadline, we had not heard back from east bay mud, comcast has not gotten back to us yet. sf water has. it works with all customers who need help on a case by case basis. pg&e tells us it's received a request for help. so far from only about two dozen federal workers. that's kind of surprising. federal workers who need help should call 1-800-743-5000 to discuss payment options. at&t sent out this statement. it is offering flexible payment to any furloughed federal worker
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who needs the help. at&t's sister company dish is also doing the same. now, one of those living with no paycheck is here with me now. destiny cooper. she's a specialist with the environmental protection agency. she's in financial straits already. destiny, when is the last time you got a paycheck? >> actually, at epa, we got half of our paycheck yesterday and today. >> well, that's better than nothing at all. >> each agency is very different about how much they're getting paid, when, where and even how. >> are you sharing information with other federal workers? >> yes. so for example, with local 20, they're sharing amongst the different i -- locals. we have one at nasa. there's also -- there's three unions there. so there's aste -- those three unions constant lip, even when the agency is open they
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coordinate. there's lots of co-communication that's happening. yesterday, for example, all unions were present when we were out rallying in front of our build not guilty san francisco. >> i bet there's a lot of bad information as well as good information, too. >> there is. we're constantly fielding questions from folks about what can be done, how. i am dually a union steward, an officer. there's lots of questions coming in about do i file for unemployment. what does that mean what, would that look like? >> let me jump in real quick. i want to make it clear for anybody watching. the governor said he's giving out unemployment to everyone. make sure you do sign up for it. how has this affected you so far? >> for me personally, there's been -- i've started making arrangements, for example, not being able to pay my bills due at the end of the month. i've gotten ahold of d.o.e. to defer my student loan payments, put that off longer. >> were they okay with that?
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>> they said that was okay. they haven't given me any information about the interest part of it. i believe it's going to still include additional interest even though i'm not making the payment. i have gotten ahold of a few of my credit cards and some of them have actually gone ahead and said no, we need the payment right now. that was before we actually knew for sure whether or not we were going to be fully shut down. >> your landlord, i mean -- >> in the bay area it's very different. for myself, my own personal situation, i deal with the company and because of the way my lease is set up, they absolutely were not willing to go ahead and defer it. they want -- they basically want their money when they want it. there's specific guidelines about when it's due or elsie incur late fees. after a very short period of time. they could start the procedures to have me removed from where i live. >> at least there's a process in place for that. still -- are you going to have to borrow money to get through this?
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>> i have some friends and family that have told me they'd be willing to help out if i need it. i have also gone ahead and start putting in applications. the hard part about putting in applications, that my ethics for my job are governed by law. there's a lot of things like i would ordinarily if the government was open, talking to the agency's ethics attorney to make sure i wasn't creating a conflict of interest for any job that i got. now i'm having to make sure to stay away from all topics related to what i do. >> look at all those little details people don't think about. >> yeah. >> destiny, thank you so much for spending time with us today. >> yeah. >> i'm so sorry you're going through this. >> thank you. thank you, mierk al. one of the things that's so sad being revealed is so many government employees during the shutdown, they're living pay dhoek paycheck. >> absolutely. you don't get that paycheck. >> it's expensive to live here in the bay area. hopefully this ends soon. all right. well we have more to talk about today. two abc 7 news journalists who
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left our studios this morning in a race to lake tahoe. one by road and one by air. >> who got there first? reggie aqui, jessica castro had the latest. >> we wanted to know which way was the best way to get to tahoe from the area. should you drive or fly? the idea came from melanie woodrow owes horrible experience. it took her 12 hours to get back to the bay area. we put her on a plane. she raced photojournalist juan carlos and our production assistant, melissa. they drove to tahoe much everyone left at the same time, 6:00 a.m. melanie flew to reno and took a shuttle to lake tahoe much here's part of her experience. take a listen. >> here's the deal. i got my bag and i'm at the airport. now i'm waiting for the shuttle they signed me up for. i have a feeling they'll beat me there. i'm waiting for that photo where they're having a muffin and hot
4:20 pm
chocolate. >> yep. >> couldn't find a seat. right on cue. juan carlos and melissa, they had time to park, eat breakfast, enjoy a sweet potato muffin. go sightseeing. >> they went sightseeing afterwards on the way down to south lake tahoe even before melanie got on to the shuttle. melanie is still on the shuttle right now. it's 11:39. >> drivingwise. if they waited until 2:00 p.m., oh, melanie was going to win big time. that's when everybody gets off work on friday and heads to tahoe. >> or if it were snowing. it would be a -- she experienced that last weekend. it would be a totally different situation. which it might be this weekend. >> it's sparked a big debate in our newsroom. the one time i went and the other time i went much there's so many variables. you were saying with kids it's easier to get in the car and more cost effective. >> you can control your timing. let's say there's an accident,
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you got to get off the road, have a snack, do a snowball fight and keep them happy. i've done both experiences. they're just different. i think the flying was kind of relaxing. but i will say most of the time with the timing being a wash in the end, it was to control my own time. >> i am weird. i love the airport. i love the energy of the airport. >> i do, too. >> but in this case -- >> you're not weird. >> it's such a short trip driving when it's sunny and nice out, i would drive on a day like today. >> let's do the disneyland challenge next time. >> always up for a disneyland challenge. >> i don't know anybody who loves the airport. now i know. really strange. my take away from that, who gets to tahoe first. more hot topics, news and weath weather. it's a cool new show. who here likes the airport? >> i don't know. >> i've seen enough airports in my day. >> especially you. >> i like the hot lat and the
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muffin. -- hot chocolate and the muffin. >> they were bragging. the weather, rough for the next week. >> there may be driving problems all of next week. we have a series of storms coming our way. not all light storms. >> we have a light storm right now dropping showers, mainly light. there have been brief downpours. they haven't lasted very long. that's why we call them brief. the showers continue to move through the bay area right now. and will continue for several hours. check out this view from sutro tower. you can see clouds at various levels of the atmosphere here as we look out over san francisco. it is currently 53 degrees here in the city. oakland 55. 59 in mountain view. san jose 61. 63 at morgan hill. our warm spot right now at 55 and half moon bay. here's the view from the east bay hills camera. a few raindrops with the camera lens. a few minutes ago, there was a bit of an outline of the sun
4:23 pm
trying to burn through the clouds. i don't think we can see it clearly now. 52 degrees in santa rosa. napa 55. petaluma and fairfield 56. livermore 57. here's our view from the rooftop camera at abc 7 along the embarcadero. these are our forecast features. showers end overnight. mainly dry tomorrow but rain returns on sunday. then we'll get a week's worth of winter storms ahead. some of it as i mentioned, is stronger than light storms like this. this current storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. it will produce light to moderate showers. wind will be light. here's the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice widespread showers at that time and some look like they may be moderate to heavy in areas with yellow and the orange. they'll pass through quickly. by about midnight, just after midnight, this storm will be winding down. it will be gone except for a few wet spot on the roadways.
4:24 pm
expecting rainfall totals from a few hundredths of an inch to quarter of an inch, third of an inch. up to three quarters of an inch could accumulate. overnight conditions, mostly cloudy skies. low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. then tomorrow, 12-hour planner shows clouds, peeks of sun. sunnier by afternoon. as we look at high temperatures tomorrow, 50s to 60 degrees. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's look at this carefully. light storm on sunday. ranking 1 on the impact scale. followed by another similar condition on monday. but tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we've got a series of moderate storms with period of heavy rainfall. strong gusty winds and by the end of the week the ground will be saturated. we should be prepared for the possibility. we're not forecasting this. but a possibility of localized
4:25 pm
flooding. mudslides, power out annals. downed trees because of the continuous rain we're going to get next week and the windy conditions. >> okay. thank you spencer. last year's flu season was one of the roughest in decades. see how this year's is shaping up. a bay area teenager being remembered
4:26 pm
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sickness on a cruise cut it short after a virus affected hundreds of people. >> 475 people have been reported sick, up from 277 this morning. oasis of the seas left for canaveral, florida for jamaica on sunday. by tuesday, guests started reporting nausea, upset stomachs. a letter was sent to the state rooms urging guests to wash
4:28 pm
their hands frequently. a crew is working around the clock to sanitize the ship. >> basically where anybody would put their hands, there's constantly a crew behind them wiping things down. >> cruise ships are susceptible to these kinds of things. the ship is expected to be back in port canaveral and the cdc is investigating. the flu has made millions of people sick this season. they're reporting up to 7.3 million people have gotten the flu. the season is far from over. tens of thousands have been hospitalized and 16 children have even died. in california, at least 42 people died from the flu. san francisco saw its first flu death a few days ago. experts say it is not too late to get vaccinated. flu season usually peaks in february. next on abc 7 news at 4:00, new developments for the discovery of wisconsin girl who has been missing since october. we now know about the suspect as well as a motive.
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the vatican is doing
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shot and killed while investigating a traffic accident. the suspect was later found dead inside a home nearby from a self-inflicted gunshot. officer corona's killing has really shaken the city. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman tweeted this photo of american flags being handed out. a memorial has gone up near the spot where corona died. abc world news tonight tweets a 21-year-old woman has been arrest north dakota arizona on a suspicion of fatally running over a nail salon worker after skipping out on paying a $35 bill. the suspect was spotted by a civilian who then called police. now to the stunning story of the 13-year-old wisconsin teen who was found alive months after her parents were found shot to death in their home. this photo of a smiling jayme closs posing beside her aunt was posted on facebook about an hour ago. her kidnapper has been charged
4:33 pm
with kidnapping and murder. >> we want to thank jayme for being courageous and choosing an opportunity to find her way back to us. what an extraordinary young lady. >> after missing for three months, 13-year-old jayme closs is home. described as unkempt and in shock but very much alive. a woman walking her dog in douglas county, wisconsin, nearly 70 miles away from where she was last seen in barron says a girl ran to her screaming for help. she raced her to a neighbor's home. >> jayme gave a description and name of the man who kidnapped her. he held her captive in a home a quarter mile away. police have arrested and charged jake thomas patterson. we know he's taken measures to avoid detection from law enforcement and the public. >> authorities accuse patterson of entering the closs home on october 15th, brutallyng
4:34 pm
jayme's parents and kidnapping the young girl, triggering 88 days of police and volunteers working around the clock to bring her home. now, an outpouring of relief and support from survivors like elizabeth smart, also a victim of kidnapping, who was held by her captive for nine months. she urged everyone to be mindful and to give the family their space and privacy on their road to finding a new sense of normal. >> i'm going to tell her how much i love her and missed her and give her the biggest hug ever. >> authorities believe patterson targeted jayme. the sheriff has no significant links connecting patterson and the closs family. in new york, maggie rulli, abc 7 news. there's also a strange twist in the story. one of the three people who helped to rescue the kidnapped 13-year-old was one of the suspect's former middle school teachers. she says her neighbor barged into her home with jayme closs telling her to call 911.
4:35 pm
she was stunned to see the girl alive but more surprised after police named the suspect. >> i had him as a middle school student when he was 12, 11. i had him from middle school science. nice kid, quiet kid. very smart. >> like seeing a ghost. it was -- i meant took my breath away. it's kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around it yet. >> closs told her that she had no idea where she had been taken and no idea where borden, wisconsin was. on the peninsula now, a room with capacity of 170 was too small to accommodate the friends, family and schoolmates who assembled to remember a belmont teenager shot to death at an elementary school on monday night. police trying to determine who took the life of muhammad othman, star athlete. david louie attended the service and spoke with mourners. >> tumber rns
4:36 pm
appeed to reflect how many lives muhammad othman touched. they paid respects revealing their grief and trying to console each other. there were dozens and dozens of chas mates from carlmont high school where he was a senior and a quarterback on the varsity team. teammates and coaches wore pins bearing his jersey number. a cheerleader brought a painting she made to honor him. >> he was a beautiful, nice, fun person. like, he could make anybody smile. he was just like -- he lights up the room. >> belmont police detectives are still investigating what led to the 17-year-old's death. he was shot at least once at central elementary sometime monday evening. no suspects have been arrested. rumors abound in this small community. a close family friend said he had a promising future. >> he's a senior in high school, graduation months away. he's taken from us far too soon. >> loved him.
4:37 pm
saw him as a leader. off to the side. >> this is going to be a big loss for you? >> most definitely. he was like a brother to me. >> police are getting tips and help from the public. but the challenge is separating the truth from rumors. >> our investigators have to weed out the rumors from the accurate information. we welcome all this information because we don't know what's important until we get a chance to look at it. >> in belmont, david louie, abc 7 news. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will be working from home for a second week. ginsburg is recovering from cancer surgery. doctors say her recovery is on track. there's no evidence of cancer left in her lungs. up until this week, the 85-year-old never missed oral arguments in her entire supreme court career. justice ginsburg had two earlier cancer surgeries in 1999 and 2009. the billionaire and former new york mayor says if he runs for president, he will pay for
4:38 pm
it by himself. his comments follow a jab from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who called the presidency, quote, one more plaything that billionaires can buy. bloomberg shot back saying his riches insulate him from having to curry favor from others. another new york democrat is poised to make a presidential run. sources are telling the associated press that senator kersten gillibrand is looking at locations for a potential campaign headquarters. her team is eyeing troy, new york, north of manhattan and will say this is the strongest signal yet that she will indeed enter the race. a big change is come to go netflix. what the streaming service is rolling out that might cause some users their account. putting this out there. you can buy a tub of mac and cheese good for 20 years. >> finally. >> how much do you eat? if you're that hungry, we'll tell you who is selling it.
4:39 pm
i'm spencer christian, the forecast is only good for seven days. but it's a nice one. stick around. i'll have
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. on all fronts for spacex. the private space company launched a falcon 9 rocket with satellites from vandenberg air force base around 7:30 this morning. the first stage of the rocket
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landed perfectly. uneventful in the pacific. the payload is the eighth and set of satellites to be launched from virginia. they'll replace the entire globe circling fleet with next generation orbiters. we're getting a first look today of what china says was its successful landing of the spacecraft on the dark side of the moon. china's national space administration released this video doing what it says is the view from the spacecraft. it landed aid week ago yesterday. the agency is receiving clear and intact images from the spacecraft which is functioning normally. the spacecraft is the first-ever to successfully land on the moon's far side. the phrase godspeed is about to take on a new meaning. the vatican, yes. the vatican is launching its own track team that it hopes to send to the olympics. the squad will be composed of 60 athletes, including nuns and
4:43 pm
priests. their first race is in just nine days. the team's president is enthusiastic about the prospect of competing on the world stage at the olympics but it's a long shot. >> i cannot wait to see that. >> yes. supersize items are nothing new at costco. the warehouse giant began selling a 27-pound bucket. a bucket of mac and cheese online. that will cost you about $90. it's 180 servings. shelf life, hey, up to 20 years. the mega mac and cheese comes a week after costco started selling a 7-pound tub of nutella. if you want to stock your bomb shelt shelter, you're out of luck for now. we checked this morning, that mac and cheese sold out. >> think of how long we could survive on mac and cheese and nutella. have to get the giant pallet of water and we're set for years. we might need it for the next week, spencer christian. >> i'll be in trouble because i
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don't like mac and cheese. what will i eat? >> aww. >> here's -- getting boos. tough crowd here. current storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. it's light for the remainder of the evening into early tomorrow morning. we can expect light showers. we'll have a dry day mostly tomorrow as the sun breaks through. highs in the upper 60s to 50. that's the first in a series of storms as you can see here on the accuweather seven-day forecast sunday and monday. we have storms ranking 1 on the storm impact scale but stronger storms, moderate storms with strong gusty wind comes through tuesday, wednesday and thursday before we get another weaker storm on friday. be prepared for a wet week next week. challenging commutes ahead, no doubt. >> it's going to be rough. i know you insist on seared salmon with a mango glaze. >> sometimes i don't even do the glaze. >> simple man. >> simple taste. >> the oakland a's are starting
4:45 pm
off the year with good fuss for their fan base. but steps being taken to build the new park. >> it's time for the restaurants to shine. a little peek
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not one, not tworks but three -- planning an apple trifecta unveiling three new models. >> according to the wall street journals, the phones will come with new camera features, including a triple rear camera. what do you shoot with that? your -- i could be wrong on this. that's the highest end model. the new triple rear coming soon. one of the phones will be a successor to the lower priced xr model which fell short of sales expectations in 2018. do you share your netflix passwords with friends and family? you may not be able to for much longer. new software unveiled in las vegas could crackdown on account sharing. there's a software maker called sin media. they say artificial intelligence searches for fraudulent activity. when it finds it, it will ask
4:49 pm
regular users to update to a premium account. password sharing costs too much money to ignore anymore. it's time for oakland's best eating establishments to shine. restaurant week starts today and runs through next week. joining us is daphne woo. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> you're with food tours. first tell me about that. that's intriguing. >> ce love organizing amazing food experience that is connect people with local businesses and try to give them an engaging experience that is based around the community. >> oakland as has a rich and wonderful restaurant. >> it kicks off today and runs to the 20th. you have ten days to try 100 different restaurants. so many different types of cuisines. we're really excited. at the basic level, the restaurants are offering
4:50 pm
pre-fixed lunch or dinner menus. the price ranges between $10 to $70. a little bit of everything for everyone. we've also got some awesome, like, new dining experiences that people can try out. so, for instance, we've got these progressive dinners happening in these neighborhoods. so old oakland, so if you buy a ticket, you can actually get a tour of the neighborhood and then try a few different restaurants and then meet the chef and so basically you'll be able to engage with the neighborhood and learn more about how these restaurants are helping these neighborhoods thrive. >> that's a cool concept. not just going to the restaurant. you're seeing the people who live there and get to know what it's like. >> yeah. >> talk a little bit about the different restaurants on there. is it every restaurant in oakland? is there a select list? >> there's about 100 of them right now. we're really proud that it's a
4:51 pm
diverse group. it's one of the most diverse restaurant weeks in the area. you've got all kinds of restaurants from, let's say, michelin gore -- restaurants awarded, like farmhouse, a 16. bay area favorites like curry up now, which is indian food with a twist. then newcomers like old oakland, they have a menu with latin flair. it really ranges. there's quite a range of restaurants. >> people go out anyway. i know it's raining. i know it's going to be gloomy. but it should be a good time, right? >> yes. another thing that we're doing is we partnered again with the alameda county food bank. there's a few fundraisers. there's a few restaurants that are doing fundraisers, including bardo supper club and lounge. that's on the 14th. otherwise people can also donate directly throgh our website.
4:52 pm
oakland restaurant go visit that. you can check out all the restaurants that are particip e participati participating, donate -- >> thank you, daphne for coming in. we appreciate it. great event for a good cause as well. you can help out. thanks. thank you. while on the subject of oakland, the a's released their 120-day action plan for their proposed waterfront ballpark. team president dave capel says it consists of five goals to achieve by march 28th. the goals include initiating the environmental impact report for the howard terminal site. also, securing an agreement with the port of oakland for the ballpark district. the a's are hoping to open their brand new 34,000-seat ballpark near jack london square by the year 2023. pickles the pig, dill the dog. up next, we have the unusual partnership that put together by a northern california woman. >> i guess they're friends. kristen is here with what's ahead at 5:00.
4:53 pm
>> thanks, larry and ama. hey, sir i. how the apple tool helped save a man's life. that's new at 5:00. plus -- >> found my package torn apart, open on the street. >> it looks like this guy may be the one who stole her package. can you tell how he got into the building? it's a porch pirate with a twist.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we're we're going to
4:56 pm
introduce you to a woman who has gone wild with her animal rescues. you'll meet dill the dog and pickles will pig. they're part of a program of localish. >> i take pickles out for a walk on a leash. i don't think they're expecting a pig on a leash. we get a lot of double-takes. we rescued pickles around the team of the el nino flash floods. a woman whose farm had flooded and needed her animals rescued within 48 hours. he was about two pounds. he was the last one one left. we were traveling, we got home and noticing he was really rg really ill. we took him to uc davis. the bigger the pig the better. i went on craigslist and i found a butcher selling his commercial pigs. i just asked him can i borrow your pig. i know it sounds crazy. i need to save my baby pig. he said go for it.
4:57 pm
we drove this 650-pound pig to uc davis and she ended up saving his life. i fell in love with her. i was like, we have to save her life. she saved pickles. i bought myself a 650-pound pig. i found out about erica. she has a lot of experience with pigs and has another big commercial pig that escaped from the slaughterhouse. i love the idea that pickles would have another big gal pal to hang out with. after the ordeal with pickles, we were like, okay, we have to do anything and everything possible to give this little pig the best life possible. we decided to get pickles a friend. we got dill. they're compatible. back seat buddies in the car. they go on walks together. they love to cuddle. i kept them cuddling all the time. pickles is more well-mannered than dill is. the pig has better manners than the dog.
4:58 pm
pickles knows how to sit and stay and goes surfing with me sometimes. he's also a painter. he knows how to bowl. we go to the beach a lot. pickles runs up and down the beach. it's great. dill thinks he's part pig. he would follow him around the house constantly. he would go into the yard and graze with pickles, look confused. he wants whatever he has. a lot of friends suggested we turn this into a children's book. they helped me find a publisher who published a book. the media helps to find a home for pickles. they encouraged me to write a book and they reached out to find a publisher for the book. it's been remarkable for me to see the power that social media can have. >> i love that story. you can check out abc's new brand. also on facebook and instagram. thanks for joining us at 4:00. i'm ama daetz.
4:59 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. describe our officers tonight as our daughter and our friend and just the sister that we all wanted. >> the davis police department mourning the loss of one of their own. ambushed and gunned down on the job. residents are also in shock. >> it hits close to home. it's really devastating and upsetting for a community. >> also ahead, nothing but zeros. frustrated government workers share their pay stubs. plus, the porch pirate, a little different than most. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> flags flying at half-staff in sacramento today after a rookie police officer was shot and killed. still a lot of questions about exactly what happened. good evening, i'm larry beil. >> imt kristen sze. natalie corona
5:00 pm
father's footsteps. he pinned her badge on in the swearing in ceremony a few months ago. >> she was responding it a car crash near the uc davis campus. let's begin with abc 7 news anchor eric thomas. eric? >> reporter: you mentioned natalie's father, a 26-year veteran of the colusa county sheriff's office. he did pin the badge on to her. you should know that we've seen a steady stream of people come by to drop off flowers and food to pick up american flags, to pay their respects to this fallen officer who had only been on the job for a few weeks. shortly after 22-year-old officer natalie corona was murdered, police tracked the alleged shooter to this house. when he didn't answer calls to come out, s.w.a.t. teams went in. >> the suspect was ultimately located inside the house.
5:01 pm
he was


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