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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the marin police say say say say waited. a gust of wind caused the tree to crack and a man driving a van accidentally hit him and he died at the hospital. >> a fallen tree branch killed a man in the lower hills. police have identified him as 42-year-old anthony here's abc reporter menendez. >> he had been living on an embankment in oakland. it appears the 42-year-old had been there for some time. last night first responders were called in after friends of the homeless man came to bring him food. that's when they noticed the tree branch had fallen on him. ironically this happened one day
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before the mayor of oakland toured a new site for those transitioning away from homelessness. >> it's unacceptable in a nation, a region, a city as wealthy as ours that anyone spends a single night on the street. >> reporter: mayor shaft visited the new site called the holland, a former hotel on grand avenue. it has room for 90 residents who will be allowed to stay here for six months while they find a permanent home. the mayor says her goal has been to quickly find shelter space for 1,000 people ho are homeless. the building was purchased by the city using bond proceeds. two major players are also part of this project, anthem blue cross and kaiser permanente. >> housing is important to people. >> reporter: i thought about that when i approached crystal sims who has lived on these streets with her sister for 2 1/2 years.
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as a homeless person, there are so many things happening out here. what do you fear the most. >> what i fear the most is somebody coming in while i'm asleep. i saw a lot of crazy things going on in the world. you never know what's going on in somebody's mind. >> there's no question in my mind that even without a permanent home, sims is still holding onto her dignity and grace. in oakland, lyanne menendez, a b c 7 news. massive flooding shut down an on-ramp in oakland today. sky 7 flew above here. it saw nearly 3 feet of flooding. chp oakland officers blocked the off ramp as crews assessed the situation. >> you don't want to drive through that. the rain was relentless at times. it was coming down in buckets. >> it caught people off guards and kept maintenance crews busy. now, amy hollyfield.
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>> reporter: here's an encore performance. more rain this morning, heavy at times, catching some like al phenomenon alphonzo off guard. >> it was really heavy this morning. the winds were blowing, the flags were straight out. it hailed. and there was some thunder and lightning too. >> yeah. at first i thought there were planes flying over the house or something crazy was going on because usually we don't hear those kinds of sounds here. it was thundering, booming, john said there was thunder and lightning and the dogs started crying. >> reporter: maintenance crews have been at it since 6:30 this morning. areas of flooding that pop up after a good soaking.
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>> reporter: even as they dodge the issues, they look forward to the benefits. >> we need rain, so you have to deal with it. so hopefully with the smoke pack, it will be nice and we won't have drought conditions. >> the lessons from this morning. get out and walk the dog when you can. be sure and grab the jack and umbrella in case another burst of rain comes along. in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. people still do not have power. it's way down from the 36,000 that lost their electricity last night. >> certainly a big difference. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman toured the area and found fallen trees to a daring creek crossing. >> reporter: wooler road in
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sonoma county, water so high it covered the bridge today and moved into the vineyards. most people would heed the warning signs. and then kenny nash came along. >> i thought, i can make i. it's been that high before. >> reporter: did he make it? it's already been an interesting day. he had seen heavy flooding, but not from rain. this morning a ups truck lost control, plowed into a durand and into cars. not far away -- >> howling wind and a big slap. >> it was really loud. it shook the whole house. >> reporter: eric and beverly marvelled at how strong winds sheared away a couple of redwoods. >> i looked it up.
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it takes 94 miles an hour of wind to snap a tree in half. >> reporter: meanwhile the culmination of our post storm narrative. >> i'm an athlete. i play sports and stuff. you've got to go for it. the best players take the challenges. >> reporter: even in a 4x4, and kenny nash lived to talk about it. but why? >> i've got aaa. >> reporter: in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> don't do what he did. it created a water hazard at the golf course in san francisco. fortunately no skrurs. one golfer we spoke with showed up to get a few swings in not realizing all of the storm damage. >> i bought some new golf clubs. it was dry in san bruno. i was hoping it would be dry up here. >> i was looking at the driving range. that's a heck of a slice you have this. >> that's more damage than i expected to see here.
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>> officials at harding park said at least three trees were down. all of the rain appeared to be too much for clogged street drains. over in san francisco, this worker you see right there used a shovel to clean the drains. you can see thattet wear just flooded the corner and the sidewalks there. san francisco has an adopt-a-andre program for residents to clear leaves and debris from storm drains. the goal is to keep this type of flooding from happening. here's a big job for san francisco public works crews. they're clearing away a large ficus tree that fell at van necessary and union taking down a street sign and crushing a bus shelter. ficus trees have been a major problem in san francisco for years with large limbs falling on pedestrians and cars. heavy winds knocked down freeway signs on 280 in san mateo. half the sign fell off near
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bunker hill before the half moon bay exit. caltrans has since moved that crumple metal sheet. storms created a sight along the coast. it looks like these huge waves were going to swallow up all of pacifica. that's a matter of perspective. it came in like 12 feet. some had to scramble to get out of the way. when the inevitable happen, the water coming right over the top of barrier. >> you do not want to be that guy. heavy flooding on southbound 280. standing water blocked several lanes of john daly boulevard, and not far away, the city fire department had to unclog a andre that caused each more flooding. you see it knee deep there. it's near john daly boulevard. that entire ramp just covered in water sth that's the damage report. the rain has let up a bit from what we saw this morning. >> i want to take a live look now at the emeryville camera. you can see there are lots of
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heavy thick clouds in the sky. more rain on the way. spencer christian is standing by with more. >> that's right. it's been a day of rainfall. as i loop the image here, you can see this has been the pattern, general east-west flow mainly in the north bay. we have a high surf warning in effect until 9:00 p.m. wave heights 20 feet in many locations. storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. so now through saturday morning, more showers likely, again, mainly in the north bay. here's a quick look at the animation taking us into the overnight hours. tomorrow it will be a little wet in the north bay but not so much if the other parts of the bay area. that will be the pattern throughout the day into the weekend. i'll give you a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. larry? >> spencer, i'll see you then squloo there were some cancellations but nothing like we saw yesterday at sf o'.
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45 flights have been canceled, many delayed. many were morning short haul arrivals and departures. yesterday they were left out of place, out of whack, and that impacted today's schedules. oakland and san jose airports report that flights are operating out of those airports on schedule. >> by now we know we've got a lot of rain, but it is making a difference, believe it or not. new at 4:00. see what's going on with our local reservoirs a f this big storm. >> and who's keeping watch over our earthquakes? we'll see who's stepping up in the area. and the snow is piling up in the mountains from the recent storms. the may skrr milestone that just hit that is important for our water supply. at 4:10, a live look at traffic in the bay area. this is the skyway in downtown san francisco. ongoing traffic going on to the east bay on the right hand side pretty much bumper to bumper in both directions. back with m
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask how you can get xfinity mobile included so all you pay for is data. switch today. there's good news coming from the rain. it really helps our water supply. >> the levels rose significantly in the last few hours. david lui live at the reservoir with impressive numbers. david? >> reporter: they are i ive, larry and dion. how does this sound to you? 60% increase.
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the res vancouver has gone from 34% to 44% just since midnight yesterday. yes, heavy rain can be annoying, even aggravating. but this storm was definitely a win for our water supply. the ten water reservoirs where the district stores much of its water is generally higher. >> we were looking at them being 60% of normal and that's been bumped up to 67% in the last couple of days. >> reporter: it captured nearly 10,000 from the storm. that's enough to meet the needs of 100,000 people for the year. that amount of water would completely fill the reservoir if empty. it's the fourth largest. >> there's still a lot of places around our county that are vulnerable to flooding. if it were a much bigger storm than what we got this week,
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there are places that could definitely flood. >> reporter: this one south of bear creek road is one of many according to neighbors helping with downed trees. >> there's probably several hundred trees down, driveways blocked, so people are in need of community service. >> reporter: paul keeps a chainsaw in the back of his car for times like this. county road crews have cleared some trees, but the winter siege isn't over. >> i imagine we'll have more trees down. we'll see what happens today. >> reporter: the water district points out all of this benefit came from one major storm, and as beneficial as it was, the reservoirs collectively are only at 76% of capacity, so, therefore, we do need more rain, and mother nature seems to be obliging. we're live at the lexington
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reservo reservoir. david louie, abc7 news. the snow pack is above average for the first time this season. we're at 3%. and last year we were at just 25% of average. some parts of the sierra saw up to 4 feet of snow. avalanche danger is high today so skiers should stayd stayd sty slopes. now, the rain caused problems in reno as well. take a look at this if you can see it through all the moisture. a few cars became stuck in the water in a flooded overpass overnight. check it out. that's actually a couple of feet of water out there. no reports of any injuries. you can always track the rain with the abc7 news app. you can get push alerts and advisories on your phones or tables snow the coast guard and irs are not the only agencies affected by the shutdown. the u.s. geological sur vie furloughed many of its worker?
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that means more work for scientists at uc berkeley's seismology lab. abc 7's eric thomas joins us with more on this. eric. >> reporter: and, indeed, those two earthquakes were along the hayward fault that runs right through here. if you need a landmark, there it is. the clairemont hotel. both of those earthquakes in much the same spot. normally we'd be going to the usgs for more on exactly what happened, but they're not there right now. >> the earthquake was right near the intersection of highway 24 and 13. >> reporter: the second earthquake in as many days struck the hayward fault. a 3.4 yesterday, a 3.5 today. both originated in nearly the same spot. the uc berkeley seismology lab is watching them closely.
4:18 pm
>> earthquakes like to cluster. we have aftershocks. this is larger than the one yesterday. >> reporter: but the lab is an all lieding and putting out information without the help of a local ally. the government has shut down the lab and they were furloughed. >> it's set up to take more of the effort at this time, and i know that usgs has asked some of my colleagues to do certain tasks that they usually wouldn't have to do. >> reporter: the usgs website that tracks earthquakes around the world is automated. >> this is the broad band sensors. >> reporter: but the uc berkeley lab is doing more of the analysis. the professor says the real concern is about the next big quake, one that rival the previous one in damage and lives lost. seismologists say it's coming. they don't know exactly when,
4:19 pm
but they do know usgs expertise will be needed. >> they would have to call back really quickly. >> reporter: now, they don't seem to mind doing the extra work there with uc berkeley with usgs sidelined for the moment. what they do feel for is the colleagues are aren't getting a paycheck and those colleagues in the middle of a fight over immigration that really doesn't directly affect them at all. live in berkeley, arc thomas, abc7 news. >> thank you. today actually marks 25 years since the deadly north ridge earthquake in the san fernando valley. it killed more than 50 people. those were the immediate official numbers, but then they did a study a year later and put the death toll at 72. it triggered heart attacks and cost $25 billion in damage. the earthquake buckled overpasses on three freeways
4:20 pm
including interstate 5 and the 10, trapping drivers under tons of rubble. let's start with live doppler 7 showing we have widely scattered osh isolated showers through the bay area. most are not experiencing any rainfall at the moment. here's a satellite/radar composite storm. it's spiraling. the circulation is ushering in that plume of moisture that is producing our chance of showers. they're ongoing. this is a view above mt. tam where it's drizzly and quite windy. 60 in mountain view. here's a view at emeryville. it's 6. upper at you'll see scattered or isolated
4:21 pm
showers continuing into saturday morning. the weddest will be in north bay and we'll see another storm coming in. our chance of ongoing showers coming up. now look for more showers again. mainly new york bay. with don't expect rainfall totals to exceed a quarter of an inch in most areas. here's a look starting at 5:00. we'll see mostly cloudy skies and pockets of showers here and there. the morning commute gets under way. it will be quite wet in parts of the north bay. no doubt there will be wet pavement. you can see throughout the day scattered showers continuing swing through the north bay but isolated showers can pop up just about anywhere else as we head into midday saturday. looking ahead, rainfall totals will probably be under a quarter of an inch for most of the bay area here. here in san francisco we expect right around a quarter of an inch.
4:22 pm
on we go to overnight conditions. cloudy skies. maybe a little fog in the valleys. showers again in the north bay. overnight lows in the mid-to upper 40s and high temperatures will be mainly in the upper 50s but a little milder in the south bay where we'll see a scattering. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast once again through sunday. we're calling for periods of showers and light rain. mond, martin luther king day begins a span of dry day, drying out on monday and getting milder as we get later into the week nelkd week. boy, do we weekend that. >> i don't know what that giant yellow circle is on your forecast. we'll have to study what that is. sun or something like that. >> spencer, thanks. increased food patrols and more officers. are they finally making a difference and cutting down the crime in san francisco.
4:23 pm
we have some numbers. and shocking admission from president trump's former
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. san francisco police unveiled some encouraging statistics today showing that crime in the city is dropping. police chief william scott marked the progress. he said crime rates dropped in several key categories including violent crimes. homicide down 18% followed by gun fire and murders. >> we saw the lowest it's been in four years. we know that although one loss of life is one loss too many, that is really an incredible accomplishment. >> chief scott also pointed to a recent study by the university of california that found that assaults and thefts decreased
4:26 pm
significantly after the police expanded their foot patrols. scott said many of the foot patrols were assigned to high crime areas. a police canine stabbed during a violent confrontation on monday is expected to make a full recovery. talk a look. this is court. he was wounded when he and his partner were stabbed by a man in a house who then set it on fire. court is back home and will eventually return to duty. the suspect was shot and killed by court's partner identified by ten-year vacaville officer makal pet ta. as for a 6-year-old girl and 43-year-old woman, they're improving along with a 4-year-old who suffered burns in the fire. more storms that slammed the bay area. see how the big mess was created and how people are dealing with it in the south bay. and the shutdown showdown is about to be four weeks old.
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4:30 pm
storm. you can see there's severe damage where trees fell over, streets were flooded, and tens of thousands were left without electricity for hours. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley tweets that trees are still coming down in the east bay. if you take look at that foe, you can see she tweeted that huge tree that fell over in loma w linda. chris says, arborists and tree trimmers have been focusing on removing broken branches. the storm turned some areas of the santa cruz mountains into a total mess. trees were uprooted, mudslides blocked busy roads, and there were thousands of dollars in damage. abc 7's matt keller has the late latest. >> reporter: what a mess. a maserati stuck in the water. in the santa cruz mountains,
4:31 pm
rocks and mud coming down on the highway 17. power lines arcing at summit road and trees crashing into wires across bear creek road. mud and rocks blocking this area near bear lake road. santa clara county firefighters cleaned up the mess. there's over $3,000 in damage. >> we had some in the past but never this bad. we never had a tree fall and damage our fence before. this is pretty shocking for us. >> reporter: at lee avenue and harris avenue, no power for the stoplights. it should be a four-way stop, but instead -- thankfully most of the kids who would be heading to the nearby school were in no danger. >> they finally understand it's the safety of the students and the teachers were going cheers
4:32 pm
from the students. >> reporter: no estimated time own when they'll get the power back on. matt keller, abc7 news. >> we western the only ones who saw a lot of storm damage. los angeles saw devastating mudslides after a fourth straight day there. rocks and boulders toppled on roadways. one driver was sent to the hospital. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate the area as worries about flash flooding now become a reality. teachers and district officials went back to the bargaining table hoping to end a strike that's now in its fourth day. negotiations resumed at noon. it's the first meeting since talks. unclear if any proposals were put on the table. the district has the second largest with nearly 640,000 students but only about a third of them have been showing up for classes since this strike began. teachers are demanding higher pay, smaller class sizes, along
4:33 pm
with more counselors and nurses. former trump attorney michael cohen is confirming he paid thousands of dollars to rig polls to favor his boss's presidential campaign. the admission follows a "wall street journal" report that cohen paid the head of a tech company about $13,000 to manipulate two online polls. get this. he paid them to create a twitter account calle called @twitterforcolemcalled h. he said, truly regret my blind faith in a man who doesn't deserve it. president trump has not commented on nancy pelosi's suggestion he postpone his state of the union address. abc reporter serena martin says
4:34 pm
while all of this is going on, they're feeling the pinch. >> reporter: barely pulled out of the complex when their trip to afghanistan ended before it began. they denied them use of a military plane for a trip to afghanistan that the president called a public relations event, writing, we will reschedule this when it's over. >> it's petty, small, unbecoming of the president of the united states. >> the government is shut down. yes, it was appropriate. >> reporter: the implications real for families across america. >> i've pawned everything i can imagine and now i'm just at my wit's end. >> many embarrassed that they would need to for the first time depend on food stamps, food pantries, and handouts. >> reporter: some federal employees withdrawing money against their retirement accounts, so called hardship withdrawals over 34% from the
4:35 pm
same time last year. but the shutdown unlikely to end. even lindsey graham called the trump/pelosi spat inappropriate. the reason they canceled the trip is because they wanted to keep the speaker in washington for discussions. in washington, abc7 news. >> i'm sorry you're going through this whole thing. i can only imagine you watching folks like me scabling, how demoralizing that is. >> governor newsom heard stories of missed payments and mounding bills. the will off they will offer assistance. they can file for unemployment, though, workers will have to repay their benefits when they
4:36 pm
recover their lost wages. food stamp resip yenls are now feeling the pinch of the government shutdown. june price recently had heart surgery forcing her to retire early from her nursing career. she received a letter saying she'll receive her federal assistance early, but she'll have to make it last. she gave them a call thinking it was a scam and that's when the news got even worse. >> there are people worse than me that need these food stamps desperately. >> that's a long time. price is certainly not alone. agencies that execute the program say there's no gain tee when the 39 low income americans who will get assistance will receive another payment. >> a shutdown, one of the hot topics on abc 7's midday live. >> not only did they take look at politics, but the help that's being made locally for federal workers going without a paycheck. >> as this goes on day after
4:37 pm
day, now the longest shutdown, president trump is taking a major hi and it's amongst people who have supported him in the past. white evangelicals down 14 points, suburban men, white women without college degrees down 24%. >> if it's hurting people in their pocketbooks and he appears to be getting brunt of the blame. i will point out it's nice the federal workers are getting so much help from the community. one guy in san francisco says i'm not above asking for help but cannot take happenedouts. he wants part-time work. a marine biologist is looking for jobs in pet care, car maintenance, landscaping, random house projects and he told abc7 news he's been flooded with jobs from his community. >> i love it. >> he's staying busy.
4:38 pm
you can see that while it's great, it's sad they're having to tack to these means. >> we talked about this morning, in san jose they green lit a plan where the city is going to cover the 500 federal employees working at san jose airport right now without a paycheck and there's smaller things the company is doing like lefty o'dooles is offering free meals, madame tussauds's, free entry. a popular food truck also offering free lunches? and the globetrotters too. >> i saw that. >> he doesn't live here locally, but he's an air traffic controller and he worked 80 hours in the last paycheck period, didn't get paid for one krenltd of any of that work. they're a single-income family. their wife stays home and they have a 1-week-old child. she just had a baby and a 4-year-old. it's tough times. fortunately they have money saved up for emergencies, but
4:39 pm
even if you are able to find part-time work especially in the bay area, not enough to cover your rent. >> those gestures are all great, but we have to solve the bottom line problem and that is this has got to end. >> more hot topics as well as news and weather, catch our "midday live" at 11:00 a.m. the fallout after the school's interim president said the survivors were enjoying the spotlight. could 2021 be the swan song for the music festival? just about 4:40 as we take a live look outside. you can tell our accuweather forecast is coming up very shortly. >> the rain clouds are hanging around with a little bit of rain. i'll have your accuweather forecast as abc7 news at 4:00 continues. and we'll take look at the traffic right now. gray skies over the south bay as well.
4:40 pm
this is 101 south in san jose. as always, backed up. at least the carpool lane is moving southbound. northbound
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
a man brought in to cover larry nassar has resigned. the school and the survivors are looking to move forward. >> i move that the board of
4:43 pm
trustees of michigan state university hereby accept john m. engler's resignation as interim president of the you vertz. >> john engler becoming the latest high-ranking member to resign in the wake of the larry nassar sexual assault scandal. he recently came under fire for telling the "detroit news" that survivors of the larry nassar abuse are enjoying the spotlight that the scandal brings. >> that's pretty upsetting as a female and somebody who's been through a similar situation. it's not an easy thing to do. it takes a lot of bravery to step forward and say something. >> reporter: hundreds of accusers. the judge who sentenced nasser to prison said that comment was the final straw. >> i assure you that there isn't one of them who wouldn't give everything back, every penny, every word.
4:44 pm
they wasn't this to never have occurred. >> reporter: many survivors who spoke at they look forward to this change and hope to once again be proud to once again wear green and white. >> engler's statements regarding the survivors of sexual assault have been very hustful and do not reflect the values of our university. >> he had only been president for less thn a year. the board will accept his resignation immediately. they have already announced his replacement. maggie rulli, a b bc7 bc7 bc7 b york. the showers are scattered, isolated if you will. this storm will con to produce showers through saturday morning. mainly light showers, mainly in the north bay.
4:45 pm
less than a quarter of an inch of rain likely. this is our forecast starting this afternoon going into the overnight hours. we'll see mostly cloudy skies and the continuing passage of a few showers mainly in the north bay. there will be a wet commute because of the rain we've had already passing through tomorrow and tomorrow night into saturday before they start to diminish. overnight lowing will be in the mi mid to upper 40s. we may see a few down in the south bay down into the south bay. that's about as mild as it's going to get tomorrow. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast once again for the next three days, friday, saturday, and sunday. we'll have light rain or scattered showers, ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. but the drying out begins monday on martin luther king day, and it looks like through motive of next week, we can expect mainly sunny skies, dryer and milder
4:46 pm
conditions. >> i have one word. >> what's that in. >> finally. spencer, thanks. will it get a return engagement when its permit expires? there are those who want to pull the plug on the musical festival. prince philip is fiercely independent but something that just happened to him may end up
4:47 pm
it looks like emily cooking faildinner for ten.
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the san francisco recreation and parks community is discussing the future of the musical festival. >> it expires in 2021. park officials want to extend it to 2031. it goes to the board of supervisors for a final vote. >> some who live nearby say they're not happy with the proposed extension. they submitted more than 200 noise complaints lastier and worry that the issue hasn't been addressed. this year's festival is set from august 9th to 11th. the lineup hasn't been announced. there's a dramatic list in recalls we've seen over the last
4:50 pm
few years. >> michael finney joins us with more on this. michael. >> they've talked about this. the california interest interest interest research group said poultry recalls increased by 83% and overall recalls increased by 10% since 2013. they say these serious health risks could have been avoided. for instance the outbreak of e. coli over romaine that killed five people last year could have been eliminated. they suggest there should be more robust testing of that water. florida announced some of the best selling pickup trucks will soon trade the exhaust pipe for battery pack. jim farley told investors in a conference call on wednesday a fully electric f-150 is in the
4:51 pm
works. speculators say it could arrive as early as 2020 making it the first all-electric pickup sold in america. you may remember tesla's elon musk said they may start pickups there. and a startup is accepting orders now for an all-electric pickup truck that's supposed to be released in 2021. finally if you have a gymboree gift card, you should use it soon. it may be worthless in a month. it's asking for court for authorization to continue honoring gift cards for 30 days. gymboree didn't say how long the gift card could be honored, but february 15th would be 30 days after the bankruptcy filing. gym bucks have been discontinued. returns were to be accepted
4:52 pm
within the 30-day period. but once liquidation begins all sales are final. now, if you have a question about any of these stories or anything el, i want to hear from you. my hotline is open. of course, at any time you can reach me on my facebook page and abc7 news. >> you tell us all the time, when you get your gift card, use it. don't throw it in a drawer. it looks like prince philip has made a royal mess. the 97-year-old duke of edinburgh wrecked his land rover today when he pulled out and smashed into another car. his vehicle ended up on its side, had to be toe towed-- toww away. the duke had to be helped out. he was shaken up. others were treated for minor injuries. prince philip and the other
4:53 pm
driver both passed a breath test, which is required in the uk. one once claimed, it's got to be the shoes. up next, a man who's taking custom kicks to a whole new level that will blow your mind. new at 5:00 and only on 7, a lawsuit against a postal service, two female workers accusing a male worker of sexually harassing them. what happened to the orchard supply hardware sipe that disappeared months ago. and they're small but pricey. why printer ink cartridging are so expensive, and what you can do to
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a bay area native is making a living creating custom sneakers that you just have to see. it all started when he was young and he wu look to get more life out of his own shoes and now it's turned into art and into a business sunny i'm alex walter. i go by sneaker head of the bay. i make sneaker videos, customized sneakers. basically my whole life revolves around sneakers. i wear most of them. maybe 180 of them. they're like collector pieces. back when i was first starting, i could only afford the used shoes. they were cheaper. a lot of them were beat up and
4:57 pm
that's how i got into cleaning shoes. it's the easiest way to express myself. this is something that's pretty inspirational for me because i never thought i would own something like this. this is the nike sb tiffany dunk low. like the colors and when i found out how expensive they were back in eighth grade, i had a plan to own a pair. this is the air jordan jordan jn it's so iconic. michael jordan had so many commercials of these. this shoe in any of its retro forms, everybody needs to have. these are the yeezy 2s sold by nike. resa resale, about $2,500. i wear these. i wear these a lot. they're dirty. this is doerenbecher 3.3.3. he does co-lab wiggs with dorn
4:58 pm
becker every year where the children get to design their own sneakers, so i purchased a pair from ebay and i decided to cut it in half. everybody that watched is helping donate to the hospital from all the ad revenue on the video. i'm very prout of these. saucony gave me the ability to do it any way i wanted. i have the golden gate bridge at the bottom and the goal to represent the california goad rush. i feel it with this one. >> this speneaker has the bay. i'm out. peace. >> what a collection. you can check out abc's new brand, localish. a reminder you can get the abc7 news app, push alerts. get more of the news you want delivered to your phen and you
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get it in real time. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4. i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. i don't feel safe. i feel terrible. i feel scared every day. >> two postal workers sue the postal service for sexual harassment. the trees that were left behind. >> could a tre on your property go down in the next storm? what to watch out for. a lawsuit against the united states post at service. good evening. i'm dan ashley >> and i'm dion lim. thanks for joining us. melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with the latest. melanie. >> reporter: both women and the
5:00 pm
man they allege harassed them are still working for the postal service. since 2003 she's report dodd her job as a letter carrier. for much of this time she was verbally and physically by her co-worker. the worst incident happened in nv of 2017. >> he tried to grab me and tried to kiss me. i tried to push him. i wanted to tell somebody, but i'm scared to. >> reporter: until castillo said she wasn't alone. >> he told me he loved me and liked me and he wanted to go on date with me. >> reporter: her co-worker said he tried to force himself on her at work. >> he tried to kiss my hair, my face, trying to grab my body. i feel scared. >> reporter: both women filed equal employment opportunity


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