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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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man tonight all because of a change in the law. >> they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. utand ou with the stuff that keeps it beating.
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fill your heart with ireland. president trump is promising a major announcement come tomorrow. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> tonight 800,000 workers are going without a paycheck and some are getting help from food pantries. >> reporter: much like the rest of the country, the 800,000 furloughed workers are all waiting to hear president trump's big announcement expected tomorrow. a clear yet cryptic message from president trump. he tweeted, i will be making a
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major announcement concerning the humanitarian crisis. >> the crisis he talks about at the border is actually happening right here in our country. >> she was taking aim at the president who has agreed to pay for a budget. federal workers are tipping to bear the brunt of the political stand-off. members are asking, why are we being punished for the wall? >> 800,000 federal workers are still struggling to make ends meet with many facing eviction and consequent homelessness. in the bay area, help for those who are hurting. the alameda county community food bank is helping. 700 pounds of food including fresh fruit. >> we are prepared to do this work as long as the federal workers need our assistance. >> reporter: the president has spoken in reason weeks about
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declaring a national emergency at the border. however, a senior official said the president will instead propose a deal to end the nearly to-long shutdown. >> this is a rethat you pugnant circumstances. >> reporter: the political stakes are high as the shutdown moves into its fifth week. abc7 news. >> all right. thank you very much. former president george w. bush is helping during shutdown. he tweeted this picture showing him delivering pizza to his secret service detail. he wrote, he and his wife are grateful to the secret service and the thousands of federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck. we'll have coverage of the president's big announcement tomorrow. > 2017, 2018 and soon 2019. tomorrow is the beginning of the day after president trump was sworn into office.
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several events are planned for here in the bay area and they are expected to draw thousands of people. we have information that you need to know. >> we got a little break from the rain but we could see more this weekend. you can see things are pretty clear. let's get a check now with weather news anchor spencer christian. we have one now. we're talking about light scattered showers for the next 24 hours. notice tomorrow, we'll see most of that activity in the north bay. most of the remablder will be dry until sunday morning when the more expansive storm comes through. it will be rainier than saturday's storm and that will produce rain for all parts of the bay area. guess what. we start the day monday morning
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with drying out. >> thanks very much. all right. take a look at this. this is the storm damage that has forced the beach to close in santa cruz county. the beach is closed until at least thursday. sea cliff state beach is best known for its fishing pier. good news if you're planning to head to the sierra for the holiday weekend. there's no closures or chain controls after getting five feet of snow in some spots this week. always pack your chains. there may be some flurries. better safe than sorry. you can always monitor the weather. you can enable notifications to get alerts about any warnings. after serving 15 years on a murder conviction, a new taste freedom tonight. a new state slaw allowing early
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release and sentencing for those who were accomplices but didn't actually carry out the crime. >> i don't know what to feel. i'm going to wake up tomorrow, where am i? >> he got his first taste freedom yesterday after a judge overturned his murder conviction and ordered his release from san quentin prison. >> unreal. excited, of course. i get to hug my brother. >> he is the first inmate the california to benefit from a new law limiting murder convictions to those who actually commit a killing. he was sentenced to 25 years for robbing robin mcnut. he was stabbed to death by khan's partner. >> the facts were never disputed that he intended to kill. >> there is a lot more men and women inside just like me and are ready to come out here and taste clean air. >> prisoners like khan are eligible for resentencing on a
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case by case basis. >> i feel like i'm a story teller. >> he produced this media program called first watch in san quentin. his first plan? not everybody is happy about his relea release. the mother of kevin mcnut told me by phone she does not believe in the justice system. abc7 news. >> thousands of police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders saluted and said farewell to a rookie officer who was killed in davis. sky 7 flew over the procession carrying the cass basket of the fallen davis police officer natalie corona from the uc davis campus to her home town of arbuckle. earlier, billy ray cyrus performed in her honor.
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>> she followed her father's footsteps into law enforcement. he is a retired deputy sheriff and he explained why his daughter posed in a blue dress. >> she said i would like this photograph to serve as my gratitude for all those law enforcement men and women who served, who have served, who are currently serving, and those who have died in the line of duty protecting our liberties in this great country. >> she was just 22 years old, just starting her career. she was the first davis officer killed since 1959. hundreds of teachers walked out today demanding smaller class sizes. while not an official strike, the group hoped the action would draw the attention of the district. they're asking for a 12% pay hike over the next three years.
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the district is offering 5%. they make on average $64,000 a year which they say is not a paying wage. >> they make it impossible. >> we want to make sure they get a contract they're happy with. >> they are expected to take a strike vote this month. >> all this week, abc7 news has been doing stories about the teachers and challenges they face every day. >> we dig into issues and find improvements. teachers are facing more and more pressure living in the bay area. >> in the fremont school district, salaries start at about $65,000 a year. but get this. the urban housing and development threshold say the threshhold for low income is $89,000. >> one who decided moving home
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with her parents was the best option for now. >> 27-year-old ana lives at home with her parents in fremont. it's not an ideal situation for a 27-year-old woman. you can't beat free rent. >> i'm still thinking about what i will do when i grow up. right now, in my current job, i don't feel like much of a grown-up. >> reporter: she's in her fourth year teefg geography and ap european history in the fremont unified school district. she is a third generation teacher. her mom taught for 40 years. >> i don't know that i would go into teaching now. i don't think i could make it. >> she tried the make on it her own. she rented a room for $950 a month. >> and i want to start saving. i found i wasn't able to do that. >> salaries for starting teachers in fremont are in the mid 60s. the twist. the district does not cover health care and rental for a two
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bedroom apartment can reach $2,500 a month. add those two together, plus student loans, and teachers are forced to make tough decisions. >> i'm thinking changing careers or moving somewhere else. i feel like i'm getting pushed out. >> replacing someone like anna is getting more and more difficult for school districts as they choose education. and those who do often leave for better paying jobs. her mom isn't worried about her. she feels she'll find her way even if it is not in education. but she is concerned about the future of california schools. >> i feel badly because we're throwing away our next generation. and who is going to teach children who will care for everybody who is in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s now? rng ings institute says beginning teachers earn about 20% less than those in other fields and the wage gap can widen to 30% for mid career educators.
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abc7 news. >> tell us what you think. we want to hear from you. adulting can be hard. we'll introduce to you a course that's helping silicon valley teenagers graduate to grown-up. and remembering carol channing. and this was no ordinary rescue. how a horse
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san francisco honored carol channing by dimming its lights this evening. they can something similar in
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new york city after her death on tuesday. she grew up in san francisco. the 97-year-old won three tonies. the new title best as the title character in the mugal hello dolly. >> just a sparkling person. high schools teach history and math, but what about mortgages? >> there's a special class called adulting in the real world. what 15 and 16-year-olds are learning. >> they're taking a course called adulting. for a generation used to texting, they're being taught the skills of face to face communications. students in sunnyvale asked for the court to help them prepare for adulthood. >> it is equipping the choices right for you and to sort through the bevy of information you'll get in the world to
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navigate a plan that's true to yourself. >> polishing resumes, using credit cards and paying traxs some of the practical skills being covered. >> maybe even buying a house or insurance. things kids our age don't really get to learn about. >> they told us, silicon valley's start-up culture and the wealth kit create cause a rapid transition from being a teen to an adult. it doesn't mean they can't find a balance. >> still play video games and do fun things. >> so you can balance being a kid and an adult. >> yeah. >> the class doesn't makeett any easier for 15 and 16-year-olds to feel comfortable in a suit and tie. however, with it comes the
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ability to communicate and impress. by the time this school year ends in june, they will have gone through eight weeks of adulting. while it is a pass/fail course, we don't expect any of these kids to fail at being adults. abc7 news. >> i'm just going to say i think that some adults could use adulting classes. >> i think we should have learned these things when we were kids. >> i agree. let's focus on the forecast. >> i took easy way out of adulting. i just decided not to grow up. here's a look at live doppler 7. >> interestingly enough, the only reporting station is saying light rain right now. some of this must be hitting the ground in other places. we're looking at cloudy skies over san francisco.
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57 at oakland, mountain view, 57. low 50s in morgan hill and half moon bay. we're looking at traffic moving nicely. 54 in napa. fairfield, concord and livermore. one more live camera view looking down on san francisco right now. these are our forecast features. light showers through tomorrow. the showers may be more widespread than what we're seeing with our current storm and the dry pattern begins on machine. now we're seeing this with more widespread showers. not more than a quarter inch to half inch of rain. maybe a slight chance of a thunderstorm. the forecast animation starting at 8:00. moving through the north bay, there could be a stray shower. generally the flow will be
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through north bay. most of the remainder will be dry until overnight saturday into sunday morning when this wider wave of moisture comes through bringing more widespread showers. may be even locally heavy down pours as seen by these spots. it will sweep over to the sierra and then overnight into early sunday morning, we'll see the rainfall taper off. and monday, the holiday will begin as a mainly dry day. except maybe a couple of pockets of moisture traveling through. let's move over to the sierra where a winter storm watch will be in effect. above 6,000 feet, look for one foot to a foot and a half of snowfall. travel is not recommended. back to the bay area. upper 40s to the low 50s. low to mid 60s. and sunday wave celestial treat coming our way. this is a super blood moon total lunar eclipse.
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maximum eclipse, 12:00 p.m. and it ends at 3:00 p.m. it is a super moon because the moon will be in one of its closest points of the earth. and the orbit makes it look larger and the blood moon because of the sun's rays through the earth atmosphere gives it a reddish appearance. on we go to the seven-day forecast. we clear out, dry up. i mean dry up in the nicest way. >> the remainder of the week, sunny skies. >> not in a prunish way. >> also not very desirable. >> a horse gets trapped in a
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southern california firefighters had an unusual rescue today. a horse was trapped in a dumpster. officials in huntington beach believe the horse named rodeo got loose and somehow ended up on to have of the dumpster. predictably, it collapsed under the 1,200 pound horse. rescuers used a forklift to rescue him to safety. >> there must be much more to this story that we're missing. >> the horse was dumpster diving. >> in sports, boogie cousins. oh, boogie! one of the best days of his life. the warriors, they've got
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demarcus cousins played the warriors in l.a. facing the clippers. he admitted he was kind of nervous. that's a way to get rid of the butterflies. throw it down with authority. you know he can shoot the three. 6 points in the first half. all the warriors players are really rooting for him to do well. easy lay-up. the warriors up by as many as 13. how about steph curry? so smooth and in control. he just makes it so easy. he had 14 points in the third quarter. a him pull-up. to the fourth quarter, boogie.
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left all alone. guard him. back to back threes. six rebounds. three assists. they win their seventh straight. >> this is one of the best days of my life just being on the floor, playing the game that i love. our teammates are great. they supported me through entire process. it was noodle head band night. she doesn't need head bands. she's got game. get it out! 91-54 and the cal women beat washington state. australian open, third round action. rain has been a problem. no level threes down under. not like we had. serena williams no, delaying her.
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facing the 18-year-old. 6-2 and 6-1. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. boogie nights from here on out. five all-stars for the warriors. >> that should be enough. >> i think that would be adequate. we continue now with our online devices. our next newscast is at
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- golden globe winner mahershala ali. from "beautiful boy", maura tierney. and music from jeff tweedy. and now, stay put. jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: thanks. hi there. thanks for watching. good to see you. very nice. very fine audience. thank you for joining us on a, again, another day o


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