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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 24, 2019 1:42am-2:11am PST

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they will go in any kind of building, run down, beat up to rescue dogs. they got a call about these two dogs. you can see them down those steps. >> see if we canhing to get them up to that. >> those steps are incomplete. she's able to find an old rettmass there. they'll ruuse it as a ramp. know.imes dogs are like i d on' these two dogs were effective in helping with their rescue. >> they were d l ike i'm out of. starts climbing up. >> it's more like they got themselves stuck as opposed to th is w considering their den. >> come on, buddy. >> they get the first one out. now it's time to get the second one. >> come on. here you go. there you go. good boy. >> yea. >> when they're escorting them out, you can see there's snow that's fallen in on all that stuff that's already collapsed inside that house. they get in the car, they
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discover they had collars around their neck. >> max and mia. >> so they make a phone call. >> tell me where you are i can bring them to you. >> they are brother an sister and they had been missing for a month. when they get home this owner is so happy with stray rescue st. louis. the sad news is the very next morning mia died in her sleep. it was like she was staying alive to make sure her brother max got home with her family. it was like she wanted to say one final good-bye. the family says if you would like to make a donation to stray rescue in mia's name that would be great because of the work stray rescue did in at least bringing them back home together for one it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. >> oh. >> whoa! >> holy mackerel. >> that was some crazy speed. >> wow. >> i don't even know what to say. that was so atrocious. the problem is they chose to do
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that. >> yes. street racing on a public road. sounded like a motorcycle. looked like a motorcycle streaking by. what the heck was that following up behind that cr >> oh! >> two cars are ra aend iolon boom. you notice that car -- this is just a matter of speed racing. going too fast. again, losing control of the car. >> we're lucky -- yes, lost con. look at the two other cars on ht uthp in the shenanigans. >> that's what authorities are saying. in some instances other people on the road and onlookers part of this group end up getting hurt. in this case, that driver was taken to the hospital and is fighting for his life in icu. >> sure. >> sustained serious head injuries and had a leg amputated. >> it's asking for trouble. >> they're calling this next video instant karma. we're in japan. this dude is just a jerk.
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>> oh. >> he is on his bike. oh, you want to get over. you want to get over? >>oh! >> good-bye. >> listen to all the sympathy. >> you're always going to lose when you're the motorcyclist and you do stupid stuff like this. >> chill out. we'remoab, we're rigging a 3,000 foot long high line today. what? >> longest ever in america. definitely longest for me. >> this is eric, he's an extreme athlete. in this video,wi seet h up a li. >> we have this rope. we to get ahold of the end. when they get ahold of the end, th'leylnd other side. ugpu itt it together, pull it u.
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>> oh! >> we'll have a high line. >> so nobody will be high lining today. this sounds like quite the endeavor. >> of course. he shows us what it's look like when it's all set up. >> so far, they can't even see the end. >> it's not just the line they have to wryor faa because there are planes that actually fly pretty low within the rocks.ave to have yellow flags on the line further down. now that the line is set up, they need to take a breather. he takes us into this tent where they rigged quite the little furnace to keep warm. >> wow! >> that's a camping setup. >> you're really going to is an. >> oh, my gosh. ual. pie. so go aodct not even a pizza pie. >> i figured that had to get you across a 3,000 foot high line. it's at the other end. >> now it's time to cross.
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he on the line and starts walking across. 3,000 >> s hegoing. eventually he does get to the other end. 57 minutes and 30-something seconds. >> an hour. >> he just put this on his youtube channel where you can see him do allor sts the o world. the guys like to have fun. you might want to join the 1.6 million people who subscribe to them. they'v been a bit on their vira videos. dodge said do you reckon you could do one more? ai small mistake when they said -- >> anything you guys want. >> anything you guys want. they put their heads together, they came up with an idea. >> me getting a dodge tattoo on my chest.
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>> ow! >> as far as tattoos go, it's nice. >> time was put in developing the logo. aesthetically pleasing. >> they give the agency a call to pitch their idea. >> what if i got an my chest that said powered by dodge. pne immediately starts laughing. i think he gets the b b b b b bb >> three inches >> that's all right. go ahead. >> he gets ready for his tattoo, there is a moment of regret. >> the spot we picked apparently is a really painful one. it's on a bunch of bones. >> as a guy who has a tattoo in this exact place, i can confirm, yes, it does hurt. >> my ribs do hurt.
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>> one of the camera guys gets involved. >> sorry. >> it's okay. it's not my tattoo. >> he bumped him? >> i can see it right now. "right this minute." with your favorite co-hosts. [ laughter ] >> you wish! >> time for the reveal. >> oh! >> that's nice, man. >> they have to do that. >> clearly dodge likes it. they retweeted it from their official dodge twitter account. >> #ad. >> it's real. >> if you think you shoveled snow lately, check out this guy. >> does this dude really love tetris? >> see how he gets it off the roof next. > what? >> kneel! >> when he tells you to kneel, you kneel! >> from one guy to another, a gift. >> so much better than hey, bro,
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closed captioning provided by -- . there's been a number of winter storms moving across theu co probably had to shovel snow. but have you had to shovel this much snow? if you work in yellowstone national park, this is how it's done. two shovels. one under eachdo. just slide that sized block of snow off the edge of the building. >> why is it so stiff? >> the temperature has to be right. the humidity has to be right. in this case it's the perfect condition for this to work. does this dude really love
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tetris? >> mike on the other hand, he's a professional bmx-er. he likes to more snow. >> it's not a large amount in all the perfect spots a property? >> yes. >> not if he's gentle and puts it back. >> that's what he does. >> off comes the sign from the post. there goes the snow from the park. him and his buddy put the sign right back where they found it. no harm, no foul. it's time to ride the bikes and pull some tricks. >> yes! i have no idea why they gave me this video. this is from conde nast off in . >> charming, don't you think? >> that the the worst accent. >> queen mary was pretty notorious for wearing multiple
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different styles of jewelry. she went for the choker which was popularized by queen alexandra, the one before her. 1920s, the queen mother, elizabeth, she was into the 1920s flapper style. in the '40s, elizabeth was dressing utilitarian because of rationing. in the '50s, more of a princess with floral colors. didn't last long. her father died. before you know it, she's the queen. in the '60s got inspired by all of that vibe. in the '70s, she wore pants. shocker. the '80s was all about princess di. man, did she have fashion sense. the '90s, still talking about di. when she's single and rocking it. that black dress. >> she definitely set the bar pretty high for everyone else. >> 2000s is where we see those bright colors that you often see the queen wearing now. >> 2010, it's all about kate, meghan. >> cool to see the evolution and how it started very formal and
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proper. now it's a bit more casual almost. sometimes you find something that you got to get for your friend. that's exactly what kenneth mcneil did. >> drew? >> yes. >> answer me, earl the iii of his name. kneel. >> what? >> kneel. >> his name is not neil. >> when he tells you to kneel, you kneel. >> he gets down on a knee. >> i, kenneth carl mcneil, second of my name, do bequeath upon thee the blade of fury. >> right there, you can see the look on his face when he gets a peek of what he's about to be bequeathed. >> rise. >> i humbly accept. ♪ >> holy [ bleep ]! >> it's so much better than being, hey, bro, i got your present. >> that's a cool looking sword.
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>> something else epic, somebody's epic flying skills with a drone. they'll fly is through this. >> no way! >> that person clearly has skills. if you're looking for a cool pilot, you got one right there. >> looks like they were surprised that actually went off without a crash. ♪ >> girls and theater geeks are going gaga for this. >> it's the mashup of a boy band and the musical "wicked. ." >> this is out of control. >> it is. see it next. this tiny one needs a massage. what is that? is that an alien creature. >> see why this guy lost many of its spines coming up. from the first loving touch everything that touches your baby should be this comforting
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with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health promotional considerat provided by -- love it. gold bond. . 15 years on broadway, over 100 international awards, tonys, 60 million people have seen it.
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it's fair to say "wicked" is a cultural phenomenon. but what was sung by a boy band? ♪ what is this feeling inside of you ♪ ♪ i took the moment >> that little wink. >> girls and theater geeks are going gaga for this. >> it's like a classic boy band crooning song. it only gets weird when you start listening to the lyrics. well, this song really is all about loathing. ♪ i love it all >> they even got the lame boy ban moves. >> what did you say, they're all what? >> in sync. >> good point. >> take that. >> they warm me up to 98 degrees, man. >> you guys are getting closer. if you look at the lead singer, that's ashley parker angel.
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you may remember him from mtv's making the band in 2000. o-town? you remember o-town? >> i remember th. >> i'm sorry. this is out of control. >> it is. it is definitely ridiculous. this is the part of a series they do on "wicked's" youtube channel. they will take a song from "wicked" and get it reimagined. ashley was in a boy band, but now he's a broadway alum as well. he was in "hair spray" and spent a year performing in "wicked" as well. >> no wonder he knows the song so well. the person who found this, didn't know what it was. at first i thought what is that? is that an alien creature? a fruit? >> maybe a baby porcupine? >> you're a little bit close. this is a hedgehog. this spines because of stress. >> what?
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>> they say that it went into hibernation and it had an ear infection. that ear infection took over. and it caused stress. the stress made it lose most of its spines. so when somebody found it, they're like i don't know what it is. they took it to a rescue, the rescue is like, you know what? we'll take care of it. it was taken to the wildlife rescue center. look at this. they are caring for it by giving it regular aloe massages. i'm thinking if i got a regular aloe massages, i would be less stressed. they say this guy, named bear, will make a full recovery. >> b-a-r-e. >> do they give it candles, have it chill out? >> i think the basic massage. they expect him to make a full recovery and grow back. ♪ oh, my god! >> stunned reaction after stunned reaction.
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>> it's kind of a big deal. you'll have three. >> at once. >>
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head over to and click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. glasses up, ladies and gentlemen. >> oh! >> oh, glasses. >> at least she can see what's happening here, or can she? >> what are we toasting? >> i'm going to be a grandma. >> huh? what? what? wait, you're lying to me. >> you're holding a glass of wine. you can't hold a glass of wine if you're pregnant. >> that's her logic, oli. >> alcoholic-free wine. >> this wine is basically juice. >> i don't want to be a grandma already. i'm too young. mourning hat orhe s the fact stthere's no alcohol i her wine. >> her wine has alcohol.
2:07 am
what? she hits the ground. yes! i'm going to be a grandma! >> i love you. this next video is simply a compilation of eric and jamie breaking the news to their family. oh, my god! >> i love how you can literally hear peoples thoughts. >> clunk clunk, bing! >> it's interesting that you should do several clunks. >> you're having triplets? >> yes. >> now i understand the giant surprise. >> it is kind of a big deal. >> you're going to have three! >> at once! >> now they break the news to their parents. >> oh. >> what are they looking at? what's the clue here? >> they give them the sonogram. when you have triplets, there's baby "a," "b," "c." that takes a little while to register. >> triplets! oh, my [ bleep ]! >> one by one! >> ah! >> the screams come rolling in.
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>> whoa! >> are you having triplets? >> no way! >> how many friends and family do they have? >> let's just say they have a complete community of folks who are going to love and hug and kiss on these babies. that's all for now. we'll see you next time on a brand-new "ri >> our returning contestant, greg watson, has a guaranteed $50,000 in his bank, and he still has two lifelines. he's just four questions away from $1 million. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome back. >> thank you. ♪ because it could be greg watson. four questions away from $1 million. >> wow! >> our returning contestant from pensacola, florida ran through
2:09 am
the board yesterday, put on an amazing show and giggled his way all the way through it. >> [laughs] >> and still is. >> just, infectious charisma. everybody was rooting for you, and i think everybody's behind you today. how are you feeling coming in guaranteed 50, first question today? >> actually more nervous than i was yesterday. >> really? >> [laughs] >> it's just $1 million. >> right, yes, yes. i can hear my heartbeat, okay? [laughter] thank god for the blood pressure medicine. [laughter] >> well, you do-- don't go down on me. don't go down on me now. >> no, i really like it. >> i haven't lost anybody yet. >> that's good to know. >> you still have two lifelines. the "50/50" and the "plus one" are there should you need them. and even better, with this $100,000 question we're about to see, you're taking a shot 'cause you can't lose any money. >> right. >> so we're gonna have some fun. >> let's have some fun. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ all right, greg,
2:10 am
good luck today. >> ask me the questions i know. >> $100,000 question. though scorsese says the script just refers to travis preparing before a mirror, robert de niro utters all but which of these lines in the famous scene from "taxi driver"? >> when did this movie come out? i saw it when it was new and not since then. i am going to ask my plus one.ka final answer. >> all right, richard, come on down here. [cheers and applause] welcome. >> thanks a bunch. ay-yi-yi.
2:11 am
>> [laughs] so... >> first thing i need to tell you--i don't know the answer. >> oh, okay. okay. [laughter] >> however... >> yeah? >> [clears throat] i have a strategy. >> tell me. >> okay, so three of those questions... [clears throat] which you--which... [clears throat] use what personal pronoun? >> you, you-- you, you, i. >> and the other one is basically--right? so only one of them is different. >> i saw you coming, i'm the only one-- >> no, no, no, no. so, i saw you coming, you make the move, too slow, fr--you, friend. i'm the only one here. >> i got ya. i like that. it makes more sense than anything. it makes more sense than anything and i'm not gonna lose anything, so we're gonna guess. >> you still have the "50/50," just to remind you. >> no, yeah, no, uh-uh. we'll either get it and we'll use it if i need it later, or we're gonna go home proud.
2:12 am
>> well, you're definitely going home with $50,000, ul 100. that makes sense. he's talking into a mirror, and he says, "i saw you coming," "you make the move"... it's c or d. c. i'm gonna go with it. c, final answer. >> d. [both laugh] d, "too slow, friend." and of course... >> oh well! >> yeah, and of course the other famous line, "you talking to me?" but it was d, guys. what an incredible run. >> [laughs] >> such a great game. greg, $50,000. >> yeah! [laughs] >> i hope you had a good time. >> i did. i enjoyed it a lot. thank you. >> pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> $50,000 winner, greg watson, and we're gonna come back andgi.


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