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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  February 2, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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a break today. but as you can see on livedoppler7. more rain is expected any minute now. find out just how much and rushing flood water inundates streets a look at parts of california pounded by the storm. and steph curry may be in the spotlight during the warriors game tonight but today at this shop in oakland. ayesha taking care of business. abc 7 news starts now. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. boy take a look. the second round of our winter storm is approaching. >> already dumping four inches -ft ve in the pacific andeated dumped several feet of snow in the seer aifr thanks for joining us. >> i'm dion lim we start with
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the storm watch and the second soaking because already the north bay is swamped. it's our area the first round hit the hardest. >> knocking down staff o scaffolding in san francisco. farther south san jose the streets got a soaking after a half inch of rain there. >> abc meteorologist drew tuma standing by with the answer. >> what a stormy start to the weekend. and round two will moven on shore this evening. livedoppler7 showing a vir active picture. i want to go down to street level. we have in downpour that worked through fremont on its way to pleasant ton. but more downpours are developing offshore. you can see all the yellow and orange that is moving into the santa cruz mountains right now. we're tracking this north and east. sunnyvale, shortly before 5:00 expect heavier rain. 5:22, around fremont and concord heavier downpours working in shortly after 6:00 later on tonight. heerp is the story. this cold front moved through here earlier this morning. probably woke you up with strong
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winds. some hef wrer rain that's not pushing east. what we're waiting for in area here. this area of low pressure moving on shore the next couple of hours and bring more wind and rain. on the storm impact steal couldn't it's a level two moderate system on saturday evening. showers brief downpours, still winds could gust close to 40 miles an hour. so thundershowers are possible and more downed trees possible. hour by hour timing out the system and a second storm moving in sunday and the if you would accuweather forecast guys in a few minutes. >> see you then drew. thank you very much. the sform is batering southern california. severe weather blamed for the death of a sheriff rerch o search and rescue time. during heavy rain a vehicle struck and killed him while he helped people at an accident scene. in santa barbara county. a rest right here is overplays
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severalseses miles of flood mud and water. there is a high risk of debris flows. in los angeles county mandatory evacuations were issued for a neighborhood in malibu where neighbors were told to leave immediately due to threat of flooding. mandatory evacuation orders are also in place in parts of orange county. >> here in the bay area our downpour made driefgt dangerous and left damage strewn across the north bay. flooding this morning east of bodega bay. cornell barnard as a look the taj. >> heavy rain fell for showers intense and torrential at times demanding attention keeping people awake. >> i have a thin ceiling. so i could hear it coming down pretty good. and we have a lot of old trees and branches and such fall. >> in sonoma county, crews tried to remove this giant tree falling on the bohemian highway in month rio. the storm made driving dangerous. the chp escorted traffic on
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highway 101 around this spinout involving a pickup truck in novato near the atherton avenue exit. >> high pressure high tides made getting into mill valley difficult today. miller avenue was under water. both treks of miller closed. police detoured traffic. >> i've lived her 35 years and never seen this flood like this. >> parts of the shoreline highway were also submerged along with the mance nita park pan ride ross. caltrans crews and chp were trying to keep cars high and dry. but some weren't lucky. cyclist in baggily from new york. almost need add boat to make it through the bike path. the stretch covered with several inches of water. >> i'm glad i don't own this bike. i'm glad it's not as cold as the east coast. so my feet will dry off. >> others chose to wade through it and more rain is on the way. in marine county, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. to the east bay now where
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some neighbors dealt with power outages because of the storm. s in what it looked like in fremont last night where power lines tangled with tree limbs. several pg&e trucks on kimbrough street near can'tfield drives. nashs say the power lines sparked as they whipped theplace limbs and they called 911. >> this was late last night looking more like a tropical storm with the palm trees blowing and rain in sheets. the rain kept on coming today. look at the time laps from the san jose camera. it show as band moving through a little earlier though. not quite as intense as the video we just showed you. overly the last 24 hours, san jose picked up just about half an inch of rain. >> and this is no surprise for frequent travelers. the storm's impact is felt at sfo. taking a live look now at san francisco international where the windy weather is proving to be a headache for some fliers. the airport reported 2-hour delays today and the cancellation of 65 flights.
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so far only three cancelled at oakland and san jose. >> there is a winter storm warning in the sierra through monday. whether i-80 or highway 50. rooteds blanketed in snow. caltrans reported numerous spinouts ands chains are required. drivers are nurnld to wait until tuesday to head to tahoe. don't forget you can track rain and check weather conditions where you live with the yus news app enable the push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. >> developing news now out of mountain view. police tell abc 7 news one person was shot during a car jacking and the suspect is on the run. investigators say a man walked up to some employees at the america's tire story on west el cammen oi real at 11:30 this morning. shooting an employee in the leg and took a vehicle. the victim is expected to beok>t abc 7 in sanrancisco crews sta cracked steel beams today.
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those repairs are expected to be done by first week of june. that's when the shoring systems on fremont on first streets will be removed. the 2.2 billion-dollar transit center shutdown last september weeks after it opened. when we learned two beams in the ceiling on the third level had cracks. no date has been set as to when the transit center reopens. >> strangers rolling up sleeves to help in honor of a police officer in need. just ahead why a blood drive is held in the bay area as a tribute to a police officer in houston. >> i just love the whole family. >> which we check out opening day for the latest family business run by one of the most liked and admired sleblt families in the bay area. and lots of green showing the widespread showers on livedoppler7. we'r
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happening now, people in the bay area are donating blood in honor of an injured police officer in texas. abc 7 news was in pleasant hill at the american red cross blood center for the ongoing blood drive to help with the winter short fall in donations. houston officer john john daly was hit by a suspected drink driver christmas eve process a college park high school alumnus had second and third degree burns on half his body. he has undergone multiple surgeries and the blood transfussings his sister the says the support is wonderful. >> a wonderful thing to do to save so many lives. and fortunately i learned in a tough time how important it is and glad we can create the awareness so that more empeople can come and give. >> that blood drive continues through tuesday. ayesha curry latest busy venture drew a big crowd in the east bay.
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abc 7 news was if in oakland as her pop-up home made officially opened in jack london square. the store features items including bedding appear cookware. she has many job titles and lourd her to build up the fan plab. >> all the great products she creates, it's within amazing. and soy couldn't wait to be here opening day. >> and the store will be open five days a week. steph showed up yesterday but didn't make it yesterday because as you can imagine he is a bit busy. the warriors face the lakers in less than an hour. and of course watch the dwam here on abc 7. governor gavin newsom and the governor of massachusetts have a friend willy wager owner tomorrow super bowl game between the los angeles rams and new england patriots. newsom tweeted today saying quote, it's on massachusetts, governor. confident that sean mcvay in our home state will respectfully leave the good massachusetts of
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massachusetts crying in chowder. winners wearing team's jersey while performing community service. >> i like the chowder part too. tiger having a ball gearing up for the super bowl. not the detroit tiger. the stoerp behind the new beginning for these big cats. ahead. drew tuma. more rain and wind this evening as a wind advisory in effect through 10:00 tonight. trafficking heavy snow in
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drakes beach subpoena open again after elephant seals invaded during the government shutdown. 80 of them still hanging out at the beach but also no longer in the parking lot. they took over when the government furlough left the beach deserted and after rain and king tides flooded. rangers offered limited accessed today so visitors can get a close upview. to another animal now. a group of tigers psyched up for the super bowl.
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rescue group animal defenders international shared in video you see here of the su puchlt. urr bowl 2019. the group says it played the playful big cats from circuses in guatemala with some of them confined to tiny circus cages and 10 weeks old. now as you can see, yes they are having a ball at a temporary rescue center. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with drew tuma. in accuweather tracking more downpours moving in over the next several hours part two of the storm system tonight. livedoppler7 showing you the action. i want to get to you street level where we have pockets of rain moving through the peninsula moving through half moon bay and approach millibrae and san mateo. i want to widen out the picture and show you this the northeast at 30 miles an hour. as we track the downpour through the bay area close to 5:00 for brings bane. about 5:25 oakland expect a downpour moving through your neighborhood and close to 6:00 we do expect more rain in
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concord. we are seeing downpours in the inland east bay right now. you can see down 680 through 580, dublin and plt pleasanton light to moderate rain. and a scattering of light showers through the north bay as well. temperaturewise, under the storm, it's a cool day. temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s right now. but the bigger story is certainly the wind and it is ramping up once again. especially on the coasten. half moon bay gusting at 44. 41 in san francisco. elsewhere around the south bay, 20 to 30 miles an hour winds. the wind will continue to be an issue tonight. so on the impact scale it's a level two moderate system through saturday. showers bereave downpours what you are experiencing out there right now. the winds could gust as high as 40 process not over 40-mile-per-hour. the flet is of more downed trees coming down and isolated thundershower through tonight. future the "wealthtrack" by 8:00 this evening scattering downpours worshipping through the region. take the wet weather rain gear
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with you if you have plans later tonight because you will need the umbrella for a few minutes as a downpour moves through. by 11:30 at night we're tracking the downpours mainly through the south bay and then early sunday morning in system is really going to wind down and much of the heavier rain is out of here. but still we have several more hours of not only downpours but strong winds. look at these wind gusts out there. later on this evening, again, 20, 30 miles an hour. close to 40 along the coastline. and that even continues by 11:30 tonight, still seeing strong winds in the inland east bay. early tomorrow morning the winds will diminish. but it's for that fact we still have a wind advisory in effect. in until 10:00 tonight for much cht bay area. there is the threat again of downed trees coming down. look at this. lake tahoe, a live look right now. heavy snow falling at this hour. a winter storm warning is still in effect. this lasting until 4:00 tuesday afternoon. look at this. 5 to 10 feet of snow.
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do not troy and travel there. overnight tonight we have the downpours. those winds before midnight. after midnight we'll start to see things wind down with this storm system. the accuweather seven-dy, another system moves in sunday but a level 1 system. what that means, you'll be dodging drops. the winds thankfully will not be an issue tomorrow. i want not a washout of a day tomorrow. but have the umbrella with you because you will need it from time to time. the rain in the forecast through tuesday. >> i can tell in kind of forecast gets you riled up. >> you got something for everybody. rain, wind, you got snow it's a strong storm up there. >> drew, thanks. >> yes. >> have i ever told you how much i want mindi bach's zwrob. >> i didn't realize that. >> so envious. >> she is perfect. >> she is fantastic we're hearing from her in a minnesota. warriors getting set for the lakers. who is in is this? who is out. late word on lebron james and
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>> announcer: now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> all right. good afternoon. we're counting down to warriors lakers game on abc 7. the pregame starts at the top of the hour. just got word after 4:00. lebron james not playing because of something i've never heard of. the description is load management. i guess that mean his body is sore. it looks like klay thompson will play though. for the latest on klay let's go live to oracle arena and mindi bach. hi, mindi. >> yes we saw how difficult it
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was for the warriors to play without klay thomas in the perimeter office and defense against the 76ers. he told steve kerr this morning he plans on play but steve kerr wanted him to warmup. he left the court literalpy 10 seconds ag depending how he felt in the warm yum it will be deciding in he is a go. >> klay is a great players. an y'all-star five years in a row one of the keys to the team. of course we missed him. you look at the tape. and sure, there is areas you can say, you know, if we had him we would have been better off. but doesn't matter. he wasn't there he was sick and we lost try to bounce back today. >> reporter: well returning to oracle arena tonight is javale mcgee. yes here for christmas day. but tonight he is going to receive the nb pachlt championship ring. and steve kerr said this is an important moment for the warriors as well because mcgee was instrumental down the post
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season push last year and deserves the recognition from the the fans that's a fun moment before the game tonight. >> everybody loves javale and we will see you after the post game after the game on the post game show around yourk. u. sf looks like the best college hoops team in the bay area. not willing to succeed that from assailant st. mary. randy bennett squad lost two straight coming into the game. but malik fits 12 of 20 shooting. that is a nice move inside. career high 30 for the gales. also had four threes. st. mary a big leave in the first half. tommy kuzi no relation to bob i don't think. different spelling. put the gales up 17 at the half pch usf finding the game in the second half. franky ferrari revving up for three of the 22. charles i hadland. three makes it a 10-point. but the gales hang on kuzi to mat ice for the slam.
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86-80 both teams 5 and three in conference play. one bay area connection with the. gonzalez joining ed reed and cham bailey as inductees in canton eligibility. gonzalez ma 14-time pro bowl selection led the league in catches in 2004. 102 unstoppable with the chiefs and falcon. ers induct pd johnny robinson. gill brandt and. tom flores, again on the outside looking in np tom flores deserves to be in the hall of fame. and chief quarterback. patrick mahomes named the nfl mvp see you after warriors and the lakers at 8:00. >> if you can turn that into english be my guest. this is load management. >> thanks, larry. >> study up on that. >> okay. >> in the mean we watch the storm with livedoppler7. >> and drew has an update ahead on
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final storm check with drew. >> we have rain out there now. even later tonight we have the rain. it's winding down there, though, early tomorrow morning. but tonight have the umbrella with you. you'll likely see downpours in your neighborhoods. >> okay. that's it, everybody for abc 7 news at 40. i'm diane lim. >> we have the before the game and game and after the game news. hope to see you then. .
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. lebron james is in oakland. he's in the building, but not in starting lineups for the lakers who are just outside the playoff picture in the west. kevin durant and the champs had a thursday's home loss. lakers-warriors right now. welcome to "nba co tuntdown wireless. hello, welcome inside studio h here in l.a. news just breaking is that lebron james who missed those 17 games before


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