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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 3, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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you were covered in nazi swastika tattoos, and now you're being welcomed by martin luther king's familyere in atlanta. >> to be here today, i'm more excited for michael in the sense that it's full circle, because he went from hate to being able to accept people for who they live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good morning and welcome this are. sunday, february 3rd. i'm chris nguyen. lisa argen is tracking the >> i was with michael in 2017 doppler 7 for us. >> we have a one on our storm when he began the process of removing the hate symbols on his impact scale. scattered showers this morning, but for the most part, it's mist chest and back. and drizzle and we have another michael was a member of a neo-nazi group and served time incoming system to talk about for tonight. so we're looking at most cities in prison where he had swastikas getting less than a half inch of tattooed across his body. rain and the winds throughout the day less than 25 miles an whit helpe h see past hour. live doppler 7 right now shows a little bit of activity in the his hate. south bay around morgan hill, gilroy, hollister, mainly in the upper elevations. you may run into that mist and a year and a half later, drizzle this morning. it's 54 in oakland, 47 in michael's transformation continues. cloverdale with 52 in gilroy. after discovering our video about their friendship, martin and the plan for the rest of the
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day will be for those showers luther king's daughter, throughout the morning hours, dr. bernice king invited them to atlanta to speak on mlk day. scattered about in the afternoon. but you certainly can get o soe [ applause ] the next round of rain heads our way. notice dry towards dinner time, but notice 9:00 or 10:00. another frontal band could bring breezy winds and lowering snow levels for the days ahead. we'll have details with the rainfall amounts and a look at the week ahead, coming up. chris? >> lisa, thank you. a large tree came toppling down in san francisco last night. take a look. this is in the little hollywood neighborhood on lathrup avenue near gillette avenue. the tree hit two cars and took utility lines with it. you can see police were on the scene to keep people out of the way until city crews were able to take care of the tree. thankfully, no one was hurt.ght the weather most of the day. jovana fortson spoke with some of them along the embark dera. that leave therea lasting impression. >> reporter: we saw the high wind advisory in action. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins,
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gusts showed no mercy as people or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. fought their way with each step walking down the embarcadero. whoops! almost lost a hat there. you might remember new flavours, >> it's crazy. >> reporter: downpours, trees the sound of an old friend's laugh, through power lines and disabled vehicles all played a role in or a view that defies all expectations. saturday's storm. julien contreras is from los these are the memories that stay with you, angeles and hasn't seen weather like this before. long after the moments have passed. >> in l.a. it's sunny, once in a while rain, but nothing compared to how it is here, at all. >> reporter: lots of locals got soaked leaving the warriors game. the doesn't gubs got a win, so can't feel too bad and if you ask people from here, it's not too bad. >> no, i've seen the wind way worse. >> reporter: and don't let their warm drinks fool you. they say this is a tropical vacation compared to their home in alberta, canada. >> oh, it's about minus 30 celsius and really snowy. >> reporter: so, does that feel like tahoe? nah, guess again. >> it's like you're stuck in a freezer even if you're wearing a
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jacket. >> reporter: and word of advice from chp. it may seem vourks but out on the roadways, remember to slow down. jov jobina fortson. >> you can track the rain and weather conditions where you live with the abc7 news app. enable notifications to get the latest news as it happens. in southern california, streets were transformed into raging rivers as a powerful storm brought torrential rain. jade hernandez from our sister station in los angeles reports from malibu. >> reporter: all evacuation orders have been lifted in more and more people are cutting the cord, getting rid of malibu, but road closures have cable and turning to streaming tv. still left a few people a new study shows 67% of us are stranded. paul dalton's parents own this shop. paid tv subscribers, down 10% they discussed closing but are worried their regular customers wouldn't have a place to go. from 2016. pacific coast pets is the only "7 on your side's" michael pet shop in malibu. finney explains how this is shaking out for consumers. that same storm earlier brought down enough rain to get this >> reporter: i met kirk skinner creek roaring and raging between walking out of a san jose best buy with a brand-new tv. do you stream video? bush drive and bonsell, just >> yeah, actually, this will be above zuma beach. not hooked up to cable at all.
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which forced the city of malibu to shut down the road, warning this will be strictly streaming only, yeah. >> what services do you use? drivers, homeowners a few minutes away put up a sandbag >> mostly netflix. >> is that right? barrier. >> it's the tree branch that >> reporter: the frustrating part of streaming is finding olivia used to hang on. channels and shows, and that is where streaming observer comes in. whoo-hoo! >> reporter: laurel thoren editor in chief, chris rantner, captured the flooding water in explains the website's focus. the field behind her home. this is farmland that's been in her family since the 1940s. you can see where flames from >> latest in the industry as far as cord-cutting, so be it the woolsey fire scorched trees around and next to her property. >> the last fire was over 20 netflix, disney's coming out with a new service, we talk years ago. this was a very unusual fire. about that. we also have people looking for programming, you know, how to i think after this year, we're watch the super bowl without not going to be having this for a couple of decades ever, or cable, for example. >> reporter: streaming oerr maybe never again. offers several articles hooking >> reporter: this week's storm you up with the super bowl via also spooked laurel's dog, happy. she ran away. streaming, but it's more than neighbors eventually guided her home.reeks floo l. just the big game. for instance, here's a review of philo, a streaming service which lels h eble offers many cable channels, is f 5-year-old minus most of the sports and news channels. it starts at just $16 a month. son, amply named river, to the overpass for a teaching lesson. >> i've never seen it like this one service among many.
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before, you know. we come out here, actually to how many streaming services are this spot over here, where those there? >> too many to count. trees are, and normally, we call >> reporter: really? >> yes, sir. it the oasis because there's all >> reporter: aaron stamos is a these animals and birds that video specialist for magnolia tv live there, but today it's at best buy. completely covered, completely he is showing me one service flooded. >> i've only seen it rain two that streams the national croatian network. times, and this is the second it's billed as for croatians time. >> reporter: not the case for living in foreign countries. >> yes. dalton, whose family has had this business here for ten you can really look for apps that are in, you know, for years. the fires and the flooding is different cultures. >> reporter: which brings us making life much more back to kirk. >> i'm about ready to cut cable. unpredictable. >> reporter: are you ready? in malibu, jade hernandez, abc7 >> absolutely, yeah. >> reporter: you don't need news. cable anymore. >> absolutely not, no. >> reporter: a big benefit of breaking news out of san francisco. two people are dead after a streaming is how easy most channels are to cancel. wrong-way driver was involved in two separate accidents. there are few long-term the first crash happened just contracts in this world. after 2:30 this morning on you just cancel the app and be highway 101 near vermont street. done with it. the drawback, of course, is that the chp says the driver was many services don't offer local going southbound in the channels, so you'll need to come northbound lanes, hit two cars up with a plan, generally an antenna. and then drove away. michael finney, 7 on your side. moments later, that driver hit another carear drake's beach is back open cesar chavez street. after the elephants invaded it
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one person was ejected and died. during the government shutdown. the wrong-way driver also died. they took over when the nine other people were hurt. government furlough left the beach deserted. and after rain and king tides they have all been taken to the hospital. firefighters say their injuries flooded the area. range from moderate to critical. rangers began offering limited time now is 5:06. access yesterday so visitors could get a close-up view of the a library in the east bay has received some criticism after elephant seals. still to come, virginia's announcing it would host a drag governor says it's not him in a queen story hour. racist photo. even so, the county library is how naacp leaders are responding to his refusal to resign. standing by the event. abc7 news reporters spoke with and it's super bowl sunday! we get a peek at the security plan in atlanta more than two the drag queen at the center of this controversy. years in the making, >> before you make up your mind, would you like to hear a story, her mommy asked? >> reporter: meet drag queen bella adama, reading to a group of kids for a drag queen story hour in el cerrito. >> i wanted to do more community outreach, hiv prevention and exception and awarenesslgbtcoit. he's been doing drag since coming out almost ten years ago.
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♪ he hasn't decided what dress to wear at the next story hour introducing fresh step clean paws, event, scheduled for february with low-tracking litter, 11th in brentwod. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. >> most people think we're trying to teach people what to let's make litter less of a mess. be, and that's not the case. let's start fresh. i think we're just trying to promote self-love and acceptance let's make litter less of a mess. what'with coverage havinthroughout your home? for families. >> reporter: he's referring to how about having internet that can help you online criticism the county save on wireless phone service? library received on this facebook post by xfinity gives you the fastest speeds from america's best internet provider, after announcing the event at the to stream on all your devices. brentwood community center. plus, with xfinity mobile included, >> we definitely had some calls at the library and lots of you can switch your wireless carrier comments on that facebook post. and save hundreds of dollars a year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. >> reporter: county officials also say they've also received comments of support and are standing by their event. get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. >> there is absolutely nothing controversial, we don't think, plus, ask how you can get xfinity mobile included about what we're doing. we do programming like this all so all you pay for is data. the time. switch today. we have story times on an almost daily basis at every single one of over libraries. >> reporter: library officials go on to say drag queen story hour is about love and inclusiveness, and that's what bella adama represents. >> everyone deserves respect and everyone has the right to be what they want to be. dision whethertimate
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to allow their kids to participate in this story time. in brentwood, abc7 news. >> similar events have run into issues in other states. just yesterday, people protested at a library in pennsylvania ♪ a lot happens in a day. where a drag queen was expected outlast happens once. to read to kids. the library also received 50 outlast all day lip color complaints over the phone. with 24 hour stay power. a librarian says the facility is there for the whole family. now in custom nudes. from covergirl. meanwhile, this tweet is from a drag queen in texas who says "a man with a gun tried to get into where i was in a room full of children and parents," and he was kicked out. police say he was banned from thanks so much for being the library due to other issues. with us. i'm chris nguyen. the man told reporters he was a we're starting with a quick look member of the media and had a at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen, concealed carry permit, but he tracking conditions where you was also caught on camera ,>>hichris. seemingly disparaging the event. we have more rain on the way. your sunday not going to be a mountain view police tell abc7 washout, but we have a one on news one person was shot during our storm impact scale today, a carjacking and now the suspect and that means we will see is on the run. scattered showers. investigators say a man walked most of the heavy rain, though, up to some employees at the will be tonight. and we're talking about anywhere
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from less than a half inch americas tire store on west el camino real at about 11:30 throughout the day today and yesterday morning. some breezy winds once that he then shot one of the other system comes in. employees in the leg and took a so, as we look at live doppler vehicle. the victim is expected to be 7, you see all that spinning okay. cloud cover just to the west of work is under way to shore us, and that's the system. up the sales force transit and as we zoom in closer, you'll center. abc7 news was in san francisco notice that we see the green, but a lot of this is in the as crews started fixing the higher elevations, and most of it not reaching the ground. cracked steel beams yesterday. repairs are expected to be done we do have a few showers around by the first week of june. this morning, but mostly dry. that's also when the shoring systems on fremont and first will be removed. 52 in concord, 49 in santa rosa. the $2.2 billion transit center shut down last september, just throughout the morning, scattered showers, 53 in weeks after it opened. fremont. that's when we learned two beams and notice your 2:00, maybe a in the ceiling on the third few showers in san ramon and level had fissures. hayward. a bit of a break through the no date has been set for when dinner hour, then here comes the transit center will reopen. that stronger line of rain that sets us up for a breezy night. today's super bowl is the some heavy downpours and then it battle of the bay area opens the stage -- i should say quarterbacks. the flood gates for some very san mateo's tom brady against cold air. we're talking overnight lows jared goff. goff is a graduate of marin well below freezing in some catholic and is still in touch valleys. we'll detail that forecast for you in a few minutes. with some high school teammates. abc7 news reporter wade friedman chris? >> lisa, thank you. introduces us to one. >> reporter: how ironic that in the south bay, santa clara
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while we cannot relive history, office of supportive housing we're able to replay it on will open three overnight video, at least. forinstance, that 2011 high warming centers at bascom, school championship game when leninger and roosevelt community centers, opening at 9:00 a.m. they defeated marin catholic. >> the better team lost. there are daytime warming centers at libraries and other >> reporter: chris toohil caught community and senior centers 15 touchdown passes from jared throughout the county. you can track the rain and check goff that season. he is someone with insight about the weather conditions where you marin county's homegrown hero live with the abc7 news app. and super bowl quarterback on enable push alerts to get the sunday. >> i speak for everybody, all of latest news as it happens. our friends, all of the community, when i say he's a developing news. the governor of virginia says it really easy guy to root for. >> reporter: that would include was not him in a racist photo. the marin catholic student body. they spelled out his name on the ralph northam appeared with his football field. wife before cameras yesterday, the sentiments extend to anybody in the county who knows him. taking questions but refusing to resign. >> that's at our stadium after abc news reporter zachary keesh the mighty might bowl. >> did he win is this. >> yes, we did. has the story. >> reporter: inside source under >> reporter: virginia governor ralph northam rejecting calls two, the coach who had goff on for him to step down. his team as a talented >> i took an oath to uphold this 8-year-old. >> humble, very humble leader. he leads by example. office and preserve the >> this is a pro throw out of commonwealth to the best of my this 16-year-old kid right here. >> reporter: when jared goff played at marin catholic, his stats looked like they came from ability. as long as i believe i can a video game. fulfill that task, i intend to
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even at 15 years old, he made keep doing the business of everyone look good. >> there was a pretty big virginia. >> reporter: calls for spotlight on him for a high resignation began after this school kid, and i think what photo in northam's medical yearbook page in 1984 surfaced, showing two people, one in made him such a good leader was blackface and the other in a kkk that he didn't blink. >> reporter: goff was unselfish robe. after initially apologizing for with his teammates. he saw life beyond the game. the photo, he now says it's not even in the championship when him, adding, he would remember after all those great catches, it because he had worn shoe polish in a dance contest in chris toohil dropped the perfect bomb that might have won it. 1984, dressing up as michael he felt terrible. jackson. >> when i was confronted with jared goff, first man to comfort the images yesterday that they him. >> one of the toughest moments for a high school kid, you know? appeared on my page, but i this is your world, some high believe then and now that i am school football championship and for him to drop the pass, i not either of the people in that photo. >> reporter: virginia's think that was the microcosm of lieutenant governor justin fairfax breaking his silence on the issue, calling the photo a who he was. >> as a result, the teammates remain very good friends for searing reminder of the modern life. legacy of our nation's original in marin county, wade friedman, sin, but he stopped short of abc7 news. >> we'll see how it all plays saying northam should step down. out. meteorologist lisa argen's here tracking the accuweather forecast for us. still, many are calling for his >> it's still pretty damp out there. we have mist, drizzle, even some resignation, house speaker nancy areas of fog, as we look outside pelosi calling on northam to do
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the right thing so the people of from the bay bridge toll plaza. virginia can heal and move on. yep, you can see the rain coming a second photo of northam then down there, so, we will have to emerged from virginia military deal with another soggy day institute in 1981. today, but certainly not as wet as yesterday. a racial slur listed as his i'll time out the rain for you. nickname. he says two individuals at vmi we have two more systems to talk about before we dry out for a gave him that name. >> i don't know their motives or while. that's coming up. lisa, thanks. intent, and it ended up in also next, bay area actor jussie yearbook, and i regret that. >> reporter: the nickname appears in his college yearbook. smollett performs for the first the governor admits it was time since his alleged attack. what he said to his fans. and steph curry's usually in something he was called but the spotlight, but at this shop claims he doesn't know why, in oakland, his wife was the one saying you'd have to ask the taking c other students. abc news, richmond, virginia. >> abc7 news spoke with the naacp about the yearbook photos. the president of the oakland chapter says the governor of virginia must resign. >> first i was shocked to see that in 1984 and in medical year yearbook? the governor. so, he has no choice but to resign, because he can't deny that he had those racial tendencies then, and how do we know he doesn't have them now?
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so we need to start new, fresh in virginia. he needs to go. >> as we mentionedearlie t naacp celebrated its 110th anniversary yesterday. the president said younger generations need to remember their history so that people like the governor of virginia are held accountable for their actions. coming up on "this week," the president of the naacp will make an appearance, the national president. derrick johnson is calling for northam's resignation. you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 here on abc7. happening now, all hands on deck as final preparations are under way for super bowl liii. here's a live look at mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta along with all the details for the game and performances. more than two years of planning has been dedicated to security at the big game. abc news reporter lana zak has a look at the plans. >> reporter: a million visitors are expected in atlanta as the rams and patriots go head to head in super bowl liii, and local, state, and federal
5:14 am
agencies are working together to make sure everyone stays safe. >> our officers have been and will continue to be on 12-hour shifts. >> reporter: inside the joint operations center, authorities are able to monitor more than 10,000 cameras located throughout the city. >> we have a very extensive intelligence group that's manned by our federal, state, and local partners also, and they're constantly giving us updates on what we need to know. >> reporter: among the agencies involved, u.s. customs and border protection enforcing flight restrictions around the stadium. abc's t.j. holmes getting an exclusive look at surveillance from the air. >> we're here to make sure that no aircraft gets within a 30-minute radius of mercedes-benz stadium on game day. >> reporter: the agency also bringing in x-ray technology to examine old deliveries to the stadium and tackling counterfeit smollett returned to the stage merchandise. >> protecting not only the in his first public appearance american brands and american since being attacked in a business, but making sure, suspected hate crime. again, the people who are buying merchandise and they're buying goods here at the event are >> i will always stand for love. getting not only genuine
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merchandise, but stuff that is safe as well. >> reporter: the nfl says there i will always stand for anything are no specific threats against other than that. regardless of what anyone else the super bowl. lana zak, abc news, washington. says, i will only stand for love. and i hope that you all stand if you're planning to go to a super bowl party today, aaa with me. so, thank you. wants to make sure you don't >> the star of "empire" made his drink and drive. the company is offering its fet. first public appearance in the first ten miles are free. hollywood. it went on as planned although a you'll be charged for miles meet and greet was canceled. beyond that. rides are only for drivers going home or to their hotel. he says he was attacked by two you can request a ride starting men who shouted homophobic and at 6:00 tonight until 6:00 racial slurs. he told police they beat him, doused him with a chemical and tomorrow morning. still ahead on "abc7 put a noose around his neck, morning mornings", an east bay teenager became a figure kate skating yelling "maga country." no arrests have been made. star and the youngest national the oakland naacp is champion ever. weighing in on the attack. what's helped her rise to the abc7 news caught up with the top. the rain is not over just organization during a rin-eranuseum and oakland. yet. you can see it coming down. lisa argen will have a ful >> wasn't shocked because he is a black gay man in america. it is sad that in 2019 that you can't live in a world where you can live the way you want to live. people are still saying that he's lying about the fact that he was beaten.
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>> yesterday the group celebrated the 110th anniversary of the nation's oldest civil rights organization. the theme was looking back to move forward. they said equality must still be fought for and that even a successful and well-known actor isn't above the horrors of racism. ayesha curry's latest business venture drew a big crowd in the east bay. yesterday abc7 news was oakland as her pop-up homemade opened its doors. it features items including bedding and cookware. dove gives you so you can wear curry's ventures have allowed from athletic tops her to build up her own fan to zebra dresses, club. >> and just think the world of and everything in between. what she does for the community enjoy 48 hour protection and all of the great products and softer, smoother underarms. that she creates. it's just been amazing. with dove antiperspirants. so i couldn't wait to be here on opening day. >> the store will be open five days a week. ...heals extremely dry skin in just 5 days. new vaseline clinical care... steph showed up on friday but ♪ didn't make it yesterday because the warriors had a game last night. you can catch those game highlights coming up in sports. it's amazing what healed skin can do. now your accuweather the healing power of vaseline. forecast with lisa argen. >> we are not done with the rain
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yet. here's live doppler 7. the activity this morning is in the south bay, the mountains, higher elevations. livermore reporting a shower right now. and you can see from morgan hill, around the santa cruz mountains, watson and gilroy, still some damp weather out there. it is snowing in lake tahoe, winter storm warnings still in effect through tuesday. temperatures are in the low 30s and the snow amounts are just unbelievable. so, it is going to be a while. so if folks can get up there, get back to here, because we are looking at still up to 13 feet at our peaks. and when you look at the snow totals accumulate, this is amazing. this is just unbelievable. 59 inches in kirkwood, 53 in donner through tuesday. so it's certainly been a banner couple days for the mountains. 55 degrees in hayward, 54 in fremont. san jose, good morning to you. damp and mid-50s there. temperatures are cooler in the north three degrees cooler and looking at four degrees cooler in concord. winds, upper elevations breezy
5:18 am
out there, 25 to 35 miles an hour from the east bay to the north bay, and we will get into a little bit more wind tonight with our next system, but so far, no advisories from the national weather service. so, mist, drizzle and fog with a few scattered showers. time r 5:39 and this afternoon it's going to be damp and we'll look for more here's a live look outside from rain tonight and we'll see some our golden gate bridge camera. heavy rain. this will take us into your you can see the roads are pretty slick out there. monday morning commute. lisa has the full forecast just but so far, look how we're stacking up. moments away. happening today, people 90% of average for santa rosa, across the bay area will be donating blood in honor of an looking pretty good rainfall injured police officer in texas. since october 1st, taking us up yesterday, abc news was in pleasant hill at the american to 80% oakland, 82% san jose, red cross blood center for the ongoing blood drive to help with 86% at the airport there, and the shortfall in donations. looking at 72% in mountain view. houston officer john daly today it's a one on our storm survived a crash after being hit impact scale. scattered showers. by a suspected drunk driving on most cities about half an inch or less. christmas eve. he had second and third-degree then the winds will be under 25 burns on half his body and has miles an hour. but as we go through the next several hours, you can see the undergone five surgeries and line of showers here at 10:00. multiple blood transfusions. so, we are looking at damp his sister says the support is wonderful for her brother and roadways, scattered showers others in need. throughout the day, 3:00. >> this is such an important thing to do. and you'll notice we get a bit giving can save so many lives. of a break towards the dinner
5:19 am
fortunately for me, i learned at hour, but look what's coming. yeah, we have more heavy rain on a tough time how important it the way for sunday night into is, and glad we can create your monday morning commute. so, looking at a pretty strong awareness so more people can line there and into monday. come and get it. >> the blood drive continues yes, looks like a rough go, this morning at 10:00 and runs perhaps in the morning hours, through tuesday. 5:40 is the time. low snow levels into monday and meteorologist lisa argen has tuesday. been tracking the forecast for so should get pretty interesting us. and lisa, some parts of the bay around here, if it hasn't been area seeing some rain right now. interesting enough. >> that's right. we have two more systems to talk rainfall amounts through monday night, and we're adding from about. one's pretty wet tonight and the today into that heavy period other one will be cold with less tonight, over an inch in redwood moisture. a live look outside from city as well as tacalistoga and richmond-san rafael bridge. still scattered showers, mist, drizzle, fog. it's kind of a messy morning out oakland. probably 100% of normal by the there. we will get a bit of a break time that first system exits tonight. this will be the second one throughout the midafternoon and monday morning. then round two heads our way, take a look at the snow coming down through lake county. perhaps some snow on our local this is 10:00. hills. your full forecast is moments and as we go through the away. afternoon, the rain begins to >> lisa, thank you. wind down. the moisture is limited with also next, demarcus cousins sparks the warriors' second-half this next system, but you can comeback with this dunk against see the pocket, perhaps mt. tam, the lakers. mt. hamilton, and this will take us through tuesday. mindi bach has then we begin to dry out. highs underneath scattered
5:20 am
showers, look for numbers on the cool side. 56 in vallejo, 57 in palo alto. and then that next system comes in later on tonight. it will be breezy, and overnight we'll see the rain, hear it, of course, and then monday morning a one on our storm impact scale. special k has iron, protein and b vitamins.. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring more rain the next several days. to feed your progress. and by tuesday, that's when we feed your power. really could see some of those feed your change. maybe drone pictures of the snow on the higher peaks. then it gets dry and chilly wednesday and thursday. some frosty numbers here. but looking at maybe some more rain next friday. so, it just keeps on coming. >> and we're glad to see it, really. i mean, we just need as much as we can get. >> and the break in between. >> yeah, lisa, thanks. abc's new brand localish is sharing stories of aee serca "m in common." this week, a former neo-nazi and
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time right now is 5:42. thanks so much for joining us on "abc7 mornings" this sunday. here's a live look at san francisco international airport. no weather-related delays for now. we'll see what changes are ahead for the workweek in lisa's forecast. in sports, all the hype for kickoff of super bowl liii is hours away. tom brady squares off against jared goff when the patriots take on the rams at mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta. kickoff is at 3:30 this afternoon. the warriors will be able to kick back and watch the game. the dubs don't play again until wednesday night, but last night, golden state faced the lakers at oracle arena. sports anchor mindi bach has highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. the warriors found out shortly before tip-off last night that lebron james would not play in the primetime game for load management reasons. i guess that's a technical term for he's sore from playing 40
5:23 am
minutes on thursday night. before the game, andre iguodala pranked mcgee with an empty box that was supposed to hold his champion ring. the oracle crowd gave the former warrior a standing "o" for his contributions to the championship last year. steph curry, behind the back to klay thompson and nice splash. kevin durant found the open lane. he had 21 points in this one. then it's thompson's turn with an easy layup. he had 23 of his 28 points in first half. the warriors led by five. then they trailed by ten in the second. look at demarcus cousins. over kyle kuzma. that absolutely woke up the warriors. he had 18 points, 10 boards in 25 minutes. iguodala with a huge dunk of his own, over javale. and he was having fun with his former teammate. he wasn't done. look at this. rains a three. then he had another. he had three 3s in all. 17 points off the bench, and that helped lead the warriors to a 115-101 win. >> you know, lebron james
5:24 am
doesn't play. when the other team's best player doesn't play, there's kind of a natural letdown in the building, and i think our guys sort of took for granted that we were going to be fine. human nature got the best of us. so, it took until midthird. i think that dunk by demarcus finally got us going. >> once cousins got that big dunk in the third, everything started to turn our way and it gave everybody a boost. >> golly, that was a great one, man. may be dunk of the year. a good one. >> just happy to know i can still dunk a little bit. so, it's a pretty exciting play. haven't done that in a while. so hopefully, we could see a few more. >> that's the whole thing, just the emotion that came out of you. is it more the flow of the game or more of what we've been through over the past year? >> a little bit of everything. i had some frustrating moments in the game tonight. you know, the frustration over this past year just, you know, everything bottled up and i kind of had a chance to release it. well, the sharks had a nice ten-day break. they were back in action saturday night against the coyotes. they're without erik karlsson, though, who mse hish aer body
5:25 am
injury. you know the nature shows where the male puts on a display to impress the female? yeah, she's not having any of it. more into that ice cream. second period, sharks trail by one, but brett burns with a shot and kevin la bank is there to bank it in, his sixth of the season. look a the hand-eye coordination. then, 44 seconds later, the breakaway and the rebound. good to go! his 28th of the year. but this game went to overtime burns gets the game-winner, backhand to forehand, his tenth goal of the year. sharks win 3-2. they are now headed out on a four-game canadian road trip. and congratulations to former cal bear tony gonzalez. the tight end was named to the pro football hall of fame in canton. still time to grab the chips and guacamole for the super bowl. kickoff is at 3:30. we'll have highlights starting at 5:00. until then, have a great day. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good sunday morning to you. a soggy looking emeryville this
5:26 am
morning with some light rain, mist and drizzle. a lot of this rain falling underneath our radar beam. that low-level moisture allowing for that intermittent cycle of the windshield wipers. we have two more systeing at sa overnight lows tomorrow morning, in the 40s. not too bad. it's going to be wet. then look what happens tuesday morning. numbers drop to the low 30s. wednesday and thursday your coldest mornings, below freezing. we will obviously dry out and we have that cold air. then by the end of the week, looking like maybe another chance of rain. looking at our roof camera, a little breezy in san francisco. upper elevation winds continue to be a factor, but we are looking at winds kicking up late in the day with that next system headed our way for some more pockets of heavy rain tonight. live doppler 7 looking at a few showers, picking them up in the santa cruz mountains. the rain, but no breaks in the
5:27 am
sierra nevada. temperatures in the low 30s. it is snowing in lake tahoe and our winter storm warning continues today, tomorrow, into tuesday afternoon. and we are still verifying 5 to 10 feet of snow, up to 13 at the peaks. and when you see the accumulating snow here for some of the ski resorts, you're going to begin to understand that we're talking another 5 feet in kirkwood and donner, 53 inches. so, we've got some of that rain underneath. it started raining yesterday and then snow on top of it. so, really an incredible snowpack up there. 55 in san jose, damp there. 46 in napa. it is cooler in the north bay, anywhere from 2 to 6 degrees cooler. palo alto 7 degrees warmer, though. winds gusting to 34 manufacture in atlas peak, in the foothills a little breezy.
5:28 am
winds up to 30 miles an hour tonight. san jose 101, mist, scatters showers throughout the day. tonight breezy and a colder system arrives monday night. as we get through the overnight hours, so it is going to be chilly. our storm impact scale, one with scattered showers. most cities less than half an inch. as we time it out for you, you'll notice we have a line of showers here throughout the morning. then by the afternoon, that 3 to 6:00 p.m. time period, a bit of a break, and we'll look for this system to cue up offshore. this is going to bring that heavier rain, 9:00 tonight through the overnight hours, setting you up for a soggy and slow monday morning commute. 6:00, you can see not only the showers but that rain changing over to snow in lake county. not surprised if we see an advisory here. and then around mt. hamilton and mt. diablo, certainly could see some snow. two-day rainfall totals looking at about 0.9 in san francisco,
5:29 am
maybe an inch in fremont, over an inch in calistoga. and this is your monday morning forecast taking you through the rest of the day. the rain gets lighter. and as that next system slips through, it's the colder air with less moisture available, so we're not going to see a whole lot of rain, just the cold air, some scattered showers and maybe some flakes of snow around mt. diablo. so, we're only looking at minor amounts for your monday system. 55 in oakland, 57 palo alto. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a one on the storm impact scale today, tomorrow and tuesday. then we're dry and cold. >> sounds good, lisa. thanks so much. appreciate it. well, big names like kristi yamaguchi and rudy galindo are associated with the st. moritz ice skating club in oakland. now add another name, alysa liu. last weekend at the age of 13, he became the youngest u.s. ladies championter: alysa liu h maintained a consistent daily routine for most of her life. she began skating when she was 5. it was in a beginners' class
5:30 am
with laura la petsie at the ice center. here's how alysa's dad describes her first time on the ice. >> she was fast and barely fell at all. so, she had good balance and was just having a ton of fun. >> reporter: they have been together for the past eight years. lapetski, seen here in 1995, also competed in the u.s. championships. >> i love this sport and i just wanted to pass on my knowledge and do the best that i can to help guide her and coach her. >> reporter: last sunday, the 13-year-old received the glory every skater strives for. >> attempting a triple axel, and she opens with it right here. >> only two have landed it at a u.s. nationals. >> fantastic. >> and she's the youngest to do it! >> right before you went on the ice, what were you thinking? >> i was thinking i have to do a clean program, i want to do a clean program and that's all i'm here for. >> reporter: the national transition would be for her to
5:31 am
go to the world junior championships, except that she's too young to compete. so now her focus is on training. even for the olympics, she has to be at least 15. >> yeah, olympics, too, but for now, probably just to improve myself. >> reporter: you know, had dan ashley been assigned this story, he would have been on that ice in a new york minute. yeah, i can just see him now. ♪ >> yeah, no, that's not going to be me. instead, i was curious to know if stardom had helped alysa improve her relationship with her younger siblings. how are they treating you? are they, like, nicer and -- >> no. [ laughter ] they're not nicer. >> well, at least she can always count on the support of her friends on and off the ice. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news.
5:32 am
next, san francisco's annual half marathon is set to start. why the runners won't be the only winners today.
5:33 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $191 million powerball drawing -- 10, 17, 18, 43, 65, the powerball number 13. nobody picked all six, so wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $204 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $15 million super lotto plus drawing -- 3, 34, 37, 45, 47, the mega number 17. nobody picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday's drawing increases to $16 million. good luck. happening today, thousands of runners will take to the streets of san francisco for the annual half marathon. kaiser permanente sponsors the run, which benefits bay area charities. last year's race collected more than $1,0 runn golden gate park, pass through the panhandle, enjoy sweeping views of the pacific ocean from great highway and then returns to golden gate park for the finish.
5:35 am
there will also be a 5k and a 10k, the race starts at 8:00 a.m. this morning. next o "abc7 mornings" at 6:00, we're just hours away from super bowl liii between the patriots and rams. but for many in the bay area, it's all about the quarterback. san mateo's tom brady against novato's jared goff. we'll have a live report from atlanta. plus, taking a look at live doppler 7, we're enjoying a slight break from the rain, but more is on the way. lisa argen will have your sunday forecast.
5:36 am
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good morning and thanks for joining us on this sunday, february 3rd. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7 for us. hey, lisa. >> chris, good morning to you. it's pretty damp out there with mist and showers, a one on your storm impact scale. for your sunday we're featuring scattered showers. winds and more heavy rain tonight. but as we look at live doppler 7, the satellite image, it's that cloud map to the west of us that is expected later on tonight. but right now, as you see the sweep on top of mt. st. helena, we're looking at scattered showers in the santa cruz mountains mainly, but also a few in the valley there, so it is certainly slick with numbers cooler in the north bay. 46 in napa. it's 54 in oakland. and don't get too used to these
5:40 am
mild temperatures. we are going to get much
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