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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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outside livermore overnight. that's not livermore. that's a picture from mike nicco. look at that, some snow on mike nicco's car. snow in livermore and snow in the santa cruz mountains this morning. >> coming down pretty good and really beautiful at the same time. >> let's check in with -- >> you want to talk more about my car? >> i do. i want to talk about anything at this point. >> whatever is on the screen, let's talk about it. so i walked out this morning at my usual time, got in the car and it was raining. i noticed the rain was heavier than normal because it was half frozen. i looked at my windshield from inside the car and i was like, whoa, wait a minute, what's that? it's snow. a car will usually cool down faster than other objects like that, so that's why the snow accumulated even though i live roughly guesstimate about 400 feet. i by no means live on a mountain, obviously. i live in a little valley in the east bay.
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at 400 feet, it was close enough to get some snow. since we seem to have the weather maps on, i'll keep going. why don't i do that. another look at the east bay. can you see around bollinger canyon and higher elevations, head east of san marron, a possibility of snow around 680 around costa. wet down to the sunol grade. as you go through some of the higher elevations, look around mission road, snow there. 84 and highway 37 on the peninsula. a possibility of snow there on page mill road near portola valley also. right now matt getting a little break at least according to the radar. looks like another batch through bolder creek and about to head his way. a look at what's going on in east bay hills, accuweather planner, rain and snow, best chances through 10:00. i'll keep a chance in for noon especially near the coast in the santa cruz mountains. by 4:00 to 7:00 we'll have a
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. we've got some really pretty pictures to show you this morning before you head out for your day. snow in livermore. hard to believe. it really came down and
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accumulated. this was on mines road, pretty close to the vineyards, a few miles away. it made for such a pretty winter scene landed on the pine trees and accumulated on the ground. several inches of it. it looked like it was going to create a little postcard for everyone as they headed out today. however, it has melted" it does not stick around very long. we drove mines road on the hunt for it. we wanted to play in it actually. it is cold in livermore. definitely bundle up as you head out but know that the snow has come and gone. our little piece of winter wonderland is over. it was pretty while it lasted. reporting live, amy hollyfield, back to you in the studio. >> pretty but bay. >> let's see if snow disappeared from the santa cruz mountains. that's where matt keller has
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been all lorng. hi, matt. >> hi, reggie and jessica. it has been snowing. five, 10 minutes ago it slowed down significantly and stopped. look at the powder that accumulated here. this is highway 17 behind us. as i take my photographer ian you can see behind here it is slow. the amazing thing, there are no reports of accidents this morning. credit to drivers and chp pacing a lot of these vehicles as they have been going over highway 17 and caltrans who has been out here plowing highway 17, which has been very more because we've seen make big accumulations here for the snow this morning. in fact, take a look at this real estate sign that we have here. can you see it's covered and you've got all the snow here. i've got someone who is throwing a snowball at me from off camera. i've got to make a good snowbal.
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as you can see, you've got a lot of snow on the ground. a lot of people will be enjoying it. the good news is caltrans swept all of that and plowed it off the road. the commute is moving and it's moving pretty well, better than we expected this morning. back to you in the studio. >> i want to know who you were in a snowball fight with, random people on the street? >> it's not random. i'll tell you, it's another reporter from another station. >> you get them, matt. you get them. >> channel 7 all the way. >> thanks, matt. >> announcer: you're never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> we need to put that camera back on the tripod and help you out a little like elf. wasn't that the best part of elf when he tags him over and over again with snow. you can see over the last hour just waves and waves and waves of showers that have been snowing on the summit. that's what the white is showing
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you. this isn't the only way. highway 35 up and down the peninsula, especially around page mill road as you head towards 84, even around 92 we've had some snow. i just saw a report from the national weather service that a spotter said at 3:00 we had a light dusting on twin peeks. that's down around 1,000 feet. that's pretty impressive. a lot of rain around san mateo. we've got possibly another round of snow to the altamont pass, your elevation is 770. you can see we had snow earlier, also the sunol grade also. if anything, at least it's wet in most areas but not snowpacked like matt has seen in the santa cruz mountains. if you're out and about, everything with caution during the morning hours because of the wet weather. 12 ihour planner, east bay showers until 10:00. then we'll hang out with clouds and sunshine at around 50. that's pretty much the way it's going to be everywhere. maybe a little quicker with the sun and less rain up in the north bay. all right.
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let's talk more about slick streets with alexis. >> we hav a solo vehicle crash to talk about. this is in the east bay. northbound 238 before 880 split, two lanes locked. that's a tough area to have blocking. crews on the way. looking typical for san mateo bridge. a little sheen on the pavement. no incidents there all morning. just an update on the ace rail situation. early this morning we had a freight train that derailed in stockton. ace 1 had to be canceled. there was no way around this freight train that derailed. it was blocking the entire union pacific main line. we did check in with them. they said the train that derailed is being hooked up and they are moving it off the tracks right now. they are hopeful ace 3 will run, however, with significant delays if it lapsed 30 minutes ago. it could be 90 minutes behind schedule. back to you guys.
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>> they need to decide whether to expand the rights of workers in the gig economy. last year supreme court made it more difficult to classify workers as independent contractors. according to the chronicle, lawmakers, companies and workerings are discussing upcoming bills to negotiate what happens next. that could mean giving independent workers the same benefits as employees including over time and sick pay. a teacher under investigation after a video shows him repeatedly hitting a student. this happened monday in "riverdalrive riverdale georgia after the high schooler was seen throwing a desk at the teacher. the teacher pushed him to the floor and repeatedly punched him. the guardian said the teacher was picking on him and trying to make the class laugh which upset him. >> google's expansion plans in san jose, will not face charges. the google eight chained
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themselves to seats during city council meeting that discussed the proposal. the district attorney said it would not pursue charges against them. protesters are opposed to plans approved by city council to sell city owned land to google. the company behind developing sales force tower in san francisco is now looking to attract major tech companies with this mega office campus in downtown san jose. boston properties has proposed a development that could contain 1.8 million square feet of office space. this is according to our media partners at the mercury news. up to 9,000 people could work on the campus, which would be located on south alameda boulevard. we want to wish you a happy lunar new year. >> families around the world are celebrating and this year is the year of the pig. abc 7 news at lakeshore in san francisco as kindergartners took part in the dragon parade. they made the costumes themselves, with help from
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others. students say they are very proud of their younger classmates. >> a lot kids smiling. their faces giving a lot of joy to other kids outside their classrooms. i think it's a super cool opportunity for kindergartners to be in the dragon parade. cool dragon. this event started more than 30 years ago. it was the brainchild of kindergarten teachers janie and helen who are now retired. i love it. i love they made the costumes themselves. a little extra help but for the most part they did it themselves. >> everybody needs a little guidance. >> it looks great. >> it does. i don't know if i'm happy this was a lunar new year's gift or national weather person's gift, i'm excited. i want to be out with matt and ian. we're in the studio so we use remote sensing and other items to show you what to expect. storm impact scale, rain showers with snow at highest elevations,
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even snow at the lowest elevations. the snow will stick at the high elevations is what i meant by that. tapering north and south by lunch. weather advisory until 7:00 all areas. purple, that means we have that chance of snow accumulating and continuing at highest elevations. storms today, hydroplaning. you're like no i had canning. when is the last time we had snow on the roads. that's first where matt is in the higher elevations we've had in the altamont pass. sunol grade, dublin grade. watch out for flooding on the roads. these storms aren't putting out enough rain. downed trees and small creek flooding. not really. here is a look, see a little snow falling right there. that's matt's snowman. what an effort. we appreciate it. morning wintry mix, afternoon clouds and sunshine. freezing cold for a lot of us the next two nights and chance of rain friday, saturday, sunday. a look at rain, 06 and 4,
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oakley, down to discovery bay and byron. you can see altamont pass just about to get another blast of rain and snow. even the sunol grade, but it's be watching for the better part of the morning into the afternoon hours for that chance of snow showers continuing. here we are high-resolution short range model. can you see the clearing taking place in the north bay while the santa cruz mountains has the best chance at 9:00 and again as we head to noon. mix of sun and clouds, sunglasses. as we head to evening hours we'll watch over the ocean. we'll have a few showers there. maybe one or two will bump into the north bay coast and santa cruz mountains. for the most part my main concern is temperatures. grab that extra blanket, make sure the heater is running, 20s, san ramon, freezing cold in redwood city to 41 and that's the warm spot in san francisco. my accuweather seven-day forecast, get used to highs below average in the 50s with
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one, light storms saturday and sunday. alexis. >> a look at the roads this morning. we've been talking about highway 17, santa cruz mountains getting a lot of snow here today. chp and caltrans doing a great job of keeping the roadway clear. they have been running plows nonstop since the overpass hours since the snow started coming down. and also pacing traffic, making sure no one is taking roads too fast. that being said, it is heavy northbound side south of the summit down to 15 miles an hour. also just heard from caltrans that we're getting some snow north of the summit around vine hill. they are going to run snowplows through that stretch, too. not going to be the best commute for you. definitely slow down and give yourself extra time if that's part of your drive. bay bridge toll plaza looking typical. we do have a crash counter-commute eastbound 880 heading to berkeley. we'll talk about that next. a quick check of drive times, one hour, 14 minutes tracy to dublin, westbound 4, antioch to conforward 33 minutes. no delays 101 san rafael to san
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francisco. friends and co-workers gathered to remember an uber driver and father of seven killed in a wrong way crash. this is video from the vigil outside uber's hub in daly city. wahid etimad was killed when his van was hit head-on on 101 in san francisco. wilson also tied in the crash. nine others hurt including several passengers in etimad's vehicle. >> when we do that, we're putting our lives at tragically happen. chp still investigating whether alcohol or drugs played a role. a gofundme campaign to help his family and seven children has now raised more than $170,000. >> if you think bay area traffic is bad now, a new report shows a surge of self-driving cars in the future could make things even worse doubling traffic in san francisco. a professor at uc santa cruz
6:23 am
predicts autonomous cars will clog city streets and slow traffic to a crawl. the reason he says self-driving cars don't need to park anywhere. so here is the catch. they can actually avoid expensive parking fees by cruising around. the professor proposes congestion pricing which includes charging drivers a fee for miles driven. the report is now published in the journal of transport policy. the half destroyed artwork went on display at a german museum this morning. the art sold for $1.4 million in october. it's worth much more now. officials say they aren't worried about the painting suffering more damage. they have disabled the shredding device in the frame, or at least so they think. turning back to our weather lake tahoe, it's piling up.
6:24 am
some areas had to close. >> in tahoe with conditions we're seeing there. >> reporter: reggie, jessica, good morning. we are measuring snow in feet. the local mountain closed after they received more than 4 feet of snow. we're talking about 54" of this really light, dry, powdery snow cover the lake tahoe area. you see these drifts. behind me halfway up the building. some 10 feet deep. this is the second time they have been under a blizzard warning this year. south to mammoth lake they are digging out from an unprecedented 57 inches. when we got to town we t car ou day and could hardly find it not that you'd need it. most roads are closed because of the whiteout conditions.
6:25 am
wind starts to below snow around an and you capital see anything. the sheriff's office reporting wind gusts of 110 miles an hour. avalanche warnings throughout sierra nevada. we have a little to go with the storm. we're expecting six more inches before the thing moves out. in lake tahoe, abc 7 news. we still have that winter storm warning until 4:00 this afternoon. look at the radar. just all shades of gray and white as that snow continues to fall there. i would not go today, definitely not tonight. tomorrow there will be snowpacked roads. it will be slippery but wednesday will be your best chance to start heading up there and enjoying the altamont pass, 768 feet elevation. live doppler 7 showing a wintry mix. just west stevens road road, page mill road, highway 35, we're seeing snow up in the santa cruz mountains. so be careful with that that's going to continue for the better
6:26 am
chance during the morning hours and sticking in the santa cruz mountains more than anything els else. alexis. state of the union, what you can expect to hear from president trump tonight and local people in attendance. >> plus snow hitting corners of the bay area. conditions you can expect as you head out the door. we did have a crash east bay heading to emeryville and pit was a sig alert that cleare a few moments ago. traffic comings toward us is able to move through the area. we do have a problem in castro valley. we'll talk about that♪ [ music playing ] ♪ heyou, all of you.
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getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? now at 6:30, stormwatch. snow in wine country. this is from saint helena where big flakes are coming down hours ago. >> that you to the east bay drivers encountered snow on the altamont pass. this morning most of that has melted away. >> this is the scene in the santa cruz mountains. the weather definitely going to impact you as you head out the door today and throughout our newscast we've seen matt keller out there in the snow in the santa cruz mountains and it's been a joy to watch.
6:30 am
>> he's been in snow fights. >> i don't know if you saw his latest tweet, mike, but he and his photographer ian are huddled up. they say they need you out there. they need more body heat. they forgot their gloves. they are freezing. >> i have several coats having lived in minnesota that i'll let you important owe. you name it. a snowball fight. absolutely, we'll take down other newsrooms. we'll be quiet like ron burgundy. we'll have some fun. why not have some fun. this is a rare treat for us. this is national weather persons day, have some snow on your windshield. i live at 400 feet in the east bay, the valley. that was pretty impressive to see that on my car. cars cool down more than other objects. sunol grade, rain, heading to 84, it turns to a wintry mix the. on the dumbarton bridge you can
6:31 am
see from san bruno to palo alto, rain. on 35 mixes with snow all the way down to where matt is starting to see another round of snow once again. this will all be tapering by noon especially the north bay. get ready for sun thb afternoon, clouds and 50s. all right. take a look at the roads this morning. we do have a solo vehicle crash on northbound route 238 before the 880 split. that is still blocking the two left lanes. that is starting to cause quite the back-up into castro valley spilling over to the 580 split as well. not much new information fromoos eastbound 88me and berkarea we had all lanes closed due solo vehicle crash that cleared. all lanes open and traffic moving along fine. >> thanks, alexis. as mike mentioned, you are waking up to a rare treat in the
6:32 am
bay area. >> matt keller live in the santa cruz mountains where there is snow on the ground. >> good to see you, reggie and jessica. i'm glad we can muse you, out here watching us in the snow. it's actually nice. it is nice to see and it's beautiful. the good news all morning long we've been talking about highway 17, snowplows out, chp pacing traffic. as you take a look at the traffic, this is northbound traffic. usually it stopped going over the summit even on a normal day with no weather to talk of, but this morning you can see it's moving well. i have not seen any accidents on the chp traffic website. that may be a credit. up and down northbound and mak nobody is speeding and everybody is taking their time getting over the hill this morning. caltrans has been out here. they were prepared about 12:00
6:33 am
last night. they closed 17 for a half hour they came out here and they have been plowing all morning long making sure the roads are clear. we haven't had snow for a half hour, 45 minutes. can you see they are clear, which is good news. now we have snow sticking on the ground. you can see powder here and maybe another band coming through looking at abc 7 news doppler and checking it out to see if we're going to get hit again by snow. my snowman has survived the morning, which is good news. it's probably the most pathetic and sad snowman you've ever seen. he did survive and he is my snowman. we're enjoying what it looks like up here and enjoying the fact that everybody is getting through the mountains safely. back to you in the studio. >> that's not pathetic, matt, just tiny. >> thank you, matt. it wasn't just in the santa cruz mountains, look at this,
6:34 am
snowfall in the north bay overnight. about 2 to 3" of snow sticking highway 29 in napa county north of calistoga. the snow fell early this morning around 1:00 a.m. in the south bay a thick blanket of snow covered mount hamilton, the highest point in the bay area. take a look, snow fell more than 4,000 feet. mount hamilton gets snow four times a year. check out these pictures of snow and hail across the bay area. they have #abc7now. add that to photos on social media and you could see them on tv. president trump will deliver his state of the union address. >> it was delayed a week because of the government shutdown. mona abdi explains what we can expect from the president. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. the white house said the president will focus on five key issues, national security, trade
6:35 am
and immigration. however, as you mentioned, the president also tea in front of both chambers of congress, president trump will deliver his second state of the union address. the first before the newly democratic-run house. speaker pelosi sitting directly behind him. on the heels of the longest government shutdown in u.s. history, the white house says president trump will strike a conciliatory tone and call for unity in an attempt to mend the partisan divide. >> it's going to be a speech that's going to cover a lot of territory but part of it is going database unity. >> in the past few days the president set a different tone, publicly considering to use the speech to declare a national emergency over his divisive border wall. >> i don't want to say. you'll hear the state of the union and you'll see what happens right after the state of the union. okay? >> reporter: a move even opposed by some members of his own party. democrats have chosen former di stacey abrams to deliver the rebuttal. abrams will be the first african-american woman to do so.
6:36 am
democrats also intend to use plus ones to send a message. congresswoman ocasio-cortez says she'll bring the woman who made headlines protesting judge kavanaugh. also in attendance undocumented workers who worked on trump properties. in washington, mona and difficult, abc 7 news. the group refusion fascism is holding a protest in san francisco to demand the removal of president trump and vice president mike pence there office organizers hope to end the nightmare. >> jackie speier visited abc 7 news. she says she does not expect surprises during president trump's state of the union address. >> i think he's already programmed. if you listen to his interviews,
6:37 am
he says the same things over and over and over again. in part because he's a branding expert. you say something, even if it's not true, 10 or 20 times, people begin to say it is true. so i don't expect anything enlightening. meanwhile, an oakland nurse, who was deported and allowed back into the u.s. will attend the state of the union. the chronicle reports maria sanchez was invited to washington as congresswoman barbara lee's guest. she represents a human counter-point to the president's hard line immigration policies. mendoza sanchez was deported to mexico in 2017. her daughters were left behind in oakland. she then applied for a high-skilled visa and was eventually allowed to return to the u.s. last year. coverage of the president's state of the union address begins tonight at 6:00. you can watch it on abc 7. we will stream it live on abc news app and we'll take you down into the south bay coming off dumbarton bridge in places like east palo alto, palo alto, middlefield
6:38 am
road, 101, 82, around 280. we've got all that wet weather. higher in the elevation onto 9, 236, summit, snowing once again. we've got snow falling places like vasco road, between highway 880 and altamont pass. already had some snow and seeing snow now. this is snow falling at the summit, santa cruz mountains. yu can see it's light, fluffy and a little enjoyable while the streets are wet. that's what you're going to run into just about everywhere, slippery conditions this morning. east bay showers until 10:00. then a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll reach 50 from 2:00 to 4:00. dress warm this evening, down to 45 at 8:00. north bay you're coolest at 34. try to get to 50 at 4:00. you're down to 40 by 8:00. san francisco our last one.
6:39 am
they will be talking about how cold. in the 40s. a chance of shower. at 3:00 we had a dusting on twin peaks i hear. that's what the spotter at the national weather service said. everybody getting in on the action. everybody is wet. >> it is. we've had a fairly busy day on the roads. not as busy as i would expect. folks are for the most part driving for quns, that is good news. i highlight trouble spots. a sig alert in gilroy west of 162 closed, 156 that spot we always see semis flip over and jackknife and looks like it happened again. that's been in effect since 4:00 this morning. walnut creek a terrible commute yesterday. today we're looking okay. heavier volumes on the southbound side of 680 north of 24. that's a normal, average volume there. ace rail we've had some issues this morning. freight train derailment early in stockton. they could not get by, had to
6:40 am
cancel ace 1. ace 3 is going to run. freight train remessed from the tracks. 5 and 7 should be on time as well. today is not a great day to travel to the sierra. at least 70 miles of interstate 80 are closed due to whiteout conditions. you are looking at the interstate near donner summit. it created dangerous driving conditions. interstate 880 is still closed between applegate and plaster county in both directions. caltrans is trying to plow the road. highway 50 not a great option either. over echo summit, that has been closed intermittently. that could open. >> snow falling across the bay area. next east bay where big flakes were coming down overnight. show the conditions now. >> a live look at stock exchange, we're up in the green 108 points right now. another update on how those markets are doing next.
6:41 am
the test flight southwest will run from oakland today, what it means for their plans to fly to hawaii. as we head to break, a live look outside right now at the golden
6:42 am
6:43 am
remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. look how cold it is across the state. all of our higher elevations
6:44 am
even around l.a. and san diego getting snow. this will eventually push into the sierra and start to taper in the overnight hours. as alexis mentioned 80 is closed. tomorrow it's still going to be very slippery with snow showers leftover snow and black ice. still have a chance of heavy snow through 4:00. winter storm warning. look at tahoe right now. they did have the chairs running. they just stopped them. i don't know why. maybe nobody is there yet because you can't get there. more light to moderate snow this weekend also. >> thanks, mike. the snow falling in the east bay overnight. >> amy hollyfield has been on the search for it. she's joining us live from livermore. hi, amy. >> hi, jessica. we have some really pretty pictures to show you. look at this video. you're not going to believe you're looking at livermore. yes, northern california snow fell overnight. it was really beautiful. a lot of it came down and actually accumulated.
6:45 am
this was mines road in livermore just a few miles away from the vineyards. the snow just looked so pretty as it blanketed this area, accumulated on the ground. you know, really looked so pretty on the pine trees. we did run into a four-legged friend who didn't quite know what to make of all of this. he kind of looks like we all feel. then this weird weather. it has stopped now. this is at 1:30 in the morning. we did go searching on mines road. i'm sorry to say it is gone. it has already melted. it didn't last too long. we can't hold onto it. it was not cold enough. it was pretty while it lasted and pretty incredible to see in this area. don't go think it is warm out here. it is very cold. be sure to bundle up before you head out. reporting live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. you can always track the weather on the go. find live doppler 7 on the abc 7 news app, it is free to
6:46 am
download. this morning we're hearing from actor liam neeson. >> the 66-year-old is on "good morning america" to insist he is not racist. neeson spoke with abc's robin roberts. he admitted in another interview he had violent thoughts about killing a black person after learning his friend had been raped. >> i'm not racist. this was nearly 40 years ago. >> would you have had the same reaction if your friend said it was a white man? would you have wanted to kill him? >> if she said irish, scott, british, lithuanian, i would have had the same effect. i was trying to show honor to my -- stand up for dear friend in this terrible, medieval fashion. >>e sought help after realizing what he was doing was wrong.
6:47 am
can you wamp the entire interview on "gma." investigators are confident they will figure out what caused a plane to break up midair. they say it usually leaves telltale signs in the metal. the plane slammed into the home in yorba linda on sunday. the pilot and four people in the house were killed as they were holding a super bowl party. the pilot was commercially licensed. ntsbs collected debris transported to phoenix for investigation. a couple with san francisco back with their families after surviving several days stranded in snow. 18-year-old maya and her boyfriend, 21-year-old carlos hernandez were on a camping trip. they left for mendocino national forest wednesday. the families got worried when the couple did not return friday as planned. search crews found the two yesterday inside their jeep stuck in snow. they were safe and in good spirits. in the east bay oakland public school teachers will hold a
6:48 am
rally at today's city council meeting. >> this came a day after 95% of teachers voted for a strike. they have been locked in a bitter labor fight. teachers are asking for a 12% raise over 3 years. the district is offering 5%. union leaders warn a strike can help by the end of the month. union leaders say they are optimistic a deal can be reached. similar to what led the los angeles strike last month. tens of thousands of teachers demanded higher pay, smaller class sizes and increase in support staff. it ended after six days. southwest airlines takes a big step today. >> the airline is running a test flight from oakland to honolulu. there won't be any regular passengers. it's main purpose is to test long range navigation and communication capability of their 737 aircraft. flights like these are the final phase for southwest to get approval to start their service to hawaii.
6:49 am
the government shutdown delayed. the airline recently said they would likely start flying people to hawaii this spring. women's clothing chain charlotte russe will close nearly 100 stores in the next few months. the san francisco-based company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday citing a slump in sales. court filings says they plan to close the chain if they can't find a buyer by february 17th. charlotte russe has 500 stores nationwide including l.a., daly city. we are up 100 points this morning. they are reacting to a surprise meeting between president trump and the chair of the federal reserve. the arizona teenager who fountain the facetime bug is up for a big reward. >> 14-year-old grant thompson and his mother have reportedly met with a high level apple executive. they talked about grant's eligibility for the bug bounty
6:50 am
program which could pay him from $25,000 to $200,000 depending on the level of the flaw. as we noted earlier, this is a huge flaw. >> he should be getting a big payday. he deserves it. that was a major mistake. >> should be on the top end of that scale. >> i hope so. mike, i hear you have something nice to show us. >> a couple of things. we start with sky7. the last picture it showed was from livermore, between livermore and mount hamilton. you can see some of the snow in the east bay this morning. this is up in the higher elevations but it's definitely sticking and it will stay there for the better part of today. this was sent in by the boss. she sent graupel in oakland hills. what's graupel? it's unique to us. it's not quite snow and not quite hail, it's a hybrid. it's a soft hail and snow pellets. it kind of looks like sleet a little bit but it's not sleet. it's frozen precipitation.
6:51 am
that word is unique to us. thanks for sending that in. a look at what's going on with winter weather advisory. it's going to expire in a few minutes. they may have to extend it for the santa cruz mountains. it's still snowing there. you have the best chance of seeing snow for the day. it's mainly rain showers with snow in the high peaks. it's tapering in the north bay and tapering to the south. how often do you see snow concerns. snow on the road. dude is crazy. until i show you the summit where snow came through and you can see snow on 17. matt has been seeing it snows, plows come through. it snows, plows come through. that's going to be the case for the better part of the day for them. freezing cold temperatures the next few nights. be ready for that and has chance of rain friday, saturday, sunday. let's jump to accuweather forecast. upper 40s to low 50s today. it's going to be chilly out there. other than the santa cruz mountains, you won't need to worry about getting wet or snowed on after noon. friday, saturday, sunday, it
6:52 am
rains again. look at temperatures in the low- to mid-50s. here is alexis. >> good morning, mike. taking a look at our problem in the east bay we did have a solo collision blocking two left lanes, northbound state route 238 before 880 merge. we're hearing all lanes are stopped as they move that vehicle. a little new information from chp. they were saying there were no injuries. that's good news. actually this has grown since i put distance measuring tool on the back-up. looks like three miles. closer to 3 1/2 with that closure. hopefully they can get one lane open soon. richmond san rafael starting to dry to the pavement. sky is clearing up. no major problems to you. just a delay on the toll plaza. we do have reports of wintry mix, hail, possibly graupel mixed in. tracy to dublin, you're very happy. one hour 35 minutes out of the central valley. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 34 minutes.
6:53 am
85 highway 101 to cupertino that should take you 30 minutes. in the south bay more affordable housing developments coming to san jose. the city approved 11 developments which would create 1100 units. $100 million from the city will go to the project. they need to find $500 million in financing to complete it. construction acoustic start as soon as next year. updates to san jose's abandoned shopping cart program could be coming this week. one councilmember with new rules to keep carts off the street and require retailers to be responsible for their party. they say it creates hazards to the health and safety of the public. the city council meets tomorrow. >> right now youtube is considering options to prevent viewers from abusing the dislike button.
6:54 am
youtube wants to counter so-called dislike mobs. groups of users who hit dislike watching a video. youtube is considering hiding likes and dislikes asking why they dislike it or removing it completely. the coors coming up -- the oscars are coming up. they are turning to big name stars to fill the void. they announced 13 actors presented to the list including academy award winner whoopi goldberg and charlize theron, tina fey and stars from crazy rich asiana, constance wu and awkwafina. it's sunday february 24th starts at 5:00 p.m. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. as we head to break, a live look outside from sky7. look at that beautiful snow on the ground right now in the hills. we have your weather and traffic conditions coming up. this is near mount hamilton i am
6:55 am
told. there you go. >>t ctrt between sw
6:56 am
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all right. coming up on 6:58, whether you're just jeong us or heading out the door, seven things to know. number one, live doppler 7, snow in the higher elevations with rain becoming less and less scattered unless you're in the south bay. you can see the trend drying north to south. that will be the case. here is a look from sky7 just around mount hamilton. can you see all that snow. by noon grab the sunglasses. you'll need them. >> number two, the winter wonderland has come and gone in the east bay. check out this beautiful video of snow falling overnight. it may seem like a lot but it was gone before 4:00 a.m. >> thatog is confused. number three, if you want to see snow on the ground go to santa cruz mountains. our team was there when it started coming down.g traffic making sure cars don't go too fast for the condition. >> no crashes there.
6:59 am
very impressive. we did have a crash in san leandro blocking the entire roadway. got the clear from chp, 880, long back-up castro valley, down to 3 miles an hour approaching that scene. >> number five, oakland teachers will rally at the city council meeting a day after they authorized a strike. no date set for a the walkout. they have been locked in a bitter labor battle. number six. president trump will deliver highly anticipated state of the union address. the annual speech delayed a week because of the government shutdown. can you watch it at 6:00 on abc 7. >> number seven, families around the world celebrating lunar new year today. this the year of the pig which represents fortune and wealth. a parade will be held in san francisco's chinatown later this morning. >> i left your red envelopes at home. i'm sorry. >> you can bring them tomorrow. >> we'll still be that.
7:00 am
>> that's really what i want to go play in. >> it's good morning, america. the state of the union just hours away. president trump preparing to take center stage as his approval rating hits historic lows facing a democratic house for the first time and a nation still shaken by the shutdown. this as the president faces new trouble. a new development in the investigation into his inauguration. what prosecutors want to know about the donors who picked up that $107 million price tag. breaking news, a deadly blaze tearing through an apartment building killing at least ten. residents climbing out of windows to escape as flames tear up the walls. the investigation right now. this new video shows the moment a bus driver jumps into action. an suv flips through an intersection.


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