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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  February 9, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PST

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effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. these can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i choose once-weekly trulicity to activate my within. if you need help lowering your a1c, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. it's saturday, february 9th. foor good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen. he's tracking live doppler 7 for us. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. we've got a loop of the past several hours and you notice the upper left-hand corner of your screen, we're getting some more rain and this is cold rain from guerneville to bodega bay and just to the north and east of clover detail. wintery mix out there, still a few scattered showers around livermore and san francisco and higher elevations snow here from
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mt. diablo to mt. hamilton so there is a winter storm warning until 4:00 tomorrow for upper lake, clear lake, middletown, with over 8 inches of snow possible, so the next incoming system arrives midday and that will increase the clouds, the winds, and the rain. 43 in san jose right now from sutro, you can see some of those clouds there. partly sunny conditions, 43 by the delta, 39 in santa rosa. and a few showers likely in the north bay, then they're spreading all around the bay area. we'll talk about amounts, timing, and the rest of the weekend coming up, chris. breaking news out of pacifica this morning. a deadly wrong-way crash has closed a section of northbound highway 1. the crash happened at clarendon road just after 4:00 a.m. this is a tweet from chp san francisco about the crash. traffic is being diverted at sharp park road. the chp tells us two people were killed in the crash, although details are limited at this time. the chp estimates northbound lanes will reopen at 10:00 a.m.
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this all comes less than a week after another wrong-way crash that killed two people on 101. on sunday, a man got on the freeway from the vermont street exit and collided head-on with a minivan. the impact killed the wrong-way driver and an uber driver who leaves behind seven children. an alert now for drivers, some lanes of the richmond-san rafael bridge are closed for repairs. this comes after chunks of concrete fell earlier this week. crews started shutting down lanes at around 9:00 last night. they were making adjustments to the temporary repairs overnight until about an hour ago. abc7 news reporter jobina fortson has more from the toll plaza. >> as a tow truck driver, he finds himself going over the richmond-san rafael bridge multiple times a day so when that concrete came down on thursday, he was in the thick of it. >> yesterday created quite a lot of chaos, especially on this side of the bay too. >> reporter: caltrans isn't planning to shut down the whole bridge again but one lane of traffic will be closed in both
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directions while crews replace the metal plate currently welded over the damaged area with a larger metal plate. >> i appreciate the fact that they're doing it at night. because shutting it down in the middle of the day like that makes my job harder, i'm sure makes your guys' job harder, make everyone's job a little bit harder than it should be. >> reporter: the repair is specifically targeting the bridge's expansion joint. caltrans confirmed today what the abc7 news i-team reported yesterday, that an expansion joint caused the problem. it was worn down from heavy traffic. >> when i was driving back home yesterday i was pretty cautious, looking around in case something else did happen. >> reporter: caltrans insists the bridge is safe. >> people's safety comes first. >> reporter: the repairs could impact saturday travel as well, but the commuters we talked to don't seem to mind as long as this kind of back-up doesn't happen again. permanent repairs to the bridge will begin on monday, reporting in richmond, jobina fortson, abc7 news.
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>> abc7 news met the driver whose vehicle was struck by the falling debris. graham edwards of sonoma was lucky that the chunks of concrete only damaged his bumper. if it were seconds later, they might have crashed through the windshield. edwards happened to be looking up and saw the falling debris moments before impact. >> i would say 8 or 10 pieces. >> reporter: raining? >> a small bucket's worth of -- there was a fair amount of it falling down, yes. >> edwards said he felt lucky enough after the incident to buy his first ever lottery ticket. time now is 8:04 and this morning, we have new details on the deadly shooting of a santa clara man. the suspect, 35-year-old ramon of san jose has been arrested in the shooting and is currently being held without bail. abc7 news first told you about this story after it happened on january 13th near parkmore avenue and ray street. 41-year-old matthew cintas, a father and member of the iron workers local was killed.
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he was taken to the hospital where he later died. this was the second homicide of the year in san jose. this b.a.r.t. station in san francisco is back open this morning after a stabbing last night. police responded to a fight on a train at 16th and mission around 7:30. one person was taken to the hospital. police do have a person of interest in custody. the station was closed as police investigated. federal investigators are trying to figure out what happened when a gas pipeline exploded in san francisco. the ntsb plans to develop a timeline of wednesday's events and conduct follow-up interviews. one thing investigators will be looking into is why it took more than two hours to shut off the gas. a third party breached the pg&e pipeline at parker avenue. the ntsb decided to investigate because of the extent of the damage. >> we were able to secure three or four -- three to four feet of the pipeline that we may be
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sending back to our lab in d.c. for further evaluation. >> the california public utilities commission is also conducting an investigation. thankfully, no one was hurt but several buildings were damaged. abc7 news reporter luz pena shows us the effort to help the businesses that are impacted. >> reporter: for the last two years, sean and britney have made hong kong lounge 2 their second home. >> we've probably spent most time with them than we have with anyone else in san francisco. they know our order by heart. >> reporter: at first, they tell me that dim sum was their selling point. but with time, the staff and cooks became their friends. >> they really were one of the first families we've experienced in san francisco. >> reporter: so much so that this saturday, they had a reservation, now abruptly cancelled by the gas line explosion that damaged multiple buildings. >> well, after we saw the news, we started a gofundme, put together a story and we just started reaching out to everybody we knew in san
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francisco. >> reporter: so far, the couple has raised over $2,000. their goal to hopefully surpass the $10,000 mark. >> oh, goodness. we just want the doors to be back open. we hope the best for them during this hard time. >> reporter: the second building directly affected by the fire is the huckleberry youth programs. >> there's water damage. all three floors are damaged completely. the building is unusable. >> reporter: they've gotten calls from multiple businesses in the area ready to extend a helping hand. >> we have agencies, our peer agencies in the community who have stepped up and said, we have office space. if you need something, you know, come and let us know. >> reporter: going back to that reservation of sean and brittany, they're planning to come back today and give the workers the funds they've collected so far. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area by looking for improvements and
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solutions. that includes public transportation. in the south bay, a long awaited sight for commuters as b.a.r.t. trains will be running between fremont and san jose. while it will be some time before riders are able to get on board, testing along the new extension begins next week. amanda del castillo has more from the station. >> reporter: testing on the long awaited ten mile line to san jose starts next week. the santa clara valley transportation authority is heading up current testing. b.a.r.t. will take control later this year. >> there's been some technical difficulties that have delayed the opening of it but this is a good step forward. >> reporter: council member diep emphasizes the extension is a big deal for the bay area, built in his district. a distance way at fremont b.a.r.t., commuters are hoping testing will deliver a better sense of timing. >> i took b.a.r.t. and now i'm going to take a lyft out to san jose so it would be pretty convenient. >> reporter: daily b.a.r.t. rider monique says the extension would ease her track to see family in the south bay, traveling from richmond, having to stop for lyft is leaving her out in the cold. how much does that put you back
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in terms of time and money? >> it's about $30 and i want to say an hour or 45 minutes. >> reporter: when trains finally carry travelers, ridership is estimated to start at 23,000 a day. many say they're already on board. >> maybe it's millennial inconvenience where i'm like i'd rather be more convenient with public transportation and it's more green. >> reporter: but more than millennial inconvenience, many say it just makes sense. how does this build a better bay area? >> i think having a ring of rail to completely circle the bay area is very important. >> reporter: the opening of the station is tentatively set for november. there are also plans to extend b.a.r.t. into downtown san jose. in san jose, i'm castillo. abc7 news follows the bay area b.a.r.t. experience. see what it's like to ride now, what track the transit system will take next because a safer b.a.r.t. means a better bay area for all of us.
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time now is 8:09. if you rely on b.a.r.t. in the early morning hours, you'll notice a big change starting on monday. b.a.r.t. trains will start running one hour later at 5:00 instead of 4:00. that's because of overnight seismic retrofitting work inside the transbay tube. this change will impact about 2,900 commuters. buses will stop at selected stations to get riders across the bay. you can find the new schedule online at just search the word, b.a.r.t. yosemite national park is reporting significant damage from the snowfall earlier this week. the park says about 50 cabins and another 50 to 75 employee housing units were either damaged or destroyed. all visitor services at half dome village are closed as officials work to assess the damage. meteorologist lisa argen has been tracking the accuweather forecast for us so snow over there and of course in our neck of the woods, more rain. >> we've seen everything. rainbow, sun, showers, fog, and right now, of course, the cold
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temperatures are really into the weekend and beyond. right now, live look from mt. tam. you can see some of the fog and the clouds, but it is a clear view above. 46 degrees in san francisco with upper 30s in brentwood and the showers will be increasing throughout your saturday. i'll time them out for you and have a look at my accuweather 7 day forecast coming right up. >> lisa, thanks. i mean, i feel like i'm in a movie or something. that's strange. i mean, nothing ever happens like that in pleasanton. >> a shock for people who live there and bank at this wells fargo. the serious crimes that police are investigating this morning. also, a beaver rescued from a busy road. the unusual behavior the animal is now jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? let's see. most of you say lower a1c.
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in the east bay, a terrifying trip to the bank for customers in pleasanton. four men robbed a wells fargo, took hostages and shot at a police officer. this all happened at the wells fargo bank on hopyard road. here's abc7 news reporter david louie with the story. >> reporter: you can see bank employees consoling each other after three and possibly four men in hoodies walked into the bank to rob it. the suspects even took three hostages who were outside at an atm and forced them inside at gunpoint. one of them was the father of abc7 news assignment editor dave
8:15 am
russo who describes a conversation during the hold-up. >> one of the people forced inside of the bank hid -- had made the comment to the suspects, don't hurt me, i have a family. and the suspect shot back quickly at that victim, well, we have families too. >>. >> reporter: the suspects took off in a white gmc yukon. a pleasanton police officer pursued them. suddenly shots were fired from a rifle through the back window of the yukon, striking the patrol car's front windshield and hood-shohood hood-. >> shots fired, shots fired. fluorescent color shirt covering the rear passenger window, back window shot out. >> reporter: the officer received a minor injury and was treated at a local hospital. the suspects then carjacked a smaller honda suv and got away. police blocked off several streets as they looked for shell casings and other evidence. residents were surprised by the
8:16 am
incident. >> because that is my bank. i bank there all the time. yeah. >> reporter: what do you think about somebody coming up with a gun? >> well, i mean, i feel like i'm in a movie or something. that's strange. i mean, nothing ever happens like that in pleasanton. >> reporter: police are reminding us that the three suspects are indeed still at large and they are considered armed and dangerous. the fbi is still working here on the investigation and we are happy to report that the three bank customers, the hostages, who were held at gunpoint, are doing okay. in pleasanton, david louie, abc7 news. in the east bay rt, vets ar trying to figure out how a beaver ended up in a busy street. the animal was rescued in martinez last week. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has more from lindsay wildlife rehabilitation hospital in walnut creek. >> reporter: there are plenty of beaver x-rays veterinarians are poring over. nibbling on willow branches, this beaver looks content, but a week ago, it was found looking
8:17 am
dazed in the middle of this busy intersection along alhambra avenue in martinez. a good samaritan wrapped the beaver in a blanket and rushed it to lindsay wildlife rehabilitation hospital. >> because she was found in the road, we were concerned she could have been hit by a car, she could have head trauma from being hit by a car. there's also a concern about was there something else going on and that's why she wandered out. >> reporter: this beaver is a young, basically teenaged female. she's not behaving appropriately. she should be afraid of me right now. so they're concerned about vision problems and neurological problems. her condition is guarded. she may not survive. the martinez beavers famously made headlines in 2007 when they built a dam on alhambra creek in the middle of the urban downtown. an effort to save them and prevent flooding put martinez on the national conservation map. >> we were in "national geographic" this year the martinez beaver story is a big
8:18 am
part of our history. >> reporter: heidi started a nonprofit called worth a dam. there are t-shirts and an annual beaver festival. at their peak, there were seven beavers but they've moved upstream to a more secluded spot and now it's believed there are only three left. could the one found in the road be one of them or is it an outsider moving into the area? doctors are working to save its life. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. certainly an interesting morning around here as we have the showers, we're on the peninsula right now, skyline boulevard, 280, san mateo, burlingame, airport street and highway 1. we'll take you to the hills over into the east bay. we've had that wintery mix all morning long. and it is also in the north bay where above 2,500 feet we have that winter storm warning so there's our sweep on top of mt. st. helena and look at the
8:19 am
pinks, the white, it has been interesting and we have the rain along the coast. visibility reduce in livermore, two miles, and it is very foggy up in petaluma, four miles on the coast and unfortunately if you have plans for this saturday, more rain is to come. so, kind of a neat satellite picture where you can see the cur curvature in this system as it exits the central coast and this is what is coming today. it's a cold system. the one you probably heard about, seattle, portland, bringing the snow, so as one system exits, we have the lingering showers. another one coming in and they're increasing throughout the day. so, there's the snow that will be falling, perhaps, higher elevations, lake down, a countyd then we have that winter storm warning throughout the weekend. a lot of folks want to get up there but the roads will be slick. could see likely five feet at the peaks and here are the resort numbers, anywhere from 2 to 3 feet easy, it is just unbelievable from last year to this year. last year, we couldn't buy any
8:20 am
snow, and this year, we're at 126% of average for the central sierra. you saw the beautiful pictures from yosemite but certainly causes problems and we are looking at 84% from friapril 1sf the snow year. it is chilly, 46, san francisco, 38 in morgan hill, 43 in san jose and from santa cruz, just in the 40s, maybe a passing shower this afternoon, more likely this evening, and temperatures barely at 50 degrees at the coast. 39, santa rosa. it is 45 in concord. and that wind whipping, well, this is nothing because later on today, we'll see those gusty southwesterly winds as that front moves on through. so, certainly breezy, adding to the bite in the air. cool with showers. the wintery mix and then that unsettled weather pattern continues into next week. this is a 1 on our storm impact scale. showers, brief downpours, the rain-snow mix and a chance of a thunderstorm. so, hour-by-hour, you notice the rain coming into the north bay
8:21 am
on that last satellite radar image and then by 3:00, 4:00, the showers are more numerous and look at the south bay by the evening hours. we've got the wet weather. this is overnight. the pink, perhaps the snow, and then into your sunday, we begin to dry out, but boy, is it going to be nippy out there in the first wave of rain brings us anywhere from about a quarter to a third of an inch for most locations except in the north bay. a little bit more than that and then this is sunday, bringing the total of about a half inch, san mateo, san francisco, so outdoor plans today, plan on a cold rain out there. 52 in vallejo and the accuweather 7 day forecast. but first we want to talk about fanfest at oracle park. that's going to be cold with upper 40s, scattered showers. 1 on our storm impact scale today and tomorrow. a break midday tomorrow and monday and then tuesday, more showers, but it looks like we'll see probably heavier rain by the end of the week. so we are tracking one system after the next. a good idea to download the accuweather app to really keep you up to date and help you navigate through the weekend.
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>> good weekend to catch up on some netflix, perhaps. >> good idea. just ahead, do these flowers look similar to you? a warning before you order a bouquet online for valentine's day. "7 on your side's" michael finney has the policy that may end up leaving you d
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of other flowers instead. she contacted "7 on your side's" michael finney for some help. >> reporter: linda roy spends time in the garden in concord penjoying the fruits of her lemn tree. gardening is also something her daughter, barbara, enjoys, so for barbara's birthday, linda sent her flowers. >> and i thought, oh, my mom sent me flowers on my birthday, that's so sweet. >> reporter: linda received the picture from her daughter of the flowers that were delivered. >> there's one rose. there was a bunch of carnations, a lily, and a gerber daisy. >> reporter: she says this is the picture she saw online of the bouquet she ordered. >> all roses and oak leaves. >> reporter: she called to let them know they had sent the wrong flowers but she says the company told her the bouquet it sent fell within its substitution policy. that policy reads, occasionally, substitutions may be necessary due to the availability of certain flowers. in single flower arrangements
8:26 am
such as an all rose bouquet or orchids, we will make every attempt to match the flower type but may substitute with another color. >> there was nothing about the order that adhered to the substitution policy. >> reporter: currently has an "f" rating from the better business bureau as some customer complaints very similar to linda's. linda says the company first offered to give her a 10% refund. it would later up that offer to 15%, then 25%. she refused, demanding a 100% refund. joe of consumer action says people ordering flowers online save money but are also taking a risk. >> you can't be confident that what is in the picture is exactly what the flowers are going to look like. if you go to the florist, you can pick out exactly what you want. >> reporter: he says it's possible to ask for a refund through your credit card company. linda did that and also called "7 on your side." before she knew it, 100% of what she paid was credited back into
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thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. we have one system exiting, another on the way so it's a 1 on our storm impact scale with showers, perhaps brief downpours this afternoon, this evening, wintery mix already happening and perhaps a chance of a thunderstorm. so, from the peninsula over to the hills of the east bay and south bay, wintery mix, guerneville, fort ross looking at some wet weather but as we zoom in closer to clear lake, lakeport, hopland, yes, that's why you have the winter storm warning in effect, for the snow there right through tomorrow, 8 to 12 inches. the second system just beginning to bear down to the north of us and that will bring limited visibility. boy is it pretty for mt. tam. looks nice but boy the numbers reflecting the cool air out there. upper 30s to low 40s from morgan hill to mountain view.
8:31 am
emeryville's got some sunshine, partly sunny now. enjoy it if you need a little vitamin d because the showers become more numerous throughout the afternoon, say 2:00, 3:00, and then you'll notice they push through the peninsula, the south bay, keeping it a weather evening tonight. this weekend, crews are making adjustments to a temporary fix on the richmond-san rafael bridge. here's a closer look at our richmond-san rafael bridge camera showing 580. one lane of traffic was closed in each direction until around 7:00 this morning. chunks of concrete fell from the bridge on thursday. crews had to shut it down for 10 hours backing up traffic for miles as you can see here from sky7. the abc7 news i-team confirmed an expansion joint worn down from heavy traffic caused the problem. this morning, engineers were putting a larger metal plate over that expansion joint. >> i appreciate the fact that they're doing it at night because shutting it down in the middle of the day like that makes my job harder, i'm sure makes your guys' job harder,
8:32 am
makes everyone's job a little bit harder than it should be. >> drivers could see another round of lane closures at 9:00 tonight if more work needs to be done. los angeles is now officially a sanctuary city. the city council unanimously voted to approve the symbolic resolution nearly a year and a half after it was proposed. the distinction reinforces long standing policies that keep local police from sharing information from i.c.e. agents. it the does not change any citys but directs funds to legal services for immigrants. new this morning, california congresswoman barbara lee delivered this week's testamentic address. the oakland and alameda county representative focused on black history month. she said despite so much progress for african-americans, there's still a long way to go. >> when african-american women die in childbirth at nearly four times the rate of white mothers, there is more work to be done. when every day across the
8:33 am
nation, our neighbors, classmates, our loved ones are gunned down in senseless acts of violence, there is more work to be done. >> lee also commented on the state of the union address, saying president trump's words of unity don't match his actions. she also talked about the for the people act, which expands voting protections among other things. new developments and new allegations are contributing to the escalating political dumpster fire in the state of virginia. the already embattled lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, now facing a second allegation of sexual assault. there are mounting calls for his resignation and this morning, a threat to have him impeached. abc7 news reporter zachary kiesch had the latest. >> reporter: this morning an ultimatum for virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax after a second woman accused the politician of sexual assault in the last week. >> any message for the citizens of virginia? >> we'll have our say.
8:34 am
i'm confident in the truth. thank you so much. >> reporter: virginia house democrat delegate patrick cope last night saying, if fairfax does not resign by monday, he will introduce articles for impeachment. >> i believe these women. he needs to resign immediately. >> reporter: a number of politicians and organizations echoed the same message, saying, it's not in the best interest for him to remain on the job. it's an incredible turn for the 39-year-old african-american husband and father. the newest alleged victim, meredith watson, says fairfax raped her 19 years ago while both were students at duke university. speaking to "good morning america" this morning, her lawyer says -- >> she also has documents which we have made public, an e-mail in may of 2016, and facebook posts later in 2016 and '17 which -- in which she clearly >> reporter: but fairfax me. releasing a statement saying, i
8:35 am
deny this latest unsubstantiated allegation. it is demonstrably false. i have never forced myself on anyone ever. earlier this week, vanessa tyson, a college professor, says fairfax forced her to perform oral sex back in 2004. fairfax has outright denied the allegations, telling reporters. >> this is one of the most blatant examples of a smear. >> reporter: just a week earlier, fairfax was northam's replacement after this photo drew loud calls for his resignation. >> it's not me and it was horrific and the fact that it was on my page was just unacceptable. >> reporter: the governor adamant he's not going anywhere. in a memo sent to state employees on friday and obtained by abc, northam wrote, you have placed your trust in me to lead virginia forward and i plan to do that. the turmoil leading virginians
8:36 am
to wonder what's next after the third official in line, attorney general mark herring, also acknowledged he wore blackface. you need to know these are ms. watson and her lawyer's claims. we have no corroborating evidence at this time. happening here in richmond today, lawmakers are out of town. hat said, we don't anticipate it will be a quiet weekend. zachary kiesch, abc news, richmond, virginia. 8:36 is our time and new this morning, results of the president's second annual check-up are in. physician sean conley says the president is in very good health. conley performed a medical check-up yesterday with 11 board certified specialists. details like weight and blood pressure were not released. dr. conley said the 72-year-old would likely remain healthy for the duration of his presidency. happening today, giants fanfest will be held at oracle park. after the festivities, the giants will then head to arizona for spring training with some unanswered questions. the players and coaches tried to answer some of them as they faced the media yesterday.
8:37 am
among the top concerns, is bu buster posey healed from his injury and what about bryce harper? they met with the free agency slugger in las vegas. >> we had a good over a few hours and he's obviously got a lot of suitors and a lot of interest and he's going to have some decisions to make. >> did you put the gear on? >> i did for a commercial yesterday. >> that went okay. >> i felt pretty good about throwing those straps on, you know? >> the acting was pretty good too, high level? >> i mean, they tell you that so you'll keep coming back, i think. >> fans will get a chance to ask questions of their own during fanfest. players and coaches will interact with fans, sign autographs and take selfies. fans can also tour many parts of the ballpark. admission is free. the event runs from 10:00 to 3:00. still ahead on abc7 mornings. ♪
8:38 am
>> a special treat for some local kids. how you can get involved in this san francisco theater tradition. but first, a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. lisa argen will have your full my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich
8:39 am
because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good.
8:40 am
your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. happening today, representative jackie speier is visiting two san mateo county libraries to discuss her new book. the book is called "undaunted: surviving jonestown, summoning
8:41 am
courage and fighting back." her first stop will be at belmont library at 10:00 a.m. her second at half moon bay library at 3:00 in the afternoon. speier was shot five times on an airstrip in guiana in 1978 while investigating abuses by cult leader jim jones. dozens of different events do ring in the lunar new year are happening around the bay area this weekend. here are some of the highlights. at 10:45, san leandro will hold a celebration at the main library, performances start around 1:00. at 11:00, the lunar new year thet festival will take over the mall in san jose. in san francisco, supervisors will attend the festival at ingleside library garden and there will be the 16th annual chinese new year celebration. i'm looking forward to those indoor activities because it's a little chilly outside. it is and you talked about seattle yesterday or earlier, and our and 25 minute delays to seattle due to the snow. >> good to know. >> we have our own wild weather
8:42 am
here where you're looking at the clouds banked up along san bruno mountain there, the tarmac, and we had a passing shower, a rainbow, fog, wintery mix out there, 46 at sfo. it is 40 in brentwood. so put it all together for you with a soggy looking first half of the weekend and the week ahead, that's looking pretty wet too. all coming up. >> lisa, thanks. also next, the warriors making a late comeback against the suns with demarcus cousin the suns with demarcus cousin california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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in sports, the surging san jose sharks are back in action later today. the men in teal take on the oilers in edmonton. the puck drops at rogers place at 4:00 p.m. and the warriors will try to stay hot tomorrow night at oracle arena but last night, the dubs battled the suns in phoenix. here's abc7 sports director larry beil with this morning's sports. >> the suns are trying to lose games, came in with a record of 11-45, rested their best player, devin booker. they were up 17 in this game for the warriors finally woke up late. earlier in the day, steph curry having fun with the arizona state women's lacrosse team. steph, maybe this is his next -- look at the move. look at the spin! rookie deandre hayden, 23 points, 12 boards, phoenix was up 26-9 in the first quarter.
8:46 am
all right, here comes demarcus rumbling down the lane, had 18, played 27 minutes. birthday boy klay thompson turned 29, went for 25. dubs went from down 17 to up by 7 at the break. end of the third, kelly oubre jr. dunks off the free throw miss and then moc a head butt at draymond green who was not happy at all with that obvious taunting so green gets in the face of the refs and he gets ejected from the game for his second technical. nuts. dubs down six, late curry flurry puts it away, scores 18 points, finishes with 20. warriors beat the really dreadful suns 117-107. college hoops. 11th ranked stanford hosting oregon state. lacy hall hit a corner three buzzer beater in the half as well as the third quarter. left and right. she's done that several times this season. cool effect there.
8:47 am
stanford rolls. we have nfl news. having run into a roadblock in san francisco, the raiders have opened talks to lease their old home for the 2019 season. yes, they've started talking with oakland officials for the first time since the city sued the team and the nfl back in december over the relocation to las vegas. finishing up one last year in front of some of the most loyal fans in the nfl. that is the right move before the silver and black leave for vegas. round two at pebble beach. little golf and a lot of rain. showers off and on. shot of the day was at pebble. tony romo, quarterback turned cbs analyst. that was from the vip area and his second shot almost wednesday a tap-in for birdie. crowded beard board. jordan spieth up there along with phil mickelson at spy glass. birdie. 10 under at the halfway mark. there's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody,
8:48 am
i'm larry beil. certainly looks and feels a lot like february. even here and in the mountains, a live look outside our exploratorium camera, we can see the darker clouds. we've had a few showers in san francisco, a rainbow, and we're looking at those cold temperatures once again. so, as we get through your saturday, it's going to get increasingly wet out there. we will be looking at not only the rain but that rain-snow mix. so as we look also live, you'll notice from santa cruz, it's cool with temperatures just at around 44 degrees right now. we'll be looking at not only numbers below average but this system and this pattern looks to stay with us for the next few days. here's a look at live doppler 7 where 2820, hallmark drive, looking a little bit wet. we've had the showers from the peninsula to san francisco over into foster city, 92 there. grunon court wet, also bridge parkway so be careful. the roadways are slick.
8:49 am
the upper elevations experiencing that rain-snow mix, and we're looking at upper 30s here in parts of santa rosa, bodega bay, not only the rain but you go up in height, above 2,500 feet and you've got the snow. so we're looking at hidden valley lake, cobb mountain, northern lake county, southern lake county, middletown, all of this, more to come as an area of low pressure dropping down from the north. two-mile visibility in livermore, can't see anything at all in petaluma and we are looking at this one system departing. you can see it here from the central coast, that twist, t lightning strikes and here comes the next one. this is bringing down more cold air. it's in the low to mid 20s in the mountains with that winter storm warning and several feet of snow continuing for the mountains up to five feet possible. the highest peaks, whiteout conditions, and looking at the amounts, anywhere from two to three feet for kirkwood and tahoe city and donner so if you're not up there, trouble getting up there for sure.
8:50 am
northern and central sierra, look at the amounts, the percent of average statewide, 123%, and with several feet more to come this weekend, we could have more into next week as well. we just have to hope it's snow and not rain. as we look at the sierra nevada right now, looks pretty. the cool showers locally at home, the wintery mix and then the unsettled weather into next week, it's a 1 on our storm impact scale for today with brief downpours, possibility of a thunderstorm, so we're beginning to see that rain moving to the north bay already and then by 3:00, 4:00, it becomes more numerous, the showers, 9:00, the peninsula, the south bay, the east bay, through the overnight hours, it's certainly cold enough for snow but then the moisture is limit limited and it will be getting dryer throughout the afternoon. for your sunday and so the wet day is today with rainfall amounts anywhere from a third to 0.4 but then as we add in your sunday precip, it could take us to about a half inch in the city
8:51 am
but much more up around yukaia. low to mid 50s for most, but 40s up in the north bay. the accuweather 7 day forecast, chilly today and tomorrow. download our accuweather app and boy, that is handy. we have that break on monday, more rain midweek. by the end of the week, we could be getting into a stronger storm. so, it's always a good idea to have that with you. it helps you out. >> live doppler 7 right in the palm of your hand. lisa, thank you. an evil queen, a magic mirror, and a group of dwarfs. thousands of bay area school kids are being treated to a special production of snow white. kate larsen spent the day with the women of children's theater. she has the story on how you can take part in this san francisco tradition. >> reporter: i just saw snow white and i'm told the seven dwarfs are on their way. let's go check it out. for 85 years, the women of the children's theater association
8:52 am
of san francisco have been acting, singing, and dancing. ♪ nobody likes the queen >> this group of triple threats all volunteer their time to perform for 6,000 san francisco public and parochial school children ever year. >> i did a show in 1957. >> reporter: gail anderson has been performing with children's theater for most of her life. >> performing for the children of san francisco, when they don't have a chance to see live theater or certainly musical theater, is a real privilege. >> reporter: was this more fun than watching tv? >> yes. >> reporter: this class of first graders from glen park elementary loved this year's production of "snow white." >> it was so cool. >> i was, like, actually scared when they get -- when the old lady give the apple to snow white. >> reporter: so was every other kid in the audience who tried to give snow white some good advice.
8:53 am
>> how about this nice, shiny apple? >> reporter: school shows during the week, performances on the weekend are open to the general public with the purchase of a ticket. >> it's really a san francisco tradition and it's so wonderful to see these children start at 5 years old or 4 and then they still come to our shows when they're 9 or 10. >> reporter: you can join the seven dwarfs for their saturday performances. the show will go on through march 16th. we have all the information about tickets and location on our website, in san francisco, i'm kate larsen, abc7 news. up next, it's the 52nd year for this book fair. what makes the eve
8:54 am
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one of the world's largest exhibitions of rare and antique books is happening in oakland this weekend. the 52nd annual antiquarian book fair features the collections and rare treasures of nearly 200 book sellers from more than 20 countries around the world. you can check it out at the oakland marriott city center from 11:00 to 7:00 today or 11:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. tickets are $15. good weekend to go to some of those events that are happening indoors. >> absolutely. it's been so cold. the cold air's not going anywhere. in fact, a reinforcing shot of more cold air as the second system arrives midday today. so, right now, we've g the rain-snow mix in the higher elevations, a few scattered showers on the peninsula, more rain arriving from bodega bay to guerneville. look up at clear lake.
8:57 am
that's where we have that winter storm warning for northern lake county, southern lake county, maybe 21 inches through tomorrow. 52 in richmond just in the 40s up in the north bay. getting breezy later on today. the showers getting more numerous and then they'll end tomorrow, a break on monday, more rain midweek, the end of the week looks interesting, so you always want to check back with us. it changes too. >> i think i have a date with the treadmill instead of running oulds today. >> good idea. >> lisa, thanks. and thanks to you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. abc7 news returns at 4:30 because of nba saturday primetime on abc. nba countdown gets you ready for tonight's big match-up between the oklahoma city thunder and houston rockets. tipoff is 5:30 at the toyota center. then join larry beil and warriors ambassador for toyota after the game at 8:00 p.m. stay connected online on twitter, facebook, and instagram. as always, we appreciate your time. go out and make it a great day, everybody.
8:58 am
8:59 am
my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good.
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